The case for Wilson Chandler

Ever since Masai Ujiri robbed the Knicks back in February 2011 and in the process absorbed the talented young small forward duo of Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari, Nuggets fans have debated which of the two rightfully deserves the most minutes and the starting nod from George Karl. While fans have always stated their opinion, nobody has made a structured argument — with facts and supporting evidence — until Roundball reader Daniel Lewis decided to just days ago. The debate will undoubtedly carry on, however Lewis’ piece is sure to breathe new life into this seemingly perpetual discussion.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Robet

    I want to see what we can do with Chandler before we decide if we need to ship him off. I think we have to cut Stone to sign QMiller but that is fine if we can resign him after we trade Moz or KK for a pic before the trade deadline.

  • Landry

    Really liked the piece but frankly I don’t think that Gallinari should play SF but rather PF with Faried and McGeezie.

    Because with better defensive rotations with McGee’s paint potential we can better defend the 3pt line which we were last in the league for we can better our defensive aptitude with Kenneth Faried understanding each Power Forward better and being able to guard all of the stretch 4’s with McGeezies shot-blocking prowess in the paint.

    This is because the line-up of the offensively deficient line-up of K. Faried and McGeezie in the game is 1 Ty Lawson 2 AAA or Andre Miller (I don’t care at this point the 2PG line-up works with these guys) 3 Kenneth Faried 4 Danilo Gallinari 5 Javale McGee. Because I would rather have cross matches in transition(Nuggs are master exploiters in this arena), or if they stay on the same offensive player having a SF that is similar sized of Kenneth Faried to post up, Gallo stretching the floor at the Stretch 4 position and having a slightly slower perimeter defender, and finally taking away from the soft brand of defense Gallinari brings to the table on the perimeter and instead being closer to the officials under the basket against the slower, less athletic Power Forward position.

    Finally, Danilo Gallinari can establish solid rebounding position at the size of 6’10” against the taller PF in the league so the Manimal can instead thrive on his ability to make energy plays crashing the boards from the perimeter instead of boxing out a tall PF whom can still jump over his smallish size.
    By instead putting Faried in a position to succeed in trying to outhustle the athletic SF of the league (Can this be done against the Manimal??) so he can better use accomplish his task of high energy rebounds.

    Meanwhile the debate of whether the Kenneth Faried backs down to an elite talent is an emphatic, HELL NO!!, so playing against the elite offensive talents at the SF position in the NBA can teach him the intricacies of guarding not only the post but also the perimeter and mid-range games will diversify his defensive prowess on guys like Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Rudy Gay, and Paul Pierce teaching him to guard just about anybody at crunch time a la K-Mart and Shawn Marion.

    In time Kenneth can learn to even guard against elite SG and PG whom his athleticism allows him to stay in front of. So from outside shooters whom have an offensive arsenal I can only dream of too the PF whom are setting screens for a pick and pop, Kenneth will see and learn from his mistakes that are necessary for elite defenders to. Just something to think about George Karl because Gallinari should become versatile enough to play PF (look at him he has more meat than KD) as Gallinari’s lack of athleticism creates a more natural fit the exploit slower PF than quick SF’s.

    • Daniel

      That’s a solid idea, but it puts Faried on the bench, which is a terrible idea. Last season, the Nuggets were 13-2 (including playoffs) when Faried had a double-double. Also, if he plays more than 30 minutes, he averages 16-10. So as good as Gallinari is, the Nuggets are better served by gaining extra possessions through the rebounding and defense that Faried brings than the scoring ability of Gallinari.

      • Landry

        I’m not saying to put Faried on the bench, but rather to have him guard the SF position when McGee is on the floor. So we can have a starting line-up or 2PG line-ups of

        PG Ty Lawson
        SG AAA/Andre Miller
        SF K. Faried
        PF Gallo
        C McGeezie

        because Wilson Chandler is not as good a play-maker as Gallo and when Chandler/Brewer are on the floor, Faried needs to slide back to the 4 position to play closer to the basket. I only say this because Faried gets beat by tip-ins like with both K-Mart and Speights as he lacks the height to effectively box out while Gallo is 6’10”. So if we are in a crutch time possession this is the line-up I would like to be played.

