Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 97, Memphis Grizzlies 92

Denver Nuggets 97 Final

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92 Memphis Grizzlies
Danilo Gallinari, SF 35 MIN | 7-15 FG | 10-11 FT | 5 REB | 3 AST | 26 PTS | -5

Gallo becomes the first Nugget to score over 25 points this season — and it just so happens the Nuggets get a much-needed win. This is not a coincidence. Gallo finally drove to the hole and drew fouls. His game is so much more expansive than he has let on the last few weeks. This Gallo must show up more often for the Nuggets to reach their full potential.

Kenneth Faried, SF 29 MIN | 5-10 FG | 3-4 FT | 13 REB | 0 AST | 13 PTS | -4

Faried struggled mightily against the much bulkier Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. He still has a hard time defending crafty post players and it showed tonight. Faried might never be an elite defender but he needs to continue adding muscle, especially on his lower body, to combat more physical power forwards like Randolph.

Kosta Koufos, C 26 MIN | 4-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 9 REB | 2 AST | 8 PTS | +2

I don’t know how Koufos ended up with nine boards but he did. This is a quality stat line from Koufos. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable with his role; however, 26 minutes is still to much time for him considering what he brings to the table.

Ty Lawson, PG 34 MIN | 4-14 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 4 AST | 9 PTS | +4

Lawson started out aggressive — then he got his shot blocked, and that was all she wrote. Ty is clearly not a big fan of getting swatted. Once it happens he retreats to the perimeter like a scolded puppy. I understand not wanting to get swatted as often as he is but Ty can make up for it with his speed and shooting. Right now he’s not using either.

Andre Iguodala, SG 35 MIN | 3-8 FG | 1-2 FT | 2 REB | 3 AST | 7 PTS | -1

Non existent. Iguodala was nowhere tonight. He played solid defense, but that’s to be expected. He can’t be this laid back. He’s way too important to the Nuggets overall success to be putting it in cruise control like this.

Jordan Hamilton, SF 12 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 3 PTS | +3

Hard to make anything out of Hamilton’s performance. He’s still not getting enough time to really prove what he can do. He’s also being too timid. Hamilton has to let go and just play ball. Unfortunately by the time he figures this out there’s a really good chance he’ll be relegated to the bench once again to make room for Wilson Chandler.

Corey Brewer, SF 19 MIN | 3-7 FG | 3-6 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 10 PTS | -1

Brewer was a key spark for the Nuggets on multiple different occasions. He was playing his patented lock-down defense for much of the night, however it was his offensive mindset that really stood out. He was on a mission to be aggressive and it payed off with a few huge buckets.

Timofey Mozgov, C 2 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 1 AST | 0 PTS | 0

I don’t understand what the point is here. Two minutes? Could he even have done enough wrong to get yanked in such a short amount of time? What exactly was Karl looking for here?

JaVale McGee, C 18 MIN | 7-12 FG | 1-3 FT | 8 REB | 0 AST | 15 PTS | +13

McGee was once again one of the best player on the floor. This is not an anomaly; it’s a trend. The numbers don’t lie and neither does his play. He is a flat-out monster presence in the paint and makes a world of difference when he’s in the game. And now, McGee is getting more comfortable on offense. He’s starting to make shots. He’s developing an offensive game — which of course makes his mere 18 minutes of playing time ALL THE MORE INEXPLICABLE!!! Seriously, what does this guy have to do to catch a break with Karl? It’s freaking ridiculous.

Andre Miller, PG 30 MIN | 2-6 FG | 2-2 FT | 0 REB | 8 AST | 6 PTS | +14

This was not Miller’s best performance. He had a few good moves in the post but wasn’t very effective overall. His eight assists and three steals are respectable, however he made a couple bad turnovers too.

