Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 102, New Orleans Hornets 84

New Orleans Hornets 84 FinalRecap | Box Score 102 Denver Nuggets
Danilo Gallinari, SF 26 MIN | 3-9 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 4 AST | 9 PTS | +17

This was not Gallo’s most glorious outing of the year but his aggressiveness was still on full display, which is what’s most important for him at this point in time.

Kenneth Faried, SF 27 MIN | 7-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 12 REB | 0 AST | 14 PTS | +23

Faried was Faried. Because he plays with such a high level of energy on a nightly basis, games likes these where he’s doing virtually everything right are bound to come along. He started off scoring, then went to rebounding in the second half to finish with yet another double double.

Kosta Koufos, C 21 MIN | 1-3 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 4 PTS | +34

The only stat that matters here: five blocks. Koufos isn’t a scoring or rebounding machine but his interior paint presence has continued to evolve in a major way. He’s now ranked 19th in blocks per 48 minutes in the NBA.

Ty Lawson, PG 29 MIN | 8-10 FG | 1-1 FT | 1 REB | 6 AST | 17 PTS | +24

Lawson has finally strung together a few vintage performances. The main reason: aggressiveness. Lawson is looking for his shot; not avoiding it. He’s finding open spaces to penetrate then pull up for a mid-range jumper or kick to an open man. He’s utilizing his speed and not sulking when his shot gets blocked. If he continues with this type of play, the Nuggets are a totally different team.

Andre Iguodala, SG 31 MIN | 8-13 FG | 4-7 FT | 2 REB | 3 AST | 23 PTS | +29

Iguodala was on pace to score 30 in the first half before taking a back seat in the second. This is fine. His mindset on offense is all that matters. He is starting to develop into the “go-to” guy the Nuggets brought him to Denver to be. The value of his 3-point shot cannot be overlooked. When he’s hitting that — like he has been the last several games — the Nuggets offense has another much-needed dimension.

Anthony Randolph, PF 7 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 1 AST | 0 PTS | -7

This was the first extended glimpse of Randolph that Nuggets fans were able to catch and it was pretty nice. He didn’t score but he played solid. It would be interesting to see what he could do with some more minutes as a backup power forward.

Jordan Hamilton, SF 12 MIN | 3-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 7 PTS | -4

Hamilton seems like the kind of guy who plays up to his level of competition. I swear, you could put him in the NBA finals and he’d average 18 per contest. Although he finished with a nice stat line, he took a few bad shots and made some questionable decisions — which he doesn’t do nearly as often as when he’s playing with the starting or second unit.

Corey Brewer, SF 28 MIN | 3-10 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 8 PTS | -2

Brewer had a pretty mediocre game. He played with the “C” team for a while which is why he logged 28 minutes, but that still seems like too much. Brewer is best suited as a 20 minutes per night guy where his energy can really shine.

Timofey Mozgov, C 16 MIN | 2-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | -12

It’s hard to make out what Karl uses Mozgov for. Is it just to combat other, less talented centers? Is it when he’s angry with McGee? Who knows. Mozgov still has hands made of concrete and hardly any polish on offense but his ability to run the floor and play defense holds some value.

JaVale McGee, C 11 MIN | 3-8 FG | 2-3 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 8 PTS | -4

And then there’s the case of JaVale McGee. What a case it is. This was probably his worst game in terms of mistakes (you know, the ones he’s become famous for), yet he still finished with an impressive stat line in such a limited amount of time. At this point in his career it appears his size, length and athleticism are simply overriding his defects no matter how you slice it.

Andre Miller, PG 21 MIN | 0-1 FG | 4-4 FT | 1 REB | 7 AST | 4 PTS | +1

Miller played good defense and distributed well. Again, this is what his role needs to be. He might be the best creator of his own offense on the entire team but the Nuggets don’t need that. Although his numbers are down, in my eyes Miller has been a much better, more team-oriented player throughout this season.

Evan Fournier, SG 11 MIN | 2-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | -9

Fournier is so cerebral. He’s calculated. He makes a few “rookie” mistakes but that’s because he is one. You can tell his experience playing pro in France has really prepared him for the NBA. I would really like to see what he could do with 20 minutes per game for a week at some point in the season.

