Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 99 Los Angeles Lakers 84

Los Angeles Lakers 84 Final
Recap | Box Score
99 Denver Nuggets
Kenneth Faried, F 36 MIN | 6-16 FG | 0-0 FT | 15 REB | 2 AST | 12 PTS | +5

What Faried has managed to accomplish as a rookie is incredible. He couldn’t sniff garbage minutes at the beginning of the season and is now being marketed as the face of the team. While Faried is still physically overmatched, he’s made strides on the defensive end and established himself as a rebounding force. When the game got close and the Nuggets found themselves struggling to execute, the Nuggets relied on Faried’s energy to pull out a gritty win.

Danilo Gallinari, SF 33 MIN | 3-11 FG | 7-8 FT | 6 REB | 2 AST | 13 PTS | -1

Another mediocre offensive performance from Gallo, who still has not been able to leave his mark on the series. While Gallo didn’t make plays or shoot well, he started to find his game in the fourth quarter and managed to end his night on a high note. Gallo made several big free throws and grabbed some crucial rebounds late, all while having to guard Kobe Bryant for a majority of his time on the floor. Gallo was solid on Kobe, but is still a non-factor offensively.

Timofey Mozgov, C 14 MIN | 0-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -8

Karl’s decision to start Mozgov paid off as the Lakers were not able to establish their paint defense as easily as they were in L.A. Unfortunately, Mozgov wasn’t able to contain Bynum into the second half and unraveled. His presence was an effective deterrent for Bynum early, but he was awful with the ball in his hands and completely overshadowed by McGee and Faried in a rough second half.

Arron Afflalo, SG 25 MIN | 3-9 FG | 2-2 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 10 PTS | +4

Afflalo’s play continues to decline. His ineffectiveness has reached a point where George Karl decided to bench him for the entirety of the pivotal fourth quarter. There’s no nice way to put it — Afflalo, who was a premier player for the Nuggets heading into the series, has been reduced to a barely visible role player. His defense is unremarkable and he continues to force offense with poor results. Afflalo appears to have lost some confidence and is no longer playing his game.

Ty Lawson, PG 38 MIN | 9-19 FG | 6-7 FT | 4 REB | 7 AST | 25 PTS | +23

Lawson proved he can carry the Nuggets for stretches and a game like this proves just how important he is in this series. Denver’s offense was unstoppable when Lawson was at his best and the Lakers quickly got right back in the game when his aggressiveness tapered off. Lawson was amazing, but too unselfish in the second half, where he scored only 7 points and deferred to Andre Miller. Even with all his faults, Lawson produced at a superstar level throughout the first half and the Lakers had no answer.

Al Harrington, PF 17 MIN | 2-4 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 7 PTS | +1

Harrington was off to a decent start before catching a vicious elbow from Andrew Bynum in the third quarter. Harrington appeared dizzy and unable to get up and down the floor for a good two possessions before play was finally stopped and he was able to be examined. Harrington broke his nose and will have to wear a mask if he’s able to go in game four.

Andre Miller, PG 32 MIN | 5-12 FG | 2-2 FT | 5 REB | 6 AST | 13 PTS | +17

Miller’s offense certainly wasn’t pretty, but he continues to be very effective off the bench. Andre has played with a lot of confidence in this series and seems to know he can generate good looks against the Lakers reserves. Andre made a huge three-pointer to seal the win and was distributing effectively despite the fact he took some ill-advised shots. The Nuggets need confident decision makers on offense and right now Miller is one of the few consistent options.

Corey Brewer, SF 16 MIN | 1-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 3 PTS | +4

Brewer had a very sub-par night in terms of production, but I feel he was a positive on defense and a better offensive player than his awful shooting performance indicates. This was Brewer’s worst game of the series, but his hands were all over the place defensively and his trademark energy was a key ingredient in the Nuggets eventually gutting out a win.

