Injuries: Chandler’s return delayed, Stone likely out till January

Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post reported on two injury updates yesterday. Unfortunately, neither of them brought us encouraging news. (more…)

Nuggets 104, Warriors 98: Preseason observations

The Nuggets defeated the Warriors 104-98 on Monday to go to 3-0 and stay undefeated in the preseason. Here are some game notes…


5 burning questions for the 5 remaining Nuggets preseason games

The Denver Nuggets have five preseason games left on the schedule, and tonight versus the Golden State Warriors (7pm/MT) will be the first of only two to be played at the Pepsi Center. Denver did win its first two games, and now that they’ve been played we have gotten the chance to see some of the players in action, and some of the lineups that George Karl is experimenting with. The coaching decisions and player performances thus far point to a few interesting questions, and over the course of the next few games we will hopefully be closer to having the answers. (more…)

Nuggets at Spurs observations

The Nuggets and Spurs are currently tied 45-45 at halftime. Here are some quick thoughts on the first half:

  • The leading story so far is Corey Brewer, who exploded for 17 points in 11 minutes. He has been the usual bundle of energy, and actually created a couple of his own mid-range scoring opportunities (though missing both his 3-point attempts).
  • Jordan Hamilton did not play, but Evan Fournier got seven minutes. It’s hard to read too much into preseason rotation decisions, and riding Brewer’s hot play is probably a no-brainer, but one could wonder (more…)

Heritage, eras, and the new Nuggets skyline jerseys

The post-Carmelo Anthony era of the Denver Nuggets began, of course, on the day he was traded to New York. That day would mark a historic sea change in the Nuggets culture, and in its wake the newly assembled team handled what could have been a much rougher transition remarkably well, closing out the season with an 18-7 record that few would have thought possible. Despite continued success (relative to expectations around the league) in the following season, the NBA lockout and injuries deprived Denver of the full training camp, preseason and 82-game regular season they really needed to take the team to the next level. (more…)

Actually, offensive rebounds probably don’t cost much

Henry Abbot, senior writer at ESPN and founder of the TrueHoop blog and network (of which Roundball Mining Company is proud to be a part) recently published an interesting article entitled “Offensive rebounds come with a cost.” In it, in response to John Hollinger’s observation that last season’s Boston Celtics were the worst offensive rebounding team in league history. he poses an intriguing question: (more…)

#NuggetsRank No. 8: Jordan Hamilton

Coming in at No. 8 on Roundball Mining Company’s #NuggetsRank list is sophomore sensation, Jordan Hamilton. To many readers this may come as as surprise and even an injustice; after all, Hamilton has yet to log an extensive stretch of significant minutes at the NBA level in his brief career. But in the eyes of our writers who watched him showcase his skill-set at Summer League, there was just no way Hamilton was going to end up being ranked any lower — and here’s why…


#NuggetsRank No. 9: Corey Brewer

As we progress through #NuggetsRank our next player is the physical manifestation of the stats versus scouting debate.  Corey Brewer is a player who does almost nothing well that can be quantified by statistics, but he has managed to be ranked ninth on Denver’s stacked roster.  (more…)

Nuggets vs. Clippers observations

On Oct. 6 the Nuggets faced the Clippers in the first preseason game of the year. Though not much was at stake, the players seemed to approach the game as if it were late April, not early October. The contest culminated with two incredible last-second layups: one by Eric Bledsoe and the other by Ty Lawson to win the game as the shot clock expired. Here are some observations.


REMINDER: Nuggets preseason almost underway

The Denver Nuggets will kick off their 2012 preseason campaign against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday, Oct. 6, at 8:30 p.m. in Las Vegas. Because the Colorado Rapids are playing at 7 p.m., the game will not be televised on Altitude. NBATV will be airing a replay of the Dallas Mavericks preseason game in Germany at this time, which seems odd considering a live game in Las Vegas would be much more preferable to viewers. If anybody has any information on where this game can be viewed please leave a comment below. The rest of the Nuggets remaining preseason schedule is as follows (per

Oct. 12, @ Spurs, 6:30 p.m.
Oct. 15 vs. Warriors, 7 p.m.
Oct. 17 @ Trail Blazers, 8 p.m.
Oct. 21 @ Oklahoma City, 6 p.m.
Oct. 25 vs. Clippers, 8 p.m.
Oct 26 @ Suns, 7 p.m.

2012-2013 Training Camp: Five things to watch

Training camp officially starts today, hot on the heels of media day where the Nuggets announced they’ve finalized their 17-man roster with guards Anthony Carter and Ben Uzoh.

The Uzoh addition is an interesting one. His name was one of many New Jersey Nets linked to Denver in the early days of the Melo saga. Uzoh isn’t a threat to make the roster now but the Nuggets could keep an eye on him in the future. Anthony Carter gives George Karl a veteran presence familiar with how he runs camp. If reports from last season are true, Karl has tried to recruit Carter as an assistant coach.

This training camp features a strong core of players looking to expand on roles they already have. Following them are about nine rotation guys fighting over four open spots. There’s probably about half the roster whose performances in camp could have a huge effect on their futures. Here are five storylines to watch as camp and preseason unfold. (more…)

Media Day recap

For the first time in Roundball Mining Company history a member of our team — yours truly — was able to attend Nuggets Media Day. It was an incredible, eye-opening experience and we cannot thank the Nuggets organization enough for allowing us the opportunity to gain this type of coverage of the team we all love most. I was able to score eight one-on-one interviews with various team members. Here is how it went…


The time has arrived for media day, training camp and the preseason

October has arrived, and with it the end of the NBA offseason. Today is media day in the NBA, and the Denver Nuggets will open the doors of the Pepsi Center to the press prior to the beginning of training camp tomorrow. And we are now less than a week away from Denver’s first preseason game versus the Los Angeles Clippers at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Oct. 6. (See the complete preseason schedule at here).

Of course, Roundball Mining Company will be keeping you updated with the latest developments out of training camp and the preseason, so stay tuned. (more…)

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