More Than Just a Victory?

Thank God Carmelo Anthony finally made a few shots.

Regardless of how you felt about Carmelo’s forced departure from the Mile High City the first contest between the Denver Nuggets and their former franchise player it would not have been as enjoyable had Melo ended the game without having made it a challenge.

I am on record as saying I wish Carmelo well in New York.  There was no benefit for Denver to have him stay any longer.  We can argue all day if the Denver Nuggets need another player like him to reach their ultimate goal.  What there is no doubt about is this team is easy to cheer for and they play in a way that is endearing.

Many times fans get the feeling that the players they cheer for do not care about what happens on the court as much as they do.  Last night there was little doubt that the Nuggets players and coaches cared as much as the fans, and probably even more.

There were several occasions where Denver could have folded.  There were plenty of obvious excuses.  They were shorthanded, it was the fourth game in five nights, all on the road, add in the overtime periods and it would have been the most forgiveable loss of the season.

There were no excuses, no white flags, just determination and effort.  Of course there were mistakes, some of them mindbogglingly bad.  But Nuggets players took turns making big plays.  Danilo Gallinari took a charge, Al Harrington made a three, Nene would pull down a big rebound and who could forget Andre Miller’s sideline three (I hope everyone noticed he was so close to the out of bounds like if he had put his right heel down, he would have been out).

The players were not the only ones who wanted it.  With Denver’s depth everyone pointed to games like this one where depth would be key.  George Karl has never been a man who bows to convention.  Despite the fact Denver was had a grueling schedule and even as the fourth quarter gave way to overtime for the first time all season George Karl played only seven men.  I am sure you all have seen the box score.  Four starters played more than 45 minutes, three of them 49 or more.  Of course if Arron Afflalo and/or Rudy Fernandez were available they would have played.  The only reason that makes sense to me why Karl would suddenly shut down his rotation was because he wanted to win so badly that he was only going to play those he trusted implicitly.

That is good news for some and bad news for others.

Chris Andersen, despite Nene doing a periodic impersonation from a corpse due to extreme fatigue, never saw the floor.

Gallinari on the other hand, probably saw far too much of it.  The Rooster was on the floor for 52 minutes.  He had only hit 40 on one other occasion this season.  Gallinari certainly validated Karl’s support.  Gallo was the lone Nugget who was consistently fantastic.  Whether it was his solid defense on Carmelo, or his 20 trips to the free throw line, it was his finest performance as a Nugget, probably the finest of his life.

If this was a novel, the story of Denver’s victory would be the passing of the torch from the departed Carmelo Anthony to the next chosen one Danilo Gallinari.  It was the night Danilo outdueled Carmelo, set a career high and was the driving force behind one of the best regular season wins in recent memory.  This game could be a watershed moment For Gallo.  From now on the Nuggets could be Gallo’s team.

Reality does not always fit into our idealized storylines.  In a few months, or a year, or three this might just be an incredibly fulfilling regular season win.

Whether reality spoils our story or not, it was great theater and for one night in January the Nuggets and their fans were completely of the same accord.

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  • Cody

    Oh jeremy, denver doesn’t need an anthony get over it

    • ParkHillNative

      You’re hilarious, how you keep dashing in here to be the first commentor on every post, so you can complain how stupid you think this blog is.

      If you think it’s so stupid, why do you read it so avidly?

      • Desean


  • james from australia

    I think it’s also interesting from the angle of late-game closing. In the Oklahoma series, it was clear we didn’t have the one guy to consistently score in the crunch, which is apparently needed. Yet against the Knicks a combination of three (admittedly, more gallo than Al or Miller’s playmaking) beat one of the best late game closers in the game, even though he was consistently making shots.

  • dynamo.joe

    So, just because I’m a jackass. I was playing with the trade machine.

    hope that link works, but if not, the gist is Andre/Al/Moz to rent Dwight Howard.