JaVale McGee, C 28 MIN | 8-12 FG | 0-2 FT | 15 REB | 2 AST | 16 PTS | +30

Wow. While I’m still in awe of how thoroughly McGee dominated inside, I can’t say it was totally unexpected. The Nuggets have nothing to lose by throwing McGee out there over Koufos and Mozgov just to see what the kid is made of. McGee played over 25 minutes for the first time in ten games and responded with a Bynum-like performance of 16 points, 15 rebounds and four blocks. It was a resounding statement game for McGee, who became the first big off the bench and proved he needs a significant role for Denver to have any chance of getting back in this series.

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Charlie Yao

Managing Editor at Roundball Mining Company and writer since 2010. Unhealthily obsessed with Nuggets basketball since 2002. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at the links on the left.
  • James

    Wrong game stats. Lakers bigs spent the game looking lost, easier win than I expected. Mozgov does not deserve to start game 4, will be interesting to see if bynum faces any discipline

    • HD

      How does mozgov not deserve to start when he has been our most consistant player thus far in the series. His physical play from the start shut down Bynum for three quarters. Ofcourse McGee did a fine job in helping but with him coming off the bench and koufos playing horrible who would you rather start? Birdman? if so you have my approval.

      • https://twitter.com/#!/teejmcbride1 teejmcbride1

        he had 3 turnovers in 14 minutes and did not score. He is not our guy as a starter. im hoping the Nuggets send him away in a package with Wilson chandler to move up in the draft.

        • HD

          If we package a big right now it will definitely be Koufos, but let’s just worry about the series. I know a lot of fans don’t realize all the little things he does. Defensive positioning, fighting bynum to the spot, he checked out every time he was in last night. As far as his offense…look at McGee’s first game of the series (ick) but he has turned it on as of late.

    • Charlie

      Yeah, I fixed it. Stats are correct, thanks a lot for pointing that out. I swear the thing we use to generate these hates me

  • HD

    This is a very accurate recap. It has been a long time since I have been able to say that. Loved the work we got out of our bigs and Moz for Koufos was a win so lets get gallinari in sync and keep on rolling!

  • phibuffa

    McGeezie was the difference in this game. Thankfully, Karl finally gave him extended minutes on Bynum starting early. Ty Law’s aggressiveness was also key.

    I would still like to see McGee and Moz on Bynum and Gasol in a big ball lineup, though at this point it may be even better to do it (if they can win Sunday) in a surprise move when they get back to L.A. Think of how many boards Manimal would get if he had the Geez and Mozy boxing out the LA bigs for him?! I like Koufos, and perhaps he might be effective against Gasol, but clearly Geez and Moz are best on Bynum.

  • NuggFan forLife

    The grade for Mozgov shouldn’t be C- but C. Because he is the reason why Bynum got frustrated. Also, Koufos should beef up a little so his contract extension is worth it. He could have been our second center of the future until that awful defensive performance vs Bynum in Games 1-2.

  • Samc

    So are we signing on to JaVale? I’m into it…

    • elvena

      He looked really good, but one game is an infinitesimal sample size.

      Let’s see how he continues.

  • Trip

    I will trade Mozgov’s sometimes lack of offensive weapons for his solid D that he is playing on Bynum, yeah Bynum still scored 18, but 0 in the first half is a huge win, it gave the team some confidence and stops to run the court. I say leave him as the starter, especially because McGee plays extremely well off the bench, and even better with Andre on the court too.

    Another grade I do not personally agree with is AAA. He helped get that early start going. Until he hit a couple shots the only offense we had going for us was Faried tipping back a couple missed shots and Gallo getting one too. Without a couple tough shots from him the offense could have easily stayed very stagnant, and we could have been looking at a blow out going the other way.

    • evan

      oh and he shot over 60% from 3pt range.

    • Bryan

      Totally agree. When I was driving home, Kos was interviewing Faried. And Faried gave kudos to Mozgov for his defense on Bynum and pointed that Bynum was getting mad because Mozgov was putting his body into him. Also, that block on Kobe that probably should have been a travel was impressive. And even that foul on the layup at the end of the game was okay because he didn’t let him score.

      Mozgov needs to do wrist curls all summer and get a Juggs machine to work on catching balls. However, he’s the 5th scoring option and his purpose is to play defense and frustrate Bynum, not score.

