Nuggets active in Wolves-Blazers trade talks?

ESPN 1500 Twin Cities is reporting the Denver Nuggets have been involved in trade discussions with the Portland Blazers and Minnesota Timberwovles with the possible intent of dealing Wilson Chandler. Portland notified Minnesota of a list of players they’d like to receive for free agent Nicolas Batum and on that list was a member of the Denver Nuggets. Portland general manager Neil Olshey reportedly “made it clear he was looking for a wing-type/small forward or center.” Perhaps a three way trade with Chandler going to Portland, Bautm to Minnesota and Derrick Williams coming back to Denver was in the cards? Whether discussions between the three teams are continuing is unknown.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • al68

    D Williams tiene muchisimo potecial seria un gran intercamio y para mi mejor si mandamos a Gallo.

    • VC15

      Estoy de acuerdo contigo en que Dwilliams tiene mucho potencial pero hacer un intercambio por wilson o gallo no me parece bien. Para mi dwilliams y anthony randolph en cambio por corey brewer mas julyan stone y al harrington

  • Jeremy

    Now that Batum has signed the offer sheet from Minnesota I do not think a trade can be consummated. If Portland does match, Batum cannot be traded until December 15 and on top of that cannot be traded to Minnesota for a year. The only way a trade such as the one described by ESPN 1500 Twin Cities could possibly happen at this point is if the offer sheet is somehow rescinded and I am not sure if that is an option once it has been signed.

    • Poz_303

      Yeah, not sure about the rules once the offer sheet has been signed. D. Williams would have been a nice addition though not sure how much of an upgrade he would be except for upside and lower salary.

      I think Timberwolves end game is to land Pau Gasol from the Lakers.

      • Henry aka LWH and formerly KFH

        I recently read that the rules say that if all the parties involved–both teams and the player in question–agree to declare the signed offer sheet null and void, it can be dispensed with and a sign-and-trade can go forward. Forgive me for not providing a link to substantiate this, but I can count on my memory. I may have missed a party, but I can’t think of who that would be.

  • eddi0

    Why would we want D Williams? We have our starting SF in Gallo and have Brewer/Hamilton/Harrington as back-ups. I could see Minn doing a sign/trade with Randolph being involved (we get Randolph + picks/Batum to Minn/Chandler to Port). Maybe (a big maybe) would be Wes Johnson coming back to us + picks/cash.

    Not really sure but something has to give, we have 16 players if we waive Bird so someone else has to go (unless we keep Turk overseas this year).

    With Stone out 5 mos I feel like we need another PG though and I’m not sure Fournier is that guy. Hate to let Stone go because he is exactly what we need to balance out Lawson (Stone is pass first and defensive minded PG) but he might be the casualty.

    Should be an interesting summer…

    • steve

      highly doubt this happens. but im all for Derrick Williams over Chandler. Williams can play the 3 or 4. He could be our backup to Faried. I’m not a fan of chandler at all. Think he’s a decent player, just not worth what we are paying him.

    • DAN

      Turk will be overseas, this year, and likely more.

  • Ban

    I was wondering when sanity would prevail and Wilson Chandler’s name would get thrown into Batum discussions.

    Batum and Chandler are as similar (both statistically and in playing style) as 2 players could possibly be. Only – Chandler’s contract is far more palatable than the one Batum will be on.

    Maybe Minnesota will give Derrick Williams+ for Chandler… Nuggets could use the extra big(ger) body. They have enough wings as it is. I

    • dynamo.joe

      The difference is that Batum can shoot:

      and Chandler can’t:

      Thats why Batum is worth the money and Chandler isn’t.

      • OG S

        Chandler can defend way better than Batum. Wilson is a great defender actually

  • Woobly o Balls

    Derrick Williams would have been perfect replacement for Big Al. A stretch four who can score and spread the floor – 100 times more athletic at well – also has star potential

  • tommy

    Something better happen because Andersen wasnt amnestied!!! If nothing happens that was just a no brainer decision. Bad luck Q, the shitty old birdman with his contract must be a better assest. Smh

    • eddi0

      Where’s your source that Bird wasn’t amnestied? If thats the case someone without a guaranteed contract is getting released or someone is getting traded. We have 15 players under contract as it stands so Turk and/or Miller might not make it. Something’s brewing (and it better not be Corey:)…

      • CJP32

        My gut feeling is that Chandler and/or Brewer are gonna be traded. Not enough minutes to spread at the SG/SF positions, and if J Ham keeps his summer league form going, then Brewer becomes expendable, he only has 2.8 million guaranteed this season.

        Denver desperately need a three point shooter off the bench, Brandon Rush is available. He’s a career 41% three point shooter.

      • Tommy

        It was in the espn twitter feed. Go on espn and you should find it

  • Jeremiah

    Denver Post reports Bird has been cut and Randolph signed. I can only guess this means Stone will be waived in order to make room for Miller.

  • Eddi0

    Prob right, sucks though, now we have to rely on Dre’s health throughout all next season. Hoping Fournier will steal some minutes from him at the point. Can they sign Q Miller and then put him in the NBDL for next year so we can keep Julyan?

    • Zack

      Andre doesn’t get hurt, so his health shouldn’t be an issue. He has only not played in like 6 games in his entire career, and I believe he has only missed 3 games due to injury. I’d say health hasn’t been an issue for him, knock on wood.

  • tommy

    sorry guys they just announced they made a mistake and they actually did waive andersen. Thank god for that