Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 104 Orlando Magic 101

Denver Nuggets 104 Final
Recap | Box Score
101 Orlando Magic
Corey Brewer, SF 32 MIN | 3-9 FG | 1-2 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 8 PTS | 0

I find Brewer’s night tough to evaluate, but he did follow up one of his best games of the season with another solid effort. Starting for the injured Wilson Chandler, Brewer played within himself and provided all the little things he’s known for, namely energetic defense and nonstop hustle. Brewer contributed three steals while defending without fouling, no small feat considering he was asked to guard everyone from Jameer Nelson to Hedo Turkoglu.

Kenneth Faried, F 27 MIN | 2-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 9 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | +1

Throughout three quarters, Faried was struggling through one of his worst games in recent memory. He could not get anything going offensively and the 50/50 balls he usually gobbles up kept bouncing the Magic’s way. It must have been frustrating to say the least. Thankfully George Karl stuck it out with Faried, who spearheaded the crucial game-winning run down the stretch. It wasn’t pretty, but Faried delivered in a huge way when it mattered the most.

JaVale McGee, C 11 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-2 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | -19

Oh dear. I’m not even sure where to start. This was the most comical performance I’ve seen out of a Nuggets player in years, and that includes JR Smith’s lengthy Nuggets career, Strangely, JaVale was not particularly awful on offense or defense as much as he was just totally clueless. It was boneheaded play after boneheaded play with a cherry of frustration on top. McGee was a whopping -19 in a game where the Magic’s biggest lead was 4 points. He played only 11 minutes.

Arron Afflalo, SG 40 MIN | 8-14 FG | 3-3 FT | 5 REB | 3 AST | 22 PTS | +12

Really fantastic. Afflalo has approached every game on the trip with a sense of urgency that’s often missing from the rest of his teammates. He is now producing with the type of consistency no Nuggets player has shown since Al Harrington’s fantastic early season run. There’s not much to say about Afflalo other than he’s been the normal, outstanding Arron of the past month or so.

Ty Lawson, PG 37 MIN | 10-16 FG | 3-3 FT | 5 REB | 9 AST | 25 PTS | -4

Looking at Lawson’s shot chart gives you a sense of how thoroughly he dominated the game. Ty scored from anywhere and everywhere, while also tallying nine assists and only one turnover. The entire Magic team managed 15 assists. This was, quite simply, one of those superstar type efforts Lawson has shown he’s capable of producing on any given night.

Al Harrington, PF 32 MIN | 7-14 FG | 2-3 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 18 PTS | +2

Harrington was the Nuggets’ main post-up option, coming in early and often for the woeful JaVale McGee. His offense was a potent mix of inside and outside scoring, but he recorded five fouls and struggled to rebound against an incredibly undersized Magic front court.

Andre Miller, PG 28 MIN | 4-7 FG | 7-8 FT | 2 REB | 5 AST | 15 PTS | +2

It may have taken him fifty-plus games, but Miller finally seems to be buying into his role and approaching each game with a more professional attitude. I’ve noticed a distinct change in the way he carries himself and it’s evident in everything he does, from fighting around screens and actually hustling back up on the floor on defense. Miller still takes his fair share of bad shots and suffers frequent defensive lapses, but the intangibles he’s known for are finally producing results.

Kosta Koufos, C 25 MIN | 3-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 6 PTS | +19

Koufos was really much better than his modest numbers indicate. He picked up two early fouls and initially struggled to contain Hedo Turkoglu in the Magic’s pick and roll sets. On a night McGee basically didn’t contribute anything, the Nuggets had to rely on Koufos’ defense and he pushed through a rough start to see them through. I’d like to see a better rebounding performance against a small Magic team, but Koufos was easily one of the most important guys in terms of securing the win.

Jordan Hamilton, G 7 MIN | 2-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | +2

Hamilton was encouraging in the extremely limited time he saw. I believe both his field goals were assisted and he helped the Nuggets get out in transition against the slow-down style of the Orlando Magic. It’s tough to draw any conclusions from Hamilton’s short stint on the floor, but I believe he showed he’s capable of providing a spark off the bench when called upon.

