Link: Five Nuggets story lines to watch for this season

We’ve given you two season preview articles thus far and although the Nuggets’ 2012-13 campaign has officially begun, here’s one more. It’s a less traditional preview piece with five of the biggest story lines to keep an eye on this year. For those unfamiliar, Westword is an alternative weekly newspaper in Denver owned by Voice Media Group — the same company that owns such papers as The Village Voice in New York City and L.A. Weekly in Los Angeles.

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Kalen Deremo

Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • JetLife82

    Here’s a trade I just came up with, more so to sort out the logjam at the wing positions a bit. It’s pretty basic but Denver would probably have to receive picks and maybe more for it to not be considered stupidity on our part. Interesting how it affects our projected win total though. Thoughts?

    • Andrew K

      Interesting trade. At first glance, I thought “no way”. Then, I started thinking, and I know I do not like Wilson Chandler much. I have always like Thadeus Young. My final decision would be NO because there is too much unanswered about Faried, mostly about if others started playing and shooting better around him, then maybe he would be at his best.

    • Colby

      I don’t think that Faried should be involved in any trades at all. He is a huge part of this teams success.

      • dynamo.joe

        To me Ty, Stone, Iguodala, Hamilton, Faried, Koufos are quasi untouchable. Mostly because they are young and on cheap contracts with the exception of Iguodala. As for Iggy, you don’t give up on an all-star after 1 game.

        Oops Fournier, AynRand and Quincy Miller should be on that list too (tho Randolph is VERY tradeable if he is already in Karl’s doghouse).

        If we can get something for Andre Miller, Brewer, Gallinari, Chandler, McGee and Moz, trade away. You pretty much know who those guys are and they ain’t all-stars (Gallo/McGee are possible exceptions, but are already on a $10M+ contracts)

        I know a lot of you guys like to hate on Koufos, but you can’t tell me he isn’t playing upto a $3M contract. That is proably the best non-rookie contract in the NBA.

  • blackhill

    No way to the trade unless Moultire and Evan Turner are thrown in with Young for Faried, Chandler and Brewer.

  • JetLife82

    Thaddeus Young and Arnette Moultrie for Chandler and Faried works. For some reason this does not affect either teams win total. Therefore Moultrie must give whatever team he’s on -1 win for the season… Anyway trading Faried is not ideal, but he doesn’t seem to be the same player he was last season. If he doesn’t get it together then this could be a nice deadline deal.

  • dynamo.joe

    First off, talking about trades after 1 game is dumb, but since it’s going that way anyways…

    I can’t make the trade on ESPN, because he isn’t elegible until Dec 15, but the trade is basically Ryan Anderson for Gallo.

    That basically covers all you guys who are saying we have too many wings, we don’t have enough shooters, Chandler has more upside than Danilo, Faried should be coming off the bench because he is clogging the lane, etc.

    Anderson is basically the best shooting 4 in the league, they have the Brow at the 4 already and have not much more than al-Farouq Aminu manning the small forward position.

    So, who blinks 1st on that deal?

    • dynamo.joe

      It must be getting late, I used the word ‘basically’ way too much in that post.

  • Tommy

    Lol ‘Faried doesn’t seem to be the same player’, we’ve had one game! I don’t agree with karl saying faried is not the ideal player for a catchup. I think hustle is exactly what would do it. Better then playing killer the whole fricken game

  • Mark from Charlotte


  • johnnyd

    Was that article copy and pasted from last season? Sounded like the same old crap to me. Blah blah blah I’m not buying that a team a superstar to win a championship. I’ll take ten very good players over a team with two or three “superstars” and the rest mediocre any day of the week. Whether this group of Nuggets are the group that can do it or not remains to be seen. When George gets his rotation figured out, which certainly takes more that 7 preseason games with the array of talent on the Nuggets roster, we will see what this team can accomplish. Other coaches with two “star” players surrounded by mediocrity will have no problem figuring out their rotation, that’s for sure. If a roster tweak is needed, I’ll trust the front office to figure out a way to get it done without sending a guy like Faried down the road. He’s one of the engines that make the Nuggets train roll.

    • plainsnugfan

      johnnyd, you apparently don’t watch the NBA, especially the playoffs…Miami won the title with three stars, and absolute rubbish after the top three…Lakers beat the Nuggs last year with three great players and the rest well below average…OKC had three great players, and a few average to above average players. In the playoffs, it doesn’t matter how good your 8-10 players are, because they don’t play…typically only the top 7 players play in the playoffs, and your stars play virtually 100% of the time, its players 3-7 that rotate. The Nuggs play well in the regular season because their bench routinely outplays the other teams bench, but in the playoffs, the Nuggs bench would be playing against the other team’s starters and we see where that got them against the Lakers

  • http://Hehasnochoicenow,buthedidforBenghazi! Sang Marangoni

    I remember as a kid living in Bohemia/Ronkonkoma and a couple of hurricanes hit. Made a mess, flooded everything but no one went nuts. Of course back then it was mostly woods and farms. We even had a real ice box with a block of ice(really sucked as did the outhouse). A trip to Smithtown was a big deal. Times have changed as have the people.