Three Things We Saw

  1. I guess if I was the only Nugget fan on planet Earth to feel somewhat jaded by this team, that probably wouldn’t surprise me. It was weird, watching the game. All I scribbled were negative adjectives the entire time. Several nights ago this team looked absolutely putrid. They played with much more energy tonight and came up with a big win; but I can’t seem to get over how many concerns this team still has right now. It’s shocking, quite frankly. Going into the season we had “analysts” picking the Nuggets to win the West. That right there tells you just how talented this team is on paper. But right now, the Nuggets still aren’t anywhere close to utilizing that talent to win games on a consistent basis. The fact is, this win was great, but who’s to say the Nuggets won’t come out in Minnesota and lay a total rotten egg? Count me in with the Skeptic Party for the time being.
  2. The Nuggets still do not take care of the ball. They are a terribly undisciplined team. This isn’t a player problem; it’s a coach problem. It’s just like their awful 3-point shooting last year. Karl needs to take responsibility in making sure the Nuggets start handling the ball with care. Coming into the game the Nuggets were .4 percent away from being tied with Houston for the league lead in turnovers. That’s atrocious. And inexcusable. You can’t win on a consistent basis when you’re constantly gift-wrapping extra possessions for the other team. If this problem continues, there is simply no way we should look at this team as a serious threat come playoff time.
  3. There is a humongous chasm between what the Nuggets CAN be, and who they are right now. Huge. This team is so talented from top to bottom. There is just no excuse for the Nuggets to be below .500 after 15 percent of the games this season have been played. I’m sure I sound like quite the Debbie Downer to those reeling from such an exciting game, but I’m not going to lie — this is absolutely the one aspect of this game that stood out most to me. For the first time all year we managed to catch a glimpse (sadly, that’s all it was) of this team having multiple guys playing at a high level for small stretches throughout the game — specifically McGee, Gallo, Faried and even Lawson in the first half. And that’s what makes the Nuggets so incredibly frustrating. We all know how good this team can be. The talent is simply undeniable. But for whatever reason this group is not collectively tapping its reserve to play fundamentally sound, crisp, defensive-minded basketball. I’m not biased. I’m not an apologist. I’m simply trying to understand the root of this team’s malfunctions right now. And from what I can tell, this is a team problem; therefore it’s the head coach’s responsibility to fix it. Karl has plenty of time (when has he not?) but to be brutally honest, for every day this team isn’t playing to its full potential — it’s somewhat of a waste. That’s just how good this team can be.
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  • ManimalManCrush

    George Karl keeps a big in (McGee) in during crunch time and they come up with a win. He doesn’t learn much from losing, it seems, so hopefully he’ll learn something from winning. Good win, definitely

    • Sean

      I couldn’t agree more. I was begging for Karl to bring McGee back in. He’s absolutely the most talented big man on our team and needs to get more playing time.

  • Fire GK

    Don’t know how we won this one, I thought we were ganna lose when Karl took out McGee, and when he took out Faried. But i’m happy that we won.

  • Gallo8888

    Gallo has so much talent and potential. He just needs to stay healthy and keep building on each day. I am a Knicks fan and have seen him at his best: never fazed, confident, sweet stroke, unlimited range, nice mid-range jump shot, attacking the basket, getting to the line, etc.

    If Gallo stays healthy, he’ll figure it out. A 6-10 guy who is great off the dribble, getting to the line, and has 3-point ability? I still love this guy, I just want to believe that one day, he’ll stuff the stat sheet.

    • http://@j_phil96 Justin Phillips

      Gallo had A great game because he attacked and got to rhe Free throwline. It built his confidance and he hit the game winning 3 with 12.7 seconds left. Thats why you gotta have Faith in the Players.

  • David

    I get very frustrated with Karl, but he did a very good job with the rotations this game. Keep McGee out just long enough, and put him back in when the Nuggets needed him most. Also agree with his decision to pull Faired, he was getting destroyed defensively all game and having him and JaVale in the game is a recipe for disaster vs the Memphis bigs.

    The most frustrating thing with this team is that their are for whatever reason deathly afraid to shoot. Their was a possession with about 3 minutes to go where literally 4 Nuggets passed up wide open shots and it lead to a turnover. The entire offense revolves around driving, drawing the defenders, kicking it out….and SHOOTING! The clinching three by Gallo perfectly illustrated that offense, I wish we could see more of that.

    Gallo had his best game by far, played very well on both ends. Lawson continues to hesitate on open 3s but was decently aggressive. Faried played better in the second half but was overall a brutal game for him defensively. JaVale was amazing, especially his defense on Gasol, I really hope he earns more minutes soon. Iggy had a rough night but that fantastic isolation defense on Gay that lead to the TO is why he is so important for this team.

    • Dub

      Agreed. The Nuggets offense requires good outside shooting (which has been missing all season) because it opens up the lane for Ty and the bigs. Without the 3 ball, teams have simply clogged the lane and begged us to shoot open 3’s, which we’ve been missing. We need to be more decisive on our outside shooting and we need to hit those shots or else this trend will continue.

  • raderhater

    Lawson looks like he has regressed since the preseason,since the big contract. Gallo needs to find CONSISTENCY….if he does we can be a force.

