Rapid Reaction: Los Angeles Lakers 103, Denver Nuggets 88

Denver Nuggets 88 FinalRecap | Box Score 103 Los Angeles Lakers
Kenneth Faried, F 28 MIN | 4-8 FG | 2-3 FT | 8 REB | 0 AST | 10 PTS | -7
In the first playoff game of his career Faried played decent. The problem is, decent won’t necessarily cut it this time of year. Faried can play better than this and the Nuggets desperately need him to play better. His energy has been one of the team’s most prized assets all year long and against the Lakers it could end up countering some of Bynum’s electric blocks.
Danilo Gallinari, SF 36 MIN | 7-14 FG | 5-6 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 19 PTS | -17
Gallinari was about the only Nugget who came prepared to play for the playoffs, not the regular season. This was especially interesting considering how long it’s taken him to regain his form since returning from injury. He attacked the basket early and often, utilizing a variety of spin moves in the post that we haven’t seen in quite some time. He also knocked down shots when he was open and played good defense for most of the game. In the postgame press conference he admitted his team was hesitant on offense and that they need to figure out ways to score (i.e. getting out on the break) before Bynum gets set on defense. Clearly Gallinari understands what it takes to win against teams like the Lakers in the postseason. Now if he can just get his teammates to grasp this concept…
Kosta Koufos, C 12 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -8
Koufos hardly made an impact. He started, as usual, but didn’t see many minutes after his initial stint. Karl said during a timeout how he needed his team to play up to it’s potential so he could understand whether his gameplan was working or not, but drastically cutting Koufos’ minutes seems to be hypocritical and counterproductive in that sense. Koufos has been a fairly large part of the Nuggets DNA over the last several months and is one of the few players on the roster who has the size and defensive aggression to possibly stifle Gasol or even Bynum. Seeing him play only 12 minutes doesn’t seem like enough time for a detailed evaluation of where he stands.
Arron Afflalo, SG 33 MIN | 3-11 FG | 3-4 FT | 2 REB | 3 AST | 9 PTS | -7
Afflalo played great defense on Kobe… for about half the game. But once Kobe got going he never slowed down. Guarding the NBA’s second best shooting guard of all time is not an easy task. Afflalo did well for the most part but he still has to shoot better than 27 percent from the field. Anybody who takes pride in their defense knows it’s extremely difficult to lock down your opponent on one end and attack with aggression on the other, and sadly that’s what the Nuggets are asking from Afflalo. Still, if anybody can do it, it’s him.
Ty Lawson, PG 31 MIN | 3-11 FG | 1-2 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 7 PTS | -21
There was quite a bit of fuss on Twitter regarding Lawson’s performance. Clearly he was intimidated by the Lakers front-court duo of Bynum and Gasol and avoided penetrating the lane virtually all together for much of the game. But before we overreact and jump to conclusions (after only one playoff game nonetheless) let’s keep a few things in mind: First, Lawson was the Nuggets best player in the playoffs last year against Serge Ibaka and the Thunder. Second, Lawson has fared extremely well in terms of bouncing back after bad scoring outings this season, having scored in single digits on back-to-back occasions only once all year. Finally, the Lakers are just a flat-out bad matchup for the diminutive point guard. Ty Lawson is 5-11 on a good day; the Lakers front-court duo is 7 feet every day. Lawson relies heavily on dribble penetration and most importantly, finishing around the rim. When he has two 7-footers watching his every move, it’s extremely tough for him to play this way. I’m not trying to be an apologist, but I’m level headed enough to understand that just because he struggles against the best power forward-center combo since Duncan and Robinson doesn’t mean he’s not the Nuggets point guard of the future.
Al Harrington, PF 22 MIN | 4-14 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 0 AST | 10 PTS | -4
Harrington was bad. He didn’t play his game and attempted to force shots up when they weren’t falling in true Mamba-esque fashion. This is not the type of performance the Nuggets need from Big Al. At some point he needed to sever ties with shot attempts, as none of them were falling, yet he just never did. Look for Harrington to bounce back next game.
Andre Miller, PG 27 MIN | 5-13 FG | 2-3 FT | 8 REB | 7 AST | 12 PTS | -5
Miller’s stat line is impressive, however it’s difficult to recall any one thing he did extremely well that helped the Nuggets in their attempt to win this game. He filled in for Lawson during stretches he normally wouldn’t — due to Ty’s struggles — and did a solid job all things considered. Hopefully Lawson finds ways to score next game so that Miller can revert back to the distributor he’s been lately that benefits the Nuggets most.
Corey Brewer, SF 23 MIN | 3-6 FG | 3-3 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 11 PTS | +3
Brewer was certainly a bright spot on a dull, dispirited afternoon. He played great defense on every person he was assigned to guard and was one of the few Nuggets who tried to embrace the fastbreak. His defense could end up playing a key role this series, especially if Karl decides to place him on Bryant.
Timofey Mozgov, C 9 MIN | 2-5 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 6 PTS | -3
For the second game in a row Mozgov played better than he has for most of the season. Perhaps the key is only playing him 10-12 minutes per night as he seems to top out at “Maximum Productivity” after that point. I still think Koufos deserved about half of Mozgov’s minutes, if not more, for the simple fact that he isn’t a liability on offense and has been a major contributor for the Nuggets down the stretch.
JaVale McGee, C 17 MIN | 0-6 FG | 2-4 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | -10
Sunday was a struggle for McGee. Like many Nuggets, this was his first playoff game and it showed in the form of nervousness. He was fumbling the ball as if it were going out of style and couldn’t finish anything within two feet of the rim. But also like many of his teammates, he should bounce back on Tuesday with a more dominating performance.
Julyan Stone, G 2 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 2 AST | 0 PTS | +2
Jordan Hamilton, G 2 MIN | 1-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | +2

Game One Wrap Up and Additional Nuggets (By Charlie)

This isn’t going to be much of a series if the Nuggets are counting on digging themselves out of double-digit deficits against the Los Angeles Lakers on the road. Low and behold, that’s where the young Nuggets found themselves most of the night, falling to the Los Angeles Lakers in a game they never led and trailed by as a many as 21 points.

