Rapid Reaction: Los Angeles Clippers 103, Denver Nuggets 95

Denver Nuggets 95 Final

Recap | Box Score

103 Los Angeles Clippers
Corey Brewer, SF 35 MIN | 3-10 FG | 6-7 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 12 PTS | +1
Brewer is usually an energetic spark of mayhem, but spent most of the evening hoisting up ill-advised 3-pointers and taking bad shots in general. Even his defense was mediocre, which is never a good sign.
Kenneth Faried, F 22 MIN | 5-8 FG | 2-2 FT | 9 REB | 0 AST | 12 PTS | 0
Look at the numbers. In 22 minutes Faried put up way better stats than Mozgov or Koufos yet he was relegated to the bench throughout the heart of the game. His defense on Blake Griffin virtually eliminated one of the Clippers’ best offensive weapons while his tenacity for 50-50 balls was top notch. Had Faried received more time, which he deserved, the outcome of this game may have been different.
Timofey Mozgov, C 23 MIN | 2-9 FG | 1-1 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 5 PTS | -4
Just when I was lightening up on Mozgov he goes off and has a game like this. It’s funny how Karl always preaches about rookies and their mistakes, yet Mozgov is by far the worst offender in this category, and for whatever reason seems to have some of the best job security on the team. What gives?
Andre Miller, PG 35 MIN | 3-15 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 8 AST | 8 PTS | -9
Miller was actually seen playing defense on a few occasions but was a ball stopper on far too many offensive possessions. Worst of all, he wasn’t making any of his shots. It’s nice to see eight assists, but really, none of them were all that spectacular. In 35 minutes, he needs to produce better.
Arron Afflalo, SG 38 MIN | 7-10 FG | 4-5 FT | 6 REB | 3 AST | 20 PTS | -14
Afflalo has very quietly had a fantastic little stretch over the last several weeks. This is now the sixth time in the last eight games that he has scored at least 20 points. The best part about this one, however, was the fact that it was done efficiently. Afflalo’s offense is, without question, improving right before our eyes.
Al Harrington, PF 29 MIN | 3-13 FG | 5-10 FT | 6 REB | 5 AST | 11 PTS | -11
Up until the fourth quarter Al Harrington was either going to receive an “A” because the Nuggets won due to him kicking it into overdrive, or a “D” because he took way too many shots he shouldn’t have and totally killed the flow of the offense. Obviously the latter ensued and as a result Harrington turned in one of the more perplexing performances he’s had all season. Big Al was far too selfish and shouldn’t even have been in the game the last half of the closing quarter because of it.
Kosta Koufos, C 22 MIN | 4-5 FG | 1-2 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 9 PTS | +1
You’d like to see Koufos hit the boards a bit harder but his effort, as always, was there and so were a few nice baskets too. Unlike Mozgov, Koufos hardly committed a glaring error and did the job he was assigned to.
Julyan Stone, G 13 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 0 PTS | +1
Stone was either nervous, off or possibly both. He had a few nice assists and was a floor general on offense but simply could not make the type of defensive impact we’ve come to see from him in the last few games. He also had some bad fouls that could have been avoided. Still, Stone’s effort on defense shouldn’t be overlooked as it was the best of any Nugget on the floor.
Jordan Hamilton, G 24 MIN | 6-11 FG | 2-2 FT | 7 REB | 1 AST | 18 PTS | -5
Wow. What a performance by Hamilton. As I tweeted, if not for him, I’d have been left without any hair; instead, I still have a few strands. We’ll touch on Hamilton more in the “Things We Saw” section but for starters, keep in mind just how smart he played. He took no bad shots, passed when he was heavily guarded, played solid defense and even skied for a few boards. His shooting was clearly (and I mean CLEARLY) worlds better than Rudy Fernandez, but keep in mind, this is a small sample size. It should also be noted that Hamilton was the only Nugget to stay after the final whistle and congratulate the Clippers on the win, while the rest of the team hurried off to the locker room with heads hung low.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Rookie Report: You know the show “Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL” on NFL Network? They should make an NBA version titled “Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NBA, Where Old Fashioned Coaches Inexplicably Bench You No Matter How Much Talent You Possess Simply Because You Have the Word ‘Rookie’ Attached to Your Name.” After seeing Hamilton’s performance tonight, I’m at a loss for words. Even if Hamilton did just have a hot start, you can’t discount the eye test. He looked good, as in GOOD good. His three-point stroke can not even be compared to Rudy’s off-balance, awkward, legs-glued-together shot attempt that has rarely hit this season. My whole thing is not to put Rudy out of a job, but simply to figure out what his role is. If Rudy is in for three-point shooting — which is what the case appears to be — then how has Hamilton not beat him out in practice? Again, small sample size, but man, Hamilton was impressive. Aside from “J-Ham”, Faried — who by the way is also a rookie — was impressive as well. Yes, the two best players for Denver on Wednesday, were both rookies and because of that, neither received the rightful amount of minutes they deserved, which is truly a shame.
  2. Requiem for a Collapse: Holy… nevermind. All you need to know is this: At the 4:02 minute mark of the fourth quarter the Nuggets were up by one. After that, the Nuggets went on to miss every single one of its last 13 shot attempts to close out the game, including two air-balls from Big Al and Brewer. Furthermore, at the 3:29 mark with the Clippers up by only three, Karl decided to roll with his patented small ball lineup which placed 6-foot-7 Faried at center. This was nothing short of a disaster, as the Clippers went on to out-rebound the Nuggets 10-6, with two of the Nuggets six rebounds coming in the last 30 seconds of the game — when it was already over. We complain a lot about Karl’s rotations, especially at the end of games, and against the Clippers he did nothing to encourage Nuggets Nation this will be any better moving forward.
  3. Winning!: Do you realize the definition of the word “win” is “to get possession of by effort or fortune; to obtain by work; earn”? Now, when the game is on the line in the fourth quarter and both teams are within a few points, that would qualify a “winnable” game, correct? Therefore, in order to secure a “win” one basically has to outwork its opponent, right? Question: When does this ever happen with the Nuggets!?!? The latest entry into this depressing line of chapters came against the Clippers when the Nuggets didn’t even collapse, but handed the game to its opponent on a silver platter with a note wrapped underneath asking if there was anything else they could possibly do to assist the Clippers in making their win more enjoyable. Losing is one thing, but losing in a heartbreaking fashion on a frequent basis is a whole different story. The odds of how much longer fans will be able to tolerate these types of crushing performances is decreasing by the day.