    • finazzaus

      i love your ideas. i just worry that Faired would be lost at the SF postion on OFF without him having a jump shot. maybe get Faired to come off the bench. push Gallo to the 4 like you said and start Chandler at the 3 spot. our depth chart would look something like this
      Lawson miller
      AAA hamilton
      Chandler brewer
      Gallo Faired Harrington
      McGee Randoph moz

      Gallo at the four would be great spreading the floor, his stats may not improve (may even decline) but watch someone like McGee’s stats go sky high when his not getting doubled down low.
      i love Faired like any nuggets fan does, but we could use that energy off the bench in a big way, he could still play 25+ minutes a game.

    • Young Pep Dash

      gallo is a better perimeter defender than faried and faried is a better post defender.



    • Kevin

      What they could do is out Farid at the 4, and Gallo at the 3, and then just mix up defensive assignments in a way that best fits the opposing team. For instance, Farid is probably too small to guard a shooting forward like Dirk, But Gallo, at 6’10” could better disrupt his flow.

      But at the same time, I could easily see Gallo shying away from the contact brought by for physical bigs, and in comes Farid.

      The biggest thing in this idea, is it allows both Gallo and Farid to play their natural positions, which keeps the offense in a better groove, while still allowing them to switch things up and play better defense.

  • You want a problem? Start it up *vroom vroom*

    Hmmm I always said Gallo because he has playmaking abilitys. But I think this year will determine who we move forward with. If gallo improves then him but if not and chokes like he did in game 7 then Wilson. Wilson is a beast he is a good defender and can shoot the J and and can drive to the rim. But it’s going to be intresting this upcoming season.

  • Eddi0

    This is more of a philosophical question than a question of who should be the starting at the SF position for the Nugs. Do you win championships with above average playmaking/foul drawing athleticism and a decent outside shot or do you win it with above average defensive instincts/intimidating style of play/no fear going to rim and a decent outside shot. I think the answer is both, you need both but I personally believe defense wins championships. If you put Chandler and Gallo together into one player you would likely have a near “perfect” player. These two balance each other out quite well but both deserve starter type of minutes.

    Gallo gets burned guarding smaller 3’s near the three pt line because he is 6’10” and does not possess good lateral quickness. He is a key contributor as to why our perimeter defense was near the worst in the league. If he bodies a smaller 3, they will just drive around him and create a shot/play. He needs to develop more quickness or he needs to play the stretch 4 (as Landry mentioned above). He realistically could be our own Ryan Anderson if he really works on outside shot. I, too, think that Faried could be our sixth man off the bench for energy purposes or for matchup purposes (Rodman arguably was better coming off the bench, so why not Faried?). The real risk of this is that I don’t think Gallo can handle some of the larger PF’s in the league defensively (Griffin/Duncan/Gasol) but that might be the trade-off we have to take.

    Chandler is plain and simple a better defender at the SF position than Gallo, because he is ACTUALLY a SF. He possesses a very good mid-range shot and is above average at taking the ball to the rim. He just needs to work on the 3 to be a pretty complete player. Chandler reminds me of a throwback player from the old Knicks teams of the 90’s, defense first but enough offense to get the job done.

    How about this for our depth to start the season.

    PF-Gallo/Faried/Randolph/Harrington (play 3 or 4)
    SF-Chandler/Brewer/Q Miller

    Don’t like the fact we might only have two PG’s so would hope to package Mozzie/Al for a draft pick and then pick up a young(ish) PG, maybe Stone again. But other than that I think this could be an effective line-up.

  • CJP32

    It doesn’t matter who starts, it’s who finishes the game. GK put alot of trust in Brewer when Gallo and Chandler were injured and Brewer played above average defense and got plenty of minutes in the 4th. He’s quick and long enough to guard PG, SG, SF and even some PFs. I think the first 20 games of the season (mostly on the road) will allow GK to tinker with the starting 5 and see who puts in the most effort. GK doesn’t necessarily reward the most gifted offensive players, but those that put in 100% effort every game – and his fav energy guy was Brewer last season.