It was the worst-case scenario for the Nuggets, who shattered whatever confidence the starters had built by turning in their most lackluster start in recent memory. The first quarter saw essentially all of Denver’s worst fears confirmed. The Lakers’ size was simply too much to handle and allowed L.A. to dictate the flow of the game. Despite Kobe getting off to a slow start and Bynum not making a field goal the entire first quarter, the Lakers pummeled Denver 27-14 in the opening period and were never really threatened the rest of the way.

Before we delve into all the ugliness, let’s get the positives out of the way first. Going into the series I thought Andre Miller was the key to opening up gaps in the Laker defense and he came through with probably the best overall performance of any Nugget. Miller brought some semblance of flow and rhythm to an offense that was otherwise stale and utterly hopeless.

In a strange twist of fate, Miller now finds himself pitted against Steve Blake, his former Blazers teammate and now bench counterpart for the opposing L.A. Lakers. Two years ago, Miller battled Blake for the starting point guard job in Portland and emphatically won out despite Brandon Roy’s and Nate McMillan’s preference for Blake.  Now, both players come off the bench and Miller continues to prove he’s a better player than Blake. I thought Andre attacked with a lot of confidence and made great reads against a Laker defense that intimidated the rest of his teammates.

It was a very encouraging sign, as Miller’s role has been marginalized over the course of the season and it hasn’t always felt like he’s an important part of the team. For the Nuggets to have any success in this series, Miller needs to be very good. Despite some poor shot selection, Miller seemed to get the message of how much Denver needs him and he responded with 12 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists in a game he didn’t even play his best.

Kenneth Faried was the other bright spot who assuaged some of the doubts about his effectiveness in this series with a near double-double against the dominant Lakers front-court. Faired is still a bad matchup for the sheer size and strength of the Lakers bigs, but he showed that he won’t be denied so easily. Faried had to work incredibly hard for everything he got in the paint and it’s clear the Nuggets must do a better job working their offense and getting Faried more opportunities outside of one-on-one post ups against much bigger players.

Outside of that, pretty much everything else went wrong. Defensively, the Nuggets were soft and showed the lack of commitment that’s earned them the dubious distinction of being ranked 22nd in defensive efficiency, the worst rating of all 16 playoff teams. Rotations were lazy and communication was nonexistent. The Nuggets half-heartedly contested shots and allowed the Lakers too many easy transition baskets and paint points. Pau Gasol picked Denver apart with his passing and in short, the Lakers were allowed to do whatever they wanted.

The Nuggets learned nothing from this game other than the fact they simply weren’t as prepared as the Lakers for playoff basketball. The best thing they can do is forget this night ever happened and head into game two with more focus and a renewed commitment to playing harder. Nevertheless, I’ll break down some of the finer points of this forgettable performance bullet-style.

  • If you haven’t heard already, Ty Lawson had a miserable game and barely showed up. He essentially managed 1 point, 1 assist, and 2 turnovers in 25 minutes before padding his stats in garbage time. Its games like these that make you wonder if Lawson really wants to be great or if he’ll forever be known as the goofy, lovable jokester. Lawson did not react well to having his first option taken away and was all too content to let the defense funnel him straight into help at the rim. Lawson won’t play this bad again, but his performance is concerning enough to make you wonder if he can be a consistent threat in the rest of the series.
  • Arron Afflalo did a good job on Kobe, but his offense was almost as disappointing as Lawson’s. He was not as aggressive coming off screens or cutting off the ball, often content to settle for one-on-one isolations against solid perimeter defenders. You have to wonder if he’s exerting too much energy on defense to maintain the type of offensive production the Nuggets need out of him. Karl played Afflalo the entire third quarter, searching for a spark and some leadership to help get Denver back in the game. Afflalo shot 2-for-4 in 12 third quarter minutes and the Nuggets melted as the Lakers took their big lead of 21.
  • I am a huge fan of Brian Kamenetzky’s insight over at ESPN’s Land O Lakers blog, but I was flabbergasted when he singled out Al Harrington as a potential problem for the Lakers this series. Harrington is playing with a torn meniscus and is already a fairly inefficient jump shooter by trade. He’s too small to match up with the Lakers and the more he’s in the game, the more L.A. can exploit their size mismatch. If Harrington is going to beat you with jump shooting, make him go one-on-one and dare him to hit those difficult shots. That’s exactly what the Lakers did and it worked out beautifully for them. The Lakers have won when they’re forcing the Nuggets to beat them with Al Harrington.
  • The Nuggets matched the Lakers in second chance points and beat them out in fast-break points 19 to 11. They also earned 27 free throw attempts to the Lakers 15, a couple of small victories in a game that wasn’t competitive. Still, it could be something to build on going forward.
  •  The Nuggets need to find some playoff intensity. They always seem to revert to old habits and a dysfunctional personality when the stage is set and the lights are shining bright. It’s such a stark contrast to the Lakers, who collectively play with much more intensity and immediately remind you this is a playoff game just by the way they carry themselves.
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  • Adam

    Would not be surprised if this is how the rest of the series goes. Lakers in 4 or 5 is very feasible.

  • Jared

    The scoreboard doesn’t demonstrate the dominance.

  • Dubz

    -Miller played great today but he should NEVER play SG on Bryant. NEVER. He can only play SG when Kobe is on the bench and that’s it.
    -Al looked good but was obviously rusty. I think he’ll be fine.
    -I thought McGee looked atrocious and those minutes should have gone to Mozgov or Koufos. At least Mozgov has the size to play on Bynum.
    -Faried CAN guard Gasol, but he must do a better job with positioning.
    -Ty was awful today. No explanation. Just hope it’s a fluke or else we’re completely f’d. Period. Think he’ll be fine.

    • steve

      Koufos was god awful out there as well.

    • Dubz

      I also wanted to say that I just watched that clip that Jeremy did on Mozgov defending Bynum. I thought in the few meaningful minutes Mozgov played today, he did a very good job on Bynum. He’s about the same size and enjoys the physical contact. He also seemed interested in rebounding which isn’t always the case. As Jeremy pointed out, I believe Mozgov should start next game to try an minimize Bynum’s impact. That way Koufos can come off the bench and play Gasol or Hill who both destroyed us today. McGee is an interesting prospect, but these bigs are pros and will tool with him all series if George allows it to happen. I’d say give Mozgov a run and see what happens. Anything is better than what happened today

      • HD

        I agree 100%

  • al68

    Este equipo es muy malo, no tenemos tiro exterior no conseguimos abrir el campo y nos estrellamos contra la muralla debajo del aro. O presionamos mas el balon y buscamos acerelar el juego con robos de balon y asegurando el rebote o perdemos en 4 partidos contra un equipo como los Lakers que son bastante mediocres.

