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Many readers have asked, specifically, what the Nuggets gave up and received in Friday’s trade. Though I still can’t find a single article that confirms all aspects of the trade, I have been able to gather bits and pieces from various sources across the Internet. Here are my findings:

Received: Andre Iguodala

Sent: Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, a 2013 second-round draft pick (via Golden State) and a 2014 first-round draft pick (either Denver’s own or via New York)

Both of the picks sent to Orlando may end up being ones the Nuggets obtained from New York in the Carmelo Anthony trade. The 2013 second-round pick is from Golden State while the 2014 first-round pick will either be Denver’s own, or New York’s. According to’s Ken Berger, the 2014 first-round pick conveyed to Orlando will be the least desirable of the Nuggets two picks that year.

Looking towards the future, the Nuggets now have two picks in the 2013 NBA Draft: their own first rounder and a second-round, top-40 protected selection from the Portland Trailblazers. Denver’s own second-round pick is conveyed to the Phoenix Suns and is also top-40 protected. Assuming the Nuggets re-sign Ty Lawson, they will then have three roster openings from the expiring contracts of Julyan Stone, Timofey Mozgov and Corey Brewer. If the Nuggets retain both picks they will then be left with one open roster spot to sign a free agent, however given Masai Ujiri’s penchant for perpetual activity, there’s a good chance the team’s current roster and draft-pick situation will change yet again.

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  • LotharBot

    Given how deep the team will be next offseason, I doubt we’d use a mid second rounder to pick up a player we expect to make the roster immediately.

  • eddi0

    Seems a bit much to give up (two draft picks) but I digress…Still think that Gallo is overpaid and will be dealt by February with Mozgov for outside shooting (pure shooters or another true stretch 4) and a true post player (miss Nene’s post play). Chandler is too well-rounded to trade/contract is in line with talent and having him start would mean we could actually have a defense first team for the first time in…forever??? You heard it here first…Gallo will dealt by the Feb. tradeline.

    • dynamo.joe

      Trading Gallo is a great idea, if we trade for a shooting guard and move Iggy back to the 3.

      • Andrew K

        Oh, like for Arron Afflalo?

        Trading Gallo for a shooting guard would be regressive.

        • Eddi0

          Not necessarily regressive, right now we have 3 legit SF’s.

          Chandler-pure SF but can play 2/4 as well.
          Gallo-size would say he’s a 4 but not strong enough physically to guard strong PF’s.
          Iggy-pure SF but can easily play 2.

          I, personally think, we move Chandler to starting SF, Iggy at SG then trade Gallo/Mozzie for deficiencies (post player/3 pt threat). However if you are a smart GM you always want to upgrade your starting 5. Sliding Iggy to the 3 (upgrade over Chandler) then trading Gallo/Mozzie/possibly Chandler for a Top 3-8 SG (or young talent w potential) would make the line-up more dangerous/potent/talented.

          What about: Klay Thompson, Paul George, Harden at the SG?

          Not sure I’d trade Chandler in that scenario though since he’s only 24. Point being, we could plausibly upgrade both the 2 and 3 by sliding Iggy to the 3 and getting a light out shooting guard.

          Like the creativity, dynamo.

          • Mike

            eddi0 how long have you had this irrational underestimation of Gallinari? Obviously getting Harden would make sense, but EXTREMELY unlikely. Everyone else in the league sees Chandler for what he is. A borderline starter at SF. His entire game is full of average to slightly above average skills. At least Gallo has shown you glimpses of borderline All-star play (first two months of season which included Atrocious 3 pt shooting). The only way it makes sense to trade Gallo is if you are getting back an All-star big who can play 15 minutes a game at center and hit the mid-range jumper (this would be limited pretty much to aldridge, Pau and Horford) Reason being you could play a 3 man rotation with mcGee and faried in the playoffs and they could soak up 90ish minutes from those positions.

