Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 97 Golden State Warriors 112

Denver Nuggets 97 Final
Recap | Box Score
112 Golden State Warriors
Kenneth Faried, F 21 MIN | 0-2 FG | 1-4 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 1 PTS | -11

I’m still trying to figure out why Faried didn’t see any meaningful time past the start of the game. He’s suffered through slow starts before and usually still finds a way to make things happen. Faried’s rebounding performance was very poor, but I’m confident he would have made a difference if given the chance. This likely wouldn’t have ended up as one of Faried’s better games, but after all he’s been through this season I am shocked George Karl continues to have so little confidence in one of his better players.

Jordan Hamilton, G 18 MIN | 0-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 PTS | -8

Hamilton followed up his brilliant start last night with a dud. Considering he’s only seen meaningful minutes in about five games so far, his struggles are understandable. I liked the fact Hamilton played with confidence but he looked like a guy doing his best not to screw up instead of a high energy difference maker. He needs more time, and unfortunately the Nuggets don’t have that as they’re fighting for their playoff lives on a nightly basis.

Kosta Koufos, C 18 MIN | 4-4 FG | 3-4 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 11 PTS | -7

Koufos also struggled on the boards quite a bit, where the Nuggets were thoroughly dominated by Golden State. His production was solid, but much of it came in garbage time. Like Faried, he was another guy who never got going because he didn’t play a significant role. Even so, Koufos could have a more immediate impact in the starting lineup and he’s just been blending in.

Arron Afflalo, SG 40 MIN | 6-11 FG | 3-4 FT | 4 REB | 3 AST | 16 PTS | -13

Afflalo did all of his damage in the first quarter and subsequently disappeared for the rest of the game. I find it hard to put much blame on him after watching him carry the starters with a tremendous effort last night. Afflalo doesn’t excel at creating offense, but he’s been forced into taking a higher volume of increasingly difficult shots. At some point, the Nuggets must make an effort to get him some help and run an actual offense that does not depend on Afflalo going one-on-one so much.

Ty Lawson, PG 34 MIN | 8-13 FG | 4-4 FT | 2 REB | 6 AST | 21 PTS | -21

You might not be able to tell from the box score, but this was a half-hearted effort from Ty Lawson. Going against the Warriors’ point-guard duo of Charles Jenkins and Nate Robinson, Lawson did all he could to take a backseat and coast through the game. He was clearly Denver’s most favorable matchup and just didn’t step up. You have to wonder if he’s started to lose confidence and defer after a couple of bad games and the resurgence of Andre Miller.

Al Harrington, PF 28 MIN | 7-14 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 19 PTS | -9

The highlight of Al Harrington’s night was getting into it with Warriors fans after starting the game on fire from deep. The raucous home crowd was giving him the full-on Joe Lacob treatment by the end of the night. I appreciate the show of emotion and competitive fire, but showboating against opposing fans during a blowout loss is just quintessential Al Harrington.

Andre Miller, PG 26 MIN | 5-11 FG | 4-4 FT | 6 REB | 4 AST | 14 PTS | -7

After an apathetic, indifferent, and just flat-out bad start to the season, Andre Miller seems to have finally turned things around. He’s been consistent for the first time all season and his change in attitude has been admirable. Defensively, Andre’s play leaves a lot to be desired even against B-list NBA talent. The team needs to play at a high level defensively to get the most out of Andre Miller, and it’s safe to say that hasn’t been happening.

Corey Brewer, SF 29 MIN | 4-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 9 PTS | -7

Brewer was once again a mess. While he finally upped his production, it came at the cost of high volume shooting and low efficiency. He just runs around the court without rhyme or reason and against the Warriors, he did not make a positive impact on defense. If he’s not going to hang his hat on perimeter defense anymore, Brewer just needs to play smarter. Ten shots and five three point attempts is not acceptable for a player with such limited offensive talents.

