Corey Brewer and the Denver Nuggets at the crossroads

The two big stories in Nuggetsland this August have been the trade for Andre Iguodala and the personalized training that JaVale McGee and Kenneth Faried are receiving under the tutelage of Hall of Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon. Recently however, my thoughts have turned to another player who will undoubtedly be of lower profile in Denver’s 2012-13 season, but in several ways will still be of great importance.

Most Nuggets fans very much enjoyed tracking the progression of last season’s team with the NBA TV produced documentary The Association: Denver Nuggets (and if you were living in a cave and somehow managed to miss it, please proceed to the Association page at here, where all episodes can be watched for free). Going back through the series recently, I found the third episode to be particularly heartbreaking and inspirational.

Just as Denver was struggling through a bad stretch of injuries and losses late January and early February last season, Corey Brewer had to take a three game absence to mourn the passing of his father, who succumbed to a long battle with diabetes complications. Making an emotionally charged return on Feb. 11, he helped the Nuggets win a closely fought 113-109 road victory over the Indiana Pacers in one of his stronger performances of the season.

In The Association, Brewer says his of his father: “He didn’t ever let anything get him down, so I’m not going to let anything get me down.” And he wasn’t kidding. Seeming to draw inspiration from the memories of his father’s guidance, Brewer surged upon coming back from his brief hiatus. After averaging 8.8 points, 2.7 blocks and 0.9 steals in January, he increased his output to 13.4 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in February. This of course was partly on the strength of the increased minutes he received as a temporary starter following an injury to Danilo Gallinari. But for a true reserve player to step competently into that role while in the midst of a family tragedy was emblematic of Brewer’s professionalism and dedication to the game.

Earlier in the same episode, George Karl lavished praise: “Who’s the leader of ‘play hard’ on this team? …It’s very easy who the leader of ‘play hard’ is: Corey Brewer.” When it comes to what Karl expects of his players, hard work, energy and effort reign supreme. The fact that Brewer delivers on this front day in and day out has earned him status as a coach favorite.

But in two important ways, the Nuggets find themselves at a crossroads vis-à-vis the young journeyman. Firstly, as I argued in my previous post on the distribution of minutes in the upcoming season, being a “Karl guy” may keep him in the regular rotation. If this happens it will come at the expense of minutes for Jordan Hamilton and perhaps Anthony Randolph as well, if Wilson Chandler and Gallo play some power forward minutes alongside Brewer or Iguodala. Karl tends to favor the players he trusts, ostensibly to the end of winning more games in the short term. From the beginning of the season, this would appear to give Brewer a leg up.

But at this point in his career, Brewer is pretty much a known quantity who has most likely plateaued as the player he will always be. Hamilton and Randolph, on the other hand, still have the chance to develop towards their comparatively higher ceilings. Making such progress will be difficult, however, if they don’t see much daylight. And even if they do get some reasonable minutes here and there, they will have to play very hard on the defensive end to convince Karl their contributions supersede Brewer’s spark of energy off the bench enough to justify fixing them in the regular rotation.

Additionally, Denver has another looming decision revolving around Brewer, as he becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer. After Chandler signed a 4-year, $37 million deal with the Nuggets last spring, and considering that both Iguodala and Hamilton can (and probably will) spend some time at the small forward position, it’s hard to see where there will be space left for Brewer moving forward.

On top of this, as luxury tax penalties begin increasing from 2013-14 onward, expiring contracts will be at a premium in the upcoming season’s trade deadline dealings. The anticipated extensions of Iguodala and Ty Lawson will most likely result in their being the team’s two highest paid players.

It seems unlikely that Denver would retain Brewer for his current salary of about $3.2 million as the payroll becomes more bloated. Considering that he’s the type of player who can fit in easily on any organization in the league, and well-regarded as a team player, the chances are fairly high the Nuggets would lose him on the open market to a team that’s willing to pay more.

It wasn’t easy to see Arron Afflalo get traded. It’s hard to part ways with a player who works so hard and has such great character, and the same will be true if the Nuggets trade Corey Brewer. He is clearly well loved by many fans and all corners of the Nuggets organization.

But the combined value of his play, his energy, his character and his expiring contract may prove to have value as an appealing trade chip in the deadline market. And it’s entirely possible that players like Hamilton, Randolph and perhaps even Evan Fournier will show themselves to be more than capable of taking up the slack at the end of the rotation.

If both those factors hold true, Masai Ujiri’s most sensible option, at least in principle, may be to cash in on Brewer’s value with a trade before the Feb. 21 deadline. Of course, if part of his value is in his expiring contract, this implies that the Nuggets would be taking on salary. In this case, Brewer almost certainly would be combined with one or more players in a trade package for a player who Denver considered worthy of entering luxury tax territory for. Whether this would be practical in reality would depend entirely on who is available (many Nuggets fans have thrown Josh Smith’s name around) and whether any of those players would be worth the combined cost of his salary and the outgoing trade package.

Still, as we have seen with his handling of the Carmelo Anthony, Nene and Afflalo trades over the past two years, Ujiri has proven adept at retaining the value of Denver’s assets rather than losing them for nothing. So especially if Hamilton becomes a real contributor who earns Karl’s trust over the early months of the season, it should not be surprising if Ujiri finds a way to strengthen the roster before the deadline in a trade featuring Brewer as one component.


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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • TJ McBride

    Just to start out, this is another great post by Denbutsu. Talking about Corey Brewer as a trade chip makes the most sense. He would be a great pick up for another contending team looking for energy and defense off the bench. Also Josh Smith makes the most sense for a big name trade. Our 13 mil TPE fits into his 13.7 mil contract almost perfect. He will provide more for the Nuggets then Faried, no bashing intended, on both sides of the floor and makes our already big front line even bigger. Masai knows what he is doing more then most so whatever happens I will trust in him. Lots to look forward to this season.

    • LotharBot

      Unfortunately, the trade exception only works for a player making the same amount or less. If we want to get Josh Smith (or some other player making slightly more than Nene) we have to send out players making around 13.2 mil in salary.

      We could theoretically trade, say, Chandler+Brewer+Moz for Josh Smith and (jointly) use the Nene exception to take back Devin Harris or some other mid-sized contract that a team wanted off their books. But we couldn’t use the exception for J.Smith directly.

      • DAN

        Who are you and how do you know so much? Ahhh, come clean, this is really Larry Coon isn’t it? :)

  • Andrew K

    Maybe not intentional, but your first and last paragraphs are the same.

