Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 107, Golden State Warriors 101

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Danilo Gallinari, SF 48 MIN | 8-22 FG | 2-2 FT | 7 REB | 2 AST | 21 PTS | -7

It’s so hard giving out grades to guys who have games like Gallo did tonight. In the first half he continued jacking up awful shots that had no chance of going in. But when the game really mattered Gallo came through with two of the most crucial baskets of the night. He also played good defense on Carl Landry when called upon. The fact is, he’s still taking terrible shots for the most part, but when you come up big in a game like this, that simply can’t be ignored.

Kenneth Faried, SF 48 MIN | 8-13 FG | 2-6 FT | 17 REB | 0 AST | 18 PTS | +19

I thought Faried was the best player on either team tonight. His energy was incredible from the start. It does seems like the Nuggets rise and fall with Faried sometimes though. When he’s up, the Nuggets are as well. But when he’s being dominated inside by his opponent and loses some of his energy as a result, it seems like the Nuggets do also. This was one of his best games in a Nuggets uniform — and maybe his best ever considering the implications.

Kosta Koufos, C 25 MIN | 3-6 FG | 1-2 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 7 PTS | +3

Five blocks. That’s all you need to know. Forget everything else. Koufos’ five blocks meant everything to this team tonight. He set the tone on defense and was willing to match the Warriors’ physicality inside. Koufos is getting more comfortable and playing better as a result. It’s going to be interesting seeing just how comfortable/good he can get in the future.

Ty Lawson, PG 48 MIN | 3-13 FG | 3-6 FT | 1 REB | 10 AST | 9 PTS | +2

Lawson was denied on a number of occasions early on by the Warriors interior defense and never looked the same afterwords. This happens from time to time with Lawson. When he can’t penetrate and score like he wants, it’s as if his entire game crumbles. He wasn’t even trying to get the basket in the second half and overtime. It was clear that his confidence had evaporated. Lawson cannot be a one-dimensional player. If the lane collapses, he must figure out how to make himself useful in another manner.

Andre Iguodala, SG 48 MIN | 7-24 FG | 3-3 FT | 12 REB | 8 AST | 19 PTS | +7

Iguodala’s best game as a Nuggets — bar none. I was amazed at the impact he made both on and off the court. Lawson put up these types of numbers a few times last year, but other than that, this is a stat line we simply have not seen in recent Nuggets memory. Iguodala fits perfectly with what this team is trying to accomplish. He’s starting to gel with his teammates and boy is it exciting. He finally asserted himself on the offensive side of the ball, while playing excellent defense in the process. If this Iguodala shows up more often the Nuggets are gonna be a scary team in the near future.

Corey Brewer, SF 21 MIN | 5-12 FG | 1-2 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 11 PTS | -2

Brewer was like a bridge between the Nuggets barely losing control of this game and ultimately doing enough to eek out the victory. He had a few huge buckets and was his usual energetic self. Brewer can be hit-and-miss sometimes, but he’s been a home run more often than not recently.

JaVale McGee, C 21 MIN | 3-8 FG | 1-2 FT | 12 REB | 1 AST | 7 PTS | -8

First, McGee had more than one block. I counted about three. The Golden State refs and scorer’s table operators were pretty bad. They also counted a few Gallo 3-pointers as 2s. Anyways, add a few more blocks to McGee’s stat line and you have yet another incredibly productive result given the minutes he’s playing. He started overtime, which to me, showed the confidence George Karl truly has in him. McGee had a pretty bad goal-tend and made some borderline questionable decisions, but in the end his positives far (and by far I mean FAR) outweigh his negatives and were on display throughout the Nuggets constant battle for supremacy this game.