      That being said, McGee’s performance was outstanding. At halftime, I told the people I was watching the game with that I hoped Mcgee would not be like Nene and disappear after a good first half. So glad he didn’t. Outjumping Bynum fo that offensive rebound was awesome. And absolutely love that they were feeding him the ball in the post. They actually had a legit half court offense doing that as opposed to living and dying with jump shots.

      I just hope Karl does a good job of preparing McGee for the double teams that I think will be coming his way next game.

      • HD


  • CJP32

    Wow, if only this Ty showed up EVERY game – he responded to the challenge and set the tone early.

    Right now, our best 5 man unit on the floor is Ty, Dre, Brewer, Al, McGee – 4 bench guys! Gallo/Afflalo have just flat out sucked. They are shooting a combined 33% FGs and 17% 3PTs, for 25 points per game.

    The 31-4 run was amazing to watch, everyone contributed and everything went our way. But we got lazy in the 2nd half and let the Lakers come back, but Faried/Dre made some big plays in the 4th qtr.

    McGee was outstanding, even though his Mom Pam was giving death stares the entire game. This guy needs to be our starting centre next season and beyond, him and Faried will be a great tandem for years to come.

    I think we can wipe out Mozzy/Koufos for any consistent play. I wonder if Al will play in Game 4 with a fractured nose?

    A great team effort and a great win, bring on Game 4!

  • ElliottWarner

    Come on man… Afflalo’s game has not declined, he’s just missing too many jumpers and open shots and expending a lot of energy on the defensive end. And the fact that Andre Miller played the whole 4th against the Lakers was no comdenation of Afflalo, rather it was a testament to how the game and offense was flowing with Miller in the game. The negativity of this site is exhausting sometimes…

    • CJP32

      I watched at least 3 plays in the first qtr that Afflalo did not fight through screens to guard Kobe, its like he doesn’t know how to or want to. He should watch Brewer, he goes in/around/under screens and still gets a hand up to contest a shot. Kobe was scoreless and had 2 TOs against the defense of Brewer.

      Most of Afflalo’s missed jumpers have been wide open – he just hasn’t stepped up to the challenge. GK is doing a good job of managing everyones minutes – the rotation is set and no one is playing too many minutes

    • heykyleinsf

      I know … right??

      if not for AAA’s surgically laser precise 3-9 FG effort..
      we lose this game.

      Come on!!

      AAA is the only reason the Nuggets even
      have a basketball team!!!

  • MarcP

    McGee was going to be resigned regardless simply because we gave up nene to get him but it is great to see we might have our front court starters set for the few years at least.

    I know it’s early to talk draft but it’s hard to pick what the holes in our team are but I think tony wroten would be a great fit. 6’5 combo guard to provide bench scoring and spell afflalo and Lawson

    • Prizzy

      Jordan Hamilton in the lineup next year shooting lights out will make me happy. He improved a lot this year. I say we trade our draft pick for cash to lock down the rest of our core players. The more time this team can stay together the better they will be. My man McGee was ballin tonight and I’m pretty sure his moms death glare gave us at least 8 points.

      • Guy

        Yeah that’s it, let’s hurry up and lock in that 6-8 seed in the playoffs. Come on let’s not get carried away, this is just one game, the easiest one for us to win. I’m sure the Lakers will ajust for game 4. Let’s not forget that we have a losing record against every single Western Conference playoff team. Ty Lawson is arguably our best player and he’s no more than the 8th best point guard. I’m not saying we should stick with the 20th pick but we need to somehow find an allstar or 2 to really have a chance at a title. We’re not going to get one through a trade or free agency so we’re going to have to take our chances in the draft.

    • christopher

      I actually can’t think of a worse fit that Wroten. The Nuggets desperately need shooting and will also need a better passer if they are replacing Andre. Wroten is a combo guard who is a poor decision maker and can’t shoot. He’s a decent prospect just an awful fit.

      • Guy

        How about Damian Lillard??