    I enjoyed Brewer, especially in game 6 of the playoffs. Its a hard choice between playing him, or splitting up his 18 minutes a game to Hamilton, Fournier, and Randolph. However, since this team isn’t putting in all of the chips immediately for a title run, I believe it is most beneficial to develop the 3 youngsters mentioned, and have Brewer be exchanged for cash, or maybe in a package deal with a player in an excess position for maybe another veteran player, likened unto Iguodala.

    • denbutsu

      “Maybe not intentional, but your first and last paragraphs are the same.”

      Doh! You are correct, it was an editing mistake on my part. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • nida

    I love Brewer; he’ll get minutes before Hamilton and Fournier this year. Anyone who looks seriously at the Nugs salary situation knows that if Ty and Iggy stay, Brew and Moz will have to walk. Probably no sense in trading Brew, as good as he is, I doubt you could get more than some worthless expiring and a 2nd for him. Unless Chandler is dealt or Iggy walks, Brewer is one and done for the Nugs. Too bad, Brewer can be a solid rotation player for a long time to come, for someone.

  • darcy

    I feel like denver is still one piece away from being a full on title contender. I pulled up the espn trade machine and plugged in some players and came up with this which ended up being a successful trade! please God, let it happen!

    Denver gets: Al horford ( 4 years at 12~million a year).

    Atlanta gets: T. Mozgov, C. Brewer, K. Faried, J. Hamilton

    Why it would make sense for Atlanta: They are “supposedly” trying to break up their roster and start over after years of mediocrity. They would get 2 expiring contracts in Mozgov and Brewer that would open up salary cap space and they also get extremely promising young talent in Faried and Hamilton who are still on their cheap rookie contracts.

    How it would work for Denver: I have a feeling Masai will work some more of his magic and get Iggy signed to a cheaper deal than he currently has. Philly fans absolutely ripped AI for not living up to such a hefty contract and I don’t think he wants that kind of pressure again. I could see maybe a deal that averages 11-12 mill over 4 years. This just leaves Lawson to be signed which the nuggets could do IF they dip into the luxury tax. Now we know that nuggets management is stingy, but this would finally be a situation worth paying a bit more money (not like we have out of control contracts like the lakers do).

    This would allow Q. Miller and Fournier to actually see the light of day and really solidify a solid rotation. There was too much of a logjam at SG/SF. Also Koufos would get the majority minutes at backup C who I like more than Mozgov bc Mozzy really can’t play Defense. Let me know what you guys think!

    • darcy

      forgot to mention: Horford would slide into the starting PF spot which is a more natural position for him, for those who are confused why we would be trading for another “center”.

      • jake


        Never ever trade manimal. Make him retire in Denver. He’s like whatever the opposite of cancer is in the clubhouse and on the court. He seethes hustle. He is always the most beautiful man on the court too. No. Never trade the beast. He wins a championship, and the nuggets don’t when you trade him.

        • darcy

          As much as I love the manimal for his hustle, I just can’t envision him being the starting PF for a championship team. His offensive game is way too raw and could take years to develop which who knows where the nuggs will be in a few years from now. And on top of that he’s very undersized for a PF which could lead to problems on defense. If there was someway that Atlanta could take one of our other rookies (or Chandler) instead, I’d be all for it but I don’t think they’d bite.

          • dynamo.joe

            Maybe it looked different to you, but I saw big improvements in Faried’s D in the Lakers series.

            I’m not a big fan of Pau’s, but he is one of, if not the most offensively skilled big men. So, if Faried can guard him, he should be able to guard just about anyone down low.

            Remember, for the next 2-3 years he will be getting stronger and faster. Unless he loses his desire to work or suffers a serious injury, we have already seen the worst of the Manimal and it was spectacular.

          • ENK

            never trade kenneth. ever

        • Eddie

          The opposite of cancer is puppy kisses.

    • Thomas

      Terrible, terrible trade. I wouldn’t trade Faried for Horford straight. I wouldn’t trade Faried for the entire Hawks line-up, no kidding.

      Guys, look up his numbers. You don’t have to be a math wiz to figure out his stats and conclude that this guy is a gem, not to mention that he has a heart and a pulse. I, like many other fans, wouldn’t trade him on that alone.

      • Zack

        While I agree with you that Faried is a gem (he was picked 22nd!) think about this lineup:

        Lawson, Iggy, Gallo, Horford, McGee.

        That’s a very good starting five. Plus, Horford is, in my opinion, a star (on Iggy level, just below the top guys but still a star nonetheless). This was we’d have the defensive star (Iggy) and the offensive star (Horford).

        I would HATE to see Faried get traded, but if it’s to get a player like Horford I’d like the see management take that chance.

        • Thomas

          Faried is a better player already.

  • CJP32

    In 5 years in the league – Corey has played for 5 different coaches – the guy just wants to win but seems every year for the last 3 years, he’s involved in a trade.

    • Minnesota traded him to NY in 2011 because they believed Wesley Johnson was gong to be a star – well that didn’t work out!
    • New York then cut him because he wanted minutes – so 14 teams chased him and he went to Dallas and won a ring, whilst playing a key role vs the Lakers.
    • Dallas then packaged him in a trade along with Rudy Fernandez in order to clear cap space to try and lure Dwight Howard – that didn’t work for them either!

    So now Masai has the dilemma of potentially losing Brewer to free agency next year for nothing or trading him to hopefully land something in return. Masai also has the challenge of having enough money to extend Ty and Iggy – pretty difficult to stay under the luxury tax threshold to.

    Gallo and Wilson Chandler are practically the same player so having both on the team doesn’t make sense – Brewer is an admirable backup to either one. Masai would be best to trade either Gallo or Chandler (to save money) and re-sign Brewer for a smaller contract so there is money available to re-sign Iggy and/or Ty next off season.

    • Thomas


      Gallo is the great trade chip. I get the feeling that, as a player, something is missing there. I don’t want another Nene kind of disappointment.

  • steve

    Chandler, brewer, Mozgov and 2 firsts for Al Horford. Get it done Masai! :)

    • Ryan

      Quit talking up Horford. He is not the right fit for us. If you want to trade Faried so bad then trade Faried and Gallo in a package for Josh Smith from Atlanta. Then the lineup would look like this:
      Ty, Iggy, Chandler, Smith, McGee.

      With that lineup we can run, are great defensively, can score (I’ll take Josh Smith over Horford for scoring any day), and still have Brewer to play hard D off the bench. We keep Brewer, open up minutes for Hamilton, and keep the manimal. That is the trade that would make us a true competitor this year IMO.

      • Zack

        No way you should ever take Josh Smith over Al Horford. Smith is such a headcase and takes too many bad shots (sound familiar?)

