Nuggets players in the ESPN player rankings (71-500)

The ESPN/Truehoop 2012 NBA player rankings (which you can follow at @NBAonESPN using the #NBArank hashtag) are now starting to get into the upper echelons and have counted down to players 71-80. Continuing with our look at where Nuggets players were ranked (previous posts here and here), here is an updated list including the first four Nuggets to crack the top 100: Andre Miller at 94, Wilson Chandler at 93, JaVale McGee at 77 and Kenneth Faried at 71.

Here are the Nuggets players who have appeared thus far:

  • 71 Kenneth Faried (up 260 from previous rank of 331)
  • 77 JaVale McGee (up 22 from previous rank of 99)
  • 93 Wilson Chandler (down 18 from previous rank of 75)
  • 94 Andre Miller (down 5 from previous rank of 89)
  • 203 Corey Brewer (up 5 from previous rank of 208)
  • 220 Timofey Mozgov (up 86 from previous rank of 306)
  • 269 Anthony Randolph (down 49 from previous rank of 220)
  • 274 Kosta Koufos (up 74 from previous rank of 348)
  • 337 Jordan Hamilton (up 43 from previous rank of 380)
  • 395 Quincy Miller
  • 410 Evan Fournier
  • 473 Julyan Stone

And as a basis for comparison, here are last year’s previous rankings for the last Denver players who have yet to be named:

  • 34 Andre Iguodala
  • 64 Ty Lawson
  • 68 Danilo Gallinari

We will have one final update after the rankings of the three remaining players are released. In the meantime, please feel free to share your predictions for the last three and your thoughts on whether you think the Nuggets players were ranked appropriately compared with the other players in the league (all the rankings can be found by checking the links in the right hand column of this page at ESPN).

Also, stay tuned to Roundball Mining Company for our own rankings of the Denver Nuggets players, which we’ll start publishing soon.

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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • CoffinDancr

    Only team with 7 players in the top 100!

    • joe

      only team with all 5 starters in the top 80

  • jake

    Iggy is top 25, Ty is top 40, Gallo probably moved up to top 50.

    On paper, everyone in the land should be terrified. Of our length, depth, strength, and speed. I though last years team was awesome, and well assembled, until the injuried began. Now, Nene gone for a truly fearsome beast, and Iggy coming to town? I think this is as stacked as I’ve ever seen this team. We won’t get the calls, and we will be given the short end of the stick… but I watched Ty Lawson take over a championship game with no ankles. I think we’ve found the mix of players we need to be prepared game 1 of the playoffs. That was all we needed to face the thunder last year. If you recall, KD and RW had to go off for career nights and combine for 86 points in two over times in order for the officiating to take the game from our hands and place it where the league wanted it. But what if the bigger stronger(than afflalo) Iggy was on either KD or RW? I doubt the outcome would match. We have an Olympian and All Star again. Is it time to win a championship? Dre won’t blow it like AC did. Iggy or Gallo with be the inbounders with vision and length, so no Kmart mistakes. What’s to stop us? Steve Nash?

  • LotharBot

    looks like my previous predictions were pretty good:

    – Chandler and Dre back to back (I had 100/99, they had 93/94)

    – McGee 75 (they had 77)

    – Faried 61 (they had 71)

    I think Faried should be higher than that — at least mid-60s, up around where guys like Millsap were last season.

    Remaining predictions:

    – Gallo 68 (looks like he’s moved up; we’re on 67 right now.) I guess I can revise this to maybe 60. Can’t see putting him any higher with injury concerns.

    – Ty 44. I could see this going as high as 38 or as low as 50, given the numbers the guards in the late 30s and early 40s put up last year are very similar to what Ty did.

    – Iggy 30. Could be as high as maybe 22 (top 24 should be all-stars.) Won’t be much lower than 32.

    • dynamo.joe

      Ty will be higher, people over value the last thing they saw. Ty was pretty good in the LA series. I would say he goes 30 +/- 5.