            • Eddi0

              I wouldn’t consider it to be an “irrational” thought, just one man’s opinion or estimation based off observation. The Gallo vs Chandler debate is something like Ford vs Chevy. I prefer Chandler’s all around game and defensive prowess to Gallo’s offensive heavy game. We led the league in points last year so I personally don’t feel like we need more of an offensive emphasis. Now that we have Iggy and his defensive abilities I think we took a gigantic leap forward in building a more defensive team with great athleticism. However I think defense needs to be a team game and I did not see enough from Gallo last year to believe he can stop many SF’s in this league. He’s 6’10” with little lateral quickness so immediately he has a disadvantage to more “normal” sized SF’s. Offensively I don’t have a lot of issues with his game, he’s good, if not very good offensively (little more work on 3 ball would be nice), but Chandler can play both sides of the ball and is $3M less/yr over the lifetime of his contract. Chandler can do almost everything Gallo can offensively but is more valuable in my opinion, because he has shown he can be a well-balanced player (Swiss army knife). Just my two cents on why I think Gallo will be traded.

              We’re on here to express opinions, none of us are all knowing, but in the end we are all still just Nuggets fans.

              • Mike

                I think the more apt comparison would be ford vs. fiat. It’s not really that close. I think a very fair comparison is Ty Lawson vs. Darren Collison. The numbers don’t bear you out on Chandler being a better defender. In fact 82 games suggest the opposite from previous season for Chandler vs. Gallo last year. Gallo does actually have avg NBA quickness (which is similar to chandler). It’s probably just a cultural bias that has been perpetuated that Euros CANT be as quick as Americans (with obvious racial overtones, not to suggest you specifically are racially profiling, it is just a generality that often works based on how the youth skills/innate talents are developed and valued in the Euro vs. US system, but it does not bear itself out in the case of Gallo) Either way it seems watching these guys their athleticism/quickness/length/defensive tenacity/defensive intelligence profiles are actually very similar if taken in aggregate (and coalesce into what I would consider an avg to slightly above avg wing defender). Offensively it isn’t close. Gallo looks to be the better long range shooter (last season not as much), mid range shooter and better at drawing fouls. He has a better ability to get to rim (not sure if that is more about his first step or opponent needing to stay close for his jumper) Chandler is a better leaper and seems to finish better at rim, but both are avg passers and dribblers… Chandler seems to have almost zero chance of becoming more than a slightly above avg SF. Gallo because of his shooting (if he hits say 36-38% 3s he’s a borderline all star, if he hits low 40s I think he is a genuine all star) has a legit shot of becoming a borderline all star and is already a slightly above avg SF.

              • Eddi0

                My observations are purely from watching both Gallo and Chandler play while at NY, much larger sample size than here in DEN. The games I saw both players get ample minutes Chandler was clearly the more polished player and had great stats offensively AND defensively (steals/blocks) while Gallo struggled mightily chucking 3’s. I realize Gallo has improved but those games cemented to me at least that the real prize of the Melo trade was Chandler. While Gallo has improved I just don’t see him being an above average SF unless he tightens up his perimeter defense (hands in face/uses body). Iggy will help immensely with perimeter defense but we have to shore up the other positions as well. If you watch film of Chandler (when he gets good minutes) he plays more of an “east coast” style of defense, in your grill, using hands/body to get proper spacing. I rarely see Gallo get in passing lanes, create steals or hell, even block a shot at 6’10”. I just think they are two different chassis’s that can both be effective in different ways (put them together and you have a perennial all-star).

                I really hope GK gives them both equal minutes so we can really see who’s a better fit for the Nugs. Also hope we use this as a competition to see who can be the lead horse with the potential that the “loser” might find greener pastures elsewhere. I can’t foresee us keeping both players past this season since they are truly redundant and probably both would be starters on other teams (and we will need to trim salary next season).

    • JDan

      I too think Gallo will be traded, he has great value on the market and hasn’t really been consistent enough to warrant the contract we’re playing. He also sticks out as the least versatile player on the team. He plays the 3 and nothing else with much effectiveness and isn’t much of a defender. He has also only occasionally shown that he can take the team on his back when he needs to.

      I don’t know how plausible this is, but I’d like the Nuggets to try and go after Danny Granger. He’s a tougher player and more versatile, can play the 4 when needed and is in my opinion on the verge of breaking out as a legit super star. I’m not sure how in love with him the Pacers are either since he seems to have been on the market in the early part of the summer. I’m thinking Gallo and maybe Brewer or Mozgov or both would make the deal work.