  • Sky

    The Nuggs dont need hortford…
    And as long as Karl doesnt play that 2 point guard set and gives his 2guards a chance to run the ball, I dont see them needing to chase a big star.
    What the nugs are working on is great team basketball! Chemestry, so that the team works as a whole and not as 5 indviduals just out to make baskets.
    Really looking forward to seeing what jordan hamilton does this season.

    would like to see this lineup

    • steve

      Horford isn’t a star. He’s similar to Iggy in a way. He’s in that next tier. But he is a solid defender with size and has a great post game and mid range game. He would be exactly what the DR ordered. Dont get me wrong, i love what we are now, but i think Al would make us a little better. Faried is undersized and will always have some difficulites in the league. He’s a tremendous asset though and would still get 27-30 min per game coming off the bench at PF and shifting Al to C at times.

  • Lane

    I love Josh Smith’s game for playing video games and regular season highlights but he has proven himself to not be a clutch player in the playoffs. He shot 109 three’s last year at at 25%. That’s just bonehead play. If fans want a “go-to” guy, he’s not it.

    Horford isn’t a force in the low post either. I would rather have the low-post scoring of a Milsap or A. Jefferson then another defender/rebounder.

    Maybe I’ve had too much of Hakeem’s kool-aid but I really think McGee AND Faried can be borderline all-star players in the next 1-3 years and that would change everything for this team. Let’s have some patience with these guys and then see what the Nuggets really have!

    I see Faried’s floor as Rodman, minus the baggage. And that would be awesome to watch. BTW, Rodman started or contributed on a few championship teams.

    • dynamo.joe

      Lies! Dennis Rodman is TOO SHORT to have contributed to a championship team!

      • JetLife82

        ^ This =D

      • Ian

        If you haven’t seen it already, there’s a great series of articles discussing how Rodman might be the most under appreciated NBA player in history.

        • Lane

          thanks, I’ll check it out. In hindsight, saying Faried’s floor is Rodman might be a little strong at this point. But I definitely think he is the player to model his game after.

          • alex

            Maybe he meant ceiling. That sounds about right to me, and Rodman with no baggage is no insult.

      • Lane

        Rodman started for the 72 win Bulls team. Averaged 14 boards and made the All-Defensive team along with Pippen and Jordan. Listed at 6’6″. And won 4 other titles.
        So Faried has a ways to go defensively but he has an inch on Rodman and every bit of the effort and athleticism that made Dennis a HOF’er.

        • ryanvdonk

          Rodman’s rebounding alone in that 96 finals was the difference between the bulls winning and the sonics. While rodman was facing the only player he really had trouble guarding (kemp) the ridiculous amount of extra possessions he created by crashing the glass were the difference between winning and losing. He got robbed by the league, he should have been the finals MVP, not jordan who had without question his worst finals.

        • Nugswin

          Rodman was 6’8″ and listed as such in every place I’ve ever seen. He was a notably bigger than Faried and just naturally a better defender. Faried’s ceiling is Rodman’s basement. I say this as a guy who didn’t like Rodman and likes Faried but you’ve got to be realistic about things.

          • dynamo.joe

            I don’t know how to get this onto the same page, but if you look at per 36 min box scores for Faried and Rodman in their respective rookie seasons, you will see that Faried is better across the board, except ORB, where Rodman had 0.2 more per 36 min. Faried out rebounded Rodman on the defensive end by 2.0 per 36 minutes.

            Obviously it is early, but the Rodman comparisons are not out of line.

  • JetLife82

    If you don’t see how good a player will be til their 3rd season then I’m not sure why you would even package Faried, let alone Faried and JHam, for a guy like Al Horford. Dude is good but doesn’t have that same charisma and heart that makes Manimal a star. The Nuggets would not go on to win a championship, and Masai would never be forgiven.

  • nuggz2

    Definitely don’t want to see Brewer leave. His energy and transition play fits great with what the Nuggets do. I say trade Gallo straight up for Josh Smith. The Hawks would get a potential “star” (depending on who you ask) and the Nuggets would get a good player with an expiring contract. If J Smith works out, sign him to a longer deal and get rid of some guys. If he doesn’t they just unloaded Gallo’s contract and free up money to extend Ty, Iggy, Brewer, Moz or however else they wish to keep at that point.

    • Sky


  • Ryan

    If you want to trade Faried so bad then trade Faried and Gallo in a package for Josh Smith from Atlanta. Then the lineup would look like this:
    Ty, Iggy, Chandler, Smith, McGee.
    With that lineup we can run, are great defensively, can score (I’ll take Josh Smith over Horford for scoring any day), and still have Brewer to play hard D off the bench. We keep Brewer, open up minutes for Hamilton, and keep the manimal. That is the trade that would make us a true competitor this year IMO.

    • Ryan

      Sorry I meant we get to keep Randolph and give home minutes, not Faried.

  • Def Vizion 303

    1 player i would love to see (other than J-Smoove) would be LaMarcus Aldridge. The Nuggets need a big man that can run the floor and be able to do offensively what JaVale can’t. The only PF in the league I know of that would be
    A.Good enough to make me feel comfortable enough to bench Manimal
    B. Able to hit a 15 foot jumper consistently
    C. Be big enough to handle other PF’s in the league in the low post
    All traits that only Aldridge and Smith possess. I like Horford but I don’t feel he can put this Nuggets team over the top especially if we traded Faried with him.

    The trade I had in mind was
    Nuggets trade-Gallo, Brewer, Mozzy, Fournier draft picks
    Por Trades- Aldridge and Wesley Matthews
    or ATL trades-Smith and Devin Harris

    Both come with problems Aldridge is in Portland and getting Portland to agree to send they’re star player to a division rival would be hard and Smith can sometimes come with baggage (somethimg I think all Denver fans had enough of in the Melo era)

    • James

      Portland wouldn’t make that trade, and I dont think they would trade aldridge to us unless ai or faried were included

      • http://yahoo Def Vision 303

        I agree but i’d really rather stay w the current group, give Faried an oppurtunity to develop rather than make a drastic change or make the wrong move. But if there is 1 thing I love about Masai is he’s 1 GM i believe can make it happen

  • Nugswin

    Brewer will be a nice bellwether for the team this year. The more minutes he plays the less successful the team is. I don’t mean to denigrate Corey, who has become a decent pro, but he’s just not the kind of guy that should be eating up minutes on a team that has high aspirations like Denver does but no great player on the roster to balance out the below average guys.

