More Analysis on the Andre Igoudala Trade

First of all, what was Orlando thinking?  The centerpiece of the long anticipated Dwight Howard trade ends up being Arron Afflalo?  Yikes.  Thanks to Orlando’s generosity the three other teams involved in the reported four team deal that will be finalized later today all received much more than they gave.  Obviously the Lakers are thrilled with Bynum for Howard.  Philly has to be ecstatic to get Bynum for Igoudala, Nikola Vucevic and Moe Harkless.  Denver may not have made out quite as well as those two teams have, but this trade is a slam dunk for the Nuggets.

There are several different aspects of this trade to look at so let’s dive in.

What Denver Gave Up

The Nuggets parted with starting shooting guard Arron Afflalo, backup power forward Al Harrington and a future protected first round pick.  Harrington was a very important player for the Nuggets last season.  He played very well over the first half of the season and gutted out the final month and playoffs after injuring his knee.  While Harrington’s efforts were admirable, it is important to keep two things in mind.  One, he was horrible two seasons ago and many fans wanted him amnestied.  Two, there is no doubt that one year older and coming off his knee injury it is more likely that he will repeat his performance from 2010-11 than 2011-12.

Not only do the Nuggets avoid having Harrington on their roster during his inevitable decline, they have also opened up some much needed minutes for others at that position.  Certainly Kenneth Faried should see a significant increase in minutes.  It also allows new addition Anthony Randolph to carve out a significant role should he earn one.  Plus players like Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari can potentially see some minutes there as well although it bears mentioning that Gallo was horrible in his limited minutes at power forward last season.

Parting with Afflalo is difficult.  He is a tireless worker who is driven to not only reach his potential, but actually surpass it.  He expanded his offensive repertoire beyond what I thought was possible last season developing a quirky yet effective off the dribble game.  However, with each passing year, what was his calling card initially, his scrappy defense, gave way to a more offensive mindset.

Igoudala may not have Afflalo’s efficiency, but he will add a passing ability that Afflalo lacked.  Iggy also runs the floor better and actually shot a nearly identical percentage from behind the arc last season, 39.4%, than Afflalo did, 39.8% (and carried it through to the postseason, 38.8%, unlike Afflalo, 20.0%).

Afflalo is a very good player, Igoudala is a fantastic player and the upgrade is well worth moving Harrington, who was obviously not in Denver’s long term plans, and a late first round pick, especially if that pick is in the reportedly weak 2013 draft.


If there is a drawback to this trade it is Igoudala’s contract.  He is undoubtedly overpaid making $14,718,250 for 2012-13 with a player option worth $15,904,750 for 2013-14.  The good news is his additional salary is virtually a wash for the upcoming season with what they are sending out.  When you consider that this opens up a roster spot to sign Quincy Miller and add his likely minimum salary onto the books, Denver has added less than $1 million to this season’s payroll.

In 2013-14 his salary proves to be more difficult to handle.  Ty Lawson’s anticipated extension will kick in for that season and the Nuggets could find themselves forced to maneuver around the luxury tax.   Do not expect Corey Brewer to be back and the Nuggets will likely part with one of their backup centers, Mozgov or Koufos, in order to avoid the tax.

A greater issue is the long term ramifications.  Should the Nuggets resign Igoudala beyond his current contract they will struggle to find the money to retain Kenneth Faried without incurring the tax or parting with at least one more rotation player.  It will be interesting to see what they do going forward to manage their payroll.

As Kalen pointed out, one aspect of this trade that is being seriously over analyzed is the long term savings.  Denver does send out more total guaranteed salaries than they bring back, but that is only if they let Igoudala walk when he becomes a free agent.  As we know, Masai does not believe in letting quality players get away.  Even though Igoudala is only owed $30.6 million guaranteed while Afflalo and Harrington are guaranteed $41.4 million, for all intents and purposes, this deal makes the Nuggets long term payroll more cumbersome because of the likelihood that they will be paying Igoudala for more than two seasons.

