JaVale McGee re-signs with Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets just officially announced the re-signing of restricted free agent JaVale McGee. He signed the deal in Las Vegas with members of the Denver front office and his mother present.

Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports reported that the deal is 4 years for $44 million, a larger annual amount but a smaller guarantee than the previously rumored 5 years, $50 million.

With JaVale’s contract signed Denver’s roster now stands at a full 15 players, not including second round pick Quincy Miller. Julyan Stone has an unguaranteed year left on his contract and could be waived to create a roster spot. Stone had surgery to repair a hip labral tear in early July and is out five months.

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Charlie Yao

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  • Brian

    With McGee signed, seems like it is time to move either Koufos or Mozgov for whatever we can get. Keep Stone and sign Q Miller.

    • simsimsalabim

      you know what i almost argued because i didn’t know who nuggets needed to move but you’re right either one of them are expendable and great trade pieces as well

  • Peter

    Unless the Nuggets are low on Miller, they will most likely cut Stone unless a deal is coming. Then within the next year I bet we trade Wilson Chandler for future picks/lower salary players since Ty is about to get a significant raise.

  • steve


  • Aaron

    Yes!!! Looks Like its Up To Ujiri Now To Pick Which Player (Stone And Miller) Will Get The Chance To Be An NBA Player For Years, While The Other Most Likely Goes On With Life Without The NBA As Part Of Their Life. Makes Me Feel Bad For Someone Rite Now Even Tho We Just Signed Mcgee! Lol

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Keep Stone and move Koufos. A Randolph was a nice move for the NUGGETS. Great job Mr Ujiri

  • Lane

    I am liking the overall plan the Nuggets have employed. I was skeptical, but looking at a few boxscores from last year, Randolph could easily be the first big off the bench at the end of the year.
    I hope Peter is right, I like Chandler as a complementary part but Gallo showed enough 1st half of last year to warrant 30+ min/gm this year and Chandler’s best value is in a trade.
    After many great moves, I look forward to Masai’s next roster adjustment.
    I just hope Karl will let the reserves that show the most in practice and the best rotation for time/score will prevail becuase the two PG roation is not good!

    • Aaron

      Yeah But, That’s The Problem, GK Only Does What He Wants, Not What The Fans Want, Not What The GM Wants..Only What George Wants!.
      Maybe The Next Roster Move Will Be Coaching Wise :D.
      Cant Wait For The Season To Start as Well, Should Be One Of The Nuggets Most Exiting Seasons in Nuggsts History!

      Go Nugggets!!!

  • Tom

    McGee is getting paid like he’s the best/most important player on the Nuggets. He’s not. Should Lawson, who is the best/most important, accept anything less? I suppose it could have been worse, but I do not like this contract. I would rather have paid 12-13 mil per year for 3 years than $11 mil per year for 4. What if he just doesn’t get any better after the first two years? Then suddenly you have Brendan Haywood 2.0.

    • Brian

      More like he’s getting paid for being tall. The NBA overpays for height. I mean, Omar Asik has a 3 year, $25.1 million offer sheet from Houston. Yeah. That was my thought, too. Omar who? Tyson Chandler is making north of $14 million and posted 11.1 points to go along with 9.9 boards and 1.4 BPG last year. Andrew Bogut, with career averages of 12.7 PPG, 9.2 RPG and 1.6 BPG will make $13 million this year and $14 million next year.

  • DAN

    Fact of life in the NBA: size maters, potential is paramount. Put those things together and you get a 11 million dollar player. Like the signing and the general direction, will be interesting if we trade someone to make the roster fit better. Miller WILL be on the team.

  • DH

    Maybe I was right about the Randolph acquisition lighting a fire under McGee to sign quickly? Anyway, I like $11M/year for 4 years a little better than $10M/year for 5 years. Either way, it’s in the realm of market value, I think. It’s great to finally have him signed.

    As for Moz and Kouf, if one of them will be traded, it’s a tough call which one it should be. Koufos is a little more dependable overall, and much less injury prone so far. Moz is much better against bigger centers like Bynum, which is valuable because strength is not something associated with McGee, Randolph, or Kouf. But Moz is in the last year of his contract and we would have to worry a little about some team offering him a contract that we wouldn’t be willing to match. Kouf is signed for 2 more years after this one.

    It might not matter because it could be Stone or Q. Miller that’s gone. Of the two, I think the Nuggets would be more likely to keep Miller. Or, Masai might have another trick up his sleeve and who knows what the roster will look like after that.

  • Poz_303

    There is the option of offering Q.Miller a contract that he declines and goes and plays in D-League. In this scenario we still own his rights for a year.

    That way we keep Stone and let Q.Miller develop in D-League. If he lives up to his talent we can sign him next off-season.

    • Woobly o Balls

      Can he still attend training camp? I think I remember seeing that he wouldn’t be able to

    • Bryan

      If he’s dumb enough to turn down an NBA contract, he probably isn’t worth having on the team.

      Also, his agent would never get work again if he allowed his client to do that.

  • Roundball Bill

    The FO has done a great job this offseason. Glad to see that Javale will be coming back in a Nuggets uniform after all!

  • Andrew

    Good deal. It will be interesting to see what happens with Stone and Q Mill.

  • al68

    Que ocurrira si despues de un mes mete 4 puntos 0-5 ft,
    y una jugada estupida, supongo que sera abucheado ahora que gana 11 millones.

    Esas estidisticas las hizo ya en Washington la diferencia es que cobrando una quinta parte.

    Creo que es una locura este contrato y que no es el jugador que marcara la diferencia en denver aunque su salario si.