    His 13.78 per last year doesn’t lie, he’s a below average player. Excellent defense and energy that once every 20-30 games can literally change an outcome but after that he’s a terrible shooter, terrible as a passer (on the break and in the half-court), and prone to mistakes (rushed shots, missing open players, etc.). This isn’t going to change somehow. He’s been in the league long enough to know what he is as a player — improvement would be marginal at best.

    If we could include him in a deal that landed Josh Smith that would be fantastic. And speaking of. . . anybody who thinks that because he doesn’t shoot 3-pointers Al Horford is a better get than Smith is crazy. Horford missed last season and was replaced by Zaza Pachulia and the Hawks didn’t miss a beat — they were basically the same quality team. We have three centers who are all better than Pachulia already.

    Smith, on the other hand, has facets to his game that cannot be replaced. He is a great defender, both one-on-one and weakside, a great rebounder, averaged four assists a game from the PF spot on a team that uses an isolation offense (which does not lend itself to a lot of dimes), finishes on the break as well as anybody in the league, AND he plays with a nice chip on his shoulder especially in big games (he’s been great in the Boston playoff series’ despite his team being inferior).

    Masai would have to look pretty hard at any offer the Hawks might make with Smith on the table since he would fit into what we try to do so well and does things at a level that almost nobody in the league can. Horford just doesn’t add much more than we already have — he’s solid, better than average, but not any kind of a game changer and we’ve already got a lot of that on the roster.

    • Mike

      In a vacuum the difference between these two guys is minimal. scores suggest very similar impact on the court for each player… I doubt either one becomes available so more than likely it is a moot point. As far as the construction of this team goes Horford is the better pickup. He provides significantly better offensive value than smith and would play a role no current nugget can play. Both a low post game AND the ability to pick and pop well. He also has the added value of being able to give you 10-15 minutes a game at the Center position. If Gallo is the player traded in the deal it isn’t even a contest as Both Smith and Chandler are average overall players and can’t shoot well. That would take away from Iggy’s value as a distributor. Obviously Smith is a better team/help defender. Low post horford is probably better. Smith has more value on D but probably not as vast as you or the numbers would suggest since Horford has really played out of position his entire career. Take into account Horford has an extra 2? years on his contract at a reasonable rate and it doesn’t seem like much of a contest…

    • darcy

      I agree with the above that Horford is the much more attractive piece than Smith. Horford is on such a reasonable long term contract for all star talent while J-smoove has only 1 year left on his deal and is probably looking to cash-in big. Horford is also the more polished offensive player and could REALLY help the nuggets when the game tends to slow down at times during the playoffs for the half-court sets. Josh smith is slightly better at playing D but they really aren’t far apart. Besides, it’s supposed to be McGee who develops into the elite shot-blocking help defender.

      • Nugswin

        Horford is all-star talent only in the sense that once, due to position requirements, they had to find somebody in the east to fill the last C roster spot. He is not an all-star level player.

        I’m not sure how Horford’s contract is reasonable. Dude makes $12 mil a year through 2016. Do we really want to pay a guy to back up McGee who makes better coin than him? Absolutely Horford is a better than average NBA player and doesn’t have any baggage so certainly an asset to most teams. But Smith has game changing skills, plural intended.

        Comparing the two you find that that AL is a little bigger and thus more able to play a traditional C role. He also has a better post up game (but not by much since Smith is much quicker and longer). But even if we lost Mozgov or Koufos in the deal we’d still have two guys able to play the traditional C role, one of whom is going to eat up big minutes over Horford. Also, remember Harrington got a bunch of minutes at center last season in Karl’s small ball game and Smith would be a massive, massive upgrade in that particular scenario whereas Horford doesn’t even figure to play during small ball.

        Look at the things Smith does better than Horford though. 1) He’s a top notch passer from the PF spot, both half-court and on the break. Five dimes a game on a half-court team that let Joe Johnson go one-on-one with the shot clock running down as it’s primary offensive set. Horford doesn’t remotely have that ability. 2) He’s a better rebounder, especially at crunch time (where he always is involved down inside). 3) He creates turnovers — 3rd among forwards in steals, 2nd in blocks — overall better than any player in the league and far better than Horford. 4) Finishes on the break as well as pretty much anybody in the league.

        Every single one of those things fit exactly into what the Nuggets would ideally like from the PF slot. Throw in the combo of his passing and finishing ability on the break and I’m not sure you could find a better fit. Certainly trumps what Horford would bring to the table.

        I feel Hoford’s skills are far more redundant compared to what we already have on the team and he doesn’t bring anything exceptional. That’s not true with Josh Smith (and why he’ll get a good payday soon though doubtful it’ll be significantly better than Horford’s deal). And while Horford would be an upgrade to the Nuggets as currently constructed he is what he is — not any improvement coming with him — and we would have to give up probably a couple of pieces that have lots of room to improve and have real potential to be better than him. Gallo, Mozgov (who I’m on record as saying is going to have an excellent year, he’s primed to take a big step), Koufos (only 23), Faried — at least one or two of those guys would have to go. Unnecessary risk for small, probably temporary reward.

        • Mike

          As a disclaimer I don’t think it is fair to use Horford’s stats from last year because of Sample size and injury issues as he only played 12% of team minutes vs as opposed to 70%+ the prior 2 seasons :

          Im not really sure how you come to conclusions on Horford. He has improved his efficiency every year except last season which was more injury related. His numbers +/- numbers have been equal or better than Smith for the 2 years prior to last. PER very equivalent. Horford is playing out of position if you believe the +/- number for 10-11 which is the only of last three he got significant minutes at PF. He played better at PF that season.

          1) Passing difference isn’t vast. Both are good passers for bigs. Smith is a penetrate and kick or shoot guy, not a low post big. They are different styles, but equivalent talent in passing.
          2) Horford has better rebound rates

          “Hoford’s skills are far more redundant compared to what we already have on the team and he doesn’t bring anything exceptional.”

          The exact opposite is true. This team already has 2 amazing athletes at their big positions. This team was already amazing on the break and Igoudala upgrade will make it even better. Horford is a MUCH better half court player where the nuggies were an average team offensively last year. Horford could play some high post (chris webber) type plays with his excellent passing skills and good mid-range jumper. Smith is a guy who likes to penetrate off dribble to score or pass. 2 guys on the team already do that better (Lawson and Iggy). Horford is good on the break as well just not as good as smith.

          Like I said talent levels in terms of overall effect on game are very similar. Horford is the much more efficient offensive player. Prior to last season Ft% Horford was close to 80% previous two seasons and that is an area of difficulty for this team. Smith is a poor FT shooter 3 of last 4 years. Smith does get to line 1.5-2.0 times more often though. I would say the player hurt worse by Joe Johnson (and Jamal crawford the prior seasons) is Horford as he has MUCH better complimentary skills than Smith, but was not given as many opportunities by ball hogging. On a team like the Spurs or OKC I probably take Smith. But a team that needs a well rounded big offensively like denver horford is the better choice.