Basketball Reasons

You can debate the various ramifications of this trade, but it comes down to the fact that the Nuggets are going to be a better team next season than they were before.  We touched a little bit on this above.  Iggy is a better defender, both an individual defender and a team defender, than Afflalo.

One of the dirty little secrets in Denver is that Arron Afflalo experienced a significant decline on defense over the previous two seasons.  @ESPNStatsInfo tweeted Afflalo was ranked 113th out of 113 players who defended 500 or more possessions, I am guessing that is on a points per play average, while Igoudala was 11th.  According to Synergy Sports there is a drastic difference in how these two defend spot up plays.  Afflalo was 334th in the league in defending spot up shots giving up a field goal percentage of 42.1%, including an even worse 43.2% on three point attempts, and an astronomical 1.13 points per possession.  Conversely Igoudala allowed only 0.8 points per possession, good for 55th in the league holding opponents to 33.1% from the field and a suffocating 29.5% on threes.  Remember how the Nuggets struggled to defend the three point line last season?  This trade will help significantly.

It is easy to look at Afflalo’s points per game as well as the upward trend in that department and expect this trade to help on defense, while hurting on offense.  As mentioned above, Afflalo is a more efficient scorer than Igoudala.  However, I do not think he is a better offensive player.

It is important to recognize that Igoudala has voluntarily reduced his scoring over the past two seasons.  In the aftermath of the trade that sent another AI to Denver, Iggy lead the 76ers in scoring at 19.9 points per game.  In carrying the load offensively he was able to maintain a solid TS% of 54.3.  The good news is, as in Philly, Denver does not need Igoudala to be their leading scorer.  He simply needs to take advantage of their slash and kick style which should give him plenty of opportunities to use his tremendous athleticism and length to attack the rim, or attempt open three pointers.  Plus Igoudala gives Denver another option in trying to defend Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Perhaps the biggest difference between Iggy and AAA is Igoudala’s ability to pass.  Afflalo always drove to score.  Igoudala will be able to score, or pass.  How good of a passer is Igoudala?  His assist rate is better than Ty Lawson’s, 28.9 to 28.4.  He will fit in exceptionally well in Denver’s up tempo attacking offensive system.

OMG WTF The Nuggets Just Helped the Lakers Get Howard!!!!

Yes, the Nuggets played a role in ushering Howard to the Lakers.  That is the wrong way to look at this trade.  The Magic had worked on deals with Brooklyn and Houston and failed to come to an agreement.  At this point, Howard was going to end up in L.A.  Denver did not cause Howard to end up with the Lakers, Orlando did.  Denver saw an opportunity to better their team and they pulled the trigger.  Would it make Nuggets fans feel better if Howard was traded to the Lakers and Igoudala went to the Mavs or Grizzlies, or Spurs?

The Nuggets have to put the best possible team on the court.  Howard puts the Lakers on par with the Thunder and Heat for the next season or two.  However, Nash and Kobe are nearing the end of their careers.  Denver was not going to surpass the Lakers this season and probably not in 2013-14 either.  However, when Kobe and Nash retire, or significantly decline, they are no longer contenders, Denver’s core players will be in their primes.

Honestly, this trade does not ensure the Nuggets of anything.  It gives them a chance to rebound from last season’s atrocious defensive performance.  Denver now has the potential to be a lockdown defensive team.  Players like Iggy, Faried, McGee and Randolph all have tremendous athleticism while Gallo and Chandler have shown flashes of defensive prowess and the Nuggets have plenty of size with backup centers like Mozgov and Koufos.

It will take a concerted effort from both the players and coaches to re-establish the Nuggets as at worst a solid defensive team and at best an excellent one.  How far they improve on that end of the court will determine how much they improve.

In closing I will throw out one final thought just to stir things up.  If Orlando was willing to trade Howard for a package of Afflalo, Harrington, two young prospects and three future first round draft picks, it would have been very interesting to have seen Denver simply acquire Howard themselves knowing  that they could sign and trade him for a decent package of assets following the season if he was bound and determined to take less money to play somewhere else.  Just a fun little scenario to think about.

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  • magster

    Howard’s back makes this a big risk for LA. Bynum may end up being better next year.