Three Things We Saw

  1. If you’re not inside, you’re OUTSIDE: Despite the fact Dwight Howard didn’t play, the Nuggets were actually outrebounded and outscored in the paint. It’s also not an exaggeration to say the Nuggets were dominated inside by Glen Davis, who exploded for his best game of the season with 18 points and 16 rebounds. Denver was also shorthanded and I do not think JaVale will be this bad every game, but it bears repeating that the Nuggets need more out of their bigs to succeed. The guards contributed most of the scoring and Al Harrington was the only frontcourt player with more than 6 points, despite the fact Orlando started a ridiculously small lineup and gave up a huge size advantage all night.
  2. Because it’s WRECKABLE, right?: With a little over 1:30 left in the game, the Nuggets held a 9 point lead and simply needed to play smart and execute in order to win. They went on to give up a 7-0 run in about 30 seconds. This included a sequence in which Al Harrington and Andre Miller were trusted with the ball, resulting in a Miller turnover and Harrington dribbling off his foot before launching a three pointer that was centimeters away from missing everything. The only thing that hurts you in that situation is poor decisions and turnovers, and the Nuggets got both out of their trusted veteran leaders. The end of game composure and execution needs to improve. I do not mean to rag on the Nuggets too hard for a big road win, but the way they nearly gave it away was reminiscent of the pathetic fourth quarter meltdown in Toronto.
  3. Greed is good: Ty Lawson led the team in shot attempts, with Arron Afflalo right behind him in second. Any time your two most efficient players get a majority of the touches, good things tend to happen to on offense. When less efficient players like Andre Miller, Al Harrington, and Corey Brewer take a lot of shots, the Nuggets become a much a worse team. Lawson has become more aggressive of late which has made all the difference with Danilo Gallinari injured and Nene traded away for a role player. The Nuggets have to understand what makes their deadly offense work and right now, that is 15-20 shots a night for Ty Lawson. If the Nuggets want to be good, there’s no other option.

Game 53 Advanced Stats:

Pace Factor: 91.1 – Orlando’s pace, their offense just could not score enough
Offensive Efficiency: 114.1 – This is the Nuggets’ specialty, and they were good
Defensive Efficiency: 110.8 – Against a Magic team without Dwight, it’s a bad performance

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Charlie Yao

Managing Editor at Roundball Mining Company and writer since 2010. Unhealthily obsessed with Nuggets basketball since 2002. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at the links on the left.
  • Adam

    Well, I predicted the Nuggets would kinck the living… they kind of did, but didn’t. A win is a win, and add another win in Karl’s win list. He is such a bad coach…. don’t you think??!!

  • al68

    Cuando se juega en defensa se consiguen ganar partidos como este.

    La importancia de no jugar tambien con jugadores limite como Mcgee es importante aunque no podremos llegar muy lejos teniendo como mejor center a KK.

    Buenos minutos de Hamilton, buena defensa al final de Faried y seriedad de Miller que se la transmite al resto del equipo ¿sera porque estamos a final de temporada y necesita otro buen contrato?.

    Buen partido pero creo que somos un equipo para caer en 1ª ronda.

    • GK4Prez

      Yes, I think some of the reason Miller has been playing better is because he is playing for his next contract.

  • monimo

    Excellent games from Lawson (but not so good defense on Nelson), Afflalo and Faried (wow!). Miller was the leader on the floor and this time we have to give him credit. Kosta Koufos played an invisible game, but finished with +19! At the same spot Mc Gee had -19 in only 11 minutes!! What happened to him, it was a real disaster. I feel the Nuggets will loose the next game in NO, so today it is a good win.

  • CJP32

    It was obvious that McGee was on Planet No Where! Apparently according to Twitter he was out clubbing in Orlando last night, and it showed on the court.

    AAA and Ty continue to lead this team and step up and make the right plays

    Faried showed up in the 4th, and Al and Dre were consistent throughout the game.

    Brewer and Koufos supplied good minutes.

    A win is a win, but today means nothing if we lose to the Hornets next!

    • Ernie

      Clubbing in Orlando? At the risk of looking old, where was McGee? Epcott Center?

  • David

    I use to be angry about the nuggets’ defense but now it’s almost comical, i actually watched the game online listening to the magic CM’s and they couldn’t stop laughing at our defense, one of them said “so-called defense”. Look forget about all this stuff about fast-tempo, this team has no pride on defense and it’s a shame. Karl does not have to be absolved from blame, i would prefer we don’t make the playoffs and finally get him out of there because he is out of his depth and living on his name. The only one with any pride on defense is probably AAA, u can say Brewer but he could not avoid fouling his man to save his life.

