Injuries: Chandler’s return delayed, Stone likely out till January

Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post reported on two injury updates yesterday. Unfortunately, neither of them brought us encouraging news.

Wilson Chandler had been slated to return soon to get in on the preseason action, but that has now been delayed:

Forward Wilson Chandler, still dealing with his recovery from hip surgery, was supposed to play at Portland, but Karl didn’t sound so sure Tuesday. Karl found out just five minutes before practice that Chandler wouldn’t be able to participate in the practice. The Nuggets would like Chandler to log some game minutes this fall, but they’re not going to force him into a situation if he’s not healthy.

The details are vague, but hopefully this is just a minor delay and Chandler can be ready to go by the regular season.

The news about Stone, however, is more ominous:

Julyan Stone is still recovering from his hip surgery, and today Nuggets coach George Karl said his No. 3 point guard could be sidelined all the way until January… Asked about how his team will handle the PG position with Stone out, Karl said, “It’s a philosophical discussion to have at the end of camp.”

With all due respect to Karl, there is nothing “philosophical” about the question of whether to discard a young, unique developing player in order to get a few months of Anthony Carter as third stringer.It’s pretty clear cut and objective. You just don’t do it. Case closed. And while Masai Ujiri has given us no reason to believe he’d squander an asset in that way, it’s easy for Nuggets fans to imagine what Karl is whispering in his ear.

With Andre Miller having suffered a separated shoulder near the end of last season, not getting any younger, and making a very slow return to action this preseason, the temptation may be there to lock in an injury insurance third PG who’s good to go immediately. Hopefully Ujiri will have the good sense to resist that urge, and stand by Stone’s development.

As always, keeping checking back at Roundball Mining Company for more preseason game coverage, analysis, and the continuation of our #NuggetsRank series.


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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • Jake

    My opinion; don’t sign Anthony Carter and keep developing Stone, just like the article states. They can use Iguodala as a point forward like they did in the last preseason game if Miller gets banged up. But I’m not concerned with Miller, aside from last season’s shoulder injury he has been a tank his entire career.

  • Slurm

    If we cut Stone for Carter I might vomit. As someone already if Miller gets hurt again we have Iguodala who could run the point forward and at times even Gallo.

  • fatlabs

    Anthony Carter is a disaster for almost every reason. I’m sure George likes his ‘teamness’ but I don’t like point guards who jump when they pass (often to the other team) and can’t shoot.

  • Sean

    There are enough guys on this team that can competently handle the ball in the event that Miller is hurt and I don’t think Carter gives the Nuggets anything beyond that to really make keeping him a priority. If the cut Stone in the wake of Karl saying that he would likely have been a first round pick this year then we know that a) Karl doesn’t remember what he said and b) Karl has more power than we realize. I don’t think either of those things will ultimately prove to be true.

  • sunrise

    With all the playmakers on the Nuggets we don’t need Carter…it might be a good way to get Fours on the court…

  • Aaron

    Yeah, Fornier, or even JHam. Heck why don’t we run our “7 footers only lineup” out there for 5 minutes and put Gallo at the point with Mozzy, K2, Randolph, and JaValle.

    Andre Miller is a gamer, and played with one shoulder during the playoffs last year. Even if GK wants to limit him and save him (which I’m in favor of), we can do a band aid approach there to get Ty 5 minutes off at a time.

  • Andrew K

    I am sick and tired of Wilson Chandler being injured. It seems since he has joined the Nuggets, he has been nothing but plagued.

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    Some guys posts with my name….. well, I guess for identification purposes, and because I’m second on this article, I have decided not to name myself Denbutsu….

    I really like Julyan, and I would hate having another team grab him and mold him. He’s unique and his size really sets him apart. He doesn’t have to score, but he’s good around the basket, and he’s always made good defensive plays even if only inserted for a single inbounds play. Having AC in the lineup takes us from incredibly deep all around to incredibly crippled everywhere he plays. Anthony Carter, you are the weakest link. Have Iggy run point, and go big. Gallo at the 2, manimal at 3, Kosta at 4 and JaVale or Mozzy at 5. Staunch defense, no access to the rim.

