Too good to be true: Nuggets discuss moving Chandler for seventh pick in Draft

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting the Nuggets are very active in Draft day trade talks, discussing a possible deal with the Warriors that centers around trading Chandler for the No. 7 pick in the first round. As part of the proposed deal the Nuggets would likely have to take on Dorell Wright and the last year of his contract at just north of $4 million.

Those who frequent this blog know I’ve heavily lobbied for the Nuggets to trade Chandler for over a year now. On June 11 I proposed this article which discussed three possible trade scenarios revolving around Chandler for various draft picks. One of those included a trade that sent Chandler to Toronto for the eighth pick in the Draft, however Golden State could have easily taken Toronto’s place given they’ve been on a mission to acquire a legitimate small forward for years.

This all makes me very happy. Chandler is a good player and deserves the opportunity to escape Gallinari’s shadow and carve his own path in the league. He was never going to reach his potential playing a backup role while in Denver. While nothing is complete it’s nice to know the Nuggets feel the same way.

A few things to keep in mind:

— Additional picks (and possibly players) will likely be included if Chandler is dealt. The Warriors need as much talent as they can get, meanwhile the Nuggets have an abundance. I would suspect the Nuggets would deal the all three of their picks (20, 38 and 50) to the Warriors as part of the deal and in exchange receive the Warriors’ 30th pick (the last one in the first round). Either way, both teams have many picks which will likely be exchanged in some way.

— The potential deal breaker in this situation lies in the contracts of Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson. Both players have atrocious contracts hovering around $10 million for the upcoming season with player options for 2013-14. Chandler for No. 7 is extremely lopsided. Either the Warriors will demand the Nuggets take back one of the contracts mentioned above, give them an additional player in the deal (Harrington, Hamilton, etc.) or they’re just totally inept.

— Once the Nuggets acquire the No. 7 pick, they can then use that as ammunition to move up further in the Draft. Charlotte has been open to moving the No. 2 pick. If the Nuggets truly wanted to, I don’t doubt the possibility of moving the seventh pick in addition to someone like Afflalo for the second pick in the Draft to then select Bradley Beal. The Kings have also been open to trading the No. 5 pick in the Draft.

Update (12:05PM MST) by Charlie

I like Wilson Chandler as much as anyone and lobbied hard for the Nuggets retain him last season, but Kalen’s reaction to this latest bit of news is spot-on – if Wilson for the 7th pick as rumored is actually being discussed, it’s way too good to pass up on.

The Nuggets were able to re-sign Chandler at an acceptable price tag, but Danilo Gallinari’s hefty extension kicks in next year and the Nuggets were never going to be able to escape the fact they gave Chandler an Afflalo-like contract to be backup. For better or worse, the Nuggets are heavily invested in Gallo at the three spot and Chandler wasn’t likely to see very much growth beyond the respectable production he’s offered as the utility-man off the bench. In other words, while Wilson provides the luxury of versatility and depth, his value is likely to go down rather than up assuming the Nuggets stick with their core of Lawson, Gallo, Afflalo, and Faried.

That makes selling high on Wilson a most intriguing idea, especially with the draft providing a great opportunity for the Nuggets to sacrifice some of their depth to take a flyer on the kind of potential talent that could take the Nuggets from good to great. Players like Wilson Chandler just don’t fetch top 10 picks in the draft every year.

I don’t see Wilson becoming much better than he currently is. While he’s certainly still in his prime and brings a wide range of skills to the table, he’s likely peaking in terms of efficiency and unlikely to ever see the increase in minutes he’d need to produce beyond his current career averages

He is a natural fit for the Warriors, whose new owners seem desperate to make the playoffs now and favor a known quantity like Chandler over the risk-reward of another lottery pick. If Golden State is indeed serious about acquiring Chandler and are putting the seventh pick on the table, the deal almost makes too much sense not to happen. I’m just not sure the logistics are going to allow it.

Salary-wise, the Warriors have to send back at least $3.8 million in order to make the deal work. With Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson presumably off the table, that leaves Dorell Wright’s remaining $8 million and two years the only possibility for a deal involving Chandler and picks. While I’m sure the Warriors would like to shed a contract like Biedrins or Richard Jefferson, they’d have to take back additional salary from Denver in order to make it work. There isn’t really a deal that makes sense for both sides in that scenario.