    • Kyle Obergfell

      I don’t think that’s fair nor true David.

      Faried has pasión, Lawson has passion,
      Miller is stepping up and McGee just played
      his first bad game.. not bad..
      All these guys are capable and at least some
      of it is on GK. And probably a bad injury year..
      Gallo alone..

      Enough enough with this
      “the only player.. ”
      it’s just unfair and unrealistic.
      Unfair to AAA as much as anyone.

      It’s like Tebow deja vu….

      • Daniel Medeiros

        David is talking about defense, and I think he’s right on that.
        Other than AAA there’s no one playing anything near of a good defense. Actually, most of them don’t even try to.
        McGee tries, but he’s too dumb to get anything out of it; Brewer tries to steal the ball, very often commiting fouls, and that’s all… who else? Faried maybe, he surely has pasión, but he simply doesn’t know yet how to defend an NBA big man.
        It’s embarrassing to hear the announcers laughing like that and know they are right.

        • Kyle Obergfell

          AAA is not going to be all defensive team.. ok?
          he’s just as liable as anyone.
          he’s part of the perimeter that has been a sieve.

          Lawson getting 9 rebounds is playing defense
          Faried getting 11 rebounds in 10 minutes
          is playing defense
          McGee has been playing defense.. bad game last nite though

          You look at what led them to 29th in the NBA..
          the guard position is as much or more of that problem
          as anywhere else.

          I like AAA .. but it’s bullshit to say he isn’t a part of the failures.
          It doesn’t add up.. you can’t tell me he’s that much different.
          It does not .. add… up.

          • Daniel Medeiros

            jesus, calm down man…
            I know he’s not gonna make the all defensive team or anything. this team sucks on defense in a whole and he’s part of the whole, so…
            and yes, the perimeter’s been terrible, you’re right, but the inside isn’t any better at all. everything is going really bad and all I’m saying is – in my opinion – he SEEMS too care more and try harder on defense, that’s it. no need to freak out.

            • Kyle Obergfell

              Sorry for coming across that way Daniel.

              I just don’t see any good in sanctifying AAA..
              when it just doesn’t seem true.. and it’s unfair
              to the guard unit and the rest of the team.

              Everyone is inconsistent. AAA basically took
              Dec/Jan and much of Feb off.

              I hate to see players trashed as though they
              have never done anything… and AAA getting
              a pass… when he took a pass on playing early.

              Yeah.. he is going to be one of the most important..
              if not the most important.. players to turn this around.

              But he is still accountable to.

              And I’ve said it a dozen times apologizing for myself..

              After the Broncos and Tebow.. I am a little more
              intolerant of one player getting all the credit and
              none of the blame.

              I hope you accept the apology.

              • Daniel Medeiros

                Sure I do! No problem at all. and I honestly think I may agree with on every single point… :) you’re right in everything you said. Really. it was just a misunderstanding…

  • Andrew

    I think the Nuggets are much better when Koufos is in the lineup. He really seems to help them in the post, more so than Moz…and tonight, at least, more so than McGee. I’m guessing the Nuggets will be dealing one of their bigs in the offseason, and I really hope it is Moz or Birdman, rather than Koufos.

  • Kyle Obergfell

    great review Charlie.. agree totally.

    BIg win. Losing this one would have really hurt.

    Feeling a little tingly hope thing.. not a lot..
    but a little…

    But I do love our two guards.
    Miller to.. he’s been consistent lately.

  • Ernie

    The worst thing about McGee is he has terrible footwork on defense. He has no ability to guard anyone 1 on 1. Which is strange because he seems to be a pretty good athlete. Is this a lack of desire or a mental problem or is he less coordinated than we all thought.

    • Charlie

      I fully agree with that. He definitely has a J.R. type of problem. I think if he just had a better attitude he could have helped the Nuggets a lot. He opened the game with a nice spin move leading to a wide open dunk, and then just wilted when things became difficult for him.

      He really has trouble moving his feet on defense, and really should be better guarding the pick and roll considering he can use those freakishly long strides to recover and block shots. I thought McGee could have dominated the game if he wanted to, but just sort of checked out for whatever reason and stopped playing hard.

  • Dunk

    Not to be a cynic, but it certainly seems like Dre got his act together right after the trade deadline when he realized his play had not forced a trade and he was up for a new contract in 20 games.

