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As fans, one of our favorite things to do is play the role of NBA general manager. We love to analyze players, ponder team needs and above all, formulate trade scenarios that will facilitate the movement of assets towards the team we often fantasize about in the hopes these transactions will one day lead directly to an NBA title. In other words, we love trades. This article aims to celebrate that unbridled fandom by introducing three realistic trade scenarios involving the NBA Draft and of course, Roundball Mining Company’s favorite piece of trade bait: Wilson Chandler.

If you’re new to this site or still unsure as to why Chandler is perpetually the subject of trade rumors, read this, and if you’re still unsure, know these simple facts: Chandler is young. He’s in the first year of a very cap-friendly contract. He’s athletic. He’s versatile. He likes defense. Given the chance to start, at the very least he’s a 15 points per game scorer. Would the Nuggets be a better team with him on the roster? Yes. But he’s not better than Gallinari and with three other, very talented small forwards on the team fully capable of doing the same things he can, Chandler then becomes tradeable for one big reason: value.

In theory the Nuggets could trade Chandler for another proven veteran, but the chances they get equal value in return simply isn’t that great. Quality contracts are hard to come by in the NBA. Often times good players are either overpayed or on the verge of being overpayed. The best and most cost-effective contracts in the NBA are given to rookies, specifically those in the first round of the NBA Draft.

Add all this on top of the fact that 2012 NBA Draft is one of the best in recent memory, and you have the perfect recipe for a Wilson Chandler-Nuggets fan-trade scenario pie. Here are three pieces I’ve concocted. Feel free to slice up one of your own in the comments section below!

(Note: The Nuggets possess three picks in this year’s draft: 20, 38 and 50.)

1. Chandler for No. 8

Toronto gets: Wilson Chandler, 20th pick in the first round, 38th pick in the second round and a future second-round selection.

Denver gets: Eighth pick in the first round.

Why Toronto pulls the trigger: The Raptors have been desperate for a legitimate, starting small forward for years. They highly covet Chandler and had the intention of offering him a contract after his return from China. They’ve made it very clear they’re in need of an athletic wing and are open to the possibility of trading the eight pick in the 2012 Draft in order to obtain one. Adding Chandler, in addition to last year’s No. 5 overall selection, Jonas Valanciunas, completes their starting five rotation and gives the fanbase the hope of a bright, young future for years to come. Furthermore, the 20th pick gives the Raptors another opportunity to hit home run, while the 38th pick alongside the Raptors own pick at 37 gives them back-to-back opportunities in the early part of the second round to target additional players on their Draft list.

Why Denver pulls the trigger: The Nuggets need a potential All-Star. Yes, their starting five looks set for years, but at the same time, nobody is confusing Danilo Gallinari with Dirk Nowitzki or JaVale McGee with Tim Duncan. At some point the Nuggets must acquire a special player who can carry the team through rough stretches in the postseason. If Denver feels this player isn’t available at eight, they can package the pick along with another player to move up even further.

Who Denver targets with the pick(s): Damian Lillard, Dion Waiters, Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones will all likely be options at this point. Each of these players has tremendous potential and a distinct skill set compared to the others. Nuggets management would be able to select which one they believe in most. There’s also an outside chance Andre Drummond and Harrison Barnes drop to No. 8, both of whom would be steals at that point.  

2. Chandler for two, mid-first-round picks

Houston gets: Wilson Chandler, 20th pick in the first round and 38th pick in the second round.

Denver gets: 14th and 16th picks in the first round.

Why Houston pulls the trigger: This trade would essentially breathe life into a middling franchise that has been attempting to rebuild on the fly for years. After collapsing during the final stretch of the season to miss the Playoffs for the third straight year, general manager Daryle Morey will be looking to make a move — as he always is — to push the Rockets over the cusp of mediocrity. Much like the Raptors, Chandler is the missing piece to the puzzle for the Rockets. With the 20th and 38th picks in the draft, the Rockets will still be able to add young talent to an already up-and-coming team.

Why Denver pulls the trigger: Two picks are always better than one, especially in the first round. In such a deep draft, good players are bound to slip. Having two, near back-to-back picks will allow the Nuggets to select several players that would likely be Top 10 picks in any other draft. This trade doubles the team’s chances of landing a star player in a single year, only minutes apart.

Who Denver targets with the pick(s): It’s difficult to predict who will fall on Draft night. As of now guys like Meyers Leonard, Kendall Marshall, Arnett Moultrie, Terrence Ross, Terrence Jones and even Jared Sullinger all stand the chance to land somewhere outside the Top 10. Even the aforementioned Perry Jones could slip. If the Nuggets could land a combination of these two players — say, Terrence Jones and Marshall for example — it would increase the team’s already incredible depth as well as its talent level, star potential and assets, all at the same time.  

3. Chandler for back-to-back picks

Boston gets: Wilson Chandler, Al Harrington, Timofey Mozgov and 38th pick in the first round.

Denver gets: 21st and 22nd picks in the first round, 51st pick in the second round.

Why Boston pulls the trigger: After making a magical run to the Conference Finals and falling one game short of a third NBA Finals appearance in five years, the Celtics feel they’re not through yet. But to continue this run they need to offer Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen an incentive to re-sign since both are free agents. This move convinces Garnett and Allen, in addition to numerous other free agents, that the Celtics are still contenders for at least two more years. If the Celtics don’t accomplish their goal after one year, Harrington’s contract is only partially guaranteed from that point on and Mozgov will be a free agent, leaving Chandler, Jeff Green, Pierce and Rondo as solid building blocks for the future.

