Denver Nuggets and Andre Miller agree to 3 Year Deal

According to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the Denver Nuggets have agreed to a three year contract with veteran Unrestricted Free Agent Andre Miller.  Terms have not been disclosed as of yet.  I can only hope that the contract is for less than MLE money.  I also suspect the last year of the deal is only partially guaranteed.

Miller has been open about his doubts about the Nuggets ability to win a title, so I find it interesting that despite reported interest from teams such as the Miami Heat and Los Angenes Lakers, he chose to remain in Denver.

Go ahead and leave your thoughts below and we will keep you updated when we find out the details of the contract.

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  • ayy yo juwwan

    As good as Miller can be sometimes, I was really hoping we wouldn’t resign him. GK loves playing that 2 point guard lineup and it makes me cringe every time I see it. IMO it was one of the main reasons we lost game 7. I also wanted to see what Stone could do. I’ve never really seen him play but based on what I’ve read here and other places he deserves a chance.

    • ryanvdonk

      2 PG lineup that includes stone would be great, he has the size to legitimately defend both guard spots so we wouldn’t be sacrificing defense, with andre…you better hope he’s matched up on a spot up shooter who sits in the corner or someone slow, anyone else is just easy buckets for the other team.

  • LEE


    Now we have to suffer through another 3 years of GK playing two PGs in crunch time.

  • Sir-A
  • CJP32

    If its 3 million per year like is reporting, then its a great deal. Miller is a warrior and his veteran savvy is needed on this young squad. He shouldn’t be playing more than 20 mpg however and I agree that the 2 PG line up doesn’t always work. He does work well with the 2nd unit – mainly Brewer, Harrington and McGee.

    This move means Julian Stone is out of the picture, and I think Masai will do everything he can to secure Mcgee at the right price, and if that means moving Afflalo, Gallo or Chandler to save money, he will do it.

  • Gerardo

    YES!!! Three more years of seeing him act like he doesn’t give a damn!!! Three more years of him leaving his man open to three pointers!!! And three more years of Karl putting him in his crunch time line up!!! Wooohooooo nice pick up!!?

    Horrible just horrible… 3 years is too long… That contract will be up until he’s 40!!! Wow… We might as well waive juelyn stone to open up a roster space…

  • AAA

    I don’t like it. Sucks playing time away from Lawson and also Hamilton and other guys on the wing.

    I’m also worried the deal must have been for a fair bit of money since he chose to stay rather than sign with a contender likely in a starting role such as the heat

    Another update: apparently rudy Fernandez is expected to announce his return to real Madrid in next few hours.

    Looks like the remaining 2 roster spots are destined for javale McGee and q mill

    Hopefully the miller deal was cheap and his playing time will reduce – unlikey

    • Ryan

      Agree. This just keeps Lawson from developing into a leader and true No. 1 PG. Karl always puts them on the floor together and Dre just takes the PG role, makes Lawson a lot less valuable/productive

  • MileHigh

    I really hope Dre shares minutes with Stone and teaches the kid how to feed McGee and Faried. A 6’6″ pg with good defense and passing would be the perfect backup to Ty.

    • Charlie

      That is is the ideal situation, but Andre Miller never misses games and Karl is likely to give him 25-30 minutes of time every game.

      So, while I like Stone a lot as a potential backup for Ty Lawson, the chances of him playing and developing on the court over the next few years are slim to none.

      • MileHigh

        Yea I agree, he’s this year’s Sonny Weems. Hopefully they give him some minutes if we’re getting killed by an opposing pg or sg but that’s just wishful thinking. Not saying he deserves minutes right away but if he works hard and pays his dues then they should at least give him a shot.

  • AAA

    Those who say julyan stone is out of the picture are crazy. What if Lawson gets injured? Whose the new back up PG? Guys like jr smith and rudy Fernandez are gone so then who?

    • michael

      julyan stone never was IN ANY PICTURE

  • QMiller Time


  • QMiller Time

    I am sick of two PGs in crunch time when we are stacked with good wings- Afflalo gallo chandler brewer Hamilton and even our future all star Quincy miller

  • QMiller Time

    We can only hope he is a trade piece at the deadline when a contender is desperate for a quality PG

  • Ryan

    I’m not really a Miller fan…but 3 yrs at 3 mil? Not that terrible, all things considered. I just hope that GK doesn’t use him as such a large piece of our late-game rotation. Please tell me that the Nugz aren’t just going to sign Miller, McGee and call it good for the offseason. We need to make a splash in the trade market.

