Coming soon: Roundball ranks the Denver Nuggets

For over a month our writers have been in discussion about an upcoming series that ranks the Denver Nuggets from 1-15. In conjunction with the current ESPN #NBArank, we’ve come up with our own formula for ranking the Denver Nuggets (it’s actually not that complicated). After adding up all our writers’ scores and fielding everyone’s input, we’ve finally determined a solid order by which all 15 Denver Nuggets players are ranked based on who we feel is the best at this very moment. This has nothing to do with the future or the past. This is the definitive Roundball Mining Company #NuggetsRank of the current Denver Nuggets roster based on who we feel is more valuable to the team, in relation to their teammates, right now!

The series will kick off soon so stay tuned for who comes in at No. 15.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • Andrew K

    Its hard to judge on some players i.e. Hamilton and Randolph because of limited playing time/wrong situation? In any case, this should be amusing.

  • John

    Is this ranking going to take 3 months like ESPN’s? OK, here my guess for the ranks… based on skill set “not” PPG.

    1. Iguodala
    2. Dre
    3. Ty
    4. Gallo
    5. Wilson
    6. McGee
    7. Faried
    8. Brew
    9. AntRand
    10. JHam
    11. Kosta
    12. Timofey
    13. JStone
    14. Fournier
    15. QMiller

    • Joey

      dude there is no way in hell that andre miller is more talented than ty lawson n gallo. wow. Your trippin bud. gallos entering his prime and ty is the best player on the nuggets even with iggy. the nuggets go as far as ty will take us. andre only has a few years left. andre is 5th at best.

      1. TY

  • blackhill

    1. Iguodala
    2. Ty
    3. McGee
    4. Gallo
    5. Faried
    6. Dre
    7. Chandler
    8. Koufus
    9. Mozzy
    10. Brewer
    11. J-Ham
    12. Stone
    13. Randolph
    14. Fournier
    15. QMiller

  • JetLife82

    Randolph should be up around 6 or 7 because he dunked on Yao Ming twice in one game. Always looks like he’s about to cry though so he might slip down to 10 or 11..

    • John

      I agree Jet he is better than many think. Randolph looked pretty good when Love went down with a concussion. I believe he just needs the right situation and he will show vast improvement.

  • dynamo.joe

    1. Faried
    2. Iggy
    3. K2
    4. Ty
    5. Stone
    6. The Big McGeezy
    7. Gallo
    8. Hamilton
    9. AynRand
    10. Old Andre
    11. Brewer
    15.Young Miller

    • dynamo.joe

      And yes I would be completely comfortable with my top 5 being the starting unit, with Stone defending the 2, but bringing the ball up on offense.

      And before you ask “who is gonna score on that team?”, ask yourself “who is gonna score on the opposing team?”, cuz the answer to the 2nd question is ‘no one’.

    • Aaron

      Yuhh Must Be Getting Some Of Those Names Mixed Uhp….Stone And Koufos Top 5 Players On The Nuggets?

      • dynamo.joe

        Look at Kosta’s numbers, they are insanely high. In previous years you could say “ya, against scrubs”, but this past season most of his minutes came as a starter for injured players, so that excuse doesn’t cut it anymore.

        I remember Hastings saying something like “we all laughed when Kosta said ‘give me minutes and I’ll give you a double-double’, but hes has come out here and done it in 2 of the last 3 games”.

        And finally, look at this comparison between Tyson Chandler and KK
        Tyson Chandler is a more efficient scorer who gets more foul calls to go his way, but KK is better at almost everything else. He is also a pretty efficient scorer compared to the rest of the league, just not as efficient as Chandler.

        Stone is admittedly a stretch. He didn’t play enough and he only played against scrubs. He could easily have been ranked behind Gallo. But I do think his court vision, his passing, and his defense are for real.

        I also don’t think much of the vets behind Andre Miller on my list. The best of them is Corey Brewer and I think his ceiling is slightly below league average.

  • Evan Woodruff



  • Gerardo

    15 will be quincy

  • paul

    Here’s mine. Go Nuggets!

    1. Gallo
    2. Iggy
    3. Ty
    4. Faried
    5. AMiller
    6. McGee
    7. Chandler
    8. Brewer
    9. Mozgov
    10. JHam
    11. Kosta
    12. Randolf
    13. Stone
    14. Fournier
    15. QMiller

  • al68

    1.- TY
    2.- GALLO
    3.- IGGY
    4.- FARIED
    5.- CHANDLER
    6.- JAVALE
    7.- MILLER
    8.- RANDOLF
    9.- HAMILTON
    10.- BREWER
    11.- MODGOV
    12.- KOUFOS
    13.- FOURNIER
    14.- STONE
    15.- QMILLER

  • Denver4ever

    1. Lawson
    2. Iguodala
    3. Gallinari
    4. Faried
    5. A. Miller
    6. McGee
    7. Chandler
    8. Brewer
    9. Koufos
    10. Mozgov
    11. Randolph
    12. Hamilton
    13. Stone
    14. Fournier
    15. QMiller

  • Alberto

    1. Lawson
    2. Gallinari
    3. McGee
    4. Iguodala
    5. Faried
    6. Andre Miller
    7. Chandler
    8. Randolph
    9. Mozgov
    10. Fournier
    11. Brewer
    12. Koufos
    13. Miller
    14. Stone
    15. Hamilton

  • klaboria

    I’m really curious as to why so many people are putting Quincey Miller down in the 13-15 range.

