Land O’ Lakers chat

Yesterday I caught up with ESPNLA’s Andy Kamenetzky to talk Nuggets-Lakers and how JaVale McGee is surprisingly similar to Wilt Chamberlain. Yes, you heard that correctly. Weird. Follow the link for further details.

  • ny nugs fan

    with okc clising out, the lakers feel under intense pressure to win so they can try to clise at home

    we win this game they will unravel

    watch sessions… have feeling theyre gonna run more plays for him this game

  • steve

    Good read. I want to see the changes LA makes going into this game. THe momentum has changed a little bit and if they keep playing hte same way, Den could take control of this series. GO NUGS

  • jim

    i think we are a loong way away from taking control of anything in this series, but i will be really interested in the “who punches first, who punches back” aspect of this game. it’s going to take a lot of hustle and good coaching on the nuggets part to withstand the lakers tonight. the adjustments we make will say a lot.

    i thought the comments from kobe and bynum since the game friday were cocky bullshit. “they won because i wasn’t ready to play (bynum) or we missed shots (bryant).” the nuggets have missed a shitload more shots the series and are pretty inexperienced as a group in the playoffs. it sounds like kobe and “drew” are too busy reading their teenbeat magazines staring at posters of durant and westbrook.

    i hope the nuggets noticed the lakers still think they are no match for them and send a message.

    • ny nugs fan

      yeah i saw kobe talking about the fact that they shot horribly from the 3-point line and mockingly said that it was because of “gallo’s defense”; just complete lack of respect… i hope gallo saw that bcse he could use some motivation to get going