    Minutes wise (with Al Harrington injured):

    PG – Ty – 34, Dre – 14
    SG – AAA – 30, Brew – 10, Dre – 8
    SF – Gallo – 20, Chandler – 20, Brew – 8
    PF – Faried – 28, Gallo – 10, Chandler – 10
    C – McGee – 28, AR – 10, Mozzy – 10

  • nida

    Even w/ Harrington out, AR will not see any playing time. I concur only KK or Mozzy will get time, not both. Totally agree that Brewer is in George’s circle of trust, but I don’t think he cracks the rotation until injuries set in. Brewer will get his chance at some point. I think he may be the most underrated Nugget. He can’t shoot, but the guy comes to play. He’s great for the Nuggets and I hope he remains a Nugget for along time, but no way do Nuggets keep all of Gallo/Chandler/Brewer for longer than this season.

  • David

    The Nuggets primary weeknesses last year were shooting the ball and defending the three. The weekest link to me was AAA. His shot is quirky-if he doesn’t have a pure look at the basket in his favorite spot it’s unlikely to go in. He’s just not a pure shooter.

    He’s not that long either; he gets stuffed or has to change his shot all the time when he drives to the hoop. And he’s not that creative, all his weaving and bobbing rarely contributes to him actually creating space for a shot he can hit. Too many bail out passes result from his play. And he can’t really go to his left.

    He looks like he should be a good defender, but his lack of length and creativity limit his effectiveness there too. He had a lot of threes go down in his face last year.

    He’s not a pure defensive stopper a la Dante Jones, he’s not a pure scorer like many 2’s in the league. He’s just an all around serviceable NBA player who does nothing spectacular and nothing terribly poorly.

    Any Nugget lineup that has AAA as the starting Shooting guard is not going far. This is the position we must upgrade-whether through trade or promoting from within.

    Point guard comes in as a close second for position of need, but if we upgrade the 2 spot that makes a 3rd PG a less glaring need. It might even be the case that a new 2 could be the 3rd PG, depends who it is. Either we need a true defensive stopper starting at 2 or we need a true scorer. Any moves the Nuggets make should address this glaring weakness.

    I wouldn’t leave it up to Karl to make this move though. He seems to love AAA.

  • josh

    well gallo should try to be a stretch 4 and pattern his game after Dirk, it is his best case scenario. IMO gallo does not have the will to be a post player. there was many times he tried to break people down off the dribble, very rarely would you see him catch the ball in the midpost and hit a midrange jumper like Carmelo and Dirk both do. yet he is only age 23 so it is unreasonable to give up on him yet. i would like to see Hess try to bulk Gallo up but the nuggets philosophically disagree with having heavier, less athletic players.

    the reason gallo is on our team specifically is kevin durant. gallos frame matches up with the durantula. KD averages 30 ppg, NBA scoring champ. can gallo ever score 20 points in a game where denver needs him to score that much to win? in game 7 vs LA, if he could have scored 20 we would have won. but he could not, a big indictment. durant can score 30 points against metta world peace, gallo scored 3 points.

    one thing jham can do is score. if he played 35 minutes hamilton would take 20 shot attempts, and thus score +20 PPG. hamilton being a threat to score would open up the court for other players to get uncontested shots, which is really the true purpose of a SF – to make the game easier for his teammates. IMO hamilton is a SF because he is not that great at ball handling (e.g. dont depend on him to get it up the court if the other team is pressing)

    there is conjecture as to whether hamilton is a 2 or a 3, but its up to GK to choose 2.AAA/3.JHam or 2.JHAM/3.Gallo.
    the article mentions George Karls mindstate, i think he knows that Jordan Hamilton is a starter. He is not a reserve, not a 6th man. if he is good enough at defense and able to handle playing on the road he will ultimately start, thats his trajectory. he has power in the paint and can shoot, opponents will have to gameplan against him.