One Thing We Saw

  1. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I’m gonna talk about McGee again. He just needs more playing time; plain and simple. It’s early but it’s very clear that McGee is going to be a huge part of this team come playoff time. His minutes are going to spike and he needs to be ready for that challenge. Over the last five games McGee has seen over 25 minutes once. Karl has to get over the fact that he’s going to make some bad decisions every now and then. Constantly tampering with his minutes is not helping him develop into a better player. Most importantly, he has to drop his double standard. McGee’s bad decisions may stand out more than other players’ but he doesn’t make more of them. For every goal-tend he commits Corey Brewer and Gallinari hoist up an ill-advised shot attempt. McGee also tends to make up for his bad decisions with excellent blocks, rebounds and dunks. In the end, guys like McGee are always going to be who they are. You’re not going to change them. Karl seems dead set on teaching McGee a lesson that he’s never going to learn. Moral of the story: A few goal-tending violations never killed anyone’s championship aspirations, but a 7-foot, athletic freak of a center has definitely made a few come true.
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  • Michael

    Good job by the team winning a game they should win. Good job by George keeping the team focused through a tough schedule early this season.

  • Ban Johnson

    Talent differential in this one was huge. Hornets have just 2 guys right now — Anderson and Lopez — who could get minutes on Nuggets. Which is why it was annoying when the Nuggets relaxed in the first half and let them stick around. 3rd quarter again was awesome for 3rd straight night.

    Ty Lawson finally looks like himself. Iguodala and Gallo look settled. Faried is a star in the making. In other words, Nuggets are in a good place.

    Just need to get minutes for McGee, and his confidence should follow; I thought Karl yanking him after just 4 minutes in the first half was the wrong move, even though Mozgov does need some run too.

    8 of the next 9 are on the road. 7 of them are in that toss-up category — @UT, @GS, @LAL, @ATL, @IND, @NY, @MIN; If Nugs can grab 4 of those and then the 2 they should win – TOR, @DET — that would be 6-3. 5-4 would be alright too.

  • CJP32

    Great 2nd half, seems to be the norm lately, play at 50% in the first half, GK screams, then 110% in the 3rd qtr!

    The starting 5 was awesome, everyone did their bit. Gallo with a quiet 4/4/9, Faried with a dub dub, KK with 5 blks and Ty/Iggy with 40 pts on 16/23 FGs.

    Mozzy was big with 7 rebs and 2 blks, Dre had a quiet 7 asts.

    It was great seeing the bench get some burn to allow the starters to rest, as the Jazz game tomorrow will be tougher. The CBrew to JHam throw down was nasty! I thought CBrew threw it too high but JHam was Air Jordan!

    Its good to see that CBrew has cut his 3PT shooting way down and is getting to the FT line more and playing stingy defense.

    McGee with only 11 mins was a bit odd, but I’m sure he will get more vs Jazz.

  • Ernie

    Why is this team having so much trouble scoring vs last year? I know they got 102, but in the past this would have been a 120-99 kind of game. Offense looks a little better but I think until they give JHam some of Brewer’s minutes I don’t see a path to easy baskets against good teams because they don’t have enough efficient shooters.

  • Traz

    People kill me coming on this website talking about JHam for Brewer you people don’t know basketball i can’t wait for Brewer to get off this damn team and y’all get y’all wish of JHam… He is terrible on defense yeah might score 10 while he in but give up 25… Please get C Brewer off this team and get him somewhere he is appreciated at..

    • Ckwizard

      I agree with you Hamilton is horrible on the defensive end but so is McGee!

    • Ernie

      No Traz, you kill me because you don’t know basketball!

      Do you see how stupid that kind of talk is? How about talking basketball instead of trying to flame someone.

      Brewer is a career 30% shooter from 3 which is bad. The efficient shooters are in the mid 30’s to low 40’s. Brewer is also shooting 38% overall, again much lower than the 45%+ of the efficient guys. The Nuggets scoring has gone from 1st in the league to 13th.

      JHam so far is shooting 45% from 3 this year after not really getting any minutes last year. I didn’t say give him all of Brewer’s minutes but replacing a chucker with someone much more efficient should lead to easier baskets for everyone. And it’s his second year, experience will help Hamilton’s defense.