Why Denver pulls the trigger: Possessing back-to-back-to-back picks in any draft is rare, but in this draft it’s the equivalent of hitting the lottery (figuratively, of course). At 20, 21 and 22, there will still be an array of talented players for the Nuggets to select from without running the risk of a team potentially thwarting its draft strategy. In addition, all three of these players will be on rookie contracts for the next four years, lending a monumental amount of cap space to sign veteran free agents that will help stabilize the team and assist in the development of these youngsters. The Nuggets will also have back-to-back selections at 50 and 51 which they could use, or combine, to move up further into the Draft.

Who Denver targets with the pick(s): As has already been mentioned in our first Big Board article, Andrew Nicholson, Royce White and Will Barton would all be excellent selections with the three picks. Players like Moe Harkless, Austin Rivers and Arnett Moultrie could slip, giving the Nuggets even more options to salivate over. This also gives Denver the luxury of selecting an incredibly talented yet risky prospect like Tony Wroten without suffering the consequences of wasting its one and only pick on that player, should he not pan out.

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Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Daniel

    Back to Back to Back picks in the early 20’s with this incredibly deep draft? If Masai could pull that one off, he would officially become my new man crush. We really wouldn’t be losing much either. Kosta is as solid of a backup C as they come, so losing Mozzy isn’t a big deal. Big Al had a great year and provides that “veteran presence” off the bench, but I question his durability and he’s expensive. And of course as mentioned in the article, we are so stacked at the wing positions, losing WC isn’t a big deal. My vote is for option 3!

  • Landry

    I think that the nuggets with Masai in command know that the nuggets have no actual team needs and will instead draft for players with a high ceiling rather than team needs seeing as GK doesn’t actually play rookies.

    The nuggs are essentially 3 deep at every position except guards. So seeing as this draft has a bunch of elite talent, I like your idea of having two occasions for a hit with Masai’s high risk, high reward style, If you want evidence look at, Javale(Biggest Knucklehead of the League), Stone(the dude is 6’6″), and J-Ham(How did this dude fall to 26??) because this kind of drafting strategy has a tendency to backfire. Assuming your plan come to fruition, I am extremely high on the prospects of Perry Jones III or Tony Worton Jr going to a coach like GK. Both are elite athletic talents with a need to learn from an elite coach and a hunger for playing time.
    Hate GK all you want but his strategy works. Look at Jordan Hamilton, he is putting in work as we speak. As the Nuggets clearly aren’t going to play the rookies with our old school coach at the helm I am higher on the more questionable prospects whom may fall rather than the “safe” prospects like Harrison Barnes or Jared Sullinger.

    However if the nuggs keep our draft position, Masai’s habit to choose for upside, I realistically see him drafting Royce White whom is the highest upside prospect whom like last year could fall into our laps like the Manimal last season.

  • DAN

    My favorite option is “door number three”. I like it not just for the infinite possibilities that those three picks would represent, but for the players your proposed deal expunges from our roster. Can you imagine what we could do with THREE picks in a draft this deep? wow.

  • DAN

    Kalen you are very creative and I hope Masai reads the RMC. LOL

  • Daniel Lewis

    Does door number three open to another door? Charlotte is said to be shopping the second pick, and 3 picks might be enough to swing a deal. Imagine being able to grab Bradley Beal or Thomas Robinson and watch them play in Denver for the next seven years. Go for gold Masai!

    • Aaa

      I love it. Except I wouldn’t take Robinson cause we have a guy in farmed who is not that much worse at doing the same thing. I would take Beal. He is the second coming of Eric Gordon with a smoother shooting stroke. I wouldn’t be against Kidd gilchrist either obviously, but beal could contribute immediately behind Afflalo

      • Aaron

        So Your Saying That A 2nd Or 3rd Overall Pick Would Backup… AFFLALO??

        • aussienuggzfan

          I think he would have to for the time being

  • LotharBot

    Provided JaVale stays, the Nuggets have very few holes. Really just backup PG and PF (I’m not sold on Al/Dre long term, or Stone at all.)

    I think the first 2 trades would work better combined: Chandler and #20 to Toronto, #7 to Houston, #14 and 16 to Denver (with seconds/cash to smooth any rough edges). I think Toronto is most interested in WC and would pull the trigger. Houston would love to grab a real star. And the Nuggets could potentially fill both holes (Marshall and Moultrie?)

    The third trade is really intriguing. Boston could only take in that much salary if KG and RayRay were retained for like 3m or less each (and Boston would have to renounce their bird rights to clear the larger cap holds.) But I think it’s a risk they’d be willing to take — getting another big body (they really miss Perk) and a couple decent bench pieces might extend their window one more year, and KG/Ray are loyal enough to be willing to come back for cheap without bird rights. And there are so many possibilities at 20-22, especially if some guys drop. We could potentially fill both holes and take a shot at someone with big upside.

    Best of all, if we dropped all that salary, then even after re-signing JaVale for 9-10 mil starting salary, we could potentially be 24 mil under the luxury tax line (actually, we’d be under the cap, but our exceptions would be bigger than the cap space.) That means we could potentially use the 13 mil exception from the Nene trade, or one or two of the 7 mil exceptions from Al/Chandler, in some sort of S&T.

    If Masai could pull that off, it would be a huge coup IMO

  • Aaa

    I like Daniel Lewis’s idea either trade straight up into the top 5, or use one of your scenarios and then flip the picks to get into the top 5. I would love see bradley beal, Kidd gilchrist or Harrison Barnes come to Denver as a potential star.

    I know you guys want to trade chandler which I can understand, however isn’t it conceivable some general mangers think gallo has more value and thus should be traded?

