Denver Nuggets to-do list

For the second year in a row Roundball Mining Company has organized a list of the Nuggets top offseason priorities. Ranked from most to least urgent, these are the adjustments the Nuggets should strongly consider in order to further improve its record in 2012-13 and beyond.

Though many pundits and columnists may argue this is the most important offseason the Nuggets have faced in quite some time, that’s hardly the case. Compared to the summer of 2011, this offseason is a cakewalk.

As of now, including Wilson Chandler, the Nuggets have two-thirds of its young core locked up for at least four years. Securing the remaining two pieces is undoubtedly going to be huge, but given Masai Ujiri’s track record of cajoling free agents into re-signing with the team, fans really have nothing to worry about. Outside of these contract negotiations, the Nuggets have no pressing issues in which the team’s fate hinges upon. As is the case with each offseason, upgrades and roster tweaks will certainly need to be addressed but unlike in 2011, franchise stability has already been achieved in many ways thanks to management’s dealings over the last year and a half.

So without further ado, Roundball Mining Company gives you the Denver Nuggets offseason to-do list:

1. Re-sign JaVale McGee

No matter how you slice it, this is the single most important move to be made for the Nuggets this summer. McGee is slated to become a restricted free agent with the possibility of leaving after only several months of service with the team, however the chances of this happening are slim for several reasons.

First, because McGee is restricted, the Nuggets have the option to match any offer he receives on the open market — which they will. Let’s get one thing straight here: Masai Ujiri is a savvy son of a gun and the last thing he’s going to do is watch a 7-foot freak of nature — who showed tremendous improvement since coming to the Nuggets — walk freely, essentially completing what would then be nothing more than a salary dump.

If the Nuggets wanted to dump Nene for nothing (which is bogus in the first place), they wouldn’t have traded for a young center on the last year of his rookie contract. Period.

Second, as has already been mentioned above, McGee has grown more than anybody ever would have imagined in a very limited amount of time. He’s shown maturity, professionalism and above all else, he completes the puzzle for the Nuggets starting five. He’s the missing piece the team has been in search of for years.

Financially is where it gets a bit more complicated…

The Nuggets would obviously appreciate if McGee solely dealt with them and signed for a reasonable price. If this scenario comes to fruition then Governor Hickenlooper should just go ahead and resign in light of the fact that everyone knows it’s Masai Ujiri who runs Denver. Unfortunately, this likely won’t be the case.

In the NBA there are only a few different times when you can cash in as a player — coming off your rookie deal is one of them. McGee knows this, as does his agent. While he may genuinely want to re-sign in Denver, McGee isn’t going to settle for a discounted rate, because let’s be honest: There’s no way he likes Denver that much. That’s just the nature of the NBA. But if Ujiri can meet McGee and his team half way (OK, maybe more like 95 percent of the way), there’s a good chance he’ll agree to a deal that will keep him in a Nuggets uniform for years to come.

It’s not going to be cheap. Nuggets fans should expect to pay no less than $9 million per year. But in the end, being able to call one of the league’s best young centers yours, is something few teams can boast about. Barring some desperate franchise signing McGee to the max, it’s extremely difficult to see the Nuggets failing to retain his services.

2. Trade or amnesty Chis Andersen

In order to sign McGee, or any other free agent this summer, the Nuggets are going to need to be as frugal with their money as possible. Potentially bad contracts must be avoided at all costs and any existing ones must be jettisoned. At the moment the Nuggets have only one bad contract, and that belongs to Chris “Birdman” Andersen.

In reality Birdman has been on the decline for a while. Between age, injuries and a disregard for the fundamentals of the game, Birdman’s role has been in jeopardy since at least last year, but because the Nuggets were always thin on big bodies, he managed to retain his duties. Now that the Nuggets have four younger, more athletic bigs on the roster, Birdman has become expendable.

Nobody really knows what created the chasm between Karl and Birdman at season’s midpoint; all we know is that he didn’t see a minute of action past March 23. Even in blowouts when everyone who suited up saw some playing time, Birdman remained glued to the end of the bench. Add this to his recent involvement in an Internet Crimes Against Children investigation and it’s plain to see: The Birdman’s flight-time in Denver is officially coming to an end.

With two more years left on his contract at roughly $4.5 million a piece and the fact that his track record continues to compile glaring blemishes, Andersen is going to be a tough sell.

At 33, he still has something left in the tank. The real question is whether anybody is going to be willing to take a chance on him. If the Nuggets could manage to pry a second-round draft pick from a team in exchange for “The Bird,” that’s much better than exercising its amnesty clause as they’ll at least get something in return and at the same time avoid having to pay him the remaining $9 million left on his deal. However, unless the Nuggets package a few picks  of their own or another player in the deal, there’s a good chance you’ll see the team use its one and only amnesty provision on the Birdman sometime this summer.

3. Move up in the 2012 NBA Draft

At No. 3 on our list, this may surprise some and rightfully so. But remember, with no pressing needs outside of re-signing McGee and expelling Andersen the Nuggets have the luxury of playing a round or two this summer with house money, which in this case happens to be a historic NBA Draft class.

Here’s the thing about this draft: There are no LeBrons or Wades in the top three picks like in 2003. That draft class was historic for the amount of “superstars” and franchise changers at the top of the lottery. Instead, this draft has an abundance of depth. Guys who will be going anywhere from nine to 25 this year could have gone in the top five, or even three, last year. While picking at 20 is nice — and the Nuggets will likely get a steal no matter what — there’s also no reason why the team should be dead set on staying there. Again, thanks to Ujiri’s brilliance the Nuggets are in a position where going out and spending a little extra for an upgrade won’t break the bank. Even if it’s just moving up three to five spots by packaging No. 20, Mozgov and the 50th pick, that’s perfectly within the Nuggets limits of maneuvering without giving up any valuable assets.

Which sort of brings me to my next point…

4. Consider moving Wilson Chandler

This move has been tossed around for a while and is one I’ve been particularly ardent about since last summer when I first proposed trading Chandler for a first-round pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Even after a year has passed, not only does my position remain the same, but it’s been corroborated by transactions the Nuggets have made over that period of time.

In addition to Harrington and Gallinari — who already take up all of the small forward minutes on the roster anyways — the Nuggets also have Brewer, who’s proven to be a valuable contributor, and Jordan Hamilton, who will almost certainly play his way into a scoring role off the bench next season.

That’s four quality small forwards fully deserving of playing time!

So of all these players, why trade Chandler? Simple; because he’s by far the most valuable and at the same time, most tradeable asset of them all. The Nuggets can get the most from him while simultaneously remaining just as competitive as they have been with him on the roster this entire time! While Chandler would be a nice option off the bench, there’s already no room for his would-be minutes and Jordan Hamilton will likely be able to fill his shoes at only a fraction of the cost anyways.

Again, if the Nuggets wish to re-sign McGee, or anybody else, something has to give. Roster duplicates cannot be allowed. Paying Chandler north of $7 million to come off the bench and do what Corey Brewer or Jordan Hamilton could for only a few million, just doesn’t make sense financially.

As for what the Nuggets could get in exchange for Chandler, there’s always the Draft, which we’ll explore more in-depth in the coming weeks.

5. Don’t re-sign Andre Miller

I feel somewhat bad placing not re-signing someone on a the team’s list of priorities, as it seems to imply that player is somewhat of a cancer, which is hardly the case with Miller; however, lets not forget that for a decent part of the season Miller wasn’t the same player he was in the Playoffs. On countless occasions we were forced to downgrade him drastically for his nonexistent effort on defense and selfish mentality on offense. While we all praised him for his playoff performance, seven games out of a 66-game season shouldn’t earn you a new contract.