    • SmokinNugs

      I would also note that the Nuggets are fairly effective at controlling Howard while Bynum usually did whatever he wanted to us. This might make us more competitive against the Lakers. That is of course assuming that we’ve got Kobe, Nash, and Gasol under control. Man what a team!

      • RDP

        Great point on the Nuggets defense of Howard!

      • ryanvdonk

        i agree, though i always thought gasol was the big who gave us the most problems, but he was the least consistent of the three. when he’s on, pau hits mid range jumpers and pulls his defender out limiting help defense, he rebounds well, and probably the trickiest for us is his passing skill making it a disadvantage to double team him.

  • SmokinNugs

    Finally some optimism about this trade. Hated that other article that acted like we got taken for a ride. Last time I checked Iggy is THE ONLY player in this deal playing on the Olympic team. I LOVE this trade! Finally, we can play some defense in Denver!

    • RDP

      I totally agree. Check my comment on the other article. #36 in the list.

    • gfacekillah8

      spot on. this article is much better than the other one. nice work jeremy.

  • RDP

    Great article Jeremy. I love the analysis with facts and figures behind them. I see this trade as only benefitting the Nuggets pursuit of getting better.

    • waylon

      I also think this trade made the team better, but I wonder how this will effect the Nuggets with Free Agents at a later date. Every player that the current managment has signed or re-signed has been traded (aaa, nene) within a year. If I was a FA, this would bother me, I mean you try to max your value as well as playing time and how you fit with THAT team. If a FA has three similar offers would he pick a team that might trade him within a year? Who is next Chandler, McGee, Gallo…

      • RDP

        Good point. But let’s be real here. Afflalo is making $7.5 million a year and Nene is making $13 million a year to play a game. How bad can we really feel for them? I think this front office is just quicker to pull the trigger on deals that make the team better than previous regimes were. They are willing to pay guys but if it doesn’t work out (i.e. Nene) they are willing to admit their mistake sooner rather than later (i.e. Kenyon Martin) when they can still get good value in return. With Afflalo I think it is just a case where they saw the chance to upgrade at the position and took advantage of that. Interesting though that the only guy that was here before Masai was hired is Ty Lawson. Maybe he just wants “his” guys. This is not unheard of in sports.

        Saw this interesting bit on an article:

        12. If you get an extension from the Nuggets, you might as well sell your house at this point.

      • dynamo.joe

        If Ty or his agent brought up this point and I was Masai I would tell him/them,

        “If CP3 is offered to us, you bet your ass we’ll trade you. All others must offer multiple assests. If you want Chris off that list play better.”

        If Faried’s team brings up this point,

        “I don’t trade you straight up for anyone this side of LeBronze.”

  • Lane

    Many analysts are starting to notice just how good Masai has been the last two years, rightfully so. I’m not worrying too much about two years from now because at this point there are enough irrational GM’s and owners in the league for Masai to take advantage of, and at the end of the day he has proven he will find a way to get the most out of Nuggets assets and make the team better. That’s all you can ask for, especially in a smaller market.
    Nuggets are now the nastiest dunking team in the NBA and #1 League pass team in my opinion.
    I can’t wait to watch improved defense and I think they have a legit shot at the 3 seed. Great Trade!

  • The_nguyenner

    The pick we’re giving up is in 2014

  • Grant

    I agree, you have to look at these trades as how do we get better. However, you also have to look at these trades as how do we win a championship. I don’t see how we got any closer to a championship.

    The Nuggets got better against any team not named the Lakers. The Lakers got A LOT better against everyone. The Nash trade didn’t scare me. The thought of a Nash-Kobe back court combined with a MWP-Gasol-Howard front court does.

    • RDP

      Remember that Masai plays chess while other GM’s play checkers. We get an elite perimeter defender in place of Afflalo, who was not an elite defender. Defense often wins championships.

      I suspect there will be more moves made, possibly involving Chandler or Gallo. I would love to see a trade for Danny Granger. He would be the perfect go-to-scorer for this team. Donnie Walsh loved Gallo and is now in Indiana. Maybe Masai can fleece him for Granger. Gallo and Koufos or Moz for Granger?