Candid Notes

— Like Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and a countless amount of others I’m probably unaware of, the Denver Nuggets allowed a star member of the opposing team go off for a season high. This time around, it was Chris Paul, who finished the game with 36 points and nine assists.

— The true residual effects of these types of losses won’t be felt until May. Everyone hates the palpable feeling of a heartbreaking loss, but that’s fleeting. What really hurts is getting to the playoffs and needing just one or two more wins to achieve home-court advantage or at least a better match-up. Remember this one about two months down the road.

— In his first real minutes of the season Hamilton was already trending on Twitter after just one half of basketball. That, speaks for itself.

— Riddle me this: When Kenneth Faried was doing a superb job on defending Blake Griffin, why did the Nuggets suddenly decide to double him? This left countless Clippers open for three-point shots (which, thankfully they missed or else this game would have been ugly) and caused Denver to get in foul trouble earlier than need be.

— Al Harrington can score the rock. We all know this. But tonight was really the first time his selfishness cost the team some points. If he had just swung the ball a few more times and given it up instead of uncontrollably trying to back his man down in an isolation, the Nuggets seriously might have won this game.

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  • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com Jeremy

    All I ask is that the “veteran leaders” Andre Miller and Al Harrington make good decisions. Combined 0-10 from behind the arc. Move the ball please.

    Also, yet another instance of the offense grinding to a halt this time all so they could run everything through Harrington on the left block. He was not scoring, he is a below average passer (how many of his passes to open teammates were so inaccurate it took them out of a potential catch and shoot situation), why is he the focal point of the offense when baskets are needed most? If Karl really is frustrated by players who are “ball stoppers” how can he allow an offense to constantly go to a player who is the ultimate ball stopper on the floor?

    The good news is the effort was there all game long. Hamilton showed some of his smooth offensive game and the bottom line is what can you do when Chris Paul is playing that well?

    • NugsFan3

      Whats even worse, is that a lot of Harrington’s shots were WIDE-OPEN, and Big Al needs to figure out his problems from the charity stripe. I agree, we need a veteren presence that will be positive. Andre has been garbage lately and Harrington has been horrible too. He got 31 against the T-Wolves but be took 29 shots. It’s like having a Melo from the bench.