    • michael

      he plays late in games because he is very valuable in the halfcourt getting other people open shots (unlike ty)

  • michael

    I really love all these people who are in love with STONE like hes all kind of sick.That fool came in the game and was a turnover machine cause he cant DRIBBLE.What exactly do you guys see in him?I dont get it.

  • Poz_303

    Well GK also has high opinion of Stone saying if he went in this years draft he would have gone around pick 20. Which would suggest he should be a good back-up PG. Everyone raves about his defensive skills.

  • Aaron

    Sorry Lawson! Guess GK Doesnt Trust You. Even Tho You Deserve it. Sorry Stone, Some People Just Never Get a Chance. Even When You Deserve it. Sorry Nugget Fans. Some Fans Will Just Never Get To Know Their Team is Not The Best. Even Tho We Deserve it.

  • dynamo.joe

    At 3 years and 3M per this is a good signing. And more importantly a VERY tradeable asset.

  • Aaron

    Wilson Chandler, Andre Miller And Harrington For Gasoline And a
    2 Second Round Picks???

    • Aaron


    • dynamo.joe

      The salaries work and i guess LA might not be too stoked about Sessions after he crapped the bed in the playoffs.

      I wouldn’t be particularly happy about paying Gasol 19M/yr, but it’s only 2 years, so….

      • Aaron

        We Could Go Sign Goran Dragic To Take Miller’s Spot, Gasol Would Take Harrington’s (Faried Would Be The Perfect Backup. And Then We Would Have Room To Sign Quincy Miller.

    • ryanvdonk

      i’d say they have to give up a big for the gasol trade instead of al, probably kosta or moz depending who they like, as they someone to take pau’s spot in their big man rotation…probably not going to get the 2nd rounder either, but you never know.

  • Evan “The French Hope” Fournier

    Bad signing, Dude can’t play a lick of defense, and he doesn’t believe in our team. This doesn’t make sense. And I know Karl influence Masai cause miller and Karl have a love affair going on. I will throw a party the day George Karls contract runs out so we can get serious about winning a championship!!!

    • Charliemyboy

      So what coach you bringin in? Sloan? Give me a break. Our GM knows what he is doing with Karl, a hall of famer, at the helm. To many people only see what is right in front of them.

      • Evan “The French Hope” Fournier

        He can’t win in the playoffs, he’s the most overrated coach ever and if it wasn’t for nene getting injured Faried would have sat on the bench the entire season. Your a delusional fan if you think George Karl can take us to the promise land. If we had a better coach then there would be a nba championship hanging down in he Pepsi center. Karl stinks with his stupid lineups and will never get us passed the second round. So put down the key board son.

        • JaVale McGee’s Mom

          You made a lot of grammatical errors in that post. I would not be so cavalier about telling someone else to put down the keyboard. Also, the guy who responded to you has a lot more to offer than your knee-jerk, nearsighted reactions to this team.

          • Evan “The French Hope” Fournier

            Get off his jock bro

  • Daniel Lewis

    It’s not a bad signing. It’s a veteran point guard who is familiar with the offense. Can anyone suggest a better replacement that fits in the salary cap? Don’t act like they don’t watch film and can’t recognize declining skills. Is he an excellent defender? No. Can he run the half-court offense? Sure. Great acquisition

    • Ryan

      That’s all fine and good if you were talking about a traditional backup PG. Karl doesn’t play him in that role. He plays with Lawson far too often and keeps Lawson from becoming an elite PG by hogging the ball and slowing down the offense. If he played 10-15 minutes a game when Lawson was resting, then sure, great signing, but that’s not how it works with GK and his love affair with 2 PG lineups.

  • FinazzAus

    At sone point to be an elite team we need to make a big trade, trade one or two of our key rotation player for a big name. Resigning our older core player isn’t going to get us deep into the playoffs or a championship. Although I fair happy with the amount we are paying miller. At some point our FO needs to take a risk on a big trade. I think almost ever fan would be happy with a risk that doesn’t pan out then not taking it at all

  • Alberto

    Beautiful move; he’s the only one player that has the experience to play certain matches… Look at game 7 against Lakers, he was Denver’s MVP

    • Ryan

      I think you mean Game 5, Game 7 he was meh. I thought Al was the MVP (if there even is such a thing win you lose) of Game 7

  • owen

    Just keep signing guys up with trade value– we’re gonna get us a real piece soon

    • owen

      i mean honestly we could trade him to a contender RIGHT NOW for a future pick if we wanted.. or we can move Dre, Chandler, and a big somewhere for someone really good…

      • Zack

        I only like this if we package Andre (and his pretty low salary) with Chandler and someone else in a trade (I’m hearing Gasol’s name quite a bit).