More than anything, re-signing Miller is — once again — a financial burden the Nuggets must avoid. As he showed against the Lakers, he still has a lot of basketball left to be played. He’s a non-injury risk and someone who could greatly assist (pun intended) a title contender in its quest for the Larry O’Brien Trophy. For these reasons, it would just simply be better for Miller and the Nuggets to part ways. He deserves more than the $3-4 million the Nuggets will likely try to re-sign him at; and after all he’s been through in his NBA career, he deserves a chance to prove he has what it takes to win a title.

Furthermore, Ty Lawson is young and fully capable of playing 35 minutes per game. Right now, backup point guard simply isn’t a position the Nuggets are in desperate need of. With a player option to keep Julyan Stone around for one more year, why not see what the kid’s made of? He’s looked very promising in limited minutes and was clearly head-and-shoulders above the competition he faced in the D-League. Add this to his incredible size, length, court vision, defense and contrast to the diminutive Ty Lawson and he seems like a perfect fit for the backup point guard role, especially given Karl’s penchant for small ball.

6. Re-sign Ty Lawson

This could really be anywhere from No. 2, to not even on this list at all. The reason it’s at No. 6? While important, re-signing Lawson this summer isn’t mandatory.

With an entire year to negotiate, the Nuggets have time, which they’ll use to clear up more cap space to in turn re-sign Lawson. By next year the Nuggets could potentially have cleared more than $20 million between Anderson, Chandler and Harrington’s contacts on top of what deals are already set to expire. Because luxury tax penalties are increasingly more costly, the Nuggets will need as much cap room as possible before seriously considering dishing out yet another hefty contract to a franchise cornerstone. Additionally, because Lawson is a restricted free agent, the Nuggets have the added security and assurance that no matter what offer is thrown his way, they’ll be able to retain him.

7. Find a defensive-minded assistant

What happened to the Nuggets defense this past year is anyone’s guess. Though the team has never been a defensive juggernaut, they way they surrendered points in 2011-12 was flat-out embarrassing.

This falls solely on the shoulders of George Karl. It’s his job to organize an effective defensive scheme and get his players to buy in. If for some reason he’s unable to cure the team’s defensive woes from last season, it would be incredibly wise of someone in the organization to step up and organize a search for a defensive-minded assistant who’s sole responsibility is defense, and nothing but defense. This person doesn’t even have to be a premier assistant — one that’s considered on the verge of finding a head coaching position — he (or she for all I care!) just needs to be someone who loves and consistently pounds the concept of defense into the heads of their players on a daily basis since clearly this is a concept Karl seems to have forgotten.

8. Sign-and-trade Rudy Fernandez

Why sign-and-trade?


Much like Wilson Chandler, Rudy Fernandez is a solid young player entering the prime of his career. Though he never quite made the impact many thought he would prior to joining the Nuggets before the start of the 2011-12 season (largely due to injury), Fernandez still carries a decent amount of value on the open market. Given his restricted status the Nuggets could, and should, parlay his first big payday into another asset in return. Even it it’s nothing more than a late draft pick or exchange for a risky, yet promising young player, it’s always wise to capitalize on the restricted clause of a player’s contract when presented with the opportunity.

If, however, the Nuggets could persuade Fernandez into signing at a discounted price — which they might be able to do considering his recent injury history and lack of production — then holding onto him for at least another year might be a good call as he is, after all, a fairly talented shooting guard.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Clint

    Good Stuff. Can’t argue this. Keep up the good work.

    • Kyle

      Are you being serious with this comment? George Karl is a hall of fame coach that has gotten us to the playoffs for 9 consecutive seasons. The reason the nuggets can never get out of the first round is because they lack a consistent go-to guy when the rest of the team is struggling which is key in the high scoring Western Conference. I would really like to see if any other coach in the league could have had such a productive season as George Karl did this year with a team that shouldn’t even have had a chance after losing Melo, J.R., Kenyon, and Nene.

      • Kyle

        That was meant to be aimed @thomas

      • Heath

        George Karl is not a good coach he is an idiot. Dosent play rookies even a great one in Kenneth Faried are u serious and dosent coach defense hes a good coach get out of here

      • Zayne

        I agree mostly with you. GK is our greg poppovich, you dont fire a guy like that dude. Theres only ummm no coaches in the league with more wins than him and you say he doesnt have a winning mentality? Your crazy what we need is simple, to play some damn defense. Stats dont lie if we could just play defense and hold teams under 100 we win. Nobody can outscore us and the times we blew people away wes becasue of our transition D, we have all the pieces we just need to play D as a team, not as a coach or individual.

  • Thomas

    Those moves won’t have any effect on our playoff outcomes if GK is still here.

    We are wasting a unique opportunity to become a relevant team late in the season. We have pieces, we have flexibility (players, financial, not coaching flexibility), we have a rebounding edge on everyone. We don’t have someone with a winning strategy, philosophy, to take us to the next level. Karl will never provide that.

    Everything else is just noise.

    • Lucas

      You must be smoking crack if you think the Nuggets should get rid of George Karl. The fact that the Nuggets gave the Lakers a run for their money in the first series is a testament to George Karl’s coaching prowess. He led the Sonics to three 60-win seasons, had just one losing month and never had a losing streak longer than three games. Only three coaches have led their teams to more 60-win seasons in NBA history. George Karl is a beast, and we should count ourselves lucky to have him coaching in Denver.

  • mitch

    you honestly think that brewer and hamilton can play like wilson chandler? if anything, get rid of brewer to free up time for chandler. he’s as good of a defender as brewer, can create his own shot, and would improve our bench from mediocre to dam scary. he would start for 20 teams in the league, but you would rather have a career bench guy in brewer? doesnt make sense.

    we could bring backup point x (undecided at this point, anyone but dre, please), j-ham at 2, wilson chandler, big al (who alot of fans dont like, but showed in game seven what hes capable of, with a torn mcl) and k2 or mozzy. thats a very competitive bench.

    • mitch

      plus think of the options we could do, we could go really big, with stone at 1 and wilson at 2, or big, with wilson at four, or traditional with him being better than any backup sf we would face.

      • mitch

        meant small*** with wilson at four

      • ryanvdonk

        hamilton is already a big 2 as well, really want to see how he develops. he’s such a smooth scorer if he develops consistency i can see him being in competition for the starting role by next summer.

    • CJP32

      In the 8 games Wilson played this year for Denver, he looked horribly awful. He shot under 40% from the field and 25% from 3PT land and averaged half a point more than Brewer but playing 5 more mins per game. This is after playing a season in the Chinese League – so no excuse for being outta shape. I think from a trade value piece POV, Chandler is more attractive over Brewer. Although, when Brewer was cut from NY last season, 14 teams chased him.

      Brewer is perfect for GKs system and was efficient in the Playoffs. Plus how is Wilson going to get more minutes by Denver cutting Brewer? Wilson will be a backup for as long as Gallo is on the team. And Faried will get 30 mpg next season, with Harrington playing his backup. So at most, Wilson may play 10-14 mins behind Gallo and 10-14 mins behind Faried – around 24 mpg. He wont be happy with that!

      • mitch

        theres plenty of room on the wing for him, sorry but he’s far FAR more talented than brewer, hamilton… oh wait thats all the nuggets have.
        and dont say fernandez because he’s gonna be playing in spain next year anyways.
        eight poor showings after jumping 5,000+ miles and a playing in a league that would get rolled by d-leaguers doesnt mean he is a bad fit for the team.
        i would prefer the more talented player every time.

