Nuggets Reportedly Involved in Howard Trade Talks

When the news of a potential four team trade that would send Dwight Howard to Los Angeles involving the Denver Nuggets first surfaced this afternoon, I was skeptical.  Generally when a rumor involving the Nuggets gets out, it is a sure sign that the Nuggets have moved on and the trade is not happening.  Of course, my interest was piqued due to the fact the Nuggets were reportedly pursuing Andre Igoudala, the one player I have gone on record coveting.  Even so, I was not going to allow myself to get too excited.

A few hours later the talks are reportedly intensifying with the chances of a deal being consummated increasing.  As we all know, Dwight Howard has been traded in the media numerous times over the past few months and the chances of Igoudala becoming a Nugget is still remote.  However, this trade makes sense for every team involved and it will be very interesting to see what happens.

The trade would reportedly involve Dwight Howard and AL Harrington going to the Lakers, Pau Gasol and Arron Afflalo going to Orlando, Andrew Bynum heading to Philly and Igoudala coming to Denver.  There would also be draft picks and possibly young players involved and it is certainly possible that a pick or young player from the Nuggets could be included.

Of course, if a trade is consummated, you can be sure RMC will provide plenty of analysis.

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  • Mike

    Only Harrington and AAA to get AI, yeah we most likely going to give up a another young player and picks, if not also including one of our SFs to make it happen

  • Aaron

    Some in the local news media don’t want this. . .and I can’t understand why. Yes, we help the Lakers, . . they were going to get Howard somehow anyway. The only think Afflalo has on Iguodala is spot up shooting. AI is better in every other way, defense, driving, rebounding, etc. . . .

    And, we get to get rid of Big Al!! Love the guy, but our younger bigs need minutes. Anyone watching Mosgov the last few days! Holy cow. I think this trade will be great for Denver. . absolutely!

    • Mike

      I seen many lakers fans and media not happy about Idea thinking giving up both gasol and bynum for howard would be lost.. also saw other reports saying lakers are not including gasol.

  • Aaron


  • Ban

    Nuggets wouldn’t just be getting the best player in this deal, they’d be getting substantial financial relief in years 3 and 4. You can bet they’ll be giving up picks and/or players if this deal goes through.

    Picks really aren’t worth that much to the Nuggets right now — I’m not worried about those. Fournier and either Randolph or Koufos seem expendable as well, if need be.

  • K

    ai seems like he would fit perfectly with the up tempo style the nuggets run. Ai, manimal, and mcgee might be able to team together and play some good defense.
    Moving big al would open up some minutes for gallo at the 4, and chandler can play 3 with ai at the 2. He doesn’t need to be relied on to score much.
    Not sure what his contact is but seems like it would solve a lot of minute problems (too many good players) and would help the defense

    • Poz_303

      Very good point on Gallo being able to play the 4, with chandler at 3 and AI at 2. I was thinking Randolph would get increased minutes but with Gallo maybe playing more 4, it does make sense.

  • chugfish

    Nuggets getting the best player in the deal?? Not quite. What it would do is give us a true stopper on the wing, capable of really matching up with Kobe and KD. It would make the future of the 2 spot somewhat cloudy, but we’ve got some younger guys back there. It’s the type of money you pay a guy who is capable of carrying a team, which Iggy has shown he is not. That said, it is only 2 years at that price, and if his skill set is what the FO feels they really need to complement the rest of the roster, then it’s probably a good trade.

    The addition of Randolph makes Al somewhat expendable. And hopefully Chandler/JHam can pick up the bench scoring.

    • Ban

      Iguaodala is the best player in their part of the deal, which is all that really matters from the Nuggets’ perspective — I thought that was obvious from context

      • david thomas

        Ban- that’s the narrow minded approach that would get you fired as a GM. I love the Iguadala addition, but the Nuggets have a fairly difficult road ahead. Kobe, Nash, Howard, and Gasol. Try thinking outside the box, and realize that even “through the Nuggets perspective ” AI was certainly not the best player in the deal.

  • DH

    It sounded great until I heard that the Nuggets are the team being counted on to provide draft picks. One (probably late) first-rounder is tolerable, I guess. If it has to be more than that, then it’s a tougher decision whether or not to get involved, I would think.



