Rapid Reaction: Utah Jazz 121, Denver Nuggets 102

Denver Nuggets 102 Final

Recap | Box Score

121 Utah Jazz
Wilson Chandler, SF 27 MIN | 5-11 FG | 3-4 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 13 PTS | -23
Chandler takes a lot of difficult shots and makes a decent amount. But he needs to work on scoring in the flow of the offense rather than relying on tough buckets all the time. He also needs to work on his consistency. Twenty seven minutes is more than enough time for Chandler to put up more impressive numbers than he did on Friday.
Kenneth Faried, F 22 MIN | 5-7 FG | 6-8 FT | 8 REB | 1 AST | 16 PTS | -15
Faried was energetic as always, especially from the start of the game. Then, for some inexplicable reason, George Karl decided to bench him midway through the first quarter and all the way though most of the second. Faried finished with only 22 minutes of playing time (the same amount as Corey Brewer and Arron Afflalo) despite being one of the most effective players on the floor.
Timofey Mozgov, C 18 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | -15
Mozgov followed up one of his better performances of the year by disappearing against the Jazz. He was hesitant, aloof and as always, a step behind the action. Mozgov has had a lot of time to prove himself and is still wildly inconstant and timid. If he doesn’t show some signs of improvement, he could be moved this summer.
Arron Afflalo, SG 22 MIN | 3-9 FG | 7-7 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 14 PTS | -22
Yes Afflalo got ejected, but at least he showed some emotion. He was also one of the only players pushing himself and his team in the right direction by making something happen. Had Afflalo stayed in the game he likely would have eclipsed the 20-point mark for the third game in a row.
Ty Lawson, PG 31 MIN | 2-8 FG | 1-2 FT | 1 REB | 6 AST | 5 PTS | -17
Lawson was as bad as anybody. He had more turnovers than assists, was the antithesis of “assertive” and didn’t shoot well even when wide open. The fast-paced style Lawson employs requires a lot of energy, therefore fans shouldn’t expect him to be a “blur” every single night. But he MUST still control the pace of the game and act as a threat to the opponent, otherwise he’s no better than Derek Fisher.
Al Harrington, PF 28 MIN | 8-15 FG | 1-2 FT | 10 REB | 0 AST | 20 PTS | -1
Harrington came to play. Though his 20-and-10 performance came in a blowout, he still shot the ball accurately and played hard. He did everything the Nuggets expect and more.
Andre Miller, PG 27 MIN | 4-8 FG | 5-5 FT | 2 REB | 6 AST | 14 PTS | +4
And in our favorite part of the evening… For those who watched the game, you already know what it is: a typical Miller performance. Not enough ball movement, too much selfishness, the occasional highlight play, etc. He shot three 3-pointers, turned the ball over four times and did nothing to help the team win, yet somehow finished with an impressive stat line. The saga of Andre Miller continues…
Corey Brewer, SF 22 MIN | 2-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 5 AST | 4 PTS | +2
Brewer was just too wild. He gambled on too many steals, drove recklessly into the lane one too many times and never seemed to be in control of his wiry body. He needs to relax and focus on defense.
JaVale McGee, C 28 MIN | 5-7 FG | 1-4 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 11 PTS | -7
After the first half McGee was nowhere to be found, however, he was a monster before that. The best part of the evening was seeing McGee’s athleticism on full display in addition to his limited number of “boneheaded” plays. The more he can limit his mistakes, the better chance he has of reaching his potential.
Julyan Stone, G 2 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -3
Not much to say here. Stone only saw a few minutes and touched the ball sparingly. It would have been nice to see him get some more time considering this game was lost at the start of the third quarter.
Jordan Hamilton, G 12 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 3 PTS | +2
Hamilton deserved more time than he received. This was the perfect opportunity for him to get some more action under his belt yet Karl refused to give in. He played with heart and made a nice 3-pointer but also took a hurried shot as well.