    • Jeff

      My question is, has he lost some speed? For real. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to watching him but his incredible speed doesn’t seem to be there any more, or he’s jsut not using it, like Kalen said.

      • mike

        Ty’s speed is fine. He isn’t hitting his shots so he is very hesitant with that and defenders play off him. Ty NEEDS to add some type of 6-9 foot push shot like parker, etc. He gets his shot blocked so much because he needs to get all the way to the rim every time. He needs to add a LOT to his offensive repetoire if he is going to earn his contract. All the top flight scoring smallish point guards have better developed mid-range games. I know his game will develop as his shot gets back to form, but this is his 4th year and he seems to only have three ways to make baskets: Spot up threes, long range 2/3s off the dribble, get all the way to the rim. Guys making as much as he does that are mediocre defenders shouldn’t have stretches of poor play like this for almost a month. A week is understandable, but his game isn’t diversified enough that he is still an effective scorer when his outside shot is a struggle.

        • Jeff

          If this was facebook I would “like” your comment. You’re right, he needs to learn some moves on the perimeter. Also I think he needs to watch some Chris Paul tapes and learn how to play without going at full speed but rather how to size up a defender and read the court while keeping your dribble alive.

          • nugswin

            I said it in an earlier thread and this looks like the place to repeat — Masai should package some of our depth and trade for Eric Bledsoe. He’s already better than Ty and has a much higher ceiling.

  • Dub

    As pleased as I am with this victory and the play of Gallo, I’m equally concerned with the play of Ty. Until recently I figured he was just in a slump and would play out of it. However, there seems to be something wrong with him and it’s clearly messing with his head (shooting 54% from FT? Are you kidding me?). Unlike half of the people commenting on this site, I’ve refrained from creating trade/doomsday scenarios but if Ty doesn’t improve, something will have to give. This team is really structured around him and his poor play his trickled down to the other players, most notably Iguodala. In the end I believe he’ll get it together, but he needs to do it quick for this team is not built to win games like this. Otherwise I’m very happy with this win, hopefully it will spur some momentum for this team. They obviously have the talent.

    • Dub

      P.S… With Ty’s poor play, Miller’s role is that much more important. However, if I see him milk the clock at the end of a quarter and force up a bad shot one more time, I might pull my hair out. Come on GK, he’s one of the worst shooters on the team, we’ve got to be able to create better offense than that.

      • magster

        Miller milked the clock and assisted on Brewer’s huge 3 at the end of the 3rd quarter, right? We went from down 6 to down 1 in the last minute of the third, which made a huge difference in the outcome of the game.

        • Dub

          Obviously you didn’t read my comment correctly. I don’t have a problem with milking the clock, that’s how you’re supposed to do it at the end of a quarter. I have a problem with Miller when he decides to milk it and take a poor shot on his own which I’ve seen him do several times this season. That play to Brewer was nice. It’s not a huge deal it’s just something I’ve noticed.

        • mike

          He waited until like 4-5 seconds were left on the clock to start the play going one vs. one. The play he got brewer I believe started with 7-8 seconds left on the play clock (I believe there was a 4 second difference for qtr clock) and he used a P/R. Lets call this the difference in Miller draining the clock and doing the worst impression of Hero ball by a guard in the history of the game, vs. Miller milking the clock and then creating a basketball play.

  • Stephen H

    Wow George may have grew a brain the lineup of ty, iggy, gallo, mcgee, and faried tore it up and won us the game in crunch time. Love not having to see Miller or Koufus in there in the end, now if you started Mcgee and played him 25-30 minutes a game like you did in the the playoffs last year the nuggets would improve and win more games.

  • fluffhead

    please, for the love of god, lose 3 more in a row so GK gets fired and we get a younger, more passionate coach who actually plays rotations that make sense and can pull the best out of players vs. bullying younger players by not playing them. His time is done here…move on George, as Parcells says: “it’s a young mans game”.

    • fluffhead

      i really don’t want us to lose ANY games but Masai MUST fire Karl at some point this season. The Lakers fired Brown after FIVE games. Just do it already. underachieving and undisciplined play is the coaches fault alot!

  • DAN

    Good win. Love McGee’s play. He is a game changer and needs to be actually IN the game. It seems like it takes Karl a few months to figure out what everyone else already sees. It was the same last year with Faried.

  • DAN

    Brian Shaw for coach?

  • magster

    Kalen: For bleep’s sake, we won a road game against a high quality team that had a what, 15 game home winning streak? There’s no excuse to not be .500? How about 3 b2b’s already, 2 games against the defending champs, a road game against the WC #2 seed, and 8 road games out of 11 played so far.

