Denver Nuggets, Ty Lawson agree to 4 year, $48 Million extension

According to Ty Lawson himself, the young point guard and the Denver Nuggets have reportedly come to an agreement on a 4 year, $48 million extension.  The extension will kick in for the 2013-14 season at which point the Nuggets will begin to feel the financial ramifications of retaining their core players at a market value level assuming of course they retain the services of Andre Igoudala beyond this season.  The contract negotiations had become somewhat of a distraction according to George Karl so it is good to have that behind them prior to the start of the season.

Congratulations to Ty Lawson on converting on his tremendous athleticism and talent financially.  Now we just need to see him continue to convert on those abilities on the court.  Lawson is a fantastic player, but still has untapped potential.

Look for more in depth analysis on this news coming soon.

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  • Aaron

    Thank God!!! Hopefully Lawson Can Focus Way More On Basketball Now And Go Back To His Old Self.

  • Ban Johnson

    great news. fair deal. He’s been playing at a well-below-market rate for 3 years going on 4. So Nuggets certainly haven’t been fleeced by Ty Lawson. Let’s hope he’s a Nugget for life and continues to improve. Not many players easier to root for in the whole league.

    Salary cap management going forward will be delicate and interesting. Nuggets are going to be right at that luxury tax level if Iguodala stays on his current contract next year (player option), and that’s without Brewer or Mozgov.
    So if Brewer (and/or Moz) proves he’s a keeper, look for Chandler almost certainly to be dealt by next summer, as well as possibly Randolph. I doubt the Kroenkes want to pay onerous luxury taxes for anything but a champion.

    When it come time for Faried to get big bucks, something will really have to give. Fortunately he’s on an incredible bargain of a rookie deal for this year and 2 more.

  • GK4Prez

    I wonder if there is a team/player option in the deal?

  • Roundball Bill

    This will prove to be a good deal for the Nuggets if Ty can finally step up and start performing at an elite level. If he doesn’t improve to an all star level in the next two years though I could see him getting dealt away.

  • CJP32

    2013/14 Salary Cap:

    Iggy – 15.9
    Ty – 12
    McGee – 10.7
    Gallo – 10.1
    Chandler – 6.3
    Dre – 5
    KK – 3
    AR – 1.7
    Fournier – 1.4
    Faried – 1.4
    JHam – 1.2

    Total – almost 69 Million for just 11 players

    Tax Level will be around 72 Million. I would assume that either Gallo or Chandler will be gone. Brewer would be a cheaper option than Chandler.

    • Charlie

      The Chandler contract is the one that sticks out like a sore thumb. That is one the Nuggets could look to move before they brush up against the tax and face having to give him away for savings

      • GK4Prez

        From what I have seen so far, and it was only preseason, but the contract that sticks out like a sore thumb is the guy with the 15.9 next to his name.

    • NuggLove

      I agree. Chandler’s contract is silently and softly killing the Nuggets. As long as Chandler plays behind Gallo, his potential decreases. At this point, Chandler doesn’t have the same skill set as Gallinari, and it’s best for him to be traded to a team willing to start him (Bobcats, Warriors, Jazz, etc.).

    • mike

      you can go ahead and take Gallo out of that “gone” equation. He is their 3rd best player at this point. You COULD replace him with Andre Miller as they might try to find him a new spot for him if they could add a backup for cheaper.

  • Trevor

    Even though Denver brought in Iggy I still think Lawson will be the heart of the team, if the Nuggets have an All-star it will be him. He needs to step up to being a top 5 pg for the Nuggets to really make some noise.

  • Cletus

    I call that 11at 69 mill a helluva a rotation. Be better if they rework iggy to a four year 45 million or so to save on next years cap. That rotation would still be the deepest in the NBA.

  • Evan Woodruff

    I literally just YOL’d. (Yessed)

  • Tom

    Lawson is decent, but there are about 10 point guards better than him, so $12 mil per year might be a stretch. The problem with Lawson is that he’s small and not very assertive. His efficiency is great, though, so if he upped his usage a bit, that would go a long way toward justifying the contract. The player I would look to trade ASAP is McGee. His contract is awful, especially for a guy who will only get 25 minutes per game. The Nuggets have Koufos, Mozgov, and Randolph all on very reasonable contracts; McGee is not much better, and is making more than all three of those guys combined.

    Anyway, here’s hoping Lawson lives up to his new deal.

  • http://Denverstiffs.comSlader Richard Greenslade (Slader)

    I do hope Tom is wrong about McGee, although his doubts are entirely legitimate. I still hope he can gradually improve and justify his deal, first on defense and ultimately at both ends.
    As for Ty, last year’s stats plus a little more leadership will suffice to pay for this agreement. Go nuggets!

  • bballin

    Tom name me those 10 better point guards in the league. I’d say Lawson is top 10 maybe even top 5.