Four Things We Saw

  1. Enver Nuggets: I asked some of my Twitter followers what allowing over 120 points to the Jazz said about the Nuggets. Some of the answers: “lottery bound, no pride, no leadership and no defense.” While all of those may be true, one of them certainly is: no defense. The Nuggets have been a terrible defensive squad all year long and nothing has been done to cure this. Championships start with defense and if the Nuggets aren’t going to play any, then winning a title is out of the picture no matter how much talent this team acquires in the future.
  2. Outside Looking In: The Nuggets are now out of the playoff picture and for the first time all year, the odds of finishing below .500 actually seem somewhat realistic. If you had told me this before the season started I would have said you’re crazy, absolutely crazy. Now, the Nuggets must fight with all their strength to stay above water. Although this was only one game, it was a terrible way to start off an extended road trip, especially against a division rival.
  3. Who Doesn’t Belong?: Milwaukee, Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, New Jersey, Washington, Charlotte, Phoenix, Minnesota, Portland, Golden State, Sacramento, New Orleans… Denver. You tell me what’s wrong with that picture? Those are all the teams currently slated to miss the playoffs and instead land in the lottery — Denver is one of them. That’s something Nuggets fans haven’t seen since — you guessed it — 2003. While I love scouting and would thoroughly enjoy examining the Lottery, it must be made clear that the Nuggets are ENTIRELY too talented to miss the playoffs this year!
  4. Opposites Collide: Friday, we saw two very similar teams going in opposite directions. If you go down the list, the Nuggets actually appear to have more talent than the Jazz, but they certainly didn’t play like it. Utah played together, as a team on the rise, hungry for the Playoffs, while the Nuggets looked desultory, listless and outmatched. How does this happen? How do the Nuggets not show up for such a key game in the playoff race? These are questions nobody knows the answers to yet everyone constantly wonders about. Sometime soon, they need to be answered.
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Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • josh

    wow literally 0 comments. this game was that bad huh? i didnt get a chance to watch im outta town, but i looked at the play by play 3rd quarter, apparently GK didnt call timeout when jazz went on a run is that true ? i read that were the 2nd youngest NBA team, so that pretty much means nuggets cant do it this year. need vets in the nba

  • aussienuggzfan

    we need a lottery pick

  • chronosynchlastic Infundibula

    我觉得丹佛掘金打得太差!I wonder if GK will say something funny like “I thought we played pretty well, if you subtract the second and third quarters we won this game.”

    I don’t know what to say or think.

    • Alex

      i wanna give Stone minutes rather than Miller…at least Stone will defend..Miller can only leave the 3pt line wide open and wait for the rebound.

  • Melly

    I agree with you on most of what you said however it’s a bit early to worry about Denver not being in the playoff picture. After tomorrow night they will be back into 7th place in the standings and have the potential to move up to sixth (or is it fifth I can’t remember) if the Lakers beat Memphis and Nuggets beat Minnesota on Sunday. We still have hope but we have to play better defense than what we did tonight.. And the turnovers!!

  • Trevor

    It is crazy just how bad the Nuggets defense is, the bigs can’t defend without fouling or going for ball fakes, no one rotates, and everyone gets beat off the dribble.

    • Max Ireland

      The thing I see the most on defense that drives me crazy is all our double teaming. NO MORE! Every time we double the ball gets kicked around til someone is wide open for a three. EVERY TIME! The Nuggets are getting absolutely dismantled by the 3 ball. Even if we get beat playing man to man, at least it will probably only be a two, or at least contested. Most of these threes against us are WIDE OPEN! Stick with your man, keep your hands up, and DONT DOUBLE!

      • Kalen

        Absolutely right. That’s killed the Nuggets all year. The worst part is that 90 percent of the time it’s not even necessary! There is just zero accountability for one-on-one defense on this team.

      • Andrew

        In total agreement with you. It is so annoying how the Nuggets constantly get caught in those sagging double teams down low only to leave a three wide open. That’s on Karl.

  • Steve

    It is not only the players fault here in Denver…Sure they have Zero heart at times and shoot jumpers worse that any other team in the league…the fault is on GK

    It is a sham watching the team play Defense. It is unbelievable that EVERY team we play becomes an offensive juggernaut. The D play and sets are TERRIBLE! How many times do we have to make solid players look like Super Stars.

    We have zero shooting on the floor most times. Moz looks lost, Bird did not play when he could have given them a boost, we are getting blown out and we do not play the bench guys to get some time, Miller…

    Karl should be held responsible. This is ridiculous. There is too much talent on this team to be this pitiful at times. Karl fought cancer and it is a great story/but he has lost the fire that made him a great coach. His sub patterns are awful and the laid back approach is sickening.