    PG – Ty – Dre
    SG – AAA – Brewer
    SF – JHam – Wilson
    PF – Manimal – Gallo – Harington
    C – Mcgee – Mosgov – Kofous

    this allows the 1st lineup to penetrate (ty) and shoot (AAA, JHam) (with lobs to the frontcourt) rebound (Faried)
    and the bench to let gallo be the 6th man and be the #1 option, dre will set him up. wilson will play D. brewer for energy.

    • CJP32

      I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but what you are saying is that JHam is on the same level as Wade, Kobe, LeBron, Durant, Melo, Westbrook, Rose, Ellis?? Because they all take 17+ shots per game and only 3 of them averaged above 25 ppg.

      No one on the Nuggets roster averaged more than 12 FGAs last season – so why would GK let JHam take 20 shots??? Its not how the offense runs, its team basketball, movement, cutting, defense. JHam is not a good defender, he is mistake and foul prone. He has to prove himself in Training Camp, Pre-Season and everyday Training before he gets significant minutes. Summer League doesn’t mean squat, the NBA streetball lockout games were harder than the summer league.

      The ONLY way JHam will average 35 mpg is if Afflalo, Gallo, Chandler, Ty, Harrington, Brewer are all injured at the same time. GK simply wont give him 15+ mpg, let alone 35+.

      I agree that JHam is a scorer, but not on this current Denver team.

      • CJP32

        Also, JHam played 6 games last season with 16 minutes or more. His numbers: 6.7 pts on 34% FGs and 27% on 3PTers. Two of those games included 0/7 FG shooting.

        Defense wise, he played 26 total games and accumulated a whopping 4 steals and 3 blocks. Also, only 5 FTAs in 258 total minutes, or 1 every 52 minutes played.

        He needs another 1-2 years under his belt before he gets 35+ minutes.

    • Dubz

      I’m sorry man but you’ve been reading too much into the Hamilton hype. I really like Hamilton but he’s most certainly not a starter yet. To have Gallo and Chandler on the bench is beyond ridiculous.

      • josh

        yea that is for sure true. hamilton is 22 and gallo is 23 years old so in that sense thats why im comparing them. i think having someone who takes a high volume of shots is a good thing, not a bad thing. whoever is the SF must think of themselves as the primary scorer.
        thats why IMO your argument that no player takes more than 12 shots under GK actually helps my cause. showing hamiltons stats is a good argument against me, esp the defense (again why i think he is a 3 not a 2). i have not gave up on wilson or gallo, im saying hamilton definately thinks of himself as someone who needs to take shots. its the mentality that makes a player a “star” as much as anything. cause if he takes those 17 shots like james, durant, westbrook all those guys, he will be a superstar, cause JHam can flat score, in a steven jackson type of way.

        for gallo to be an “allstar” he needs to become our primary offense, he needs to dominate in the midpost. to do that he needs more strength and shot attempts. they need to run the offense through him like dirk. if we run the offense thru gallo then he needs to shoot a lot more, and if he is unwilling to do that, trust me JHam will.

  • josh

    so my conclusion is start jordan hamilton at the SF because he would average 20-25 ppg in 35 minutes. every game consistently JHam will score 20 points, reliable. wilson, gallo and brewer cant say that.

    • matt

      wow this guys is an idiot lmao

  • http://Denverstiffs.comSlader Richard Greenslade

    Not sure I agree with Josh, but it is true that we have begun thinking of Jham as a 2, when in reality he is more of a 3 by nature. We’ll see soon enough if he can cover opposing SGs.
    I kind of fear that the whole Chandler/Gallo debate will come down to which of them can stay healthy, if either can. Judging from the recent past, we may well be starting Big Al at 3 backed up by Jham while the former two languish on crutches.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Trade KK and sign QMiller

  • Jeremy

    Context is so important in this discussion. Chandler only played eight games and the lineup that was discussed only played together in five games. Lawson, Afflalo, Chandler, Faried and McGee were the starting five for three games. Those three games were against Chicago, who was playing without Rose, Toronto and the third was against Charlotte.