        • mitch

          and so does ujiri or he would have let him go to toronto

        • ryanvdonk

          i’d argue him being more talented than hamilton…chandler is more complete but that’s to be expected with the huge gap in experience between the two. hamilton already looks like he has more offensive upside and has shown an ability to crash the boards (a big effort stat for wing players that can lead to improvement on defense). chandler is stronger and the better defender, but is VERY injury prone. i think until we see jham see some consistent playing time it’s very hard to judge

        • Charliemyboy

          Chandler averaged the same as Gallo in a full year with NY. He’s young. He just got hurt… don’t be pound foolish… a bird in the hand… he was called a poor man’s Melo with his jumper… just needs good coaching… keep Hamilton at two guard…

  • LotharBot

    while your basketball analysis is mostly spot on, your salary cap analysis is mired in Kenyon Martin era thinking.

    If the Nuggets re-sign JaVale starting at 9m, that will put the team right around the salary cap (which is about 12 mil below the tax). Even if we keep Rudy, Moz, and Brewer when they expire, extending Ty should leave 5-6m of wiggle room under the tax line.

    Back when we had KMart, Iverson, Melo, etc. and were always up in the tax, it was imperative to dump smallish contracts; it even cost us a first rounder to get rid of Steven Hunter. But the team is in good enough financial shape that paying Birdman to sit at the end of the bench is not a problem; there’s no reason to use amnesty on him. Paying Fernandez market value is not a problem. Paying Chandler good money to come off the bench is not a problem. Even paying an old injured Al Harrington is not a problem. All together, one of those things has to give, but not all of them; they don’t deserve to take up nearly as much of the list as you’ve given them.

    I would revise it thusly:
    1) resign JaVale
    2) explore moving up in the draft
    3) try to extend Ty early
    4) get value from Rudy, either by keeping or S&Ting
    5) let Dre go
    6) try to move one of Chandler, Harrington, or Birdman for financial reasons

    • Kalen

      I’d be lying if I said I didn’t underestimate the gap between the cap and tax. You’ve got me there. However, I’d also argue that it doesn’t change anything either. Disposing of bad contracts and being savvy with how you spend is always a top priority no matter what. And again, because the Nuggets don’t have any real pressing needs, these numbers can be moved around a bit. Good catch though, appreciate it.

      • LotharBot

        > “Disposing of bad contracts and being savvy with how you spend is always a top priority no matter what.”

        I think of this in the same way as I think about, for example, shopping generics and clearance items. It’s a higher priority if money is tight. It’s critical if you can’t afford to eat otherwise. But if you’ve got a pretty good financial cushion, you can afford different priorities. You can buy real cheese instead of processed orange-colored foodstuffs.

        That’s where the Nuggets are right now. Masai has done such a great job lining up the finances that we can afford Birdman’s contract even if he never plays again; we don’t need to give some other team a draft pick just to take him. We can afford to keep Chandler, JaVale, Fernandez, and even Dre for another year; we don’t need to try to dump those guys just for the sake of dumping salary.

        It still makes sense to spend wisely, but salary dumps are presently unnecessary. In the past, we had to make financial moves even if they didn’t make basketball sense (giving up picks and decent players just to save money). Right now, we can afford to be patient, to hang on to assets, and to make moves when they make basketball sense.

        Keeping JaVale and Ty and dropping Dre make basketball sense. Moving up in the draft makes basketball sense. Trying to get some value from Rudy in a S&T or on a value contract makes basketball sense. Amnestying Bird, or trading Chandler for marginal assets, are low-priority moves that would be high priority if finances were tight.

  • Jake

    Dudes, I may be alone on this…. But Our enemy Pau is on the market and being shopped by the likes of Ervin tonight. I think we can package Wilson and any other Player aside from Rudy, Manimal, Aaron, Gallo, Ty, McGee (please sign that knucklehead) or either one of the young international bigs, but not both. I would hate to see Dre go, (should we sign him) but the Lakers show they need that kind of help to compete with OKC, and I wouldn’t bat an eye if Ty got a guy as offensively versatile as Pau so that he could more easily select a way to averaging 20 points and 10 assists a game. If they really get on fire and Rudy is healthy, you can count on Rudy for 10 points and 5 assists a game and Pau would then step up for 20 points and average a sound 8+ rebounds.

    I know this is going out there a stretch, but with Pau, we are contenders.

    The defense of my case rests solely on you the juror imagining Ty Lawson in the place of Ricky Rubio throughout the summer olympic games across the pond this summer. Imagine an immaculately speedy, UNC coached, NCAA tournament winner working on both ankles that subsequently were BOTH severely sprained as he outplayed every boy on the court to win the National Championship.

    So pumped for the draft, training camps and 82 effin games.

    So pumped to hear more of Rim Jome’s Must See McGee.
    War PreVale McGee and a Nuggets Larry-O


    • mitch

      you’re alone on that.

    • John

      Jim Rome? Vomit. Fail for that reason alone.

    • ryanvdonk

      but we only have one international big…kosta is from ohio (and i’d rather trade him)

    • Aaa

      Yeah go into Pau in the clutch. Sounds good. I’ll give em bird rudy Kosta moz

  • Ryan

    I definitely agree with most of this, I wonder if the Wizards would take Afflalo, Chandler and Harrington for the 3rd pick and Rashard Lewis’s contract? Washington gets two young starters and should be able to make a run at the playoffs next season. This would also let them amnesty Blatche instead of Lewis. Nuggets take Beal and get a high upside young 2 guard and save $$$ to re-sign Lawson and McGee.

    • Ryan

      No thank you. In that deal, the Nuggets are essentially giving up 3 proven NBA players (including one of your top 3 players in Afflalo) for a supposed “sharpshooter” who shot 35% from 3 in college last year. Plus the ultimate bad contract in Lewis… This would be a great deal if you’re trying to sabotage the Nuggets…

      • Ryan

        Only 1 year left on that awful contract. It would leave them with their core intact plus quite a bit of cap space the following offseason.

  • junior

    Why do they keep bringing up chandlers name in trades? He is one of the toughest players we have. If anything we should trade Galinari who is just a scorer that plays a little bit of defense compared to Chandler who is way more athletic playes better defense and has alot of potential on offense. I think Galinari is overrated he is too soft.

    • Andrew

      Disagree. Chandler is the mentally soft one. He absolutely disappeared in the playoffs a year ago and, as discussed above, he was not even as good as Brewer when he came back this year. Nice guy, I am sure, but he is a shrinking violet on the court as far as I can tell.

      • mitch

        if you want to talk disappearing acts in the playoffs see gallinari, danillo.

        • Ryan

          Both Gallo (this year) and Chandler (the year before) disappeared in the playoffs. I actually think Gallo is the better defender of the two. Regardless, one of them has to go this offseason, they’re just too similar of players to justify keeping them both…

    • Thomas

      Agree. Gallo is near his ceiling, unfortunately. He is not a rookie and at this point in his career, flashes of potential mixed in between mostly mediocrity is not a good sign. He is very valuable trade currency for us to get a key player and become a real threat.

      • Fraser

        Remember that gallo is only 1 year older than faried (who obviously has huge upside!). Gallo still has plenty of time to improve. He is also a vastly underated defender in isolation

    • Kalen

      I’m not exactly sure where this idea that Chandler is some kind of supreme defender comes from. Hell, I’m not even sure he’s a better defender than Gallo, who is extremely underrated in this aspect of the game. Chandler has never been consistent nor impressive in a Nuggets uniform in my opinion.