      The way I see it is that the Nuggets are set at 4 of their 5 starting positions, Ty at 1, Iggy at 2, Manimal at 4, and for better or for worse McGee at 5. In the year and a half since the Melo trade Gallo just hasn’t been the near superstar we all hoped he could be, so why not trade him for a guy who very well could be one.

      • dynamo.joe

        Sorry to break it to you, but Granger is Carmelo with less charisma. And people don’t ‘break out’ after 7 years in the NBA.

        I’d rather save the $5M by keeping Gallo. And it’s not even my money.

  • Andrew K

    So…. what was the motive behind the trade? I got the feeling that the Nuggets were not desperate for a move. Perhaps trading Harrington, the Nuggets were trying to get younger, but Iguodala isn’t still rising to a prime. I doubt the incentive was money, for the financial situation hasn’t changed drastically. Perhaps opening more playing time if Quincy Miller is better than the Nuggets originally thought? Not that I don’t approve of the trade, but I just hope Ujiri becomes too trigger happy to try to make moves to create something “special”. His track record so far is too pretty to ruin.

    • LotharBot

      The motive behind the trade?

      Iggy is better than AAA. A lot better. (I really like Afflalo, too.) When you can make an upgrade like that and all it costs you is a 32 year old with a bad knee and a couple of weak picks, you do it.

      • Landry

        Why I like this trade.

        #9 Andre Iguodala Andre Iguodala is a good scorer, how? Takes an average amount of shots, he sounds like a Nuggets player already. Not looking to attempt threes, sounds like a natural attacker to balance out Ty’s 3 point shooting. Just an average three point gunner, sign this guy up already. Gets fouled often, already accomplished at 28. Terrible free throw shooter, sounds like a true Nugget. Average shooter, meh I kinda wanted this. He’s outstanding driving to the basket. I mean dude screw AAA and his crappy glass work. Good from the post, reverse offense!!! Outstanding creating points in the running game, what the hell didn’t we solve the Dwightmare before??? Andre Iguodala is an average offensive rebounder, who cares he is our shooting guard. Outstanding on the defensive glass, we need that because Javale and Kenneth are offensive rebounders. Andre Iguodala is a sensational passer, also need a need because we lead the league in assists and AAA couldn’t pass worth shit. Amazing ball handler, better quality than AAA has. Andre Iguodala has solid ability to anticipate passes, sound like him and Ty will be defensive fiends in the passing lanes. Solid shot blocking ability, from our shooting guard??? Outstanding denying open shots, what the hell were we paying AAA for almost $8 million??? Outstanding at stopping penetration, YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! Post defense is average, who cares he’s guarding shooting guards now!!! Amazing transition defense, dudes were always going to need this!!! Andre Iguodala is not overly strong, sounds like a better Corey Brewer. Blessed with outstanding quickness!!! Andre Iguodala is a very good basketball player who will start for your team, Hell Yes!!!
        Compared to Arron Afflalo- Arron Afflalo is a capable scorer, true. Not looking to score, takes open shots. Takes an average amount of threes, yeah cause he’s wide open at the corner. Solid from three point land, he’s smart with his shots. Does not really get to the charity stripe, did we see anything but drives?? Very good free throw shooter, will be missed as we lack a Chauncey. Excellent mid-range shooter, I kinda wanted this. Mediocre off the dribble, more like sucks dude. Adequate inside, meh. Weak pushing the ball on the break, dude only passes to Ty. Arron Afflalo is adequate on the offensive glass, that sucks!!! Adequate on the defensive glass, even worse!!! Arron Afflalo will look for his pass, screw that Corey Brewer can do that. Outstanding handling the ball, because he’s a pussy. Arron Afflalo does a poor job in the passing lanes, screw that we need defensive fiends!!! Good at picking up blocks, dude #9 has been battling SF’s. Bad fighting off wide open shots, that our weakness!!! Very easy to beat off the dribble; are you serious on a fast break team??? Poor defensively in the post, and he made $7,750,000 this season??? Struggles getting back on defense, how the hell does he help our style of basketball??? Arron Afflalo is lacking strength wise, suck it AAA go to Orlando. Little quickness, hell yeah he does!!! Arron Afflalo is not a very good basketball player but has some NBA skills and belongs in the league, accurate and why we needed to get rid of him for the ruthlessly good Al Buckets.
        Al Harrington- Al Harrington is adequate scoring, yeah he definitely was!! Definitely wont shoot it much, good for the Nuggets!!! Shoots a three at any time, Buckets!!! Good three point shooter, more Buckets!!! Not looking to draw fouls, true Nuggets at heart!! Average free throw shooter, one of my more favorite players Solid shooting ability from mid-range, goodbye my pure scorer. Average off the dribble, yeah, I loved those strange post moves. Poor inside game, what are you talking about he had to play centers all season??? Has trouble running the floor, I don’t know about you but we had some serious dunks this year. Al Harrington is poor on the offensive board, meh. Not a good defensive rebounder, meh. Al Harrington is a good passer, great mentor for Faried. Bad ball handling skills, thank god Olajuwon is teaching him also. Al Harrington will pick up the occasional steal, meh, that’s really true. Poor shot blocker, yeah he was guarding people who were 7’. Bad fighting off wide open shots bad perimeter defender because he is slow. Post defense is average, pull out the chair!!! Bad fast break defender, meh, he’s BigAl. Al Harrington is not overly strong, but he is crafty. Little quickness, dude don’t judge by a torn meniscus bro. Al Harrington is not a very good basketball player but has some NBA skills and belongs in the league, hence why he is a fantastic bench player.