    Either way it makes damn good sense to use either chandler or gallo to move up and take a high potential draft pick

  • Aaa

    You give up too much in the first scenario I think. If you give them a second round as well, they should get 50 not 38

    • Ryan

      Agreed. I would cut out the future second rounder and offer Chandler, #20, and #50 for #8

  • Alberto

    I think the first one is probably the best trade because Denver has already a complete roster and so add other – young – players could be dangerous also for them…
    But in the first trade I wouldn’t give the 20th pick but Mozgov because Toronto need for a center and Denver could get Drummond with the 8th pick if Javale don’t re-sign.
    If Javale re-sign I would select Perry Jones; he is incredibly complete and for George Karl system he’s perfect.

  • Aaa

    Perry jones is the kind of luxury pick we could afford right now with our depth. We need a star, he has just as much potential as anyone in the draft. Being in a winning organisation with a veteran coach that likes to get out in transition equals ideal scenario. If we move into the top 10, Jones should be the guy unless one of the top guys slip.

    I also love Terence jones and arnett moulteie for the second scenario

    And the third scenario I like Nicholson, Quincy miller and tony wroten

  • aussienuggzfan

    Perhaps we could consider trading for tyreke Evans? Has star potential and is on the market? A guy whose unstoppable in transition and could play a back up combo guard role off the bench

    • Ryan

      Evans is a black hole on offense. He’s essentially a more athletic Corey Maggette (in his prime). He would keep the ball out of Ty’s hands and ruin the offense, in my opinion.

  • popex_17

    Wow Kalen, great work. All 3 scenarios are plausible and I hope Masai thought of them too. Considering our team, I really like all 3 possible outcomes.
    We currently have a really deep team and I think the goal is to collect as much assets as possible and then flip them for a superstar or a future super star.
    Considering that Ty is going to get an extension this summer (probably similar to Gallo’s), JaVale is going to get paid (hopefully around 9-10 million a year, not more) Masai is going to have to make some decisions. This will basically be the same team as last year (+ one 1st round pick from this year), only much more expensive. It is clear that this team cannot compete for a championship as presently constructed. We need a star, because as much as we like how this team plays, how unselfish it is, it can’t get us over the hump.
    Next year our roster and salary cap situation is as follows:

    PG: Ty (2,5 million) + J-Stone (0,7 million)
    SG: AAA (7,7 million) + J-Ham (1,1 million)
    SF: Gallo (10,5 million), Wilson (7,4 million), Corey Brewer (2,6 million)
    PF: Manimal (1,3 million) + Big Al (6,6 million)
    C: McGee (10 million), Mozzy (3 million), KK (3 million) and Bird (4,5 million)

    This means that our salary cap for next year is about 60 million dollars (taking into account McGee for 10 million). That’s a pretty large chunk of cash (considering that in 2013 Ty’s extension will kick in, which will raise our cap with another 8-9 million alone).
    This means that we can expect Masai to orchestrate some trades in which to clear some cap or collect other future assets.

    The way I see it:
    1. Bird + a second round pick to whomever wants his contract for next to nothing in return (if this can’t be done – probably so – amnesty his contract, which can be done in the first week after July the 1st)
    2. sign/draft a back-up PG if management isn’t sold on Stone’s potential
    3. don’t resign Miller (he could help the team for another year or two, but this is Ty’s team, and it can’t really feel that way until he is the unquestioned floor leader of this team)
    4 a. The trade with the Celtics is not possible before the draft (their cap holds are massive, thus they can’t absorb Chandler’s and Harrington’s contracts with only giving picks in return)
    4 b. The trade with the Raptors is really good, but only if we draft a guy with huge upside not another good player which will never be great. When you say upside, you say Perry Jones.
    4 c. The trade with the Rockets will make us better, no doubt, it would be fun to make it happen. Since I love going young in the draft, 2 picks are always better than one, and my feeling is that Masai signed Chandler only to trade him for some young talent.
    4 d. Explore trade scenarios with the Kings for their 1st round pick (5th overall). The Kings are in desperate need of a real SF (playing Tyreke there is not going to do it) and some veteran leadership (they have the youngest team I think in the NBA). Maybe a package containing Chandler, Big Al, Mozzy and our 2 second round picks for their first round pick will do the trick? Throw in Rudy’s contract and that should be even better.
    Anyway, this is going to be a summer full of fun and expectations. Can’t wait for it!

    • LotharBot

      60 mil for a full roster isn’t really a big chunk of change as NBA team salaries go. Only seven teams were below that level this year.

      When Ty’s extension kicks in, we’ve got Moz and Brewer both coming off the books. Even if we extend them both at similar levels, we’re still looking at a salary total below the tax line, and that’s without using amnesty or getting rid of Al.

      I don’t expect Masai to try to drop total salary as a primary goal this year. If he clears salary in an early move, it’s probably in anticipation of using the Nene exception to absorb salary in a later deal.

  • al68

    No creo que sea una buena idea esos cambios, yo preferiria ir a buscar un gran jugador con experiencia como Bosh,josh smith,Bynum en lugar de conseguir otro joven a desarrollar.

    Por ejemplo:

    Bosh= gallo+ manimal+ mozzy. Miami mejoraria el center y obtendria una rotacion mas amplia.

    denver tendria una verdadera referencia en ataque, lo peor perderiamos a Faried aunque yo creo que este año a sobresalido tanto porque no le respetaban el año que viene pienso que va a tener peores numeros.