  • Landry

    I never thought that I’d say it but I was so glad when Masai decided to get rid of da Baby. I mean Nene was the definition of soft. Now we have a true PF and C. Finally is it just me or has Faried rubbed off on McGee as he has stepped up his rebounding tremendously?? Just saying without all of those 15 rebounds we don’t win this game!!!

  • heykyleinsf

    The all world all time best basketball player that ever
    lived just by his wiley Tebow-like inspiration???

    I got news…

    He played a few good games this year.

    Otherwise… please.. please..

    • Marc

      A few good games?!? He led our team in scoring the last 2 months of the season while still being our best defensive player. So if “a few” means 25 good games then yeah I agree with you.

      • Tom

        Afflalo was easily the worst player on the roster for the first half of the season. Thankfully, Harrington was playing out of his mind, otherwise the Nuggets might not be in the playoffs right now.

        • heykyleinsf

          Thank you Tom…
          Finally some sense of reason and honesty.

          AAA is paid to be the best player on the team.

          He disappears or flat out sucks and gets some
          kind of pass while Lawson, Miller, Harrington, Gallo,
          et al live game by game for their worth.

          When one player is sanctified … that makes the whole team
          concept suffer… when one is holier than the rest and above
          criticism… especially disappearing acts that are hallucinated
          as intangibles and defense.

          Affalo is mediocre at best.
          Maybe was overall the 4th or 5th best player this year.

          At least finally.. it gets obvious enough to put him on the
          same playing field as the rest of the team.

          • dunkman

            Actually Gallo is paid to be the best player on the team. AA is making marginally more than WC. Also, AA was the best player on the team the 2nd half of the season, and according to some people (Simmons for one) one of the top 3 SGs in the league during the 2nd half of the season. I have hope for Gallo but he certainly hasn’t approached that level of play yet in his career.

            • heykyleinsf

              is playing half the season acceptable?
              and even if you give him that.. overall
              top 3 SG???

              Let’s just say sake of argument-wise…
              Kobe and Wade… put AAA in there…
              assume he is better than all these..
              Ginobili.. (no)..Ellis, Gordon, Martin (no, no and no)
              Allen, Johnson, Evans, Terry..
              I go through each team and through the list..

              And realize…

              We are probably weaker at starting SG than
              any other position. That’s comparatively.
              Going team by team.. seeing all these amazing SGs in the NBA…

              Affalo actually turns out to be kind of a joke.

              Top 3??? Maybe on the Nuggets..

              In the NBA?.. you are seriously deluding yourself.

  • al68

    Gran partido de Mcgee el mejor desde que llego a Denver.

    Jugamos muy rapido y muy bien hasta que salio Miller y se paseo por el campo sin defender dando pades estupidos y sin intensidad, haciendo que perdieramos gran parte de los 24 puntos, luego en la 2ª parte lo hizo claramente mejor. Muy bien Lawson hasta que se canso y tomo algunas malas decisiones. Preocupante falta de confianza en ataque de Gallo que hace que todavia se cierre mas en defensa LA, muy bien en defensa.

    Me parece muy bien limitar los minutos de Mozzy y KK ya que tienen muy poca calidad. La rapidez e intensidad de Faried (que bien estar 4 años en la universidad para aprender) puede como ayer desequilibrar a gasol para mi el segundo mejor del equipo ayer.

    La parte negativa es que no veo la confianza suficiente para ganar esta serie y lo bueno el enorme cabreo que tenia gasol con sus compañeros sobretodo con su base que es el peor de los titulares y se las jugabas todas sin pasar a nadie en vez de implicar a todo el equipo.

    Si ganamos el 4 partido contra un equipo tan limitado en el banquillo como LA tenemos una minima posibilidad.


    i tell from 1 week : ONLY FARIED and MCGEE if we wan’t won
    afflalo i gelous of GALLO and TY
    GO NUGGETS from SIENA ( PALIO ) !!!

    ps ( if 1 person will go to PALIO DI SIENA 2luglio or 16agosto i can ospitated and the next year i can go to DENVER’S for 1-2 playoff game

  • Lawstar

    Lawson with 25 4 and 7 and a +23 is not an A-. That’s an A+ in a must-win game.