      • mike

        NO WAY ty is in the top 30. Look for him in the 45-55 range. He played well in that series but let’s not overdo this. He will need to improve parts of his game to become a solid number 2 type ballplayer. I think he COULD become all-star level, but it is far from a certainty which is what a top 30 ranking would imply. People seem to overestimate his current ability (and he is 24 so not particularly young in terms of developmental stage). He plays decent defense, but actually doesn’t steal the ball that great given his quick hands and speed. This is the only way he becomes an above avg as his size puts him at a disadvantage.

        he is more of an average distributor of the basketball. I have suggested on this site before that he needs to add some change of pace skills to his dribbling game as it would lead to more passing lanes and 8-12 foot jumpers. And he needs to raise his 3 pt shooting back up to high 30s. If he does most of those things he becomes all-star calliber player. Otherwise expect for him to stay at his very good starting PG calliber player hovering around top 10.

        • denbutsu

          Post ASB Ty shot .407 from the arc (he was .305 pre-ASB). He also went 17.3/7.0/4.1 post-ASB compared to 15.4/6.1/3.3 prior. In addition to his 3pt%, his FT% also increased from .802 to .845. So what it really comes down to is: Can he continue the momentum he established in the second half of the 2011-12 season and avoid getting off to another slow start? If the answer is yes, then he should probably be on the bubble of All-Star consideration

          However, with CP3, RW, and TP currently ahead of him in the real pecking order, and then Nash (due to name/career/favoritism) and Lin (due to voting by the Chinese fan base) pretty much automatically ahead of him as well, Lawson would have to have a pretty ridiculous surge that got him recognition as having broken through one or two tiers before getting serious All-Star consideration.

          But who knows. Maybe this is his year, his time to prove that he’s worth the bigtime contract he’ll be fishing for.

          • denbutsu

            Just to reiterate the above stats in a slightly more condensed way:

            Pre-ASB: eFG% .507, TS% .551.
            Post-ASB: eFG% .562, TS% .606.

            All-Star or not, the Nuggets will really need that post-ASB Lawson.

            • mike

              Im not really worried about the vagaries of the all-star voting community in terms of Lawson being an all-star calliber player. Its more of an abstract thought on does he belong in or on the periphery of a conversation behind Paul, westbrook (Im a spurs fan and consider Parker at the back of the top tier but do consider Lawson very capable of becoming as valuable as Parker, who should NOT have been anywhere near the MVP conversation). Lawson’s body makes it difficult for him to become top end top tier. He would have to develop games like Paul or Nash to do so, as they are premier orchestrators on offense (2 of top 5 in the history of the game) and are supreme scorers as well. It’s not realistic to predict someone developing into that unless they come into the league dominating (Kyrie Irving). It would/will be nice if he can keep up the same numbers as 2nd half, but it’s TBD with a larger sample size.

  • dynamo.joe

    Oh ya, and a story on McGeezy:

    wherein Hakeem says and I paraphrase,

    “he learned all my moves and then started making up his own. If he is willing to put in the work, he will be the next dominant center.”

    • dynamo.joe

      That’s 2, count ’em; 1,2 stories predicting breakout seasons for 2 different Denver Nugget centers, K2 and the Big McGeezy.

    • Evan Woodruff

      I cant read that. ='(((((((((((((((

      • dynamo.joe

        Hakeem Olajuwon isn’t easily impressed. Why should he be?

        He has battled against legends — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Moses Malone, Shaquille O’Neal, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Michael Jordan — and trained legends in the making — Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard.

        So when Olajuwon, a two-time NBA champion with the Houston Rockets, says someone can play, the rest of us should believe that the guy can play. And when Olajuwon says someone can be dominant, well, we should take those words very seriously, too.

        Which brings us to the point of this story: After working out JaVale McGee for three weeks this summer, Olajuwon said that the Denver Nuggets’ young, 7-foot center can be a dominant player.

        Olajuwon taught McGee, 24, some of his post moves — moves with his back to the basket and moves to use when facing up. Before long, Olajuwon said, McGee was making up his own moves.

        If this is even remotely true, a league in desperate need of quality centers might have found another one.

        “He’s a big guy with a lot of agility and very skilled,” Olajuwon said of McGee. “He’s long, he can handle. I mean, he has all the tools. He created his own [moves]. He mastered all the moves. Now he’ll put in moves to create space and finish. He should be able to dominate the league. It’s up to him how high he wants to go.”