        I do NOT like Andre playing 25+ minutes a night, especially next to Ty Lawson. Lawson should play 35+ minutes and be THE PG on the court at all times. When they play together, Ty defers to Andre and he shouldn’t.

        I think Masai is smart and knows Andre should be tradeable.

  • al68

    A mi este año no me ha gustado su juego muy mala defensa y una pesima actitud en muchos partidos.

    Espero que este año juege menos y sirva para surtir de balones a Mcgee y para enseñar a Stone.

    Me parece bien dejar a Rudy estara mejor aqui en españa y sera mas feliz, aunque por lo que dice en Madrid se ha sentido muy bien en Denver la organizacion le trato muy bien y la ciudad le gusto.

    Respecto a Javale confio en que no nos volvamos locos y demos mucho dinero, porque a mi me ofrece muchas dudas.

    Creo que este año si desarrolla su juego Hamilton solo nos faltara juego en el poste bajo.

    • Evan “La Esperanza Frances” Fournier

      Estoy de acerdo amigo, miller no me gusta el no Cree in Los nuggets.

  • Fournier4FrenchPrez

    Its a smart front office move (in terms of production and salary) BUT what I don’t like is instead of Miller playing 15 minutes a game like he should, GK plays his love child 25 minutes a game taking away playing time from Lawson, Brewer and Hamilton.

    Therefore bad move, UNLESS Masai is keeping him as an asset until the right deal comes along. Guarenteed a desperate team will be looking for a PG at the deadline…

  • Trevor

    Good move, Stone would be no where near as good of backup PG as Miller is. Good backup plan if they are unable to extend or resign Ty Lawson next summer.

    • Zack

      You think Andre Miller is a good backup plan to not resigning Ty Lawson?!? No way. He’s too old to be the backup plan. They need to resign/extend Ty. I am really hoping Andre is trade bait to some contender at the deadline that is in desperate need of a PG.

  • Thomas

    Masai is GK’s puppet.

    Unless we trade him, any hopes for this upcoming season are gone. With GK on board and Miller available, there is 0% chance we do something different this season in the playoffs.

    We will waste a great year from Faried and we will alienate Ty.

    The FO doesn’t care about winning now, they only care about the bottom line. Well, don’t count on me paying money to watch the sorry a$$ 2-guard line-up anymore – just can’t stand it as it is pure stupidity.

    • Poz_303

      You really think all hopes for this coming season are gone? Really?

      I think much of the 2 PG line-up last year was because we didnt have a second SG. Rudy was hurt. This year we have JHam. Also we get Wilson Chandler back.

      JHam, Faried get the off-season to work on their game and a full training camp (plus summer league). McGee gets to actually practice with the team.

      As much as I love the youth of this team we do need some veterans to keep players grounded and teach them the ropes.

      Without the injuries during the season the nuggets would have had home court advantage in the playoffs and could possibly have taken the Lakers.

      Add to that the return of ill Will and the development of our rookies (from last year) and we have a very good chance of an even better season.

      I am happy with the FO and the only move I really want them to make is getting Birdman off the roster. Five million for someone to sit on the bench is just poor business. We dont have many amnesty opportunities so it would makes sense to either try and trade Birdman (Unlikely due to legal issues) or amnesty him. Opens one roster spot for either one of our drafted players or a FA.


      13 players. two spots left. Fournier and Q.Miller or keep Fournier in France for another year and sign a FA.

      Someone like a JJ Hickson could be had for less money than we pay Birdman and would certainly be able to contribute more than the Bird.

    • Ryan

      Agree with you to a certain extent. The front office needs to stop catering to GK. They need to tell him how it’s gonna be, give him the best players they can and if he doesn’t like it, then show him the door. I can’t think of another coach who has done so little with a franchise, yet still gets catered to like he’s won several rings. GK would throw a fit if they traded Miller, so as long as Masai gets bossed around by his coach, I think Miller is here for 3 more years.

  • Zach

    possible sign and trade here? I don’t see any other reasoning to sign an oldy like Andre unless they actually think he will somehow be better than last year

    • Poz_303

      If the contract is as ‘reported’ 3yrs for around 9 Million, that is a heck of a deal.