  • Coxy

    I’m just getting so excited 😀
    Everyones ideas are generally awesome to think about
    I really want perry jones now. 1st or second options for me but the 3rd could work out amazingly too.

  • steve

    no perry jones for me. I just think he’s a tweener and Al Harrington type player. I dont see him being anything special. Not much work ethic and disapeared in big games. no thanks unless he falls to 20.

    • Guy

      I agree with you on PJ3. Guys who don’t bring it every night scare me (Drummond, Jones). I would much rather go after one of the guards (Lillaird, Lamb, Waiters), whoever the Nuggets like the most. I was really impressed with Lamb in his first year, he reminded me of a young, better shooting Grant Hill. I don’t know what happend last year. Both Waiters and Lillaird have been tearing it up in workouts.

  • Ricardo

    I like the second option of trading Chandler, the 20th pick, and the 38th pick to Houston for their two first- round picks, and because they are also in need of a center, we could sweeten the deal even more by also including Mosgov in the deal.

    Having two picks would make the nuggets a deeper and better team next year. With Houston’s 14th and 16th pick, they would be “killing two birds with one stone” by choosing to go for both upside (Moultrie) and for need (Ross). Plus the nuggets would be shredding around $10 million and they could use that money to re-sign McGee.

  • GoNugs86

    Good article, read it from the link from Denver Stiffs, and decided to join. If they can move Chandler along with our pick and anothr player to get into the top 10 selction, that would be great. However I don’t think doing the same for another lower pick is getting good value back, and I wonder if other teams will have a wait and see attitude and not willing to offer as much as they would like for Chander while he is recovering from the hip surgery which can be tricky. If he recovers well and has a decent first half of the season, then depending on whatever areas need improvement, the Nuggets could get better value closer to the trade deadline. Either they make a big splash trade wise before the draft or before training camp, or stand pat until the deadline. This team needs this offseason and a full training camp to set the table for next year, a lack of distraction in terms of player movement/contracts/trades would be a good thing for them for the first time in a while.

  • asdqqq

    My favorite trade idea?
    Chandler, Mosgov, and 20 (if we have to, and we probably do) to the Sacramento Kings for:
    Tyreke Evans.
    Anyone have any comment on whether Sacramento would consider this? Evans isn’t a point and they have Thornton at the 2 and a giant, sucking black hole at SF. Plus they can go huge up front with Cousins and Mosgov. Draft a point and they’ve actually got a team on their hands.
    For the Nuggets, this gives us a go-to shot creator and maker.

    I think Chandler for 8 with some filler has a chance of happening. But I’m not totally sold that they are going to get a much better player at 8 than at 20. Depends on how the draft breaks. I think a Teague or a Doron Lamb might be just as good as any of the guys at 8, and we can get them at 20. And Wroten probably has the highest upside of all those guys, and he’ll probably be around at 20 too.

    • steve

      the problem i have with tyreke is his shooting. He’s not an outside shooter at all. He’s a penetrator and i’m not sure we need him with Ty always going to the hole. He also has great D potential but doesn’t always give it his best.

      At this point i’m not sure how much of an upgrade he’ll be. He needs the ball in his hands and not sure him and ty can co-exist

      • Asdqqq

        Fair points. Yes, it would be nice if he were a better shooter. But if he were a better shooter, he wouldn’t be even potentially available. What he is is an elite shot creator, something we don’t have on this team. He’s got a Wade type game, though not as good of course. Ty’s skillset as a penetrator is quite different. I think he would fit well with Ty. Think Parker and Ginobli. In fact, I think Evans would probably work best coming off the bench like Ginobli does. If Evans is playing with Al at the 4 a good amount, we’ll have enough floor spacing. And hopefully being on a team that is not Sacramento will help with his effort level.

        • Ryan

          If Evans and Al were on the floor at the same time, they would have to cut the ball in half…

          • asdqqq

            Evans has averaged over 5 assists a game for his career. That’s better than Lawson’s career number, more than twice what Afflalo has put up and about 4 times what Al put up last year. He shares the ball plenty for a shooting guard. He’s just not a PG.

            • Ryan

              He’s a shooting guard that can’t shoot and needs the ball in his hands to be effective… I would say that makes him a point guard by default, even if that’s not what he is. My brain hurts now…

  • al68

    hay mucho jugador freshman que no ha demostrado nada porque jugar en HS y 1 year en universidad no quiere decir casi nada a la hora de jugar en la nba.
    Para mi la posibilidad de triunfar de Drummond, beal, rivers o Harkless es muy similar y los picks pueden ser 2,4,13 y 20 respectivamente, por eso vuelvo a decir que este año mas que otros puede haber muchos jugadores del 10-30 que sean buenos o muy buenos jugadores de nba y no necesitamos subir puesto en el draft.

  • MileHigh

    To add to the second trade scenario, Denver could throw in Rudy and possibly Bird and try to get Courtney Lee in exchange. I think his game really suits the Nuggets’ system, he’s around the same age as Afflalo, and he could play some good backup minutes at SG. Not sure Houston would pull the trigger on that trade alone but might do so if it were snuck in as part of a draft-day deal.

  • GK4Prez

    I don’t think the Rockets would do the deal that is proposed, they are also deep at the 3 spot, so I don’t think they would be interested in bringing Chandler on board at that expense.

    Door 1 seems like a lot to give up to move up to the 8th spot to me. I think the Nuggets can get about as good of a player with the 20th pick as they could with the 8th in this draft.

    Door 3 is interesting, but I would rather have Mozzy than Koufos because Mozzy expires sooner and one of the 3 b2b2b picks could be used on his eventual replacement (Melo or Ezeli).