        The fact that McGee spent three weeks with Olajuwon, training for three hours each day, shows he wants to go very high. That’s the longest time a player has ever spent working out one-on-one with Olajuwon at the gymnasium on his 400-acre ranch outside of Houston. Bryant’s famous workout with Olajuwon lasted just four hours, James’ a few days, Howard’s a week, and Amare Stoudemire’s two-and-a-half weeks.

        [+] Enlarge
        Kirby Lee/US PresswireMcGee fared well against Bynum and the Lakers in the playoffs.

        We got a glimpse of how good McGee can be last season in Denver’s seven-game first-round series loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. In Games 3 and 5, both Nuggets wins, McGee was outstanding, outplaying All-Star center Andrew Bynum. As long and athletic a big man as you’ll ever see, he went for 16 points, 15 rebounds and 3 blocks in Game 3, and 21 points, 14 rebounds and 2 blocks in Game 5.

        The problem was the other five games, when McGee totaled just 23 points on 6-of-29 shooting (20.7 percent).

        So let’s not put McGee, who averaged 11 points and eight rebounds while playing for Washington and Denver last season, in Bynum’s class just yet. Olajuwon says it will take more than talent, length and new moves for McGee to reach his full potential.

        “His work ethic, the ups and downs and challenges off the court,” Olajuwon said, noting which other areas McGee needs to master to reach his potential. “Of course you have to get some rest, because in your career as a professional you have to take care of yourself. Sleeping at night, getting your rest, eating properly. Now, that can affect your outcome. You do those things, basketball will be easy.”

        McGee was viewed as one of the Wizards’ many young knuckleheads during his three-and-a-half seasons in Washington. But Denver believes in him, as evidenced by the four-year, $44 million deal it gave him earlier this summer.

        In contrast to his squirrelly reputation, the Nuggets say McGee has been nothing but professional since joining the team at last season’s trade deadline.

        “We haven’t had one problem with him,” Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri said. “Not once have I needed to sit JaVale down in my office. He’s always on time, he loves the gym. I think he’s growing up and maturing. Some of the things we did when we were younger were not the right things to do at the time, but young guys are going to be that way. But he’s a good kid. There are no complaints about him from any of the players or the coaches.”

        Since completing his workouts with Olajuwon in late August, McGee, who was joined during his training with Olajuwon by teammate Kenneth Faried for a week, has been in Denver working out with the team.

        While Ujiri is excited about McGee’s future, he is being patient with him. He loved hearing Olajuwon’s praise, but he is tempering his expectations.

        “He does have the tools, but he has a long way to go,” said Ujiri, who, like Olajuwon, is a native of Nigeria. “We got him because we felt he had tools. But it’s not going to happen overnight. It takes big guys time to make that jump to become prominent in the NBA. But he runs the floor, he’s athletic, he’s got long arms, great length, big hands, and his skills aren’t bad. He’s just got to get more comfortable with what he does and more disciplined in what he does.”

        If he does, McGee — and the Nuggets — could be scary good this season.

        • dynamo.joe

          At least once a year, they put insider on sale. They don’t send a physical copy of ESPN the magazine. Anyway it drops the price to around $1/month. It’s worth it.

        • Jim

          Thanks for posting this. I may go make a batch of nuggets Kool-aid.

        • Evan Woodruff

          I love you.

          • dynamo.joe

            I tell you, buddy… I’d be the luckiest guy alive if that did it for me.

  • Tommy

    What did the insider say about Kenneth being underrated? Guess it just talks about hustle?

  • Ban Johnson

    Gallo 69 (had a poor playoffs so will be underrated)
    Ty 40 — (which would be ahead of very good pros such as David West and Josh Smith)
    Iguodala 31

    CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SEASON. This sort of stacked young roster should be the test of George Karl’s career. If he can make this year’s Nuggets work…which means, into an elite team — 52+ wins and at least 2nd round in an extremely competitive conference — he knows what he’s doing. Nuggets need to see that kind of success to set up contending status the following year and beyond.

    • Ban Johnson

      correction: Gallo will be 60
      (Espn has already done 61-70)

  • doktarr

    I feel like Iguodala will get into the top 30 just by virtue of being on the Olympic team, and being a superstar according to some of the stats. Wins Produced loves him:

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