JaVale McGee, C 23 MIN | 3-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 2 AST | 6 PTS | +5

McGee’s been pretty bad since his move back to the bench. The issue appears to be mental more than anything, as his confidence is currently so low he’s focused purely on avoiding mistakes more than anything. McGee showed some good things tonight, like the fact he can be an imposing defensive presence at the rim. Unfortunately, he also showed the lack of discipline and maturity that’s earned him his reputation. McGee can still be a fantastic player for the Nuggets if he can put it all together, but with only a handful of games left and JaVale struggling, there may not be enough time.

Julyan Stone, G 4 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | +3

Stone played a few garbage minutes, shot a midrange airball and recorded a foul. His performance was short and basically meaningless, but more importantly a sign of a how non-competitive the Nuggets were against the lottery-bound Warriors.

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Charlie Yao

Managing Editor at Roundball Mining Company and writer since 2010. Unhealthily obsessed with Nuggets basketball since 2002. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at the links on the left.
  • Adam

    Extremely disappointed with the effort level by everybody outside of Afflalo tonight.

    • Kyle Obergfell

      AAA had 16 ipts and 3 assists.. in 40 minutes.
      Is that anything to write home about???
      The GS guards tabbed 51 points
      I’m sorry… but AAA is not any elite defender..

      I’m sick of fan and coach favoritism..
      that’s what is wrong here in the first place.

      Harrington and Miller both had good games.

      Effort wise maybe so
      Production wise definitely not.
      AAA is accountable as anyone..
      he was no hero by any means tonight.
      Last game definitely.
      this game? You’ve got to be kidding me.

      • Ricardo

        I agree, if Afflalo was an elite defender, the nuggets would have good defense in the perimeter and wouldn’t be given up a lot of three-pointers.

      • stevesf47

        i dont think AAA is an elite defender but i think he’s pretty solid. Just because their Guards put on a show doesnt mean it was all on him. They run pick and rolls most of the time against us which puts him with someone else. If it were strictly man to man, this wouldn’t happen against him most nights at all.

      • David

        Kyle it’s time you really look at the value of what fans are saying on here, and not just be concerned about so-called favouritism. When i said this team has no defensive pride the other day – i meant it. There’s a way to approach each game especially when you are in the hunt for a playoff spot and they don’t seem to realise that. You should come in and say hmm Golden state – no way this team should be able to stay with me after half and just put your foot on th egas and go for the kill. I mean you see simple things like, the nig guys not puttin their hands up when the guard goes for his shot – it’s a lack of desire that’s all. See, i play ball too and ave seen these kinds of teams b4; a lot of enthusiasm on the offensive end but no desire on the other, so when they beign to miss some shots it worries their defense. It happens at the rec all the time, this team lacks mental toughness, a leader and they simply rely on emotion.

        • Kyle Obergfell

          Absolutely David.. Absolutely..

          I have always agreed with that..
          But there is a problem with execution and
          intensity.. not only from game to game..
          but even from quarter to quarter and
          from possession to possession and
          play to play.

          For natural talent and potential…
          I don’t think there is a player on the team
          that is more of a complete package than AAA


          This is also why I worry about George Karl continuing.
          There is an obvious lack of passion.
          There is an obvious inconsistent effort in every single
          one of these guys.
          There are a lot of young careers right now needing
          a solid concept of teamwork, passion and skill set
          development.. Not just Faired, also McGee, Hamilton,
          Brewer, Koufos… not to mention…
          Chandler is only 24…Lawson is only 24..
          GALLO IS ONLY FREAKING 23!!!
          There are a lot of pundits that thought in trade rumors,
          Mosgov would be the most coveted and highest return
          value on the team.. just for potential..
          true story. Many said they would kill to have him..
          as raw as he is now.. But as of this point.. his very
          career is in jeopardy.

          AAA is supposed to be the veteran example.
          I don’t doubt his effort much lately..
          but there are still disappearing acts..
          the man was out there 40 minutes last night.
          AAA waited a good two months in to this season
          to really even show up at all.

          I don’t buy this “not a very good team” for a second
          That’s complete bullshit to me.. complete bullshit.
          That’s why I’m so pissed.
          This is a not only a potentially awesome team..
          but a freaky talented bunch of young guys that
          could be on their way to dominance..
          All those dreams are in peril right now..
          And the responsibility for that starts at the top
          with GK.. but we need AAA as the leader to
          help us through.
          That’s a huge responsibility, a lot of expectation,
          but I’m not about to give the man a pass when
          I see him sleeping on the job.