    A combination of small sample size and weak competition resulted in gaudy defensive numbers, at least by Nuggets standards. Those five players were on the floor nine times they were outscored by four against Detroit, outscored by five against Utah, Outscored Chicago again playing without Rose by two (one stint they were -4 and another they were +6), they were outscored by Toronto by two (-5, +8 and -5) and they managed to outscore the worst team in NBA history by five (started out the game -1 and started the second half +6).

    Chandler may very well deserve more time, but to argue he should start over Gallo based on stats that were not analyzed more deeply is faulty.

    Lineup data from

    • Dubz

      I agree those stats are definitely faulty but there’s no denying that Chandler is a far superior defender than Gallo. That’s not a knock on Gallo either because I thought he did a great job defensively against the Lakers (especially on Kobe he was brilliant) but Chandler can be one of the premier SF defenders in the league if he stays healthy.

  • C-Bass

    I don’t think that this will be a very popular opinion, but i believe that GK needs to start Wilson at the 2. It’s a position that he played on the Knicks, when they were still a young and upcoming team. Him and Gallo played well together. Wilson is a natural slasher and has the potential to get hot from distance. Defensively, we would have Wilson and Ty and Gallo on the perimeter and Faried and McGee down low. This would also allow us to bring in AAA, Brewer and JHam off the bench for a better rotation. I think this would be our most athletic and potentially best defensive lineup as well because most of the players could guard numerous positions.

    • Dubz

      Chandler is definitely not a 2. I get where you’re coming from but Chandler is a legit 6’8 and would have an extremely hard time guarding some of these combo 2 guards that play these days at 6’4 or under.

  • Dubz

    I have to say I’m glad that somebody has finally brought up this subject for debate. I have kind of an interesting perspective for I’m from Manhatten but have lived in CO for the last 10 years so I’m a Nuggets and Knicks fan(definitely bigger Nuggets fan but grew up watching Knicks) so I was well acquainted with the guys traded over from the Knicks in the Melo trade. What many Nuggets fans don’t realize is that many Knicks fans (myself included) considered Chandler to be the more valuable asset to the Knicks franchise than Gallinari. I remember an internet poll that had fans chose either Gallo or Chandler for the trade and over 60% wanted to keep Chandler instead of Gallo. (This was before everyone realized that both had to be included) Gallo was always believed to have the higher ceiling, but Chandler was more of a sure thing. Anyway, people keep mentioning that Gallo should play some more time at the 4 when I say Chandler should be the guy receiving minutes at the 4 and play the “stretch 4” role. He did it for the Knicks and at a time was average 18+ points an 6+ rebounds a game as the starting PF. I personally believe the Nuggets can keep both players for they bring very different skills to the table and are still very very young. Wilson Chandler is one of my favorite players in the NBA and I think he’ll show a lot of Nuggets fans why this season. Give the guy a chance. 6th man of the year candidate!

  • dynamo.joe

    Since the referenced article was “You are the coach”, here is what I would do in Karl’s shoes.

    1. Get new shoes, I’m no where near as big as that dude.

    2. My back court is a 3 man rotation, with Ty and AAA starting and Stone (yes, this presupposes a healthy Stone) coming off the bench. I think that Stone has show enough in limited minutes to warrant some increased burn and I think with Stones ability to guard 2’s makes the two point guard line up more viable.

    3. My big man rotation is Faried and Koufos, with McGee coming in off the bench and Koufos sliding over into the 4.

    Given the way Faried plays I think his total minutes should not be limited, but they should come in smaller more frequent bursts than is the norm for starters in the NBA. He tires quickly, but his age and overall conditioning mean he should recover in 2-3 minutes.

    I know I will take crap for putting in Koufos as the starter, especially after his play against the Lakers. I think the biggest mistake of the playoffs was taking K2 out and never giving him another chance. We saw Faried grow as a defender in that series and I think we could have seen the same out of Kosta. Everyone forgets he was essentially a rookie last season. He was 23 and never played more than a handful of minutes in the NBA until last season.

