Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 103 Utah Jazz 105

Denver Nuggets 103 Final
Recap | Box Score
105 Utah Jazz
Danilo Gallinari, SF 28 MIN | 4-10 FG | 2-3 FT | 3 REB | 3 AST | 12 PTS | -10

He’s apparently under the weather and still did plenty of great things on offense until the utter collapse in the second half. All things considered, Gallo put a nondescript, decent-enough role player type of performance when the Nuggets were looking for something more, especially after Iguodala’s ejection.

Kenneth Faried, SF 36 MIN | 8-12 FG | 5-6 FT | 9 REB | 2 AST | 21 PTS | +5

Another vintage ‘Manimal’ night from an energy standpoint, but we also saw another big front line post him up and shoot right over the top of the him. Defensively, Faried is solid but gives up too much size in matchups the Nuggets will continue to struggle with.

Kosta Koufos, C 28 MIN | 3-4 FG | 1-3 FT | 9 REB | 0 AST | 7 PTS | +5

Too many huge plays out of the Jazz bigs in the second half. Koufos is solid and did plenty to get the Nuggets off to a promising start, but the story of the second half was the Nuggets inability to control the paint they way they did in the first half.

Ty Lawson, PG 38 MIN | 7-17 FG | 2-4 FT | 5 REB | 9 AST | 16 PTS | -2

When Ty was aggressive, he got into the paint at will and came through with some crucial second-half drives to keep Denver afloat. Unfortunately, Ty continues to struggle on the court in a more featured role as he did tonight, failing to get the Nuggets a shot attempt with 3 seconds remaining and a chance to tie or take the lead.

Andre Iguodala, SG 25 MIN | 5-9 FG | 0-2 FT | 3 REB | 4 AST | 10 PTS | -3

From what I saw, his ejection made no sense. Yes, Iguodala was frustrated and clearly responding poorly to Utah’s pivotal third quarter run, but he showed no contempt or disrespect in what looked like routine mouthing off in a tightly contested game. I guess you have to expect more maturity out of a leader, but it’s really tough to say he legitimately did anything to deserve two technicals and an ejection after disagreeing with a call.

Corey Brewer, SF 30 MIN | 4-5 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 12 PTS | +5

A solid thirty minutes for Brew even if it is way more than you’d expect to see him playing on this Nuggets team. He has embraced more of a scoring role this season and is working well off the bench with Andre Miller and McGee.

Timofey Mozgov, C 7 MIN | 2-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | -5

Mozgov put in some solid first-half work but ended his night with little more than a few scrap minutes of action. Physically, he seems healthy but is clearly on the precipice of not playing whatsoever, having seen his role steadily reduced since arriving in Denver two years ago.

JaVale McGee, C 20 MIN | 4-5 FG | 2-6 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 10 PTS | -7

It’s really a shame McGee was not able to stay on the court as he started out with one of his finest performances all season. JaVale looked dominant at times and utterly lost at others, but the bottom line is his own porous defense and emotional mood swings are the reasons he isn’t seeing more time.

Andre Miller, PG 22 MIN | 2-7 FG | 4-6 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 8 PTS | +2

Andre is off to a slow start. Physically, he isn’t in shape for an NBA season but that’s nothing new as Miller is known to work himself up to speed throughout the early season. Fatigue looked like it was a factor for Miller, who has not looked great in his chances at extended minutes thus far.

Evan Fournier, SG 7 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 3 PTS | 0

Fournier saw a surprise few minutes following Iguodala’s ejection before foul trouble and a close game led Karl in a different direction. He hit a three and looked fluid in Denver’s offense despite the Nuggets’ woeful second half performance.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Not even getting a shot attempt off on the final possessions hurts. So does the 56.3% free throw shooting in a two point loss, but ultimately the failure to even put up an honest attempt at tying or winning the game falls on Lawson, who mismanaged the clock and ultimately froze in the game-deciding moment.
  2. Andre Miller trying to change his game up at 36 years old to start shooting threes is not a recipe for success. He may have been open and Lawson may have given up his dribble too early, but that’s still a stab in the dark by one of the worst three-point shooters in the NBA.
  3. Another rough loss in which the Nuggets pretty much out-produce their opponent in everything and still manage to lose. These are the games solid teams put to bed no matter how many excuses there are to slip up. This one shouldn’t have been close, but it doesn’t kill the Nuggets’ upcoming trip and serves as a fitting reminder that this team isn’t performing any better than average and still has a long ways to go.
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Charlie Yao