Andre Miller, PG 31 MIN | 6-15 FG | 3-4 FT | 5 REB | 8 AST | 15 PTS | +16

Again, a very tough grade to hand out. Miller had two costly turnovers in the final seconds of the game and overtime that really made no sense whatsoever. They were both golden opportunities for the Nuggets to get a quality shot off to win the game, and instead Miller over-dribbled and lost the ball. He did make a nice assists to Gallo that sealed the victory for the Nuggets and finished with a respectable stat line, but he was a little off tonight and it nearly cost the Nuggets the game.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Turning Points: This was, without question, one of the best games I’ve seen the Nuggets play in quite some time. It was ugly, but there was so much passion between both teams over who would eventually win. I felt bad for the Warriors as they probably should have won and needed it more than the Nuggets. But hey, I’ll happily take it. During overtime I wrote in my notepad “Even if the Nuggets don’t win, this is still a moral victory of sorts.” Well, the Nuggets won AND achieved the moral victory as well. What a night. Iguodala gave a great interview after the game and said he told his teammates this was all mental. I could not agree more. I love the fact he’s stepping up and saying that type of stuff too. That’s exactly what the Nuggets need out of him. At the end of the night, you really can’t put a value on how important this win was. It was the fourth game in five nights and second of a back-to-back on the road. This could very well go down as a turning point for the Nuggets this season.
  2. Warriors’ Way: The Warriors took a page right out of Doug Collins’ notebook, if you ask me. Remember in Philly opening night how the Nuggets couldn’t get into the paint and were forced to take outside jump shots? Golden State attempted to duplicate this same strategy and had fairly good success. When the Nuggets attempted to drive, they simply clogged the lane. It eliminated Lawson almost entirely from the game and prevented pretty much everyone else from doing work inside. Considering this is the second time in the first seven games of the season that this has happened, it might behoove the Nuggets to be prepared for other lane-clogging defensive tactics in the future in order to avoid making the same mistakes over and over.
  3. Proper Props: People often jump my ass for my “heavy” criticism of George Karl. They usually whip out the same tiresome cards they’ve been playing for years (see: lots of wins… and, actually, that’s about it) but it’s OK. I understand their point. However, it’s not like I’m immune to acknowledging when Karl deserves proper credit for his coaching either. Take tonight for example. George Karl was as much responsible for this win as anybody. The Nuggets shot like complete crap, were exhausted and likely would have been OK with a loss — yet he figured out a way to get it done. His lineups I felt were still a little questionable (why didn’t he capitalize on the diminutive Golden State front court by countering with a lineup that had both McGee and Koufos in it?) but he was working the refs all game long, won numerous timeouts and made constant adjustments that paid off (for the most part). Let’s just hope this carries over the remaining 75 games left on the schedule.
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  • Ty

    Great time for Gallo to hit shots in the 2nd half and OTs. Faried with another 18/17 game… Iggy being clutch. Ugly, But the signs of ability to pull out a win and Gallo making a comeback has me feeling good. Ugly, but it’s a W… Love it and the effot

  • http://www.internet-briefing.com Delano O Hara

    4 in a row! So proud of the team! And Gallo found his touch in the second half! Once we really regain our shooting touch or even start to be at least decent 3 point shooters we could really make it to the top of the conference. Love the Iguodala trade although I really miss Afflalo can we all agree that this team is going to better than the one we had last year?
    Greetings from Switzerland!

  • Bobby

    I kept saying why is Gallo still out there? Big dunk at the end of OT #1 and big three to seal it.

  • Rob

    4th game in 5 nights, on the road, and no one’s hot. That’s when you find out this team is for real. Focus, teamwork, defense, hustle and will won this game. And that’s what will make this group great.

  • Mac

    Faried is a beast and gallo found his shot! Looking good with a 4 win streak!!

  • John

    This second half was just what Gallo needed. Once Gallo and Lawson start shooting better this team will be tough to beat.

    • Woobly o Balls


  • Paul

    I think all Nuggets fans will agree that it was ugly. We can’t expect to contend when Gallo starts off shooting that poorly. If he plays like he did in the second half and OT I really think we could beat anyone. That being said, Faried just WOW. Even when he’s not grabbing boards he is keeping the ball alive and giving us extra possessions. That’s why we’re the #1 rebounding team in the league – GO NUGS

  • Birdman

    Holy cow, that was stressful. Is Faried going to invent a new kind of triple double: 10 pts, 10 defensive rebounds, 10 offensive? He’s closing in on it, anyway. I love this team right now, Koufos and McGee shutting down the lane, Faried out-hustling everyone, all the guards need to do is be smart with the ball and we win. 9 blocks, all in the first half I believe. Incredible.