    • SmokinNugs

      Gallo is DEFINITELY a better defender than Chandler. And if anyone is more of a scorer only it is Chandler. Gallo scores, defends, AND PASSES! Gallo didn’t finish the season as strong but no question he is MUCH better than Chandler

  • DAN

    Looks good Kalen. Good break down. I’m not sure what the value of Rudy is in a S&T, he seems to be continually threatening to go home to Spain. But either way it’s not likely to impact us much. I’d like to free up his roster spot for a younger cheaper player though, preferable one that plays some D.

  • Lane

    I’m glad to hear someone voice what I’ve been thinking for quite a while. nice breakdown. Chandler’s skills don’t really help the weaknesses on this team, and he is not the passer, playmaker, or potential shooter Galinari is. Where will the minutes for Chandler come from? He is great trade bait and the nugs should take the best available deal. I also don’t buy Andre Miller wanting to stay with the franchise, or his playoff performance translating to next year’s reg. season. let him go and give Stone/Marshall/ Lillard if they can trade up, a shot.

  • Andrew

    Agree with all of it, Kalen, though I would put moving up in the draft to #2 behind signing McGeezie.

    Also, while I am on board with not re-signing Dre, it also frightens me a bit to think the Nuggets would only have Stone in the backcourt in the event Ty got dinged up. I like Stone, but I think the Nuggets need to find another vet PG before they let Miller go.

    Lastly, I do not think he Nuggets should let Moz or Koufos go. The Nuggets need all the bigs they can get, and we have seen that K2 and Mozilla have their ups and downs and each is useful at different times. If we are going to trade, use Chandler, Rudy or Miller. Not one of our backup bigs. You can never be too rich…or too tall when it comes to the NBA!

  • Aaron

    9. Fire Karl.

  • Ricardo

    The nuggets should re-sign Miller and McGee, they were essencial to the nuggets extending the series to seven games; a good contract for Miller would be like $3-5 million and for McGee $7-8 million. They could trade Chandler, Harrington, and the 20th pick to move up the draft and get Terrence Ross. I agree on trading Anderson for a second-round pick instead of amnestying him. It would also be a good idea to sign-and-trade Fernandez for another second-round pick. And it would be better to, first, clear as much cap-space as possible before re-signing Lawson.

    • Ricardo

      I meant trade Chandler, Mosgov, and the 20th pick to move up.

  • mitch

    WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK WILSON CHANDLER SHOULD BE GONE. HE PLAYED EIGHT GAMES WITH A BUSTED HIP AFTER MOVING ACROSS THE WORLD AND TAKING A MONTH OFF AFTER CHINA. HE CAN BALL. give him the back up wing minutes and if afflalo or gallo are having an off night play him more than usual.

    • ryanvdonk

      who busts their hip in 8 games that’s under 60? guy is made of glass, not an efficient offensive player and plays soft at times. his value is as high as it will ever be and him being gone will force georgy to play some of his young talented guys who would normally ride the pine their rookie seasons.

    • dynamo.joe

      Mitch wonders where all the Chandler hatred comes from, but I wonder where all the Chandler love comes from.

      Did he have some monster game in NY where he shut down Lebron or Pierce and scored 25 or something?

      All I’ve seen since he came to Denver is decent defense, mediocre offense (I must be feeling generous because I didn’t say poor offense), and a big fat zero in the playoffs.

      Plus he’s been in the league 5 years and is 25yrs old. It’s getting kinda late in his career to still be waiting for that breakout year.

      You could say the same thing about Gallo, especially after his game 7 performance. The difference is we have seen him put up All-star caliber numbers for a month or two and he is still 23.

      • Kalen

        Totally agree, especially with the first sentence.

      • mitch

        i would rather trade gallo for two reasons.

        he plays soft, he’s extremely inconsistent, doesnt drive the lane, and cant play a lick of defense. plus he’s hurt almost as often as wilson chandler.

        also, we could get far more for gallo than chandler. forget new orleans tenth pick, gallo plus our first and maybe a future second could snag the seventh pick in the draft.

        despite what you guys think, chandler fits karls system far better than gallo because he attacks the rim and plays above-average defense.

        • ryanvdonk

          attack the rim is only effective if you have people to space the floor and keep the defense honest…this requires positions1-3, and sometimes 4 to be able to hit down long range shots as the defense collapses around the person attacking the paint, something chandler has not shown he can do consistently.

        • Michael (another aussie Nugz fan)

          Firstly I like both Chandler and Gallo however I agree that with our current roster having both doesn’t make sense.

          I don’t think I can remember Chandler attacking the rim at all in his massive 8 games this season, all I remember is a lot of jump shots, many of which were off balance/awkward looking.

          Gallo does attack the rim, and if he doesn’t score will typically find a team mate for an easy bucket or draw a foul and sink some FT’s. Admittedly Gallo does have a tendancy to fall in love with the long jumper but as mentioned through this sites reviews during the year he did learn and reduced his jump shot attempts if they weren’t falling.

          In his Defence for the playoffs, he still had a fractured thumb. It will not be fully healed for some time yet, he made the decision to come back and play through the pain.

          On a final note, you can tell that Gallo cares about the outcome of the Nuggets games and his performances in them by his reactions. Chandler never seems to engage or show emotion that he cares about the team.

  • Charliemyboy

    Isn’t it fun to speculate? What, however, is Mujiri going to do? Keep Karl (get over getting rid of him, don’t waste your time–he’s a good man and coach). Sign McGee, Tyson, Miller. Keep Chandler to play at 2; amnesty Bird, trade Fernandez. Any bets?


    • Aaa

      Tyson Lawson ?

      • Charliemyboy

        I meant Mike Tyson (he can box out..) (:-}

  • steve

    Nice thread Kalen. I agree with most of your points. I do have a ? though…just for draft pick value, what pick do you think Chandler is worth? Is he worth around a 10th pick or 15th or 20th etc just by himself?

    I wanna say he’s worth 12-15th which i’d do in a heart beat and draft Arnette Moultrie! 😀

    • Kalen

      Chandler alone isn’t worth that much. It’s tough to say though because every team values players differently. What’s one man’s gold is another man’s… fools gold?… you get the point.

      If you’re talking about packaging Chandler alone with the 20th pick, I think you could move up about 7-10 spots. However, if you package him with other assets like more draft picks, Mozgov and someone else, then you’re talking about moving up into the Top 10 possibly.

  • Aaa

    This is probably a popular and unpopular idea at the same time but…
    Trade chandler, Mozgov and maybe pick 50 to Toronto for pick 8 outright. That may be popular since everyone wants to trade chandler.

    But.. If we got a deal similar to that, I suggest picking. Perry jones at 8. Massive bust potential but it would be a perfect situation for him and i think Denver needs to take a big risk like this. Jones also has superstar potential and he wouldn’t be expected to be a saviour playing behind young veterans.

    And in the eyes of most Denver fans I think chandler isn’t really considered part of the team. He’s kind of an after thought. So really your just getting perry jones for nothing sort of thing if you follow me. As in it won’t really detract from our success whilst steal snaring a talented youngster

    • Kalen

      Agreed. I was actually talking about this scenario on Twitter this morning. I’d also consider the other Jones as well. I think both of those guys have a lot of potential and would fit in perfectly. Word on the street is that Toronto might be willing to move that pick, and we all know how much they covet Chandler.

      • Guy

        I like this scenario but I would target Lillaird. Just read he had a monster workout last week and would fill in nicely at the backup PG spot & a 6th man of the year candidate. A cheaper version of Jason Terry. It would be nice to be able to do this and keep the #20 pick. I know there’s going to be a good player in the #20’s in this draft and I wouldn’t picking up a Royce White, Harkless or one of the shooters with this pick.

