A few good tweets

It is very tiresome keeping up with free agency. There is only so much analysis that can be relayed. These tweets speak for themselves.

Yannis Koutroupis (HoopsWorld.com):

Denver GM Masai Ujiri provides update on JaVale McGee. Negotiations going positively. They’re not looking elsewhere and neither is JaVale.

JaVale will be in Las Vegas within the next few days, deal could be completed shortly after.

Chris Dempsey (Denver Post):

#Nuggets G Ty Lawson says he’s optimistic his extension will be done in ‘the next month or two.’


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Kalen Deremo

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  • Denver4ever

    Denver will be in the West Finals next season…. If Karl can hold on his own.

  • Tyler

    Let’s just hope that tweet by Chris Dempsey will come true.

  • Aaron

    summer league thread?????

    I just want to say that I like Quincy and Fournier. They’ve both had flashes today.

  • troll bag

    According to Hoopshype, Anthony Randolph was sitting with the Nuggets during the summer league game. Apparently we are very high on him. Which makes me wonder if there is a minor trade coming to free up some roster spots….

    • Sky67

      I’ve heard this to and I think we can assume bigbirds as good as gone so I’m wondering if a player like k2 brewer or stone could end up being bought out as a result of needing spots for randoph and Q.

      • JetLife82

        I hope it’s Koufos and not Brewer or Stone… I mean Karl loves Brewer and Stone’s good value at under a mil.

  • steve

    You heard it here first…

    I think there is a possibility that we trade Wilson Chandler to the Cavs for Anderson Varajao.

    I think you will see something like Varajao Future picks, probably 2nds, for Chandler Mozgov and Birdman.

    Why i think this? Masai has always loved Varajao. It would give us another legit bigman to go with Mcgee and Faried. He has 2 years left on his deal and 2nd is a team option. We clear the roster space to sign our rookies and possibly Anthony Randolph who would be another solid big man to add. Big man rotation of Mcgee, Faried, Andy V, AR and KK would be very good IMO.

    Chandler is expendable with Brewer playing a solid level and Hamilton coming into the picture along with the drafting of Fournier and Q.Miller. Chandler also completes their starting rotation for the cavs. He’s a great compliment to Irving and Waiters at the 3. We make them take the extra salary. Mozgov adds a big man that they lose and i would assume they buyout Birdman then.

    • Peter

      I would absolutely love this deal! Not sure what Varajao’s contract is, but I’m sure Massai has things planned out so we will still have enough to Sign McGee and resign Lawson.

      • steve

        I was wrong when i stated above 2 years left. he has 3 years left at 27 mill, so avg of 9 per. The last year is a team option.

        basically Chandler and Mozgov even out the salary. If we could force birdman in there somehow and his 9 mill left over 2 years, that would be a huge plus.

  • http://roundballminingcompany.com Mark from Charlotte

    The nuggets need to keep Mogov on the roster. Birdman is on his way out of Denver. Fournier and Qmiller are good players. Brewer is a solid player and Karl likes his defense