    … sounds pretty good to me. Talk about fast and athletic. Also, although the salaries would match almost exactly, we would be taking on only a 2-year contract while shedding a 3-year contract (for an older player) and a 4-year contract. Plus, it opens up one spot in the rotation which doesn’t hurt, either.

  • gfacekillah8

    i love this trade. while i will miss Al Buckets he is getting older and next year i bet we will regret his contract. while AAA picked things up in the second half of the season he was exposed by Kobe big time in the playoffs. having the bigger and stronger Iggy on Kobe in that series would have made a huge difference.

    as for making the lakers better……the Nuggets can’t worry about that. we dont have the luxury of when we can pick and choose the good players we get. if we can get an all star caliber player we have to pull the trigger.

    bottom line: when you can trade a good but not great player and an aging player for one of the defensive lynchpins on the US olympic team….you do it every time.

    • Poz_303

      Agreed. I would miss AAA, big fan and have one of his warm up shirts, so, might become a collectors item. But Iggy is very athletic, can play above the rim and is a great defender. Certainly will rebound more than AAA and could be leading many fast breaks.

      Talk about a highlight reel team, McGee, Faried, Iggy and throw in Randolph and Nuggets are going to make many “top tens” on ESPN.

  • Tyler

    Some sources are saying Pau Gasol won’t be leaving L.A. This makes the trade somewhat questionable now.

    • Poz_303

      would be kind of ironic that the one player they have been trying to trade is the one that remains

  • Landry

    So we what the Nuggets need is defensive accountability in our locker room. Clearly that was not going to occur with Buckets as our locker room leader as he is a scorer in the form of Melo. Meanwhile Gallo can fill the role of a Stretch 4 that we get rid of in Big Al. So with Iggy we can get a true defensive communicator whom is much more athletic and much less awkward than AAA.

    In the last season the one thing Iggy showed is that he can play elite defensive possessions. Meanwhile execution in the offensive “clutch” was shown all over the place for the Nuggets last season. Unlike the 76er’s, we had many players step up in big-time situations. Fellow fans saw crunch-time performances by the likes of Ty Lawson, Kenneth Faried, Javale McGee, Arron Afflalo, Andre Miller, Big Al, Corey Brewer, and even Danilo Gallinari. However I remember time after time losing leads due to defensive lapses most on AAA’s part like the New Orleans games. So personally I’m good without AAA as he is more comfortable becoming a more Shane Battier than a Rip Hamilton as we strive to look like the ’04 Pistons. This is only because of AAA’s lack of an elite 18 ft jumper that Rip showed can literally dismantle a perfect half-court defense.

  • Mike

    Umm I think you all are WAY overrating Iggy. He is an extremely overpaid third/4th piece to a championship puzzle. Who happens to be 28 and his offensive game based almost completely on his freakish athleticism which will decline within 2-3 years (unless his close to 40% 3-pt shooting last year is his real level instead of below 33% the first 7 years of career) Even at 40% he is more of a good complimentary option offensively than a focal pt. His defense is stellar, but with the current rules a wing defender can only have so much value unless he can crush the opposing teams PG (tony allen, Bruce Bowen back in the day). They need a focal pt to their offense as they have multiple players who have potentially GREAT complimentary skills (lawson, Gallo, faried? mcgee? ) If the team is willing to go high into the luxury tax (85+ million + tax) over the next few years then I can see making this trade (it is an upgrade and in a vaccuum a good trade), but otherwise it is a nice upgrade for 2 years and then about break even for the next 2 IF he resigns at less than 10 per.

    And PS on all the people claiming chandler is just as valuable as Gallo given contracts, it’s not close. Their defense is about even (sorry Chandler is no better than above avg and Gallo no worse than avg) And Gallo offense which is still developing is already above avg with a shot at borderline all-star level. Before injuries Gallo was at that borderline all star level. Chandlers offense is slightly below avg for a wing which he probably develops into avg to slightly above avg…

  • Ban

    Marc Stein tweeting that trade call has been scheduled with league office tomorrow morning to process 4 team trade, according to source close to talks…

    FWIW, Stein is as reliable as it gets.