    Next year is extension time and the way he is balling it’s going to take a max contract to retain him.

  • Giovanni

    Finally a win vs the Fakers…
    Total Support from Italy to the blog and the team…
    Go Nuggets…
    Ps Ty beast Lawson…

  • Phuzzy

    A couple of things impressed me this game that I didn’t see in games 1-2.

    Lawson found a way to score against the Lakers size. When he drove to the rim he would use some hesitation moves early that seemed to throw off the timing of Bynum and Gasol. Floor spacing also helped as it seemed Faried and Moz/Magee would drag the Lakers bigs away from the paint. Those drives also opened up space in the lane for some open short jumpers which suits Lawson better than long range shots.

    On defense I liked Gallo on Kobe because when the Lakers set picks and the Nugs would switch they would end up with a decent defensive match-up. Someone like AAA or Brewer would pick up Kobe on the switch and Gallo would take their man and the Nugs wouldn’t end up with a huge defensive mis-match.

    Also it’s not worth mentioning because it will never change but I will do it anyway…. The NBA is the worst officiated sport ever.

    Hope the Nuggets keep it up and send it back to LA tied.

    • bayesk

      totally agree about officiating in the association. always seemed to me the best refs are in the NHL, the violence of the game notwithstanding.

  • steve

    was it just me or did it seem like the refs let us play tonight rather than calling every ticky tack foul like in the previous 2 games?

    regardless, great win. Let’s just hope they build on this and keep the pace up and run LA out of denver to tie this series up going back to LA.

    GO NUGS!

    • Irritated Fan

      Yeah Maybe it seemed like that until the 4th when the nuggets got no calls but the lakers couldn’t be touched without a foul call. And Kobe’s catch while out of bounds?? And McGee has the same thing happen, looked in bounds, and was called out?
      Anyways. Ty played great and if he can keep this up with successful bigs, we have a shot.
      To all of you who are trying to say anything positive about mosgov… Did you not watch the 4th? He came in, missed at least 3 layups, got outrebounded a couple times, had a couple fouls, and let the nuggets lead shrink away a bit. If I’m not mistaken the nuggets didn’t pull away in the first until McGee subbed for mosgov. Anyways.
      Good win for the nuggs.
      I’m glad they held the lead the whole time after the crazy scoring run, and all stayed composed. People bashing on AAA an gallo are crazy. AAA will figure it out, he is playing against the best SG in the nba and one of the best in history. If we were matched up against bulls Ty would struggle with a healthy drose. Or if it were magic, our bigs would with Howard. Kobe is simply way better than AAA, he isn’t declining. I’m sure he can find his stroke that KEPT US IN THE PLAYOFF RACE! And for gallo. His defense was good, and rebounded well. Kobe seemed to be a little frustrated.
      I just get confused, the lakers in the first game seemed completely put together, a well rounded championship team that was going to be a very tough out. But in the second half of the second game, and this game, they seemed very very beatable. Hopefully the nuggets can just run run run, and tire them out.
      Feeling good…

      • ryanvdonk

        what game were you watching? kobe is still an amazing player, but he is not as quick as he used to be, and afflalo just cannot stay in front of him. and he rebounded well? on defense he forgets to block out his man all the time, and it gives up at least 3 offensive rebounds a game (gallo did it a couple times last night too). i think he will turn it around on offense, he just needs to quit forcing his offense and let it come to him, his jumpers will start falling and he wont dribble head down into double teams.

        as for our bigs would struggle against howard as an analogy, they’re currently playing bynum and gasol, arguably the two best offensive post players in the league, and seem to be doing alright (except kosta). and there’s no way drose could hang with ty, no one can, he’s that fast (thought defensively ty would struggle in that matchup)

  • Connor P.

    I’m convinced, the team needs to re-sign Javale after the season. He shows potential to be one of the top 2 or 3 centers in the game if we can just be patient with him. Look at how the Lakers being patient with Bynum have payed off. We have a “Big 3” in the making in Lawson, Faried, and McGee.