  • Aaa

    If we don’t trade up, I really like wroten at 20. I know people think we need shooting but j ham can shoot and play the 2 while wroten plays back up point guard. He has so much talent and basically denvers philosophy should be talent and upside this draft IMO as we don’t have glaring needs. Time for a few risks

    • Ryan

      Wroten wouldn’t be a bad pick, but only if Miller doesn’t come back. I would like to see Stone get a chance though, as he has a very similar game to Wroten.

  • Ricer

    Why not this for a list:
    1- agree resign McGee
    2- agree resign Lawson
    3- agree trade or amnesty Anderson
    4- trade Mozgov and Chandler
    5- agree resign and trade Fernandez
    6- agree don’t resign Miller

    Well the first two are obvious and no one should disagree. They showed that they are key blocks for the future. Anderson has been given the lack of min due to the injuries and bodies on the bench, and so it be better to just cut ties now instead of paying him to sit bench in the final years of his carrier. Koufos has shown to be better then Mozgov and costs less. Chandler injured after 7 games with a season ending injury … I don’t know about others but I always lean on side of caution (for a recurring or lost step). Fernandez he could be kept but like you mentioned VALUE. His trade value can push the Nuggets into a better position to get Terrence Ross in the draft or even just getting more picks to field a cheaper and younger team also to replace Mozgov. Lastly, it seems to be an issue but due to cost Miller is also out for similar reason as Chris Anderson. Even though Miller has more playing time and showed his true ability in the playoffs he still can be replaced for a cheaper and just as successful player.

    Its a business and Masai Ujiri knows this with all his moves as getting the best talent for the price. As for coaching, getting a defensive minded assistant would be beneficial but if again no success next year in the playoffs then don’t be surprised to see Karl on the outside.

  • Mitch

    McGee – no choice but to resign him. I’d happily S&T him if that were still an option. Some nice highlights but I’m not convinced he’ll ever become a player. (See the note below)

    There is a log jam at the 2+3 and lack of depth at 1+4 so some adjustments need to be made. I do like Fernandez’s passing and smarts though I wish he was a more consistent shooter. He reminds me of Ginobli. I wonder if he’d be a decent backup PG off the bench.

    Make these young Nuggets watch the Spurs over and over again until they figure out how to play smart on offense and defense. The thing that impresses me with the Spurs is that nobody needs to play like a super star for them to be effective. You can’t carry a guy who can only play defense (McGee) or can’t shoot effectively from more than 3′ away (Faried, though he’s improving) and expect to get anywhere in the playoffs.

    • steve

      Mitch, the only way to play like the spurs is to spread the floor. You need to have guys at all positions be able to hit the 3 or a long jumper. Nugs dont have that yet. This is why i want to draft Moultrie who has legit size at 6’10, can rebound like a big should but can also step out and hit the J. I’d love it if a guy like Darius Miller or Doron Lamb fell to us at 37. Give us another wing off the bench that can hit the 3 ball as well.

    • asdqqq

      Sign and trades are still allowed this year.

    • Mitch

      I won’t argue with that. That’s the direction that I’d like to see the Nuggets take, well rounded basketball players rather than guys who are great athletes but have limited basketball skills. They are well on the way with Ty, AAA, Gallo, Chandler, Harrington, Rudy. I thought Mozgov showed renewed promise in the LAL series and Faried has shown he can develop but McGee seems like he’ll always be a projec. I love Brewers energy but we need to make playing time for Hamilton.

      Fortunately it’s not up to me to make those decisions.

  • Andeeru

    Great article, why not package Changler and Mozgov and the two draft picks and move up to get Austin Rivers as a back up PG

  • George

    Good analysis. My two cents would be that we need to find a solid (and consistant) three shooter that can come off of the bench. I person that comes to mind would be Jason Terry, if we could get him for the right price. He’s pissed off at the Mavericks and might actually take less money just to spite them. He can create his own shot if necessary, and can handle the ball if needed as well. Think of the potential back courts we could put out with Ty & AAA as starters, then Stone & Terry come in off of the bench. Someone also commented about Pau. Depending on the price (obviously) he could be a nice piece, but how would he fit…4 or 5…although a rotation in the front court of Manimal, McGee, & Pau fits this team in many areas. You can mix an match those three to fit a number of different styles of play. After watching what Miller did to LA, I think they would possibly be interested…could we see a Miller, Chandler, Bird for Pau trade…? Oh the fun of speculation…

  • Peter

    Since everybody seems to think the Lakers are going to shake things up and people have already come up with scenarios I wont bring that up. But what if the Heat don’t win the title? It’s a very real possibility with the Spurs playing so well and everybody is saying they may look in to trading Chris Bosh. Would Bosh be a player the Nuggets would be interested in and could we put together the best package to get him? If we could pair him with McGee and keep Lawson at the point, that would be a nice big 3 going forward.

  • Andeeru

    I think Pau or Bosh would be great for the Nuggets. I don’t see what pieces we have that either team would want (except for salary cap relief). I would love to see the Nuggets package a deal to get a good scoring/capable passing 6th man. I know Jamal Crawford had a bad year last year, but he would add a lot of help to this Nuggies team

    • SmokinNugs

      No more “prospecting” on former Trailblazers guards!

    • dynamo.joe

      Yes! We need Pau or Bosh! If you have a chance to trade for a 30yr old max contract player who is almost as good as the rookie playing his position but making only $1.2M, you gotta do that.

  • Dave

    What about another blockbuster trade? Masai has proven saavy in this respect. Rajon Rondo, at least before the playoffs started, was vocally unhappy in Boston. Boston NEEDS to get younger and the Nuggets have the pieces necessary to pull off a deal like this. I would be sorry to see Ty leave town, but if it sent a game changing point guard like Rondo to Denver, I’d be all smiles.

    • SmokinNugs

      Rondo feeding Faried/McGee/Brewer!

      I too love Ty, but I too would be all smiles if Rondo came to town.

      I loved Tebow, but Manning is better. You get the idea.

      • Ryan

        I think Rondo is about as close to “untouchable” as a player can be, no way the Celtics trade him

  • DAN

    Older more expensive players are not what we need. Any aging player like the Jet will hand cuff us more than he’ll help (see Harrington) The draft is how we should build. Stay away from Gasol, Bosh or any other “star” player that’s on the downside of the slippery slope.
    We need to keep our young core, let it bond/develop trading only peripheral pieces like Moz, Chandler or Brewer, to get up into the draft and take our chances getting an impact player there. I for one believe in our management team to get this done.

  • C. Mcfall

    this post is stupid Brewer and Hamilton can do what chandler does? cocaine is heavy in the Denver Area i see and Gallo had a great playoffs huh? Denver is clueless and with a healthy Chandler getting the proper mins you beat LA but hey trade him and keep Brewer and the great hamilton…lol

    • mitch

      finally someone speaks with some sense. why would someone want to trade away a high quality player for a rookie that may be as good chandler in a couple years.

      • Guy

        The point isn’t that Chandler is good or bad it’s that he’s not an impact player and never will be. If we can trade him and move up in the draft maybe we’ll get a player that will be more of an impact player. Maybe not, that’s the chance you take with the draft.
        What we do know now is that we can’t beat the Spurs or the Thunder with our current roster and that LAL and Dallas aren’t going to sit still and be satisfied with just making the playoffs. They play for Championships not playoff berths. I think the Nuggets should trade Chandler before Gallo because Gallo’s more unique in that he’s 6’10” and can handle the ball and defend several positions. I really don’t know why your so enthralled with Chandler for there’s probably 50 guys in the league just like him (see the whole Phil. 76’er roster).