    The biggest loss there would be Al who is playing lights out and additionally is the 4 who best compliments D12.

    Hollingers analysis says -2 games for the Magic and + 6 games for the Nugs. If that’s correct, you would think the magic would jump at chance to get so much value for a guy who is gonna walk anyway. They would probably still be a top 4 in the east.

    It’s a helluva lot more attractive than a straight up Howard for Bynum trade anyways.

    • FinazzAus

      They wouldn’t take that. They are on record as saying they want a mix of good young talent and picks plus someone taking back Turks contact. If we were to get DH12 it would cost something like S&T chandler, AAA (don’t think we can trade him yet), moz or K2, miller (only because his expiring contact) and at least one first round pick.
      Too much if you ask me.

    • steve

      They told the Lakers they want both Bynum and gasol for d12 and Turk lol. No way will they take those 3.

      It honestly would take Gallo, Dre’s expiring deal and Mozgov plus picks. And obviously we wont do that to rent.

      • Trevor

        I’m all for renting DH12 but we can’t do it. I was figuring Nene, Miller, and Chandler and fillers. Chandler cant sign till May I think. Nene and AAA cant be traded till March.

      • dynamo.joe

        The Lakers will never trade both Pau and Bynum and if they were dumb enough to do so, Dwight would have to be equally dumb to sign an extension. He would be stuck with 40yr old Kobe and the D-League all stars.

        The Mavs already made all the moves they are going to make (opened enough cap space to offer max contracts to Howard and Deron Williams).

        So it will come down to getting Bynum or nothing at the deadline and if Masai called them up and offered them the trade above they would take it. Especially if Bynum is sitting at the end of the bench in a suit waiting for his latest injury to heal.

    • BurnabyJoeFan

      Interesting trade. However, as much as I like DH.. I’m not ready to mess with the chemistry of this team. Also, look at what that does to the tax owed. You think Kronke is gonna foot that when he is doing so well with a moderately priced team? Or should I say his daddy, or should I say his mommy (Since she’s got the $$$)

      • Jeff

        I agree, the last thing we want to do is gut our team for one star like the Knicks did for Melo.

  • Júnior Fernandes

    Interesting your post. Focus on the positive side! There are good and bad nights for all of us. Just chill out and enjoy the ride.

  • Adam

    “We can argue all day if the Denver Nuggets need another player like him to reach their ultimate goal.”
    What is there to argue? The Nuggets are a far better team without a ball hog such as Melo. The Pistons won without a “Superstar.” ESPN, and the media want you to believe that the only way to win a championship is that you need a superstar. I reject that. The Heat lost last year, The Lakers, The Bulls, and yet the Mavs came out ahead. Sure they had Dirk, but the rest of that team wasn’t superstars. JJ was a huge part of the reason why they won. JJ isn’t what you would call a Superstar.

    • BurnabyJoeFan

      Right… I agree. Plus Dirk wasn’t considered a ‘Super Star’ until he won a title. Then all of a sudden you hear his name along side Kobe, Wade, and LeBron. The media just liked him all of a sudden because he won. If the Nugget’s pull it off this year, then they will say we won because Gallo is a ‘Super Star’.

    • Jason

      Ya, I agree. This is where Jeremy has it fundamentally wrong. For one, if Denver still truly needs a Carmelo Anthony, then why is it this team is better now then when we had a Carmelo Anthony. And…if the arguement is you can’t win in the playoffs with a Carmelo Anthony, then why is is that with Melo, Denver was always one and done, the same supposed “flaw” with this team.

      I just do not buy into the superstar arguement. You need good talented players, no doubt. But in no way do you need to have these “star” players.