  • Whimanji

    This is a team that has too much young talent for GK to handle. I personally think his rotations are horrible. We keep playing small ball that doesn’t work and he doesn’t give faried more minutes. GK obviously can’t motivate a young team to fight for there playoff lives. I almost think that missing the playoffs will be the best for the team as we will definitely make a coaching change.

    • Kyle Obergfell

      I think along those lines also. But I’m not sure it’s strictly an age thing. Mosgov is going to be that atrocious tonight.. and really? George doesn’t even want to try Birdman? How could he be worse?

      JR Smith was another talent that needs a right mix of discipline and guidance to get the best from him. I’m sure that there are situations when Karl needs to treat players like children, then times like adults, but overall finding a mix to get the best chemistry.

      Chemistry is the problem as I see it. When you look at all the youth and all the injuries and the turnover.. a little of that is to be expected. But what’s uncomfortable is the overall trending of things for the past two months. I haven’t felt anything tangible to see things going in a good direction. The wins have been lucky and despite themselves. This loss seems to expose the team unfortunately for what it is.. but I really think what tit can be is still hidden. There’s not much to defend GK on coming up short with that. I am hardly surprised at all with the way this game went… it’s been building up to this. Hopefully we can look back and call this rock bottom.

  • GK4Prez

    The talent on this team isn’t as good as many think, it isn’t bad or anything like that, but it gets very over-rated on here and I know that I have been guilty of doing it.

    Mozgov is a project, Koufos has bounced around from team to team for a reason, Harrington, Miller, and the Birdman are still serviceable vets but on the back end of their careers. Brewer, Rudy, and Afflalo are decent players, but what you see is what you get with them.

    That leaves Ty, who doesn’t seem like he is willing to take that next step. Gallo who when healthy is a nice player, but even he lacks a killer instinct on the basketball court for large portions of a game. Chandler who can become a good energy guy off of the bench, and Mcgee who is still basically an unknown commodity to the organization, but someone who is probably worth keeping moving forward because of the circumstances surrounding his situation, and so far, I like what he has done in a Nuggets uniform.

    I still think JHam has a bright future in this league and deserves more playing time, but for whatever reason GK doesn’t want to give it to him, which is strange because on a video clip from altitude.tv:


    You have to listen to the GK jazz pregame to get to the pistons pregame to listen to his thoughts on JHam, but his thoughts on him are very positive, the same with Stone.

    If this road trip turns out bad, and with the way the team is currently playing, it is quite possible that it will. I hope that we get to see a lot more of JHam and Stone.

    From top to bottom this team is where it is in the standings for a reason. Yes, injuries have hurt the team, but the other teams with similar records fighting for the 8th seed have similar talent on their rosters.

    • Bryan

      The injuries aren’t an excuse. The Bulls have been without last years MVP and have managed to win a lot of games. Because they clamp down and play defense. If the Bulls can do that without Rose (and Rip Hamilton, really) the Nuggets should be able to do it when they lose Gallo or one of the other guys who has never been an all star. It’s sad that these Nuggets are playing like Diva’s. “Rotate on defense, pffft.”

      • Max Ireland

        Truth. The Bulls play lockdown defense

  • al68

    No ha sido ninguna sorpresa, se dice se juega como se entrena y supongo que este equipo no debe entrenar mucho la defensa.


    Este equipo no creo que se clasifique, no tiene el corazon ni las ganas que se necesitan para recuperarse, cualquier equipo que tenga corazon despues de ganar un partido como el de detroit tiene una inyeccion de moral para el partido siguiente, denver no.

  • Porter

    Lost interest in watching… Why am I not surprised to look at box score and see no Birdman.. Yes am still looking for him but with a line like Mozgov put up and Utah making 120 and he didn’t get the call… well sure there are other reasons too but what a disappointing game… after game, after game….. Nugs are not fun anymore

  • http://www.swag.com Gerardo

    It’s time to end this Mosgov expiriment. Mosgov is just horrible and doesn’t have the talent to play in the NBA.. and hopefully in the offseason we sign Goran Dragic. Maybe competition will develope Ty Lawson into the great player he can become.. But right now he’s too inconsistent… I’m really disappointed.. getting beat by teams below 500 has always happened since

    • http://www.swag.com Gerardo

      George Karl was here.. and the reason im still watching is because I just love the nuggets… But I don’t think were winning a championship with Karl anytime soon he can’t develope players and were a young team that’s looking towards the future but Karl wants to win now… Like I said before I don’t think Karl is all there mentally…

    • Bryan

      I like the idea of bringing in someone to push Ty, although I don’t think Dragic is good enough to do that. I’m no longer convinced Ty Lawson can be an every day starter. Either he’s mentally weak or his lack of size causes him to wear down. That’s the only way I can explain his inability to sustain good play.