    Brewer es el jugador que puede cambiar el ritmo de los partidos deberia haber confiado mas en él.

    Sigo pensando que Mcgee es muy malo no tenemos que renovarlo si se puede intertar un singh and trade.

    Creo que todavia tenemos opciones si corremos mucho y no tenemos miedo a cometer errores, Lawson despierta te necesitamos mas que nunca.

  • Jeff

    Can somebody please show Ty Lawson the vid of himself dunking on the Lakers his rookie season?! Dude needs some confidence.

  • Paul

    nuggs just need to get off to a faster start, I thought our rotation of defenders did i good job on kobe, they just gotta close out faster when they double team. We just werent shooting the ball well at all tonight, and the lakers were. That was the difference.

  • Eddie

    Yeah, but look on the bright side. Todd Helton hit a pinch-hit grand slam with two outs in the bottom of the eighth.

    Best thing to happen to a Denver team all day.

    • Dan

      and they still lost…

  • steve

    nugs are in trouble…too many easy baskets for LA big men inside. You also cant give up nice games to Hill and Ebanks. Honestly, they did what they wanted to do. We didnt give them much resistance.

  • CJP32

    The turning point was when the 2nd unit went on a 13-4 run to start the 2nd qtr, Brewer had 6 points and everyone was running. Ty was just disgusting today, he should of been benched in the 2nd half. Dre was much better, but Al played too much one-on-one, was 2/10 on 2 point shots. Afflalo worked hard on D but had nothing going on offense. Gallo looked hesitant at times, then brilliant other times. McGee – sit down. Faried was energetic, but got killed on the boards by Jordan Hill.

    In Game 2, Denver must pick up the pace and continue to attack the rim. GK may have to make some changes to get Ty more screens and open jumpers.

    • heykyleinsf

      I agree with everything except for credit for Affalo on defense. I saw a fast break 3 on 2 where he didn’t even try as the lone backcourt defender. He can be a great defender.. he didn’t seem to want to today though. Plus I think it really says something about Affalo’s defensive skills in general…. that Gallo was defending Kobe Bryant instead of Affalo. If he is this all-world-defender… why isn’t he even guarding his opposing position?

      Nobody was all-anything on defense today.

      But Affalo always seems to skate accountability.

      The biggest reason this bothers me is that he is GK’s boy.

      Favoritism sucks from a coach.. and our coach sucks at
      putting aside his personal preferences.. I have to think
      there is some philosophical and artistic reason for this…
      which doesn’t add up to sound analytical decisions.

  • heykyleinsf

    The only thing consistent about this team is that
    with each game… there is at least one or a few
    players that just should not have been left in to
    hurt the team.
    Tonight it was a toss-up between Lawson and McGee
    for who had the biggest nightmare game.
    Not that anyone except Gallo and Brewer had anything
    close to resembling a good game….

    But still… GK just lets things continue to hemorrhage.
    these lopsided runs go without time-outs and adjustments.

    I saw the last 10 minutes of the 1st quarter go by with
    only a few layups and FT by Gallo. 14 points in that quarter,
    9 of which were scored in the first few minutes.

    10 minutes of basketball. Unquestioned and unanswered
    submission to the opponent.
    Which really amounted to burying the team for the whole game
    .. at least psychologically.
    Nuggets have to feel right now that they are in over their heads.

    wtf GK?????

  • Sam Adhikari

    I think some of your expectations were too high.

    This is a developing team. We’re telling a 6’8 rookie, who has only started 39 games in his NBA career, to go against a 7 footer PAU GASOL – one of the most skilled players in the league. Now that’s just not fair. What did you expect?

    We basically gave our playoff hopes away by trading Nene. He had size, skill, defense, understanding of the pick and roll, a jumpshot here and then. With him gone, we’re left with Faried, Koufos, McGee at the interior position – 3 guys who have 0 clue how to score in the post. On top of that, we’re telling them to go against Bynum and Gasol. BYNUM AND GASOL! The deadliest post-combo in the league, both offensively and defensively.

    – I thought Afflalo did a phenomenal job on Kobe when the game was close. Kobe scored most of his points when got game out of hand.

    – Gallinari will have a big series wit no Artest. Lakers have no one to even contain him.

    – JaVale McGee is so raw with very little basketball IQ. Somebody needs to teach him a thing or two about footwork. He’s all athleticism with no upper or lower body strength. I don’t see him starting anytime soon.

    – Ty Lawson will struggle in this series. Because of Lakers’ length & his lack of a good jumpshot/floater, every shot attempt is tough for him. He needs to do all the damage in transition.

    – Our best lineup against the Lakers is: Miller, Afflalo, Koufos, Harrington and Gallinari. GEORGE KARL, PLEASE USE THIS LINEUP THE MOST! We cannot play Faried and McGee at the same time. They cannot space out the floor like Harrington and Gallinari can.

    Final note:

    Josh Smith in a Nuggets uniform would make my pants wet. With the assets we have, we should do everything to try to get him next year.

    • Jeff

      Great post and I totally agree about Josh Smith.

    • Thomas

      Terrible line-up. It could play the Lakers 100 times and never win 2 games in any series.

  • http://www.swag.com Gerardo

    I loved that Gallo called this team out, and he was right nuggets did look intimidated. And I admit my expectations were high, but this team has to play hard and and if there ganna go down go down swinging. Ty had a horrible game but I feel like he will bounce back, manimal played good showed no fear, AAA made kobe work, and Gallo was the only player not playing scared, and JaVale was horrible if he doesn’t show up I don’t think he will be back. And what this team is lacking is a physical center, I’m not bashing on Kosta I think he’s good and will be a soild center for us down the road. I say we just break the bank for Greg Monroe or Roy hibbert.. but I hope this team plays hard and goes down swinging like I said

  • Charlie

    New format for the playoff recaps, trying to go a bit more in depth. Let us know how it goes and what you guys want to see out of the recaps.

    • DH

      Charlie, It looks good. Nice insights and detail. I’m hoping Jeremy does some in-depth analysis with clips from the game, like he does from time to time. But for the recap, I think you and Kalen did a great job.