    • Daniel
  • Kapacyno

    Truly embarrassed to be a nuggets fan.

  • bobby

    just another one of those games that’s almost painful to watch. i think GK is done.

  • Whimanji

    Again GK rotation in the 4th bites us in the ass. Big Al was shooting well and McGee had a good presence in the game and then…… GK goes with miller, Ty, faried, brewer, afflalo? The shortest lineup of the year!!!! We didn’t grab a single rebound and we lost what was a lat attempt to steal a game. Miller is affective when he has a true big in the game with him not with a small team. One of the hardest years to be a Nugs fan. GK could be the most stubborn coach in the league. Anyhow he won’t be around for long so that is something we can be sure about.

  • Andrew

    I think Karl is gone, too.

    Charlie, what do you think? Most people seem to think Karl is untouchable because of his past success and new contract, but I think it is almost a lock now that Masai and Lil Kroenke will pull the trigger and bring in someone new. Karl seems to have checked out and the team only gives effort in one of every two or three games.

    If it were a bet in Vegas, I would take odds and lay down some money on it.

  • GK4Prez

    I didn’t see this coming. Actually, I saw it coming from a mile away. This team isn’t very good and its flawed in its construction. Hopefully, it gets a good make over after this dreadful season is finally over.

    • Kyle Obergfell



  • http://TskitishVilllainy.tumblr.com TskitishVillain

    Terrible performance. This game goes to show how easily this team can be game planned for. Over help on Lawson, close out hard on Afflalo, and make everyone else beat you. With our current roster, we’re likely swept out of the first round assuming we even make it.

  • branden

    he kept brewer in when he wasnt effective AT ALL then he plays him at the 4 spot are u kididng me?! I was cool with him resting harrington but he went even smaller!!!!!!!!!! what the hell is wrong with u?! do u seriously think brewer is gonna get a single rebound!?
    let alone do anything on offense?! HES A LIABILITY granted he brings energy but ENERGY IS SO MUCH!!!!!!! where the hell did afflalo go?!
    this should be the 4 qtr closing lineup watch look how simple this is
    1.andre miller
    2.ty lawson
    3 arron afflalo
    4. al harington
    5. javale mcgee or faried



    also whats the news on chandler is it that bad?!

  • HD

    McGee wasn’t awful, but wasn’t good either. Koufos needs more time and we need to draw up post plays for him. Brewer should never play the 4…NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have so many serviceable centers that have all been regular rotation players at some point in the year, there is no excuse for them to all sit at the same time. Would of been nice to see Bird play once we came out flat int he 3rd but that was just wishful thinking. I think Koufos can play but he cannot help the team on the bench the majority of the game. This was a sad game to watch, happy easter…

  • Jose

    This is so sad….. i watch every national game on tv and for them to give this effort is fucking garbage…. GK is becoming a joke coach and corey brewer sucks so bad OMG!!!! he only deserves like 12 to 15 minutes a game… we should try stone at the 3 when they need it but jesus christ all the nuggets looked sinful except afflalo but he dissappeared quickly… faried trys hard every night… lawson needs to be more aggressive… harington is playing fine but brewer OMG… he gives energy but should every nba play do that…. thats not a skill its a given every night so dont try to sell it man…. your not kenneth faried who actually makes a difference wikth his energy… maybe im just hatin

  • noah

    the nuggets r honestly pathetic. fuck em. i dont even care anymore. at best theyre getting swept out of the 1st round.

  • Sc

    Honestly it just bums me out, going out of my way to follow and watch my favorite team lose on such a regular basis and in such disgraceful ways. The pieces are there, for a winning squad. The only blame can then fall in gk. sigh.

    • branden


  • Josh

    There is no excuse for not winning this, there is no excuse for not even being competitive. The Nuggets season just ended today just like the Avs it’s over fellas, GS is a tanking team that is one of the worst in the league in D and dont score much either. How is it even possible to beat a very hot and solid Suns team with Nash, then lose to this trash team? I’m done i dont care anymore the, they need to blow up the team keep a couple guys and trade everyone else, get a new coach a new GM and owner.

