Fernandez to return to Spain

In a move that should surprise nobody, Rudy Fernandez has elected to sign a three-year contract with his former team, Real Madrid. The move is expected to be announced sometime July 4, of all days.

Fernandez never made the mark many thought he would after coming to the Nuggets via trade last summer. His skill set was always incredibly intriguing however his ill-advised shot attempts and injuries prevented him from ever fulfilling the expectations set forth by fans and media members alike.

We wish Fernandez the best both in life and with his future basketball endeavors in Spain where he seems to be happiest.

Viva la “tip in.”

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • DAN

    I wish him well and happy he’s moved on. It’s good o free up his minutes and looking forward to J Ham showing he’s a stud this year.

    • Logan

      Sorry Dan, but J-Ham is still not going to get any playing time. He is still behind Gallo, Afflalo, Chandler and Brewer. Though I think they should give him a chance cause he has lots of talent.

      • CJP32

        If J Ham works hard enough, he may crack the rotation, but its gonna be tough for him. Good luck to Rudy

  • Henry aka LWH and formerly KFH

    Was hoping for much better from Rudy during his stay in Denver. How can such a good shooter take such poor shots? He didn’t seem to understand why his shots weren’t falling, yet it was easy to see on the boob tube that he wasn’t getting squared up; that he was rushing.

    It also looked a bit like he didn’t give much of a shit, but I hope that’s not correct.

    Hope he fares well back in Spain. And viva la tip-in, indeed.

  • Justin

    Hopefully we now have room for free agency now.
    I Really want Nick Batum!

    • waylon

      Have you seen the stupid money they are throwing at Batum? I like our wing players, maybe even trade one for a sweet shooting two guard.

  • Jeff

    I don’t know if it was due to injuries but he had no speed or quickness. Couldn’t drive on anybody and was always getting burned on D.

  • DAN

    the last thing we need is another 3. love the player, not the fit.

  • Aaron

    Let Fornier Take Fernendez. Amesty Birdman, Which is Sad But Needed, Now Quincy Miller Can Take Birdmans Spot. Last Thinq To Do is Sign McGee!

  • Buffalo soldier

    vive la tip in

    and Kenneth;s first basket as a Nugget.


  • Andrew

    I’m just throwing things out because I think the Nuggets need another post player that has some beef. What about getting Luis Scola, who the Rockets are looking to jettison, after they amnesty Bird? They could then maybe go after Calderon (who wants to play with Scola) and shop Andre Miller to someone desperate for a PG. Maybe the Nuggets could then get that savvy, shooting ace they are looking for. I dunno, just supposing.

    • TJ McBride

      absolutely no to Scola. That dude is the biggest bitch in the NBA and flops more then the Real Madrid Soccer team. I want nothing to do with him. I like Calderon but i would rather sign Courtney Lee, who Houston took away his QO. He is a sharp-shooting guard who could really help our team.

      • ThomasDenverFan

        I am on board with wanting Lee he would be great

      • QMiller Time

        Why would we add another slightly above average wing. We only have like 10 of them

    • asdqqq

      Why do we need a PF with some beef? The league has changed. The only team with 2 low post players in the entire league is the Lakers, and it’s not clear that’s going to last for very long. Do we really need to shape our roster based on matching up against one team?

  • QMiller Time

    Hello Nuggets fans looking to sign random free agents and trades.

    We don’t need to change the team for the sake of it. We have young talented guys we have a lot of depth. Give them time to develop and if the right deal comes along to bring a star to Denver I’m sure Masai will take it.

    We dont need more role players.

    And Justin the guy wo wants Batum- just what the hell, I wouldn’t know where to start when telling you that is the most ignorant idea on this site in a while – sorry to be so harsh

    • chronicnugs

      have you read this site before? to proclaim one post to be the most ignorant in a long time actually secures the title of most ignorant post for yourself. people write stupid stuff on here daily. way crazier than sign batum (which i happen to agree is a poor idea).

      also the only way you will see qmiller time is by tuning into idaho stampede games. enjoy.

      • QMiller Time

        Unfortunately you’re right in many ways.

        2014 q miller time?

  • Alberto

    That’s why Denver selected Fournier, they’ve already knew that Fernandez wouldn’t have resigned with Nuggets. We need for a player that change the rhythm from the bench…

  • al68

    Ya lo comente durante la temporada el no queria seguir en la nba principalmente por su etapa en Portland.

    Es mucho mejor para nosotros tenemos muchos jugadores medios o un poco por encima de la media.

    Creo que deberiamos intentar fichar a scolaya que es muy bueno en el poste bajo tiene grandes movimientos de pies y puede enseƱar mucho a los jovenes hombres altos de denver.


    harrington+ modgov+afflalo

  • steve

    Wish you the best Rudy. That tip-in was awesome.

  • Peter

    I wonder if the Nuggets have discussed internally about making an offer for Howard. We could throw out a pretty good package with a sign and trade including JaVale McGee as the centerpiece and we would become instant contenders. I think the fact that Dwight says he will only resign with the Nets if he gets traded there is the biggest red flag and Massai probably doesn’t want to waste our assets for nothing. The nice thing about the position we are in is that we don’t have to make any panic moves. When the right player comes along, we should have the resources necessary to make a deal.

    • Ryan

      The only way you trade for Howard is if you think you can get more for him at the trade deadline. The assets you would likely receive for Howard are some solid players and multiple 1st round picks, which is not what the Nuggets need right now. Trading for Howard would be a better idea if the Nuggets were in rebuilding mode and wanted to acquire more assets. This would just blow up the team for no real reason.

  • Joey

    I totally disagree. The one thing I dont ever want to go through again as a nuggets fan is a another disgruntled superstar. Why give away our young assets for someone who is just going to bolt for brooklyn next year? cmon man. We just need to develop mcgee, ty, and gallinari into all-stars, and then we’ll have our own big three. (hopefully) If they don’t make strides of greatness next year though, I don’t think its ever gonna happen