If this has a chance at happening, it’s probably going to involve more pieces and a possible third team. However, if the Nuggets can nail down the skeleton of a deal involving Chandler and the seventh pick, they have to pull the trigger. Denver can afford to take risks going forward and quite frankly, they probably need to in order to move into the upper echelon of the Western Conference. The Nuggets could end up worse off in the short term when it comes to talent, but their depth and the value presented here greatly outweighs the risk.

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  • Poz_303

    The only player they have worked out thats a lottery pick is Terrence Ross. This doesnt mean they wouldnt deal further for Beal as I am sure they know his strengths and weaknesses but T. Ross might be a solid pick here (or trading back a few places to get him).

  • steve

    if they land the 7th pick for chandler and later picks etc…my keyboard may get a little sticky! :)

    • Poz_303

      I wasnt one in favor of trading Chandler initially but now with GK saying that JHam would be a top ten pick in this draft he obviously has made Chandler more tradeable.

      Gallo/JHam at SF would not be a huge step back from Gallo/Chandler/JHam. And as Kalen has said, Chandler deserves his own starting spot in NBA.

      Now, with the 7th pick, lots of possibilities. Ross, Waiters, Lillard, Drummond. If Koufus is part of the trade and we take back Beirdins (throws up in mouth), then Drummond may come into play. but if we take beidrins then we may not be giving up pick #20.

      So then we are back to Lillard, Ross, Waiters, Lamb at #7 and then Moultrie, White, Nicholson at 20.

  • Gerardo

    I knew Masai wasn’t going to keep quiet!! But I hope he doesn’t take any of those bad contracts, And Dorrel Wright is a good three point shooter he can stretch the floor with us. But anyways I hope it happends

    • Poz_303

      In Masai we trust. It’s nice to support a team whose FO seems to make all the right moves.

      I am sure by the time Thrusday’s draft has ended there will be no Nuggets fans scratching their heads and wondering “What were they thinking???”

      Very much looking forward to this.

  • ny nugs fan

    watched the warriors a lot last year (wife’s a fan) and yeah dorrel wright is a cold blooded scorer and the nugs need that if they’re going to challenge okc

    but biedrens & jefferson… wouldn’t touch

    • owen

      yeah i dont like having 10 million riding the pine or taking minutes from future starters. i can deal with renting wright’s services at that price too 😀

  • Ricardo

    It would be a great trade if the nuggets get 7, 30, and Dorell Wright from the Warriors for Chandler, 20, 38, and 50. But I just hope they wouldn’t have to take back Biedrins’ or Jefferson’s contract.

    • asdqqq

      Can you imagine a Stone, Doron Lamb, Hamilton, Faried, Drummond summer league team?

      • Zack

        I would be on that team (at least that starting 5) doing very well in the summer league.

  • fluffhead

    trade the 7 and 20 for the 3 or 4 and get thomas robinson. we need a low post presence folks!

    • Poz_303

      Now that would be sweet. So many possibilities.

      CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • steve

      my guess is we stay at 7 and take waiters. he’s a scoring machine. Great ball handler that can play some point so playing alongside Ty won’t be an issue.

      I could definitely see us moving up though. I would think the cavs take 7 and 20 for 4. They want more assets. Would we take Barnes or MKG then? I think Bobcats take Trob if they stay and Wiz will take Beal. My guess is we take Barnes since he can hit hte outside shot and can play both wing positions but i’d prefer MKG since he’s a beast.

  • Fence

    Couldn’t they just amnesty one of those contracts?

    • steve

      They already used their amnesty with Charlie Bell. It saved them like 5 mill or something. Idiots.

    • dynamo.joe

      Nuggets can only amnesty the players they had under contract when the new deal came down, which is why you see Bird and Harrington mentioned here most frequently.

      • owen

        gotta be bird on the amnesty, he’s untradable now…some team would prolly take harrington if we really want him gone…if even for just a future second rounder. it’s weird that a guy who was borderline 6th man of the year, one of our better players, and a fun dude in the locker room is the focus of our amnesty discussion. alas, he is old, nugz are young.

  • C.

    Praying the Nugs move Chandler to free him up from sitting behind a player he’s better then Galo was a lottery pick so you have to let him flame out so go ahead Nuggets J Ham will be a factor because of what?? sitting the bench last good luck Nugs #FreeChandler

  • MongoSlade3000

    Works for Golden State. They need a plug and play starter at the 3. I know they want a big but, if Drummond is gone I’m sure they’d pull the trigger on this deal. The Nuggets really need a scorer that can create his own shot. I like AAA but, it was painfully obvious that he’s just limited as an athlete and he can’t get to the bucket and finish. I’d love Waiters or Ross. Ross is JR Smith without the crazy and Waiters has a little DWade in him.