  • Eric

    Mindblowingly bad lineup that Karl put on the floor to end that game. Afflalo/Harrington are 6/28 yet not only are they on the floor, they are taking all the shots!? Meanwhile Hamilton who was on fire is watching from the sideline…

    • Eric

      I meant Miller not Afflalo

      • Barry

        Totally agree with Eric and Dubz. Karl was absolutely terrible. Could totally see it coming when AAA was coming in the game for Hamilton. I said to my buddy, I bet he doesn’t put him back in the game, he did but the game was over by then. Funny sub taking Faried out at the end and then the Jordan gets the tip dunk because you’ve got Brewer trying to box out. Why were Al and Andre even in the freaking game?! They were awful. I’m dumbfounded by Karl. Don’t the assistants have any imput?

  • Dubz

    I’ve got to say I’m used to wanting to throw my remote threw the television when I watch Karl coach, but he’s taken it to a whole new stratosphere tonight. Can anyone truly defend this guy anymore?? Honestly? He’s been the main contributing factor in the Nuggets last 3 losses and tonight’s game might have been the worst. It was one thing when he took out a red hot Hamilton and passionate Stone, it was another when he put in Faried (I orginally thought for Al) for Koufos. Thus, Al had to play C for the rest of the game after he was clearly burned out. However, the most brilliant move is yet to come. With a couple minutes to go, he removes Faried and puts in Hamilton!! Hamilton has lost his mojo on the bench and Brewer is now playing Power friggin Foward with Al playing Cen friggin ter. I’ve been wanting Karl to go but at the end of the season. I’ve officially changed my mind, he must be fired RIGHT NOW. See you the hell later. And BTW, what’s the the Knicks comments?? Focus on your own team jack ass!! Quit worrying about Melo and the Knicks!

    • Dubz

      Sorry for not editing and venting.. Just so upsetting. Karl is single-handedly destroying this team and I seriously question this mans intelligence.

      • gk4prez

        You couldn’t have edited it even if you wanted to, so welcome to the crowd..lol

        • Dubz

          Revised before posting if that better suites you…

    • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com Jeremy

      I thought Faried was entering the game for the completely ineffective Harrington as well. I was thrilled that Karl realized Harrington was doing much more harm than benefit. I was shocked to see Koufos leave the floor.

    • Alex

      The second I saw Faried get ready to come in I was like YES get Harrington out of the game he can barely hit the rim, but then like 2 seconds later I remembered Karl is our coach and all I could think was watch K2 will actually come out and there goes our shot at winning….

  • AJ

    you take out hamilton for a cold miller? what?!

  • Gerardo

    George Karl is a bad coach.. Ray Allen, Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Carmelo Anthony, there is a reason nobody liked playing for him. He needs to go, we can’t let this talented group of young players be ruined by the rookie hating George Karl

    and to be up 7 and take out the hot hand in hamilton and to leave a tried Al is just bad coaching…..it isnt the injuries… the problem is George Karl….

    • ryan

      kemp and payton loved playing for him…

  • Charlie

    After thinking on it for a while, there is probably more good than bad here. The Nuggets stayed in it behind awesome shooting performances by Afflalo and Hamilton. The Clippers were healthy and clearly “out-talented” the Nuggets and Denver still had a real chance to win.

    I do not mean to be harsh, but Harrington’s gambling for steals and chucking at the end was incredibly costly. He also missed free throws and countless open shots. It wasn’t a good move to leave him in.

    The Nuggets really need a win right now, that’s what’s so frustrating. Let’s just say Ridnour makes that layup and Denver could be on a 5 game losing streak despite playing close in every game. I know circumstances will be tough tomorrow, but I expect San Antonio to be looking ahead towards the all-star break and not as desperate as Denver for a win.

    The Nuggets have to build on tonight and come out at home and get a win tomorrow. It’s too easy to make excuses, lay down and get blown out. It’ll be incredibly disheartening to see that and I’m hoping the Nuggets turn in a valiant effort against the Spurs.

    Gallo and Nene can’t get back soon enough. It was painful seeing Harrington have to guard Griffin most of the night.

    • evan

      So you’re telling me the Nuggets were in control most of the game, and ahead with 4min to go against one of the best teams in the west, the team that has two all-star starters and a potential MVP this season?
      You’re telling me we were in this game despite their clear desperation to win.
      And you’re telling me we did all this without four players three of witch being starters, not only starters but our three best starters… On the road?

      Name ONE other team that could do that.

