Nuggets offer McGee $50 million over five years

According to Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post, the Denver Nuggets have a five-year $50 million contract on the table for JaVale McGee; however McGee’s representatives “don’t appear to be in a hurry to get a deal done and will continue to negotiate.”

Remember when I said the number to watch was 10? It appears as though rather than going over or under that figure, the Nuggets have decided to try and settle right on it. Whether McGee is willing to do the same is still up in the air.

The fact McGee and his representatives are continuing to negotiate with this much money there for the taking is a bit unsettling from a fan’s standpoint. Although other centers have been grossly overpayed this summer, the ones who’ve cashed in for greater than $50 million (i.e. Hibbert and Lopez) are much better than McGee at this point in their careers. McGee isn’t worth more than $10 million per year. But if his team is set on exceeding this mark, there’s a decent chance they’ll be able to reach that goal. The Nuggets would then face the difficult dilemma of whether to match a bloated contract or watch an incredibly gifted, 7-foot center walk out the door for nothing.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Alberto

    I known he can became one of the best center in the NBA but now 10 millions per year are too much.

  • Eddie

    5 at $50 sounds good to me. McGee showed a lot of progress since coming to Denver. Forget his time in Washington. He’s a Nugget now.


    • Zack

      I think he wants near max (12 – 13 per) which seems too high. But then we will have traded Nene for 1/2 a season rental of McGee. We have to give him what he wants (or close), don’t we?

  • asdqqq

    All of Ujiri’s past deals have included a bunch of unlikely to be reached bonus money in the initially reported amount. It gives the agents a bigger number to talk about in the press without actually costing the Nuggets anything.

    I wonder if this 50 million dollar offer includes a bunch of bonus money and is actually for less than 10 million a year.

    Alternativily, if it doesn’t, I bet this gets settled with what will be announced as a 5 year 55 million dollar deal where the extra 5 is all bonus money and the Nuggets really aren’t out anything additional.

  • Mile High Sports Factory

    Hochman’s “source’ here has to be McGee’s agent. No other reason an offer would be leaked. A bit of a drastic attempt to drive up value for his client, entice other teams… We’ll see if it works, but until it does, Nuggets will hold to true to this offer. One thing is for sure, a ploy like this makes it obvious that this deal won’t go as smoothly as the others Masai as negotiated so far. A standoff will now ensue.

    • DH

      Agreed. The leaking of this number is bad news for the Nuggets. Now a desperate team (one that gets left out after the other top-tier centers are gone) knows what to shoot for. I suspect an offer in the $11-12M range will surface at some point.

      Right now, though, there are no obvious suitors for McGee. The likely candidates are pursuing other centers. Masai could try to “flip the script” and threaten to withdraw/lower the offer by a certain date. Of course, that’s risky, to say the least. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Bobby W

    I can’t blame McGee’s reps for holding out. It would be tough to leave 10-20 million on the table. I see Javale getting closer to a max 4 year deal and then the Nuggets trading him next year.

    • waylon

      This is crummy…. The Market is suppose to set the mark and this source states where the nuggets think the mark is. By doing this it allows other teams a one up, this is foul. I hope this leaves a black mark on the source for all GM’s to see for the future. What if Portland came in with a 9 mil figure, the nuggs would have matched.. now everybody knows it will have to be over 10. bad mojo man.

    • Bryan

      I would be stunned if a team offered him a max deal. He was a backup on the Nuggets roster and has a history of being a bit of a headcase. The money he’s getting is all based on his potential and I’m not sure any other teams will take the risk on him.

      I think this being leaked is a good sign. It probably means his agents are starting to panic a little bit.

      There have been literally no reports of any team pursuing him, yet. So I think they’re desperate to get another bidder.

  • SoCal Nugget Lover

    Sometimes the deals you dont do are the best deals. I disagree that if Javale walks for an offer the nuggets weren’t willing match that it yield’s “walking out the door for nothing.” Two things happen if that is the case: 1) Nuggets righted a wrong in Nene’s contract 2) They keep to their knitting in making good financial decisions and retain cap flexibility.

    • rockandroel

      Glad to see ryanvdonk has been watching the same NBA as I have. Hibbert comparison is good. Lopez is not much on defense, not in the same class as McGee, nor same as Nene.

      With Bynum and likely Howard in the west for years to come, Nuggets will pay whatever is necessary to defend against them.

  • ryanvdonk

    i.e. Hibbert and Lopez) are much better than McGee at this point in their careers

    Really? hibbert maybe, though i think he’s pretty much reached his potential. but lopez is terribly overrated, him and mcgee are about equal, except lopez is charmin soft, doesn’t rebound and is a mediocre at best defender. essentially he’s a less athletic version of nene.

  • Andrew

    This is actually encouraging to me. Pay him. He’s go way too much upside as a Center. He will try to get some other team to offer (unless someone crazy offers over $12 a year) , but at this point, I do not think too many teams will waste their time, knowing the Nuggets can, and probably will, match. At that point, my guess is that McGeezie’s reps will try to get just a bit more to she a little face. 5 years for $52, maybe.

  • Connor

    10 million a season is absolutely the most they should offer him, and it’s probably too much. This is a guy that’s got a ton of potential, but is most well known for making stupid mistakes and not living up to expectations. If the nuggets sign him to a big max contract it could end up being one of the biggest mistakes the team has ever made.

  • MileHigh

    Even a 12-13 mil salary seems reasonable when you think about the impact he has (or can have) on games. Players like this are few and far between. Plus if you re-sign Dre at 5 mil, you gotta re-sign the beast he can unleash. I think that’s where a lot of his value is.