  • Trip

    The defense needs to double team way less often it is getting ridiculous. Kobe holds on to the ball until he gets the double, they make one maybe two passes and they have a wide open shot. Steve Blake is not someone we should have to be worrying about putting up high numbers, but he hits a couple threes and he is gaining some confidence and wont be afraid to shoot (case in point he shot a horrible shot over a much taller defender, and made it because he had so much confidence. We need either AAA, Gallo or brewer to play one on one defense against Kobe. If Brewer doesnt go for every steal he has a chance to be solid against kobe. The best Nugget I have seen play consistently solid D on Bryant was a healthy Kenyon Martin, we need someone a little taller but very athletic and can move their feet and box him out. I think brewer or Gallo can play that defense on him.

    • ryan

      I agree we need to stop double teaming Kobe, but if we let afflalo play kobe one on one I think he’ll do a good job. Sure, Kobe will get his 20+ but we can’t let the rest of the team get confident.

  • Jared

    The Lakers were a terrible match up. They have two seven footers with two rings and we start a rook at the 4. This was going to be brutal.

  • HD

    For whatever reason this blog has way too much love for Kosta Koufos. He did not play well. Faried did not play well. McGee was awful. However, when Mozgov got his chance he was by far the best big on the floor. Why these people fail to see that I do not know. Karl has always gone with the hot hand. Koufos’s hands were cold and he was flat out not productive for this game. That doesn’t mean he won’t ever be productive but maybe for this series in particular Koufos’s minutes should go to the most productive big at the time–Mozgov. And to say Mozgov is a liability on offense is a clear sign you have not watched film. Mozgovs mid range touch, usage of the left hand, faceup post game as well as a few nice hooks from the block all add up to him having a far better offensive game then Koufos. Come on cut the kid a break.

    • Bryan

      I don’t think it’s the blog that loves Kofous, it’s just this guy. I think he’s a tOSU guy. As soon as I saw his name, I knew there’d be Mozgov hate and Kofous apologia. The other two guys usually seem pretty objective.

      Kofous played terribly. I don’t think he has the strength to match up with Bynum, he was abused and pushed around. It’s obvious that he’s nowhere near good enough to play against the elite bigs.

      Not sure any one else on the Nuggets can either but hopefully Mozgov gets a shot to start the next game.

    • Charlie

      Agreed, I think everyone is in agreement Mozgov had something going in the second quarter for a bit whereas Koufos hasn’t really distinguished himself since becoming a starter. Koufos production is actually down across the board since becoming a starter. On the whole it just appears against the Lakers, Mozgov is the better matchup and is more familiar with them, having played well in the three previous games against L.A.

    • Kalen

      I was with you till you said he’s got a far better offensive game than Koufos and started talking about his “face-up” game. If all that is require to have a face-up game is to catch the ball and shoot a jump shot, then sure, Mozgov has a face-up game. Unfortunately that’s not the case at all.

      When was the last time you saw Mozgov ask for the ball in the post? I saw it once that I can remember this season. Koufos does it a few times per game. You talk about Mozgov’s “nice hooks” but Koufos is in a complete different league when it comes to the use of hooks in the post. If you truly watched “film” you would know this.

      For every midrange jumper Mozgov hits (that people seem to be clamoring over for whatever reason), Koufos has an even better follow-up rebound for a tip in. In terms of offense, Mozgov may have a decent skill set, but he has no clue on earth how to utilize it in the heat of the game. The same cannot be said for Koufos.

      Where people really seem to be missing the boat on Mozgov is with his clumsiness. I said “liability” and I meant every bit of it. In the month of April, which is when Koufos should have been hitting his stride, he committed three turnovers in 253 minutes of action. Conversely, Mozgov committed seven turnovers in a measly 45 minutes of action in the month of April. Again, liability.

      I just don’t get why people keep coming back to Mozgov. He had his chance to start, and he completely blew it. Koufos won the job fair and square after fighting from behind. He earned it. There’s a REASON he’s the Nuggets starting center even with McGee here.

      Go compare Mozgov and Koufos’ stats. They averaged about the same minutes in their starting gigs, yet Koufos has him beat in every category except in blocks (Mozgov has him by .1 percent) and free throw percentage.

      The Nuggets don’t need superior play from their starting center — that’s clear. What they need is someone who understands the fundamentals of the game, can score in the post, play good defense and doesn’t turn the ball over. Koufos has PROVEN he’s that guy, and not Mozgov. It’s really that simple.

      Look at the grades for crying out loud. I have Koufos a C- and Mozgov a B. So again, I’m not sure what the fuss is about. Does Mozgov play better against the Lakers? Yeah, and I have absolutely no clue why. But like I said, he’s a liability out there with his turnovers and inability to process the NBA game and it hurts the Nuggets more than his defense helps them. If the Nuggets replace Koufos’ minutes with Mozgov’s there’s obviously a chance it could pay off… but I highly doubt it. He’ll play good defense for a short time, but eventually his inexperience will jeopardize the team’s productivity as a whole, just as has been the case this entire year — which is why Koufos is starting in the first place.

      • phibuffa

        I agree with you Kalen. Nobody is hating on Moz, and nobody would mind giving him a shot against the Lakers to play more and better, but the numbers don’t lie. Koufos has generally played better than Moz this year. Plain and simple.

      • HD

        No fuss Kalen, Koufos is a very sturdy player, He recently displayed a beautiful left handed hook the other night and is very good around the rim. It just looked like today he was being pushed around and although he didn’t play much he didn’t really do anything. i would like to see Moz get in there and see if anything changes with a different guy on bynum. Ultimately its not up to me and we will all have to wait and see what Karl decides to do.

        • Charlie

          Is it just me or did Koufos get his normal minutes. Since he’s become a starter he normally plays around 15 minutes and today he got 12.

          There was no reason to keep him in the game and Koufos is definitely not good enough to be given a flat 20 minutes of time no matter what. It’s not exactly like he’s been playing big minutes and tearing it up. This game wasn’t that different from every other Koufos has started.

          • HD

            I definitely agree

      • Bryan

        People are clamoring for Mozgov’s jump shot because if he can hit it, it’ll draw Bynum out of the paint. Kofous doesn’t have that threat and he doesn’t have the strength or athleticism to get those put backs over Bynum.

        Kofous can’t stop him on D and poses so little effort on offense that Bynum doesn’t even have to worry about guarding him. I really don’t think Kofous has the strength to handle Bynum, he got pushed around too easily.