  • Ckwizard

    I have no idea why everyone is so infatuated with McGee it is becoming clear why he isn’t starting and is deserving of the low minutes. McGee is as bad on the defensive side of the ball as Hamilton in terms of mistakes. It isn’t his ability to block shots that is needed or his ability to alter shots that should get him minutes. McGee is consistantly out of position for good team defense not to mention getting defensive rebounds. On offense he is more of a liability than a consistantly threat when he has the ball in his hands. McGee has demonstrated the ability to play decent man to man defense but very rarely do teams try to post him up. McGee fails consistantly with the team defense concepts the Nuggets use.

    • park hill

      He does need to show improvement on his position D and he spectates too damn much. I’d hate to see him go down that Bird man path, always depending on the block while sacrificing team D. I never heard those complaints about Bird though, except from Hastings on rare occasions.

      I see professional development in McGee and question the passion in which some hate on the youngster. George is bringing him on in a nice manner and it was wise to pay this kid to team with Faried.

      • Ckwizard

        McGee hopefully will get better and. Denver is a good place for him. If Koufos had McGee’s length and athleticism or McGee had Koufos’s sound technique Denver would have the best center in the nba. McGee has all the potential that is talked about but most are in love with that potential. The criticism of how GK is handling McGee is unwarranted. McGee is playing down to his position on the depth chart instead of the contract he was rewarded! If McGee can get it together Denver is the best team in the NBA that is what is frustrating for me as a fan.

  • EWilson

    Tomorrow is a nice ‘test’ game for this team. It’s a back-to-back against a decent team that is undefeated at home. It’s this type of game that young teams need to learn to grind out if they have championship asperations down the road. A win would be great, and even a competitive loss would be acceptable. If they get killed like they did in San Antonio, then we know they still have quite away to go.

  • DAN

    Great win and nice to see the bench get some run. Don’t see why Mozzy ever sees any real court time. He has poor hands and has not improved since his arival in the league. McGee has to get more burn. Even when he goal tends there still is an intimidation factor. He is a game changer and needs to be out there more.

  • Jacob

    How does Mozgov get a B-. He is so bad. Fouled out in 16 minutes and looked terrible all night. He wouldn’t cut it in the D-league.

    • magster

      I don’t mind a scrub center bruising it up in his limited time.

    • John

      In reality… if the Nuggs weren’t up 23, two of those fouls wouldn’t have been called.. and tripping over a player laying on the floor while rebounding should never be called, unless it is on the downed player. So, I’m not too worried about the fouls if I’m GK.

  • magster

    Someone posted this Iguadola quote on Stiffs. It totally has me psyched:

    iguodala from @nuggetsnews

    “It’s funny, I’m not even all the way there yet. I’d probably say I’m at about 70 percent right now. I’m understanding what (Karl) wants, I’m starting to get a better feel for my teammates and where they’re going to be at. And we’re not even 15 games in yet. I didn’t think I was going to hit my stride until January. So hopefully I can stay consistent in the rest of the feeling-out stage, and then in January be just – boom!”

  • Traz

    I can’t wait for C Brewer to be gone and the second unit has Andre Miller who can’t stay in front of any pg and JHam who can’t guard anybody on the floor and Mcgee bonehead goaltending every other time down the court… Just hold on CB a trade coming then people appreciate what you do more once you gone and it’s to late…

    • magster

      We just won 4 in a row. Cheer up!

    • park hill

      Yeah, too many fans fall in love with a sweet J. J-Ham is playing hard. Brew is a vet who has a game pulse, need that. This is the best place for him, though his stock is rising. Whether he gets 20 or 30 doesn’t really matter to me.

      • SmokinNugs

        Brewer is a vet in his third season?

        • dynamo.joe


          • SmokinNugs

            I thought he came into the league straight onto the Mavs, turns out he spent 5 years in MN? Who knew!

  • clive

    Give more minutes to McGee and we’ll get blown out every game. yeah he’ll probably get a double-double, but isn’t that what he did while playing for washington? amazing stats on a bad team? why do you think his +/- is always negative! we need less McGee if anything. but then we just gave him a fat contract… what we really need to do is trade him for a decent shooter; once AI’s outside shooting cools off, we’ll be struggling on offense again.

  • park hill

    Mozgov played hard tonight, everybody needs to be ready to contribute if called upon. Like I’ve said all along, this is the reason for at least 10 guys to get four minutes a game. A difficult thing for NBA coaches to do, but recent champions substantially manage to do so over the course of a season. The 7-8 man rotation must give way to the 10-11 man rotation, especially if you depend on running. The Heat are somewhat of an exception, not for long though.