  • nugzin2040

    Here’s my thoughts:

    For the first trade, I think Toronto will want more. Chandler might be on a reasonable contract, and does bring a lot to the table–but he hasn’t shown he can stay healthy either. Getting someone like Mozgov or Koufos back maybe would help it out.

    Toronto doesn’t really need 2nd round picks as they already have pick #37 and #56. #38, and a future 2nd doesn’t really add much to the deal.

    I like the Houston deal a lot. Makes some sense too. Houston only moves down 4 spots, and gives up the #14 pick for Chandler. Not sure who we would target there exactly but would get a better opportunity to pick up someone that slips.

    Can’t see Boston wanting to do the deal you proposed. They’re a team with considerable cap space if they want it.. don’t see them wasting that space on Al and Chandler. Could get someone better then that imo.

  • DAN

    If we stick at #20 I would take Jenkins unless someone like Moultrie or Perry Jones falls. He is the elite shooter that would complement our dribble drive offense. The knock on him was his athletic ability but he measured out as one of the better athletes at the combine. I know those results are somewhat subjective but the dude can still ball.

    • Asdqqq

      Why Jenkins over Doron Lamb? Lamb is as good a shooter, a better defender, and to me looks to have more upside. Or do you think Jenkins is a significantly better shooter?

      • Ryan

        You can get Lamb in the second round, in all likelihood. Jenkins looks to be the better shooter, he’s projected in the late first round in Chad Ford’s latest mock.

      • Peter

        Both shooting guards but Jenkins was first option on his team in college and still got it done. Lamb was basically a stand in the corner and hit wide open 3’s player when Teague, MKG, Davis or Jones were double covered. Lamb would be a better fit on a team like the Bulls where everyone is just worried about stopping D Rose. Jenkins should be a solid rotation player for years to come.

        • asdqqq

          In the NBA, Jenkins is nothing but a spot up shooter. While he was the main guy in college, nearly all of his points came from 3. In my opinion, he’s got nothing else to his game, and lacks the lateral quickness to be a good defender or to be anything more than a 3 point shooter in the NBA. I agree that he’ll be a solid rotation player for years, in the mold of Reddick or Fredette. He’s the guy you are thinking of as a good fit for the Bulls, which is why he is so often mocked to them. Could we use him on this team? Probably. Reportedly he has been bringing a lot of “intensity” to his workouts, which has been moving him ahead of Lamb in the eyes of some decision makers. Karl loves intensity, so he’d maybe even get a shot at playing someday. Me personally, I hope workout intensity level isn’t the deciding factor.

          Lamb in college was much more than a spot up shooter. He actually did most of his damage in the mid range game, though he also shot exceptionally well from the perimeter (better than Jenkins did, percentage wise). He’s much more of an all around scorer than Jenkins. Most scouts put Jenkins as a slightly better shooter, but a not insignificant amount would actually take Lamb. He’s a much more fluid athlete and a better defender. I think he’s got more upside than Jenkins. Effort level has never been a problem with him in games. But he has always been overshadowed at Kentucky by all of the other talent around him, so there is still some room to question how much the other players have made him look better than he is.

          Jenkins is the easy, safe pick because the team knows what role he will play, spot up shooter, he knows that he will play that role and is committed to doing it, and there is little doubt that he will be able to fill that role. But he’ll never be a star, and likely will never even be a starter.

          But me, between just those two, I’d take Lamb. I think his floor is playing the same role that Jenkins will play, perhaps slightly worse than Jenkins will. But there’s the potential he could be much better than that. That’s a risk I would take.

          • Duuuuuuuude

            asdqqq I think you’re spot on. Doron Lamb is an underrated ball handler, very rarely makes mistakes, shoots extremely well from 3 point land, has a mid-range game, occasionally will get to the hoop and score and works hard on D. He is precisely what we need. Coming off the bench he would provide scoring and would really stretch out our half court offense which would make TY and Gallo twice as effective as they already are.

  • CJP32

    George Karl said it yesterday:

    “There’s very few seasons that end as well as I think our season ended,” Karl said. “But in the same sense, I think we’ve got to be a little cautious of being too optimistic. But the summer is fun for us. We’ve always loved the summer. … And hey, we’ve got good young players. In the end we might have too many good young players, but that’s going to be Masai (Ujiri, Nuggets executive VP of basketball operations) and his (team president Josh Kroenke’s) problem. My problem is to make them as confident and ready to go next year.”

    Masai will make some moves and hopefully land us a star. Rookies don’t help us at all, and it took GK almost 3 months before he started playing Faried decent minutes.

    Afflalo, Gallo, Brewer, Chandler, Ty, McGee, Faried, KK, J Ham, Stone & Mozzy are all under the age of 26. I think 1, 2 or 3 of these 11 players will be moved either on Draft Night or before Training Camp – there simply isn’t enough minutes to please everyone. Sure injuries happen, but we have so many intangible pieces to play with and we are stacked at the SG, SF and C position. We do need a decent backup PG and PF. Dre should go and lets keep Al’s minutes to 20 per game. Amnesty Bird.

  • DAN

    CJP good points. I know what your saying but rookies can help us long term if they are impact players. See Faried. But I otherwise agree.

    • CJP32

      True Dan on Faried, however we just extended Afflalo, Gallo, Chandler and no doubt have to secure McGee/Ty this off-season. Thats pretty much 4 of our starting 5. We cant pay these guys big bucks, for a rookie to take their minutes – GK just simply wont do it.

      The only way I see Masai making a move for a Rookie, is if its a Top 5 pick. Otherwise, run with the core we have, use some of our guys for trade bait for a back up PG and PF.