    I think JHam will be able to provide close to what Chandler did. Certainly not the defensive player but, a good rebounder and probably a better stroke.

    • MongoSlade3000

      Sorry for the double post.

    • DH

      I love Ross, but he’s projected more in the 10-15 range. So if we could trade from 7 back down to that range and pick up Ross plus another asset, it would certainly work for me. That’s just one of many scenarios that could be fantastic for the Nugs.

  • MongoSlade3000

    Works for Golden State. They need a plug and play starter at the 3. I know they want a big but, if Drummond is gone I’m sure they’d pull the trigger on this deal. The Nuggets really need a scorer that can create his own shot. I like AAA but, it was painfully obvious that he’s just limited as an athlete and he can’t get to the bucket and finish. I’d love Waiters or Ross. Ross is JR Smith without the crazy and Waiters has a little DWade in him.

    I think JHam will be able to provide close to what Chandler did. Certainly not the defensive player but, a good rebounder with probably a better stroke.

  • DH

    I don’t want to burst any bubbles, but in the interest of “keeping it real”, ESPN is now reporting that Golden State is having similar talks involving Iguodala, Rudy Gay, and Marvin Williams. Chandler isn’t the only SF they’re looking at. I know I’m excited about the possibilities, but I don’t want to get my hopes too high.

  • dynamo.joe

    From simmons/ford mock draft:

    “SIMMONS: You took Royce White? You took Royce White???

    FORD: I did.

    SIMMONS: How could you do that? You knew that was my guy!…Can you just take Sullinger? What if I traded you the rights to Charlotte’s second-round pick in 2013… to swap 20 and 21?

    FORD: Only way I do this is if you give me 21 and 22. Because if I’m taking a guy with a back problem, I’m gonna need a plan B. By the way, I predict this is exactly what Masai does to Danny on draft night. Can’t let those promises leak …

    It’s nice to know that even the Chad Fordeseses of the world think Masai is playing chess while most in the league are playing checkers.

  • Manimal

    If we give up 20 I don’t like the trade as much as everyone else. I will forever stand alone in my belief chandler is better than gallinari.

    Pick 7 isn’t the best place to be in this draft either, it could end up being a bit of an odd spot. But I’d love the trade more I’d we used 7 as a stepping stone into the top 5 to get either Kidd gilchrist or beal

    • Manimal

      Or trade back to say 10 and then pick Terence Ross

      • DH

        I agree with you completely that Beal or MKG (or maybe Robinson?) in the top 5 or Ross at around the #10 pick would be dream scenarios. We seem to be high on the same players. I also agree that #7 is an “odd spot”. There’s a dropoff after the first 5 or 6 picks.

  • Trevor

    Yes just as I predicted. 7th pick right now would put the Nuggets in position to draft Dion Waiters which could fit the roster nicely, although I would prefer Harrison Barnes but doubt he would fall that low. If they do pick up Dorell Wright in this trade (which I think is a nice addition) one or two wing players will need to be traded. Fernandez going back to Spain could be one and trading Brewer for a 2nd rounder could be another. Hope Ujuri makes something happen.

  • ny nugs fan

    the warriors might need this trade as much as the nuggets do

    with steph curry coming back and we all know thompson gotta get his being that he’s the best shooter on the team, what they’re missing is somebody who can defend on the perimeter

    AND since the warriors are changing their name to the embarcadero wine sippers (hahaha) they can’t come with the whole “we’re the warriors you fans will come back”

  • finazzaus

    what about chandler, AAA and #20 for charlotto’s #2 and #31

    i dont mind it, we could take beal at #2 to cover AAA and then a Jenkins, wroten,taylor or cunningham to back beal up.

    • AUSFAN

      2 rookies at sg? what a joke.. GK will never play em

  • http://Denverstiffs.comSlader Richard Greenslade

    About the other SFs mentioned above: Gay is looney overpaid, Iggy is too, and Marvin W costs as much as Chandler, but is older and not as good.

    So Philly or Memphis would have to take Jefferson or Biedrins (shudder) to make it work – would you? Denver wouldn’t have to, so it’s just easier to make a deal.

    BTW, we shouldn’t be in a hurry to trade AAA, we just need a sixth man. Do I like Waiters more than Lamb…? Dunno.

    I’m not convinced this deal can be done, anyway.

    In Masai we trust.