          • Nugswin

            Just a few things. First, yeah, my comment about redundant skill was poorly worded. It was meant to indicate that, IMO, he’s not an exceptional player, just better than average and we already have a roster full of better than average players. He definitely would be a more skilled post up player than anybody we have on the roster.

            Re: passing. Al is a good passer from the post. With the ball he doesn’t have to ponderously search around the court to find somebody when he gets doubled or doesn’t have a move. Nice. But Smith is just plain a great passer, especially as a PF. Off the dribble finding cutters or angles for guys left open from rotations, and with the ball outside finding seams for a quick rifle ball underneath, etc. In that sense Denver would be the ideal team for him since in Atlanta that aspect of his skill-set is neglected a bit.

            As for rebounding I didn’t realize Horford’s numbers were quite as high as they are. But they are only just slightly better than Smith’s and he plays the entire game around the rim while Smith doesn’t.

            Just a quick add: I wonder how much of a hit Horford’s efficiency would take if his post-up game were the featured part of an offense? He’s not exceptionally big or quick and I don’t see him as a guy you can dump the ball into and automatically expect production. If we’re looking for that kind of guy the other Al, Jefferson, is better.

    • dynamo.joe

      Paying $13M for back up quality PF = CRAZY!!!

  • Mike

    When I said average overall in reference to Smith and Chandler I was talking about offensively more so in the half court. Open court he has more value than horford too. Obviously smith is a near all-star player overall.

  • Jeff

    If we traded anybody for Josh Smith, we would likely become one of the worst 3 point shooting teams of all time. Plus, we’ve made a lot of trades, let’s keep a bit of consistency and continuity going forward before we make too many changes.

    • Nugswin

      Josh Smith shot a higher 3-point percentage than Corey Brewer did last year (and Brewer shot more of them in fewer minutes). So, your statement isn’t really true.

      • Jeff

        I’m just saying adding another guy who isn’t a strong outside shooter but likes to take 3s would scare me. Especially because we lost Afflalo, one of the best shooters on the team.

  • Tom

    Both Horford and Smith are great players, but I think Horford is a better fit for the Nuggets as presently constructed because he fills the need of a 4/5 guy with a good post presence. I love Smith, but the Nuggets already have a lot of energy guys, and Faried has the potential to be better than Smith for cheaper. Horford’s contract is also reasonable for his skill level. I would probably package one of Mozgov/Koufos, one of Gallinari/Chandler, maybe Brewer, and maybe a 2nd-round pick. If I’m Atlanta, I might take a flier on Gallinari, Mozgov, Brewer, and a 2nd-rounder for Horford.

    • Sky

      Thats not a good idea.
      the nugs are trying to go run and gun, there for they need a deep bench. why trade away our bench for smith or al who wouldnt be able to keep up in this offence, we have a good team. Got rid of of the headcases, the nugs have a great team dynamics.

  • CJP32

    What about Paul Millsap for Wilson Chandler/Mozzy? Millsap has 1 year and 8 million left – means we have money in 2013/14 for Iggy and Ty and strengthen our front court this year.

    PG – Ty – 36, Miller – 12
    SG – Iggy – 36, Miller – 12
    SF – Gallo – 34, Brewer – 14
    PF – Millsap – 20, Faried – 28
    C – McGee – 28, Koufos – 10, Millsap – 10

    Millsap is a strong inside scorer/rebounder – and shoots a good percentage from the field and FT line, and can play 10 mins at the C spot. He has only missed 14 games in his 6 year career. Bringing Faried off the bench strengthens our 2nd unit and provides energy. Brewer can backup Gallo, Miller can backup Ty/Iggy.

    For Utah it allows Al Jefferson to be the go to guy and allows Derrick Favours to get the minutes he needs to blossom and provides them with starting SF in Wilson and decent backup in Mozzy.

    • Def Vizion 303

      I think Paul Millsap would be a good fit there because he’s used to playing 6th man minutes but chances are he’ll end up leaving at the end of the season. I think if the Nuggets are going to make a trade you only trade that much depth (our identity) for an all-star caliber player. Otherwise, were just another mediocre team fighting to get out of the 1st or 2nd round year in year out. I say give the team a chance to grow a few years unless another GM comes knocking with a trade that can really put us in title contention 4 years to come

  • Nate “El Culero” Timmons

    Corey Brewer’s hustle and intensity make up for his deficiencies on the court. The guy generates at least 2 baskets a game through his determination.

  • dynamo.joe

    You guys crack me up proposing trades for bigs when we are set at positions 1,3,4,5.

    If you notice, 2 was missing from that sequence. We have 1 SG on the roster, his name is Fournier and he is a rookie who can’t shot 3’s. All others are playing out of positon to one degree or another.

    You can say “a wing is a wing is a wing” all you want, but those guys are gonna get eaten alive by Harden/Wade and if you want a championship, well those are the guys you’re gonna meet in the Western Conference Finals and the Finals.

    • Ryan

      You had your head under a rock lately? Igoudala is our 2 guard. He played out of position in philly – he is undersized for a 3.

      • dynamo.joe

        When I was a kid I wanted a dog, but my parents got me a fish instead, so I named it Dog and *poof* it magically turned into a dog.

        True story!

        • Mike

          so what about Iggy’s game screams fish to you. Truth is in this era there are few differences between most SF and SG. Defensively, Height is the main issue for guys not being able to play SF that are a SG (ben gordon). Lateral quickness is the thing that keeps a SF from being a SG. It is mostly on defense that it matters. Iggy is one of the top 5 quickest wings in the league. He constantly played defense against the other teams best perimeter player including playing PGs some times if they were the biggest threat offensively. Offensively he creates at a rate similar to an average Point guard and is amongst the top creators who is a true wing (not a pg/sg hybrid). You are being too literal with the 82games statistic. You have been told this before by others on this site and myself… Philly did not have ANY other SF on the team deserving minutes other than Thadeus Young who doesn’t have the lateral quickness to play SF most of the time. Philly roster construction is the reason it looks like Iggy only plays SF as opposed to SG.

          • dynamo.joe

            I’m not looking at minutes, I’m looking at the numbers he put up. To maximize Iguodala’s effectiveness you match him up against those 3’s “lacking lateral quickness”.