      Also, I’m not sure Karl can stay, if the Nuggets want to win. It seems like the past couple of years Karl talks about defense in training camp but his teams play like the old Nuggets teams that just wanted to outscore everyone and not waste energy on defense. Only this team can’t score as easily.

      I’d like for the Nuggets to hire a truly defensive minded coach. Going small and trying to outrun teams clearly doesn’t work and leads to bad defensive matchups but Karl refuses to see this and change.

    • Woody

      There is a reason why George Karl has never won a championship in the NBA. You need a presence in the middle to make your defense work. Denver has Mosgov and Koufous and when they are in the game it allows Denver to be more flexible on defense because teams can’t go inside as much. But with George’s small ball game, Denver’s defense is a joke. No rebounds, too many layups for the opposing team. Mosgov, McGee, Koufos, Anderson….We have the size, and to have all four sitting the bench forcing Harrington to act as a big men when he is horrible covering the paint. George pisses me off when he goes small to finish games.

  • Kyle Obergfell

    While it was sad and ugly to see what happened with AAA…
    Hopefully it can help turn this thing around.
    It made me cringe to see that… I’m sure he’s going to get
    a FedEx from Stern informing him of a fine and a suspension.

    And it sucks that it has to come to this..

    But at least it showed some passion and some heart and
    some disgust with the way things are.

    Maybe AAA took one for the team tonight.
    It’s a terrible way for things to come to this..
    but if it snaps the team out of this flatness and this apathy..
    then maybe it won’t be completely a bad thing.
    WHat’s done is done. Its unfortunate and ugly..
    but it still doesn’t mean the team can’t use this
    to feel motivated for changing their attitude and approach.

    I’ve been rough on AAA.. and I didn’t like seeing that.
    But I’m glad to know one thing…
    he still cares.

  • Rick

    I think the Nuggets have so many problems that there’s no way they can fix all of them this year. Their perimeter defense is awful – too much double-teaming in the post leaves wide-open 3’s.

    They are an awful ‘finishing-at-the-rim’ team – I don’t know how many easy layups they miss but it’s a lot, and put backs – they seem to just bat the ball around hopelessly instead of tipping it ‘in’ or rebounding and setting up a new play.

    Way too many turnovers – trying to make great passes instead of smart passes. They just don’t seem disciplined enough to understand it doesn’t always have to be a highlight-reel pass. And I must say – the spacing is horrible which contributes to the bad passes.

    I know they’re young but I think GK has a lot to do with our problems – you can’t run all the time and we have a bad half court offense, and defense is almost non-existent as evidenced by our pts allowed per game.

    As I said, too many problems to fix. I love the nuggets but I don’t GK’s philosophy of running a team – it hasn’t worked in the past and it won’t work in the future.

    • Woody

      I think the Nuggets should put George in the front office, as a basketball consultant and practice coach. They should bring Chauncy back as a player/coach. Years ago professional teams had player coaches. It would bring some more press to the Nuggets, since they would be the only team with a player coach. Chauncy knows what it takes to win a championship and he would be focused on defense. He also understands a half court offense. In order for our running game to be effective, having a half court offense to fall back on when the break isn’t there is very important. It would be a new look, and with our youth, I think these guys would play for him and Chauncy, I think will someday coach in the NBA and will be successful. Colorado star coming home to coach Denver, it’s a win win situation.

  • George

    I want to leave a dissertation, but I’ll spare everyone and just leave a few observations from what I saw last night.

    Athleticism: The Nuggets have some amazing athletes on this team, but they need to figure out how to get them to use it correctly.

    Chaos: On both ends of the floor they looked utterly lost. I really don’t have to say much about the defense (or lack there of), but with what they possess with word one (above) this shouldn’t happen. On offense, they do as well as they do only because of their athleticism. I lost count of how many times two of our guys almost (or did) run into one another, and I’m talking about the ball carrier. This wasn’t a “spacing” issue, it was no plan issue.

    Coaching (or lack there of): It is the coaches job to manage the game and personel. Karl does neither. That doesn’t excuse the players obvious lack leadership amongst themselves, but it all starts and ends with the coach.