      The Denver Nuggets are the best team in the league.

      -Obviously not everyone is going to have a great night every night, and that’s no big deal. It’s to be expected. The great thing about this team is we have so many people who can step up and make up for it when they don’t. So instead of harping on the people that had a bad night, accept it, it happens. Rather, harp on the team as a whole. It’s no one in particular’s fault. And I actually think the Nuggets looked really good tonight all things considered.

  • George Karl

    Look guys I draw numbers from a hat during 4th quarter timeouts to decide who closes games. If you have a better idea i’d love to hear it. Idiots.

  • Michael (anotheraussienuggzfan)

    Only got to see the final 8 minutes, I’ll watch the replay later.
    What I saw:
    We were down 6-8 points and had K2, Stone, J-Ham, Brewer and Al I think it was on the floor. We clawed back and levelled it up. GK subbed out Stone and J-Ham for Miller and AAA and we fail to hit a field goal for the rest of the match basically.
    Al was dead at the end of his 28 mins, he had no legs under him when shooting 0-6 from 3pt land and 5-10FT (missing several in the last quarter) 3-10FG for 11 points 6 boards.
    Miller played 34 mins for 0-4 3pt, 3-15FG and 4 TO’s finishing with 8 assists and 8 points.

    In comparison, J-Ham and Faried played only 24 and 21 minutes, J-Ham 4-5 3pt, 2-2Ft, 6-11FG for 18 points and 7 boards.
    Faried 5-8FG, 2-2FT for 12 points, 9 boards and block.
    The two rookies totally outplayed the two vets, oh and Faried’s FT’s came at the end of the game (yet Al throws clankers!).

  • Dubz

    From Denver Stiffs: We need to put the ball in the hoop, and make them not put the ball in the hoop, if they do that WE WILL WIN! George Karl in a nut shell

  • Cameron

    I would be in agreement with most the criticisms said about Karl. I continue to be frustrated, and I do not think it was a coincidence that the line up in the Minnesota game was victorious while the other ones have been fools good (OKC), or failures altogether (Tonight). Just… can our “veteran” leaders please get out of here? This is not a knee-jerk reaction but simply a decision that would ultimately better the team now and surely in the future. I am not in complete disagreement of one of the two staying, but definitely not both. The minutes Karl is taking away from our capable, arguably more talented, younger players is really disgruntling, especially with lackluster performances like the ones tonight from al and andre. 7 turnovers and 6-24 if I am not mistaken, and taking almost all of the final shots when Afflalo and Hamilton had been extremely successful is ridiculous. I do not mind seeing one or the other in the game occasionally off the bench, but please not to close games any longer. Sure, Harrington and Miller have been the players willing to step up in the clutch and hit some key shots, but their success is not only uncommon but also does not help in the development of our future Nuggets. Jstone, Chandler, (possibly) and Faried will happily take the minutes currently being occupied by Harrington and Miller and bring a much more defensive-minded and unselfish team to play.

    • Cameron

      The above is somewhat just defense for Karl’s ignorance. Obviously the stagnant offensive woes down the stretch are likely to continue even if these guys were to leave. In my opinion, confronting Karl with the fact that he is a fool and telling him to shape up (if it is possible) or getting rid of him altogether is ideal. I am disgusted with what I have seen in the past years as some of the arguably most talented teams in the league have continued to fail when it matters.

  • coxy

    all i have to say is its a shame we couldnt hold on tonight

    now i need to say why isnt kenneth in the dunk comp? you guys need to do work next year and get him in there!!!

    lastly why havnt we been wearing those mint old school jerseys anymore but other teams are still wearing theirs? i loved it

  • Alex

    I think J Ham is a lot closer to being “JR without the headache” than Rudy will ever be. It was great to see somebody shoot such a pure three point shot, all of his makes were not even close to going any where but straight through the net. J Ham could grow to be a great bench player for this team for a while. Miller, Rudy, and Al are not the bench this team needs the bench this team needs is Stone, J Ham, Brew, Faried, and K2. It’s almost like Managment needs to pull a Billy Beane and just clean out some guys so that the coach has no choice but to play the players that need to be playing. Who knows maybe we would win 22 in a row…

  • NuggFan forLife

    Karl’s stupid coaching strikes again! Harrington was stone cold all night and has been since that hot or the pretending hot start. And yet he stayed the whole game! Besides clutch offense, defense, running plays, there’s another reason to fire the old fat man, and that is lineup usages. If the lineup would have been Miller-Afflalo-Hamilton-(any PF willing to defend)-Koufos/Mozgov, They wouldn’t have been burned by a hope-stopping, silence-making, dagger-stabbing, PUTBACK DUNK BY DeAndre “Prime Daddy” Jordan! And giving less minutes Miller for Stone is a better choice for me instead of letting Miller get burned by Chris “Durant PG-version” Paul. We have three things to do after the all-star break: Sign Chandler, Fire Karl, and trade Harrington and Miller (as long as he won’t act like a leader). Birdman shouldn’t be traded, it should “Al Bricks”!!!!