  • K

    Anyone watch the association and g karl was begging aaa to step up and be a leader. Never happened. I don’t think iggy is a leader but of you watch him on team usa with a defined role as a stopper/energy guy he is great.
    Then see that “small forwards” like melo and lebron are excelling at a playmaking 4 in the playoffs and olympics. Giving Gallo some time there gives him the same opportunity with big al gone. He is no superstar but can become an all star posssibly.
    A rotation of Ai(defense),jham(shooter),chandler,and gallo at the 2 and 3 spot. Then gallo/faried/randolph at the 4. Just please no a miller at the 2. We don’t need an elite scorer if everyone plays their roles.

  • John

    So… basically we(Nuggs) give up 30 pts/ 10 rebs a game, plus at least 1 pick… for Iggy… who went 12/5 last season, and then force him to play out of position at SG…. seems like a fantastic idea.

    If we were at least getting an All Star(East doesn’t count) who was putting up 22 a game, this would be half-way decent. Heck if the trade was:

    Lakers – Howard, Al, Kosta
    Orlando – Bynum, AAA, Wilson
    Nuggets – Gasol, JRich

    I would be happier. (no I didn’t run the numbers, and I don’t care if it doesn’t add up. It won’t happen)

    … but “A.I. the Lesser” for 2 of our top 4 scorers… Bad Idea.

    What happened to “this team deserves a chance to grow together” Massai?

    • Ernie

      You aren’t factoring in pace at all. The Nuggets have the fastest pace in the NBA which likely won’t change, the 76ers had one of the slowest. That pace greatly benefits the 2 guards who get 2-3 layups a game just from running the wing with Ty or leaking out for Miller. Need more than looking at PPG to see if this makes sense.

    • Keyley

      Dude, think about this iggy is better than afflalo in just about every aspect of the game. Hes on team USA and is a superstar who likes to pass, rebound, and play D! Thats what the nuggets need not scoring. he averaged 12 point, 6 boards, and 5 assists in the playoffs, how can you diss that! c’mon man. Plus getting rid of Al got no harrington opens up 1. cap space to resign ty and 2. minutes for J-HAM, brewer, chandler, koufous, mozzy, and randolph. Even if all those players average 3 points a game that makes up for Al’s 15 points. This was a great trade Masai is such a genius!

      • dynamo.joe

        No cap space. Iggy $14M, AAA + Al $14M.

      • mile high

        Come on, everyone is entitled to his own opinion but if you are trying to defend this trade by selling that J-HAM, brewer, chandler, koufous, mozzy, and randolph will all get 3 points out of 2 (extra) minutes of play per game, you are really streching things a bit.

  • Ban

    done deal, according to ESPN. multiple sources

    • Ban

      Afflalo, Harrington, and a future protected first out, Iguodala in. (possible another piece involved)

  • K

    With that logic lets just get mello back. He can score 25+ and hog the ball and play no d. Iggy doesnt have to score in or offense to be good. Plus he will get lots of easy buckets (fast break etc). Scoring isn’t really his game. at the 2 he if matched up with kobe,dwade, eric gordon. That’s where his skill set is.
    The nuggets always are near the top in scoring because of their pace and offense. Not a 22+ point scorer. This trade can fill in holes that aaa can’t

  • AwesomeLawson

    Freeing up space to sign Ty to a max deal or close to it. Smart move.

  • Frontrange

    Iggy fits the mold of adding more athletic players – Faried, McGee, Iggy for Nene, Martin/Al and AAA in Nugs rotation. Clearly this has been an executed team building plan.

    If Karl’s staff can build a elite defensive unit out of Kenneth and McGee and the pressure is intense enough to win in the playoffs, this will be great.

    I can’t fault the trade ‘cept losing three great characters guys, team first teamates, and loyal community representative in Billups, Nene, and AAA makes it really hard for my kids to grow attached to the team.

  • Aaron

    Trade is Live.

    Trade Will Be Confirmed Tommorow.

  • Joel

    I still can’t believe that this is the trade that the Magic agreed to vs. the one with Houston. They must have been in love with Afflalo + Harrington. I’d much rather have had half of Houston’s team.

  • Aussie Nugs Fan

    First of all – Love this trade. I saw Masai watching Team USA and I was thinking I hope he is looking at AI!

    I was a huge AAA fan but Iguadala’s talent and athletic ability are another level. Shedding Al’s contract is great news too!

    I just read a on ESPN a different version of the trade described above, where LA somehow doesn’t need to include Pau. I would prefer they do have to ship pau, because I think Dwight plus aging kobe and nash wouldn’t be that good.