    • GK4Prez

      That’s how I feel, blow it up, start with the coaching staff and then follow up by getting rid of 2/3rds of the current the roster.

      This team is poorly constructed from top to bottom.

  • Ricardo

    This team needs to get a good make-over and needs to go for the lottery now and GK needs to get fired at the end of the season. He has been throwing weird line-ups at the ends of games that has cost them a lot of games this season. In this game, he had Brewer playing at power forward and Faried playing at center.

    • stevesf47

      What the heck is a lottery pick at 12-14 going to do for us? lol Odds of getting top 3 pick are slim to none. I’d rather make the playoffs even as an 8 seed to show FA’s “hey, we are a playoff team. come here and make us better and put us in the elite.”

  • Porter

    Can anyone tell me why Chris Anderson NEVER gets in?

  • Eddie

    This is not a good team. Three starters, Ty, AAA and Gallo. Everyone else is a bench player.

    Starting 4 is an undersized rookie that can’t guard. The center is either a nut, (JaVale, Bird) or a stiff (KK, that Russian guy).

    The backups make JR Smith seem mature.

    When your best player is Al Harrington, your team stinks.

    But I guess it is all the coach’s fault.

    • GK4Prez

      Now you are catching on, GK sucks.

      • Kyle Obergfell

        Hell yes it’s his fault!!
        he is the one who makes the lineups and
        pulls Faried.. puts in small ball..

        His lineup changes have both been integral
        to getting killed in lopsided runs we never
        recover from.

        He leaves Brewer and Mosgov in forever way way way
        past time to yank them..
        he leaves Birdman on the bench all year..

        If you got a good reason for that I would like to know..

        Yeah .. the problems are deeper than GK..

        But GK is a big part of the problem.

        He’s has failed to make adjustments,
        failed to stop hemorrhaging when a player is a liability
        he does not motivate

        and his psychopathic favoritism is surely
        causing a crumbling morale as well..

        He definitely is not the whole problem..

        but there is no way he should save this job.

        This is the worst job he’s done.. by far..
        in his NBA career..

        it’s no longer working and an obvious first thing
        that needs to change.

        • Kyle Obergfell

          Yeah right Eddie..

          Birdman is the problem..
          not GK


          • David

            Kyle, theres problems all around this team, from both players and coach. I dare say, MArk JAckson does a better job with our team. The best thing that can happen to this team is not to make the playoffs and fire GK, he’s been a good coach but not a great one. Even if we do, we aren’t going to beat anyone n we gonna be swept. Look at Big AL, he’s played so well this season but he’s gotta realise he’s one of da vets on the team, so in the fourth quarter; just try n keep a cool head if not 4 anyfin for da younger guys to follow, throwing up signs, yelling at refs comin down the court, it doesn’t help. There’s so much i want to say and u seem to have a passion for the nuggets – please e-mail me at webstex14@yahoo.com

            • Kyle Obergfell


              I’ll just say.. this isn’t the way it was supposed to go.

              And maybe this will be a blessing in disguise down
              the road.

              These guys are young and obscenely talented.
              I want Rudy back as well.
              I don’t know how healthy he ever was this year..
              but when he was on.. wow.. At the very least..
              he’s an amazing ball handler and he will always
              have that first dish of Manimal’s career.

              GK preaches team.. defense.. and says all the
              right things in the media..
              but what happens on the court is favoritism,
              arrogant resistance to adjust, arrogant defiance
              of admitting failures, and worst of all in my book..
              the failure to run, run, run.. and run some more.
              We have the altitude and we have the bench.

              But all George Karl wants to do is get three shooters
              (small ball) in and try just to outscore everyone.