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  • toluene_hawk

    Lawson to the D-league

  • googergieger

    Nuggets need to practice their free throws nonstop from now on. Until their hands fall off or something. Karl should have called a time out when Faried came up with the steal. I have no idea what Lawson tried to do with that play at the end. With that said, the refs really called a horrible game both ways today but they clearly brought Utah back into this game and from then out made sure it stayed close. Denver got screwed big time tonight. Iggy ejected?! I hope to Bob someone pressures the league about this. It is bad enough we have this totally unfair schedule to start, and had two horribly officiated games against Miami where we had more than double the paint points and yet somehow came out even or less in the FT/Foul department. However Utah had no business being even close to winning this game tonight. Every ref should be fined, suspended, fired, or something tonight. At least give an explanation!

    • 9Iggy9

      That ejection was terrible. The ref must have the softest skin, and if he does, needs a new job. Not sounding dumb here, but I’ve played and coached plenty of sports, and no one from either team likes the ref, they just hope it will be a decently controlled game. For him to get crazy and try to over-control the game was absurd. It all started in the 2nd qtr in my opinion when the refs stopped what was headed to a blowout and made it a low double digit lead by sending the jazz to the line non stop

  • EWilson

    Hit your damn free throws, guys, and you win this game going away! Utah left 9 points at the line and Denver left 16! Even if they’d shot the same percentage as the Jazz did from the line, they’d have won by 5 points.

    Really, would someone explain to NBA players that while shooting free throws isn’t cool, it affects games. And if they don’t care about winning games, someone might point out that it affects their own bottom line! Sink two more free throws a game boosts your scoring average by two points and makes you look even better when contract time comes around. It’s not rocket science.

  • Ban Johnson

    1. Referees should be as close to invisible as possible. They obviously failed at that tonight. So many ticky-tacky fouls while obvious clubbings were missed. Iguodala ejection had to be one of the 4 or 5 worst I’ve seen in 30 years of watching basketball. Refs flat-out let Utah back in the game. I hate talking about refs after a loss — it’s usually just emotion talking — but I’m sure it’s not tonight.

    2. That said, Nuggets win if they hit even a reasonable ft%. Make no mistake — it’s a problem. It will haunt this team in the playoffs unless they improve. 18-32 tonight! 56%! That would be piss-poor for a college team.

    3. Lawson lost his confidence down the stretch. You could see it in his body language. Maybe he was just tired.

    4. Oh well, 8-7 still stinks, for as talented as this team is. No excuses. Anything less than 55 wins this year is underachievement.

    5. Faried is awesome. He’s become the heart and soul of this team.

    • ryanvdonk

      happened right when brewer came back out for andre…

      as for all the hate, this is learning experience for ty, he’s never had to be the crunch time guy, so he’s learning on the job right now, he’ll be fine. what i didn’t like was how the bigs were still on the block, clear them out so the defense cant just camp in there, make them slide all the way from the arc.

      oh and free throws, that was ridiculous, hack a nugget might become a strategy

    • John

      56% would be piss poor for anyone, much less a professional who is paid millions to do just that.

      I’m an editor, and if only half of my episodes were able to be broadcast… I would be fired in about 3 seconds flat.

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    GK’s head.

  • Henry

    Is George Karl suffering from dementia? He has to use his time outs to put his players in a position to win games. Stubborn fucking old mule. I’m all done with this guy. FIRE HIS ASS NOW! This was a disgusting display of his disinterest in managing a team on the floor. That’s enough of this shit, Karl.

    • rxmart2

      It’s a known fact that possessions coming from OOB are lower percentage than possessions coming from a missed shot. I can actually see calling a TO there in this situation because they weren’t expecting to get the ball back only down 1. The problem was Kenneth got a little confused after the play.

      That wasn’t on George, although I’m positive he wishes he called a TO :)

      • Henry

        I’ve gotten over my anger, yet I still think Karl should call timeouts more, and that he should have called one more than once down the stretch of this game. This particular roster needs that, and they surely did after Faried’s steal, as Faried himself showed.

        A game is a story; a particular team also tells a story. Statistics don’t necessarily jibe with those stories.