      • Michael (another aussie Nugz fan)

        The reason you trade Chandler is because his value is currently high and we have other players that can provide similar services.

        Yes Hamilton may be as good as Chandler in a couple of years if not better as he seems be a better passer. Hamilton’s other upside is that he is not injury prone.

  • C. Mcfall

    Even the Fact that Brewer and Hamilton is being mentioned lets me know this fan base has never recoverd from losing Melo, the core should be Ty/Chandler/Faried/Gallo/McGee and build around that but don’t over pay Mcgee and dont under pay Ty

  • DAN

    I think the issue is roster construction. We have a lot of exchangeable players but not many impact ones. Chandler is a nice piece but is he an impact player? Is Gallo? If the answer is no then you see if you can parlay either of them into a pick that gives you the chance for an impact player. We have to many SF on our roster. They are just a waste if you can’t find minutes for them so you might as well take a shot. I believe Denver signed Chandler so they could trade him. The issue isn’t if he could have helped us get by the Lakers, he wouldn’t have hurt. But to compete for a championship we need stars. I don’t know that Chandler will ever be that but we could possibly turn him into a draft pick that could be.

    • Guy

      I totally agree with you on this. The Nuggets have the players to put around a star or stars but no star players. That’s not going to get it done. Teams like Denver, Indiana, Philly, Memphis… aren’t going to win as currently constructed. It’s time to take some chances and go for the gold for even if a move is a failure I think the Nuggets can still make the playoffs with the remaining pieces. The Lakers a few years back didn’t think twice about trading a nice young player in Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest. They thought it was the piece they needed to compete for another Championship and they went for it. That’s the kind of attitude we need here, not worrying about the impact of losing a mediocre player like a Wilson Chandler or someone similar. Unfortunatly because we’er Denver we have to most likely take our chances with the Draft to find the players we need.

  • DAN

    Guy I think we’re on the same page. The exciting part about how our team is constructed is we finished strong and have room for improvement. But most importantly we can trade a chip that wasn’t a part of our late season success but still holds value. How much I don’t know. How far do you think we could move up using Chandler as the centerpiece of a trade?

    • mitch

      solid point.

      i guess why i like chandler on the team is that we havent seen him play all that much. you can say he didnt play well for the eight games, but he came in with a bad hip after taking nearly a month off from playing across the world. not exactly basketball shape.

      i say keep him, at least til the trading deadline and see what we can get then. unless we get kidd-gilchrist or perry jones there arent many forwards better than chandler in the draft, and outside of those two definitely not any with “star” potential.

      i see him as a more offensive cory brewer, and if he can play as such we will have a tremendous sixth man on a solid bench.

    • Guy

      It’s tricky when you speculate on how far we could move up using Chandler as a trade centerpiece but I think we would have to look at which teams covet a veteran more than a draft pick. Portland, NO, & Houston each have 2 1st rounders and I would think that Portland & Houston would be the most likely to deal. Golden State & Toronto (especialy Toronto) would seem to have more interest in a veteran like Chandler than another rookie. Obviously the higher up we trade the more we’d have to put in the package. The good news is that in this draft we might be able to get as good a player at 14-16 as we would at say #8. Personally I’d like to see the Nuggets find a way to keep #20 and also trade down to get a pick between 7-16 (Houston has #16) or at least have 2 1st rounders.
      I think the Nuggets have enough assets (3 draft picks, Chandler, one of the big men and don’t forget we have 3 future picks including at least one 1st round pick from the Knicks) to get the players they covet in this draft.
      Although there’s only one obvious star (Davis) in this draft I think this draft has a lot of potential and I hope the Nuggets make the most of it.

  • NuggFan forLife

    The way you put Ty in number 6 in this priority list is just plain questionable. He’s supposed to be number 2 or 3. If you could explain further that task, what Ty needs to improve is his passing because one reason why McGee (and Brewer) is playing well is because he’s playing alongside Miller IS a great passer (no matter how “selfish” he is). If you wonder why Denver is still the best in offense around the league, Miller has got to be one of the main reasons why.

    I do have to agree that the Nuggets front office has to overpay (if there’s a possibility) JaVale McGee. He’s one of those rare running 7-footers who suits well for Denver’s offense and doesn’t push Karl’s mind to play ultra-smallball. The front office should only let McGee walk if there’s a similar player who’s slightly better than him (and at a lower price). As for the non-McGee fans (if there’s any), remember this: He’s not a bonehead anymore. He’s not that known weird player when he was with the Wizards. So please consider him as the future center of the franchise (let’s say the second coming of Mutombo).

    Next, I do agree that Chandler has to be traded. The Nuggets already have a logjam at the wing position. And also, if you could notice in the playoffs versus OKC, Chandler plays highly inefficient when he’s with Gallo, making the Denver O’ highly stagnant. Bottomline: Chandler is a great player, but there just isn’t a room for him in Denver anymore. Gotta trade him for something. Possibly it could be a package involving #38 but I don’t know what should be in return.

    Maybe it’s just that it’s a bit nonsense to suggest trades knowing that this team is so young. What Denver should really do this offseason is to develop the players further. Period.
    Also about the assistant coach thing, I think Laimbeer fits the job. How about teach the young guys some Badboy lessons so they won’t be soft anymore. That would be nice

  • Denuggetz

    I agree with pretty much everthing I love this Nuggets team so much talent youth and flexibility this offseason resign Javale and Ty continue to develope and get better Wilson never really seemed that he liked Denver Trading him in a package deal in the draft would free up cap space and get us a chance to get Perry Jones or Austin Rivers and Definatley trade or amesty Bird overall this offseason I say keep our young core and add some sharp shooters off the bench also I love the idea of getting a defensive minded coach

  • Landry

    So we have to learn to score in the half-court because we’ve shown to be unstoppable in transition. Clearly what a good half-court offense is IE the spurs in what they do in play creation in that they have exceptional passers at every position. If we can develop some good passing from the bigs, Faried and McGee then we have a ridiculous roster. I mean Gallo is an offensive passer not threat, say what you want about his offense but he is the anti-Melo in that way.

    So clearly if GK can learn to use the transition mantra into getting the same looks in half court sets, it will be a fantastic season. Clearly, Ty was the only nugget to step his game to another level this year with his ridiculous speed and ability to run the GK fast break in this lockout shortened season. Gallo started strong but clearly fell back to being a role player after injuries.

    So in our half court, we need a shot creator and Wilson Chandler is our best option as he is the x-factor next year. Also, if Faried obtains the Bank Shot of Tim Duncan he will be unstoppable. I mean teams will finally have to guard him outside the paint and he can crash the boards from this same position as he is fast enough to get superior position with his intense energy. If you want proof look at Tim Duncan.

    So for next year I feel the keys are these player stepping up from role players to stars to turn our season from a great regular GK season to phenomenal one is
    1)Wilson Chandler seeing the floor better (his passing skills are atrocious, they remind me of Melo’s)
    2)Faried’s Jump/Bank shot
    3)McGee being able to play more than 15 min at Denver elevation and to rebound as well as he blocks shots
    4)Gallinari… were still looking at you with this same list waiting for you to become a go to scorer instead of a petrified role player.