    And I thought I was a pessimist…

    • John

      True… they’ve played more “road” games that some teams have played total…

      • magster

        The Orlando and Phoenix losses were bad losses (bogeys), but tonight and @ Golden State were unexpected wins (birdeys), and even though SA and Philly were humiliating losses, they only count as one loss. We also should have won one of the Miami games. If I had looked at a schedule before starting the season, I’d have had us at 6-5, and we are 5-6 instead. I’m not ready to jump off a bridge just yet, and the way McGee and Faried have been playing lately, if we could just get Gallo and Ty to play consistently, we’ll be just fine.

    • fluffhead

      good/great teams WIN b2b’s, road games, etc. it’s the COACHES job to keep them focused, get them ready. Yes, i blame some of it on the players but these minutes/rotations are fully retarded.

    • Dub

      No question the Nuggets have had a tough schedule but they also lost very winnable games at Phili, Orlando, and Phoenix. The Phili/Orlando games were basically blowouts too. So sorry, those excuses carry little weight with most nuggets fans.

  • Jazz

    Will someone please tell Karl, now it’s time to start Mcgvee. Nugget nation if you agree, shout it out, go nuggets!!!

  • fluffhead

    a younger, passionate, new school coach is what we need.

    Yes, Brian Shaw deserves a shot…surely HE would start McGee or at least play him 30 min/game.

    If he did, he’s a 15/15 guy easily and we dominate the paint daily.

  • Andrew

    I agree with the folks hoping Karl gets the hook. The only good news is that he wised up and played McGee at the end. This team is below .500 because of Karl as far as I am concerned. I’m still angry about the game at home against iamb, where Karl pulled McGee for the last 7 plus minutes…after Geezy had been instrumental in the comeback. Seriously, Masai, offer him a personnel job and hire a coach that can win in the playoffs.

  • Seth McCarthy

    George Karl needs to play McGee a lot more and start him.. He is one of the most dominant Centers in basketball for Christ sakes! Another thing is GK should NOT be playing Wilson Chandler in Al’s role Chandler is more fit as a 2 because that’s where he causes BIG matchup problems and is a lot better.. In my mind he HAS to play Anthony Randolph for us to be successful! The guy is a 6’11 lefty who can stroke it from mid range and is athletic ability is through the roof! Also has anybody noticed when Ty Lawson is Aggresive attacking the lane how much Better Iguodala is offensively??

  • CJP32

    I thought Gallo/McGee were the keys to this win. Gallo did tonight what he did vs ORL – get to the FT line. He was aggressive and made some huge plays down the stretch – lets see if he can consistently do this every night.

    McGee is an efficient scorer and is good in 6-8 minute stretches. He doesn’t need to start games, he’s more effective along with Brewer/Dre off the bench. The 15-5 run at the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th sparked by McGee (8 pts), Brewer (5 pts) and Dre (4 asts) killed any momentum the Grizzlies had, and Gallo did the rest.

    I’m not really sure how Iggy fits into this team – its like he doesn’t know where he belongs or what he should do. For someone who makes 14 million and is meant to improve our D, he hasn’t impressed me at all. And again, Ty vanished after half time. I don’t know whats up with this guy but its worrying.

    I’m glad JHam is getting some burn now, but gawd sometimes he makes boneheaded decisions.

    We need to beat Minny and the confidence level will be high again

    • CJP32

      PS – I think there is more to the Wilson Chandler injury than Denver are letting on….I expect he will be done for a while longer

  • Phuzzy

    I love the grading and more importantly the honest assessment of the roster on a per game basis. What needs to be added is a coaching grade for each game.

    GK is a major frustration point for most fans and an assessment of him and his staff are warranted. My GPA for him going back to last year is no better than a D+. GK fails to play the hot hand, doesn’t understand the chemistry of his team, and is routinely out-coached by his counterparts. With the roster the Nugs have I would like to see them with a Pop disciple or a coach like Scotty Brooks.

  • park hill

    Odd assessment. Igdoula was a vet, led the D, believed in and fed Gallo. KK played close to his potential,which is much more than he’s led on since being here. Faried wills the win all night and what: weight gain and no elite defender? Its elite hustle, few have ever had it. Ty did what he had to after going blow to blow with Conley, big layup in the fourth. Miller led the team and ran the O like only a vet can and he and Iggy should. J-Ham left it on the floor and grabbed two huge boards in the fourth. Mozzy gave a good two minutes, happy Karl is willing to spell others like this. Hopefully, AR will start getting two to four minutes a game. Lastly, great game for Karl–Mozzy’s two minutes and McGee finishing the game as proof.