    4. I’m starting Gallo at the 3 with Jham getting his chance to show what he can do with consistent minutes as the backup. I’m not convinced that Hamilton isn’t just a chucker, but I’ll reserve judgement as the only minutes he got was as the lone scoring option on the blowout line up.

  • Ian

    1. Gallo at PF. I don’t think this is a good idae: 1. Faried was *amazing* last year at PF, so that position should be locked down for the future. Assuming Gallo’s shooting numbers get a little better (which is in line with his career) and he avoids injury, next year’s Gallo should be a very efficient SF.

    2. Chandler at SF. This depends on a lot of factors, mainly how well Gallo shoots next year, particularly his 3’s, and how well Chandler recovers (or doesn’t) From injury. While I don’t think that Chandler’s career has yet seen its peak, there’s much more uncertainty surrounding what kind of player Chandler will be than with Gallo. People have often cited Chandler’s defensive prowess but a lot of the advanced statistical metrics have never bore this out. Some of that can be accredited to D’Antoni, but right now I think its more hype than substance. Chandler’s shooting is also fairly mediocre, definitely a step behind Gallo and his shot selection has been worse as well. If Chandler shot less or improved his efficiency, that would go a long way to helping his case. As it stands now, I still think Gallo has a pretty sizable edge.

    3. Koufos. Koufos played pretty amazing in the limited minutes he had last year. He gets a lot of knocks for not being athletic, but the advanced statistics completely destroy the argument that he’s worse than Mozgov. People counter that Koufos was playing against second units and that’s true, but considering how cheap Koufos is and how well he’s played I think he’s earned a few more minutes.

    All that said, I think Mozgov and Chandler are both movable pieces, somewhat redundant in the system we have, and are probably overvalued. Turning these guys over to get more draft picks, financial flexibility and/or upgrade our PG position (sorry Dre) would probably be worth it.

  • Nuggfan5

    On the Mozgov vs Koufos debate, I like Mozgov more and think he has more potential, but Koufos is what we need: a big strong banger that will simply rebound the ball. Mozgov seems soft and misses a lot of easy rebounds.

    But the big difference maker is that Mozgov needs a new contract after this year, and based on his size and potential he will probably get Asik type money. Can the Nuggets afford to pay $8 mil for a back-up center when they could probably pay KK around $4-5 mil per year? Also, Mozgov has trade value, I don’t think Koufos’ value is more than a 2nd-round pick.

    • Eddi0

      Koufos is signed for 3 years/$9M but I understand your point. Mozzie, because of size and offensive skills will likely get Asik type money, I doubt he will be here after next Feb.

    • Young Pep Dash

      as eddio said koufos is already locked up at $3 mill a year and no way mozgov gets asik money. Asik is way better defensively and rebounding and the Houston were the only team crazy enough to pay him $8 mill a year. Mozgov at best gets $5-6 million

  • Young Pep Dash


    Let Gallo be the focal point on offense off the bench and let the starters play beast defense and run run run

    • Daniel

      I think that pretty much sums up what I said in the article

    • ThomasDenverFan

      Love it i m a huge supporter of ill will starting over gallo i feel he just fits our style better than gallo all around and plays much better

  • Henry aka LWH and formerly KFH

    What a strange look at the Nuggets’ rotation that Daniel Lewis piece was. Why so strange? Because it fantasizes that our illustrious head coach actually runs a traditional one–you know, with guards and forwards and a center on the floor much of the time; as if there’s a second unit that fills roles similar to the starters.

    Doesn’t work that way as long as our man George is at the helm. Who the hell knows who will play? Or why?

    As for Chandler, let’s see if he’s healthy first before we go placing him in such a significant role. I still believe he’ll be showcased for a trade, anyway.