            To maximize the team as a whole you don’t stack starting caliber guys at the 3 then force 1 to play at the 2 (even if he can do a good job there) and 1 to play at the 4. What you do is take that $15M in backup 3’s and use it to get a guy who is most effective at the 2, so everyone can play at their natural position.

            So, let me ask the question again: Who are your match ups against Miami and OKC? Cuz I don’t think either Wilson Chandler or Gallo can match up against Lebron or Wade or Harden or Durant.

            I think maybe Stone (if he comes back 100%) and Faried have the physical tools to one day match up against those guys. But both have a long way to go before i would be comfortable with that as a plan.

            • Mike

              I thought I remembered you saying that Iguodala played VERY limited minutes at the SG position last year. Which would invoke small sample size issues with stats. And again when he played SG he was probably playing with Thaddeus young at the SF position which means they had limited spacing. That will not be a problem for the nuggets. It would be nice to look at the numbers if you have a link. I honestly haven’t seen Iguodala in enough games against 2s in the halfcourt to make any kind of judgement either way on his offense vs. them. My assumption is that you use pick and role with a guy that dribbles well and passes extremely well like Iggy if he can’t break a guy down off the dribble, but I guess it could be different.

              Name a team that has two great defending wings to cover MIA an OKC. Miami would be the list. OKC durant/sefolosha/harden are all good but none great. Memphis Tony allen is dominant but Rudy Gay is just decent (he has the physical gifts, but not the mentality) LAL is OK if Ron artest isn’t suspended (and you recognize the truth that Kobe is no longer more than an above average defender), but not MUCH better than Iguodala and Chandler (Gallo isn’t bad either he gives length and effort, lacks some lateral quickness but more like average skill than a true area of difficulty)

              There is a reason Miami has been to Finals twice with a mediocre cast around their big 3. Now that he has added a post game and come to the realization that his outside shot beyond 15 ft should be a tertiary option Lebron is probably one of the top 5 hardest guys to guard in the HISTORY of the game. Wade is certainly a top 5 SG in the HISTORY of the game. You’d have to have Scottie Pippen and Bruce Bowen in addition to having a top tier tall shot blocker/rebounder (Dikembe, Hakeem, Duncan Robinson) to stop those guys on a regular basis. AND you need stellar team defense (and sometimes that doesn’t help ask the celtics how game 6 went against the heat this year) You are asking a question the nuggets have answered better than 25 teams in the league and really no one else answers better besides Miami and Maybe memphis.

              • dynamo.joe

                I think someone asked if there was a breakdown of his stats by position and I pointed them to 82games AND said he didn’t play much at the 2 so they should go back past last year. So, I kind of said what you said I said.

                But my statements on this thread were based on his position stats from 2008-2012, which should avoid the small sample size issue. Point differential and PER pretty unambigously say he brings more to your team as a 3 than as a 2. I have issues with PER as a stat, but I think they are minimized in this context.

                Anyway, the point of my original post was we are more in need of help in the back court rather than the front court. Let’s say Iggy goes down with an ankle sprain for 3 games, do you really feel comfortable with some combo of Andre Miller, Jordan Hamilton, and Corey Brewer?

              • Nugswin

                I agree with dynamo.joe’s basic point, that we are thinner at SG than anywhere else (especially if Karl can find the kajones to go big and play McGee at PF with Mozzy or KK).

                Iggy is the starter, he’s a certain upgrade over the previous starter and should be getting 35 minutes a game. Pretty much all those minutes will have to be at SG though unless Fournier or Hamilton show us something impressive.

                But since we’ve got an abundance of quality trade assets it’s worth investigating whether there is somebody we could move into the guard rotation that might move Iggy to playing more SF. I’d say the number one asset a potential guy would have to have is shooting. A guy who you cannot leave at the 3-point line. To fit in with Denver, though, he couldn’t be a liability on defense (i.e. no Steve Novak type).

                The dream guy to get would be James Harden (not that I’m saying we could get him, of course). Low end would be a guy like Jody Meeks (nice pickup for the Lakers). But just looking at some names that might be attainable who would probably be able to carve out quality minutes (hint, hint for those types who like to play around in the trade machine) I’d look at Paul George, Avery Bradley, maybe Iman Shumpert (though his shooting isn’t so hot), and in another dream scenario, Klay Thompson. It’s conceivable that we have enough assets to land one of those guys.

              • Mike

                just to be clear off of 82games by position Iggy:
                2011-12 0 minutes for SG
                10-11: 6% of team minutes a SG Played significantly better defense at SF and better offense too, but there are sample size issues since he played 53% of teams minutes at SF
                09-10 played 26% of team minutes at SG: Significantly better offense at SG. Defense about even PER difference of 0.5… 51% team minutes at SF…
                08-09 Played 11% of team minutes at SG: Significantly better at both offense and defense at SF.

                As a disclaimer I do not know what 82games does with their statistics if Iggy was in the SF position vs. San Antonio, but he is playing Ginobli their Shooting guard on defense. Do they give credit to him for defense on Ginobli or whoever the SF was…..

                Nonetheless it Doesn’t seem particularly conclusive either way. If anything it would imply his defense against SGs is the area of weakness, which doesn’t make sense when you see they usually just put Iggy against the other teams best wing regardless of position. Given the Philly roster construction made it hard for Iggy to play SG when 2 of their top 5 other players were a PG and a combo guard (williams) it seems even more muddled. And since doug collins has coached the team and it became more solid on team Defense Iggy has played 6% and 0% of SG minutes again more about roster construction.

                FYI 09-10 numbers are the only season over 7% team minutes played by Chandler at SG, but numbers are fairly comparable for him at that position with SF so there is at least a reasonable chance that he plays SG decently. Last year Gallo’s Defense and offense at SF and PF PER were all strong. Brewer played limited minutes at SG last year, but was not great. He needs to bring his 3 pt% numbers up to low-mid 30s for it to matter anyway. They have two young guys Fournier and Hamilton and as you said Stone may end up viable there. Miiller’s defense at the 2 was decent last year…

                Seems to me like a position you can definitely wait until February to see what happens. Since Karl will likely play Andre miller there for 8-12 minutes a game in playoffs it may not be a position to worry about for this year. As I have written here before the goal is to set up a team that is 8-9 guys getting 20-35 minutes come playoff time. They currently have 2 guys that can potentially play that role on the wing (Iggy and Chandler possibly) The priority in my book is to find a guy who can play PF defense well, rebound, hit the mid-range jumper and can play 15 minutes a game at center. Because then you can use Faried for 30-35 minutes a game with Mcgee and un-named PF/C each getting 30-35 mins. They currently don’t seem to have any bigs that can hit jumpers consistently beyond MAYBE mozgov who hasn’t played even passable defense as yet.