  • http://Denverstiffs.comSlader Richard Greenslade

    JaVale is on board, and for an (almost) reasonable price. Someone mentioned Brendan Haywood, but I disagree: McGee’s worst case is scenario is still far better than him. If JaVale gets only slightly better and more consistent, this contract is well worth it.
    The same if’s apply to Randolph, but his deal is a steal if he gets more consistent (BIG if).
    To make room on the roster, I suggested over on DStiffs that we make a move along these lines:offer Chandler, Moz and our 2013 Ist rounder to Charlotte for Degasana Diop (expiring) and their unprotected 1st rounder.

    • Woobly o Balls

      If I was Charlotte there is no way I take that. You’re pretty much asking them to move down from a top 3 pick to a pick in the twenties for Wilson chandler – plus they already have Kidd Gilchrist and Jeffery Taylor ( who is very similar to Wilson chandler )

      If Masai pulled that off it would be daylight robbery

      • http://Denverstiffs.comSlader Richard Greenslade

        I did forget about Taylor, but Will is an established veteran, not an unproven rookie. And Moz is worth something, too. How many centers in this draft are better than him?

        My fear is that the Cats would probably prefer to rid of Tyrus Thomas’s contract (3 yr, 25M) which Masai wouldn’t want to take.

        Anyway, I think the Nuggs should try to trade players for a high pick. That’s how you get a superstar, and open up a roster spot for Q Miller.

        • Zack

          I think the Bobcats would HAVE to include that contract to make this trade be even remotely close to fair. Top 3 pick for Chandler, Moz and a pick around 20 is certainly not fair. But I think I like the risk in the trade if you include Tyrus. Top 3 pick might be worth it, although this is a bit of a down draft for 2013 (compared to 2012 at least).

      • Zack

        Definitely agree. If Masai can do this, it would be unbelievable. I would gladly take a top 3 pick for Wilson Chandler and a pick around 20.

        Yes please. Come on MJ, don’t you need another SF?

  • Woobly o Balls

    Not really relevant but one thing I like about Randolph which is also part of his downfall – he’s badass

  • http://yahoo mile high

    There is something fishy about this that worries me as well as bugs me. Despite of all the interests shown in different centers around the league, no other team but the Nuggets themselves has really pursued McGee so far. Look, even Omar Asik got a 25.1 mil offer from Houston, but no other team gave an offer to McGee. Can everybody be wrong except the Nuggets, or is it the other way around?

    Also, if there is not much competitive demand for a player, why do we still have to pay him 11mil a year?

    Luckily, it’s not my money and we’ve got Randolph as plan B. If McGee delivers, all’s well. If he doesn’t, Randolph can come in and I’m sure that with Karl and his coaching staff, Randolph will improve just like McGee did last year.

    • dynamo.joe

      McGeezy’s production has been pretty good for the last 2 years. Even in Washington and even with people producing youtube video’s of Javale’s bonehead plays.

      Unlike other players that teams pick up for “potential”, McGee actually produces already. His floor is probably a top 10 center and his ceiling is probably top 4.

      In order to make that jump, he primarily needs to cut down mistakes, not learn new skillsets. The lone exception I would make to that statement is free throws. Last year he was atrocious and even his best year only made it up to mediocre. This seems a pretty coachable skill (aside from Shaq) and some things the coaching staff said last year indicated they thought they could help him quite a bit.

      • Ryan

        I agree with you but his ceiling is the #1 center in the league, he is 7 feet and can jump just as well as Faried, and if he can perfect some of those crazy under the basket shots with his long arms, and his hook shot too, the guy will be unstoppable. I’d say his ceiling is higher than top 4.

        • dynamo.joe

          Well, I really meant something more like “he can force himself into the ‘who is the best center in the league’ conversation with Chandler/howard/bynum”, but probably can’t put himself definitively above those guys.

          It’s the sort of tier arguement that some people say they use in the draft. He can be a tier 1 player with those I mentioned, but probably can’t establish himself as the lone occupant of tier 1 and make the other 3 guys into tier 2 players.

          Feel free to read this and prove me wrong JaVale!

    • Jeremy

      One thing to keep in mind mile high is that McGee has the leverage of the qualifying offer. If he were to sign the QO, he becomes unrestricted next season. Even though no one else offered him an offer sheet, that we know of, he can still threaten to sign the QO in negotiations with Denver to get a better contract than what anyone else was or could have offered. In a way the Nuggets were negotiating against themselves, but on the other hand, they were negotiating against the potential of losing McGee for nothing next summer.

    • Finazz

      I also think it was fairly widely known that Denver would match pritty much any offer another team put out there. So teams arnt going to bother tiring up cap space or waste there time talking to mcgees manager and getting all the paper work signed up if there is a slim to none chance they get him.

  • Eddie

    Is Denver now the tallest team in the Association?

  • MizzouNuggets

    I would let Miller set in the D-League for a year if possible but I think we need to keep Stone. He seems like he will be a great backup PG for the future when Andre Miller retires. Glad we got McGee signed and can’t wait to see what moves Masai will make next! Looking forward to a great season from this Denver team!

  • Eddie

    I think I have been watching too much summer league.

    I just ordered a Dream Lite.

  • Andrew

    You know the cool thing? Everyone on here seems to have the same sense…that Masai is not done yet and has one more move to pull out of his hat before the season starts. Pretty exciting. I’m really looking forward to this season.

  • Sir-A

    Here’s an interview with Masai Ujiri from today by 104.3 The Fan:

    • Eddie

      Ujiri has a better grasp of English than that stumblin’ mutterin’ f*** Hastings.