Bradley Beal: Nuggets Interested in Trading Up to Draft Me

While we are passing along hot rumors, a new article by Chad Ford reports that Oklahoma City GM Sam Presti told Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal the Thunder would look into trading up to draft him.  Who cares?  Not gonna happen, right?  Well, a little further down the page Beal shares that another playoff team from the Northwest Division made a similar comment.

Beal said Denver, which picks at No. 20, also made a similar statement.

The Nuggets are a very tight lipped organization and I believe the fact that the rumor including the Nuggets, Wilson Chandler and Golden State were talking was a good sign that things had died down and Golden State floated the rumor to try to pump up interest in their draft pick.

Plus there was no clear cut player that made sense for Denver with the seventh pick.  Some fans speculated that the ultimate plan was to move up into the top five.  Looking at the circumstantial evidence of the Nuggets being tied to story with them trading up and now Beal’s comment that Denver told him they were interested in him, I think it is safe to speculate that the Nuggets are working to get into the top four picks.

With teams like Cleveland and Washington already in the top four hot after Beal, Denver would have to trade up to Charlotte’s second spot to get him.  With Charlotte desperate for NBA players and the Nuggets possessing many quality NBA players, they could be a decent match, but only if the Nuggets can offer a pick high enough for the Bobcats to feel like they are not dropping too far.

As we have mentioned many times here, Denver has plenty of pieces to utilize in trades and they have a bold front office willing to be aggressive.  I suspect the chances of Denver getting a pick high enough to draft Beal are low.  Even so, Denver is certainly looking at improving their team and that is exciting.

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  • Manimal

    Well said. We can only hope Bradley beal comes to Denver. He is gonna be an absolute star. He’s Eric Gordon with a little more height and a nicer stroke

  • junior

    Beal is unproven in the NBA. Everyone is saying how good he is, but the fact is he hasn’t played a game in the NBA, Afflalo on the other hand has proven that he could defensively stick the best shooters in the game. He has also showed improvement in his offensive game, to get Beal we would probably have to give up Afflalo. I think we should push for Robinson who is a low post threat, very athletic, and could help us REBOUND!!!!!

  • GK4Prez

    I read a report over the last couple of days that indicated that the Bobcats were willing to move the 2nd pick if they could include Tyrus Thomas in the deal.

    Chandler for Thomas would save the Bobcats a couple Million per season, so maybe with Denver including 20, 38, 50, and a future pick, they could get the 2nd and 31st. I doubt it, but it isn’t beyond unrealistic.

    • GK4Prez

      The Spurs and OKC aren’t really in a position to take on salary through a trade and the Nuggets can, so that is a big plus. Swapping Chandler for Thomas and swapping picks would save the Bobcats quite a bit of money this year and in the future.

    • ThomasDenverFan

      Do you think Thomas would be better in Denver than he was last year in Charlotte kind of how Javale was when he got here as well from Washington.

      • GK4Prez

        I don’t know, he really dropped off big time with his percentages/production last year. But, iirc the Nuggets were interested in trying to acquire him when he was still with the Bulls. Obviously, the team was constructed differently then and they also had a different GM running the show at that time.

        • ThomasDenverFan

          I remember that i wanted him then too i just think charlotte is a bad setting for him.

  • Landry

    Frankly I don’t care that the Nuggets couldn’t ever hit the 3 ball last year. We have streaky shooters as does everybody else in the league, it happens. A championship strategy on the other hand is to win using defense and tenacity which the nuggets have none of at the moment. I mean who was our lock-down defender this year?? It sure as heck wasn’t AAA to the rescue and with Gallo our supposed leader of our franchise?? holding his face on the floor as his man dunks right past his flailing body.

    That is why we need either a culture change via a tough free agent or to draft a lock down defender. There’s a reason why we always lose in the first round. Also there a reason we’ve gone to the Western Conference Finals once is because we don’t have an elite defensive standout player at the SF position as or a hunger vet who can will the game for a 7 game series. SF is the most important position to this cause because as Lebron has shown, they provide the most versatility as a defender guarding both the post and the 3 ball. If the Nuggs want any chance of becoming an elite team, they don’t need the 3 ball, they need for their best defender to not be Al Harrington guarding not only centers but guards as well. I mean seriously are we kidding ourselves that we need offense here?? We were the number 1 offensive team in the league! We dominated the paint, accounted for the most free-throw attempts this season, and even rebounded the basketball on the offensive boards thanks to 1 Kenneth Faried. What the nuggets need is not another standout offensive player but rather a defensive standout to play SF a la Shawn Marion style.

    • dynamo.joe

      You know who our lock down defender is? It’s Julyan Stone, get rid of Andre so he can play.

      Speaking of Stone and drafting and what not, I was looking at the draft ranker they use at Wages of Win. Guess what last years ranking looked like.

      1. Faried
      2. Irving
      3. Leonard
      4. Burks
      5. Williams
      6. Morris
      7. Leslie
      8. Stone

      19. Hamilton

      According to that statistical model, we might have had the greatest draft/undrafted rookie signing off-season in the history of the league!