    This was a signature, team win against basically a bitter rival. Everybody gets a C or better. It’s true the so called experts overrated this team but they are young and just showed their potential. The two Andres have serious veteran jobs to do this year–and yes– Iggy can be more aggressive. He’ll get there.

  • Tommy

    This was the first time I have seen both and McGee both hit a jumpshot in a game… If they could hit that consistently it could really open the floor up

  • ionic06

    Glad to see so many NBA coaches are Nuggets fans.


    best Nuggets starters :
    Lawson Iggy Gallo Faried McGee …
    on the bench Miller Hamilton Brewer Koufos stop …

    why IGGY GALLO FARIED MCGEE not in the same time in the parquet ?

  • whimanji

    I don’t think we should be that happy with this win. Only if they back it up with a couple more wins then we can smile. The bad thing about this win is that GK gets to stay a bit longer and I don’t like the fact a few wins here ahere and there should justify GK. He is a good veteran team coach (ex: western conf final had billups kmart melo nene bird.) GK is not good with young guys. If I was a rookie I would hate to start my career with GK. If we keep him we will be a .500 team that might sneak in to the playoffs but willbe another quick exit. Don’t wait to long and waste another season make the change now since there are some great coaches out there. We are a young team that can be a top tier team with the right coach.

  • http://yahoo mile high

    Kalen, come off it. This is the 3rd youngest team in the NBA, and BTW, Houston is the youngest. That’s why both teams have so many turn-overs. If you expect them to be faultless and be one of the most consistent and sure-handed teams in the league, well, maybe you are a bit jaded.
    As to saying that this team is tremendously talented, well, I don’t know how talented can they be if none of them can shoot or score on a consistent basis.

  • Thomas

    “Faried struggled mightly”?
    I stopped reading when I got to that remark. Either you didn’t see the game or your bias towards Gallo is of GK proportions.

    Look at Gasol and Randolphs stats, look at the offensive rebounding numbers for Faried. 13 points on 10 shots, 13 rebounds – of which 7 were offensive. Wake up, we don’t win the game without those.

  • michael

    Karl is a terrific coach and proved it last night having his team prepared and able to turn it around after the blowout loss to san antonio.Karl is a terrific coach and should be extended

  • George Karl

    Ya’ll need to stop hating on me. Im a good coach you lowlifes just don’t understand what it takes to be one!

  • EWilson

    I think there’s a bit too much hyperventilating on this thread about the Nuggets start. This is still a young team trying to integrate a major new player while playing a brutal early schedule. I completely expected some hiccups. I think Matt Moore at CBS pretty much nails what is going on here: http://www.cbssports.com/nba/blog/eye-on-basketball/21058272/the-inbounds-why-the-nuggets-kind-of-suck

    Ultimately, I think things will work out fine. To me, there’s too much bashing of George Karl, Ty Lawson and Danilo Gallinari going on here.

    Starting with Karl, I’d like to ask the people who want to replace him what they expect will happen? You have a young team, with athletes built to play Karl’s uptempo game, who would be asked to learn a new coach’s offensive and defensive schemes. I have a hard time believing that they wouldn’t regress, particularly on the defensive end, where they seem to be showing some promise lately.

    Second, you can BET there would be teams lining up if Denver wanted to trade Lawson. Sure, he’s struggling right now, but all young guys go through that. I noticed the comparison to Tony Parker above, but does anyone remember Parker’s first couple of years? Everyone saw the talent, but there was plenty of kvetching whether Parker would actually develop into the player people thought he could be. It’s only in the last two years that he’s really become a guy who can carry a team on his back. Early on, he would dribble into trouble all the time because he was so quick. Now he’s learned how to handle those situations.

    Gallinari is also young and trying to figure out his role. I like that he’s being more aggressive as of late, but that’s something a young player needs to learn. It’s hard to remember as a younger guy that you need to play your game even when there are older guys around you. I don’t know if Gallo can turn into Dirk-light, but let’s give the guy a chance.

    And, as for the calls to give McGee more minutes, I suspect there’s a plan behind bringing him along slowly. Remember, he’s still less than a year away from being the knucklehead among knuckleheads in the zoo known as the Washington Wizards. I think that the Denver braintrust wants to make sure he knows he has to earn every minute he gets…particularly after giving him a big contract. After working hard, Karl gives him some big minutes late against Memphis and he helps win the game. Good. Let’s build from that. (I remember alot of whining here a few weeks ago about how terrible he was playing.)