  • steve

    I dont think you need a superstar precisely…but you do need someone as a go to guy at the end of games who can make shots. Eventually it will come down to 1 possession and we are down by 1 or 2 with under 5 seconds to go. You dont have alot of time for ty to drive down the lane and kick out. You basically will have to inbound the ball and let someone do their magic. Who will that be? Gallo seems to be the only guy on the roster honestly. He has the size and the shooting ability to at least get a good look. AA has potential also but he seems to be alot better catch and shoot guy than creating. Ty is too small to take a last second shot with a man all over him. This is where we had trouble last year vs OKC. So, yes i think we are better with no melo and i do not want a ball hog like him on this team BUT you can argue that there is a strong possibility we cant find that 1 guy that can knock down a shot all on his own at the end of games until they prove it.

  • Ernie

    I don’t think you need a superstar but you do need players that will get calls at the end of games. For whatever reason Lawson and Nene do not get the same calls as other players and this makes them less effective. So perhaps we need to market them as stars just to get fouls called.

    I’m not saying this as a homer. The rest of the team seems to be treated fairly. Maybe they need more flop in them.

  • Jeremy

    Let me be clear, I do not want a clone of Carmelo Anthony who holds the ball and ushers in another era of stand and watch offense.

    As Steve pointed out and has been discussed here over and over, Denver was lost at the end of close games last year against OKC. I hope the answer is currently on the roster and I can see where a combo of Ty Lawson, as a drive and kick or finish penetrator, and/or Danilo Gallinari, with the ability to shoot or get to the line, can possibly get the job done. Confidence comes from knowing where your offense is coming from. Dallas knew Dirk would get the job done. Of course Dallas had contributions from other players throughout the game, but when it had to get done, Dirk could shoulder the weight. When you do not know where your offense is coming from you play hot potato and someone ends up forcing a bad shot as the shot clock runs down.

    And please spare me the talk of the Pistons. As we now know, that team had four All-Stars and a couple of borderline Hall of Fame players. Plus their strength was their defense. This Nuggets team is much different.

    So yes, we can argue about this all day long and we will not truly know if this team can make a deep playoff run until the playoffs.

    Let me close by saying let us revel in the accomplishment of winning four road games in five nights rather than rehashing all of these old arguments.

    • Ernie


      Isn’t there a difference between not having a star and not having a halfcourt offense? The team doesn’t seem to run any plays except a pick and roll, and it’s certainly easier to do that effectively with a star that can just beat his guy. My guess is the Nuggets would be more effective running plays (double screens and more player movement) instead of just putting 1 or 2 guys in isolation at the end of games. That would make the starless system more effective because the defense has to account for all 5 players and they are all doing something.

    • magster

      If the team buys into the “hot hand gets the ball” theory, like they did in Philly with Dre, like they did in DC with Harrington, then that seems like a solution of sorts.

  • jim

    I like the idea of Gallo being that guy at the end. He can take his defender off the dribble. He can get to the line at will — where he is money — certainly much better than nene, ty, aaa, al, et al. he can dish. he can shoot the three. he’s got the balls for it. i’m not saying he is as good as dirk or melo, but he brings an interesting mix of skills to that fight that not a lot of others can bring. he’s more efficient than melo, but a lot less selfish. lot of good and bad with that.

    it seems to me the nuggets are playing well in lots of areas, but still a little lost on offense. i read on some knicks blog denver actually ran more iso than the knicks on saturday. i only got to see the fourth quarter and OTs, so I don’t know if that is really true, and clearly they were tired, but that’s striking to me. what’s up with the dribble-drive? they are still carving out their identity, maybe some practice time this week will help.

    reminds me of when chauncey first came back to town and had to draw up an in bounds play since the nuggets didn’t have any.

  • steve

    im a little worried about our Defense though. We are giving up wayyyyy to many uncontested shots, especially 3s. OKC will kill us if we cant defend the 3 with KD and Harden especially. That is one thing we need to work on the rest of the season. I’d also love to see Faried play some but who knows if that will happen.

    • ParkHillNative

      Agreed. It was ridiculous how the Nets came to the Pepsi Center and shot the lights out from the 3-point line.