  • TroyF

    Even if he didn’t heat up in the second half, Gallo had to stay out there. This is a long haul league and the Nuggets will not go anywhere without Gallo this year.

    He struggled at the start of last year. This years struggles were bad, but there was no doubt he had talent. What I really liked about this one was that the refs were in full blown home court mode in the OT’s. Ty was mugged, Faried was mugged twice, they almost didn’t even call the foul on Dre at the basket.

    Rather than wilt, which would have been easy to do considering all the circumstances, they fought back and grabbed the win. For once it is the other team walking off the court thinking they should have had the game and not us Nuggets fans.

    It’s funny how quickly a poor start can turn into a good start. 4-3 after 7 games and 2-3 on the road with one of those losses at Miami? Not bad. I would have loved wins against the Sixers and Magic, of course, but to win all 4 games of the 4 in 5 stretch? Color me impressed.

    • http://nuggets.proboards.com LotharBot

      Troy, long time no see! I’m back in Denver.

      Totally agreed that it’s a long season. In an elimination game in the playoffs, maybe you sit a guy who isn’t playing well and go with the hot hand. But in game 7 of an 82 game season, you go with the guys you need for the rest of the year. Ty and Gallo need to be playing and need to have a green light even if they have a bad series of games, because they’re the guys who will need to be playing at a high level when we get to the playoffs.

      JaVale also needs to be on the court and have opportunities, but the caveat is that he has terrible conditioning so his minutes are going to be limited.

  • Jonah

    Oh man, the Nuggets went crazy down in the 4th through 2nd overtime!
    Kind of feeling antsy that it happened with a team like the Warriors, but hey, a wins a win.
    Nice job Nuggets!

  • Ernie

    Why is this team having so much trouble scoring? I know Gallo hasn’t been shooting well but it seems that there just aren’t easy shots anymore like in the past. Just shocking to see a Nugget-Warrior game with a 40-39 halftime score. In the last 10 years if there wasn’t 55 points from both teams per half we were surprised.

    This team just isn’t that fun to watch so far, outside of the Miami game. My vote is more Hamilton and Randolph.

    Also famed better Bob Voulgaris is making the point that Lawson should be subbed out for defense at the end of games. Hadn’t thought of that, do the stats back this up?

    • Bobby

      I think problem now is free throws. The nuggets were barely 50% in regulation. Ty couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

    • dynamo.joe

      Defense in what form? Fournier isn’t know for D, nor Hamilton, nor Old Andre, Andre the younger and Gallo are already out there, that just leaves Chandler. Well Chandler hasn’t exactly been at the top of his game, even defensively.

      I might agree with this if Stone was available and looked like he was back to 100%.

  • Misty

    After the game both AI9 and Gallo said they talked about this game being a test of the team’s mental toughness. And it showed – ugly; at times very painful to watch – Gallo didn’t seem to have his head in the game at all in the three quarters. Ty – don’t know, he needs to find his game. They don’t have any flow on offense. Their half-court offense is a mess. Yet they figured how to win this one. Enough new pieces this year, I’m hoping they just need time playing together – and then become unstoppable as they gel. But they proved tonight they have the mental toughness . . . the rest will come.

    • Ernie

      That’s a fair point, maybe they were just tired.

  • Craig

    Agree very ugly win. Credit to Gallo for keeping his head in it after going 0-11 to start the game. He made some big shots. Where would the Nuggets be without Faried? Never thought thought I’d write those words a year ago.

  • Andrew

    Most encouraging Nuggets performance I have seen in awhile. They shot terribly and had no business winning this game in regulation or the first OT, much less the second OT. Yet, they scraped and clawed their way to a win…mostly with defense and then a few timely shots. I think Gallo’s defense and heart have been underrated, tonight was a nice example of why many of us find him far superior to Chandler.

  • Woobly o Balls


  • Finazz

    Good teams find ways to win when there not playing there best.

  • Adam

    anyone have a link to iguodala’s post game interview?