      Somehow I see Corey Brewer being moved now that we have a healthy Gallo/Afflalo/Chandler. Only 2.8 mil of Brewer’s contract is guaranteed and there are teams out there that could use his defense. I don’t want him to be traded, but I get the feeling he’s the odd man out.

      • Peter

        Corey Brewer is not that much worse than Wilson Chandler, but he is a much better value so Chandler is more likely to be traded so we can have more cap room.

  • aussienuggzfan

    I like the idea of moving into the top 10 however only if you can get one of the top guys
    Beal, Kidd gilchrist, barnes, robinson (not really a need but still an elite talent), Drummond or perry jones. I also like Terence jones but you could probably get him later.

  • Manimal

    I don’t understand why tony wroten isn’t getting more buzz at pick 20. He is One of the most talented players in the draft, something Denver should be looking for since we have enough role players, we need to take a risk.

    He is a 6’6 point guard with the ability to lock down on defense and has the innate passing and driving ability you look for in a point guard. Scouts compare him to Rajon rondo. He thrives in transition which obviously makes Denver a great fit.

    Now obviously he has his drawbacks (otherwise he would be a top 5 pick). Ive heard varying reports on his character but I think people have seen how a veteran coach and a winning culture and depth can make a difference for someone like a javale McGee as an example.

    He can’t shoot. He has a nice stroke, but it’s brick city. This is the area that he needs to improve. But so many people want stone to be the back up… Guess what he is an even worse shooter.

    And for those who say we need shooting… Hamilton maybe? Or use second round picks to trade up and get Jenkins.

    Wroten is going to be a star in this league and will pain me watching him do it for another team that takes a chance on him

    • Asdqqq

      I think he’s in the mix. It all comes down to whether he will put in the effort. There is no way for us on the outside to know that. I’m sure the Nuggets are doing their homework.

    • Guy

      I would be OK with taking Wroten if we have multiple picks in the 1st round. Most of these trade scenarios would allow us to do that. There are some questions (Lack of shooting, turnovers, possible bad attitude) which would shy me away from picking him as our only 1st round pick. The Nuggets do need stars if they’re going to go anywhere in the playoffs which in todays NBA is going to mean taking some chances.
      If they do get multiple picks and take Wroten I would hope they also take a safer bet like Nicholson (or a shooter like Barton or Jenkins) who offers versatility and a low post offense the Nuggets sorely need.

  • DAN

    Asd I think Lamb and Jenkins are similar in their skill sets. Lamb is slightly larger and is a better defender but Jenkins has more of a reputation as a knock down shooter. I just know we’ve had him in for multiple workouts so I figured if we go for a shooter he’s our guy.

  • owen

    i would love to trade chandler +20 to the raps for the 8 pick, then we take kendall marshall. he would be so much better running our offense than dre. also, cheaper.

    • Zack

      I don’t know if this trade makes sense just to pick Marshall. He may not be top 8 pick worthy (where the draft this year is low on quality PG’s). After the top 5 or so players (Davis, MKG, Beal, Robinson, Drummond and possibly Barnes), I don’t see much of a difference between the next top guys and guys rated much lower (that we could pick up at #20). Either we somehow trade up into the top 5 or just try to get multiple first rounders like the Rockets or Celtics deal that Kalen listed.

      Obviously, I don’t see us getting into the top 5 so I’m thinking we try as hard as we can to get a couple more mid firsts (it would be awesome to have back-to-back-to-back picks). It’s unfortunate that GK doesn’t play rookies very much, because with how deep this draft is, there will be rookies taken in the 20’s (and beyond) that deserve playing time this season (just like Manimal did last year).

  • David

    Listen man i am sorry i dont agree wit any of ur ideas. We have enough young players and we don’t need anymore through the draft. Guys we are competing against OKC, a team playing in the finals this year and who we play 4x in our division each year, they are superstars and young. I’m tired of people saying this draft is deep, John Wall’s draft was deeper. If we can package Chandler in a deal and possibly acquire a player in the talent level of Gasol, or even go after Garnett to use him as a starter and help Faried in his early years fine. Why Gasol’s talent level? To go after a Wade, Lebron type will mean dismantling the team and to be honest this team isn’t too far away. We are good enough as presently constructed for a player around Gasol’s talent level to take us over the top.

  • Thomas

    Waste of time talking about rookies with Karl on board.

    This team needs some big changes, as is we have no chance. Get rid of all our veterans, first order of business (including Karl). Trade Gallo, other teams may still overpay for him and a few other pieces. Gallo simply doesn’t have it in him to bring it on night in and night out.

    I don’t think Masai has the balls to get rid of Karl. Keeping Karl negates all the supposedly good moves he has made so far. This tells me Masai is not serious yet about contending for a title. Will never happen with Karl – of this I am absolutely certain.

    • Zack

      Karl is a good coach when it comes to getting a team to play well together, he just doesn’t play rookies too much. Unfortunately, in this league you need a superstar to win it all, and I don’t think the Nuggets have one on their roster right now (sorry to Ty and Gallo). We either need to get younger via the draft or get a big time player that is a star (which I do not see happening). It’s hard to compete in this league with a good team but not one big time star.

      • Thomas

        No, he is not a good coach. Other than “experience”, not sure he has much else to offer – just his usual crush on veteran players (worse yet, ones that never won anything) and stubborn insistence on 2 PG line-ups that will never be a winning strategy as long as andre miller is one of them and Ty is not running the team.