              • dynamo.joe

                Did we break the reply thingie?

                Anyway, nicely done. I agree this isn’t a problem that needs to be resolved immediately.

                At this point, barring major injury I’m assuming the Nuggets make the playoffs and I’m only worried about 3 teams in a 7 game series; the Spurs, OKC, and Miami. OKC and Miami because of their talent and the Spurs because of Pop.

                That’s a pretty high quality problem to have.

                I really do think that Kosta is the guy you are looking for, his jump shot eFG% last year was 0.364. That’s not bad. When he came out of high school he was known as a 3pt shooter. There is a shooter in there somewhere. Maybe he gave it up in favor of rebounding?

                I have also wondered about how 82games awards minutes and opponent stats wrt Afflalo. I haven’t found an answer.

  • dynamo.joe

    You are aware ESPN is currently doling out its NBARank, right? Well, the resident genius over at Wages of Wins, Arturo is also producing his own version based on stats as opposed to ‘expert opinion’.

    This is how he ranks the current Nuggets roster.

    Player Overall NBA Rank
    Andre Iguodala 6
    Kenneth Faried 7
    Ty Lawson 26
    Kosta Koufos 27
    JaVale McGee 75
    Andre Miller 117
    Julyan Stone 143
    Danilo Gallinari 174
    Jordan Hamilton 237
    Anthony Randolph 280
    Corey Brewer 297
    Timofey Mozgov 360
    Wilson Chandler 385

    Thats right, the Nuggets have 2 players in the top 10 and 4 in the top 30.

    He also promises a “shocking surprise at the top of the standings” later this week. I WILL be shocked if the shocking surprise is not a projection of the Denver Nuggets as the number 1 team in the NBA. With the Heat slightly behind at number 2. And that’s your finals matchup.

    I predict Arturo will then project the Nuggets to take it all in 7. Then he will suggest if the Nuggets were to pickup Matt Barnes or Josh Childress the Nuggets can take the Heat in 5.

    *Some or all of this may be $#!+ I made up in my own head. But it’s all true anyway.

    • Ryan

      I like Kosta Koufos and all but if an analyst is gonna call him the 27th best player in the league, that would be a red flag that he is smoking something and not even worth listening to.

      • dynamo.joe

        Where would you rank Tyson Chandler?

        Cuz if you look at the numbers he compares VERY favorably to Chandler. Howard and Bynum would probably round out everyone’s top 3 C’s.

        Here are their numbers:

        For instance K2 gets a lot of crap on this site for having hands of stone, but he is way below the other 3 in TO/48.

        Blocks he is right there with Howard/Bynum.

        Steals better than everyone but Howard.

        He absolutely dominates all 3 in off. boards. And I think we can all agree the OREB’s are MUCH more important than DREB.

        His only real negative is all the fouls (a problem for all of Denver’s bigs). He gives too many free points to the opposition.

        Before this past season you could argue that he was only putting up number versus scrubs, but the majority of his minutes this past season he was starting for injured Moz or injured Nene.

        So where would you put him?

    • Zack

      Ok a couple questions about these rankings.

      1. How is Kenneth Faried a top 10 NBA player? Look, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the guy. He’s a hard working energy player that can possibly become a Rodman type player (I hope this happens, Rodman was awfully good for a bunch of championship teams). But he’s not a top 10 player in the NBA right now.

      2. How is Iggy #6? I love him too, but he’s not the 6th best player in the NBA.

      3. How is Koufos #27? The guy that did this must really like the Nuggets and be very biased. People are talking about how KK may not get much playing time (with McGee and Moz also on the roster) but yet he’s a top 30 NBA player? Top 30 would mean that one team would like to have him as their BEST player?!?!

      Wow these rankings are awful.

      • dynamo.joe

        Well, basically these rankings are based on various statistical models, primarily WP48, but also on the average statistical increase/decrease with age/experience and other things.

        Now WP48 doesn’t value scoring as a result of volume shooting as much as other advanced stats, so Iggy is fantastic at everything but doesn’t put up a bunch of shots so he gets rated higher than someone who scores via chuckeration but doesn’t do anything else (Kobe/Melo/etc). The same holds true for Faried and K2, good to great at everything but not volume shooters.

        Faried/K2/Ty are at an age where they should be improving so he probably baked that improvement into the model for next year. Other guys are old and should fall off (Kobe/Dirk/Nash/Garnett).

        Oh and he’s actually a Celtics fan, so I don’t think its fan bias.

        • Zack

          I understand the premise of the stats (i.e. if you shoot less and do other things great, like Iggy, you should be ranked higher than a guy like Melo). I get that.

          Stats don’t always tell the whole story though.

          Take PER, for example. According to PER last season, Kyrylo Fesenko was the second best player in the NBA. He only played in 3 games and only got about 17 minutes of playing time, but his PER was only second to LeBron.

          Other guys who played more games/minutes (like Brandan Wright -#24 in PER) are obviously not as good as a lot of other NBA players. You don’t see me trying to convince you that he’s a top 30 player.

          I get the point he made, but I would never, ever try to convince anyone that the Nuggets have two top 10 players and four top 30 players (one of which is Kosta Koufos).

          • dynamo.joe

            EPIC FAIL!!!111!!

            You totally convinced me that Brandan Wright is a top 30 NBA player.

            • Zack

              Haha nice.

              I’m certainly not trying to argue, because some stats (like PPG) can be misleading. A guy like Melo might score more than someone else, but he may not be as good of a scorer because his shooting percentage is lower than the other guy.

              I guess I should be happy that the Nuggets have so many top players, according to that article. I guess I just don’t see it that way.

              And no, Brandan Wright is NOT a top 30 player.

  • Jason Lancaster

    Stupid question time:

    1. Why would anyone pay Brewer more than he’s making now? He’s a defense-first player with a bad shot. He’s essentially the same as Dahntay Jones, a guy the Pacers admittedly overpaid at $3 million a year, and not that far away from Bobby Simmons (albeit younger).

    Also, if a contender is going to bring on a guy like Brewer, they’re likely over the cap and staring at a luxury tax payment, correct? If so, no way they pay top dollar for Brewer. He’s a nice player, but he’s a $2 million a year or less player.

    2. Who wants him in a trade? Any team would take him of course, but I don’t understand who wants him enough to initiate a call. Unless there’s a season-ending injury to a key rotation player, I don’t see anyone getting too excited about trading for Brewer.

    I think this is a perfect example of hometown fans over-valuing a role player.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Just to pile it on, CJ Miles (who is VERY similar to Brewer) got $2 million a year for 2 years from the Cavs.

