Interesting developments on Wilson Chandler front

In a recent New York Post article Peter Vecsey points out that if Chandler were to sign in Italy for the remainder of the season, he would then “forfeit the ability to do a sign-and-trade come summer — one of the CBA’s multitude of new rules.” Essentially, this makes re-signing Chandler even more critical than before for a couple reasons.

First, once summer arrives many teams will have freed up enough cap space to make the type of offer that would cripple the Nuggets salary flexibility if they decided to match. In theory the Nuggets could deal Chandler that following winter before the trade deadline to avoid paying his salary but the fact remains, having Chandler as a tradable asset this summer allows much more room for the team to improve heading into next year.

If he were to sign in Italy, then come back to the States and agree to an offer the Nuggets would cringe at matching, (assuming they would in fact match) this would basically erase most of the team’s cap room and in the process prevent it from making much-needed additions to the roster through free agency. Additionally, the thought of the Nuggets letting Chandler walk for nothing becomes an actual possibility rather than a nightmare, which is something Masai Ujiri and Josh Kroenke have attempted to avoid for quite some time. What if, for example, the Nuggets manage to get themselves into heavy contract negotiations with a player like Kevin Garnett, Chris Kaman or Gerald Wallace? Letting Chandler walk in order to sign someone like them then becomes an all too realistic scenario with all the work the Nuggets front office did in order to retain him as an asset, then flying out the window in the process.

In a way, these new details that have come to light might actually expedite contract negotiations and ensure Chandler returns to the Nuggets for at least the rest of the 2011-12 campaign. Now that he has leverage Chandler can tell the Nuggets to either pony up and give him the money he wants, or suffer the consequences by relinquishing the right to sign-and-trade him this summer. Either way, Chandler is getting paid and in all likelihood the Nuggets will be the ones dishing out the dollars. At this point, sacrificing a few more million bucks this year could go a long way in ensuring more talent arrives in Denver in the foreseeable future.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • DJ

    Or you can look at it the other way in that if he loses his sign and trade ability…he probably loses about 50-70% of the NBA teams that are over the cap (or close to) and would need to do a sign and trade to sign him to that high number.

    Then he could only sign with teams with cap room or fit under an exception (which Denver would match any exceptions anyways).

    Also, if Denver were to do a sign and trade, the return they would get would be minimal. Maybe a very low pick at the best. Denver wouldn’t trade Chandler for any salary and hard to see any teams giving up legit prospects or assets just to sign Chandler.

    So Denver loses possible low draft picks and a trade exception….Chandler loses the leverage of negotiating with 16 or so teams….

    Massai…you win again.

    • Dubz

      I see where you’re coming from but I have to say I disagree. With teams like New Jersey, NO, and Toronto out there with a lot of cap space, they could offer Chandler a large, front loaded contract that the Nuggets wouldn’t match. I hope they can reach an agreement so we can at least benefit from his services for this year, but this is getting tricky. As much as I love Chandler, I think he’s too good to be coming off the bench right now. Nuggets should sign him long term and trade him in the summer IMO.

  • Kyle Obergfell

    I’m not sure the commitment is worth it. He has put up amazing numbers. But what happened? He was saying earlier that he wanted to be back in Denver and nowhere else. It was all but a done deal. Now as time passes, why is he balking? The last two big money contracts (Nene, AAA) haven’t exactly been insurance that we got a player worth the money. AAA is stepping up big time. I’m hoping this is the real AAA. But let’s face it. The first half of the year, AAA was MIA. Nene.. yeah we all know about Mr. Charmin himself. Is the third time a charm or the final strike?

  • SmokinNugs

    What if we traded Andre and Nene to LA for Pau. They need a PG and Nene would get to play 4 for them. We get a 3rd 7 footer, starting calibre 5 who could teach Moz and K2 how to ball like an All Star. In a few years he transitions to a Tim Duncan type role and the other two 7 footers take over. That would also allow the Nuggets to start Faried at 4.

    We could also run Gallo at 4 more and that would open up minutes for Wilson at 3. Having Pau at 5 would only make this even more effective.

    Best of all Andre would be gone. Ty would be given undisputed control of the team and Stone could serve as a capable backup. Karl is unlikely to play Stone as much as he plays Andre which would only free up more minutes for other talent.

    • aussienuggzfan

      lakers wouldnt do it

  • Charlie

    No sign and trade only further limits the free agent possibilities for Chandler.

    It may end up hurting his market value.

  • aussienuggzfan

    This won’t be well received but here we go:

    C Bynum
    SF World Peace
    PG Darius Morris
    1 or 2 1sts (One is from Dallas)


    It seems like a lot for a injury plagued Bynum however i think it is a risk worth taking if we are to seriously compete.

    If we could resign chandler,
    Faried/Big Al

    Plus if we have 2 or 3 mid to late firsts we could package them and move into the lottery if there was a player we liked available

    • aussienuggzfan

      I forgot to add Metta to the rotation, would be a handy this year, could be amnistied down the road

    • stevesf47

      I think if you trade for a player (metta world peace) that you cannot amnesty him. Not 100% sure though.

  • Kyle Obergfell

    why would we want Bynum and Artest? oh excuse me.. “Meta World Peace”? They aren’t doing anything this year. Not to mention the fact that they’re psychopaths…
    And send them Galinari? Our best player?
    Why not dream instead of having a nightmare?

    • Aaron

      Did u Just Say Bynum isn’t Doing Anything This Year???? He Started in The All-Star Game This Year! Wtf??? You Obviously Dont Follow The NBA Very Well..

  • SmokinNugs

    Metta is SO BAD!

  • Peter

    With Faried coming on strong we need to come up with some sort of trade where we can get rid of Nene because the way things are going his contract is going to become an albatross.