  • Porter

    RBMC post on Koufos was all negative, “his modest numbers “.
    ” He picked up two early fouls and initially struggled” “pushed through a rough ” needs better rebounding performance against a small Magic team,’ and he gets an A. Give me a break.

    • HD


    • Kyle Obergfell

      Thanks for pointing this out. 4 rebs and 6 pts in 25 minutes..
      that is definitely not A- material.. B- at best.

      • SmokinNugs

        K2 helped force several turnovers and was some sort of a defensive presence. His +19 speaks for itself. The Magic weren’t as good when he was on the floor.

  • Peter

    Kenneth Faried is a great example to kids and players at any level that no matter how bad things are going you have to keep hustling and trying your hardest and things will eventually go your way. It is so refreshing to see a guy with that kind of attitude and enthusiasm, unlike guys like Carmelo who start chucking and stop caring.

    • GK4Prez

      It is also proof that even though rookies can cause some head scratching moments, they can also come up with some big plays when needed.

  • Porter

    Oh and I forgot to add… that Bird got the bench again..

  • Whimanji

    Nuggets played an average game overall. We got out rebounded by a smaller team and gave up too many turnovers. We were very fortunate to hve Ty and AAA step up or we would hve lost this one. I think whether we make the playoffs or not GK is gone (maybe he knows it?) he doesn’t seem as enthusiastic about the team these days.

    • ryanvdonk

      the problem with karl the past couple seasons is he seems to have lost his touch with the team. he keeps tinkering with rotations and goes back to ones that don’t work. he overly trusts his vets to the point that he plays them till their worn out (as seen with al), and he rarely seems able to adjust during the game. his schemes and plans for games are actually very good but is unable to change as other teams make adjustments. he has show on previous teams to be able to coach defense, but with this one he sacrifices d in order to force a hectic pace. if he goes it does not necessarily mean someone from his coaching tree would be a bad option, keeping a similar system but with someone who puts an emphasis on defense could be a great fit, someone like nate mcmillan or dwane casey. the one thing the nuggets cannot do if a new coach is hired is go for a d’antoni style offense only coach as that will only exacerbate the issues.

  • Marc

    Whether you guys like it or not Karl AINT GOIN NOWHERE. The franchise is completely dedicated to him, he has like 4 years left on his contract

    • ParkHillNative

      Two years left after this, with a team option for an additional three.

    • Thomas

      They were also “completely” commitment to Nene, weren’t they?

      They should take the hit and pay Karl to retire so that this team can improve and actually aspire to something. Unless FO is comfortable with early playoff eliminations as a measure of “success”. I’m not.

  • http://www.roundballminingcompany.com Jeremy

    The Nuggets defense against Orlando did what it was designed to do, take away the three point shot. They switched every perimeter screen and that meant that bigs were guarding guards and vice versa.

    It was probably the right call considering how poorly Denver has covered the three point line all season. When you take one thing away, you are going to give up another. The consequence of doing so is your bigs are not in position to rebound and your guards are stuck defending the paint.

    The bad news is McGee and Faried are atrocious perimeter defenders. That has to change if they are going to be the starting front-court of the future. Most of the issues are mental, which is good news, but from McGee’s standpoint, you have to wonder if he is going to overcome that hurdle.

    • Greco21

      I totally agree. It was hard for the bigs to head out just to stop the shot. The bad part was the recovery though. They left a man wide open. Al and Keneth should disturb that pass or put a body in front opposing big men.

      As far as it comes to Koufos. +19 It speaks for its own. To me his greatest contribution is his movement in offense. He did place a ton of picks to let his teammates wide open again and again. With his style of play Denver offense is moving so much better. I believe he should enter the game while they were +9. Players should not care only about stat line and Kosta is playing hard for the team.

      He needs to work a lot though on so many aspects of the game. I am happy for forcing 3 or 4 Magic turnovers though.

  • Tom

    Every game people complain about Karl as if the Nuggets are underachieving right now; it’s like people think that if only the rotation were different, or there were different play calls, that the Nuggets would be killing everyone. News flash: the Nuggets are overachieving considering the injuries and youth. The Nuggets are a bunch of role-players; not a single dominating presence in the bunch. Frankly, I’m amazed they’re even in the playoff conversation considering they no longer have their starting PG (C-Bill), SF (Melo), PF (K-Mart), C (Nene), and 6th man (JR) from the beginning of last year’s team; AAA is the lone remaining starter from that team. That is a ridiculous amount of turn-over combined with a shortened training-camp and condensed season. Then when you add on top of that all of the injuries and rookies playing big minutes… I mean, should anyone really expect them to be higher than 7th-8th right now considering all of that?