  • Eddie

    Doris Burkes is awful. I cannot stand listening to her slur her words- she can’t say ‘s’. Dorish Burksh shaying hello from the mile high shity.

    Oh yeah, good game by the Nuggets. If Gallo could find his game this team might be good.

    • Guy

      Have to agree. You would of thought that Andrew Bynum was her boyfriend the way she was gushing all over him.

  • Underdogs need adaptive coaching

    George Matthew Karl…how AMAZING is it that the first time you commit to playing the Nuggets most talented players for most of the game that you win in dominating fashion and MOST IMPORTANTLY find the EXACT blueprint on how the Nuggets should play in the regular season and playoffs FOR THE REST OF YOUR CAREER. The Nuggets were explosive because their high octane offense and defense were BALANCED with an aggressive penetrating pace (Lawson), excellent vision to feed the post players (Miller), and Incredible Hulk like energy from Faried and McGee in rebounding, protecting and attacking the rim. The potential of Gallinari is only going to increase our weaponry, versatility and team chemistry. And of course, our team depth is well supported by the role players of Affalo, Harrington, Brewer and Mozgov/Koufos. Thank you George for all of your hard work in coaching in Denver…just please do not be so stubborn in your “right way to play” philosophy so it will not exclude useful players and fundamental play calling that helps Denver win a NBA Championship. Go Nuggets!

  • nich

    As a Wizards fan it’s so weird hearing people say how soft Nene is. I guess we have a tiny sample size and all that, but it was nothing short of miraculous how much tougher and smarter the Wizards looked once they got rid of McGee and brought in Nene.

    Obviously McGee is going to continue to improve, but it was like flipping a switch for the Wizards. Glad to see it’s working out well for the Nuggets. I’ve always liked McGee but it was clearly not working out in DC.

    • dunkman

      Nene will tantalize you with his skills and effort he brings occasionally. It’s torture really, because you see in glimpses that he could be one of the best big men in the league only he never gets there. You will come to understand….

    • phibuffa

      I have a different take on Nene. I do not think he is soft. I think the biggest issue is that he is only 6’10” (really, I think 6’9″) and plays smaller against bigger guys. He should be playing PF, but needs to develop better as a PF. Just my take, but I really liked the guy here in Denver and wish him well in DC.

      • heykyleinsf

        $13M a year for four more years.

        You’re stuck DC.. sorry.

  • nich

    Also, great job by Karl to just instruct McGee to illegally stand around and headhunt for blocks instead of continuing to complain about Bynum doing it. If the refs ain’t callin it, they ain’t callin it! Definitely plays to McGee’s strengths more than Bynums, so that could really help the series for you guys.

  • SmokinNugs

    McGee is a beast, I said it before and I’ll say it again, everyone on the Wizards acts like a bonehead. That’s just the organization. Under good coaching and a real basketball atmosphere McGee will thrive.

    • Nich

      I watch every wiz game. Everyone? God no. McGee, young and Blatche- the holdovers from the arenas era were the entire problem. Those 3 had a sense of entitlement that was disgusting considering how their decent raw numbers and natural skills covered up such idiotic, selfish, inefficient play. Even subbing in Kevin seraphin for McGee made dc better. Nene is freakin amazing. Contract will prolly hurt down the line, but with 75+ games in 09, 10,11 and such low total minutes thanks to the injury season and cancer season I wouldn’t be shocked if he maintained his effectiveness until 33-34

    • Nich

      Wall, booker, seraphin, vesely, both singletons, Mack aren’t boneheads. So glad we purged roster and got a consummate pro out of the deal

  • David

    McGee was awesome this game, he really was. But lets not get ahead of ourselves here. He is still very very raw and the fact that this game came out of nowere is a testimate to inconsitant his flashes are. The Nuggets are going to resign him because thats what they got for Nene, but Mcgee is going to ask for 8-10 million which will make him VASTLY overpaid.