      I’m thrilled that the Nuggets just won 4 consecutive road games, in 5 nights no less. But the defense needs to improve, and as Ernie says above, a sound half-court offense sure would be nice.

  • ny nugs fan

    harrington has been consistently playing at a high level all year long

  • Chris

    If we have any shot to Get James Harden we need to get him.

  • Chris

    another note when we get wilson Chandler back we will be that much deeper.

  • Chris

    Birdman is done, if the nuggets could get Keynon for a cheap price Bird will be shipped out of here real quick.

    • BurnabyJoeFan

      In a way, K-Mart owes the Nuggets a cheap deal as he underperformed his contract. But in reality he doesn’t owe them anything as it was the Nuggets fault for giving him that contract, we all accept as much money as we can.

      • magster

        I won’t defend KMart’s contract, but I’ll defend KMart. After the meltdown in the Clippers series, he could have taken his money and run. Instead, he showed up and made a big impact on our WCF team, and was our MVP in the Karl cancer year until he got hurt.

        I’d take KMart back if the price was right in a heartbeat, and don’t begrudge him getting his $$ when it was offered to him, and commend him for sticking with it through injury and drama with the coaches.

        • Jeremy

          Do not forget coming back from not one, but two microfracture procedures. No one would have blamed him if he quit and collected a check, but he came back and even continued to improve after those surgeries. Sure he was overpaid, but he never failed to do all he could to live up to that contract. Always did what he was asked to do and was a real leader. I doubt Kenyon will want to return, but if he does, I will welcome him enthusiastically.

          To add one more thing, he received a bum rap when he struggled to return from knee surgery on time for the start of the 2005-06 season. The team never mentioned he had microfracture surgery and basically treated it like some kind of simple arthroscopic procedure. He actually played several games to start the season and had to miss a few. He was on and off the whole year. The fact was he should have sat our at least the first two months of the season and probably more as microfracture basically required a year to recover from. He was back on the court in just a few months! The team finally reported he had microfracture, but the ridiculously aggressive timetable for his return turned fans against him when they should have been blown away by the fact he was even trying to run that soon after such invasive surgery let alone play NBA basketball. They are lucky that did not ruin his career.

          Kenyon has his limitations, but I will never cease to respect him for how hard he worked for the Nuggets.

  • Andrew

    Just a random thought – I think it is funny how various posters have been saying , alternatively, that every single player on this team (other than, possibly, Ty Law), sucks and should be traded. Yet, hear this team is at 12-5 and, in my estimation, just had their guttiest win of the season in a double OT, back to back, 4th in a 5 game road trip, where they could have given up at any time, but did not. The strength of this team is that they do not rely on one guy, but have many who can get it done. With a few exceptions, too, these players seem to know when to accept the fact that they are not hot and do not try to keep hoisting them up (ala Melo). Now that they have Moz and K2 each showing improvement, I am liking this team’s chance in the playoffs more. They have a ways to go, but…stay tuned. They have a brutal February coming up.

    • Kalen

      From what I saw on Saturday night, Gallinari might very well be THAT guy who can carry us through the playoffs at times. But people are totally overlooking Al Harrington. He was the guy who made a lot of the clutch shots when it really mattered and is still by far the best player on the team when it comes to creating his own offense. He can post up, hit the mid-range, hit the long ball, whatever. Between he and Gallinari, I have no worries that come crunch time, this team will figure out a way to get a bucket. The real problem is STOPPING the other team from scoring!

      • steve

        dont get me wrong i love al and he has made some clutch shots BUT he has also been wayyyyy off. Just like the last game he had a very good look at the end of regulation i believe from 3 and didnt even hit rim. He’s too inconsistant for me to feel good about our chances when the balls in his hands going 1 on 1.

    • magster

      Same with the Karl sucks rants. People actually bitch about Karl even after a win, I guess demanding that we win harder.