              We kicked ass at the start of the year with
              dizzying ball movement. Even the guards..
              especially Lawson and Miller were getting points
              in the paint. I was in Sacramento when we got
              the NBA record 92..
              Let me tell you.. that was the most excited I’ve
              ever been for this team in my life.
              It was beautiful.

              what happened??
              At the very least.. George Karl broke what never
              needed fixing, and I will be the first to tell you that
              Birdman is not the 6th man of the year.. but he did
              very much contribute.. At the end of last season,
              he kicked ass!! Birdman lost his gig.. but didn’t do
              anything to lose his gig. Mosgov played four months
              and Brewer was a disaster for 25 whole minutes..
              They get disparate treatment.
              Whether or not you think that alters chemistry and
              chances of winning.. his power trip is a weird message.

              I really think Birdman is holding his tongue..
              but this is going to spill.. maybe in a few weeks.

              That is a part of what’s up. The way he treats his
              players. And these are still kids.

              Get George Karl away from this team before he
              can do any more damage.

  • highflying777

    R.I.P. Birdman. Gone but not forgetten

  • fluxxe13

    GK has gone too far with team ball/small ball. If bench players are going to get more minutes than 2-3 of the starters why even start them? when you can add up the minutes the centers get EVERY game and the result it at least 10 minutes less than 48, something is going wrong.
    When you have ty, AAA, andre, corey brewer, and faried as a line up… well that one is self explanatory.

    • fluxxe13

      i just thought of something. i think george karl has seen the writing on the wall. young owner, young gm, young team. He knows he doesn’t fit this team, guessed he’s on the way out and decided to screw the nuggets over while he still can. its the only thing that can explain it.

      • Andrew

        Flux, I noticed the same thing re lack of Center minutes, and I agree that it is ridiculous.

        However, I don’t think Karl is purposefully tanking the team, I just think he is stubborn and thinks it is his best chance. The rest of us disagree with him. We can only wait and hope at this point.

  • Mac Miller

    At the moment i’d rather this team get a lottery pick so we can find a decent centre cos obviously McGee is and will continue to be a nutcase and Mozgov is a lost cause. Unless we get a new coach (hopefully!) Birdman isn’t gonna be in the equation. But he’s a good backup. WTF is Karl doing leaving him on the bench.
    I’d like to see Masai package up Brewer Mozgov Fernandez and Birdman this offseason to chase after a star or potential star like Roy Hibbert. This team also needs a scorer besides Gallo. Ty and AAA have their nights but what happens if they’re all in a slump or injured?

    • Mac Miller

      And McGee needs to be gotten rid off too.

    • stevesf47

      ROFLMAO if you think that package will get you anything. To get a guy like Hibbert, it would take Mcgee and Chandler at this point.

      • Dubz

        thank you. People need to stop saying we can just “package” our useless players for a star or fringe star. 3 3’s doesn’t equal one 9 in this league. A 9 more equates to 2 7s with potential or something on that line.

  • Priz

    Pathetic. Fucking. Game. We could only be so lucky to have GK fired. Ain’t gonna happen this year as he has an army of excuses to pull the wool over managements eyes for at least another year.

  • Sam Adhikari

    Still don’t get the Nene for McGee trade. Talent wise, that’s a terrible trade for Denver. McGee doesn’t box out, & has no offensive game. He’s an athletic freak who can jump high. That’s about it. Very low bball IQ.

    In this league, you need post scoring to win. Nene was definitely frustrating to watch at times, but when you gave him the ball down low he could get you something. With Faried and McGee taking over that role now, teams already know they can’t do jack shit in the post. We have basically become a jump shooting team without Nene. It’s not pretty to watch.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, I think that was just a salary dump with the hope that the Nuggets could turn McGee into a serviceable Center. Still hoping…

  • italianintellecto

    oh i knew that karl is a big friend of kroenke.

    so all the blah blah are nonsense.

    i’ll leave all the blog of denver-

    and please: fire georg karl!

  • allAround

    I have blaimed in an older post karl for not using Farried and Koufos and Bird.