  • Aussie Nugs Fan

    One more thing… Is there any way we could turn Gallinari and Wilson Chandler into Rudy Gay?

    Imagine this,

    Ty, Iggy, Rudy, KFaried, Javale,

    Most athletic team int he nba! Defense would be epic!

    • Aaron

      Rudy is Like a Poor Mans Carmelo. He’d Screw Up The Fast Pace Rythem Type of Game Denver Likes To Run.

  • buffalo soldier

    Great trade

    Like AAA, Al but Iggy is a big upgrade.

    I really doubt the NBA will announce a trade involving 2 Olympic finalists until after the Olympics are over.

  • Roundball Bill

    So now we do have a Nugget on team USA! Go Iggy!!!!

  • DreDay

    Minor benefit of trade – roster spot cleared for miller without cutting stone!

    • ryanvdonk

      i actually really like that. Gives way for solid minutes to see what JHam can do coming off the bench, and we don’t have to jettison any of our young guys. AAA seems like a great teammate and solid player, but from what ive seen he has neared his peak, he doesn’t have the skills to be a go to scorer and his average athleticism and size will keep him from ever being a true lock down defender…two things Iggy possesses. we will miss his knock down catch and shoot ability, but i think the front office believes hamilton can (or at least will in the future) do that even better as well as create his own shot.

  • DreDay

    Imagine defense with stone iggy chandler faried and McGee. Iggy could Play point forward

  • DAN

    Can’t figure out why Orlando would go for this…?
    Philly got more for Iggy than Orlando did for Howard.

  • Eddi0

    Not sure DEN got enough value back on this one (AAA/Al/1st Rounder) for a defensive specialist who can play 2 or 3. Really hoping we get another asset back (1st rounder) or Nicholson or both. Although if they just receive a 1st rounder they will have room for Stone/QMiller. Guess we will find out deets tomorrow…

  • Mike

    ty lawson isn’t getting a max deal pre free agency. If he thinks he is worth that then the nuggets should just let him get it in free agency a la eric gordon (which was idiotic, but it only takes one idiotic team). You only sign guys off rookie contracts for max money if they are unquestionable all stars (Durant, Love, Westbrook). Or money is no object to you like Brooklyn (who also gave a borderline starting calliber PF 12 mil a year). Lawson is very nice and if he improves his dribbling/passing in close spaces in the half court he could easily become all-star, but he is likely getting around 9-11 mil a year. which is in line in his range or slightly below of ability (rondo, george hill, dragic

    The team lost a chance to hold lakers feet to the fire by making this Iggy and Big baby to lakers and Pau to denver (with afflalo staying and chandler going to ORL preferably with another draft pick possibly or Mozgov to ORL). Pau makes this team a legit shot to give OKC/Miami/Lakers a run over the next 3 years. Iggy makes this team a solid top ten team with a virtually no shot of beating any of those teams sans injury. For this team to make a run in next 3 years at least 2 of Lawson, Gallo, faried and Mcgee must become all star players.

    Too bad they couldn’t get chauncey instead of andre miller.

  • Tom

    Fair trade. I don’t like including the 1st rounder, but there probably wouldn’t have been any room on this roster for that player anyway, and late-round picks are typically merely useful role players. I don’t love the trade, but it improves the team a little bit and shortens the rotation. I suppose the main benefit from ownership’s standpoint is that this deal commits less money 3 years from now.

    Any more deals coming? Which position is the weakest link now? Probably Center, but we just gave $44 mil to McGee. Could use a Ginobili or Harden type coming off the bench, but maybe Hamilton, Fournier, or Q-Mill could become that?

  • Ryan

    Orlando is stupid, Philly is gambling a bit, Nuggets are shrewdly improving defense and shedding salary, and the Lakers are getting lucky and will probably beat the Nuggets in the playoffs yet again now. Lakers now start Howard, Gasol, Bryant, and Nash… yikes. Orlando messed up everything by not demanding Gasol in return. Getting Harrington, Afflalo, Vucevic, and Harkless, plus 3 non-lottery picks for the foreseeable future for Howard (and dumping Richardson’s contract)? Glad I’m not a Magic fan, Houston’s tons of picks and young players sounds way better to me

    • Tom

      Orlando didn’t want Bynum or Gasol, for some reason, otherwise they wouldn’t have included two other teams in this deal. I kind of understand since they don’t want to go through the same thing with Bynum, and Gasol is an older player and is making a lot more money than Afflalo+Harrington.