      I’ve not always agreed with Karl and his treatment of JR and his rotations and “small ball” and not calling time outs, but when I’ve paid attention to “small ball” it’s worked more than a couple times this season, the two point guard lineup has blown some game open, the no time out issue, I’ve seen Denver hold even or outscore opponents by playing through a slump, and our rotations we’re 12-5 and 2nd in the western conference. Karl isn’t an idiot, or he wouldn’t have a job.

  • DHinNYC

    Great post Jeremy, and congrats on the Times piece. But you’re also on the record saying this team can never win a championship and should have been blown up. Still think so?

    • Jeremy

      Thanks DHinNYC, I have not changed my tune. I do not see any way this team will win a title. Winning a series is 50/50 right now. They are built to win in the regular season, especially this one. My biggest concern is their defense.

      • Jason

        While in some ways I understand your skepticism, I just don’t think it is based in anything. You yourself say winning a playoff series is a 50/50 proposition. Isn’t that pretty good odds? Lakers lost in the first round last year after 2 straight titles. I don’t think anyone thought that would happen. Or the Spurs losing to the Memphis Grizzlies. The bottom line is you want to put yourself in a position to win. Denver has done that. Sure, they don’t have that one dominant player that makes you think TITLE right off the bat, but they have a collection of very very talented players…all that are proving can get it done in crunch time! And those dominate players, see Heat, don’t always win it all anyways. How long did it take the Mavs to win it all with that dominant player. Years.

        Our defense will be fine as well. I think our D is a result of our fast pace, but Denver can play lock down D when they need too.

        • Jeremy

          Sure they could win a first round series, I do not care about making the playoffs or winning a series. As a fan that means nothing to me. I could be talked into making the conference finals being a successful season, but just winning a playoff series does not a great season make.

          By they way, we are disagreeing a great deal, but it is a great discussion and I hope others are enjoying it.

          • Jason

            Yes, debate is good. And this team could make you debate all day, because the pendulum could swing greatly in both directions.

            I agree with you that the definition of success has to be measured by Championships. Anything less should be a disappointment…except that I think there is different levels of disappointment. Teams don’t typically come together and in one year win a championship. Heck, Miami couldn’t do it last year they they came close…they still didn’t get it done. It took Dallas years of trying. If this team wins a series this year, you have to call it a success. Of course, ultimately, they fell short of the goal.

            But what I ultimately am trying to understand, and where we disagree is this: I feel this team, with the assets it has currently, can become that championship team. Masai just was to water it a bit and we as fans have to let it grow. We have two guys, in Danilo and Ty that could become franchise type, all star type players. They are borderline right now, but both extremely young. We have an extremely young team, other than Al and Andre and Bird, that will gel with time. Plus we have future draft picks and assets that we could swing to improve the team. The bottom line is they are building a winner, building a champion. Whether they ever achieve it, who knows. But they are taking the proper steps to do it. So I understand we anyone would be skeptical about the state of our team. There is nothing but green grass ahead!!!

  • Chris

    We need to talk about what the nuggets need to win a championship, are starting five is good, but replace AA, James Harden, and have AA come in with the second five, and thats a Championship contender.

  • Jeff

    Here’s the real question everybody wants to know, are the Nuggets going to wear the dark road uniforms ever again? Those are my favorite.

    • Tommy4daNuggz4ever

      Or the throw backs anytime soon

    • Cody

      Mine too…. i was hoping for it this road trip but guess not… maybe sacramento?

  • Andrew

    Remember than epic game between the Knicks and the Nuggets a couple years back?

    Gallo was with the Knicks then and matched Melo shot for shot three for three. Didn’t the Knicks win that game? This was like 2 years ago and they had Al Harrington too. I’m sure NYers knew who they were giving up. They just thought STAT and Melo would be better.