  • silver account

    Unfortunately the Raptors — who clearly value Chandler the most — don’t have the necessary cap room to offer him the type of deal he’s in line to receive. While the Kings (who should be highly involved in the Chandler discussions given how starved they are of a decent small forward), Pacers and Cavaliers could all offer Chandler the kind of lucrative deal he’s seeking, it’s important to keep in mind that he’s still a restricted free agent. The Nuggets absolutely will not let Chandler walk for nothing even if it means matching a contract offer they’re entirely uncomfortable with paying. This essentially allows for three scenarios to play out: Either Chandler and the Nuggets will come to an agreement themselves, the Nuggets will match an offer from another team or Chandler will sit out the remainder of the season in order to become a restricted free agent this summer. If the latter transpires and Chandler finds a destination (other than Denver) where perhaps he would receive a starting gig and hefty contract to pair with it, the Nuggets would then be allowed to maneuver a sign-and-trade which would ensure other assets return to Denver in exchange for Chandler’s services. Remember, because of the lockout the Nuggets cannot execute a sign-and-trade deal mid-season in 2012.

  • Ryan

    I think you have to play McGee with Andre, even if that means Mcgee comming off the bench. The Miller to Mcgee lob will play to the strengths of both those guys and it puts you the ball in Lawson’s hands more early in the game because if you start Kufus you don’t have to run any plays for him. Get Lawson going early, Faried will get his as long as he starts (I think its a mental thing for him) and bring in Andre, Randolph and Mcgee for some highlight reel stuff off the bench. Combine that with a solid shooting from deep from Big Al, Gallo, Hamilton and AAA and look out. Being a deep team is good, being balanced is better, but deep and balanced…

  • Ray

    Before gallo got hurt last year the first time the nuggets were 14-5 3rd best record in the league. Arron afflalo started the season very slow but picked up his game after the first half. DO NOT BENCH KENNETH FARIED!!!!!!!!! He is an amazing talent his stats will go up. Faried was second in the playoffs last season in rebounds per 48 minutes. The only player ahead of him was Javale McGee. With faried playing 30-35 minutes a game he can average 14 rebounds and 15 points.
    PG Ty Lawson
    SG Arron afflalo
    SF danilo gallinari
    PF Kenneth faried
    C Javale McGee
    6 Wilson Chandler
    7 Andre miller
    8 Jordan hamilton
    9 al Harrington
    10 Corey brewer
    11 Anthony Randolph
    12 Evan Fournier
    Res. 13 timofey mozgov
    Res. 14 julyan stone
    Res. 15 kosta koufos
    Res. 16 Quincy miller
    Res. 17 Izzet turkyilmaz
    Obviously they’re not going to have 17 guys maybe 13-14.
    Turkyilmaz probably wont be there. Koufos might be moved and possibly moved with someone else. Who knows if Chandler will remain in Denver. He could get mad coming off the bench and reduced minutes. He might ask for a trade and Denver can get something good for him. The nuggets are very deep. I think Hamilton will play more because he’s underrated like faried was at the beginning of last season. Hamilton played very well in the summer league. Arron afflalo will have a good season, if gallinari stays healthy they will be amazing. 14-5 to start the year like I said. After gallo got hurt they finished the season 1 game over .500 with a 24-23 record. The nuggets only lost 2 games in the east. They beat every playoff team in the east. They beat every playoff team in the west except for the grizzlies. Nuggets will be very good this year 50-32 #4 seed. Ty Lawson will become a top 5 pg. Javale McGee 10 pts 10 rpg 3 blks for his stats. Lastly the bench is one of there biggest threats. (Playoff team)

  • Josh

    They need to start chandler he is overall the better player with more potential… Keep farrier on the bench he will give that amazing spark and be a good 6th man .. If farried starts no nuggets started except Lawson should average more than 35 minutes and chandler off the bench get 25-27 minutes a game

  • Matt

    I’d be tempted to try a lineup with Chandler at the 2. Start PG Lawson, SG Chandler, SF Gallo, PF Faried, C Mcgee. Bring AAA off the bench and let Hamilton play SF off the bench. I’m not convinced, after watching SL, that Hamilton can make it as a 2 in the pros. His handles and ball-handling worry me, his D is very suspect.

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