        • JetLife82

          The fuq did I just read?

  • K

    I think the plan is to see what jham can bring to the table. They said he is the rookie this year. Maybe he can be the knock down shooter they need.
    You can mix the line up around at the 2,3,4 positions and get ai,wc, and gallo all in the 25-30 minute range. Based on oponent and match ups. Doesn’t matter who starts.
    As much as I don’t like it,gk is going to play his 2 pg line up with miler at the 2, so paying our trading for another big name shouting guard is pointless if he is going to sit on the bench. Ask aaa.
    We just need to play some defense and then our offense will be fine

  • Cory Wansley

    When can we trade Iggy? If he shows disinterest or we have the opportunity to pull the trigger again for someone on the All-Star level(not Blake Griffin someone with REAL potential to be great) who could we possibly get because the package just got better now that we have an Olympian on our team.

  • Eddi0

    Question: if Iggy played SF 95% of his games last year with the Sixers then why are we set that he is a SG as a Nugget? Because he fills a gap now that AAA is gone? They list him as 6’6″, 207 so he truly is a tweener. I realize he can play either position but I think we need to find some analysis on how effective he is at SG vs. SF. Kalen, do you have a way of compiling this type of comparison data?

    • dynamo.joe

      2010-2011 data. He didn’t log anytime at the 2 last year, but did a little bit in 10-11.

      Basically says he’s really good at the 3 and the 4 and not so good at the 2.

      • dynamo.joe

        He looked better in 9-10. Given his age, the drop in production at the 2 corresponds to him just passing his physical apex. Maybe he lost that mythical half-step and can no longer stay in front of/blow past the elite 2’s? But can still do all that against bigger/slower 3’s and 4’s.

        Obviously that’s not in depth analysis, but it’s a place to start looking.

        • Mike

          I think you are reading too much into how they are aligning the 5 man units. Turner and he are essentially interchangeable as wings. From what I saw defensively they really just put Iggy on whoever the better wing on the other team was. Also Philly didn’t seem to HAVE another legit SF on the team last year if you don’t consider Turner (who is an inch taller and looks thicker than Iggy). They essentially played two PG lineups a lot with Williams and Holliday so Iggy was the SF by default.

          It seems from the information that Iggy does best with a creator who can shoot some and a guy who can knock down 3s. Given Lawson is a slightly better version of holliday on both those fronts and Gallo certainly has a decent shot of becoming a very good shooter in addition to a good midrange game this seems like a perfect scenario. (Im assuming Gallo’s 3 pt troubles last year were luck, lock out conditioning/lack of coaching related given he was more of a high 30s low 40s 3 pt% in previous years) I don’t see many people mentioning that Iggy is one of the PREMIER facilitators in the ENTIRE LEAGUE not playing the PG position. Another issue I haven’t seen discussed is that Andre Miller is going to be a very bad combination for Iggy in the half court as Miller is very limited when he is not facilitating.