  • http://Denverstiffs.comSlader Richard Greenslade

    All these deals are fascinating and feasible, but I agree with someone who said we can get more for Chandler healthy at mid-season. Full-strength Wilson plus our round 1 pick next year should get us somebody’s lottery pick (listening, MJ?).
    This year, we either stack up more solid guys to package for a high-profile trade or we package the picks opportunistically and move up a few spots to get the best lottery player who slides.

    • asdqqq

      The problem with that approach is that Chandler could very well end up being the fourth best SF on this team. Gallo is already better, he’s going to start over Chandler, Hamilton probably also is better or soon will be, and GK loves the guy, and Brewer is a better energy guy off the bench than Chandler. So we’d either be keeping a better player off the floor to give Chandler playing time or killing his trade value on the bench. I think we should do something now while all of those players have relatively high trade value.

      • owen

        good point

  • C.

    Hamilton nobody knows is he better then Chandler NO but he cheaper
    Gallo Paid Him trade value goes down with every game he plays i think he is what he is Wont get better then this
    Trade Chandler he’s the only peace this team has

  • youngthegiant

    i think i know why realistic was written in italics lol……

  • Henry aka LWH and formerly KFH

    All you fans who believe the roster is pretty much set (save for maybe PG and another backup PF): where do you believe the consistent scoring will come from?

    Don’t we need a scoring big? Or two?

    • asdqqq

      I agree we need scoring, but it doesn’t have to be a big. OKC doesn’t have a scoring big, and they are doing pretty well. We need a great player at any position. There are none of our slotted starters who wouldn’t also make a great bench player if we can get a great player to play in front of them. And you can get away with paying one bench player what we are paying each of our starters.

    • Ryan

      I think 2 is our biggest need. Without a consistent 3 point shooter, teams clog the lane and keep Ty from getting to the rim. Need someone dangerous around the arc to create gaps in the defense so Ty can regularly get into the paint.

  • John

    We need a star(or 2) In my opinion, we should bring in top tier talents at both the 2 and 4. I would pick up both Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon. AND do Door #2 to get Houstons 14 and 16, AND package the TPE + #50 + future 1st(from the Gallo trade) and get Ariza and the #10. Trade AAA, Al, and Mozzy to NO for a S & T of Gordon, and Sign Ryan with cap space. Sign and Trade Rudy and Bird(or Amnesty) for a future asset, and don’t re-sign Dre.

    Will this happen? No. Karl is in love with his vets(Dre, AAA, Al), and for good reason. They bring a necessary calmness to the team. Unfortunately none of this guys is a stone cold killer out there. They are all pretty darn good, and have their moments(each flat out won at least 2 games for us), but none are dominant night in night out. Our only hope is that we can draft and develop new talent that hits that next level.

    Remember, Kobe looked like complete crap for his first 2 years. If he touched the ball, he was jacking up a 3 from 5 feet behind the line in coverage. J Ham looks better and more complete(to me) than Kobe did in his rookie season. Is he gonna be Kobe, probably not, but he is putting in work, and that is more that can be said for a lot of 1st year guys. I’m excited to see what he becomes.

    In the draft… I like:

    – Waiters – looks good all around but still needs to develop.
    – Marshall – love his passing, but you really need to put him with a dominant scoring wing.
    – Moultrie – nice back up right away, but will need more meat(bonus- he can play 4 or 5).

    These guys would most likely be avail. at 10, 14, and 16.

    So the Depth chart would be

    PG: Ty, Kendall, Stone
    SG: Gordon, J Ham, Waiters
    SF: Gallo, Ariza, Brew
    PF: Anderson, Faried, Moultrie
    C: McGee, Kosta

    In reality, we will probably get Nicholson at 20, and two europeans we stash overseas for a couple of years.

    • asdqqq

      None of those trades or signings is even remotely realistic. You know the other team has to agree to the trade too, right? And Anderson is a restricted free agent. What offer are we going to give to him that Orlando isn’t going to match? No RFA of any note ever changes teams on an offer sheet. Special bonus fail, we wouldn’t be the first choice for either Gordon or Anderson, so they’d never sign with us or facilitate a sign and trade to the Nuggets anyways.

    • asdqqq

      Sorry to be so harsh. I agree about Hamilton. I think he’s got a ton of potential.

      • John

        I understand all of these are pipe dreams… and if you read my post you would know that.

        RE: Anderson… RFA’s (even notable ones) change teams all the time. Money is the deciding factor. Just like the Price is Right… the key is knowing what your opponent can bid and go 1 dollar more. Orlando without Dwight isn’t that great of team and they will have to spend a ton to keep or replace him.

        RE: Gordon… NO is shopping the #10 pick because they want veteran talent and to get rid of a couple of bad contracts. Keeping EG will be price prohibitive, and we have pieces they need and would have money to spend (if these things all happen)

        The Nuggets, small market or no, are a playoff team. If you sell the player on the idea that they are the one piece that makes it a championship caliber team… Well you might be surprised who would come.

        • Austin

          Keep on dreaming. The Nuggets will not completely change their team like that. And the Hornets are going to try and build around Davis, Gordon, and the PG that they draft at 10 so thats not happening

        • asdqqq

          Name one significant RFA that changed teams on an offer sheet. If there is an offer sheet, that means it wasn’t a sign and trade. I can’t think of one, maybe you can. I mean even when we were willing to rediculously overpay Kenyon, we still ended up having to give up 3 first rounders to get him. Golden State offered Deandre Jordon twice what he is worth and the Clips matched. We offered to rediculously overpay Mbah a Moute last offseason and it was matched. And anyways, if we are going to pay Andersen more than Orlando is willing to match, that means we are way overpaying him. It’s hard to build a winning team while hugely overpaying role players like Anderson. We just got rid of Kenyon’s contract. Lets not replace it with Anderson.