        • will

          jeez this decision can be effectively isolated from the rest of the game so its pretty clear that there is no point in calling a TO

  • Kalen

    Can’t give games away. Nuggets had control of this game and watched Utah seize it in the second half. Yes, they were at home, but Utah didn’t even play a whole half of basketball. The Nuggets have seven of their next eight on the road. These are must-wins.

    Several things…

    — Free throws. More than anything, this is what cost the Nuggets the game. This is going to kill the Nuggets in the playoffs, I can already tell.

    — Interior man-on-man defense. The Nuggets don’t have it. Faried, Koufos and McGee are all talented big men, but none of them have good man-on-man defense in the post. If you’re a crafty big man, you can just book scoring 20-30 when you face the Nuggets.

    — 3-point shooting. Both defense and offense. The Nuggets simply do not operate well beyond the paint. Look at the Spurs. They ALWAYS have great 3-point shooters. Always. The Nuggets drive so often but don’t utilize this aspect of their game enough. Hamilton would certainly help out here but Ty and Gallo need to knock them down as well. Either way, this is another thing that will definitely kill you come playoff time.

    • Thomas

      Again, Gallo gets a pass. Why isn’t he mentioned when we talk about defending the other team’s “crafty big men”? Is he as good as all star Dirk Nowitski, scoring 25PPG (when at or near his peak) and shooting 50% from the field? No, not even close.

      • SmokinNugs

        You’re aware Gallo had the flu right? Not everyone can go MJ when it’s coming out both ends.

        • Thomas

          Gallo has had the flu since the season began, if you ask me. Coach’s job to sit him on the bench then, instead of having him play like crap and hoist ill-advised 3 pointers at the worst possible time.

  • 9Iggy9

    Why on earth George didn’t call a timeout after the steal is insane. Any other coach would have. It’s just having confidence in setting up a half court play. It’s embarressing he can’t. And after two time outs a ty drive with no one open is the best he can draw up? Granted ty should have shot the ball knowing how much time was left once the play was busted, but if you look, gallo and Cbrew were just standing hidden In the corner. Neither looked to move until the time expires. I find it pathetic that this is how the game ended.
    Like everyone else said, the refs were awful, making way too many calls. And the iggy ejection was huge. The jazz had already caught up, but 1.5 more quarters of iggy would have changed the game.
    I just hate the sinking feeling I get, knowing the nuggets need a clutch play…feeling like there is no chance it’ll happen. I would’ve been confident in an iggy shot or Iso for the game.


    • Ryan

      Well, you kind of answered your own question right there. I actually prefer it when Karl doesn’t call timeout to draw up a play. As any long-time Nugget fan can attest, GK’s inbounds plays are, well, atrocious. You saw what he comes up with on the last possession, not exactly A+ strategy there. Now, should your team have a coach that is competent at drawing up effective plays in key situations following a timeout? Absolutely, but that goes more in the “who should we have as coach instead of Karl?” conversation. As long as GK is on the bench, calling a timeout seems to HURT the Nuggets’ chance of winning, as odd as it seems…

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    GK could’ve stepped up and gotten tossed right after Iggy to save his job. Nay. This ferrari needs a driver.

  • DAN

    Bummer. We just can’t keep making the same mistakes over and over. Just sad.

  • CJP32

    Few things that cost us the game:

    -The refs – 56 PFs called!!!!
    -We miss crucial FTs – 2/6 in the last 5 mins
    -17 TOs – 7 combined from both Andre’s
    -The 14 mins that Mozzy/Fournier played should have gone to JHam
    -Iggy gets ejected – that was the turning point for the Jazz
    -Andre Miller had 1 assist and 4 TOs in 22 mins
    -Gallo being sick was a -10, he should have stayed home
    -Bad plays at the end, what was Ty doing giving the ball to Miller then passing as the buzzer goes off???

    • ryanvdonk

      miller was wide open, right play by ty on that one, miller needs to pump and drive or swing the ball, 3 pointers just aren’t his bag.

      • CJP32

        I agree with you because Miller shot it with 9 seconds left, where he could have drove and got a better look or fed someone open

        The last play was just bad – Ty drove into a wall then decided to flick it to Brewer, who was actually open in the left corner when the play started (where he previously hit 2 straight threes from the same spot).

        Not sure what happened there, but Ty messed up.