  • Nuggfan5

    How are the Nuggets going to fit this contract plus Dre’s 5 mil and Ty Lawson’s extention into the salary cap this year?

    • GK4Prez

      Lawsome is still on his rookie deal for this season, his extension, if/when he signs one won’t kick in until next year.

  • GK4Prez

    Why the 5 and 50 offer, who is Ujiri bidding against? He shouldn’t even have made an offer yet. Let the market dictate his price.

    • lcoreyl

      You can arrive at the 5yr/50mil by looking at the other contracts for big men. Not offering anything is kinda a slap in the face–just ask Lin about that one.

      • lcoreyl

        you also get the chance that he just accepts and you don’t have to get in a bidding war… although that certainly didn’t pan out…

      • GK4Prez

        You can arrive at 5 and 40 something based off of what other players on the team have signed for as well. Why start high when you are bidding against yourself.

        • Andrew

          To potentially shut the door and get it done as lcoreyl states. I think it also sends a message to other teams that the Nuggets are going to match, so they shouldn’t even bother. Had they offered 5 and $40, it is a virtual lock (in my opinion) that at least one other team would have offered the $50…maybe more to discourage Denver form matching. Then the Nuggets would have definitely had to pay more. This way there is a chance they won’t. We’ll see. Interesting tactic. I believe Geezie is worth much more, being a decent and potentially great Center. He used Bynum in at least one, arguably two, of those playoff games last year.

          • GK4Prez

            Matching another team would make the deal 4 years instead of 5, which I think is better for the Nuggets. I also don’t see another team going over 10 million per year for him (I could be wrong, it won’t be the first time nor the last), so if they start low and a team steps in and offers him 4 and 40 that would have been a better deal to match in my opinion.

            On the other hand, I like how Ujiri didn’t try to lowball him and offered him a more than fair contract, but I still don’t see the point in starting high because so far the Nuggets are only bidding against themselves. It is like buying a car, a house or anything else, you don’t/shouldn’t start out with your best offer.

  • Wesley Vanhecke

    Who else felt sorry for Javale? With the wizards he was laughed out by Shaq in his shaqting a fool. He has an remarkable look, but if he plays as hard is saw him play the last 3 games of regular season, it’s maybe good to wait and see. I don’t gonna do Hakeem Olajuwon over him but still, he can show glitches of ‘the dream’ if he plays with relentless like Faried.

  • Mitch

    I hope some other team is desperate enough to work out a sign and trade for McGee. He could be great but he’s more likely not going to make big improvements to his game. A shorter term contract (3 years) would be better to cut the risk and keep McGee motivated. At 5 years his contract could be a burden if he doesn’t pan out.

  • Poz_303

    While I agree it would have been nice to get a three year deal for 10 million/yr, he will only be 28 yrs old at the end of a 5 yr deal. So i hope Masai explains to him that 50 Million now gives him financial stability and he will still be in his prime at the end of the contract.

    If Masai offered a three year contract I imagine McGee would have wanted more than 10 Million a year. I am sure this was not Masai’s first offer, there has been much negotiated over and it’s probably come down to … well… this is the Nuggets offer.

    McGee’s agent is waiting to see if anyone will come along and better it, otherwise this might be what we get him for.

    For his unique talents and athleticism it may be on the money (pardon the pun). McGee gets security, Nuggets get a little better than market price (only saying this because Lopez just got a max deal).

    So give it a couple of days, then we will be welcoming McGee as a Nugget.

  • Jeff

    McGee’s people know the Nuggets need him. Birdman’s on the outs, Mozgov and Koufos are “meh” and Harrington and Faried are undersized to play down low. The Nuggets really do need McGee, so he will probably be overpaid.

    • Poz_303

      Yes, Nuggets need McGee. Even if just as a defensive presence in the paint. With his length and hops he is a very good deterrent to people driving in the paint.

      Its easy for a 22/23 yr old to hang his head when in a poor situation like he was in Washington. I think the work ethic of the players around him, their professionalism and the investment the Nuggets are showing him should (and in part already has) changed him for the better.

      I look forward to seeing him develop in a Nuggets uniform.

  • Ricardo

    McGee is a valuable player for the nuggets and he’s probably the most athletic center there is right now. He definitely deserves a $12-13 million salary.

  • Fournier4FrenchPrez

    this would be a great deal.

    I think that its become apprent Masai Ujiri does’t leak rumours cause there is never juicy rumours out there unlike other teams. This is clearly Javales people trying to drive his price up

  • Tom

    It’s amazing to me how much you folks overvalue McGee because of a couple good games against the Lakers. The dude is not a great center. It took him a while to even pass Mozgov and Koufos on the depth chart when we acquired him. He hasn’t done anything in his career to warrant even $10 mil per year. A 5 year contract at that rate could absolutely be an albatross in a couple years. If he wants to get paid, I would rather do a 12-13 mil per year contract for 3 years with a team option for a 4th or 5th year. But at that price, I would honestly rather have Nene back, a guy who has consistently been solid offensively and defensively for many good Denver playoff teams. By the way, looking at the contract Brooke Lopez just received, nobody can say that Nene’s deal is awful anymore.

    • Patrick

      Of course he’s not a great center otherwise we woudl be talking 5 year 100 million. He’s an above averge center with upside to be a top 7 center. If he levels out 10 mil a year 4 years from now will be a little high but not that much when you figue the cap number will be growing each year

  • JetLife82

    Let’s not forget what happened when they let Mutombo walk…

  • al68

    Is a huge mistake, this player don`t worth more than 7 mill. per year.

    1st mistake resign Miller 15 mill.
    2nd offer 50 to Mcgee.