  • EWilson

    >>Fournier is so cerebral. He’s calculated. He makes a few “rookie” mistakes but that’s because he is one. You can tell his experience playing pro in France has really prepared him for the NBA. I would really like to see what he could do with 20 minutes per game for a week at some point in the season.<<

    I like what I've seen in limited minutes from him as well. He's only 19 and a rookie, but he seems to know what he's supposed to be doing on the floor. It's very possible he's another 'gem' Ujiri will have mined in the bottom half of the draft. Most GMs take 'fliers' on players after the 20th pick or so, but Ujiri has consistently shown the ability to find contributors that low.

  • googergieger

    For every goal tend McGee gives you, Koufous gives a more physical player an easy shot, and blows a tough lay up/hook shot because he can’t finish at the rim for some reason. I mean how often does Faried throw the ball away with a lazy pass or passing the ball too late? Turn over the ball trying to start the break himself? How many bad games did we see from Ty where he wasn’t attacking or engaged on either end of the court at all? How many times does Brewer gamble on a steal and leave his team having to cover for his mistake? Again I think if McGee had some consistency and a defined role on this team, he wouldn’t be so sloppy and rushed on offense and defense. Those other players get their minutes regardless of how they play and even when McGee plays great he has no guarantee of getting more than twenty minutes. I feel his play in Washington and appearances on Shaqtin a fool has him a hole that is impossible to climb out of. Karl should have his head in his hands for his constant small ball line ups that screw us over instead of McGee having arguable goal tends, or bad shot selections/turn overs that plenty of other players have as well. Why is McGee held to a higher standard yet given less opportunity?

    • Ckwizard

      Koufos is more sound than McGee right now. Koufos also has demonstrated consistency and while not elite is a sound center on this Denver team.

      Brewer has proven himself and established his role on a consistantly basis.

      Lawson are you kidding me again has proven himself and established his role on this team.

      McGee has shown flashes of greatness which fans love but he needs consistency in his defensive presence. Denver can afford to have Brewer gamble and Ty struggle occasionally if the “bigs” are providing reliable defense. There isn’t a double standard J-Ham is in the same boat as McGee. They need to demonstrate consistency in all phases of the game not just in demonstrating “talent”

      • googergieger

        Koufous hasn’t shown that much consistency. When we were losing he was a big reason why. Don’t get me wrong he had a great game against Memphis and a few other teams as well. Karl said he starts him because he doesn’t make mistakes, but often times he is as good as invisible out there. And again how often have we seen him take an awkward hook or tough lay up instead of just dunking the ball?

        And again Lawson is playing great the past few games but early on? In that Miami game he just didn’t try. Brewer is an energy guy that gambles for steals 90% of the time and often times puts his team mates in an awkward situation as a result.

        And again there is a double standard. How can McGee show consistency if when he is putting up the numbers including per, he gets benched for someone that is detrimental for the team at that point and time and not even giving an effort? I mean for a stretch of about five games McGee was the one consistency for us and he still wasn’t getting minutes. Unfortunately the Wolves game happened where Karl finally decided to give him some rope but he picked up two quick fouls and didn’t do anything substantial in that time. Karl much like a lot of people here criticizing the guy just seem to have a short term memory and are too stubborn to be proven wrong. Hell remember last year when Faried was averaging twenty minutes and Karl said he liked Harrington in the center role? Remember last year when we lost the two opening games in L.A. mostly because of Koufous being over powered and giving the Laker bigs a rest on offense? Yet Karl gave both of those players chances this year. You all can argue he does give McGee chances but the second he makes a mistake or two he is benched. Meanwhile other players make a lot more and he just lets them play through it.

  • CJP32

    I counted 4 plays that McGee screwed up – the air ball jump shot, the missed dunk, the running sky hook and the goal tend. However, he makes up for it with energy and emotion – not many Nugget players show that (Faried, Brewer do). McGee is a work in progress and I think as the weeks go by the confidence and minutes will increase. He gave us 6 rebs, 1 blk and 8 pts in 11 minutes!!! But its the energy he brings to the crowd that is valuable to.

    He is more effective off the bench where its ok if he commits 1 or 2 fouls late in the qtr, because if he started games, he would probably get 1 or 2 fouls in the first 2 minutes, then become useless. I think GK is doing a great job managing his minutes, plus tomorrow is a Jazz game where he will be needed vs Milsap/Jefferson.