    But now I cannot totally blaim him , well I beleive he is an average coach to good (not so bad as presented here )and I beleive that he is wrong when going small , but I also beleive that our team is just not good enough right now , nene trade was a downer and apparently Galo is a big loss. For me yes Karl showld leave but also new players must come that should be talented and motivated to at least play some D ( the hole year our perimeter defence sucks not mentioning that we are suffering also inside )

    • stevesf47

      My problem with GK is he doesnt adjust to anything. The small ball lineup works 1 out of 3 games especially at games end. He continues to do it. We continue to be outrebounded and therefore lose these games because of 2nd chance points and wide open shots that are created by pick and roles. This to me is NOT a sign of a good coach. He once was, but he IS NOT anymore. FIRE GK!!!!!!!

      • allAround

        Well I think that Karl adjusts but after long f***ng time.

        Mozz was not playing good enough –> warming the bench

        Farried playing good —> starter

        Adjustment to injuries etc.

        Regarding small ball I think that Karl will stop it but it has already cost us a lot ( sometimes I think that Karl aims lotery )

        Anyway lets see what happens today

    • Andrew

      AllA, I would just add that I believe everyone around here (with a few exceptions) has about the same opinion of Karl. Not the whole problem, but definitely part of it, mostly because his style of coaching is conducive to winning some regular season games, but not post-season games. No NBA team will get anywhere in the post season playing small ball all the time. You may surprise one team, but that’s about it. The game slows down in the post season because everyone focuses in on defense and you won’t get near as many easy buckets. So, if you don;t have any big men, or won’t play your big men, that’s it. No chance. I would just as soon Karl play the bigs and get them meaningful time, even if they lose more games. Karl insists on clinging to small ball, thinking it will win him a few more games in the regular season.

      • allAround

        I agree with you for small ball it is not our solution, espetially since Farried is not so strong to box out other bigs ( Farried is still young and needs weight to play against strong PF in NBA. For me Farried should not leave the gym during summer ).

        However i think that is more difficult to find a good coach than changing 4 players that need to go ( Br ,Mill, Mozz, Rud ). Ideally both players and Karl should leave (do not get me wrong) , but the risk for getting something worst than Karl is high.

  • Greg

    Just a couple points of observation and interest:

    1. Small ball clearly doesn’t work for this team. Last night’s lineup was just ridiculous. Even the past few games with Faried and Al up front the opponents have gotten multiple offensive rebounds in the final minutes. I know it has to be tough to trust Koufos or McGee but at this point GK has no choice.

    2. At the very least, this Nuggets team does play to the level of their opponents (most times) whether that means better or worse. As far as the playoffs go, I wouldn’t necessarily call this a negative element of this team.

    3. The defense has been poor as of late, but once Chandler and Gallo get healthy, it should improve, even if just slightly. Gallo is very long and Chandler is physical enough to play most players on D.

    4. Corey Brewer should not be playing. Period. I get that he is a good defender, but he fouls too much and is always out of control. He shoots waaayy too much and airballs open threes even. Come playoffs, he and hamilton probably shouldn’t play, leaving the Nuggs with:
    Ty, AAA, Gallo, Faried, McGee, Koufos, Al, Andre and Chandler. I think this group is more than capable without brewer.

    Overall, the Nuggets probably won’t do much in the playoffs, but if Karl can overcome his obsession with small ball, this team can go on a run near the end of the year and possibly make some noise.

    • Andrew

      I agree with this, though I think Brewer, Bird, even Stone, might be helpful, in limited minutes, during the playoffs. Mostly for defense or to energize the team for a short stint.

      • Greg

        Brewer is not a bad defender, he is just too limited offensively. I agree tho Bird should be getting minutes because he has the opportunity to be a veteran leader for this young team. Its unfortunate he didn’t play consistently earlier in the year.

    • CJP32

      Its easy to point the finger and blame specific players – mainly Brewer, because he ‘shoots too many threes’ or ‘fouls too much’. Every game I have watched this season (80% of them) the offense is pretty straight foward – let Ty and/or Afflalo try and create their own shot, if that fails, kick it out to the corner – well Brewer shoots 27% from three, so blaming him isn’t fair – its GK that runs the offense!!! We clearly do not have an inside player that can post up and create his own shot – we traded that only guy – NENE. McGee is horrible in the post, Koufos is only good for tip ins, Mozzy and Bird are in the doghouse, so yeah right now the offense is pretty basic and every team knows it.