  • Dalton

    The rest of the Nuggets should take note of how Miller chose to attack the rim on one drive during the third (not a statement I ever thought I would write). He went straight up into Bynum, negating his ability to collect yet another block, instead of trying to angle around him. The Nugs won’t be able to reach around Bynum and Gasol, the only way they will be efficient in the paint is going right at the giants and initiating the contact. Hopefully, this will lead to foul trouble for the Lakers and some much needed offense for the Nugs.

    • Charlie

      Agreed. I thought Miller was very good at finding the gaps and getting to his spots against the Lakers. He really didn’t have a rhythm or take good shots, but he was pretty aggressive and made things happen on offense pretty consistently.

      I noticed Miller played better after he’d been in the game a while and realized how tentative everyone else was. I think if Miller can come out and start the game a little better with more intensity, he could really make a positive impact. I like him matched up against the Lakers guards

      • phibuffa

        Excellent point, Dalton.

  • JB

    This team is getting swept or if they manage to win 1 some how they’ll be going into LA in game 5 to get blown out of the building…what a AWFUL game, bent down and took hard from the Lakers center and Kobe.

  • snafu

    I can’t get over how bad Koufos was. Amazing how a 7 footer can have absolutely zero interior defensive presence or offensive rebounding ability.

    Also, can someone explain why Bynum’s man is never open for a dump off or wrap around pass??? We were blowing by the Lakers off the dribble with ease, just dish the ball to whoever Bynum is guarding whenever you go up for a shot near the rim. I think only Afflalo ever did this and it led to an easy dunk by Faried. They hurt themselves so much by trying ridiculous shots over Bynum that never went in.

    • phibuffa

      I do not think Koufos had a good game or anything, but he help Bynum for awhile with his defense. Even though they did not play well, Karl needs to play his bigs more, or the Nuggets have no shot period. I would rather the Nuggets get beat and take a chance with their bigs than just do the goofy small ball and face the inevitable loss.

  • Underdogs need adaptive coaching

    “Just run more” or “Be more aggressive” coaching instructions and color-commentary analysis when playing elite teams in the playoffs does little to nothing in helping the Nuggets maximize their chances of winning as a underdog/lower seeded team. Yet, this is what we hear every year and every year our playoff teams struggle when our “Just run more” game is slowed or shutdown.
    Is it too much to ask our NBA coach with over 1000 wins to identify favorable player matchups and some structured play calling which helps the team get better, higher percentage shots instead of placing most of the responsibility on the point guards Lawson and Miller.
    If the usual guard dominated offense is struggling, is the coach willing to call for plays in the paint or post for the bigs? I would say that Faried’s athleticism and jump hook in the paint is underutilized and that McGee can dunk on Bynum and Gasol–no problem.
    Against the Lakers, the Nuggets most favorable lineup for offense/defense combined is Lawson, Miller, Gallinari, Faried and McGee with a greater emphasis for Miller to feed and create lobs and points in the paint for Faried/McGee. To win the series our Superstar players collectively must be Lawson, Gallinari and Faried. Calling specific plays and offensive sets which highlight their strengths has a greater chance of success than “Just run more” does. Nugget Nation Unite!

    • Daniel

      I kinda agree. The only problem with that lineup is who would guard Kobe? Ty is too small and Andre is too old. If you switch Gallo to Kobe, then one of our pg’s is guarding their 3. I like AAA not only for his D on Kobe, but he has turned into a decent creator. He moves a lot without the ball, and that benefits the Nuggets if Kobe is chasing him around all game. I agree with the dual center thing though. We double the post and don’t understand how to rotate to the open guy. There is no reason Steve Blake should be burning us from beyond the arc. Double teaming is ok but only if necessary. There would be a lot less double teams is we actually had a size matchup that was equal.

      Hopefully adjustments are made because obviously George Karl’s playoff strategies have never really panned put.

  • Aaron

    Ive Never Seen a BACKUP PF Shoot 14 Shots in Just 22 Minutes…Whenever Harrington Was On That Court We Had No Ball Movement And The Laker Bigs Went Crazy. And Jesus GK Quit With The Small Ball Against A Huge L.A. Team. I Know We Have No Serviceable Centers And Only 1 Undersized PF in Faried, We Seriously Need To Gut Down Our Bigs This Season And Trade Up in The Draft To Get Andre Drummond SomeHow. And Also Get A Coach Who Understands How To Win in The Playoffs Or This Will Happen Untill GK Retires Which Mite Me Another 10-15 Years. Sucks To Be a Nuggets Fan Rite Now.

    • phibuffa

      So true.

  • dnugs23

    We should experiment with a bigger lineup with two 7-footers. Lakers is one team u don’t want to go small ball with because they hve length in every position. I admit from the start we were playing scared and pressing too much on offense. I thought our defense was pretty solid through 2 and half quarters but our offense was horrid. U hve to put brewer on Kobe to give AAA more lift on the offensive end and Ty needs to attack and stop deferring to his teammates. And finally GK has to play the right guys and not favor the ones he likes. Anyhow I don’t see us winning more than a game in this series. Let’s just play hard and make them beat us and not beat ourselves… Go Nugs!

  • phibuffa

    Karl playoff ball, right there. Nuggets were admittedly off in shooting and played poorly, but Karl basically hosed the players by not letting his bigs together to match Bynum/Gasol.

    If Karl would have started Koufos/McGee or Koufos/Moz against the Lakers, they would have had a chance to neutralize that huge height advantage and allowed the perimeter players to guard the three. As Kalen points out, Bynum did not get a field goal in the 1st, because K2 played some decent defense on him. Just my opinion, but If Karl would play McGee or Moz on Gasol, and instructs his other players not to sag so far off of the perimeter, this becomes a different game because Blake, et al wouldn’t have gotten off all of those contested jumpers. Other than Faried, the three leading rebounders for Nuggs were K2, Moz and McGee…and they only got 30 some minutes COMBINED!

    So, Karl, show some faith in your bigs, start and PLAY them meaningful minutes! Maybe they do not show up and the Nuggets lose, but WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?!?! Playing small ball is going to get the Nuggets a GUARANTEED one and done!!!

    I’m officially back on the Fire Karl campaign. That was ridiculous.