  • Jason

    Many of you here have talked about how the media hype the star players and how they are needed to win, yet a lot of you are also buying into the hype talking about trying to pick up a player like Dwight Howard. Why is he needed. They got beat by like 30 tonight and didn’t even score 60 Points. I don’t see this Nugget team ever losing by 30 or scoring less than 30. Do you want another prima donna in Denver? Also, people are talking about Harden, get real, OKC wouldn’t give him up. He is part of what makes them so good.

  • Jason

    Many of you here have talked about how the media hype the star players and how they are needed to win, yet a lot of you are also buying into the hype talking about trying to pick up a player like Dwight Howard. Why is he needed. They got beat by like 30 tonight and didn’t even score 60 Points. I don’t see this Nugget team ever losing by 30 or scoring less than 60. Do you want another prima donna in Denver? Also, people are talking about Harden, get real, OKC wouldn’t give him up. He is part of what makes them so good.

  • Aaron

    At Does Any1 Remember Choo Choo The PF We Traded A 2nd Round Pick For On Draft Night. Or Brain Butch The Center From The D-League That We Called Up A Few Years Ago. Or Walter Sharpe The Guy We Traded To Get Along With Afflalo. Just Thinking Back A Little Bit Wondering Where They All Ended Up.

  • Tommy

    Yer who knows what happened to chu chu he is not on nuggets roster

  • Adam

    Jeremy, have you been attending Skip Bayless’s school of thought or what? A ton of fans and the media thought the Nuggets were in a rebuilding stage last year when we shipped Melo off to NY. Well, we made the playoffs. Granted, we lost to a weak team The Thunder, (saying this sarcastically) but none the less we went. Winning regular season games and winning a title do go hand in hand. It is called home field advantage, and you play lower seeds in the first round.
    “And please spare me the talk of the Pistons. As we now know, that team had four All-Stars and a couple of borderline Hall of Fame players.” Here is the complete line up for that team: Corliss Williamson, Rasheed Wallace,Ben Wallace, Bob Sura, Zeljko Rebraca, Tayshaun Prince, Mehmet Okur, Darko Milicic, Mike James, Lindsey Hunter, Richard Hamilton, Darvin Ham,Tremaine Fowlkes, Hubert Davis, Elden Campbell, Chauncey Billups, Chucky Atkins. I see some great players, even awesome ones, but nothing like a Kobe, a Howard, James, etc.
    So, Jeremy tell me who are the Superstars on that team? Maybe coach Karl and I are missing something.

    • Jeremy

      After the trade when we knew exactly what the Nuggets were getting I said the Nuggets would be better without Melo and make the playoffs.

      Please re-read my comment about the Pistons. They had no “superstar” and they are the one exception to the rule. They were however extremely talented, more so than this Nuggets team. Plus they were an exceptional defensive team.

      • Jason

        They were more talented than this Nuggets team?? WOW, I guess we can agree to disagree. This team is deeper, has more skill, and is more dynamic. While I give it to you that one thing that seperated the Pistons that year was their Defense, you could also say that this Nuggets teams offense is every bit as good as the Pistons D. Pistons did not have a great offensive team, and relied on Defense. The difference with this Nuggets team is that they play great offensively AND have the ability to play great D. They are not to most efficient defensive team, but they hold their own.

        I just think your living and dying by the old motto of you need a superstar to win. Then the past few years it was you need several to win…of course that was debunked with Dirk won it with Dallas last year. The bottom line is that Basketball, like no other sport, is a team sport. The better TEAM wins. With how talented this Denver TEAM is, I see them able to be WC champs. They would have a hard time beating OKC, but they could. But every other team in the west is beatable. I am not sure what else you want. I think you need to enjoy the ride and stop being a glass half empty guy.

        • Ernie

          I’m a Nuggets fan but there is no way the team is more talented than that 2004 Pistons unit. That team made the conference finals something like 5 times in a row. Just compare the starters. Chauncey in his prime vs Ty, Hamilton in his prime vs AAA, Ben Wallace (the leading rebounder and defender in the league) vs Moz, Rasheed Wallace vs Nene. I’ll give the Nugs the edge on Gallo vs Prince, everywhere else it’s a negative.