    • ryan

      i think the biggest problem with AL has been his usage, he does not have the endurance to play the entire 4th quarter. so when he’s cold sit him instead of compounding missed shots with tired defense (which is maybe average when he’s not burnt out).

      andre just keeps proving he doesn’t care about the wins, he’s showed some good stretches recently but then follows it up with apathetic play, laughing at costly turnovers. trade him now, give stone the minutes, sign some crappy vet as 3rd string who is only an emergency backup so karl has to play stone and ty.

      as for bird…why has he been sitting? he finally started to play like his old self then gets benched? come on george, play your people who have earned it, and maybe if you give al more of a rest he’ll start being productive again.

      • Alex

        I agree with you..ryan.Birdman just seem to like the old time,and just keep him on the bench for no reason,i mean NO reason.I think he can do some pick n roll and rebound more than Mozgov.At least,Birdman will not pick up those silly TO.

  • gk4prez

    How much do you guy want to bet that Rudy makes a quick recovery from whatever injury it is that he claims to have?

  • Tony

    Is Chris Andersen being currently involved in a trade? Why has he not gotten any minutes the last two games? Not playing him to keep him from being injured?

  • tom

    I will bet that rudy will come back shooting crap but will still get to stay on instead of hamilton

  • aussienuggzfan

    great to see kenny match and agitate griffin and love in back to back games. he should be playing at least 30 minutes.

    Everything i have seen from hamilton has been exciting. please get rid of rudy

    good to see lob city is contagious

    btw clippers commentator is worst in the league

  • CaNuggetsFan

    Karl is killing me. Why he is not playing Bird is beyond me. Bird has great in OKC and he has not played the past 2 games? The guy brings energy.

    I am SICK of small ball. WE have big guys galore and you make Farried play center?

    JH is the only one who is fairly consistent shooting from the outside and we take him out when we need to score?

    We need to trade Miller and Koufus for Steve Nash…He would fit perfectly

    BTW , sat behind the bench tonight and the guy beside me was talking to Bird during a timeout why he is not playing. Bird just looked and shrugged his shoulders. I hate to see him not part of this team.

  • http://www.swag.com Gerardo

    I want George Karl fired but Masi Ujiri won’t do it.. if we don’t make the playoffs this year then maybe but I think we have to much talent to not make it.. George has to stop being so stubborn and stop playing small it work for small periods of time but not enough to close out games… The two guard line up doesn’t work… Andre and Ty do not work good with eachother.. Ty wants to run while Andre wants to slow of down.. and what pisses me off the most is the rookies not getting playing time, of the team was healthy faried would still be sitting on the bench.. and after seeing J Ham I love his game he is a scorer and could be a great 6th man for us in the future.. I would love to see what Jeff van gundy, Rudy Tomjanovich, or Larry brown cam do with this team.. I really believe with the right coach this team can make a deep playoff run, George Karl just doesn’t get it and never will.. there’s a reason why he hasn’t won a championship in 24 years… I personally list my faith in him when we lost the western conference finals.. we were the better team on that series and we were 2 inbounds away from being a sweep… But anyways.. we will always be a good team with George Karl bit we will NEVER be good enough…

    • http://www.swag.com Gerardo

      Sorry for the typos, I type fast when I’m mad

  • NuggFan forLife

    Nuggets Nation, we know this right? We have THE DEPTH, but the coach doesn’t want to use it. Why? Because the rookies can’t find opportunities. Deep teams are supposed to be destined to lead the NBA in starting lineup changes. But it seems Karl loves to stick with the same lineups when the team is healthy. Imagine what would happen to Faried when Nene is back. Imagine what would happen to Stone when Lawson is back. I Chandler would stay, what would happen to him when Gallo’s back (yes, he will be a sub but REGULARLY!?!?!?!?). Once we’re healthy, our anxiety about this will lessen BUT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE ROOKIES. I think the Nuggets Nation will be happier if Big Al and Miller get injured (if Miller does get injured). It will be OUR BEST PLAYERS that will play. But it’s more accurate to think that Karl should step down and open the door to a winning coach who has experienced winning a championship(Brown, Tomjanovich, Laimbeer).