    On the bright side, the Nuggets will shoot better. It was sad how many layups and short shots they missed. 35%. Yikes.

  • Jim

    Lots of good points made already. We played the lakers game today. That’s the easiest way to lose to them. They are, uh, pretty good. They have a couple of pretty good players. How we completely forgot to push the pace, I don’t know.

    Time to adjust.

  • Visionary

    I completely agree with the big lineup. Mcgee on Gasol and mozgov on bynum. Mozgov will not take bynum out of the game but he finds a way to make him work and frustrate him. If Karl does not change his lineups to match our opponents instead of going with the small ball lineup, its time for a change.

  • J.J.

    Yes, there were other problems (Lawson, poor shooting, weak defense), but really, it’s very simple: Gasol and Bynum are really, really good players. Koufous, Mozgov and McGee aren’t. Mozgov was mediocre, Koufous was bad, and McGee was atrocious. That just isn’t going to change, and our guys just can’t compete (consistently) with that. We’ll play better than that, and might win one or two, but we aren’t going to win, and it underscores how great it would be to have a real big man. Nene was no Bynum, but he could play a little.

    I don’t think McGee is awful, and I’m sure he’ll play a little better as the series goes on, but MAN, he has literally no shooting touch, and hands of stone. I don’t see that changing, so DO NOT sign him to a big contract. And Koufous and Mozgov have basically maxed out. Look elsewhere next year.

  • J.J.

    And I love Faried, but he just isn’t big enough . . .

  • steve

    Couple of random thoughts…

    Moz should be starting..he plays and bangs with AB better than anyone.

    Bird is sitting on the bench…he has playoff experience and would give some length on Pau.

    Play a big line up! In a perfect world I would like to USE our 4 big guys and not play small.



    They don’t have to start , but it would be nice to USE our SIZE.
    KK….is soooooo over rated by what I read here. I hate to say it but he is NEVER going to more that what he is.

    Kenneth is too small to play PF against this team.

    AM the answer….OMG…he kills the pace! We need to push.

    Julian on kobe? 6’7″ would be nice to have at times.

    McGee will bounce back. He is the future center of this team.

    It is scary how poorly we shoot. Brewer gives a good boost of energy but JHamm is the only one who can actually shoot outside.

    We played scared with no energy. It will be over in 4 if they play like this more.

  • heykyleinsf

    I keep hearing how we don’t have any bigs and GK has no choice.. he has to play small ball.



    Just saying.

    I don’t know why ever not.


  • Greco21

    Well said Kalen

    1. Koufos held Bynum to 0 points and 0 offensive rebound while he was in the game.

    2.He also forced a couple of turnovers with the assistance of Gallinari.

    3. He did not get Blocked by Bynum (most of the Nuggets big got)

    4. Go compare how many baskets or offensive rebounds they had against Moz (whose offensive movement just isn’t there…)

    5. He was wide open 2 times when Farried forced his shot against Bynum

    6. He was tough.

    One thing he did not do was to set good solid picks. Lakers did a very good scouting job to mess with his picks. Especially Barnes was faking. So he did not provide his floor spacing while in the Game. There he sucked big time and they better find a solution for that.

    I also thing that GK strategy is too risky. Doubling in the post and leaving wide open shots in the perimeter. Since he intended to play 3 7 footers he should force Bynum to the foul line. I guess he did not do that because he thought that this would slow down the game a lot. On the half court offense the spacing was not there. Bynum and Gasol protected the paint excellent. There was no inside out game to open the lanes toward the paint.

    On the other hand i will insist of what i was posting in RMC all season long. The small line up stole a number of games. But play off time it would nice to have a contingency scenario. The 7 footers could not create offense in order to force Bynum or Gasol to fouls. I think Bynum committed his first foul in the second half. He had an easy going night.

  • allAround

    I hope that what we saw was a young team being afraid to show up at its first play-off game. If we play stronger the next game then we have hopes.

    – Gasol is f@cken smart … if you play small ball with Gasol playing inside you loose …plain and simple . Gasol can pass when he is doubled team and Gasol can score any day against Al or Farried. On the other hand Bynum when it is doubled he is prone to make mistake

    – Galinnari this is the key factor more plays to him .. (or how to say it better Al give the ball to Gallo he is our leader )

    – Miller I enjoyed every time he tried to post Kobe

    – Al 4 – 14 come on man now give a pass .

    – too much discussion about kouf .The first 5 minutes he was there he was boxing out Bynum and had 2 offensive boards and 3 defensive after that Kouf was benched for McGee and when returned inside he was lost as the hole Nuggets. McGee was no where also and Mozz played garbage time and did not bring something more … Anyway I am not favoring KK over the rest but I am definetely favoring all of them against Al and small ball espetially when we play against Fakers

    • phibuffa

      Exactly. Koufos, McGee, MOz, Bird. Whatever, just don’t have 6’8″ guarding 7 footers most of the game, Karl! It’s a sure loser!

  • Gianluca

    in Italy the only honor is GALLINARI , he yesterday WAS ONLY NUGGETS

    you nuggets fan go to nba.com an wath the PLUS MINUS … if gallinari play 60 games ( also ginobili ) the RANK IS :
    1 JAMES
    2 PARKER
    5 CP3

    if NUGGETS play with 3 pointers ( lawson in only block – afflalo only 3 points = brewer = millers and 2 points only GALLO ( 6’11”) penetrations AND IF HARRINGTON DIDN’T PLAY AND THE PF AND THE CENTRE ARE FARIED – MCGEE FOR 30-40 MINUTES ( PLAYOFF = WIN OR DIE ) NUGGETS CAN WINT .. BUT KARL :(

  • Gianluca

    only player wit 2 BIG BALL :


    only the starte can play this PLAYOFFS VS LAKERS ( 8 minutes MCGEE – 5 minutes HARRINGTON ( small foward !!! no vs gasol-bynum ) – 5 minutes miller ( 4 block )

  • ny nugs fan

    the nugs did some good things in that ballgame; they just looked kinda shellshocked until about the 3rd quarter and then it was too late

    but we gotta find a way to get bynum from underneath our basket and i’m thinking mozgoz can do that bcse he keeps Bynum honest with the spot up j; if we can’t do that then he’s gonna continue to set Lakers’ records for blocks & probably rebounds

    it’s also pretty clear that the lakers are just too smart when we go small ball; they instantly recognize the mismatch and take advantage

    i think mcgee came outta the whole this being the Lakers and a real playoff game shock as the game wore on

    but the #1 thing the nugs gotta get back is their court awareness; missed rebounds, loose balls, etc. etc…. it’s basic paying attention and hustle… we had cleared that up towards the end of the regular season but it was back in force yesterday

