Stone out five months

As is being reported by Charlie (yes, our Charlie), Julyan Stone will be sidelined for five months due to a labral hip tear — the same injury Wilson Chandler is currently recovering from. Not much else is known at this point in time. Stay tuned for more updates as Charlie has the inside scoop on this particular story straight from the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

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Kalen Deremo

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  • Andrew

    Yikes! So, are we looking at the Nuggets converting Miller to a backup PG, to get him on the roster, and then amnestying Birdman and signing Anthony Randolph by Tuesday (today)?

    Would that conclude their moves for the off-season, or would they need to jettison one more player? What if they keep Fournier on their roster?

    • Kalen

      Fournier is signed. He’s on the team no matter what. If the Nuggets re-sign McGee then all possible 15 roster spots on the team will be filled. Quincy Miller will then be the odd man out. Like Jeremy said in his recent post, if the Nuggets do amnesty Birdman, it’s likely to make room for Quincy Miller.

      Five months seems like a long time, but in reality Stone may only miss a few weeks of regular season action before coming back. Whether he remains on the team likely depends on how much the Nuggets front office likes him and believes in him going forward. However, it doesn’t look good. Miller just re-signed and Fournier appears to be totally capable of playing backup point guard if need be.

      In the event Birdman gets amnestied and Stone also gets let go, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Nuggets go hard after Randolph.

  • A$AP Sancho

    I think we should just waive stone.. 5 months is a lot of time and we need roster spaces.

  • Woobly o Balls

    Ma dream scenario
    – Amnesty Bird
    – Trade KK for 2nd round pick
    – Sign Q Mill
    – Sign Randolph
    – Keep Stone
    – Re-sign Javeezy McGeezy for $10 mill a year

    Lawson/ Miller/ Stone
    Afflalo/ Hamilton/ Fournier
    Gallo/ Chandler/ Brewer/ Miller
    Faried/ Big Al
    McGee/ Randolph/ Moz


    • ike

      -amnesty bird
      -sign q miller
      -sign randolph
      -sign mcgee
      -trade chandler,kk,future 1rnd picks for igoudala(sixers hate him)


      • Zack

        Not sure if the Sixers do this trade, but it’s a good idea and I like Iggy.

        • ike

          even if not, nuggets have so many assets that if they do trade for and undervalued star, they still have depth… maybe if they give up al or mozgov, im not sure what philly is looking for…they have an Olympic athlete and are constantly trying to trade him.

  • Poz_303

    I really like Stone but what if we waive him and let him recover and use his roster spot to sign A. Randolph.

    Once Stone recovers there are opportunities for making space on the roster by trading a player who the FO see as expendable.

    And as has been suggested, use Fournier as our 3rd PG option but still be used primarily as SG.

    With the amnesty of Birdman (hopefully), we would have room for Q.Miller (another young asset).

    Ty / Miller
    AAA / JHam / Fournier
    Gallo / Chandler / Brewer / Q.Miller
    Faried / Randolph / Big Al
    McGee / Mozgov / K2

    As for Iggy, obviously he’d be an upgrade at SG for the Nuggets. He has a $15 million salary so would need to trade AAA & Chandler to make the money work.

    • http://yahoo mile high

      Fournier can’t shoot jump shots. The Nuggets should develop him as a future point guard rather than a shooting guard. Miller will get older, Ty can actually be a terrific SG.

  • Corey

    I think Stone has shown too much for too cheap to just get rid of now.

    QMiller hasn’t looked very good in summer league; how many long term projects can we handle?

    • Colby

      Quincy Miller has way more potential than Stone. I’d like to keep both of them but if I had to choose one it would be Miller.

    • mitchell

      and what exactly has stone shown?

  • Trevor

    He can just be cut without any consequences towards the Nuggets salary for next season right? Since he has an un-guaranteed contract. It’s an unfortunate situation but they might as well cut him.

    • tommy

      I like stone put I couldn’t stand to just let Quincy walk… Especially when he actually wanted to play here.

  • Paul

    I thought it was possible to keep the rights of q mills contract so we could sign him next season??? so we could send him to the d league for a season and i am sure in a season someone will not be happy or want to leave or a trade might go through but i believe that stone and q mill need to be kept