    Now that I’m finished with the cliff notes version of what I wanted to say I’ll leave with a very harsh (and feel free to let me know if I’m wrong) metaphor for you to think about: George Karl has spent a very good portion of his more recent life battling his bitter enemy, cancer. I think he has spent so much time battling that he has unknowingly turned into what he hatted most, a cancer for the Nuggets (it doesn’t please me to make this comparison either).

    • Woody

      First of all I believe George deserves respect from all of us Nugget fans. He brought this team to a competitive level where we are good enough to make it to the playoffs each year. But unfortunately that is only half the job. The other season is the playoffs and George is a horrible playoff coach. Keep George with the Nuggets, he’s a valuable resource when it comes to practices and teaching fundamentals. But we need new young blood coaching this team. If we want a championship, it’s time to bring in Chauncy and allow him to play and coach.

  • Klules

    Sorry folks, I’m not ready to throw GK under the bus yet. He’s been looking and pressing for a leader for this team for some time now. He’s been challenging both Ty and AAA to take on this role. I believe both have it in them but just haven’t felt comfortable with it.

    It kills me to see no one step up when the tide turns during the game. I believe if it was there we’d step up on our pride which would step up on defense which would make us a better team.

    Not sure we have much we can do at this point. I’d kill for a rent-a-vet Garnett type of player who would come in and instill a leadership ethic for these young players.

    Who calls the team meeting to talk this out? Can’t be the coaches at this point. Does Chandler have it in him?

    • Woody

      Don’t throw him under the bus, but throw him up to the front office and allow him to consult and be part of the Nuggets practice. GK’s rotation and game coaching is just not up to championship par. And as an NBA team, we should be shooting for a championship not continued playoff disapointments with GK at the helm. He does not know how to utilize talent and when he has talent he tends to run them out of town, because he can’t get along with them. Isn’t that the coaches job is to figure out how to get the best out of the players he is given to compete with. I miss JR!! I miss Chauncy!! And Carmello would have been better off staying with the Nuggets. Syracuse was able to pull a championship out of Carmello as a freshman. I wonder what Jackson or Riley could have done with Carmello???
      GK obviously couldn’t get the best out of Carmello.

  • ionic66

    Kyle, apologies for not watching the game comments, just frustrated.

    The lack of passion and professionalism is disturbing, this was eerily similar to the OKC blowout. Lawson has taken a nose dive, and the defensive rotation is non-existent.
    Have any of you seen GK’s talks to the players on The Association? They appear to be incredibly awkward and the players want to get away from him as soon as possible. GK is obviously passionate about the game but judging by facial expression and lack of emotion it’s impossible to tell. This collapse is inexcusable and something needs to spark this team.

    • Kyle Obergfell

      Very cool of you to say that.. thanks.

      I live in Sacramento. I was at the ARCO for what maybe..
      was the last decisive and dominant win this year.

      But I couldn’t help but notice the very strange situation
      that was Birdman clear off on the fringes in huddles.
      I also noice.. that was around the time that GK more
      or less retired him for the season.

      It’s just a conspiracy theory… but Birdman to me..
      holds a key to what’s going on in that locker room.
      I know he was never going to be 6th man of the year..
      but still.. look at the minutes he got last year.. and
      look how he became this year’s Gary Forbes all of
      the sudden. Mosgov and Koufos have risen in minutes..
      The production side… not so much although Koufos
      seems more promising.

      All I am saying is that players seem to be losing cohesion.
      I haven’t the first clue why.

      Morbidly… I remember happier days when Karl was fighting
      cancer.. and how close the team were then.

      So that’s one of the reasons I’m hoping something sad and ugly
      will draw them back in again. An elbow to the face can never
      compete with cancer as a tragedy… but we need something..
      I 100% believe in these guys..
      why don’t they believe in each other…

  • Tony

    I like that Afflalo got ejected, there is a fire starting inside of him and that is exactly what the Nuggets need right now. I feel like it is way to easy for the Nuggs to come out at the start of the game and play too complacent. Hoping the other guys see his desire to compete and feed off of it. The one thing that I really liked about having JR Smith come off the bench was that you never knew when he would just blow up and everyone else would feed off his energy.