  • Thomas

    Our only chance against the Lakers (if such a thing exists):

    – Play energy guys a lot: Faried and Brewer 30+ minutes/game each
    – Play KK and Moz all game, one at a time
    – Play Gallo a lot, 35+ minutes
    – Play Ty and AAA a lot, 35+ minutes – have Miller and Harrington/Hamilton sub them
    – When Faried rests, sub for Mcgee at PF (never as C)
    – Never play Ty & Miller together
    – Never play Harrington more than 15 minutes and only as SF or as SG mismatch
    – Play a wild card line-up for 5 minutes to stop Laker runs: Stone-Brewer-Faried-KK-Moz.

    What we can’t (but will) do is continue to play as if we had no game plan, that we don’t consider mismatches, that we put Faried with Mcgee against Gasol and Bynum. Mcgee doesn’t have the size of basketball IQ for such a task. Let Faried play through blocked shots and mistakes – he will get much better as the series progresses IF HE GETS 35+ minutes/game, not 27 or less.

    What we can’t do is think, like our coach thinks, that small ball is an advantage, that 2-guard line-up has a chance (it doesn’t), that Al Harrington will be a difference maker (he won’t, not in a positive way).

    We have a better backcourt than them. Don’t mess with that. We have a mismatch with Gallo, if we flank him with a big center (KK or Moz) and a tenacious rebounder like Faried

    • ryanvdonk

      i think javale can play center, just when bynum is out…and the moz-mcgee lineup is even taller than the lakers and i’ve loved it when i’ve seen it, hope it comes out next game.

  • heykyleinsf

    there is just no way this team will get past the coach.

    Nuggets are going to have big nights and big wins..
    but with that territory comes close games and cold shooting
    also comes with individuals Lawson, AAA, Gallo, Harrington,
    Brewer.. the scoring players.. cold.. night to night basis

    GK does nothing to fix what’s broken on the fly.

    Forget about any progress until there is a coach that actually
    does something in the midst of a game.

  • http://espn Gary

    This was Pathetic with a caps ‘P’. We just plain sucked and there ain’t no two ways bout it. I do however, beleive that it was a night of extremes, aberrations and exceptions. No denying the Fakers were the btter team on Sunday, but I think it was punctuated by them being able to absolutely, completely execute every piece of their game plan and us playing a high school team with no plan at all. Every single thing they did worked, including Friggin blake throwing doing a Ray Allen impersonation from the beyond the arc and that moron Bynum suddenly having knees of a 6 six year old with no surgeries. Also, they might have been invisible, but all our bigs had to have lead balls chained to their ankles…they just couldn’t friggin jump…that was atrocious. Every jumper that rattled the rim bounced in for them after like 3 bounces and it just wouldn’t go in even when McGee gave it 4 tries. The refs might as well just have been served dinner by Mrs Brown prior the game.
    Think its just one of those days, where it won’t bounce for you and won’t happen at all. GK’s coaching doesn’t help, but it was more than that yester. Lawson never got out of his cozy shell and were too nery to start the proceedings. Fakers are a bad match-up for us anyway, but yester was an aberration I think. Don’t know if we win the next, but i expect it to be a much different game.

  • DH

    OK, we were dominated. But let me start with the positives (like Charlie)…

    It was only one loss. As ugly as it was, it only counts for one. The Nuggets would not be the first team in history to look terrible one night and completely different the next.

    If I had never looked at the score, it would have seemed like we lost by 30-40. In the second half alone, it would have seemed like they outscored us by 20-25. But it was a 15-point loss. In fact, we were outscored (amazingly) by only 2 after the first quarter. Can we do things better to combine for 8 more scores/stops? Sure
    we can.

    Gallo is back. I said it before the game and I’ll say it again: Our best set against the Lakers is the pick and roll (or pick and pop) with Gallo having the ball. It was working until we went away from it. And if we would space the floor better and our shooters would hit their shots, it would be even better.

    Faried held his own – particularly in the first half – much better than I thought he could. I thought he might have to practically sit this one out, because it’s such a bad matchup for him. Now I think he can do some things to make Gasol work on the defensive end, if we find ways to occupy Bynum.

    Miller was solid and poised, compared to the rest of the team. Someone mentioned that he killed the pace, which was true at first. But if you go back and look at it, he was actually pushing the ball up pretty good most of the time in the second half. And as much as I hated that we had Ty and Andre in the game at the same time – meaning ‘dre had to guard Kobe – he did a surprisingly decent job on Kobe. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see him on Kobe ever again, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

    Now for some things that weren’t so good and some general commentary…

    Ty (my favorite Nugget, so don’t ever accuse me of playing favorites in my comments) is just awful against the Lakers. In the last regular season Lakers game, George actually benched him and let Andre play without Ty in the 4th quarter (imagine that, using your backup PG to replace your starting PG, not to play beside him). And I applauded GK for that. Ty needs to spend the summer working on the Tony Parker floater and the Steve Nash “dribble through” (where he drives to the rim, sees nothing is there, and dribbles through and back out to reset the offense). In the mean time, if Ty can’t do Ty things, we need to use him as a shooter with Gallo initiating the offense as much as possible. And Ty needs to have a short leash in this series.

    I think I’ll get crucified for this, but I’m not nearly as down on McGee as everyone else is. He showed a lot of playoff jitters and Bynum smothered him. But, in my opinion, he should be playing with one of the other centers and Gasol should be guarding him. I think he would be a lot more successful under that scenario. Also, in general, he rushed everything. With the first playoff game out of the way, maybe he calms down just enough to get those shots and tips to fall.

    I don’t care so much which center plays the most as I do that they all play – so they can give maximum effort and spread out the fouls – and all play MORE. As most people have said, we have to use bigger lineups. It bugs the heck out of me that Karl didn’t use some big lineups during the season, to prepare for this. But we have got to see if a KK/McGee or Moz/McGee lineup will work. We just have to. (I would mention Bird, but I have been under the impression for a long time that he is kind of unofficially suspended. Something happened behind the scenes. Otherwise, how do you explain him losing all playing time – even in blowouts – when he was actually starting to play better than he had all year?)