  • Young Pep Dash

    One way of looking at it is there is no way the 76s would have accepted Afflalo, harrington and a first round for Iguodala which is essentially what we did so for those who question
    a) how much we gave up and
    b) how we helped the lakers
    ujiri took advantage of orlandos lack of leverage to clearly win their part of the trade

    Ujiri is making a name for himself as a great young GM

  • Once in a lifetime

    I like that iggy is on our team. But to be honest we should of taken a stab at Dwight Howard. It basically took AAA, Al, and a couple of prospects and picks to do it. We should have offered WC, Harrington, one of our prospects, Jham, Fournier, or miler and a couple of 1st round picks for Howard. He would have a soild team. Play out the season but with us. With the team we have with now minus Wilson and Harrington and add Howard that would of gotten to the western conference finals! Possibly even the finals! Now when the season plays out sure there is a possibility he will leave but call his bluff! If he leaves he loses alot of money. And we can do a sign and trade and get a couple of assets back for him. But if he is stays he would have a soild team, and the games best GM. But instead of taking this risk we let the most dominant big man in the game go to the lakers. I really feel we lost a golden opportunity.

    • dynamo.joe

      Big men with bad backs….it might be a fools golden opportunity. As far as I know Iggy doesn’t have any injury red flags.

      Also last year, possibly due to the emotional turmoil that was caused almost entirely by his own damn self, dwight was slightly worse than Igoudala. It was a bad year for D12 and a good year for Iggy, but last year they had about the same production.

      Also also, last year center was probably our strongest position and 2/3 our weakest. Whether you want to attribute that to injury (Gallo/Chandler) or lack of summer practice time (Afflalo) or a lack of talent is immaterial. For Last years team Iggy was probably the biggest single addition you could make short of bringing in LeBron.

      Now personally I believe AAA would have returned to 2010-11 form with a full summers practice and that the Gallo from Dec/Jan this past season is the real Gallo. Igoudala is still an upgrade over either of those players, just not as dramatically so. But it would make ‘is Igoudala or Howard a bigger upgrade for this team’ a legitimate question.

      Of course in my head Ty/AAA/Gallo/McGeezy would all be knocking on the door of the all-star game asking if they need any injury replacements and Manimal would be trying to see how many MVP votes he could take from LeBron.

  • al68

    Me sigue pareciendo un cambio horroroso tenemos un jugador que no es una estrella pero que cobra como tal y que dentro de 2 años veremos que pasa. Teníamos un jugador que estaba creciendo año a año con un salario bastante aceptable y ademas de eso damos 2 rondas de draft un intercambio altamente estúpido.

    Ya volvemos a tener varios jugadores overpaid otra vez AI y Javale, muy bien Masai.

    No creo y ojala este equivocado pero un equipo como este: Ty, Andre, Gallo, Faried y Javale no pasa de 1ª ronda y no se si llegara a playoffs todo dependera de la evolucion de Hamilton y Mcgee.
    Deseo equivocarme pero creo que no que este equipo es peor que el que comenzo la temporada pasada.

  • Beau

    Did anyone realize that our first game is at Philly this year? That will be an awkward first game homecoming for Iguodala to start the season against his former team.

  • Tom

    People want to trade Gallo? Remember when the Nuggets were one of the two best teams in the NBA at the start of last season? Well, that was largely due to Gallinari and Harrington. When he got hurt, that’s when the team went on its downward spiral. The best thing about Gallo’s game in my opinion is that he can get to the line whenever he wants and he’s a great FT shooter, best on the team. Conversely, Iguodala is one of the worst FT shooters in the league, or at least he was last year. It’s really important to have some guys who can knock down FTs. Just look at OKC. Their team strength is arguably FTs: they make more than any other team and at the league’s best rate. Trading a guy like Gallo because his game doesn’t necessarily look that pretty is a bad idea unless you can get another good/great shooter in return. Personally, I’d stick with what we have now and make a mid-season trade if a good opportunity presents itself.