      I think you’re wrong about the market value on Brewer.

  • parkhill

    This team needs as much leadership, energy and intangibles as possible after this recent trade.

    Although he hasn’t been here long, Brewer is needed for all the reasons above. Moreover, we’re trying to establish a defensive culture. More reason to keep Brew.

    If he’d hit 10% more of his jumpers last year his agent would be rumbling for more money right now and they may have already traded him. His upside is as far as his jumper will allow.

    I think the Jordan Hamilton hype is premature.

    • dynamo.joe

      Hitting 10% more of your jumpers is like the difference between an all-star and a journeyman rotation player, so ya, if he was an all-star he would want more money.

  • Zack

    Why do so many people like Josh Smith so much? He’s a bit of a headcase that takes too many bad shots (long 2 pointers and threes). Btw, he shot over 100 threes last year and shot 25.7% YUCK. Also, he’s a pretty poor free throw shooter (we don’t need more of those).

    I like the team as it is currently constructed, but if everyone is healthy we might have too many players that are capable of playing. I don’t mind having this problem, but we may need to make another 2 for 1 deal to get another Iggy type (in terms of how good he is) player (if that’s possible) because I don’t see everyone staying happy with playing time over the course of a season.

    Definitely excited for the season to start!

    • Ryan

      Denver’s coaching staff does a great job with “head case” players. Javale McGee being the perfect example. People said the same things about him, but look at what he has done with our coaches. And Josh Smith is another great defensive player. Imagine a starting lineup with Igoudala, Chandler, Smith, and McGee at the 2-5 positions. Those are all excellent defensive players – we would be a top defensive team in the nba, and still hav Brewer coming off the bench (if we could manage to keep him out of a hypothetical Josh Smith trade). Also with two big name players like Iguodala and Smith, Denver becomes a much more attractive option for the next superstar who wants a trade.

      • Zack

        I just don’t like the way Josh Smith plays.

        And btw, Wilson Chandler is not an “excellent defensive player”. But yes, a lineup with Iggy and Josh Smith in it would be very good defensively.

        I personally still like Horford over Smith.

        • Ryan

          Not NBA all defense by any means but go back and watch the games he played right after the Melo trade for us. Excellent defender. Can guard the 2-4.

  • CJP32

    GK has come out and said that Denver will play ‘fast’ this season, ideally for 48 mins per game, for 82 games. Can it be done? We will soon see. But I can tell you now that Brewer will be in the rotation simply for the fact that he is one of the quickest, fastest runners/cutters in the NBA and scores 70% of his points on fast breaks, back door cuts, lobs, outlets. Guys like Ty, Iggy, Gallo, Chandler, Faried and McGee also thrive in this system (although McGee suffers from asthma, so could be harder for him).

    Guys that don’t run, wont get as many minutes (with the exception of Miller). It will be an interesting Training Camp/Pre-Season to say the least. A battle for minutes will be a daily occurrence. GK rewards those that put forth the effort every single practise.

    With the start to the schedule having so many road games, a 9-10 man rotation will have to be used, so guys like Mozzy, KK, JHam, Randolph and Fournier will have to make the most of any minutes they receive when blowouts/injuries occur.

  • lyrasmith

    When all of you talking about Smith and Horford,i came up with an idea that why don’t we try to get more potential guys in the trade.Players like Favor and Klay Thompson maybe more suitable for the current team.As far as i’m concerned,Smith will be vey fit to Karl’s teamsystem,however,can u imagine a team’s start player be pg Ty,sg Iggy.sf Gallo(or chander),pf Smith,c Mcgee?Obviously,our team will have a terrible shooting%.We need a player who has versatile skills instead of more strengthen and more fast.As for Hoford.i addmit he is truely a great player,modest and skillful,howecer,what i have to say is that his style may not suit Karl’s well(especially when GK pointed out that he’ll keep his fast style)due to his slow movement.Plus,he has a heavy contract,which may cuz the trouble of re-sign Iggy or Ty.Another case is that inspite of his every years stable progress,he missed the majority games of last season,which brings great risk of trading him.
    Now,let’s talk about what the current team needs most.Defenitely,it’s the shooting %.As we lost Arron in the latest Howard trade,we lost our most reliable shooting star ,as well as Al Harrintong.I was amazed that our team choosen Fournier instead of Jenkins in the 2012 draft,how could that come?Look around our roster,we have Ty and Miller(maybe stone) in the position of PG,and we have Iggy(Chandler),Hamilton and Fornier as SF.It’s extermely clear that we don’t have good shotter.In that case ,Klay Thompson may be an available choosen for the simple reason that The Worriors have already picked Barrens.Addly,if we think tje manimal is undersize,we can choose some potential player like
    Favors though i know it’s quite difficult cuz The Jazz will not let him go easily.
    Having read so many fantastic articles here,I feel like to make some comments.As a forien fans,i’m not good in English,but this time I think I have to tell others what I think.Finallly,i want to say that it’s nice to meet you guys here,and i’m very very happy!

  • S MAC

    Corey Brewer is way better than people give him credit for.. Best end to end runner in the league gives 150% every night… Cuts great without the ball and creates havoc on the defensive end of the court… I hope he gets a opportunity to start in this league… He will have a,breakout year…

  • aquamonk

    Smith is a great player and a game changer with a more diverse skill set than Faried but I don’t give up Faried for anyone bc of his intangibles. Horford is also great and his low post scoring is enticing for playoff basketball but I think at this point what we need is better perimeter shooting and defense more than anything and Smith and Horford don’t bring it. We need to chill and see what we have with this group before making any major moves. In particular, we need to see if McGee can step up and be a go to post guy and Gallo Iggy and Lawson can be consistent from 20ft.–beyond the arc. It’s worth betting that these things will happen, at least giving them a chance to because if they do happen we are in the hunt.
    I made a post earlier in the DP regarding the JHam versus Brewer question and came to the conclusion that JHam was more valuable because of his ability to spread the floor and bust the zones that teams will employ to slow us down. I like what Brewer brings but at this point I would say that he is a defensive specialist that we platoon and bring off the bench for energy. We need sharpshooters more than a superstar. Remember, the beauty of this Nuggets experiment is that we are doing this without stars and employing the idea that basketball is a team game where we fit together the optimal parts. We missed the boat on the good free agent sharpshooters (Novak, Rush, Foye) I would have been more interested in acquiring them. Assuming McGee and Gallo become the players that they should our last missing cog in this experiment is perimeter scoring and defense (Iggy has pretty well shored up the perimeter D).