  • Jeff

    How about that Hamilton dunk?? That was nice, and something Rudy couldn’t do, even if he was in the dunk contest.

  • steve

    i do disagree with one thing in the article…faried had 4 fouls when he left in 3rd qt and was removed until the 5 min mark i believe. Playing against blake, this is the right move. We needed Faried on Blake to end the game and couldnt afford to lose him. Unfortunately, GK went small and Al ended up on Blake..FAIL!!!!!

    Miller wasnt shooting well but he needed to be in the game over stone to end. Alot of you are killing GK for leaving Dre in there but Stone was not effective at all IMO. Hamilton should have closed out the game instead of brewer that’s for sure. GK let the hot players finish the game the other day, why didnt he do it this time? He loves AL for some reason but AL always chokes when it really matters. I cant stand it.

    Anyways, what do you guys think of Chandler checking out Toronto yesterday…Rumors have it the Raps are dying to land him. How much do you think it’s going to take to match? I think it’s more realistic that we sign and trade him. I just cant see us paying him 8+mill per year.

    • Joe

      We CAN’T do a sign and trade because of the new CBA rules. So either we match, or lose him for nothing

  • Thomas

    Get rid of our retard coach, once and for all.

  • Sam

    There is something to be said for injuries to the effective scorers on the team. That now being said, FUCK GEORGE KARL! I believe that there was a post on this blog showing NO movement offense at the end of the OKC game. And guess what happened at the end of the LAC game? I distinctly remember seeing three plays under the three minute mark that were mean to be ISO plays, but the ball wasn’t able to get to the right guy and ended in a desperation shot attempt. Its called X’s and O’s Karl, or have you not learned that in your 30+ years of coaching. Not to mention leaving in the most ineffective players of the game in Dre and Buckets, not to mention two of the teams worst defenders. Put in guys that are going to play hard for you, like the rookies, like Koufos, and will give you defensive intensity and hustle plays that will WIN THE GAME! I am so sick of Karl’s nonchalance. Get excited or GTFO!

  • al68

    Que mal GK. Time Out 91-83. Stone dirigiendo bien hamilton anotando 3pt, pero como los entrenadores nba son como maquinas hay que sacar a los titulares. 1st play entrada de miller block, despues triple de harrington, y se rompe todo el juego en equipo que habiamos mantenido hasta 6 min del final. Calificar a Stone con C es una broma a mantenido al equipo concentrado marcando jugadas e implicando a todos. Si no ver como desaparece Harrington con miller en la pista los ultimos 6 minutos.

    Hoy hemos perdido por GK.

  • Trevor

    Wow Hamilton was going HAM out there. He really looks like he has the potential to be a nice player in the future. Great to see him drive to the basket and not force anything even when he made a couple 3’s in a row.

  • Ryan

    Can we trade Karl to Minnesota for Adelman?

    • steve

      ehhh im not sure adelman is much better. he loves playing small ball also with ridnour at SG. Similar to GK if you ask me.

      • Ryan

        True, but at least he gets the most out of what he has. All of his Houston teams were competitive, even with scrubs playing due to McGrady and Yao always being hurt. Plus, he has the Wolves at .500, that hasn’t happened in a while…

        • Ryan

          Or maybe we just need the Love-Pekovic rebounding machine they have and Adelman has nothing to do with it lol…

  • ny nugs fan

    real heartbreaker last night… listen the nugs are in danger not even making the playoffs at this stage… at the end of the game we had no scoring on the floor

    i kept thinking… where’s hamilton with that deadly jumper and faried making griffin look like he needed a hug

    i also wanted to see mozgoz AND koufos on the floor at some point in the game; with hamilton faried and stone… that would be sick

    during the break somebody please make harrington shoot 100+ free throws a day… i mean come on man

    • steve

      ehhh, moz and koufos on floor at same time is a disaster IMO. both have hands of steel and turn the ball over alot. i like KK and Al together along with Faried and Moz. Those tandems seem to work the best and compliment eachother the most. But at end of games GK does whatever his gut says…which is always off the wall and terrible obviously.