  • Trevor

    Keep Chandler. Trade Gallo, Koufos, the 20th pick and a 2nd round pick in this years draft to Golden State for their 7th overall pick and Dorell Wright. With the 7th pick draft Harrison Barnes from UNC. Now you have two players who equal about what Gallo will be making this year. Corey Brewer and Jordan Hamilton could be traded to the Lakers for their trade exception from the Odom trade along with a future second round pick. With the saved money resign McGee and extend Lawson. Keep Big Al for the time being, do what ever with Chris Andersen, and resign Miller. They will have a huge finical cushion for three years, enough time to either stick with the current roster and let it develop over that time period or make some trades for a star player.

    • mitch

      dam good sense

    • Aaa

      I like it except I don’t understand why you want to give away Hamilton and brewer to save like $3 million in salary cap. They are great value role players

  • Ryan

    I do not agree with trading Rudy because he is a guy that can come off the bench and make things happen. Also he can shoot lights out

  • al68

    Respecto al punto:
    1.- No creo que sea tan fundamental como muchos creeis Mcgee, hace 1 partido buenos y 3 malos sus problemas de concentracion crean muchos desajustes defensivos. No pienso que sea fundamnetal.
    2.- Si deberiamos cambiarlo por cualquier cosa una futura 2 rd de draft aunque nunca he entendido porque dejo de jugar cuando era muy util al equipo.
    3.- No creo que sea tan importante mejorar puestos en el draft ya que este año es muy profundo y solo Davis y Beal me parecen claramente superiores al resto de los 20 primeros.
    4.- Yo no moveria a chandler antes cambiaba a Gallo.
    5.- Si, a pesar de algun partido de playoff creo que este año a perjudicado casi siempre al equipo con su actitud y su defensa
    6.- Sin duda ahora mismo es el mejor jugador que tenemos
    7.- Creo que nos vendria muy bien un combo guard con buen tiro y que defienda si conseguimos que stone mejore en ataque porque a mi me gusta mucho su vision de juego y su defensa ademas de su tamaño.
    8.- Creo que es muy dificil lo que propones ya que el esta muy a gusto en españa y con un muy buen contrato ofrecido por el Real Madrid solo si otro equipo quisiera un s&t por 5 millones, y en una ciudad que le atrajera, creo que se lo pensaria.

    Para mi lo mas preocupante para el futuro es el salario de Gallo, no confio mucho en el lo he visto jugar en nba y en europa y siempre me ha parecido mucho mas espectacular que efectivo, traspasarlo seria el primer objetivo y el segundo re sign a Ty.

  • Darius

    This blog makes me want to become a GM! Great Work!

  • Heath

    Well first of all wilson Chandler is better than Gallanari. He should have been starting since day 1. Better defender maybe a better shotter since gallanari is a shooter that cant shoot wont flop in a crucial game like all soft europeans will. If george karl wasnt an idiot. But if you were to trade him you should try to get Harrison Barnes in the draft send chandler,mozgov the 20th pick and someone else like brewer or hamilton to try to secure him

  • Heath

    Why all you all so excited for draft picks did you forget that george dosent play rookies trust me the only way a rookie plays for us next year is if we unpossiply got anthony davis

  • Aaa

    Chandler and gallinari are exactly the same


  • Kenneth

    I love the idea which has been floated around of trading gallo and pick 20 plus maybe mozgov to golden state for pick 7 and whatever else.

    First of all from a pure financial standpoint chandler can do pretty much what gallo does for less money

    We could this pick to secure a young cheap talented player which could take us over the edge if they pan out. We would probably be looking at perry jones or harrison Barnes. I like both

    This deal would make a lot of sense of both teams

    • Guy

      By trading Gallo the Nuggets would save money, I just don’t think that PJ3 or Barnes is any better than Gallo and they are smaller. Barnes is the same size as Chandler and would probably play the same position while PJ3 is just as likely to be a bust as a star (Most of the time I saw him @ Baylor I barely knew he was on the floor.) I certainly wouldn’t want to add the #20 and Mosgov for either of those guys.
      Gallo was a disappointment offensively against the Lakers and I do worry about injuries but defensively he did as well as anybody against Kobe (making him take tough shots) and he can guard several positions effectively. I think there’s more upside with Gallo if he can stay healthy where I see basicly no upside with Chandler. He’s been in the league 5 years and averages about 12 pts. a game. Is he really any better than Thaddeus Young or Chase Budinger?? The league is filled with guys just like him and if we can get value for him I say go for it. I’m not against trading Gallo if it involves a top 4 pick but to trade him we would need somebody potentialy better in return.

  • microbrew

    Wow. Nugs really have no pressing needs other than signing McGee who has done absolutely nothing in his career but be big and impress people that don’t get the game with his potential.

    Masai is brilliant.

    Spin upon layers of spin.

    I’m guessing the Nugs management ok’s every roundball mining take here given that it appears to be an in house lap dog.

    I signed out last time here but thought I’d give it one more chance. This last post was even more stupid than the rest of the stuff I read when checking you out. I think it’s great to have a Nugs blog that qualifies for ESPN discussions, but the quality here is so low and embarrassing that it just reinforces the idea that fans in Denver are hopelessly gullible.

    • George

      Wow, great analysis Micro…going for sarcasm here…instead of whining and complaining and trying to put people down, why don’t you offer up alternative solutions and discuss them like civilized adults? From what I’ve seen on this blog, everyone here is open to discussion and pretty cordial about it too. But if you prefer to be an ananomus complainer then go ahead and never post again since you can’t offer anything to the discussion you won’t be missed. (Stepping down from soapbox now)

    • steve

      So where do you read your nuggets stuff at huh? If this is so poor, show us a better site. Please show me. If you say the Denver Stiffs i will laugh extremely hard. Good site over there and love the fan interaction, but most people aren’t educated on the depths of the NBA CBA or close with other writers from other teams like they are here. If you have such a stern position about how the “quality is so low” please show us a high quality blog/forum etc.

  • steve

    Guys, i really think Chandler is as good as gone. They committed to Gallo by paying 10 mill per and trust me, he is the better player. He actually played very solid defense, probably almost as good as what chandler can do. Chandler is a little crazy with the ball and his shot selections. Gallo has much higher ceiling when it comes to hitting shots. He’s done it in the past. We’ve seen some really good games from him in NY and Denver. As for Chandler, he has stunk since he got here. 25 game sample i know isn’t a ton, but he’s a role player. Gallo can be more than a role player. There is a reason why we paid gallo 10 mill and chandler 7. Chandler is an asset to be traded and that’s it IMO. I’d love to give Jham more time and honestly, i’d love to bring back brewer after next years when his deal is up for a koufos like deal. 4 year 12 mill or something like that. His energy and defense is worth it. Much rather have him than pay CHandler more than twice that.

    • steve

      regardless, someone is going to be traded. You dont have 5 players that deserve minutes at the same position as in Gallo, Chandler, Al (at times) Hamilton and brewer. We will most likely draft or sign a 3 pt shooter 2 guard to back up AA so most likely just adding to the wins. Someone is gone, and most likely it’s Chandler IMO considering he is making 7 mill to be a 25 min per game player right now.

  • DAN

    Saw on Hoopsworld that Toronto is looking to move the #8 pick. I know they pursued Chandler earlier, maybe they would be interested now?

    • Guy

      This is more in regards to an earlier post but I saw somewhere yesterday (Bleacher maybe) that Philly is looking to trade Igudola to Golden St. for the #7 pick and GS is interested. Also Houston is reopening talks for trading a package possibly including one or both of their 1st round picks for Pau Gasol. As possible trading partners for the Nuggets to move up this is not good news. If this is true we have to hope that either Toronto at #8 or Portland at #10 is willing to deal. I guess there’s an outside shot that Washington at #3 might deal to put more veterans around J. Wall but I really haven’t heard anything on that.