    As for Faried, I know everyone wants to see him mold in the way that they like, and as for me, I want him to develop a mean streak. I have visions of him becoming a lock down defender in the mold of Kenyon, Metta-something and Rodman. Out of those guys, they all have this aura about them that seems like at any moment they would snap and try to rip your head off. I would be fine with Faried taking some flagrants every so often to guys that post him up or try to drive on him. If guys start getting popped in the face with an elbow, they are going to hesitate just a little. One funny thing I have noticed in the last few games is how not only does Faried out rebound the opponents, he is taking the ball from Nuggets as well. I saw one play were Moz had the rebound wrapped up and Faried came and ripped it away from him, Moz then proceeded to sulk while running to get back on d. Looked like a 3yr old that had his lollipop stolen. There was another play last night were Harrington had to yell at Faried to back off of the rebound, I think the entire arena could here Harrington yelling at the top of his lungs to try to back Faried off.

    As for Miller, square peg, round hole. Karl was able to beat cancer, but will he survive the Miller cancer? Moving Nene was a message that said the FO is willing to make whatever move is best to win. Is Gk on thin ice? In last nights game towards the start of the fourth, Lawson was slated to come back in the game with Miller and JHam at the guard and I kept praying that Lawson would replace Miller, and of course no, JHam was benched. Small ball kept going on painfully to all of us watching. Can I coin the term “Tall Ball”? I would love to see Mcgee, Bird, Faried, Chandler and Lawson get a chance. If it didn’t work, at least it would give us something new to harp on…

  • RT

    Several season long observations that showed again…The “toughness’ left with Big Shot & K-Mart. Less switching and instead fight over the picks, Set some hard picks…did you see Coulisons’ pick for KD for the 3 at the end? Check it out!!! And when will Lawson turn into a killer like Tin Hardaway!?!?

  • DH

    I’ve decided that the biggest personnel loss for the Nuggets in the last few years wasn’t Melo, or Chauncey, or Nene, or Kenyon. It’s Tim Grgurich, the uber-assistant coach. He actually got Karl to care about defense at one point (and we made it to the WCF). He tempered Karl’s mad scientist streak a little and forced him to face reality at times. In other words, he was someone Karl respected and he held Karl accountable (yes, a coach needs to be held accountable, too). And that doesn’t even address the work he did with the players.

    Anyway, I can only repeat what others have said…

    I was mystified when Faried was held out for so long in the first half.

    Like someone else pointed out earlier, is there a worse team at finishing around the rim? How many tip-in opportunities did we miss, for example?

    I am starting to believe, like someone said, that I have overrated the talent of many of our players a little. And that adds up to overrating our team quite a bit.

    I love Lawson, but what has happened to him since winning WC player of the week? That should have been the point where he took off. Instead, he’s going backwards.

    If we don’t change and execute our defensive schemes, and fix our shot selection issues, none of the above matters.

  • Aaron

    GK Should Be Fired. That’s All I Feel Like Saying..We Probably Have a Top 5 Talent Wise Team, Shows How Bad of a Coach Karl Really is.

    • jc

      I know Karl has been Horrible this year with his boneheaded lineups and coaching

  • Jeff

    We need to get Chauncey in there either as a player coach or just a coach. He turned the team around when we traded for him and he brings all the things George Karl doesn’t bring.

    • Andrew

      Would be nice.

      • Kyle Obergfell

        I can’t think of one player that would have made more of a difference. I also wonder what happened to the idea that
        the NYK situation was only temporary.. and the second he
        became expendable for them.. he would come directly back
        to us without anything or anyone interfering.

        What happened? Nuggets didn’t even try.

  • Andrew

    Wish list:

    This season:
    1) More playing time to develop K2, Stone, J Ham and McGee.
    2) Playing defense with more pride and less double teams.

    Next season:
    1) New coach.
    2) Trade Moz, Miller and ??? for a strong defensive PF, a PG that can defend and a defensive minded SG who can consistently hit the three.

  • jc

    I know Denver needs someone to start a fire for this team and be a leader Afflalo is a top candidate it sucks to see this team be so Inconsistent The Only people showing energy is Faried and Mcgee when they get going the this team is Hard to beat also denver really needs to show some type of effort on defense and it dosent help that Karl puts in the stupidest lineups ever

  • DAN

    So if we could fire Karl who would we want to bring in? What about Nate McMillan? He seemed to do pretty well with Portland till it all fell apart.