      I think Nuggets keep Miller and see how the season is going, if Miller is unhappy with a reduced playing role he is very tradeable just before the trade deadline.

      In any case, there are many teams that would luv to have Miller on their roster so it’s an all-rounder smart move by Denver front office.

  • eddi0

    I think many of you are missing the point. You are right, Dre is not the sexy PG with the killer crossover and deadly three point shot nor will he lead the league in steals. What you get is a guy who will mentor Ty and Stone in the fundamentals of being a PG, sets up the half-court offense effectively and is probably the best at the lob pass in the league (to: Faried/McGee who both will benefit from him being here). I think many of us were hoping for a stud backup PG, fact is if you were a stud backup you likely are what we call a starter. For the money (3 years/$9M) I think it’s a low risk acquisition and gives more time for Stone to develop (or cut him if we don’t see progression).

    To borrow/butcher what Dennis Green said famously a few years ago… Andre is who we thought he was (a reliable/workman like PG who is fundamentally sound).

    • Poz_303

      Totally agree. And a stud back-up like a Goran Dragic is asking for 10 Million a year?

      Some of the contracts being thrown out there right now in free agency are ridiculous.

      A back up center getting 8 million a year??? Really? I will keep Mozgov and K2 thank you very much.

      If Miller is trully getting 3yrs for 9 Million, thats a shrewd piece of business from Masai and I would expect a boat load of suitors come trade deadline time.

      Denver will be holding all the Aces and can make the most appropriate decision then, keep or trade.

    • Ryan

      By “mentor” do you mean steal playing time from Lawson and hog the ball when they’re both on the court? Or to show Lawson how to exert just slightly more effort than a corpse on defense?

  • Andrew

    Well, didn’t the Nuggets have to re-sign Miller in order to do a trade involving him? I’m still not so certain that Miller will not be traded. If he isn’t, I really hope they just trim his minutes enough to give Stone some good minutes defending opposing guards that have gone wild on Lawson/Miller. We’ll see. Putting aside the PG area for now, the Nuggets still have a few items left…most importantly, resigning Javale.

    • Poz_303

      They extended the QA to Javale and now have to sit and wait till July 11 to match offers or make him an offer.

      He is priority #1 on the Nuggets off-season. He will be a Nugget.

      • Poz_303

        *Qualifying Offer (QO?)

        • Andrew

          Thanks. So, hopefully, nobody makes an insane offer just to hose the Nuggets’ cap (or steal JaVale). What are people thinking will get it done? $9? $10? $11?

          • ThomasDenverFan

            10 million

          • Poz_303

            Some information on RFAs and QOs.

            When a restricted free agent wants to sign with another team, the player and team sign an offer sheet, the principal terms of which the original team is given three days to match. The offer sheet must be for at least two seasons. If the player’s original team exercises its right of first refusal within three days, the player is then under contract to his original team, at the principal terms of the offer sheet. If the player’s original team does not exercise its right of first refusal within three days (or provides written notice that it is declining its right of first refusal), the offer sheet becomes an official contract with the new team.

            The principal terms of an offer sheet consist of the following:

            The number of years
            The base salary
            The amount of any signing bonus or deferred compensation, including the payment schedule
            Certain bonuses
            Any allowable amendments such as guarantees, Early Termination Options, and trade bonuses

            As with any contract offer, a team must have enough room — either cap room or room provided by an exception — for the offer sheet. They must also maintain sufficient room while the offer sheet is outstanding — e.g., they can’t sign a restricted free agent to an offer sheet, and then use up all their cap room by signing another free agent during the three-day waiting period.

            Likewise, the player’s prior team cannot match an offer sheet that is greater than their room. They must have enough room — again, either cap room or a satisfactory exception — at the time they are given notice that the player has signed an offer sheet, and at all times until matching. They cannot make moves to create sufficient room after receiving an offer sheet.

            What is interesting is that teams which make an offer have to wait up to three days to learn if the owning team matches the offer. During these three days, the team making the offer can’t sign players which would cause such team to not have enough room to execute the offer. This may seem logical but it does put those teams at a disadvantage in terms of making plans to have another player on notice in case the current team matches the offer.

            Nuggets have both an exception (13 million from Nene Trade) and cap space to match any offer. This may likely deter other teams from bidding as then it limits their ability to go after FAs as the money in the offer is tied up for up to three days post July 11. A period in which other coveted FAs could be snapped up by other teams.

            I would expect 10-12 million for McGee.

            • Andrew

              I do not know if you are going to read this, but that was a fantastically diligent response. Seriously. Thank you.