        • Jeremy

          Ernie is right. Of course the Nuggets are better 8-15 by a long shot. That is not what matters in the playoffs. Plus Prince’s defense was so great I am not so sure he gets the nod over Gallo. In the regular season you can play a bunch of guys to figure out who is hot and should close out the game. In the playoffs you do not always have the same leeway.

          As Jason you pointed out the case can be made the Nuggets offensive advantage can be comparable to the Pistons’ defensive prowess. Both teams are top flight on one end of the court and mediocre at the other.

          • Jason

            I think Jeremy and Ernie are right in that the starting 5 of the Pistons was better than the starting 5 of Denver right now. But our depth is our advantage…though Jeremy you are right that in the playoffs depth becomes less important.

            But I do not think that those Pistons teams were that much better than our Nuggets team. The difference between a perennial conference champion and a one and done team is actually not that great. It will be interesting to see how this team develops…can they become that perennial WCF.

  • Michael (anotheraussienuggzfan)

    Choo Choo was a “feel good” pick for Masai, the guy had played about 2 mins in the D-league and I don’t ever expect to see him on a Nuggs roster unless it’s a summer league team.

    Brian Butch had tried out for us in summer league and then got called up when our bigs were hurt, think he went overseas after his stint with Denver but not real sure.

    I remember Sharpe coming in the trade, I think we waived him and no idea what happened to him after that.

    All these guys are like a lot of our draft picks, they just weren’t suited for the NBA and have faded into minor leagues.

  • Adam

    I wasn’t looking to “compare” the two teams. Each team is unique in it’s own way. Having said that, the nuggets have oodles of talent on that roster. Some of which we haven’t even scratched the surface. Faried has yet to play an substantial minutes, Moz is getting better as each day passes, Brewer was a #7th overall pick that is looking better and better on both sides of the ball. Harrington is playing ball like he used to. Gallo is only 23 years old and hasn’t even hit his full potential. The list goes on and on. To say that The Pistons team was more talented than what this Nuggets team…. I say nobody knows that. It takes time for players and teams to develop. This much is for sure: The Nuggets have the #1 offense, the #1 assists per game, beat L.A,The Mavs, The Heat, The 76ers, and are on a 4-0 road trip. No shot at the finals? I say why not?

  • Chris

    Denver can get James Harden because OKC doesn’t have the money after resigning Westbrook to that bis exstention Jason do your research before talking about something.

    • Ernie

      Harden has two years left on his deal. So let’s not accuse others of failing to do research.

  • Frontrange

    Here’s a thought about that piston team and talent. At their respective ages I would bet Rudy’s career was more impressive than CB4. Billups didn’t come into his own until his fifth year in the league while Rudy is in his fourth.

  • Ray

    Wait, since when was Carmelo “forced” to depart? He wanted out, we fans are happy he left and we got pieces for him. Now we are better off as a team. But what world were you living in that he was “forced” to depart?

  • Desean

    Jimmy harden would fit our team sO well it’s ridiculous

  • tom

    is he coming out of contract

  • Max

    Why are any of you making suggestions on how to “fix” the 2nd best team in the West? What we have is obviously working. Put on your Nugs gear and go about your lives knowing that we have a good team in Denver this year! And if Chandler comes back (why wouldn’t he?), we’re only going to get better.

    I’m really looking forward to the game tonight because we got a little practice in. After going 4-0 on the road I’m sure spirits were high and everyone came in ready to keep the dream alive. I’m a firm believer that good practices lead to good games. They build fundamentals and team chemistry, both of which are critical to a young team and a team with enough talent to have multiple starting rotations. Players find roles and work on problem areas. Practice = performance

    Here we go Nugs!!!

  • Chris

    The nuggets need one exsplosive scorer and AA is not him, thats why we’re talking about James Harden being a Nugget, because the playoffs are good enough any more.