  • Adam

    Look we have a new team with 20 something year olds. Everyone chill out! This “young” team needs a chance to gel, and gel it will. We may not reach the finals this year, but I tell you this: We will make the playoffs, and it is possible we will get out of the first round to boot. Utah has had their chance to gel… , and so does this best lineup the Nuggets have ever had need to as well.

  • evan

    1 bad loss is not the end of the world. especially if its after adding two new guys and losing two of our best guys with very little practice time.

  • Adam

    Amen Evan.

  • dynamo.joe

    I guess I’ll chip in with my 2 cents, both on the game and on comments above.

    It should have been a flagrant and AAA should have been ejected. But, I don’t think it was malicious, just based on the kids’ reaction.

    As far as Lawson, someone said he wasn’t an everyday starter, he is, but at this point a mediocre one. And the window is closing on him figuring it out what he needs to do to make the transition to all-star/near all-star status. I think the Nuggets sign him to an extension over the summer and if he doesn’t make ‘the leap’ before the all-star break, they will move him at the deadline.

    Someone said Faried needs to develop a mean streak. I don’t think that’s true. At the beginning of ‘Enter the Dragon’, Bruce Lee is teaching one of his students and hits him in the head and says “I said ’emotional content’, NOT ANGER”. I think Faried plays with emotional content.

    I’ve been down on George for a while now. Giving credit where due, he is less a bad coach and more a bad game manager, but game manager is 90%-95% of what we see, so…

    …George is the Marty Schottenheimer of the NBA. He rides his best players into the ground to make the playoffs rather than conserving them (Popavich-like) for a playoff run.

    I liked the comment about a Asst. Coach who can keep him accountable.

  • Whimanji

    I think Mike dantoni could be a great candidate for this team. Similar to what he had in Phoenix. I think a coaching hange is what Denver needs not players. Like I hve said for the past few years GK doesn’t manage rooks well.

  • Peter

    In case you forgot, D’Antoni did coach the Nuggets once, and I think we all remember how that turned out…

    Wow, everything I want to say has pretty much already been said. I was just really disappointed with the effort last night. No defense at all. I half blame Karl for the schemes, but the players were not hustling last night. The silver lining is we still don’t have our best player and 2 key guys just got here so it’s not like this group has been together very long.

    With that being said I have some major concerns with this team going forward beyond this season. First of all I don’t think George Karl is the idiot all you guys think he is. Howcome he never got ANY credit when we did better after the Melo trade when he himself has always said that he doesn’t want selfish players and that he doesn’t think you have to have a superstar to win. I think Carmelo is actually making George look pretty smart these days. By watching “The Association” on NBA TV, there are 2 things i notice about Karl that I agree with 100%. Ty Lawson needs to stay agressive, George has been telling him that from day 1. And this team NEEDS a leader if it is going to go anywhere. He is REALLY TRYING HARD to get AAA to be that guy, but AAA just continues to be quiet and go about his business. Unless, AAA, McGee, Gallo AND Chandler make big strides this team will have to make a trade to improve because right now we have a ceiling and we look like the sixers of the west except we don’t play and D whatsoever.

    The most conserning thing to me(besides the fact that we don’t play D, an easier fix once everyone gets on the same page and plays together) is what’s going on with Ty Lawson. I really hope this is just a slump and he will come out of it, but I have to say even though he’s been solid, it’s been a disappointing season for him because I really thought he had a chance to make “the leap” this year. I know he’s extremely limited in some ways because of his height, but he’s only 1 inch shorter than Chris Paul so I don’t understand why he doesn’t study his game more often and try to play like that. It used to be if Nene played well, the Nuggets usually win. Now that he’s gone, Ty has to be the guy that takes this team on his back. I really like Gallo’s game this year, he’s a good passer and a really good team player, but I just don’t think he has the personality to be the star. AAA is simply not talented enough to be the star, but I do still think he could be a good leader. For Ty, the jury is still out, but he’s running out of time and after a while, you are what you are. As much as I wanted to believe in this “let’s try to be the first team to re-created the 04 Pistons” I just don’t think we have toe talent OR the personalities to pull it off. I can see Gallo being the 3rd best player on a championship team. But if this team wants to go to serios contender status we are going to have to deal for a big man or guard that is considerably better than anyone currently on our roster.