    I think we all need to step back and realize that this team is being built brick-by-brick and there will be times when the look like a work-in-process. Yes, I think had they kept Afflalo and Harrington, they’d have a better record than they do now, BUT I think the long-term outlook wouldn’t have been as good. Iguodala is better than either of those guys, and helps instill a defensive mindset that they will need in the playoffs. But, they need to fit him in as well.

    Let’s see how they’re playing in March before we write them off.

  • park hill

    Karl will finish the year no doubt. Then he should be reassessed. What he does with this young team and the full implementation of his style will determine a lot. I still think he hasn’t bought in to his own style yet. Why else has Randolph not gotten some run every game?

    I will say last night showed Karl still has the ear of this team. Gallo realizes this team is willing to live or die with him as the #1 option. As long as he goes to the hole like he did last night, no problem. I hope he realized trying to get fouls and not going hard is weak sauce.

    We match up well with the Grizz and have history with them. So you can say this game didn’t mean much or it meant a lot. I think the latter, they showed heart and realized what a win should look like. Everybody played solid D, hit a big shot or grabbed a big board, that is the team they must be to compete

  • Tom

    The Nuggets are about one game off of my expectations at this point: I thought they’d go 4-4 on the road instead of 3-5. What’s encouraging is the fact that they’ve played terribly, and yet are still almost meeting my W-L expectations. At the end of the next long road trip, I expect them to be around 12-11. At that point, they will have played 17 road games and only 6 home games. Assuming they dominate at home like they usually do the rest of the way, I think they’re still looking like a 55 win team or better. But if they can’t fix their FT and 3P shooting, then it could be a long disappointing season.

  • KW

    This team struggles to hit wide open shots. If shooting improves we’ll be blowing teams out. Interesting how the calls went against the ‘starless’ Griz. We got a couple calls at the end.

    If shooting doesn’t improve, we’re in trouble ’cause I’m not sure this team can overcome.

    I love to see Javale putting up all star numbers, playing big in the fourth quarter where Nene tended to disappear. How is Nene doing in DC? Has anyone heard?

    I’m worried about making the playoffs.

  • eddi0

    Saw a lot of good in last night’s game, flashes of what I think a lot of us were envisioning with this young team. I was not concerned with Iguodala’s play though like some others have noted. I have always seen him as the kind of player that fills in a lot of the gaps the other players are deficient in. If the team needs scoring, he will score, needs defense he will defend… Last night I thought his defense kept a very hot Conley and Gay underwraps. I think we will see a lot more games that the stat lines won’t look like Iguodala had a good game but he does a lot of the little things/dirty work. Once we get everything headed in the right direction offensively (100+ pts/game) we won’t necessarily need to count on Ig’s offensive game.

    Ty will come around once he can gain some confidence in his outside shot again. He’s short so he will get his shot-blocked a lot but there’s no excuse to not keep on trying. He’s a lot like Gallo, in order to open up his outside game he needs to prove he can score going to the rack.

    Faried is the motor of the team but against larger PF’s/C’s he end ups getting overwhelmed. Duncan/Gasols/Randolph, Griffin, Love are all too big for him to effectively defend. I still feel that if indeed we do trade players this year it needs to be for a back-up PF who can defend the larger PF’s/C’s, someone with bulk and is primarily a defender (i.e. Ed Davis, Jason Maxiell, Jordan Hill, etc.). We don’t currently have anyone on the roster in that mold and it’s becoming a glaring weakness. ARandolph is not the answer due to his light weight and Quincy Miller will likely be a large SF.

    I’ve read a lot of posts from people clamoring to get McGee to start or at least have increased minutes. I actually think Karl is doing the right thing. He’s got to make McGee earn his starting spot, make him realize that he’s a really bad game away from getting benched. McGee has had a tendency in the past to not mentally participate in games, gets distracted easily. He has a real short leash on him for good reason, to provide him with some inner self-discipline. That’s something Javale hasn’t had a lot of in the past. Make Javale earn the starting spot will pay dividends for the future.

    Hopefully they can keep the same mindset last night throughout the season and just improve upon execution.

  • EWilson

    I’m with you, eddiO, that the Nuggets need to pick up a tough, veteran big man to help defend the post. A Kenyon Martin-type without the baggage would do nicely.