Talking NBA Draft with Colorado Sports Guys

Last night I joined Nate Timmons and Ross Martin, also known as the Colorado Sports Guys, to talk about the Nuggets and the roll they’ll play in the 2012 NBA Draft. You can listen to the podcast player below (I come on at about the 40 minute mark), at the Colorado Sports Guys’ website or download it free on iTunes.

  • Dillon

    Trust me, Denver REALLY needs to pick up Jeremy Lamb. After Lamb, they should try to get Quincy Miller.

  • Sammm192

    Chandler, Mozgov for #7 pick
    Chandler, Mozgov, #20 for #5 pick. Barnes is the best bet at an All-star. Paul pierce is a very reasonable ceiling. My personal favorite would be to get Zeller. Whoever ends up with the #12 pick, Chandler and Mozgov to get Zeller.