Will Gallinari be healthy to start the regular season?

Hat tip to nycericanguy, who provided me with this link.

According to NBAEurope.com:

Italy are hoping to have Danilo Gallinari available for Wednesday’s EuroBasket Qualification Round opener against Portugal in Sassari, Sardinia.

The Denver Nuggets forward has missed all of Italy’s preparation games this summer.

Gallinari has struggled with a back problem and a right shoulder injury and has been out of action for 20 days.

If accurate, this is troubling news for Denver, to say the least. Hopefully we’ll hear more from the Nuggets’ medical and training staff.


UPDATE: In a recent tweet, Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post takes the scare off this report:

Some sites are makin a huge deal about a Gallinari shoulder injury, but I talked w someone close to him who said he’ll be fine for camp

Hopefully that source is correct. Wilson Chandler is currently rehabilitating from the operation he had last spring, and ideally both he and Gallo will be back to full strength when training camp rolls around.


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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • eddi0

    Overpaid and made of glass, two things you don’t want your starters to be synonymous with.

    • nuggz2

      Agreed. Hopefully he makes it back for the beginning of the season and puts up good enough numbers another team would be willing to take him with the right package before the deadline.

    • Mike

      first time I’ve seen you talk negatively about gallo eddi0. Just in case you were wondering the team’s gm did an interview with SI a few weeks ago and named 3 players he considered have the potential to become “star” level talent: Lawson, “we don’t know what he is capable of” for McGee. AND… Gallo. No chandler in there for you.

      More than likely they are keeping him out at the behest of the Nuggets over a strain because they want him healthy for the preseason. The nice thing is that Chandler can be showcased for a trade even if Gallo needs to spend some time in street clothes early in the year.

      • eddi0

        It’s not that I’m not a fan of Gallo just prefer Chandler’s game (I see WChan as more well rounded). Jalen Rose, who is biased, because he is from same area of Detroit said two nights ago he expects Chandler to be an all-star within 2 years. Nonetheless, my point is that we can find just as many “believers” of WChan’s game as Gallo’s, they are both slightly above average SF’s at this point in their careers. I hope they both can remain healthy throughout the entire season so we can see who really deserves to start/remain on the team. I don’t foresee us keeping both, very redundant and we have other needs at other positions (stronger PF/outside shooting/stretch 4/possibly an upgrade 3rd string PG).

        • Mike

          Jalen Rose is under the misimpression that he was an all-star calliber player. I would trust masai who actually is a talent evaluator. Jalen rose probably knows about as much about talent evaluation as you or I do, which is to say something, but not nearly enough to be hired by an actual NBA team let alone lead one. And the update says exactly what I said about the injury. So Nanny nanny boo boo. :-) And no we can’t find just as many believers because if we could Chandler and his agent wouldn’t have signed a deal for 4 million dollars less per year 2 months after gallinari. he would have just gone to free agency this summer instead of signing that deal

  • http://therockneverstops.wordpress.com RosstheBoss

    Wilson Chandler should be a great insurance policy for him. I would like to see the nuggets go out and get a veteran shooter like Michael Redd to shore up the Nuggets outside shooting.

    By the way, can someone remind me why he is playing for an Italian team struggling to make the EuroBasket Qualifying Round?? I would think completing a single NBA season without an injury would be a higher priority.

    • Poz_303

      I guess its the opportunity to represent your country. I believe he is the only Italian NBA player who agreed to play for the national team, Bargnani etc decided not to play for the national team.

      Still cant fault his desire to represent Italy, however, if injured you would think the Nuggets would ask that he not be used.

    • NateTimmonsSucks

      Yeah Michael Redd will be a potent 3 point shooter from the injured reserve list.

  • GK4Prez

    The Nuggets better hang on to Chandler and hope that between him and Gallo they can get 82 games of action.

    • dynamo.joe

      I guarantee you that A. Miller will be manning the 2 and Iggy the 3 before Chandler if Gallo can’t go.

      • GK4Prez

        I won’t argue with you on that one.


    This guy can never stay healthy smh. If he doesnt show improvement then hes going to get traded.

  • Jeff

    I think Chandler is going to surprise people this year. He’s not as graceful as Gallo, who’s floppy hair and off balance shots are fun to watch, but I think he is just as effective. Chandler is interesting to watch because he sometimes looks like he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, taking off balance high arcing shots, but he makes a lot of them and plays hard.

  • Luis

    Can Iguodala be our go-to guy? If not I don’t see any potential go-to gut in our roster, maybe we should trade for Rudy Gay. Is this trade possible? http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=bwtx2vx

    • dynamo.joe

      If you’re gonna pry Tony Allen away from Memphis, why wouldn’t we want him instead of Rudy Gay?

      • Luis

        Because Rudy Gat is a lot better, don’t you think?

        • dynamo.joe

          No, I think he just scores more points, which is not the same as being better.

          I also think that while trading away 1 SF, a position at which we are jammed packed is good….unless you take one back. Personally I think it would be nice if we had 1 SG not named Fournier on the team.

        • dynamo.joe

          Oops, I also forgot the biggest problem with Gay, he is massively overpayed at $16M.

          So yes, I would rather have allen at $3M. And I still would rather give Mozgov or Brewer, than Koufos. They are both expiring deals which makes it easier to get the other team interested.

  • Finazz

    I can’t stop thinking that the nuggets are going to have a really tough start of the season, we have a lot of player who, even with a full camp are going to be under done come opening night. Add onto that, that it’s the first time anyone has gone through a training camp together and a hard road start. It all spell a losing start to the season. I hope like anything that I’m wrong.

  • NateTimmonsSucks

    I am concerned that Gallinari is injury prone. He seems to have long term back issues that go back to his rookie season. I need not stress how debilitating a back injury can be. The Nuggets are counting on this guy for too much.

    • Jeff

      Maybe they kept Chandler because they weren’t sold on Gallo, and they are still determining who pans out.

  • eddi0

    Great analyis of the 2012-2013 Nuggets on ESPN, check it out http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/49171/does-andre-iguodala-make-the-nuggets-contenders

    Of particular note “Still, Iguodala-Brewer-Chandler might be the best three-man combination of wing defenders in the league, and it’s difficult to project Denver’s defense not improving if only by replacing the minutes previously allotted to Al Harrington.”.

    A line up of McGee/Faried/Chandler/Ig/Ty is probably the most athletic in the league by a long shot and the on-ball defense should be excellent as well.

    P.S. I read that “Iggy” does not like to be called “Iggy”. We might want to start to get in the habit of calling him a new nickname.

  • Michele

    Gallo just played without any problem in the “close” Italy win vs Portugal. 97-45. He will have to play 7 more games to finish the tournament. Gallo looked in shape.

    Cheers from Rome, Italy. And don’t get angry with him. Playing for your country makes you feel very proud.