Corey Brewer Interview

I caught up with Corey Brewer at the Las Vegas Summer League Wednesday night and he was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for Roundball Mining Company. Corey’s in town to support his young teammates and work out with the ever-growing contingent of Nuggets players converging in the desert to witness some 2012 NBA Summer League action.



Who are you most excited to see here at Summer League?

A lot of guys. I wanna see Evan play and I’m really excited for my boy Jordan Hamilton. Love J-Ham.

How do you think this experience is going to help Jordan?

Well, [last year] he didn’t get to play too much. Now he gets to get some experience, you know it’s Summer League but you’re still playing in games. He’s playing, he’s gonna be able to do his thing, show what he has. We’re going to need him next year.

What do you think Hamilton can provide for the Nuggets next year?

That scoring punch off the bench. It’s instant offense. He scores at will. He’s gotta figure out how to do it though. He can do it, I just think he has to figure out how and coming out here in Summer League, running through our offense is going to help him.

Do you think he has to be a leader on this Summer League team?

Yeah, him and Kenneth. They both have to be leaders. Especially Kenneth, he started towards the end of the year. But Jordan’s playing, these other guys are young and he’s gotta be a leader but he’s also got to play his game.

What’s the most important thing for the rookies to get out of this experience?

Just learn the offense, that’s the main thing. You gotta learn how to play in our offense. It’s an up-paced, fast offense and everything is done quick. It’s not easy to just do everything fast all the time. It’s fast but it’s also — you’ve gotta slow down so its a difficult offense. It’s fun, but at the same time you can get out of control.

What do you know about your new teammate, Anthony Randolph?

A-Randolph, yeah. I worked out with him in Dallas. He lives in Dallas, so I was working out with him last summer. I love Randolph man. He’s long, athletic, he can put it on the floor, shoot it.

What do you think Randolph brings to the team?

He’s gonna bring another dimension, another athletic guy. We’re gonna have a lot of athleticism. Think about if we can get my man JaVale McGee back and Anthony Randolph on the court at the same time.

After taking the Lakers to seven games, how far can this team go next year and what’s the goal?

Sky’s the limit. The goal is — look, if you’re a basketball player, any NBA player the goal is to get to the championship. I’m not saying we’re gonna do it, but that has to be the goal. If that’s not your goal why play the game?


Please note this interview took place a few hours before the Nuggets officially announced the re-signing of JaVale McGee. Brewer did not have a lot of time to chat but was very courteous and Roundball Mining Company thanks him for talking with us. Follow Corey on Twitter @CoreyBrewer13 

Audio Interview (with Jordan Hamilton cameo) – audio is cut off at the beginning

Corey Brewer Interview – 7/18/2012

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Charlie Yao

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  • CJP32

    Brew is my fav player – he’s a great guy, always smiling and supporting his team mates and he’s a winner.

    This roster is stacked right now and I hope that Brewer’s role doesn’t diminish with a healthy WC and Gallo. Brew and JHam are gonna be fighting eachother for minutes – will be fun to watch!

  • Roundball Bill

    Nice interview. I love Brewer because he’s a guy that gives 100% effort whenever he’s on the court. And that kind of enthusiasm can be contagious.

  • Poz_303

    Nice work Charlie. Gotta say Brewer is all class.

  • Marcel

    Big heart. meh brain, but the man has no fear! Love that!

  • Andrew


  • http://yahoo mile high

    Brew and Faried are my favorite Nuggets.  Let's get to the Finals this season, Brew.

    • Drew

      how’d you get that font?