  • evan

    You guys realize they’re 1 game out of 4th place in the west right? 5 other teams, very good teams, are tied or barely ahead of them, many who haven’t had to deal with mid season injuries and player moves as drastic as the nuggets.

    -Calm Down.

    • DH

      Evan, I understand what you’re saying. When we were 14-5 and I saw how tough our upcoming schedule was, I knew we would lose some games and some fans on this site would panic. But then we lost more of those games than even I thought we would, we looked bad in doing so in some cases, and there actually WAS reason to be concerned. And I think it’s gotten worse from there.

      There are some excuses (injuries/new players), but they don’t justify some of the things that are haunting the Nuggets right now. And I’m not impressed with being one game out of 4th in the West. That has a lot more to do with the teams ahead of us faltering badly than with anything we are doing. We are also 2 games out of 10th place. We are on pace to win 44 games in an 82-game season, which would easily be out of the playoffs in most seasons. We are 14-21 against Western Conference teams. We are 3-6 within our division. We have lost 12 out of 27 games at home, after losing only 8 out of 41 last year.

      Personally, I’m upset because we should be challenging the Lakers for 3rd in the West. The teams ahead of us have given us every opportunity to pass them, especially when we had a record 9-game homestand but couldn’t take advantage. We are not playing to our talent and ability, in my opinion. And it is frustrating to watch, especially when it seems that some of the issues could be corrected, but haven’t been.

      • DH

        Oh, and we are 5-16 against current West playoff teams, including winning only 1 out of the last 12 games against those teams. Yup, I’m concerned.

  • Whimanji

    I agree we r in the thick of things now. But our remaining schedule is very tough where most games are on the road and we r playing bad basketball. Let’s just hope we get a few more lucky wins or magically turn it around… Let’s not bet on it.

  • italianintellecto

    chandler: he did what he can. i know him.
    grade B (not a big concern)

    faried: very bad on defense, no help in the paint area, always loser on the 1-o-1
    grade C (not a big concern, he will improve)

    mozgov- he’s pussy, he has some mental ilness with all the screaming every time he returns n the bench.
    zero defense zero offence zero pride of himself.
    (a big big big concern, if he is a starter, but he can develop as a decent player from the bench)
    grade F. (fire him)

    afflalo i agree

    lawson: i agree, finally even u, can undertand that before the transformation into an aggressive star, he must learn to make play every night for the team….in this season miller is far away better….this is very concerning…but the problem is with the illusion of GK, who think that running is the main concept, without developing some basic rules for a PG.
    grade F

    harrington: i agree, but gk must stop to play him center….that’s nasty gk!

    miller: yes finally i agree, he has all those bad sides, but even though, he’s the best again…very conerning for the rest of the team!

    brewer: ok at the beginning was on the bench, during the season a starter, now, again, a subs….im more comprehensive
    grade B

    mcgee: the faul whistled to him were horrible, so he was good.
    grade B++

  • DAN

    dynamo.joe I agree 100% with you. Good post.

  • NickL

    “I can see Gallo being the 3rd best player on a championship team. But if this team wants to go to serios contender status we are going to have to deal for a big man or guard that is considerably better than anyone currently on our roster.”

    yep. in other words, all we need is to trade a bunch of nickels for a quarter. sorry, guys, this is the NBA, that doesn’t happen. we have Gallo, Lawson, Faried, all of whom could solidify their status as good players next year; and we have a bunch of average NBA players. good coaching and effort on defense, Gallo in the lineup, everybody healthy, maybe we win one playoff series.

    if you look at most lineup based states [eg 82games], AAA looks like a real weakness. he’s a stand-up guy, but what’s his NBA skill? can’t create his shot, not a shutdown defender: close enough to average at everything that the total package is way overvalued. I would be shopping him around, for draft picks, to teams that think he might be the missing piece.

    basically, we’re gonna be in the frustrating middle of the NBA for a while. gotta hope one of the three abovementioned guys takes the leap, or we luck out with a lottery pick.

  • Porter

    Does narrative on Andre equate to a B?

    and RBMC ” Brewer was just too wild. He gambled on too many steals, drove recklessly into the lane one too many times and never seemed to be in control of his wiry body. He needs to relax and focus on defense.” He got a C for all of this and Chris gets a C for being in for 3 minutes… he must have packed a lot of bad playing to have matched Brewer in grades. Puzzling grading RBMC

    plus or minus…. not indicative of anything defenative really