  • Colby

    Maybe Masai told him about some trades they are gonna go after and that’s why he chose to stay over going to Miami or Los Angeles. I would’ve much rather had the Nuggets let him walk and then make a trade for Tyreke Evans.

    • Colby

      But for $3 million a year, that’s not bad. Does anyone know how much he made last year?

    • ThomasDenverFan

      What who we trade for i really don’t want tyreke Evans

  • Tom

    Miller is still good enough right now to start for several teams. At $3 mil per year, he’s a steal.

  • Colby

    I heard Korver might get cut. I think that would be a great signing for Denver to boost up the shooting percentages. He would probably come pretty cheap too. Nuggets only have 1 open roster spot assuming they resign Javale, sign Quincy, stash Evan for a year, and amnesty/trade Birdman. I would be very happy if that spot was used on Korver. If they cant get Korver, I would like for them to go after Hickson.

    • gfacekillah8

      korver sucks. do you really want a “shooter” who is getting cut from a team who desperately needs shooting?

  • Chuck

    Its time the nuggets get serious about wanting to get out of the first round. We should trade for someone like Josh smith. With him running around (while also playing his defense) dunking and putting up the numbers he did last year. The nuggets would become a very good team. The players we have around would interest Atlanta. If they did the trade, we are looking at a Ty, AAA, Galo, Smith, Mcgee(assuming we get him back) with brewer,miller,ham,mozgov or kosta, AL, Faried

    • chugfish

      Perhaps this post was behind the new break, but ATL won’t be trading for Denver assets any time soon I don’t think. And certainly won’t be including Josh Smith in any trade scenario.

    • chugfish

      By the way, with that lineup, we are also looking at virtually zero ability to score in the post. Really, McGee is a bigger version of J-Smoove. We would be way better off pursuing Carl Landry.

  • Evan Woodruff

    Karl has always done Miller right. Maybe they’re planning on trading him and Miller agreed to take not as much money so he looks more appetizing on the trade table so he can help the Nuggets and go to a great team. IE Lakers/Heat.’

    Just one angle to look at it. Please comment with thoughts? Charlie/Kalen/Jermey

    • GK4Prez

      He would be easy enough to include in a package involving Chandler and one of the Centers. Koufos basically signed for the same deal that Miller just signed (if the 3 million per year is correct), throw in a future pick and that is a decent trade package to try to upgrade the team in some area.

      Even if he plays the year out with the Nuggets and he shows signs of his game really dropping off, which I doubt happens, he could easily be bought out of the last two years. There might even be a team option on the 3rd year, the details of the deal aren’t out yet, so who knows.

      Ty has sprained his ankles several times in his career, so if he rolls one to the extent that it keeps him out for a week or two, Dre will carry the load just fine, this is a comfort not many teams have.

  • GK4Prez

    I hope the reported 3 million per year is accurate. I like Dre and even though I would have liked the team go in another direction the price if correct would be difficult to pass up. The team needs some veteran influences, which Dre provides.

    Towards the end of the year, he was happy with the role he played on the team and even commented on how his current role benefited him in the long run.

    Lastly, it wasn’t his fault that GK played him the minutes that he did, but if you look at some of the advanced team stats most of the better team stats occurred when he was on the court.

    Next up, Mcgee.

  • Avarice

    From a personnel standpoint the signing is a good move. A veteran, fundamentally sound PG who could be a starter on many teams- for less than half of what he was making last year. And he’s good trade material if things aren’t working out.

    If he came back, I was expecting him to cost a lot more.

  • Peter

    As much as I would love to trade, Andre, WC + whoever for Gasol, I’m pretty sure Andre couldn’t be traded until a certain date because you have to keep newly signed free agents for at least a certain amount of time. I’m not sure if it’s different if that player was on your team last year, but with this signing it looks like the Nuggets have full intentions of keeping Dre on the roster for the foreseeable future, barring a trade offer they can’t refuse.

    • GK4Prez

      3 months, it could be done before the season started.

  • gfacekillah8

    this is a great signing. 3 mil a year for miller? he is a veteran point guard coming off the bench. are you seeing what teams are offering dragic? i also fail to see how he takes minutes away from Ty. if anything he helps Ty because he doesnt have to shoulder the scoring load. the worse thing that happens for lawson is when teams can focus on only him. i hate when miller slows the ball down and takes stupid shots too but for the price this is a steal. plus he will be a very valuable trade chip. good job by masai on this one.