          • owen


  • MileHigh

    I reckon we should draft Juwan Ball at #20. He’s a good pg to back up Ty and has good potential. He’s in my Association team in 2k12 and we won the championship.

    • Kenneth

      Don’t troll the site foooool

  • monkfish

    Not sure these are realistic deals. I think we could get B.Bass(SnT)+ one of their picks from boston.

    Our best realistic option is to Philly for #15 and #45. That way PHI can trade Iggy for a big.

  • http://bleacherreport Jeffrey Freeman

    Chandler Wilson, Wilson Chandler. I can not keep his name straight, but I can see what he is capable of and I am not ready to give him up yet. He is undefined and more valuable than what we can get in any trade scenario. If you like to trade, the best value player on the team is probably either Farried or McGee. If you are subjected to trading rather than simply taking than trade one of these two.

    Jeffrey Freeman

    • ThomasDenverFan

      Glad to hear this from someone else i have been on the ledge with this because i can’t figure out what is better i say find out what he is like healthy before just checking him away

  • Romney

    I don’t want to trade him but if we do the first one seems like the best option because Toronto is DESPERATE for a SF

  • Manimal

    Kalen, I like your trade scenarios but multiple first round picks on a deep team where guys like Hamilton and brewer will struggle for consistent minutes? I don’t think that’s what we need altough I’m not against it

    Unless we get a really good deal, I would like to see chandler play some first. If you trade him I think you can get good value at the trade deadline when a wreckless team like Brooklyn might give you an unprotected draft pick or a desperate team looking to push over the edge will give up draft concessions.

    you need to get one of the top 6 players – Davis, Robinson, beal, Kidd gilchrist, Barnes or Drummond and maybe perry jones, otherwise it’s not worth trading up.

    I know I’m on island so don’t bash me but I think chandler is the second best player on the team

  • Manimal

    I know it’s not a need but I really like moe harkless. He reminds me of rudy gay, I think he has a chance to be star

    • Guy

      I saw about 30 minutes of St. Johns basketball this year but he was the one guy I noticed. I like his athletic ability and upside and I think he’d be a steal at #20. I see him playing at the 3 or the 2 sharing time with Brewer & Hamilton at a much cheaper price than Chandler. He will take time to develope though.
      I would just as soon trade Chandler now even if it means only moving up a few places so the Nuggets can somewhat of a set roster through the summer and training camp. There’s enough players I like in this draft for us to get someone that can help this team in the mid-1st round rather than take a chance and try and trade him later. I just don’t see him playing that much because Gallo’s going to start at the SF spot for he’s better, bigger and makes more money and Brewer has a defined role off the bench for a very reasonable price. As good as the benches of OKC and the Spurs are, other than Harden & Ginobilli they don’t have anyone who gives a whole lot more production than Brewer.

  • Sammm192

    Wilson Chandler and pick #20 for Bucks’ 12 pick. Dream come true, draft Tyler Zeller. I personally haven’t given up on Mozgov, so starting 5 would be: Lawson, Afflalo, Gallinari, Faried, Zeller/Mozgov. Bench: Miller, SG???, Hamilton, Harrington and Mcgee. I would let Mcgee go and go after Jason Terry. Miracle draft:
    Chandler and the 2nd round picks for Bucks #12. This team would contend for a Championship.

    • youngthegiant

      Sorry but that is just horrible…..

      • mike84

        i agree that would make us worse

  • nuggfan5

    Use trade #1 and draft Austin Rivers. He has tar potential, can create his own shot, drives to the hoop very well and decision making will improve under Karls coaching. Could also play both gaurd postions, which would be great for the Nuggets fast pace transition offense.

    • nuggfan5

      *star potential

  • EJCooper

    This is retarded…trade Afflalo. I love him but Wilson should be starting at the 2 instead. Afflalo probably wouldn’t want to come off the bench so trade him for a draft pick

  • Nick

    Why draft young guys, George barely played Faried until injuries forced him to and Hamilton never gets any playing time even after showing he is a better scorer than Afflalo. I would start either Hamilton or Brewer at the 2, trade Lawson, Afflalo and Chandler for Rondo and one of their first round picks. That would give you a nice lineup of:

    PG Rondo
    SG Hamilton
    C McGee
    SF Gallinari
    PF Faried

    Let Miller go and bring Chauncey back.

  • Duuuuuuuude

    At 20 I believe there should be a shooting SG available – hopefully Ross or Doron Lamb. I think that’s one of our biggest needs right now, a consitent outside threat. I agree with Kalen regarding looking to move Chandler, I simply don’t see him as a long-term part of the rotation with Gallo, J Ham’s potential to be a scorer off the bench and Brewer’s energy and cheap contract, Chandler is the odd one out.
    With that being said at 20 I would draft Doron Lamb and try to trade Chandler for a stretch 4 or low post scorer. The issue there is finding a partner/players of equal value. There are rumours of the Jazz considering trading Millsap, could we get him for Chandler, Miller (if re-signed) and the number 20 pick? I doubt it. If the rumours of Sullinger falling are true perhaps we nab him at 20 and trade Chandler to move back in the 1st to pick up a SG and future picks?

    • Duuuuuuuude

      Of course if Gallo could actually play the 4 like a guy with his size/skillset should then we wouldn’t have this concern and could find minutes for Gallo, Chandler and J-Ham between position 2-4 and draft a deep threat at 20.