Nuggets on verge of re-signing McGee? [Updated]

With free agents now officially allowed to sign with NBA teams,’s Sam Amick is reporting talks with JaVale McGee “are progressing and all signs point to his Nuggets tenure continuing.” This is obviously a fluid situation so stay tuned for more details; nevertheless, early indications appear promising.

Update 9:33 AM Mountain – Benjamin Hochman is reporting McGee’s salary could average $10 million annually over the life of the deal.



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  • Call Me Miss Kim

    Teams that would have pushed his price up?
    PORTLAND – indicated they won’t go after any more prominent free agents
    NEW ORLEANS – going to match Gordon and are signing Ryan Anderson to a pretty hefty deal. Might still keep Kaman. Looks like they aren’t willing to waste their time overpaying Javeezy McGeezy
    INDIANA- Roy Hibbert

    Other teams with cap room and need at centre? Cleveland (not happening), Charlotte (maybe but unlikely)

    Basically it seems like money is drying up around the league at this point in free agency and hopefully that equates to a favorable deal in the $8-$10 million range rather than the $12-13 million we all feared

    • chugfish

      I think the Rockets would, too, depending on whether the Bulls match for Asik (sounds like they will) and how the Howard trade situation works out. Hopefully, McGee is taken care of before any of that happens.

    • mile high

      Glad to see that there are at least some semblence of prudence in the NBA.

      Sure hope that the Nuggets don’t overpay McGee and use some of that money left to give Lawson a much more deserved raise instead. If and should McGee improve considerably and grow into a premier center, then we can reward him with an extension that pays much more, but not before.

  • dynamo.joe

    I saw that Chad Ford was saying that the Nuggets would get a deal done for 7-8M. I woud be ecstatic if that was the case.

    • DH

      I’m not sure what Chad Ford is drinking, but I want some. With no other bidders, I think we’re talking at least 9M to get him to sign. If other teams do pursue him, I think it will take 11-12M to keep him. Just my opinion, although I hope I’m wrong.

      • mile high

        Unless you are McGee’s agent or your real name is Pam, please enlighten us on why should and would McGee be worth 9 million per year when there are no other apparent interested parties except the good old Denver Nuggets.

        Unless the Nuggets want to pay more than the market going rate, like most things, I thought a player’s salary is governed by supply and demand.

  • George

    This is good news, and I like what Miss Kim is saying. If we can get McGeezy for 7-8 Mil, then we might be able to see a big trade before the deadline this year? For fun (and having time on my hands) I was playing with the Trade Machine and, while I don’t think it would happen, I wanted to hear what people thought about a potential trade: We send Afflalo & Chandler (plus some trade exception $$$) to Sacramento for Tyreke Evens & Demarcus Cousins. I think that be great for the Nuggs…but could it happen?

    • Cory

      depends on how they view Cousins and Tyreke as long term options and how they view Afflalo and Chandler. I wouldn’t accept that trade if i were Sacramento. Their fan base would drop so hard lol

    • DH

      No way Sacramento would do it. And personally, I would stay as far away from DMC as possible (but that’s just me). On the other hand, watching George Karl trying to deal with Cousins would be absolutely priceless.

  • Ernie

    I care less about the absolute level of money than I do about the team dynamics after McGee signs. According to the NBA trade machine Gallo’s contract is for about $9.4M, AAA $7.5M, Ty $2.5M, and Faried for $1.2M. But if McGee signs for more than $9.5M he will be the highest paid player and the least efficient of the starters by a pretty good bit. NBA players, actually all pro athletes, don’t care what you make as long as you are better or as long as they make more. But when it’s thrown out of whack bad things happen.

    I remember the Sonics imploded when they signed Jim McIlvane to a big deal and he made more than Shawn Kemp. Kemp couldn’t handle it and the team suffered greatly.

    To me that’s why it’s important to get McGee for $9M or less. Not only does it leave more money for Ty next year, it creates a lower ceiling for the “I’m better than him, I should make more” philosophy. And when McGee goes through a rough period, it won’t be said over and over again how he’s the team’s highest paid guy.

    • DH

      I understand what you’re saying, but it’s a supply and demand thing. There just aren’t many quality centers in the NBA. That’s why guys like Omer Asik and DeAndre Jordan are overpaid. I’m sure Masai has to consider what his alternatives are, and they are few. I think NBA players understand that big men are in short supply, and that they command salaries that aren’t really indicative of their value relative to others on the team. At least I hope they do.

      With any luck, though, maybe he will sign for $9M and the “highest paid player” stigma won’t apply. If not, it won’t last long, because Ty will be the highest paid player by this time next year, I would think.

  • Buffalo soldier

    A milllion here , a million there, who cares?

  • derek

    Idiots, all of you are idiots

  • DH

    Marc Stein says Portland and Charlotte are ready to offer Brook Lopez a max contract today. That’s good news. It looks like McGee is not on Portland’s radar, for now.

  • Tom

    Nuggets play small-ball a lot, and their roster is stacked with athletic, lanky guys that can run, so paying $10 mil per year for McGee doesn’t make much sense. $7-8 mil sounds about right. I don’t think there’s a huge market for his services considering what a headcase he is, so there’s no reason to overpay him. If the contract is 3 years $24 mil, you do it. If it’s more like 4 years $40 mil, you let him walk or do a sign-and-trade.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Sign McGee…………………