JaWilt McChamberlain update

Recently, CBSSports.com’s Ken Berger reported negotiations between JaVale McGee and the Denver Nuggets are “going well.” On July 6, NBA.com’s David Aldridge reported the Nuggets are continuing to “grind it out” with McGee and his team of representatives.

All has been fairly quiet on the McGee front this summer. Considering how well Masai Ujiri and Josh Kroenke cajoled Nene, Arron Afflalo and Danilo Gallinari into re-signing last year, fans have almost come to expect Nuggets free agents to be back with the team when their deals expire.

McGee has been open about his desire to re-sign with the Nuggets. While he has yet to discuss contract details with other teams, Aldridge is reporting that Indiana and Portland could both be in the mix for his services should negotiations with the Nuggets deteriorate. Other teams with considerable cap room include Charlotte, Houston, Minnesota, Toronto, Cleveland, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Phoenix, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

It’s worth noting that this is McGee’s first opportunity to cash in on a big payday. In the life of an NBA player, these windows are usually few and far between. When coming off their rookie contracts players are eager as ever to hit the jackpot. Being that McGee is a legitimate, starting-caliber center (a rare commodity in today’s NBA), his value is that much more inflated.

The number to watch is 10… million, that is. Anything below that figure for an annual paycheck is reasonable; anything above it is exorbitant. It’s likely McGee settles close to that number even though his true value lies somewhere in the $6-9 million per year range.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • MileHigh

    McGee is more likely to thrive in this system than anywhere else that may be interested. If you look at what Andre Miller did for him last season and with Dre re-signing, plus an offseason to find his place in the offense and hopefully improve his post game and footwork there should only be one obvious choice. And that would be Minnesota or NO.

    Nah he’s a beast. And Nugs will at least make WCF if he stays. So let’s all make him feel welcome guys

    • Landry

      As Masai has always been he is as I believe, the silent negotiater. So as I always have to do, I will wait to see if he does either, does a sign and trade, 5 year contract, or if he just allows teams to bid on a knuclehead.

      Plus McGee has and his agent don’t probably want McGee to go back to a lottery team(remember Shaqtin’ a Fool) and is most likely team not going to go for the max deal he demanded in Washington. Therefore he will not sign a large contract for a bad team. Also, I like that the Andre Miller deal has not been released so that teams cannot abuse our cap situation because even the fans don’t know the details of the contract.

      So unless Dallas makes a big splash and attempts to sign McGee in desperation I think our only competition would be the Pacers losing Hibbert. So if we are to believe how his mother directs him, McGee will most likely go with how he fits on a team which is the Nuggs with their running style.

  • dynamo.joe

    I await with ‘bated breath the many furious glares of the momma of the Big McGeezy.

  • DAN

    I get nervous just thinking about Mozzy starting again….get it done Ujiri!

  • Ryan

    I might be crazy, but I would match anything up to $12m per year. McGee is the one player on the Nuggets who can alter/block shots at a high level. That proves invaluable to a team that is not strong defensively and relies on running the fast break. The more blocked shots/missed shots, the better we run. Plus, McGee is a solid rebounder as well, I could see him averaging 12pts, 10 reb, 2-3 blocks per game for several years. Too valuable to let walk if you ask me…

    • nugznazty

      yup gotta match anything up to 12, after that and maybe he becomes untradable. i hope we get 10.

  • http://nuggets.proboards.com LotharBot

    The max first-year contract amount any team can offer for McGee is just a shade under 13 mil, due to the length of time he’s been in the league. So all the “I want 14-15 mil” stuff can be safely ignored.

    Also, I think the advantage of being able to offer him a 5th year will outweigh some other team maybe trying to offer him a higher starting dollar amount. If some other team offers him 4 years at 13 per, and we offer 5 years at 11.5 per, I think there’s a decent chance he would just sign our offer outright instead of signing the other offer and us having to decide if we want to match.

    It’s unlikely any other team is going to make him an unmatchable offer — nobody wants to come out of the offseason saying “our big acquisition in FA was JaVale McGee, for the max” — and it’s unlikely other teams are going to waste their time constructing a deal they know we’ll match outright. So we’ll see a couple weeks of talking, and then a deal that seems maybe a little steep but with some sort of option that makes it more palatable — a 5 year/55 mil deal where the last year is partially guaranteed, or with a bit of frontloading to preserve flexibility (it’s a lot easier to trade him if the contract goes 13/12/11/10/9 than if it goes 9/10/11/12/13.)

  • Daniel

    Mcgeezy is a must sign. I loved the trade from the very beginning and was stoked to finally have a legit starting center. The way he affects shots is invaluable. Our perimeter D suffered so greatly most of the year because of the horrible rotations after penetration and kick-out scenarios. When you throw a guy that has that type of wingspan and athletic ability in the middle, the wings won’t have to sag off so much to help, which is what always caused the inevitable open three.

    Like others have said, a full off season learning his place, developing some post moves and maybe putting on a few pounds, Javale will be a force for years to come. In my eyes he’s definitely worth 10-11 million a year.

    • lil rik

      Well said man. His defense will only crystallize even more. Most of his offensive production comes from other people creating dunks for him, but the ability to finish is an invaluable and many times underrated skill. If we can sign this guy for 5-6 yers (his prime years) and he can develop some moves that will create offense for himself – that would be an incredible dimension…

  • Ricardo

    I always had wanted the nuggets to get McGee from Washington and was happy when they got him at the trade deadline this year. He ended up being a valuable player for the nuggets in pushing the Lakers to a game 7, so I just hope they could re-sign him to a decent contract (five years, $50-55 million).