  • evan

    So you’re telling me the Nuggets were in control most of the game, and ahead with 4min to go against one of the best teams in the west, the team that has two all-star starters and a potential MVP this season?
    You’re telling me we were in this game despite their clear desperation to win.
    And you’re telling me we did all this without four players three of witch being starters, not only starters but our three best starters… On the road?

    Name ONE other team that could do that.

    The Denver Nuggets are the best team in the league.

    -Obviously not everyone is going to have a great night every night, and that’s no big deal. It’s to be expected. The great thing about this team is we have so many people who can step up and make up for it when they don’t. So instead of harping on the people that had a bad night, accept it, it happens. Rather, harp on the team as a whole. It’s no one in particular’s fault. And I actually think the Nuggets looked really good tonight all things considered.

    (meant to post that here)

    • steve

      If we were the best team in the league, regardless of injuries we’d have a better record 3 – 10 in our last 13 and wouldnt be sitting 9th in the conference rankings.

      • marc

        We were missing our 3 front options on offense (Nene, Lawson & Gallo) our backup center (Bird) and our energy guy off the bench (Fernandez). That’s the equivalent of Miami losing James, Wade, Bosh, Haslem & Cole, or OKC losing Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, Harden & Collison. You’re telling me those teams would do better than 3-10??!? Yeah right

  • al68

    Lo bueno es que Faried puede ser una figura en los proximos años, Harrington esta muy cansado deberia jugar 24 min maximo para ser efectivo, Miller igual.

    Sigo diciendo que la circulacion de balon es mucho mejor sin Afflalo.

    Hamilton a demostrado a todos excepto a GK que tiene mucho talento.

    Stone no sabe tirar pero para dirigir el juego y para el p&r. Bueno en defensa y mejor como complemento cuando este Lawson.

    Moz y Koufos no sirven para un equipo que quiera hacer algo.
    Intentaria vender Miller+ Andersen+ Afflalo+ 1st round / Monta Ellis

  • TheWolfman

    Last night tore it for me, Andre Miller has got to go. He is fat, slow, and apathetic. And even worse his effort on the defensive end was Melo-esque tonight.

    George Karl’s devotion to him is mind boggling. Some one in the FO needs to step in and get Andre the fuck out of here.

  • http://espn Gary

    Pardon me harping this the 10th time in the last 3 weeks: Play the kids / get Miller & Rudy on the next flight outta town / Start searching for GK’s replacement.

    • http://tskitishvillainy.tumblr.com/ TskitishVillain

      It may be easy on the surface to blame Karl for this loss, but again look at the roster he had to work with. Where was the scoring going to come from if we put in the rookies? Really, none of them can beat their man off the dribble without great ball movement. Also, I don’t think Faried with his back to the basket is much of a threat either. Even with how bad Harrington played he did get the looks to make some shots. The one sub that Karl should have taken the chance on was to play Hamilton more over Brewer. This game came down to offense more than defense and it looks like Hamilton if continues to play under control has more of an offensive repertoire than Brewer.

  • Jason

    On a side note, and not being discussed nearly enough due to Karl’s ineptitude last night, is the fine play of Jordan Hamilton. JHam looked amazing last night. He has a great NBA size body. He has an amazing shot, and he doesn’t settle like JR used to do so many times. If he didn’t have an open look, he passed or drove the ball to the hoop. He looks like an amazing prospect. Between him and Faried, and even Stone, we got some very talented rookies on this team.

  • KW

    I was jumping out of my seat in Q1. ‘Watch this game’ I told my wife, ‘the future is now!’

    They just needed to ride JHam and for a bit it looked like it may be happening. When will we get to see our nice new players start to tear up the W Conf? I feel like we are entitled to a true breakout game.

    Then Karl fouled everything up. I didn’t even watch Q4, I went to bed. Fat Albert is tired, ‘Dre is pathetic and apathetic. I really can’t stand GK and all his excuses.

    It’s amazing to me to watch (for instance) Dallas play defense. I can almost always see what they’re trying to do…(trap the ball as it comes across half court, whatever it is, it’s apparent). Beyond switching screens (lazy), by the third quarter I almost always still have NO IDEA what our defense is trying to accomplish.

    Nice game from AAA. He seems to be pulling himself out of the weeds…but really, who cares? We had no chance to win.

