Nuggets News: Rumors and rants edition

[Note: The first two stories are the previous entrees about Chris Andersen and Wilson Chandler; the next few, however, are stories that have come to light since this post was originally created.] is reporting (Insider only) that Nuggets center, Chris “Birdman” Andersen is on the trading block with Koufos having been recently re-signed and playing solid basketball. There have reportedly not been any immediate suitors for Andersen, although as the trade deadline approaches this could change quickly. Although Birdman is 33 and still has two years at just below $10 million left on his contract, he might be an enticing option for a title contender who needs defensive help in the front court.

In other news, is reporting Wilson Chandler could return to the U.S. sooner than expected. According to Marc Stein, Chandler’s Chinese Basketball Association team, the Zhejiang Lions, made a deal with the former Nugget that as long as he managed to get the Lions to the Playoffs he could then come back to his home country earlier than expected. However, even though Lions management is willing to part with him, Chandler still must receive his FIBA letter of clearance in order to play in the NBA and it is unknown whether Chinese officials would be willing to bend on their harsh stance in regards to this issue. There is some speculation that if Chandler attends Sunday’s CBA All Star game officials would be more open to lending him his clearance letters at an earlier date.


Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post has composed a phenomenal piece on Nuggets Vice President of Basketball Operations, Masai Ujiri. It is an extensive account of his tenure in Denver, what it took to get where he is at today and some of the philosophies he has tried to instill in the process. This is as “must-read” as it gets if you’re a Nuggets fan being that this type of coverage of your team’s GM is rare to come by.

Meanwhile,’s Sam Amick, also scored an interview of his own recently, this time with former Nugget and current L.A. Clipper, Kenyon Martin. This is an extremely candid exchange with Martin going so far as to tell current Nuggets coach, George Karl, to “keep his mouth shut,” in regards to Carmelo Anthony. Furthermore, Martin goes on to explain something I’ve always firmly believed, which is, if the Nuggets were a better organization with a better coach, Anthony likely wouldn’t have left in the first place. This is another must-read for all Nuggets fans alike.

Lastly, if you haven’t yet heard, former Nugget, J.R. Smith has come to terms with the New York Knicks. This should come as no real surprise to fans, but for those die-hard J.R. supporters like myself, it’s going to be tough rooting for him given the team he’s chosen to play for.

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  • jc

    hope wilson comes back early we really need him through this tough stretch of games

  • Ernie

    Is that $10M left for Birdman total or $10M per year? Either way I’m not sure who would be interested. He’s such a niche player it would have to be a desperate team.

  • TG

    Its $10 million over the 2 years, so at least it makes him more tradeable

  • Hawkeye-X

    Chandler needs to go home today.

    If there was an agreement to let Chandler go after he gets them into the playoffs – what is Chandler waiting for? Go get the FIBA clearance and start playing again by the end of next week

    • Jeff

      It says the team will let him go, not necessarily FIBA.

  • ny nugs fan

    nugs would be making a huge mistake trading birdman

    i’m hoping that we’ll see some true nuggets basketball tonite against okc…get a win get back on track

  • Ben

    I would happily see bird go. Although he provides some spark off the bench, it is usually in one of four or five games. Also George has been cutting his minutes in preparation for a trade. I think our bench would be better without him, send the nest to a lower elevation…

  • Chris

    I alwyas thought it was Georgr Karl holding the nuggets back, if u noticed he has never gotten along with real good players, even Ray Allen, or Glenn Robinson, Now Camelo and Jr Smith and Kenton are going to unload on him

  • Chris

    If u notice the one thing about the nuggets they don’t have any explosive players none who will go finish when the time is need, Affolo is a backup not a starter, I hope the nuggets and the fans see what there mising.

  • Jeff D

    So we’re going to use the opinion of a player whose contract crippled the franchise and limited what the front office could actually do? Not to mention his injuries and harmful off the court behavior.

    Melo has been quoted in New York, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” That’s bad coaching. Nuggets have made the playoffs every year with Karl as coach.

    There’s a reason the media is starting to call it the “Gallo Trade.” Melo was the player he was because of Karl. I’m tired of this mindset that Karl was the wrong choice over Melo.

  • Jeff

    Kenyon is the one who needs to shut his mouth. GK hasn’t been talking trash about Melo, last I heard they had a nice talk together. Kenyon’s the only one harping about it. I guess he’s mad cuz they didn’t offer him an extension?

    • TheWolfman

      Totally agree with you. Kenyon just has sour grapes because the Nuggets didn’t want to offer a new contract to a guy who only played 64.6% (371/574) of the games we had previously contracted him for. I mean honestly, the guy is so useless that even his Chinese team didn’t want him any longer.

  • Ricardo

    The nuggets are missing a player that could consistently provide an offensive spark coming off the bench, and Wilson Chandler could be that guy. Chandler could score from the outside and get to the rim, and he could defend the perimeter and in the post. Chandler may be the kind of player they are missing that could help them be a good defensive team.

    • Jeff

      That’s true, I just don’t want him taking minutes away from Brewer. Brewer is perfect and essential for the Nuggets.

      • Ricardo

        It’s likely he may be playing both back-up forwards for the rest of this season and could be inserted in the back-up shooting guard spot when Fernandez leaves.