    I don’t know, all I’m really saying is, can someone else give the Air Conditioner a chance?

    • Joel

      Hey, sorry about that man. It was just going to be for the best for me to drop the “denbutsu” handle and use my real name (ESPN’s preference, fewer headaches for Jeremy & co.), so I made the switch.

  • slugdugg

    Maybe the “philosophical” part of the conversation isn’t whether we abandon all hope and sign AC… maybe it’s about the philosophy of running with one of our other ball handlers as a point (JHam, Fournier, Danilo…) ? Obviously we had Stone all last year and Karl hardly used him, so I would be surprised if we go all haywire and dump him for AC considering he is under contract.

    The upshot is that this might be good news in the long run. Maybe Karl knowing he doesnt have a 3rd pg option might make him run less 2-pg lineups and give more opportunity to guys like JHam and Fournier.

  • jim

    i think not having chandler ready to go is a waaay bigger deal right now. i figure ac is going to be on the bench as a coach anyway. he can just have a uniform on under his suit.

  • Landry

    This is why the Nuggets should never give GK the veteran crutch he so desperately asks for… Never again AC! NEVER AGAIN!!!

    • Alex

      HAHAHA that is the funniest thing I have ever read. So sad, yet so true.
      Best line
      “Despite their high-powered offense and new-found winning ways, they were still a team that had a starting point guard who could at times be overwhelmed by the mere size of a basketball” ….

      Now i love my nuggets and support them no matter what but doesn’t it seem sometimes that the quote describes the entire team with some of the bone headed things we do year in and year out , players, coaches and front office included…

    • OriginalJakeSauce

      I remember the fear in my whole person when AC held the ball for that inbounds play. Why doesn’t Danillo handle that now, or Melo then? We could’ve been contenders… we could’ve been somebody! Instead of a chump… which is what AC made us.

  • slugdugg

    Aaaaaaaaand after all of that Chandler is playing tonight.

    • Joel

      I blame George Karl… But in all seriousness, the report did make it seem like he wouldn’t play, but obviously that wasn’t the case, so my apologies for creating the wrong impression. I’m glad to be wrong about this one, and that he was able to return.

  • Nuggz2

    Perfect chance for JHam to run point. Anybody remember JR doing that in garbage time western conference finals year? AC isn’t as bad as every wants to make him out to be. Chemistry guy while Dre is gone. Still preseason. Remember that? Stone has too much upside to dump him. Too much defense. Still has two point guards and time in front of him to worry about him being out right now. As far as Chandler? Too much depth and management knowing what he is capable of doing to call him a waste. Gallo is in the same position but is twice as much. Look to keep Chandler on the roster as the ‘sleeper’ on the roster come trade time

    • SmokinNugs

      Dre is back (with a legit new hairstyle I might add) so I think we can safely let AC return to whatever it is he does best. (not basketball)

  • slugdugg

    No I agree GK is totally cryptic in half the things he says

    • SmokinNugs

      I would be too if I were a player or a coach. I’d be doing things like the Repeater and more or less just being difficult to deal with. I think the post game press conferences are lame and my responses would reflect that opinion!

  • Jeff

    Did Chandler look overweight or was that just the poor quality of the stream I was watching online?

    • Erlingur

      Just change the aspect ratio to 4:3 and he’ll be a lot slimmer in no time.

  • JetLife82

    I’d like to see what a starting 5 of Andre Miller, Lawson, Brewer, Koufos and Mozgov is capable of. With Koufos as more of a rebounder and Mozzy playing a more defensive role I think these guys could be a nice fit. I like the 2 pg lineup early on rather than in crunch time as then you have 5 guys who will start the game playing the right way.

    Imagine a 2nd unit of McGee, Faried, Gallo, Chandler/JHam and Iggy running the point. The other team’s bench players would get crushed.

    In crunch time I’d just like to see Brewer and whoever else is hot. Just an idea. Any thoughts?

  • Tom

    Basketball Prospectus predicts a 58-24 record for the Nuggets, same as Hollinger.