      • bayesk

        i couldn’t disagree more about granger; i think he’s terribly miscast as a number-1 guy, and incapable of being a centerpiece. just my opinion of course, and chances are he’s never a nugget anyways.

        • RDP

          Yeah it’s just a fantasy trade. But I’ve always liked Granger and I think he would fit in well with this system in Denver. Indiana plays a very similar style only I am not sure they have as much talent on their roster as the Nuggets. After some research, his shooting and rebounding numbers are very similar to Gallo’s but scores more PPG than Gallo – Granger’s scoring avg was lower than I thought it was. If Gallo can get to that next level this season, then I see no reason to move him. He’ll be healthy this year and hopefully he can become an 18-20 PPG scorer. If he can, then we should be set.

    • DAN

      Really? Iggy will be much more effective on Kobe than AAA. We will match up with the Lakers just fine. Remember, we have Chandler coming back too.

  • Lane

    It is very unlikely we have a shot at winning a title next year regardless. However, I think we have a much better chance at finally wining in the first round and giving the Lakers or Thunder all they can handle at a shot to get in the West Finals. This team is about continued improvement and the future.
    How many teams not named OKC, LAL, or MIA would you swap rosters for looking toward the near future? I can’t think of any with more assets and proven young talent.
    And they are going to be super fun to watch for 90+ games next year!

    • DAN

      I’d take our roster over L.A.’s in a year or two.

  • David B

    Agree wholeheartedly with the analysis here. We appreciated Afflalo because of his work effort and grit, not because he really made us that much better. Matched up against the rest of the leagues 2’s he was outmanned, and yes his defense struggled-on that note I think the league just figured him out once they took him seriously. In my mind we gave up almost nothing in this trade. If you are not going to eat the last cookie anyway do you lose anything by trading it for a glass of milk? This makes the Nuggets a much more complete team. Lots questions still, but getting an all star’ish guy for two middle of the road guys is a huge win for us. Go Nuggets!

    • Noah

      it means if the team who is giving up their pick has a “protected”pick and they miss the playoiffs making it a lottery pick, than they get to keep it because it is lottery “protected”. as opposed to an unprotected pick in which they lose the pick regardless of making the playoffs

  • Eddie

    What is a “protected” draft pick?

    • Noah

      it means if the team who is giving up their pick has a “protected”pick and they miss the playoiffs making it a lottery pick, than they get to keep it because it is lottery “protected”. as opposed to an unprotected pick in which they lose the pick regardless of making the playoffs

      • Aaron

        So if Somehow Someway None Of The 3 Teams Missed The Playoffs, The Magic Wouldn’t Get Any Picks?

        • Aaron


          • Alex

            No. They would just get pushed back.

            • Ryan

              No, the Magic get the pick if whoever is giving the pick (Lakers, Sixers, Nuggets) MAKES the playoffs. If the team giving up the pick is not in the lottery, then the pick is unprotected and, hence, goes to the Magic. If any of the 3 teams misses the playoffs in the year the Magic have rights to the pick, then they keep the pick and the Magic will have to wait until that team makes the playoffs to use their pick. Sixers, Nuggets, and Lakers all figure to be good for a while, so it probably won’t be an issue.

  • Noah

    simply fantastic trade. iggy is far better than afflalo in almost every aspect of his game. fantastc upgrade at SG. now our back court is ty lawson and igoudala with danillo at sf and the athletic freaks of mcghee and faried at c and pf. Gunna b sickkkk

  • eddi0

    “Good” trade, not great…would call it great if we did not have to give up a pick. Iggy is in the final year of his deal ($14.5M expiring) and we have shaky depth behind him in Hamilton/Fournier. If Iggy bolts after this year then who’s our starting SG? Some might say Hamilton but is he really a SG or a SF and better question is “is he a starting caliber player in this league”? Obviously for the short term this is a make sense deal and will free up money for Ty/Manimal next year but at the expense of what? Losing Iggy in free agency and not having a starting caliber SG for the future? I would hope/assume that Iggy’s next contract will be much more palatable for a one-dimensional player (defensive stopper)…something like $8-10M/yr and we can then retain his services. The other obvious repercussion is that Iggy is not a good outside shooter (something AAA was good at) so it is imperative that Ty and Gallo/Chandler improve their outside touches this summer. Still not convinced that the Gallo/Chandler logjam at SF will work, hoping we package Gallo with Mozzie to get a younger stretch 4 and a pick.