      • steve

        i cant see 76ers making that trade. Both teams are near the cap and GSW would have to send Rjeff or Biedrins along with 2 years left on their terrible contracts.

        Iggy for 7th Dorell Wright and Biedrins? Just dont see it.

  • Colin

    I’ve been reading intently from afar for quite some time now and thought I’d share some thoughts as I am extremely excited for my Nugs. I was very impressed by the performance in the playoffs and think it will be huge moving forward. While the past first round exits have left a sour taste in my mouth with numerous question marks, I love the position we are in right now. We came out intimidated and hesitant against the Lakers but being able to turn it around and push a team like that to the brink is huge for the confidence of this young team. I think these guys will come out next year with a chip on their shoulder and wanting to take that next step. That being said, I agree that our #1 priority should be resigning Javale. He made leaps and strides in his short time here and showed flashes of brilliance. More importantly I think he has really bought into the program and wants to be here. He seemed happy and excited and I don’t think you can say the same about his tenure with the Wizards. Continue to coach him up and he could be one of the top centers in the league. I think our core to build around should be Ty, Javale, Faried, Gallo, Hamilton, and Brewer with everyone else expendable. Between Chandler and Gallo I think it is a no brainer that we keep Gallo and use Chandler as the trade bait. Gallo is a much more unique player and brings more to the team. He can pass, has a nice jumper, and has shown improvement on D. Plus, he is still young, has shown glimpses of greatness, and seems to mesh with the other players well. I still believe that he can be the star on this team despite his playoff performance. He played the end of the season coming off a broken thumb, was extremely disappointed in his performance, and should come out hungry next year. Wilson Chandler on the other hand screams average to me. Like others have been saying there are so many other players out there similar to him and all I see is a chucker who has never shown that he wants to be here. Let’s get value for him now while we can because I have never really seen him as being part of the equation here in Denver. MOVING UP IN THE DRAFT. I think this is key. There are a lot of nice players in this draft and we have the pieces to get the guys we covet. We need to use the OKC formula and get our stars through the draft. We cant rely on guys wanting to come here nor do we want to break the bank and tear apart the team to do so. I don’t think Pau or Josh Smith are the answer. Their aren’t necessarily any clear superstars in this draft but I like the idea of building the team around several high level guys (potential/intermittent All Stars) rather than a single superstar (i.e. San Antonio). I think we should mess around with the Mozzy/Chandler/Harrington/picks pieces and try to move up into the lottery or even just a few spots. If we could move up into the top 5 (dont know if thats possible) we could get a Bradley Beal and look for him to replace Afflalo who may have already hit his ceiling and looks to be a career role player. I can’t help but imagine in time Beal or Terrence Ross starting with Jordan Hamilton taking the bulk of the scoring off the bench as I think he can be that guy. Moving up into the 7-10 range, which seems more feasible, we can target Terrence Ross whose stock continues to rise or take a risk on Perry Jones. Ross is probably my favorite guy in this draft and I think he could be one of the safer picks and has a lot of upside (smooth jump shot, good size, athleticism, NBA ready) Jones is more enigmatic but I agree that we need to take some risks and really need a legit scoring threat inside to compliment Javale and Faried. Assuming we can get him to play more like a 4 than a 3, he kinda reminds me of Lamarcus Aldrige. Moving up into the 10-15 spot or even just a few spots I really like Kendall Marshall and Arnette Moultrie. Marshalls an outstanding passer and savvy guy who could really command the offense coming off the bench. He doesn’t have the all around game to be a starter and would be a perfect back up guy/a good replacement if Dre leaves. I have really seen Stone play and don’t if he’s ready to be that guy. Moultries got a nice inside/out game and can run the court. If we decide to keep the 20th pick I really like Terrence Jones or Wroten. Terrence Jones would be more of a BPA pick rather than area of need and could potentially replace Chandler. Plus he would be perfect in our system. Big, versatile guy with handles who can push the pace.. Finally, if possible we could try to move up in the second round or into the late first round to pick up John Jenkins and get that 3 point specialist we desperately need. We have the assets to make any of these happen and I think we need to make moves now with such a deep draft class to take that next step. Sky is the ceiling for this team and I trust that Masai will make the right decisions. He has yet to disappoint me yet! Also really love the idea of bringing in a defensive minded assistant coach. I didn’t plan on writing this much but I am that excited lol.

    • steve

      nice write up collin. totally agree with gallo chandler and the fact that this team has a bright and exciting future. What i love about this team is they are fun to watch, even when they lose. It makes it that much more worth it to me to pay for League pass since i live in PA lol.

      I like where you are going for the most part in the draft. I keep hearing rumors the nugs really like Royce White and John Jenkins and this isnt just from kalen. My ideal offseason would be this…Trade Chandler to Houston for the 16th pick and select Royce White. With the 20th pick you take the athletic big man that remains in Moultrie, Meyers Leonard, Terrence Jones, Andrew Nicholson etc. Then you trade your 38th pick in the 2nd rd and MOZGOV to the Warriors for 30th and take John Jenkins there as your 3 pt shooter.
      I like Mozgov some, but i just dont think he’s in the long term plans anymore. He has some things going for him but with our transition offense, you need to be able to catch the ball. He is not very coordinated and turns the ball over multiple times per game when given the minutes. A team like GSW could use the depth behind oft injured Bogut and Biedrins and they only slide down a few slots.

  • Colin


  • DeckerTD

    There is no way any team would give up a first round pick for Chandler, especially in this year’s draft. Unfortunately, his trade value is not nearly as high as most of you project. I love the Nuggets as much as the Broncos, but let’s be realistic about our team. For the past decade we have only reached our potential once. The team we have now is a good team, not a great team. We will undoubtedly make the playoffs for the next four to five years. Karl is a great regular season coach who turns predictable in the playoffs. Fast break points are for the taking in the regular season but are cut in half come playoff time. Our half-court sets are pathetic. If we want to get out of the first round, we need players who can create their own shots in a half-court set. We need to think outside the box and attain a proven all-star who will not hesitate when the game is on the line. Ideally, a current Nugget evolves into that role, but I don’t see it. I would love nothing more than to have the Nuggets win it all playing perfect team basketball, but the league is not set up that way. Melo was not a star, he was a volume shooter who played terrible defense on the help-side. If we really want a ring, now would be the best time to make a move. My suggestion: put together a package that Minnesota could not refuse and acquire Kevin Love. Build around Love, Lawson and Gallo. Easier said than done, but that’s the type of thinking we should be discussing.

  • Zachm219

    The only problem is Wilson is actually the least tradeable asset this summer. With a contract north of $7million a year no team is going to take that on given that he has yet to prove anything since returning from China other than the idea that he is injury prone has some truth to it.

  • Sammm192

    Agree with most points here. Although my plan involves a specific trade. Birdman, chandler, 2 2nd rounders for bucks #12 pick. Draft Zeller. Would the bucks take this? It’s close. But then you can use #20 pick on Ross/rivers/ Wroten/ lamb/ Teague. Sign and trade McGee for a center and first (early) rounder next year. Resign miller. GO GET JASON TERRY! Biggest bidder. Roster:
    Guards: Lawson, Miller, Wroten ( in all likelihood) terry, afflalo, stone
    Forwards: gallinari, fairied, Hamilton, Harrington, brewer,
    Centers: Zeller, Mozgov, (trade asset from McGee)
    Thin at PF but gallo could play some 4.