      Why have a player on the court just standing in the corner, when his obvious skills are running, cutting, slashing, moving without the ball. Whilst Ty is averaging great numbers lately, the offense starts and stops with him alone. Plus Brewer is only playing 25-30 mpg because Gallo and Chandler are injured. Whilst Brewer is shooting horribly lately, as far as Im aware, he’s still the most energetic guy on the court and mostly that leads to positives not negatives. You want negatives, check out McGee lately, even Afflalo. He gets hot one quarter, then completely vanishes – he’s the leader of this team. Stop blaming the role players who are busting their backside trying to achieve what GK thinks is appropriate.

  • King George the 3rd must go

    In theory, some of George Karls ideas and tactics may work. Fast, free flowing offense- ok I get it- we play that way at the rec every saturday. In practice however, it only works if the players have some sort of continuity. This is the exact opposite of what GK does. His lineups are a joke, he destroys young players, especially their confidence, and refuses to make adjustments. Our defensive strategy doesn’t exist. Please, listen to us, get rid of George Karl!!!!!

  • Desean

    Heads up kids. It’s lottery time!

  • stevesf47

    I think our playoff chances will be on the line against the Rockets with back to back games next Sunday and Monday. We honestly need to win both to own tiebreaker. Even if we split, they will control it since they have a much better conference record. We lose tiebreaker vs Dallas, Utah and Memphis already and only own it vs Suns. With 10 games remaining and so many teams vying for playoff spots, tie breakers are a must.

  • jc

    F- For Geroge karl why is he still the coach?

  • Aaron

    I’m Done Watching These Pathetic Nuggets That Don’t Even Put Effort into Their Million Dollar Jobs..And Karl…Just Get Him The Fuck Out of Here!!!!

  • Kyle Obergfell

    Here is a freaky factoid I found…

    in the last 17 games…

    The Nuggets have had this weird pattern.

    I’d like to know what could possibly be made of this,
    because it’s too weird not to wonder about….

    The past 17 games..
    The Nuggets have had both one two game win streak
    and one two game lose streak..

    otherwise without fail.. each win was followed by a loss
    (and vice versa)

    Doesn’t this speak volumes about their low sense of urgency?

  • JB

    And to make it worse the Knicks won today, this is ROCK BOTTOM for the Nuggets, the Warriors are really really bad. I’m still waiting for that faithful day the Nuggets plane crashes and burns and finishes of Karl, Brewer and the rest of these clowns so they can start over again.

    • Aaron

      Ordered So They Don’t Have To Burn To Death….Just Fire Karl And Blow Up Half The Team???

      • Aaron


  • http://roundballminingcompany.com Mark from Charlotte


  • Blair

    Anyone else think about the potential if we pried Greg Popovich from the Spurs? Imagine the defense with crazy energy and explosive offense with the other teams needing constant breaks from the action. WHERE AND WHEN WILL WE GET THIS X-FACTOR TO STEP UP!!
    I still think Chandler needs waaay more shots than what he shoots, Faried needs waaay more post training, and McGee needs a therapist.