  • Aaron

    Big Al And Andre Lost Us That Game..Whenever Harrington Or Miller Got The Ball They’d Either Post Up Or Just Flick Up A Wild Shot That Had 2% Chance Of Going in…Give it To Hamilton, Afflalo Or Brewer At The End Of The Game! Those Guys Actually Hustle An Try To Win…Miller And Harrington Are Suppose To Be “Leaders And Take Control” But Guess What! They Weren’t Leaders But They Took Over The Game in The Wrong Way! I Really Wish GK Would Break This Affair With Andre! Hes Like The Worse Possible Fit For ThE Nuggets But He Continues To Be Stubborn An Put The Guys That He Likes instead Of Trying To Win A God Damn NBA Game! its Killing Me Man We Either Gotta Trade Miller ASAP1 Or Fire Coach Karl Cuz its Not Working Out At All Late in Games.
    I Actually Thought Stone Did WAYY Better Then Miller, ik His Stats Were Really Bad But When Miller Was in The Game SLOWED Down So Quickly, I Even Saw The Guy That Was Covering Miller Fall Down, But Miller Just Stood There An Waiting For Him To Just Stand Back Up. When Stone Was in The Ball Moved FAST AND QUICK! its Crazy How Bad Miller Makes This Team..i Hope Masiah Ujiri Notices This And Does Something About it.
    How Bout Those Rookies Tho! Especially Hamilton, He Didn’t Do Really Anything Wrong At All, Hopefully This is The Normal Hamilton Were Gonna Be Seeing For The Next Half Of The Season.
    All in All Tho, Good Effort From The Nuggets. (Besides Harrington And Miller)

    Go Nuggets!!

    • Aaron

      o Ya And FIRE GK NOW!!!!

  • DeShon

    Can someone just start a fire GK website already. I’m sure all of us fans are just sick of this. The nuggets are the best team as far as caliber players, but GK brings us down to the middle of the pack.

  • marc

    Everybody needs to CHILL OUT! WE WERE MISSING OUR 3 BEST PLAYERS FOR CHIRST SAKE! We gave a great effort, missed some wide open shots and lost to a title contender battling hard to avoid a 3rd straight loss. How do you think Miami would do without Bosh, Wade, James, Cole and Haslem??? THEY WOULD SUCK!! WE GAVE A GREAT EFFORT THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KARL OR ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN INJURIES. CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!

    • Bryan

      This is total cop out. The nuggets were in a position to win but didn’t because the coach didn’t put them in a position to succeed. If you don’t see how continuing to not only play Harrington when he was clearly gassed but playing him at center was a blunder I don’t know what to say to you.

      Personally, I want my team to win games, not moral victories.

  • Bryan

    First off, I think you’re overrating Faried’s defensive performance a little bit. He failed to rotate on two consecutive occasions in the third that led to two easy dunks. Once is annoying doing it on consecutive plays is unacceptable. You ought to have learned the first time.

    As far as coaching goes, it blows my mind how clueless Karl is. Not only does Karl not recognize who has the hot hand, he also doesn’t recognize where he is in the season. He played his old guys the most on the first night of a back to back when a youngster had the hot hand and was steal rebounds. As a result, he increased the chance of losing not only the game he was in but the next one as well.

    And if the nuggets are going to keep Karl, they need a superstar because Karl can’t coach in crunch time to save his life.

  • Ricardo

    I think Harrington and Miller lost the nuggets that game. Harrington attempted to many crazy shots instead of passing the ball to another player and Miller turned had turnovers down the stretch once again. GK should have kept Hamilton in the game, he was making a lot of shots and he even made a big three-pointer to cut the Clippers’ lead to one, early in the fourth quarter.

  • Ricardo

    The nuggets have not won these games because of the lack of defense at the end of games and I think it has been George Karl’s fault. The nuggets needs to get a coach that gives an emphasis to ‘D’ if they are to win championship in the future.

    • al68

      Yes,we need more “D”, but also best 5 Koufos y Moz are players grade C or D. They are spanish league players no NBA players.

  • keith

    Give Doc Rivers the Nuggets team and we are competing for first place in the Western Conference even with the injuries. George basically can’t read the hot player and his 4th quarter rotation doesn’t jive with the first 36 minutes of the game. I agree with another person that said his rotation with older players in the first game of back to back is basically losing the second game. PLEASE TRADE Andre and Bird or Bird and Fernandez so these yound player can be studs next year!!!!

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    I will right away clutch your rss feed as I can not in finding your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly permit me understand so that I could subscribe. Thanks.