    • http://www.chazkemp.com Avarra

      Heya all – Here’s the link for all the post-game interviews: http://soundcloud.com/warriors/sets/warriors-vs-nuggets-postgame-1

      Great game – I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and the effort was absolutely there. SO much heart on this team. Guys – THIS is our team & I’m loving it… GO NUGGETS!!

      • http://www.chazkemp.com Avarra

        Those are the only post-game interviews I could find…

  • CJP32

    Frustrating game, but we did well to pull out the W. Hats off to the few guys playing 48+ mins and finding the strength to gut out the win

    I was shocked to see Gallo miss his first 10 shots – and they were just rubbish attempts. But he came through in the end like he should and made some huge baskets. I hope that he gets out of this slump because its terrible to watch, but GK has faith in him.

    Iggy is the glue guy of this team and was everywhere. Ty looked a little lost at times, he needs to step up more and deliver.

    Faried/Brewer have been the best guys in the 4 game win streak – they just bring so much energy and seem to give Denver 10 extra possessions each game – offensive rebounds, blocks, steals, deflections – they are just so fun to watch.

    Interesting that from a +/- perspective, our best players on the floor are Miller, Ty, Brewer, Faried, Koufos.

    Hope the wins keep coming because Denver are on a roll right now

  • Ban Johnson

    This team has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Which is why it’s intensely frustrating to watch them sometimes.

    Faried is turning into a star, folks. Enjoy. He’s just a natural. Strong as a bull, amazing nose for the ball, and much more of a knack for scoring than he gets credit for. +He just competes.

    Iguodala is as he was billed. He’s the Nuggets best player right now, even with Faried emerging as their star. There are sure times that the Nuggets miss the scoring of AA and AH, but trade still well worth it. If Iguodala had a silkier offensive game, he’d be one of the 10 best players in the world — he’s that good. As is, he’s a marginal all-star sort, which is still pretty good.

    Defense in 1st quarter was AWESOME, just like 2nd quarter against Utah. That’s championship defense if Nuggets can pair it with better offense. To me, defense like that is just as entertaining as high-octane offense.

    Lawson was not good tonight. He and Gallinari need to step up to AI and Faried’s level. I think they will. When they do, this is a very strong team.

    Free throws. Got to start making them.

    Corey Brewer is a keeper. LOVE. Nuggets fans need to adopt that guy like they adopted Birdman.

    Nuggets would have lost tonight without Andre Miller but almost lost because of him. Sometimes it seems like he still thinks he’s 25, and that works for and against him.

    McGee had 12 rebounds in 21 minutes. Needs more minutes.

  • Dan Dan

    I get that most people around here aren’t big fans of Andre Miller anymore. He’s aged and he isn’t quite the player he was before, but at least give credit when credit is due. Early in the fourth quarter Andre Miller was one of the only Nuggets getting anything done on offense and really kept the team in the game until the shots started to fall. Yes, he had a costly turnover at the end of the fourth, but he didn’t turn the ball over in the OTs. Compare that to Lawson’s five turnovers in the last quarter (including the one he threw directly to Steph Curry).

    Miller also rebounded very well including a couple of offensive rebounds in the last few periods. Not to mention the fact that he played some pretty solid defense all night.

    I’m not saying he was the best player for the Nuggets tonight (that clearly goes to either Faried or Iguodala), but he certainly played much better than your write up about his costly turnovers at the end of the game. Especially since one of those turnovers never happened as he only had one the whole game.

    And if you really believe that the turnover nearly cost the team the game consider that he scored 10 of the team’s 13 points in the first half of the fourth quarter. He’s one of the main reasons the game was still a game by the end.

    I get that he’s a lost a step and isn’t the player he used to be, but he’s still one of the smartest players on the court on any given night and more often than not comes up big when the Nuggets need it the most.

    • James

      Great post – completely agree. Miller knows when the team needs points, and he can get them wen no on else can throw it in the ocean. Underrated player generally, and very underrated performance last night.