  • BombNugg

    It’s confidence, I swear. GK is about the big picture. It’s why games like this can be frustrating to watch — Faried wants the timeout, we need a plan. Call timeout! Time that s@#t out! I could have cried. GK is thinking FAST BREAK when we get the turnover, no question. Faried pauses. He looks for the timeout. GK senses fear. He sees adversity, and it becomes a teachable moment. Period. That’s GK. He could have called the timeout as soon as the fast break was gone. But as much as it kills me, there’s something bigger than the timeout. No matter what building, what score, circumstances aside; it’s not game 7 at staples. It’s the start of the season in pud whack utah. You don’t need help. You don’t need a play. You don’t need a timeout. You need confidence. Before it’s R1 game 7 all over again. You need confidence. Way more than you need arrows on a board. And by ‘you’ I mean our players, you GK hating fans, and me.

    • Daniel Y

      ummm..well if thats GK’s strategy for the playoffs, and if he is so great at molding young players and “teaching them lessons”, then why has he never won anything outside of the regular season? why is Jordan Hamilton warming the bench while cory brewer jacks up three after three? where is anthony randolph? my point is, your defending GK as if this “strategy” has worked in the past. it definitely hasn’t. we have such a young talented group of guys and this coach is letting them waste away on the bench, as they lose more and more confidence everyday.

      • Jacob

        Disagree with just about everything Daniel Y said there. While I do think Hamilton needs time, Brewer doesn’t jack up 3 after 3. He shots 4 a game and hits 36% (although he has hit a cold streak recently). You can live with that. Talk about jacking up 3 after 3, what about Gallo? Also Randolph isn’t that good of a player. Why do we want to see more him? Just because because he is new here doesn’t mean he is any good. Same for Fournier He hasn’t looked terrible, but what does he add to the team?

        • SmokinNugs

          I had Randolph on my fantasy team last year when he was in MN. He had some huge games. Definitely worthy of 5-10 min. Give him Mozzy’s 7-10 a game. I guarantee more production. AR15 has game.

          • Jacob

            Fair enough if you give him Movgov’s minutes. I mean I think Randolph is a solid guy to have on the end of a bench, but not anything worth throwing fits over playing time. Must have been a fairly deep league then, because I’m in 20 teamers and I saw him on the waiver wire occasionally.

  • Aaron

    Ugh…….Fucking Refs Single Handedly Lost Us This Game Tonight… Way To Fade Away Quietly Again Lawson.

  • mitchell

    i thought andy reid was coaching in philly tonight, not in utah!

    seriousy though that was extremely awful clock management. one of the worst 14 seconds of basketball ive seen from this team. faried or ty take the timeout. DONT THROW IT TO ANDRE MILLER FOR A CHUCK-IT-UP THREE TO WIN. everything was set up. favors missed, faried got the board and all we had to do was call a timeout, run a set, and wait for a good shot and go to OT.

    how can such “good” coach not get that right? high school coaches know what to do in that situation.

  • Denver4ever

    Wow! just wow! The Referees in Utah have been a bunch of cheaters for about 20 years!
    Too much Bull**** officiating destroyed our confidence, that’s why we miss free throws! DAMN

    It’s just the simple reason why Utah is so good at home: just super-biased officiating.

    Remember, the only way the Jazz will play like shit at home is when the officiating gets fair.

  • rxmart2

    Guys are you serious with the timeout? Possessions after an 1/2 court inbound are some of the worst offensive possessions in BBall. The only time a coach should call them is if they are having trouble inbounding or are under a clock issue having to advance the ball. Faried is young, and sort of shat the bed here. He stole the ball (unexpectedly), got nervous, looked at GK who said go, but by that time Utah had numbers. GK probably should have signaled for a TO there, but the opportunity was lost.

    As far as the three, Andre called for the ball and as far as I’m concerned someone calling or it, wide open, should be the one taking that shot.

    Tough loss, but it happened when we thoroughly outplayed a team in a building where they have been unbeatable. Lots of lessons learned from this one that I presume will come in handy during one of those games they must win.

    Patience everyone.

  • Thomas

    Andre Miller for 3 at the end when you need 2 and he shoots atrociously from 3? Wow, GK, you really are earning your salary…

    Regarding grades – not a very good job once again. Gallo keeps stinking the joint and gets a pass every time, why? Are you guys in love with him or what? He is awful, at best a mediocre career player. On the flipside, Faried keeps us in the game and you put the defensive blame on him. Blame should go mostly to GK who keeps Andre on the court regardless of matchup or game situation. Wake up, guys.

