New Contributor to RMC!

We are very happy to belatedly announce an addition to our group of contributors here are RMC.  Denbutsu has been a longtime friend of RMC.  He has displayed a very good understanding of the Nuggets over the years and we are highly confident he will provide some tremendous insights here at RMC going forward.

You may have already seen his first post on the need to make a trade to clear up the roster over the coming months.

You can see some of denbutsu’s previous work over at The Nuggets Den and you can follow him Twitter, @denbutsu, and while you are at it make sure you are following Kalen, @PrincePickaxe, and Charlie as well, @skitalicious.

Please join me in welcoming denbutsu!

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  • DH

    Welcome aboard, Denbutsu! I look forward to reading your posts.

  • Aaron

    Welcome To RMC. Good Luck!

  • ThomasDenverFan

    Welcome Denbitsu!!!like what i have read so far keep it up

  • Sky67

    Great article denbutsu, good luck can’t wait to hear more from u.

    P.s. I’m goin under for wrist surgery surgery tommorow no basketball team for 3 months :( wish me luck.

    • denbutsu

      Hey, sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope everything went well, and that your recovery will be as smooth and pain-free as possible.

  • Moondoggie12

    Welcome then. I remember you way back at prosportsdaily forums. Keep up the good work.

  • Woobly o Balls

    Give me a real name

  • Poz_303

    As I said at PSD, a very good addition to an already strong team. Enjoy RMC and look forward to the statistical analysis denbutsu will bring.

    Only started commenting/posting this year but am sure will now be a frequent visitor to RMC as I am a Nugget for life :)

  • denbutsu

    Thank you for the welcomes and kind words, everyone, I do appreciate it. I’ve long respected the work of the RMC writers, and though I may not always succeed, I’ll do my best to uphold the high standard that Jeremy, Kalen and Charlie have established here.

  • Young Pep Dash

    Apparently nuggets have interest in Lester Hudson and Andrei Kirilenko – according to Hoophype SOURCES. What the hell?! we already have a full roster plus Quincy.

    Although i think its unlikely, maybe we are gearing up for a trade…

    • denbutsu

      Yeah, I’m not buying either of those. My hunch is that it’s possible the Russian sports site HH sourced may simply have gotten their signals crossed and said “Denver” instead of “Minnesota”, which according to Woj (whose word is pretty much gold), is AK’s destination:

      As for Hudson, it’s hard to see where Ujiri and Kroenke would value an undersized, inefficient, more or less washed up at 27-years old SG when any minutes at the 2 not taken by AAA and Dre (which by my calculations may be pretty much zero) seem very much already to be slotted for J-Ham at this point. The source of the Hudson rumor is Sam Amico, who writes for Fox Sports, and would seem to be a more credible source than the Russian media. Still, it makes so little sense that I’m pretty much inclined to dismiss it out of hand until seeing confirmation from a very credible second source.

      • Young Pep Dash

        I agree to an extent. However Hudson plays more 1 than 2 and is a flash in a pan scorer at the point guard position off the bench.

        Although he is 27, he is far from washed up, he is actually in his prime. By no means is this a great prime but last season he showed he has matured and improved a lot since his early days when he was shunned by the league

        • denbutsu

          I may have tried to be a little too snarky. When I said “more or less washed up at 27-years old”, what I really meant was, “not very good at basketball”. Even if you’re right that he’s matured, I’d still rather give that 15th roster spot to Quincy Miller, or barring that, Julyan Stone. I remain skeptical of that rumor, but even if I’m wrong about that, I hope the Nuggets don’t go with Hudson, and instead give a chance to a player with upside and the potential to develop with the team. For Lester, that ship has already sailed, imo.

  • Alex

    Call me crazy, but I am worried about the Nuggets making the playoffs next year. It’s not that I don’t think we can make it, but I think the 4 through 8 seeds are going to be won by a real dogfight.

    Let’s look at the West:

    1) OKC
    2) SA
    3) LAL

    I don’t think those three are going anywhere. LA will probably end up with the 2 seed with the additions of Nash and Jamison, and possibly swapping Bynum for Dwight.

    4) Memphis

    Should be the same. Lost Mayo, but they never really used him all that much. Could end up as a 6-8 seed.

    5) LAC

    Will be the same or better than last year with the additions of Crawford, Grant Hill, Lamar Odom, and a little more Billups.

    6) Denver

    Denver essentially resigned everyone, and picked up some rookies. Sounds a lot like the same team to me. The only improvement would come from a trade or some major development of existing players.

    7) Dallas

    About the same. Swapped a bunch or role players around Dirk for a different bunch of role players around Dirk.

    8) Utah

    Got better. Swapped Devin Harris essentially for Mo Williams, added depth with Marvin Williams and Foye. They are probably also banking on development from Burs, Kanter, Favors.

    9) Houston

    Got worse, but what if they end up with Dwight or Bynum?