      PS They have Beal ranked as te 3rd best prospect this year, if that’s who we are targeting.

      • owen

        the faried no.1 is actually usable. stone and jhams numbers aren’t statistically significant because they didn’t play enough. it’s like saying the birdman was our best big man because his PER was 20 last year.

        • dynamo.joe

          That’s actually how they ranked as rookie prospects, not how they performed as rookies.

          I just thought it was interesting in that the 3 they rated as the top 3 prospects did become the 3 best rookie players AND they ranked Stone in the top 10.

    • nuggz2

      I agree. Everybody talks about Beal’s shooting but I would much rather have MGK’s defense and rebounding. I’d like to see a trade with Charlotte centered around their No. 2 pick and Galo.

      • Landry

        Same because Gallo has view in this league as a potential Dirk Nowitzki while none of our other positions are quite as moveable like Faried or McGee. Frankly I think our best SF is Corey Brewer because he plays the right way every night, with his defense. If he scores points the nuggs are near unstoppable as he has proved to be another fantastic Masai addition as Kobe stopper for the nuggs.

      • Manimal

        Yes yes yes trade gallo and get mkg

  • Trevor

    I like the Nuggets trying to get a draft pick 5-10 rather than a top five pick. Too much risk going for a guy like Beal that could struggle in the NBA for a couple years.

  • DH

    I wouldn’t put anything past Masai, but getting Beal would require some real magic. As for the GS rumor, I’m hearing that they think the #7 pick is too much to give up for Chandler and they might be trying to move to #12 or #14 before swapping for WC. That is a real value area of the draft, IMHO. In particular, I’m very high on Ross, Moultrie, and Zeller in that range. I guess I would need to know what other pieces are involved before deciding if it would be a good move for the Nuggets, but it’s intriguing. The WC for #7 trade seemed too good to be true, and I think that’s exactly what it was. We’ll see.

  • Justin

    The nuggets have so many assets that shouldn’t be wasted. Chandler is way to good to be Gallo’s back up, plus we have Jordan Hamilton.
    Its defiantly a smart move to trade players not essential and to get players that can have more of an impact. This would be a great move for the Nuggets

  • Poz_303

    I think I will go hide in a cave till the draft, too many floating parts, giving me a headache :)

    Just want the draft to start already.

  • Manimal

    Trade gallo. He is probably valued by some teams but I seriously prefer chandler and even Hamilton to gallo

  • Manimal

    Trade gallo. He is probably valued by some teams but I seriously prefer chandler and even Hamilton to gallo. And get Kidd-gilchrist

  • Landry

    Yea yea, the only thing missing from the nuggets are the so-called intangibles that come along with winning. It sucks to listen to espn talk about Derek Fisher and his “intangibles” but they are needed. Brewer has it and all we need is MKG to have to outwork an NBA champion.

  • popex_17

    If we somehow get MKG and we have to give up Chandler/Gallo, KK/Mozzy, our 3 picks this year and the rights to Rudy Fernandez I will be ecstatic! MKG is gonna be a beast!!! Think of him as a 6,7 Scottie Pippen, with a tremendous heart and work ethic. He is a smaller version of Anthony Davis, does not need many shots, terrific defender (defends 2s and 3s the same), great rebounder for his position and a motor similar to Faried’s but with much more basketball skills and upside.
    I would try and trade with the Cavs, give them Gallo/Chandler (they lack a starting 3), a big man + the 20th pick in this draft (they can get a very good player there) + 2nd round picks.

  • Peter

    As much as I like Brad Beal, I agree, I would much rather trade Gallo and a pick for the #2 and draft MKG than trade AAA and a pick to take Beal. We need defense and toughness, 2 things that MGK would bring way more than Gallo. He doesn’t need the ball to stay happy. If we trade WC and don’t make any other serious roster upgrades this team is just going to be a 4-6 seed again and lose in the first round because we have no trouble scoring but we don’t guard anybody.

  • AAA

    I really think we should use Gallo and our picks to get into the top 5 to get MKG. He is a beast who will play excellent defense and and along with fairied and brewer will create an extremely fast hustle team.

    Chandler will do what gallo does for cheaper

  • Zack

    I’m surprised at how many people are saying they think we should trade Gallo. I just assumed more people would think Wilson Chandler + picks would be better than Gallo + picks for the Nuggets.

    If we could somehow get MKG, I would be very happy. He is a very good defender and plays very similar to Faried in that he works his tail off every single play and doesn’t need a ton of shots to be happy. How good could our perimeter defense be if we had a starting lineup positions 1-3 of Lawson, AAA and MKG?

  • steve

    Would you be against Wilson Chandler, Arron Afflalo, Mozgov and 20th pick for #2 and Tyrus Thomas???

    I think i’d want to do that. Tyrus fills a need at backup PF behind faried even though his contract stinks. We draft Beal or MKG who should be have much higher ceilings than AA and Chandler. Obviously it’s alot and not even sure Bobcats do this but i think i’d go for it.

  • ThomasDenverFan

    Gallo and picks is more appeasing to others because people know more about him and i like Chandler better because i think he is better overall and dent flop and can drive the lane better