      Personally, I think Gasol is really under-appreciated. He is worth every penny he’s getting paid and would keep Orlando relevant. But I guess they’d rather suck to improve their draft odds.

      • Frontrange

        Orlando wanted picks . . LA didn’t have enough so they had to find other participants.

        Philly willing to gamble on Bynum re-upping due to his ties to the area. Denver sneaking in . . surprised MN didn’t try to muscle in. Maybe the Magic like AAA better than DWilliams.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Great trade MASAI,

  • finazzaus

    i THINK i like this trade. AAA is one of my favor nuggets so its hard to swollow but.
    its great to see masai being pro-active it getting better player in denver. that is exactly what this franchise has been hanging out for. a Gm willing to trade fan favs/ good good role players in to one guy who can make an inpack in a possitive way.

    always have respect for AAA

    • ryanvdonk

      from everything i’ve seen, iggy is a great team player and even better defender and rebounder than AAA. also is able to create and get in the paint. the trade off is catch and shoot, though if they both dribble neither is a great jump shooter.

    • Young Pep Dash

      i’ve got the same mixed feelings.

      AAA was one of my favourite players but i recognize the obvious upgrade

  • Tom

    Little thin at PF now. What’s the rotation at the 4 if Faried gets hurt? Anthony Randolph and … Gallinari? Quincy Miller? McGee with Mozgov/Koufos at the 5? Point is, expect Faried to get huge minutes now.

    • ryanvdonk

      rodman minutes for the manimal! could be some huge nights on the glass this year if he can stay out of foul trouble.

    • Young Pep Dash

      include chandler in that. he played a lot of 4 in new york. Koufos has played some at the 4 too. We will likely play a lot of ‘3 wings’ eg iggy, gallo, chandler at the same time.

      GK has no choice now but to persevere with Kenny and not bench him in favour of Al

    • Ban

      Not thin at the 4 at all, in my opinion. Nuggets still have 5 legit NBA bigs, 3 of whom are natural 4s — Faried, Randolph, and Koufos. They don’t have the “stretch” 4 who can shoot 3s anymore, however, unless Gallo is going to play some there.

  • Aaron

    Yo RMC, Yuhh Guys Should Update This or Create Another Blog, if Yuhh Have Any Time.

    • Aaron

      I Put That Wrong, I Meant Update The “Nuggets involved in Dwight Howard Trade Talks”.

  • dynamo.joe

    So, everyone who keeps saying that we free up cap space….are you talking about 2 yrs from now? Cuz the only way I see that giving us anymore cap space for Ty is if we back load his new contract.

    Anyway, I’m cornfused. Someone esplain it to me. No, there is too much. Someone sum up.

    • Young Pep Dash

      You’re right that has been exaggerated. Yeah in 2 years we will have more cap space but Afflalo was only about $7 million and Big al’s contract becomes only partially guarrenteed in a year or so

  • Aaron

    isn’t Iguodala Like 30 Years Old Now? Also Only Has 2 Years Left on His Concract? More I Think About This The More I Dislike This Trade.

    • Young Pep Dash


  • mile high

    What’s the point of making a trade if it improves your competitor more than yourself? Iguodala can improve Denver’s defense but Howard will make the Lakers almost unbeatable.

    With the addition of Iguodala, does Masai think that we can now beat the much improved Lakers? GM’s are paid to look at the bigger picture, not to make trades just for the sake of making trades. As it now stands, unless Howard’s back doesn’t get healed, the chance of us beating the Lakers in the playoffs is much less than before.

    • tom

      because if it wasn’t the nuggets some other team would have helped howard get to the Lakers… He was always going to go there

    • Young Pep Dash

      i get what you’re saying and i agree to an extent. However it was almost inevitable that he would end up in LA anyway so we may as well improve ourself.

      Also LA is collecting a lot of talent but im still not convinced. Sure Howard will improve their defense but Kobe is 34 and showing some signs of age. Nash is 38 and Gasol has become slightly overrated and is miscast as a stretch 4 in the Mike Brown offense.

      No doubt they will be good but I’m not 100% they will be better than OKC and even if they are it won’t be for very long

  • Bryan

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