    ***New thought…Based off the fact the Nugs dealt Nene and AAA for more cap flexibility (both were probably overpaid about 20%) I can’t help think that Gallo is next on their radar (he’s also probably about 20% overpaid) with Chandler’s contract more in line with his talent level/potential. Personally think we would could be an elite team with Chandler starting at SF from a defensive standpoint.

    On a brighter note, I think Iggy is an ideal fit for the Nugs, they needed defense in a big way and they got it, they needed more assists out of the sg/sf position and they got it, AAA was not the most athletic player-we now have that at the wing position. Masai/front office/GK did their homework on this one so another great FO move.

    I am hoping when the dust settles we either get a pick in return from either Philly or Orlando OR Orlando throws Nicholson in this deal to make this a “great deal” for the Nugs. The dominoes keep falling…and in the Nugs favor.

    • Ryan

      Everything I read said Iggy has 2 years left on his deal not just 1.

      • eddi0

        I stand corrected he does have 2 more years left but last year is a player option. Anyone know the math on this deal? I think we just took on an additional $2-3M this year with Iggy’s bloated contract.

        • RDP

          According to Hoopsworld:

          Name 2012-13

          Arron Afflalo $7,750,000

          Al Harrington $6,687,400

          Those 2’s combine salary is $14,437,400

          Andre Iguodala $14,968,250

          So it appears we only took on an extra $530,850 for this season.

          • Ryan

            Correct. There is also virtually no chance that Iggy would not exercise his player option (unless he absolutely hates Denver, unlikely) as he wouldn’t get close to that amount in free agency

    • gfacekillah8

      If you read the article you will see the Iggy was equal to AAA on threes during the season (both at 38%) and much better in the playoffs (38% to AAA’s horrible 20%)

  • Keyley

    The nuggets are grinning right now….we give up two players that everyone loves, but they are just decent…. and get an all-star, all-defense, olympic medalist… iggy shot just as good from the 3-point line as afflalo and has better passing and rebounding skills, more athleticism, and a knack to play D. I dont think the nuggets winning the west is out of the question, but that is just pure optimism

    • Alex

      Everyone loves Al “Chuckets?” Could have fooled me.

      • RDP

        Totally never understood why the PA announcer at Pepsi Center called him “Buckets.”

        • BoozieBears

          It’s from a Knicks game back in the day. “My name’s Al Harrington and I get buckets!” Search YouTube for Al Harrington buckets

      • Keyley

        hey al played through an injury most of the year and dug us out of a lot of holes. he did have some questionable shot selection and didnt play great defense, but i always liked him sooo maybe not everyone, but in my circle we liked the man you call al “chuckets”….

        • Ryan

          Al was solid, didn’t complain about coming off the bench or being put in ridiculous defensive matchups due to GK’s idiocy, and generally played like he gave a damn. He played too many minutes, given his defensive limitations and propensity to chuck up 3s, but a lot of that is on GK. I wish him well in Orlando, maybe he can score his “buckets” and get one last modest deal before it’s all said and done

  • Dubz

    I truly love this move for the Nuggets. As Jeremy said, anyway moaning about the Nuggets helping the Lakers get better obviously hasn’t followed the NBA for very long. That was going to happen anyway. Period. As for Iggy, what do the Nuggets lose here? Either he plays really well and the Nuggets have to either shed salary or go into the luxury to retain him(cry me a river), or we let him go and retain the cap flexibility. That’s as good as it gets in my book. Also, this officially marks the day as Chandler taking over our “stretch 4” title. Gallo can’t play the 4, Chandler most certainly can. This move opens up time for Chandler and maybe a bit for Randolph. Love love love this move. Brilliant Masai.