    People here need to chill and understand that we are a deep team, some nights KK will play well, others McGee or Mozzy. Tonight, all 3 did a great job

    • Ckwizard

      Watch the game again there is more than 4. The kind of things that go unnoticed is where McGee struggles . At 3:38 in the 3rd quarter watch McGee, hornets have ball McGee is watching ball and walks across the key to get out of the lane while his man goes the opposite way (McGee isn’t watching him) and goes to set a pick. The ball swings to the other side McGee is way out of position their guards defender is picked by McGee’s man and the gaurd drives and scores. McGee tries to hustle for the block but it is these kind of mental lapses that are bigger mistakes than a goal tend.

  • Jim

    This game was Definitely coached with the Utah game and the long road stand in mind. Look for more gallo, ai, and McGee tomorrow.

    Mr senior love daddy: y’all take a chill!

  • Tom

    Kalen is in love with garbage counting statistics. That’s the only way to explain why McGee was rated higher than Koufos. Did you even watch/listen to the game? Koufos has been the most consistent and reliable starter all season! McGee has had a couple decent games, but has mostly been embarrassing, forcing horrible shots, looking lost on defense, not understanding the concept of “team” on either side of the court. Why the heck does McGee of all people lead the Nuggets in possession usage for the season? He took 8 mostly horrible shots in 11 minutes, and the only ones he made were dunks he was set-up for.

    I agree that McGee needs more minutes, though, if only to boost his trade value so we can get something decent for him before the trade deadline. Too bad we can’t do that with Chandler too.

    • Tom

      One more thing: I think there’s a double standard here in evaluating McGee vs Koufos. Did you know that Koufos is actually younger than McGee and wasn’t drafted much later? Did you know that Koufos and Faried are the same age? The Nuggets are supposed to give minutes to McGee so he can develop his game, but what about Koufos? Doesn’t he deserve the opportunity to develop his game, especially since he’s never been given that opportunity before (unlike McGee, who’s had plenty of opportunity to start)? McGee deserves more minutes because… he’s out of shape? He’s constantly out of position? He has tunnel vision on offense and defense? Oh right, because he has a big wing-span! Of course!

      I remember when Koufos was a rookie with Utah, and always kind of liked him. It was tough to crack Utah’s rotation because they were stacked with bigs. Minnesota too, to a lesser extent. Denver is a nice opportunity for him because there aren’t any bigs that are really established at the moment. At this point, Koufos is competing for his career with someone who was just awarded a fat contract because of his nice wing-span (and also to make the Nene trade make sense).

      I know this is hard for some of you to believe, but Koufos is playing better than McGee. Frankly, I’m rooting for Koufos to develop into the long-term answer at Center rather than McGee. But we’re stuck with McGee until he gets traded, so yes, he needs to play more.

      • Marc

        Thank god someones speaking some sense on here!

        McGee is a classic case of looks good on stat sheet, but terrible player.

        McGee’s stats have looked better than Andre Miller’s in every single game this season but would anyone in their right mind say that McGee is better than Miller? Hell no!

        Keep McGee on the bench!

        • rxmart2

          Actually McGee has been very good this year overall. His bulk stats are GREAT, and his adjusted +- numbers are actually good for the first time in his career. I like what GK is doing giving him the hook when he messes up too many times.

          But you’re right that Kouf has been better overall. Man he’s really coming into his game–I know the bulk stats on him are down, but he’s becoming a defensive force that I never expected. Right now RAPM numbers have him as our second best defender behind Iggy and ahead of Gallo.

      • http://roundballminingcompany Spencer

        If Koufos is playing so much better than McGee, how come McGee has one of the best 10 PERs in the NBA right now (23.5) while Koufos has a mediocre PER at best (14.9). No matter how you look at it, McGee is playing at a much more efficient rate than Koufos (and most other centers in the league.) He is averaging more points, rebounds, blocks, and steals than Koufus in less minutes per game. He has a better shooting and free throw percentage. Oh, he also has a higher efficiency and +/-. I have no idea why so many people on this website think Koufos is playing at a higher level (the only argument that can be made is that he plays better team defense). But i would argue that team defense takes time and chemistry (something McGee is not given).