      • http://www.chazkemp.com Avarra

        I also agree with the post. Miller has never been a speed guy so the fact that he’s lost a couple of steps is actually ok. He’s sharper than ever and I think he’s teaching Ty behind the scenes, which is, I think, his real job. I’ve noticed that Ty’s assists are WAY up this year and since Miller is a first-rate passer, things couldn’t be better.

        So I’m pretty cool with Miller making a mistake here and there. The guy’s a class act, one of the smartest players in the game right now and he’s nothing but a boon to the Nuggets.

  • Trip

    Why is it so difficult to attack their best player who has 5 fouls in the fourth Quarter. If Lawson goes at Curry time and time again he is going to score a boat load of points, foul out curry or draw a different defender and dish for the assist. I think this is a huge flaw with this team they do not go after the 6th foul. They did it once last year with Kevin Durant and he ended up beating us down the stretch. If Curry is out and this game goes to overtime then the Nuggets would have blown them out in 1 OT Curry had their first 4 points of the period, and did more damage as the game goes on, ( I think he contributed a steal, at least 1 assist and a couple more points)

    • Rxmart2

      I thought they went after Curry pretty much every play once he got the fifth foul, but they weren’t calling him on anything. On the Gallo 3 Miller essenitially cleared everyone out so he could back Curry down. Credit to Steph though because he played very nice D on that play and overall with 5 fouls. I thought he got away with a push-off on Ty at one point but they didn’t call it.

    • jj

      I am so glad I stayed up and watched this whole game. As Iguodala said, it was just all about the mental. Sometimes it just feels like you are fighting yourself, fighting “bad luck”, making mistakes, etc., and you gut it out and you grow from it. That’s what happened last night.

      My one serious critique on the mental side was Lawson’s complete check-out offensively. As you say above, he should have been bull rushing Curry that whole 4th quarter and OT, forcing him to foul.

      But I presume he and the coaches and the team will learn from this, and it’s super early, so I am not worried. Karl has a lot of pieces to play with here and they’ve got 75 more games to work out the kinks before the real games start.

  • Evan

    The Nuggets go as Faried goes. He could be an All-star this season and once he is able to hit an open jump shot his scoring numbers will probably increase to higher than 15 or 16 a game. Igoudala’s defense is just what was needed to take this team to the next level.

  • Will

    Gallo is shooting 4.5-15 through 6 games.

  • TroyF

    I realize people get grades based on if the shots went in or not, but I would encourage anyone to rewatch the first half and look at Iggy’s shots vs. Gallos.

    Gallo probably took three bad shots out of the 11. They didn’t go in, but most were either open shots or the types of shots he hits with regularity when they are going in. (the little fade away from the FT after backing a guy down)

    Iggy took some wild shots. A three from the corner that hit the backboard. A forced 20 footer that bounced in. And 2 of the same shots Gallo took fading away, they just went in.

    The only real difference between Gallo’s second half and his first half was the ball dropping. The shots were pretty close to the same. In that 0-8 first half, he took 4 threes, one was a desperation half court shot as time was expiring in the first half.

    The only tough thing in grading Gallo should have been the question about a B+ or A-. He played hard all night. Had 7 boards, 3 steals and 2 assists that could have been 5 assists. He had the game tying shot in the first OT and clinched the second with a three.

    I realize people may call me a Gallo fanboy here, but the teeth gnashing about the guy this year has been over the top and listening to everyone complain about all of his bad shots when other Nuggets were just as bad is simply not right.

    FWIW, I AM a Ty Lawson fanboy and the grade of a C- for him in generous. He has to stop fading in games like this. We needed him to find ways to be effective when he isn’t getting the calls. And his horrific FT shooting is unacceptable. He’ll get in figured out, but if the Nuggets had lost tonight, he would have been the chief reason.

    • Rxmart2

      I agree with this assessment. Gallo was the unlucky one who had to heave up a few forces due to shot clock mismanagement (one of them was his fault), while Iggy is and will always throw up a few forces. The good thing about both of them is that they tend to stay away from the 2 pointers and force their 3’s. With our elite offensive rebounding, a forced 3 is not a bad offensive possession at all.