    And what coach on the market would you take over Karl right now (besides Phil Jackson)? Mike D? JVG? It’s just comical how under-appreciated GK is (Nene too).

    BTW, McGee averaged -12 +/- for the Wizards this year; Nene is averaging +12 for them.

    • Charlie

      I keep having to remind myself that this team was essentially rebooted in the middle of a lockout shortened year. It pops out at you every game when you see the unfamiliarity in the lineups and the adjustments being made on the fly. Nobody knows where the scoring is coming from or how to hold each other accountable for who should be in the right place. There are clearly guys trying to lead like Afflalo and Harrington, but half the time they have to worry about pouring in their share of the production and I can tell at times even they do not know what the plan is supposed to be.

      Because of the Nene trade, Karl essentially gets a pass this year. I know nobody wants to hear it but that is the reality when you make a move to overhaul the team mid season and build for the future. The rest of the season is kind of patching everything together MacGyver style and seeing where it goes.

      I think the team was underachieving and making a lot of excuses, which played it’s part in making the trade a reality. There is still some frustration lingering over that and I think it’s spilled over to now a bit. But overall, I agree. Big picture, this team is doing okay if you’re keeping the long-term goals in mind.

      • Thomas

        Moving Nene gave some indication of what we might expect moving forward from FO.

        My hunch is that Karl is out by next season. I think Masai is aiming high. Don’t think you can entice any player decent enough to make a playoff difference to come here unless you show them that you are willing to roll the dice and change direction. It still is a difficult proposition (for a difference maker to come here), but I think Masai understands that we need a big piece and a new mentality.

        Otherwise, Nene was just really a salary dump and Masai is not aiming to do anything special in the next years (which is what we will get with Karl around, don’t kid yourselves).

        • Andrew

          I agree with Thomas. I think the Nene trade was a pretty good indication that Masai is going to buy out Karl’s contract and bring in somebody else. There are plenty of good coaching candidates out there that have already been brought up. If the Nuggets take a chance on one and it does;t work out, what have they lost really? Everybody agrees that Karl is a really good regular season coach, but only an average to horrible playoff coach. The question then becomes whether Masai and the Nuggets would rather just keep on keeping on with a good but not great team that fills the seats and dabbles in the playoffs, or do they want to strive for greatness, take some chances and go for a championship. If they are going for it, they need to heave Karl at some point…unless they can bring in enough talent that it really does’t matter who the coach is. Plain and simple.

      • Kyle Obergfell

        I would agree with you Charlie …
        if Nene was consistent this year

        we won in January all over the floor
        Nene cost us in way way too many games

        You know… my last memory of Nene will always be..

        getting thrown to the floor like a rag doll by
        a back up point guard.

        (Gallo’s miracle 3 point shot)

        • Ryan

          I’m glad someone else still remembers how horrible Nene was. I would rather have a hungover JaVale making bonehead plays than Nene playing softer than Charmin with as much passion as a statue. Reporters were repeatedly told not to ask Nene any difficult questions because he was so sensitive. I’m not joking. Nene was built like a tank, but played like a moped

          • Kyle Obergfell

            I think there was too much of a trend not to
            question Nene’s commitment and work ethic.

            He is wildly inconsistent.

            I think this is also.. one of the reasons he was dealt..
            he is too mellow and apathetic.

            I give Affalo big time props for bringing that intensity
            because Nene never seemed to.

    • Charliemyboy

      Ok Tom, someone with whom I finally agree. When you compare the likes of these kids with Melo, KMart, Nene, Chauncy…. doing as well as they have, credit has to go to the organization. They are young and many are injured. They kill some teams when all together, some of the best teams. I, too, hate for them to lose. Consider that every player has strengths and weaknesses and Karl has to adjust accordingly at different times in the game. The naysayers really need to consider the larger picture… right, there are very few coaches now who could do better. Let’s just wait and see..

  • stevesf47

    Good win by the nugs. On the road vs a quality team even w/o D12 is always a good one to win. AA is one of our best players. I’m happy the majority of you aren’t trashing him anymore. So many of you were on him hard after the first 10-15 games.

    koufos grade bothers me a little. +19 is a great number which matters the most BUT 6 and 4 with 4 fouls against a non D12 lineup? I also don’t know how he didnt get at least 2 TO’s because he fumbled passes twice in the first half, along with everyone else when it got extremely sloppy. Receiving an “A” should be the complete package of stats and difference making. We saw that from AA and ty. NOT from KK.