    • Young Pep Dash

      i agree 100%

  • Evan Woodruff

    Are the Lakers really that much better? Kobe a year older, and people were saying Bynum is better then Howard. Granted, he isn’t, BUT he isn’t THAT big of an upgrade. Their linup sounds scary, but it sounded just as scary before the trade. And well… last year too.

    • Young Pep Dash

      Thankyou for pointing that out. Plus nobody can truly tell me that this LA team will mesh as well as it has been advertised

  • eddi0

    Anyone get verification what we EXACTLY gave up and got in this trade? Hearing varying reports on ESPN and Yahoo, one said we gave up a protected 1st and another says we gave up multiple picks and another said we gave up a 2nd rounder. Anything truly official yet from Nugs perspective?

    • Kalen

      I’ll have a post up soon. Right now, everything I’ve read says the Nuggets traded Afflalo, Harrington, a 2013 second-round pick and a 2014 first-round pick, all going to the Magic.

      • eddi0

        Why are we giving up so much? I think we should have gotten a pick out of this not given up two. Sounds like we were the main cog that made this deal work so not sure why we didn’t hold out for not having to include more than one pick in this deal?

        • Kalen

          Shhhh. Don’t mention Denver might have overpaid. It will kill their buzz. :)

          • Ryan S

            Try to look at this trade without your Afflalo colored glasses. This is a big upgrade, and the Nuggets did not give up all that much.

          • Young Pep Dash

            I don’t get you Kalen.

            Iguodala is way better than afflalo and only slightly older. Afflalo will be 27 at the seasons start.

            Harrington has been in the league since 1998 and is coming off knee surgery. It is addition by subtraction as it give more playing time to faried and randolph

            Finally that pick will be a pick in the 20s in a year we have another first rounder.

            In the end we got the 3rd best player in the deal for really not that much. This is a master stroke from Masai Ujiri and your comments on this trade make me question why i go on this blog

        • asdqqq

          A point to take into consideration:
          The Nuggets have an extra second rounder this year (Golden State’s), and an unprotected first rounder from New York coming in 2014. So they will still have picks in both rounds in both those years, probably better picks than the ones they are shipping out. And it’ll be hard to find roster spots for an extra second rounder next year and first rounder in 2014. They are still assets we are giving up, for sure, but they have less of a marginal cost than if we were giving up our only picks in those rounds in those years.

    • GK4Prez

      Afflalo, Harrington, the lower of the two picks in 2014, and the Warriors 2nd round pick in 2013.

  • Nugget64

    Nash is the key because his game isn’t based on athleticism which is why he’s been able to hold his carrer averages the same compared to other players that have diminished career averages as their time goes on ALA Vince Carter, Tracy Mcgrady, Allen Iverson solely because their game was based on their ability to beat opposing defenders off the dribble. I honestly think though IGGY can give fits to Kobe and still be effective on the offensive end because of the Nuggets transition style. Howard though will bully Mcgee down low but i expect Mcgee to play hard and to at least give him some trouble due to his length but mcgee should look to add on some weight if he’s not trying already. George Karl’s style of fast transition is perfect for the nuggets but we will be seeing this line up alot: lawson, dre, iggy, gallo, and possibly mcgee which will be able to run but will certain hamper our defensive abilitys compared to a lineup like this lawson, iggy, chandler (or gallo) faried and Mcgee. I have faith in the Nuggets, they are very resilient and are only going to get better while the lakers get older and cling on to Howards youth who has shown that he can be contained by the likes of perkins and other big men…. who knows maybe mozgov can hold him down we saw what he is capable of when he wasnt bullied so easily by bynum….. NUGGET FOR LIFE … This will be a good year…. i wish i could live in Denver because the lord knows im a die hard fan of them Welcome to the MILE HIGH IGGY



  • parkhill

    One thing no one has mentioned is we just lost a ton of 3 point shooting and our two primary leaders. These guys got buckets when we needed them and held the locker room down. AI and Andre will now have to lead a young team. Gallo and Ty are not there yet. Karl will likely figure this out and AI will have to carry us on occasion by getting to the line to shoot an iffy free throw.

