Jordan Hamilton Video Inteview

The Nuggets wrapped up their 2012 Summer League season in Las Vegas Friday night with a loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. Jordan Hamilton was kind enough to chat with Roundball Mining Company after the game, discussing his overall experience, personal growth, and his expectations for next season.

Many thanks to Jordan Hamilton for taking the time. Follow Jordan on Twitter here.

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Charlie Yao

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  • SmokinNugs

    Was that Big Al clowning around over his shoulder in the back ground?

    That aside I think J-Ham is our bright spot of the Summer League (no offense Faried, but we already knew you rock). He averaged over 18 points a game which is good as we’ll rely on him this year for some instant bench offense. He showed a great 3 point stroke which we kind of knew he had already but it looks like it’s developing nicely. Another thing I noticed is that J-Ham rebounds really well for a guard. I found myself thinking that a few times even last season when he’d see minutes and it was very apparent during summer league.

    Stone was the player I was most interested to see because you don’t run into 6’6″ PG’s every day and he plays defense which we desperately need. Is there any update on how he’s doing? I saw in some comments that he’ll be back in December. What are the odds he gets waived before then? Frankly I’ll be disappointed if we waive him for someone like Q Miller who’s been pretty underwhelming through 5 games.

    I watched all the games but the last half of this final game (haven’t had time to finish it up) and must say it was nice to see Faried bouncing around out there and J-Ham doing what we need him to do. Looking forward to this season a lot. With a more stretched out schedule that includes some practice time I think we’re going to be able to use our depth a lot more effectively. Lets go Nuggets!!

  • blackhill