    Afflalo did a nice job on Kobe, but I agree with those who think it hurt his offense. George’s plan was to use AAA, Brewer, and even some Gallo on Kobe, and I still think that’s the right way to go. Mix it up.

    Brewer is important in this series. The Lakers are going to be efficient on offense and tough on the offensive boards. That’s the perfect recipe for slowing down a running team. We need to create turnovers, and fast breaks off those turnovers. Brewer is the key to that.

    A lot of people mentioned double-teaming. Bynum is notorious for not handling the double-team well. We have to double him. We have to choose our spots on doubling Kobe. And we have to play Gasol straight up (as someone said, Gasol will pick you apart if you double him). We need to close out better on the role players, but if Steve Blake and Devin Ebanks beat you, you have to live with that. You can’t let Bynum and Kobe have their way.

    We need to hit shots in order to spread out the Lakers defense and minimize the Bynum “block party”. If Ty and AAA, in particular, aren’t hitting, JHam will need to get some minutes. Unfortunately, we would have to find a way to get him in there without matching him up on Kobe, if possible. But if we don’t hit shots, we can’t win.

  • DH

    Kalen, thanks for joining DDL yesterday. I almost feel bad for inviting you (or helping Zach to invite you), since it was a bad day to be a Nuggets fan or analyst. But your presence was appreciated. Hopefully, you try it again tomorrow and the Nuggets reward you with a much improved game. 😉

  • al68

    Muchos pensais que la solucion es sacar un equipo grande con KK y Mcgee o con Mozgov, yo pienso que ese es el mayor error ya que en todo son mejores gasol y Bynum, mientras que si jugamos con faried tenemos un jugador infinitamente mas rapido que cualquiera de ellos puede correr el campo 3 veces mientras que bynum y gasol no han pasado de medio campo, tambien tiene ventaja en eso mcgee APROVECHEMOSLO.
    Si vierais baloncesto internacional hay una comparacion muy buena y fue los partidos España Rusia de los años 80 rusia tenia un center de 2,20 cm y otro llamado Sabonis de 2,19cm y españa tenia dos de 2,04 cm que corrian el campo a toda velocidad y les ganabamos cuando jugabamos rapido y les volviamos locos, en partidos lentos y pesados como el de ayer no tenemos nada que hacer y solo les dimos problemas cuando salio brewer en el 2do cuarto.

    Esta no es una eliminatoria para harrington ni para KK y si para brewer, Faried y Gallo.

  • phibuffa

    Ha ha. I looked back on most of the comments, and most people are saying the same thing. Nuggets cannot beat this team with small ball, and the most favorable big match ups would appear to be Moz/Koufos on Bynum and McGee on Gasol.

    Why can’t Karl see this? I honestly thought he was seeing the light toward the end of the season, and when he went to the two big lineup in that last game, I actually thought the light had turned on. But then came the first game and “small ball”. Forget the finances, Masai and Josh, can Karl and eat the remainder on his contract or move him over to player development or something. He just doesn’t seem to get how to win in the playoffs. It’s that simple.

    • heykyleinsf

      I completely agree.

      After a couple of decades in the league..
      and the same results..

      It seems he only gets more conservative.

      not only are we losing, sometimes embarrassingly…

      I absolutely 100% believe this team is capable of
      being the most entertaining and refreshing teams
      in all of sports.

      I’m not only tired of GK.. I’m bored of it as well.

      Come on.. let’s get someone with a little fortitude and imagination.

  • gfacekillah8

    i dont think we need to freak out just yet. yesterday’s loss was humiliating but the Nuggets won’t shoot that bad again in the series. i anticipate the team to come out firing in game 2.

    i think the big problem we have is that NONE of our bigs can make a jump shot. this allows Bynum to just camp out at the rim because our 7 footers dont pull him out on defense. this kills ty’s game because he can’t get good looks at the hoop when he drives. this is the #1 spot where we miss Nene.

    Oh and whenever Javale Mcgee tries to make a layup….

    • phibuffa

      McGee will start hitting those, just like the rest of the team. Moz can hit outside shots, can’t he? Also, the operative words their were “camp out”. Refs should not be letting Bynum “camp out” at the rim regardless. They should be calling him for three seconds.

  • Guy

    For some reason Mosgov plays better against the Lakers than anybody else, he should start. The Spurs were successful against the Lakers starting Duncan & Splitter instead of the smaller Blair and the Nuggets should do the same. Bring Faried in when Gasol or Bynum goes to the bench.
    The Nuggets are going to have problems in this series because the Lakers don’t turn the ball over and the Nuggets don’t shoot well. They need to run their offense through Gallo for he’s the one Nugget who has a mismatch on anyone who guards him. He should have had 30 yesterday but there were too many possesions where he didn’t even get the ball. He’s the one guy one this team who can hit an outside shot and get to the basket (and the foul line).
    The most disturbing thing as far as the future is concerned is the play of Ty Lawson. He’s got to be able to pull up and hit a 15ft jumper against teams like the Lakers and OKC or they’re just going to funnel him into their shot blockers. He’s as fast or faster than Tony Parker but he’s not shifty like Parker and he can’t pull up and hit the jumper. He’s going to be wanting the big bucks in a couple of seasons but there’s no reason to give it to him if he doesn’t improve his shooting. The Nugs are going to be facing teams like OKC & the Lakers every year in the playoffs so if he can’t do these things we need to find someone who can.

  • DH

    According to Chris Palmer at ESPN, Jordan Hill has to be in court tomorrow morning for a felony assault charge. It’s my understanding that this would take place in Houston, so he could be out for tomorrow’s game (or maybe not). He definitely had an impact in Game 1, so this could actually be a semi-important development.

  • ny nugs fan

    i also thought the nugs went to mass shooting of the 3-ball too early; we made a few but there were a lot of ticks left on the clock and we couldve been getting to the rim, stopping the clock, getting some easy baskets; and it seems like everytime we missed the Lakers capitalized

    • heykyleinsf

      There seemed to be a both a panic and a submission.

      We broke the all-time NBA record for points in the paint this year.

      Some record going back way before 3 pointers.

      We have the depth, youth, aggression (depending on
      the given night and player), quickness and
      skills.. why oh why.. do we always seem to play the
      other team’s game?