      There’s a reason why Gallo has pretty much led all of his teams in RAPM and APM, and that’s because they simply play better when he’s on the court. Those who were clamoring to bench him early on just don’t realize how valuable he is.

  • http://www.yahoo.com prospector

    Again we win again, and WITHOUT CHANDLER… Faried gets mins and produces. PERIOD… Please ship Chandler away so I don’t see another game w/Faried playing 22 minutes again for the next 10 years…… No Chandler = Nuggets win.. More Chandler = losses.. Simple equation…. Gee It’s amazing how Karl looks good when he shortens his rotation… Maybe he should read this blog….We’ll find out about the real Karl when Chandler gets healthy.. (I think we know the real Karl.. Anyone remember Harrington?? Thank god he is gone)

  • http://www.yahoo.com prospector

    message to all: This season Karl has been taking minutes from Mcgee & Faried and giving them to Chandler. Check the box scores.. Chandler plays and Faried gets 22 mins, and less 4th qtr time.. Some of you are saying for Karl to give Chandler Gallo minutes, but the fact of the matter is he is not.. Brewer and Miller get Gallo/IGGY minutes….. Chandler is the x factor.. Karl thinks he can play d on power forwards (he can’t), and this causes Karl to go into a crazy midget ball line-up…. I hate to beat a dead horse, but I will until Karl changes. Last year I beat on the Harrington drum in the post, and he’s gone… Let’s hope I can create some of the same magic w/Chandler.. LOVE THE BLOG GUYS, You are all much better than the Denver Post…. (FYI: I love Gallo as well, his shot is not fallin yet but he has the heart of a champion.. And when he figures it out, he will be scary good..With Iggy stepping up, it was cause Gallo to step up as well..)

  • Jazz

    Gallo is the Key, he has to average about 18 or 19 a game. It’s very important, Go Nuggets!

  • Herman VanNess

    Iguodala is a great defensive player. I wish he were a more confident offensive player. Someone with his athleticism, playing in this offense, should average 18-20 points a game. The reason he isn’t is because he doesn’t get to the free throw line. He primarily shoots a fade which takes him away from contact. He also passes the ball when he’s close to the basket. He needs to attack and create contact, stop fading on everything. His shot is a little elongated so, he’ll never be a great shooter or even get off many quality shots from the perimeter because his shot takes too long to get off.

    Gallo has to keep shooting. Most of his shots are not not bad shots. If the offense was run a little more efficiently his shots would be taken in a better rhythm.

    I love Ty but, I’m not the biggest fan of his game. I don’t see enough from him in terms of running an offense. He can get his when he’s getting to the bucket but, I really don’t see him getting teammates great shots.

    • http://www.tshirtgroove.com Booker Addison

      I’m AI’s biggest fan (Go Arizona!), but I agree with this assessment of AI’s offensive game. He needs to go toward the hoop. The near Trip Dub was nice and he is the glue guy and he is quietly leading (see his Gallo embrace), but you can’t give a guy an “A” on a 7 for 24 shooting night.

      I am impressed they pulled this one out though. A W is a W when you’re on your 4th game in 5 nights, especially on the road on the backend of a B-to-B.

  • Misty

    Additional observations:

    – When Gallo was going 0-11, I noticed that Ty would bring the ball up court, pass to Gallo, who would take a quick look for another open player, and then jack up a shot from within +/- 2 feet of the 3 point line. He can’t create his own shot and he doesn’t pass, despite plenty of time on the clock. We need a different plan of attack.
    – When Gallo was successful in OT, he found space on the floor and waited for the ball to come to him. Except for the drive to the basket – thank goodness he didn’t do his normal “jack up a shot we all know he won’t make.”
    – We don’t go to overtime without Miller. He was a calming influence in the fourth quarter and scored a number of key baskets. His turnovers happened when he tried to do too much. Which leads me to my next point . . .
    – GK needs to realize the Nuggets won’t always be able to run (I hardly remember any fast break points), and install some sort of legitimate half court offense. WAY too much standing around. Only Corey Brewer seemed to run and try to create space.
    – AI9 seemed to quietly put up that monster line. Before watching this game, I was concerned with his FG%. But I now see that he is often the “final” option as the shot clock winds down – and has to take very difficult shots. I seem to remember 6-8 off balance, fallaway jumpers, with a defender right in his face. Not because he wanted to take that shot, he just had to because we don’t have a set offensive scheme.
    – Was pretty surprised to see McGee start the OT period. Granted, GK may have been trying to protect Manimal from fouling out. But if you trust the guy for OT, why doesn’t he get more playing time during regulation?
    – Never . . . NEVER . . . thought that the front court would be the strength of this Nuggets team. The backcourt needs to get their act together.