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Mozzy has regressed… Jham needs to step when given minutes… It looks like he is forcing his game instead of going with the flow.. Could be due to his lack of a place in the regular rotation… I still like to see Jham with a regular 15 minutes (you can give him 8 from Brewer, and 7 to from Miller). If he fails then at least we know.. I do know that we need to develop a shooter off the bench, and he’s our best hope. If he is not, we have some trade bait to try to address that need. Also the way Ujiri is hitting in the draft, I wouldn’t mind a trade for a top 5 to 12 pick.

  • Greco21

    Calling Koufos “Invisible” on offence…

    Just watch any play and you will see the behind an open shot there is a solid Koufos screen. Especially the cross court pass three. Iggy is wide open because Koufos sticks with the plan.

    Watch spacing when Koufos is in the game.

    Watch defense rebounds when Koufos is in the game. Faried has an easy rebound because Koufos has engaged the opposition Center in a solid block out.

    Watch the +/- guess what…. Koufos ranked 1st once more. When he got out of the game the ball was not moving. No spacing, open lanes in defense etc… And tell me again that is an overatted stat. It makes the difference.

    On offence Farried never passes the ball to him. He would prefer go against two players rather than hit an open teamate named Koufos. Cmon…

    On the other hand Kouf needs something shocking to define him because if you like basketball you would prefer a bad McGee over a solid Koufos. I mean come on man… DEMAND THE BALL AND DUNK ATTEMPT THE BALL… stop with the really close hook. It is not pretty even if the falls… Use the pump fake against athletic guys and force left handed players to dribble RIGHT…

    What i would strongly agree with Kalen is that if you want a good playoff run you should have established the inside game with 7 footers. McGee or Koufos. Run n Gun, jump shooting teams and Farried hustle even if it produces right now a ton of points in the paint right now. Come playoff time you cannot establish such a game pace, and entering the paint becomes a difficult task.

    You got to take DeAndre Jordan, Dunkan, Howard and the other elite Centers to commit a fouldreally early on the first quarter…

    • Andrew

      This comment nails it.

      No idea how you can grade McGee over Koufos. McGee finished off his dunks, but on pretty much every other possession he would just post up and throw up a very ill-advised shot. Koufos plays within his means and helps the team offense a lot more with his constant picking, rolling to the basket, etc.


    the only problemo of nuggets is Karl

  • Aaron

    This is such a tired discussion. McGee is out of shape aerobically. Watch him. . after 3 times down the court he’s huffing and puffing. He can and will get more minutes as the year goes on. He’s a huge asset for us because Pau Gasol wants no part of McGee (much like Duncan wanted no part of Nene). Against the Clips he’s the only guy who can play with Jordan and Griffin.

    But, having said that . . there are nights where it’s just bad matchup for him like last night where NO’s bigs could shoot from outside and pull him away from the basket. Let’s see him against Jefferson tomorrow and Dwight on Friday. That’s when we need him.

    Let’s show some patience and maturity on this board and with the grades. He’s out of shape. It’s obvious. GK has no agenda here, last night just wasn’t McGee’s kind of game.

    • Ryan

      Agree completely. There’s too much of a McGee vs Koufos dynamic on this board. They’re two very different players and both help the Nuggets in different ways. Instead of arguing about who is better, we should be stoked that the Nuggets have the luxury of having two starting-caliber centers. Depending on the situation, one can play more than the other, but as long as both play around 20 minutes, that should be just fine for the Nuggets long-term. No need to trade/bench/hate on one or the other…

      • Greco21

        Well it is a healthy debate.

        Both of them need to get much better in order for the Nuggets to have a chance in the playoffs. Half court offense is not a Nuggets asset. Points in the paint win play off games and Nuggets have to establish some post plays in order to wear the opposition Centers. It will open lanes and penetration.

        The run and gun game will not work in the playoffs IMO.

        Manimal has to play smarter too. Energy and hustle are superb. He has to take to the next level too. He needs some patience in the paint. He needs to earn fouls. He needs to hit the open guys.

  • JP

    The guards need to drive more, draw the bigs and pop the ball up within 4ft of the bucket… Let McGee do the rest. The dude could come from out of court and still get that.

    Run more lob plays to make the most of that wingspan and leap.

    It will no doubt be another frustrating season, but they will get there… for sure!

    Love to see Manimal in a West jersey in a few months.

  • toluene_hawk

    Pick n pop.