Denver Nuggets Announce Summer League Roster

The Denver Nuggets have announced their summer league roster and it is complete with everyone Nuggets fans will want to watch.

Veterans Kenneth Faried, Jordan Hamilton and Julyan Stone are joined by all three draft picks, Evan Fournier, Quincy Miller and Izzet Turkyilmaz as well as last summer’s second round selection Chu Chu Maduabum.  I was dead wrong in my assessment that Fournier would not be on the roster due to the fact that he is still under contract with his French team.

No. Player Pos. Ht. Wt. School/Country Exp.
50 Solomon Alabi C 7-1 252 Florida State 2
23 Josh Carter G/F 6-7 200 Texas A&M R
35 Kenneth Faried F 6-8 228 Morehead St. 1
94 Evan Fournier G 6-7 190 France R
5 Jorge Gutierrez G 6-3 195 California R
1 Jordan Hamilton F 6-7 220 Texas 1
22 Demonte Harper F 6-4 195 Morehead State R
20 Derwin Kitchen G 6-4 204 Florida State R
31 Gani Lawal F 6-9 234 Georgia Tech 1
14 Chu Chu Maduabum F 6-9 210 Nigeria R
30 Quincy Miller F 6-9 210 Baylor R
10 Julyan Stone G 6-7 200 UTEP 1
12 Izzet Turkyilmaz F 7-0 211 Turkey R

There are a couple of other interesting names on the roster such as Soloman Alabi and Gani Lawal.  There is also a great story in Jorge Gutierrez, but I will let Charlie or Kalen weave that tale.

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  • Landry

    Can’t wait to watch summer league. Jordan Hamilton and Kenneth are the people who must light up the summer league. Kenneth will have to guard the other teams best player at all times(he needs to gain versatility) because if he can improve this aspect, we have ourselves a Rodman rather than a Carl Landry.

    Now for Jordan Hamilton I believe he must improve and prove he can consistently post-up players. Because if he can do this, we can play a reverse style offense with Andre Miller already being our most accomplished post player and both our guards playing low with bigs crashing the boards from the perimeter.

    This puts J-Ham in a place to succeed with his rebounding and put-back/ft attempts are at a premium down in the post. A good handle on the ball would be nice but if he really wants to beat out Afflalo, he must!! becoming a play-maker/scorer is what the George Karl system needs because otherwise Afflalo’s intangibles on defense will keep GK from giving playing time to the Rook in favor of Afflalo.

    And finally if I wanted a trade, it would be for J-smoove because he can run the fast-break as well as T-Law while Gallinari can’t. Additionally we need to have his and-1 ability and tough never back-down attitude if Gallo continues to flop like a fish next season.

  • asdqqq

    Very stoked about watching this roster. So glad I’ll get to see some Fournier in person.

    Gutierrez is exactly the kind of guy that the Nuggets would sign out of summer league and Karl would play, even as a rookie. For all the talk about Karl not playing rookies, he started Diawara a significant chunk of his rookie year, iirc. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), there is no room on the roster for Gutierrez this year, unless, perhaps, he outperforms Stone.

  • Kalen

    Honestly, I’m just as excited — if not more — to watch this team than I am the regular squad. This is where we get to see if guys like Chu Chu and Turky were actually worth a selection or if they were more a swing in the dark, so to say. My eyes are firmly on Gutierrez (whom we mentioned a few times in the comments section of a few Big Boards, as I recall), Fournier and Miller.

  • SmokinNugs

    Just ordered my summer league broadband pass for $15! $3 a game is definitely worth seeing how our rookies have progressed and what our draft picks can really do!

  • Sky67

    I’m stoked to be able to go see these guys in person next week and excited to see how fournier and Q match up aginst the other rookies. Who do u guys see starting on this team

  • Greg

    Isn’t Demonte Carter the guy that hit the 3 to beat Louisville in the tournament 2 years ago?

    • DaveCh999

      Yes he is!! I was at that game 2 years ago when Manimal pulled down 20 boards on the way to the upset but Harper was the one that stole the show down the stretch and of course hit the game winning 3. One of the most exciting basketball games I have ever seen.

  • Eddie

    I really hope Chu Chu Maduabum makes the team, if for no other reason than to hear that stuttering fool Scott Hastings try to pronounce it.

    • YoungPep Dash


    • Andrew

      Ha ha. You just gave me an awful flashback of Hastings…”Err, huh, the, huh, Denver Nuggets really need to score more points in the second half…” Thanks, Scott, you’re a genius.

  • Cory Wansley

    Derwin Kitchen and Solomon Alabi, i was a huge Fl. St. fan even though they couldn’t score….