    10) Phoenix

    Got better. Lost Nash, but added Dragic, Beasley, and Scola.

    11) Portland

    Assuming they get something from their rookies, they got better. At least their starting PG won’t be putting the chinese buffet out of business. Yes, I am talking about you Ray Felton.

    12) Minnesota

    Was on track for the 8th seed last year, and got better. Added Roy, Buddinger, and Likely AK 47.

    13) Golden State:

    Got Better. Could have one of the best jump-shooting starting 5 in recent memory with Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Lee, and Bogut. Got rid of chucker Monta.

    14) Sacramento:

    Got better by adding PG depth and drafting Thomas Robinson.

    15) New Orleans

    Got better. Drafted unibrow and Rivers, who is probably just a 6th man, but still. They will probably get more out of Gordon this year than they did last year. Probably still not a playoff team for another couple of years, but definite improvement.

    Out of these 15 teams, only one got worse, and they could end up with one of the best two centers in the game. I think we are going to legitimately have 9 or 10 teams competing for 5 playoff spots.

    I think there will be several, maybe 3 or 4 teams that would be the 6-8 seed out east that will miss the playoffs. It’s going to be harder to make it this year even with improvement. Sink or swim in the Western Conference I guess.

    • Young Pep Dash

      i agree. i honestly wouldn’t be shocked if any of these 15 teams made the playoffs. Never thought like that before

    • finazzaus

      denver is the same team but where we can improve on last year is injurys. injuryes really hurt us during the middle of the season, we were one of the top teams overall after about 15-20 games. if we can stay half as healthy as last year we COULD (and i stress could) push for that 4-5 spot.

      • Alex

        I think you are right about the injuries. We were definitely near the top of the NBA last year in being affected by the injury bug.

        Injuries this year will probably be one of the determining factors in which of these western conference teams get the playoff spots they will be fighting for.

        I see our ceiling as the 4 seed and floor at the 9 or 10.

    • DH

      Another thing that will make a big difference for Denver is training camp – which we didn’t have last year. Moz, Koufos, McGee, Faried, Gallo, Chandler, Brewer, JHam, Miller, and Stone have never been through a training camp with the team. And that doesn’t include the new guys – Fournier, Q. Miller, and Randolph.

      I guess it would have been a lot easier to say that only Ty, AAA, and Al Buckets have been through a Nuggets’ training camp. When you think about it like that, it’s easy to see how this team could really grow and come together this year, especially with the additional practice days they will have during the season as compared to last season.

  • Eddie

    See the schedule? It opens with 22 road and 11 home. Whew. But January is kind with 3 away and 12 at home.

  • finazzaus

    looks like a tough drew thats all i can say.

  • GK4Prez

    Now that the attaboy congratulations are out of the way (congrats), can we get back to contributing? The schedule is out and a new article is in order….lol

    Can we ever get an edit feature or is that impossible to do under this format? I know you guys were going to check into it, but I haven’t heard anything back on your findings.

    • DH

      My thoughts exactly. With four contributors, I’m ready for a new post or two. Take it as good-natured chiding, guys. 😉

    • Kalen

      What do you mean by “edit feature”? We try and do as much as we can under the circumstances given. Remember, we have lives outside of writing about the Nuggets.

      • DH

        Kalen, I was worried that you or one of your fellow contributors might take our comments personally. Believe me, I appreciate all that you and the gang at RMC do. And I do realize that you take time out of your busy lives to do it. The flip side is that we readers love to hear and talk about the Nuggets, and that’s also part of what makes RMC work.

        I was just trying to lightheartedly suggest that we are always ready for more to read/talk about if one of your contributors could put up a new post. In retrospect, I guess I should have realized that if one of you was available, you would have posted without any prompting from me.

        Anyway, I hope you take it as a compliment. RMC is my go-to site for Nuggets info and discussion. If I don’t see a RMC post on something like the schedule coming out, it bums me out a little to have to go elsewhere to read/talk about it. That just means you do a great job here – and again, it’s appreciated.

  • GK4Prez

    “edit feature” is a feature for the people that respond to use to correct mistakes made in their responses.

    I know that on several occasions I have posted a second time to clarify a mistake that I have made in a previous post, and I have seen several other people do the same thing.

    Is making a suggestion for improving the board for its members a bad idea?

    And how does a question of this nature have any bearing at all with your personal life?

    • Kalen

      I’m sure it’s possible with a new commenting system. Maybe there’s some kind of update to our current one that would allow it. I’ll check into that. If you really want to edit a comment, let us know and we can do it. In general, we love suggestions. All I was saying (and this goes to DH above) is that we try and do the best we can with our busy schedules. Whenever I have free time, I get something up on the site. I know the rest of our contributors do the same. All I’m saying is when we don’t get something up for a few days, don’t panic. We’re still here. Sometimes it’s nice to take a little break from writing though. Thanks for reading as always guys.

      — Kalen