    This isn’t like Faried where we have seen consistant perfomance night after night that tells us this guy has real potential. With McGee its play by play he flashes or one game every couple weeks. If he does this the entire series, dominates Bynum, and the Nuggets push it to 7 games or win….then I can have some confidence in him. But I fear we are in for harsh reality come next game where McGee will go back to what we have seen most consistantly with him, a non-factor.

    • Ray

      Mcgee at 8 mill not even close to VASTLY overpaid. Just look at the dollars capable big men usually bring in.

      I really have no idea what he’ll get, but being an RFA in post-lockout NBA really helps. It also helps that there are other decent FA/RFA bigs being available in June.

      • Guy

        If McGee can get 13 pts., 8 reb. 2-3 blocks a game, 8 mil per is worth it. At 7’2″ he could give the Nuggets an intimidation factor they haven’t had since Mutumbo. I realize thought that one game does not make a career.

  • DeezNuggets


  • Evan S

    I think Mozgov was great, getting position and frustrating Bynum. For the the rest of the series I think Mozgov or Javale should always be on the court. Mozgov is big and strong while Javale is super long. It makes Bynum have to make more difficult shots, either shooting over the the top or shooting from farther away.

  • aaron@calvarybible.com

    loved the game, fo sho. Let’s just not forget that the Lakers missed ALOT of shots last night. Open ones too. I think our defense was the biggest reason for victory. . we’ll need that and more next time because they won’t be missing the 3’s when we’re 15 feet away from them.

  • Hernan

    Our team just needs time, our whole core group haven’t had that many years in the league even less having to start, we have 3 quality big men who need time to develop and an offseason is probably the best things for them. Also, Kobe is in his zone in the playoffs and many great players have been destroyed by Kobe.

  • DH

    Some random observations…

    How good would the McGee, Faried, Gallo, Miller/AAA, Lawson lineup be if Karl had used it often – epecially in crunch time – during the regular season? Right now, they are having to learn on the job (in the playoffs!), instead of being completely comfortable with each other and with what they are trying to do. And still, you could see from this fourth quarter what they are capable of doing together if Karl would stick with it.

    Gallo doesn’t look right to me. He is getting no lift on his jump shot, it’s flat, and it usually comes up short. It looks to me like he has no legs. If I’m right, I sure hope it’s temporary. We would be pretty tough to beat if we could get some combination of AAA/Gallo/Buckets making shots. If any two of them get hot, it’s a different ball game.

    Despite Gallo’s shooting woes, he is extremely important in this series. He bothers Kobe with his height and a surprising ability to stay in front of him most of the time. He is rebounding well, and he also had some tips to keep the rebound alive, which don’t show up in the box score. And his ability to draw fouls – and make free throws – can’t be overstated. That skill can be the difference in winning a close playoff game down the stretch.

    At first, I was surprised that Charlie didn’t give Ty an A+. He was the best player on the floor in the first half – by a lot – and he was the reason we had such a huge lead. But then I read Charlie’s comments, and I know what he’s saying, because I was thinking the same thing. In the second half, Ty would have the ball coming up the middle of the court, and I thought he would push it down the Lakers’ throats. Instead, he would just hand it to Miller and everything slowed down. I didn’t blame it on Ty at the time. I’m so used to seeing it that I just chalked it up to a failure in GK’s strategy. But maybe Charlie is right. Maybe it’s on Ty to take over on his own, even with Miller on the floor.

    I can’t get over how fast this team is learning. That’s a really good sign for the future. The defense is light years ahead of where it was in the first game. They are doubling at the right time, rotating better, etc. They are starting to figure out how to attack offensively. They are learning what playoff intensity is. GK is obviously making some good adjustments. But telling them to do something is one thing. Getting such a young team to execute it is another. The players deserve a lot of credit for that. Since about midway through the 3rd quarter of Game 2, we have been the better team. Who would have thought that after Game 1?

    • Underdogs need adaptive coaching

      I concur…this is our lineup…this is our future…

  • bosc0

    When Mozgov came on in the 3rd or 4th, my wife was like “who is the white guy and why is he playing?”….

    Brewer needs to play the end of each qtr.