  • aussienuggzfan


    • Kyle Obergfell

      Lawson is more valuable.

      Just sayin’

  • Ban Johnson

    Big picture: the Nuggets are at least 12 deep in guys there will be demand for at their current salaries (Birdman and Miller probably excepted) — + at least 5 guys there would be SUBSTANTIAL demand for — Lawson, Gallo, Mcgee, Chandler, and Mozgov…and maybe even Harrington (stretch 4s are hugely in demand.) So they’ll have a ton of options to tweak the roster going forward, maybe even find a star.

    This is a very talented young roster. No, no stars yet, but Lawson and Gallo are already B+ NBAers.

    So I find some of the negativity in the comments hard to figure. At least 20 other NBA teams would swap rosters in a heartbeat.

  • http://nugznazty.wordpress.com/ Owen

    i wish there was a way we could pick up Goran Dragic and Marcin Gortat. We could prolly overpay dragic, trade for gortat?

    • stevesf47

      we’d have to overpay big time. His contract is awesome for his production. He’s got the mid level exception just like Al Harrington. So, same contract as Al.

      Honestly, it’d take Faried+chandler for Gortat and they’d make us take Childress just to make salary work. i don’t think i’d want to do that. Love Gortat as well, but too much.

  • italianintellecto

    focus on ty:

    finally a great lawson!!!
    good choices in taking perimetral shots,
    clutch, and good choice on when going to the rim.
    please more of this!!

    grade: A+

    mcgee: please dont return the old mcgee!!

    • Kyle Obergfell

      don’t forget he had 9 dishes…

  • lbmore33

    Let me try to defend Mcgee if I can…I hate the fact GK uses man to man switches like he does…everytime they switch someone is always out of position and a man is left wide open. Why is Mcgee out on the 3 point line guarding Hedo…terrible mismatch.

  • Adam

    l@@k, JaVale McGee, C 11 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-2 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | Let’s think about this a second ok? That stat that jumps out of my mind is that McGee played 11 minutes, and still had 7 boards. I will take 7 boards in 11 minutes any day.

    I would like to ask you all this: Have you ever played team sports? What position did you play? How good were you? Lastly, could you play McGee one on one, and think you would have a chance in hell to beat him?

    McGee is from a very losing team. He hasn’t even been here that long before fans for some reason think he is stupid. He is 24 years old, I am sure the high and mighty people on here never did any foolish things when they were that age!

    You people like to pick apart players and coaches, and can’t even enjoy a win. Like the great Vince Lombardi said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

    I have been a coach and a player. I have went to the national finals with my team. Players have off days, they have on days, such as Faried. A coach can tell a player to go into the game, and the player just is having an off night, kudos to Karl for the matchups, and giving Kosta confidence in him.

    Like I tell my players is this: A WIN IS A WIN! ENJOY IT!

    • bosc0

      Do you all remember when MaGee had that put back to win the game? Didn’t think so.

      • Adam

        @bosc0 I remember.

    • allAround

      Would you take also 5 TO in 11 minutes ?

      • Adam

        Are you saying that McGee took 5 timeouts in 11 minutes?

        • allAround

          You said “I will take 7 boards in 11 minutes any day”
          and I am asking if you would also take the 5 Turn Overs that McGee did in those 11 minutes … any day ?

          • Adam

            All I can say is that he had 7 boards, and 2 points in 11 minutes. We won didn’t we?

            • allAround

              “you only see 7 rebs and 2 points in 11”
              see again man 5 TO and -19 is also there
              plus a bad D if you watced the game…

              I did not commented on our winning , I commented on McGee and his 5 turnovers plus his -19 and the fact that you are saying that you liked his performance…

              I saw that we won but not because of McGee , if McGee was solid at then game then we would won from the third quarter.

              ……..I actually like McGee and his potential but as I have said before he is not ready yet for a team like Nuggets. Nugs is not a circus so as to do what ever he wants. In Nugs he should play D and to go by each play that coach decides. In order this to happen McGee needs to change mentally and during the game with Magic McGee was not there.

              • Adam

                The + and minus formula is a tool, not the Bible in sports. My point was, and still is that people around here want to point out every little flaw a player or a coach has. The fact of the matter is that WE ALL HAVE FLAWS!