    • dynamo.joe

      If you watched The Association last year, Karl spent the entire season virtually begging his younger players (mostly Ty and Arron) to step up and become leaders, but it was Miller who gave the locker room speech in the playoffs.

    • Young Pep Dash

      3 point shooting last season-

      Afflalo 39.8% on 3.6 attempts per game
      Iguodala 39.4% on 3.1 attempts per game

      Its not as much of a drop off as you think

      Harrington was a bit of a chucker from 3 –
      33.3% on 4.7 attempts

      Remember we have chandler and most likely hamilton joining our rotation, both of which are better 3 point shooter.

      The drop off if any will be minimal. It may even improve

  • Gary

    I like this trade a lot! I love AAA and have liked Al’s game since he was a Knicks … But Iggy gives a dimension AAA does not. He is a better passer, and can drive the paint. This should open up the Nuggs outside game. Defensively, the Nuggs have improved dramatically. AAA is a class guy with good game, but he is not the level of player that Iggy is. Iggy will make everyone better. Do teams stop him or Ty going to the bucket? They are going to be matchup nightmares for everyone. And …. They still have trade options during the season for a sharpshooter if someone off the bench doesn’t step up.

  • Young Pep Dash

    – Iguodala is a huge upgrade over AAA
    – Trading Harrington was addition by subtraction IMO as it opened up playing time for faried and randolph. Plus i’m not sure about Big Al’s health and he has a lot of miles on those wheels being drafted out of HS.
    – The 1st round pick is from 2014, the year we will have another 1st rounder we can keep.

    As most people acknowledged DH to LA was happening anyway, we may as well improved ourselves.

    Of course the lakers will be good, but im not convinced they will be better than OKC or miami

  • Peter

    It should be a fun year in Denver for basketball. I don’t think we are quite there to challenge OKC, the Spurs or the Lakers, but I would put us right in that second tier 3 with Memphis and the Clippers. We should finish anywhere from 3-6 in the west standings next year barring any major injuries or unforseen trades. However, if this team has no injuries and loses in the first round again, I think it’s time for George Karl and the Denver Nuggets to go their separate ways.

  • bayesk

    Stats certainly aren’t the whole story (or even half, but they mean something, right?), but i will point out just how highly David Berri’s Wins Produced – in this case WP48 – rates Iggy:

    Fifth overall in the NBA. Are we certain Iguodala is simply a good to very good player? Maybe he’s the ultimate fill-in-the-blanks, little things, glue guy – well, next to a certain beast who’s got all that plus scoring and a fresh title. Numbers aside, I’m all in on this trade. Next season can’t start soon enough!!

    • bayesk

      apologies…Iguodala only ranks 5th in total Wins Produced, not in WP48. any way you slice it, he’s a thoroughbred.

  • Lisa

    I been on the ESPN nugget boards for months saying we needed to traded Nene, AAA and Harrington and i got my wish on all 3.

    The only other trade i see happening is getting Love. He has stated he wants to win so his team goes out and gets: Roy with no knees, AK47 who is old and ok (20 million), another russian who is a backup, Rubio will be out till Dec/Jan not looking good. If they are out of the playoffs by the deadline i fully expect the Nuggets to make them an offer of: Gallo, Faried, Koufos, 1st rd pick for Love or Love and Derrick Williams who was on the trading block as soon as he was drafted.

    I hate to give up Faried but this is KEvin love and Love is 6’10 and 260 vs 6’8 220 Faried


    PG: Lawson, Miller
    SG: Fournier, Hamilton
    SF: Iggy, Chandler, Brewer
    PF: Love, Randolph, Q Miller
    C : McGee, Mozgov

    Keep Mozgov over Koufos because of the frame size. Mozgov can bang… By then Founier will be able to start and contribute if not keepy Iggy at SG and start Chandler at the 3 but i like having Chandler as our 6th man

    Now that is a lineup that can challenge the Lakers/Spurs/Thunder in the West

    We have our lock down defender in Iggy
    We have our “super star” player in Love
    We have speed
    We have more speed
    And we are the most athletic team in the NBA

    Get it done