    Lets not forget that before the ACL injury he was going to go top 5, top 10 EASY.

    He is going to be the steal of the draft and this years “Manimal” with playing time. Karl wont be able to keep him off the court because his game compliments Lawson’s so well.

    1. AI2
    2. Lawson
    3. McGee (we will see big steps)
    4. Faried
    5. Gallo
    6. Dre
    7. Q. Miller
    8. Brewer
    9. Randolph
    10. K2
    11. Chandler
    12. Stone
    13. Mozgov
    14. Jham
    15. Fournier

    • John

      That is not exactly correct klaboria…

      QMiller was a top ranked “high school” player… not top ranked for the NBA Draft. He is just 19. His only college ball was post ACL injury, and was just OK, but the latter half of the season showed marked improvement. He could return to form, but needs a lot of development both physically and to his game, before he ranks very high on an incredibly deep playoff caliber team.

      I would definitely like to see him do well, but he is not there yet.

    • Joey

      its because hes not nba ready yet yo. Maybe in the next 2-3 years he’ll be the best player on the nuggets. but for now he’ll b warmin up the bench. Only way if he plays is if iggy,gallo,and dre all get hurt

  • JetLife82

    Just put some money on the nugs to bring home the trophy this season. 60-1 odds. Grizzlies were like 30-1. Stupid bookies smh…

  • dynamo.joe

    Wow, it’s amazing to me how undervalued Faried is, even by fans of this team. And most people probably undervalue him because ‘he is not a scorer’. I guess they haven’t looked at the numbers, cuz on a per minute basis he scores as much as anyone besides McGee.

    Less amazing is how undervalued K2 is. Inspite of the fact that he is undervalued to a greater extent than Kenneth.

    Is it the letter ‘k’? Do people just not like that letter or something?

  • CJP32

    1 – Iggy
    2 – Ty
    3 – Faried
    4 – Gallo
    5 – McGee
    6 – Dre
    7 – Wilson
    8 – Brewer
    9 – Koufos
    10 – Mozzy
    11 – Randolph
    12 – JHam
    13 – Miller
    14 – Fournier
    15 – Stone

    First 10 are the rotation for the first 2 months I think, then by January, guys like JHam, Randolph will get minutes to prove themselves and a trade could be made depending on record and players performance.

    The ones that have to be watching their backs are Gallo and Chandler – they can be easily replaced and/or traded if they are not performing. Look at the contract extensions given last year:

    Nene – traded
    Afflalo – traded
    Gallo – next???
    Wilson – next???

  • James


  • Ban Johnson

    1 Iguodala
    2 Lawson
    3 Gallinari
    4 McGee
    5 Faried (3,4,5 on Nuggets are very close)
    6 Chandler
    7 Miller (old)
    8 Brewer (intangibles)
    9 Mozgov (can’t teach size, son)
    10 Koufos (needs PT)
    11 Randolph (same)
    12 Hamilton (same)

  • Aaron

    1. Iguodala
    2. Lawson
    3. Gallo
    4. McGee
    5. Faried.
    6. Hamilton
    7. A. Miller
    8. Chandler
    10. Koufos
    11. Mozgov
    12. Q. Miller
    13. Randolph
    14. Fournier
    15. Stone

  • Evan Woodruff

    Hey all you people, you realize its on how they did last season, not how they’re going to do this season.


    • John

      You might want to reread the write up above… it has nothing to do with future or past but how good the Roundball write think they are right now…

  • Z

    Faried has hustle lol if that ranks high in Denver cool skill set is horrible but if the Nugget fans love him cool
    7.A. Miller
    8. Big Moz

  • Z

    Hamilton?? will never be better then Gallo or Chandler on his best day and Gallo and Chandler will continue to get better to bad it wont be in Denver

  • Logan

    Here are my picks…

    1. Iggy
    2. Ty
    3. Gallo
    4. JaVale
    5. Faried
    6. Chandler
    7. Andre Miller
    8. Anthony Randolph
    9. Brewer
    10. J-Ham
    11. Mozzy (Interchangeable)
    12. KK (Interchangeable)
    13. Stone
    14. Quincy
    15. Evan Fournier