                On the other hand, McGee didn’t have an awesome game. Coach Karl also pulled him out early, and gave Kosta the minutes. That by itself wa a good move.

                I am just saying give the kid a chance before you jump all over him. I think McGee is going to be a fine player, and fit into the Nuggets very nicely. Apparently, so did the Nuggets ownership. McGee is also about a coll 10 million less than Nene. You tell me who you would rather have? Nene blocking shots? good luck on that one! Nene slamming the ball? Sometimes, others he was trying to play like a finesse player. Nene rebounding? Sometimes, and sometimes not.

                McGee hasn’t even been here for like two weeks, talk to me in playoffs on what I think of McGee. Way to early to over analyze if he is a good fit or not. My gut tells me that he is. Only time will tell.

              • Adam

                I mean if this is about the Nene trade, the Nuggets won that trade hands down. One, they will free up cap space for next season, or they will retain McGee. It is up to McGee to step up to the plate or not. I just want to see him be givin that chance.

  • Ryan

    Did anyone else watching the game on NBA TV get a kick out of how the Magic announcers made fun of the Nuggets for the whole game? It seems that they haven’t really noticed what a joke their team is. Sure, the Magic can beat anyone, but there have been several games this year where they have been blown out by 30+ points even when Dwight Howard played. They play a different style and the types of players on their roster is way different from the Nuggets, but they are just as inconsistent. At least the Nuggets don’t have a bunch of washed-up has-beens clogging up their cap space and stealing money by being on the roster. I dunno, just thought it was funny, the pot calling the kettle black and all…

    • DH

      I especially loved how that one announcer was dogging Faried… “He was the defensive player of the year in college? *laughs* That just shows that the NBA and college are two different animals.” Then he couldn’t say a word when Manimal’s defense basically put the game away. Classic!

      Really, the guy sounded like he hadn’t watched an NBA game all year, and certainly not a Nuggets game.

  • Adam

    Oh Btw, if anyone wants an ass whoppin in pool, let me know.

    • Kyle Obergfell

      If you’re ever in Sacramento…

      • Adam

        Will be there around Thanksgiving! sounds like fun! Maybe a good time to see the kings and the nuggs. I always wear my nuggets gear on away games… love Cali!

        • Kyle Obergfell

          I’m absolutely serious!! Do look me up.

          I can be like the Nuggets on the pool table..
          either unstoppable or ridiculously no competition.

          It’s always fun though.

          I lived in SF most of the last 15 years..but came
          up here to help the locals cheer for Kings vs LA in 2000

          • Adam

            Right on, I have always liked the Kings when Webber used to play for them. Might go see a Golden State game there to.

  • Landry

    The new Denver Thuggets

    Lawsome PG
    Afflalo SG
    Chandler SF
    Faried PF
    Birdman C

    We finally got the beasts and the tattoos back when Wilson Chandler got some new ink in China!!!

    • Adam


  • Charliemyboy

    Just wondering for your thoughts, which playoff team in the east have the Nuggets not beaten? Which in the west? What will be our record next year?

    • DH

      I assume you already know the answer to this, and you are trying to make a point?

      Anyway, among current Eastern playoff teams (who aren’t used to seeing GK’s screwball lineups), we have beaten each of them. In general, we have dominated the East (15-2).

      Among current Western playoff teams, we have not beaten OKC or Memphis. We have beaten the others. However, in the last 13 games against these teams, we are only 2-11 (2-12 in the last 14 if you include Utah, who is just out of the playoff race).

      In fact, we are 14-22 overall against all Western Conference teams. The only team in the West that has a worse conference record is New Orleans.

      As for next year, who knows? Will Karl still be the coach? Probably, but it’s possible that he won’t be. Will we re-sign McGee? Will Miller leave? Who will we draft? Will we make any trades? Acquire free agents? If you want to know what I think our record might be with exactly the same team and head coach, I’ll say around 47-35, which would be about a 3-game improvement over this year’s pace. I would bump that up at least another few games if we were to hire a top-notch defensive guru as an assistant coach.

  • Ryan

    Nuggets better try to win the next 5 games, as the schedule gets pretty rough after that. Only game they “should” win for sure in the last part of the month is at Minnesota

    • DH

      I was thinking the same thing. We need to go at least 4-1 over the next 5, if not 5-0.