    • Henry

      Misty is speaking TRUTH here:

      “We need a different plan of attack.”

      Just like last season, the Nuggets’ offensive “schemes” are either absent or wanting. They do not take advantage of the talent the team has.

      That said, the Nuggets need another serious shooter. Or they need to play the ones they have. Corey Brewer does sometimes provide an offensive spark off the bench, but if he’s who we’re relying on for that, well…

  • Mark from Charlotte

    16/27 at the free throw line 59.3% WOW………….

  • Ty

    To those talking about Tys d down the stretch, go watch what he did to me Steph curry in 2 OT

  • doktarr

    Karl started McGee in both overtimes because he’s extremely likely to win the tip, earning the Nuggets an extra possession. (The opening tip in the game is for show, since teams just alternate posessions in later quarters, but the OT tip matters.)

    This was a smart move by Karl on a night where I thought he managed the lineups very well.

  • Ryan

    Much of this game was an affront to the basic tenets of basketball (the ball is supposed to go THROUGH the net, not clang off the rim), but I can’t be too hard on the Nuggets due to how tired they must have been. In the 4th game in 5 nights, they put forth an impressive defensive effort and made big shots when necessary.
    If they could just make a few more free throws, they would have won this game in regulation comfortably. What’s wrong with Ty’s FT shooting? Did he take lessons from Andre Drummond this offseason?
    Finally, only the Warriors could let someone drive right down the middle of the paint for an uncontested dunk when leading by 2 in the waning seconds of overtime. High comedy!

  • Trip

    What an encouraging game. I know it was sloppy play by almost everybody on the floor for the nuggets, and only scoring 107 in 2 OT, that is unusually low for these guys. However my point is, very nice to see that when Gallo is still finding his shot and Ty doesnt really have a great game himself, we can find ways to put some W’s on the schedule. I think Manimal may play better against the Warriors than any other team he just has special games against them. Example last year, i think he had 15+ points and 10+ rebounds going in to halftime against them one game.

  • Peter

    Great win that the Nuggets toughed out! I know their legs were tired, but the main weaknesses of this team are becoming obvious. We can’t shoot, and we struggle guarding other teams bigs and rotating to their 3 point shooters. Hamilton needs to start getting minutes. He would have helped in a game like this against a team that plays up and down and every defensive mistake is not as crucial. Or we need to trade Wilson Chandler for a pure shooter, or package him with Koufos or Hamilton or someone to Cleveland for Varejao. Great teams play great defense and that just doesn’t seem to be GK’s main focus right now which is incredibly frustrating. I like his hustle but if Kosta Koufos is playing 20-25 mins a game come playoff time, this team wont be going very far…

  • http://espn Gary

    Great perserverance and endurance but boy it took a lot to get past the very mediocre Warriors and that includes them pretty much blowing it with missed FT’s in the crunch …twice. Now i give them that the sked has been brutal thus far and it aint easy to get fired up every night, specially on the road, but theer are still clear flaws with this team. Its nowehere close offensively to where we closed last season; the shooting is just outrageous and the pace is not “Nugget” good. Now I’ll acknowledge the D has been better on the whole, but we haven’t really played any juggernauts outside the Heat either (and they put up 119). We were never a half court set up offense and we still aren’t, but our speed and transition is what kept us alive against the big dogs, but that pace is missing big time now.
    I might be a bit over critical here, but GK still struggles with his rotations and the adjustments are not happening correctly and quickly enough. When the season started I gave them 15 games to start showing what they can be…and I think they will need al those games.