  • josh

    McGee is not worh anything over 7 million a year. He is not consistant and takes horrible shots. I say stick with Moz and Kufos and keep the money for future free agents. Fab Melo would have been a great draft choice.

    • DAN

      Ouch I’m glad your not the GM.

    • Swaggy P

      Yeah ouch I too am glad you arent the GM

    • A$AP Sancho

      Thank god your not the gm… Mosgov was horrible this season he had like 3 games where he had double digit rebounds and he’s 7 FOOT 1!!!

  • SmokinNugs

    1. McGee is DEFINITELY worth more than 7 million
    2. Moz and Koufus are NOT starting calibre
    3. Fab wouldn’t play under GK for at least a year

    • ThomasDenverFan

      Fully agree Mcgee if worth 10 million area. he has all the ability to be a true center in this league and he fits our system very well probably better than any other true center out there. and he doesn’t have cement hands like mozzy and k2. and with this off season he is working out with a great and will improve all around. k2 and mozzy are never going to be starting caliber centers they are back ups period. fab melo is a project way be hind mozzy and k2.

    • lil rik

      Mozgov, Koufos, and Fab Melo would sure make a hell of a circle-jerk on the bench.

      All the know-it-alls out there want to criticize Andre Miller and McGee, and granted they’re not without their faults, my question is what are the viable alternatives to these players?

      Yes – you THINK you have an answer, but when the answer is rookies, and unproven 2nd year and bench players, I cant wait for your reactions when those sub-par players get heavy minutes and the Nuggets end up at .500

      • ThomasDenverFan

        Well put i am on the amen page as you lily rik

        • Cider

          Someone’s posting from a phone, haha. I assume you mean you’re on on the same page as lil rik.

          • ThomasDenverFan

            Yep dam auto correct

      • sam

        the only viable able alternative was steve nash. that ship sailed so what veteran pointgaird out there is better to back up lawson?

        And while GK is a little harsh to rooks out there, there is alot of truth to veteran leadership being an important key to winning in the NBA. Hence, more andre miller…

  • MileHigh

    If McGee joins Anthony Davis in New Orleans I’ll shit my pants

  • Swaggy P

    Mozgov and KK are decent back ups. That is all

    Fab Melo is of a similar calibre to these players

    We need McGee back hopefully for $9-10 million but if he gets an offer for $12 we have to grit our teeth, match the offer and hopes he reaches his potential

  • A$AP Sancho

    Just sign McGee he’s one of the pieces to the puzzle.

  • A$AP Sancho

    I just hope I witness a nuggets championship before I take that dirt nap..

    #Before I wake I pray to the Lord, my soul to take

  • John

    We will most likely sign him for $9M for 4 years…

  • Jeremy B.

    Hey Kalen and Jeremy, I just wanted to ask you guys something. It’s been a pipe dream/fantasy of mine, but I wanted to see if you guys thought Masai might ever consider it:

    Do you guys think the Nuggs would ever get into contact with the Hornets, and ask them to match the Suns offer to Eric Gordon, and then work a sign and trade with them for him??

    The Hornets are looking for a quick turnaround with Anthony Davis in the fold, and could use some wings to help mentor Austin Rivers. For us, it would give us an all-star and legitimate number 1 scoring option who can score from all over the floor and won’t be afraid to take the shot during crunch time. New Orleans already knows he doesn’t want back in the fold, so they’d be happy to get something in return for him.

    I would suggest a package of AAA, Wilson Chandler, Timo and a future 1st Rounder (we’ve got a few extra picks to throw around) for Gordon. That would also open up a roster spot or two to go out and get a solid bench player with a portion of the MLE.

    What do you guys think??

    • MileHigh

      You would really give up that much for Eric Gordon? He’s good but not an All-Star, costs too much and has a history of injuries.

      It could work out but why not develop Quincy Miller who is younger, taller, cheaper and is probably just as offensively gifted. Don’t mean to hate on your idea bro just my personal opinion..

    • Asdqqq

      Under the rules, the Hornets cannot match Gordon and then trade him.

    • dynamo.joe

      Not that it matters, cuz AAA is a better basketball player than Gordon anyway. He doesn’t have the points per game , but he is a better all round player.

      Not that I’m married to Arron, but if you want to trade 4 players away at least get us an upgrade.

      I suppose getting rid of Chandler and Timo might be addition by subtraction?

    • Kenneth

      You can’t do that deal until December 15. That’s the rules

    • http://roundballminingcompany.com Kalen

      Like others have said, you can’t sign-and-trade someone after matching a contract offer; however, the Nuggets could — in theory — get in contact with Gordon and see if there’s interest from his side, then approach the Hornets with about a potential sign-and-trade. The Nuggets do have plenty of assets. But I think giving up Chandler and Afflalo is too much for Gordon.

  • Roundball Bill

    I think they need to handle this like the Nene situation. Do what it takes to get him signed, then evaluate whether or not he’s worth it before the trade deadline and unload him if the contract seems to have been a mistake.

  • chugfish

    Once the McGee situation gets sorted out, and they decide what will be done with Anderson, I would like to see them take a run at acquiring Carl Landry or DeJuan Blair as a low post scorer.

    • Ryan

      Agreed. Blair always seems to torch the Nuggets, would be a great backup/change of pace for Faried. I think you could get Blair for a reasonable deal and GK would love his basketball IQ and hustle.

  • asdqqq

    Indiana to match on Hibbert, and Portland’s GM has made a number of comments indicating they have no intention of pursuing McGee. Looks like McGee lost some leverage. Is there anyone else out there who could make a run at him?