  • Joe

    Look, I’ve never been a GK supporter because I don’t think his style of basketball will ever win a championship (and it never has in his “prestigious career”). But this team is full of a bunch of average NBA players. If you look at everyone’s Player Efficiency Rating, (which is a per minute statistical production of each player, and arguably the best individual stat to gauge a player’s value) you will find that it shows our team is full of average players. An average PER in the NBA is 15.00 (so if you use a grade scale, A=25.00, B=20.00, C=15.00, D=10.00, F=5.00) here is how the Nuggets breakdown:
    T.Lawson: B- 18.31 A.Miller: C 15.50 A.Afflalo: C- 14.52 (also of note, all of you “Afflalo is awesome at defense” supporters, he gave up a PER of 16.2 to opposing SG’s that he was defending, good-average but nothing extraordinary) R.Fernandez: C- 13.36 D.Gallinari: B- 18.07 C.Brewer: C- 13.20 K.Faried: B+ 21.15 (top score for the Nuggets, no wonder why everyone is always complaining for this guy to get more minutes!) A.Harrington: C 15.47 J.McGee: B- 19.39 (of note, he got this rating as a Wizard, it has gone down by two points since joining the Nuggets, just as his PPG is down almost 3 points and his RPG is down almost 3 boards…while Nene has increased his PPG by 1.5 points and RPG by 2 boards…think our coaches and offensive system are doing something wrong with our bigs anyone?) C.Anderson: B- 19.01 (why can’t he get on the floor anymore?) K.Koufos: C+ 16.93 T.Mozgov: D+ 12.58 (why did he get so much playing time?) I’m not including J.Hamilton, J.Stone, or W.Chandler in this because none of them have gotten enough game action to give them a fair score, but Chandler’s PER last year was C- 14.68
    That gives us exactly 5 players that are above average, and not a single A on the entire team. Add to the fact that one of our B’s is passive/inconsistent (T.Lawson), one has had injury problems the last two years (D.Gallinari), one is a rookie that gets lost occasionally (K.Farried), one is a boneheaded big (J.McGee), and one is a guy that hasn’t gotten on the floor for more then 20 minutes since the March 9th game against the Hornets when he got 22 minutes and hasn’t seen the floor period since March 25th for 5 minutes against the Timberwolves. No wonder why this team is vastly inconsistent. I think that Ty, Gallo, and Farried give us a nice core, and Hamilton/Stone look like they could be good develop into good role players and possibly a starter in Hamilton’s case. And I would love to see what different coaching/different system would do for our Centers before writing them all off, but other then that, the rest of this team is just average with a coaching staff/system that is just average. Which is why we will barely make the playoffs, if at all….and will get bounced once again in the first round if we do make the playoffs.
    Just my two cents

    • Kyle Obergfell

      I got ripped for saying anything less than worshipping AAA…

      He sucked at the beginning of the year.
      That grade is including the surges he’s had over the last
      two months.. and still… just way underperforming.

      But look at where things might be if the trend set
      in January would still be going.

      I mentioned it earlier about not going in the paint any more.

      Although it’s hard to dispute some of those figures..
      It’s also on who gets minutes and who doesn’t..
      And who is fortunate to have help.. and who is not
      so fortunate to be in there with Mosgov and Brewer.

      You also have to consider…
      come on…
      we beat all the elite eastern teams..
      Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, Indiana, Atlanta…
      played mean against the Spurs and Thunder..

      then lose to Cavs, Kings, Warriors, Raptors…

      Doesn’t that say a little about potential and a little
      about motivation.. and doesn’t that fall a little on
      the head coach??

      Instead of blowing up the roster..
      why don’t we see what difference a new coach would make.

      I think it’s way more safe and economical.

  • http://espn Gary

    IS Karl still the coach of this team…..damn…that’s all I need to know!! He sux at developing young talent and his vets don’t play with heart. Get a Thibodeau clone or someone in here.

  • Guy

    For those of you complaining about the Nene trade the Nuggets had to do this. Nene can’t outplay ANY of the Western Conference PF and/or centers. He didn’t even outplay Ibaka last year. You can’t win in the playoffs if your HIGHEST paid player constantly gets outplayed. Nene under his current contract is getting paid $1 million a point and $2 mil for every rebound. He also has spent 1/3 of the season wearing a suit. The big question is why didn’t they do this sooner and get more for him. Building this team is a process so sometimes moves don’t look good in the short term. The last few draft picks (Lawson, Faried…) the FO has made have been good picks considering where they were drafted so hopefully the scouting team and the FO can get it right this year.
    As far as the GS game the small lineup with Faried at center was ridiculous in the sense that not only was it small but there was only one guy (Afflalo) who can shoot 3’s. Brewer, Miller & Lawson are poor 3 point shooters that don’t spread the floor and make it easier to drive inside. They should have at least left Harrington in instead of Brewer. They not only couldn’t shoot and kept turning the ball over but they also kept getting beaten off the dribble leaving Faried to decide whether to allow an uncontested layup or leave his man open to defend the basket. I think David Lee got have his points off of defensive breakdowns from the perimeter defenders.