    This is the Nuggets. Some quality wins, some unacceptable losses (for a team I consider should be playing like a contender and winning games like yesterday with relative ease). This is what GK will always do. Yesterday’s game is a perfect example. Atrocious coaching to end the game. Why on earth is Andre Miller on the court at the end of games? Why is he still lined up with Ty on the back court? Why not Hamilton at end-of-game situations to have a 3 point threat? Why aren’t they practicing FTs non stop?

    You can’t have great, young starting PG like Lawson and at the end of the game give the keys to Miller and wonder why Lawson may be struggling.

    In essence, this is Lawson and Faried’s team, with a great addition in Iguodala. GK and everyone else is a side dish. Management should stop wasting our time – and most importantly not waste Lawson and Faried’s younger days (and Faried’s rookie contract) – and get a coach that can make it work and find out if we can win it all or not sometime in the next 3-5 years.

    I repeat, GK is a waste of time. I’ve seen it for too long to not know better. Masai must see this, I hope.

    • David

      As much as I rip Karl, that Andre 3 was not on him, Faried probably should have called a timeout when he got the steal and it was up to Miller, not Karl, wether to take the 3 or not.

      The play at the end was defended perfectly by Utah and it was Lawson’s fault not recognizing that earlier.

      • Thomas

        Disagree. It is GK’s fault to have Andre Miller in there. If Ty was handling PG duties and bringing the ball up court, why on earth do you need to have Andre in when his defense is porous and there are better shooters and rebounders on the bench.

        Andre Miller spotting up for 3 is just plain stupid – he can’t shoot long distance. Ty did what a PG does, he gave the ball to the open man. In this case, it was the wrong open man – that’s GK’s fault.

  • David

    The free throw shooting is inexcusably bad, it has cost the Nuggets several games now. Horrifically bad crunch time possessions are not anything new with this team under Karl but an Andre Miller three and not getting a shot off is almost a new low.

    Also I don’t know when we stop giving Faried a pass. He was great offensively but I have to disagree when you say he is “solid” on defense. He’s not. He is a bad defender. Teams with huge bigs like Utah will always hurt him due to his size but really his overall defensive awareness and his timing on help defense is bad against almost any matchup. A big reason JaVale can’t get that much crunch time playing time is Denver becomes a defensive disaster when Faried and JaVale play together. I LOVE the Manimal and while he will always be undersized he needs to get better at the nuances of defense that isn’t affected by size.

    • nugswin

      “Also I don’t know when we stop giving Faried a pass. He was great offensively but I have to disagree when you say he is “solid” on defense. He’s not. He is a bad defender. Teams with huge bigs like Utah will always hurt him due to his size but really his overall defensive awareness and his timing on help defense is bad against almost any matchup.”

      Thank you. Somebody has the balls to say it. I’m a little tired of seeing big grades for Faried when, despite his energy, hustle etc., he costs us big time on the defensive end of the court. I’d almost rather see him given a shot playing SF and see if he can defend that spot rather than watch him get abused in the paint by bigger and/or smarter players.

      Since he doesn’t rotate well we’re much better defensively when McGee and Moz or KK are both playing. Despite none of them being great one-on-one defenders they at least have the size and (especially McGee) chance to alter or block shots at the rim. Faried does none of those things and it’s a real problem.

  • Ben F

    It is unreal to me that so few here are not pinning this one on the missed free throws. Our field goal % was nearly higher than our free throw %! All we needed to win this game was to make three more free throws. That would have put us at 65.6%. That is still terrible, but that is all we needed to hit to win the game. I don’t think you can blame anyone but the players for missing so many shots that are supposed to be so easy the named them free throws…

    Sure maybe the refs made some dubious calls, but they didn’t miss those free throws. Sure Iggy needs to show that he’s one of the more mature players on this team, and not do whatever he did to get ejected. (I’m not quite sure still…) Even the Manimal, one of my favorite players, needs to be more of a leader and not get T’d up for a stare down… I love Faried’s energy, but the Nuggets are in no place right now to get too cocky, he should be letting his performance do the intimidating, if he’s playing well enough, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  • http://www.chazkemp.com Avarra

    Mistakes were made to be sure, but a lot of you hit it right on the head… Free Throw shooting is what killed us tonight. We missed 16 flippin’ free throws and we only lost the game by 2 points. If you ask me – the refs were actually TRYING to give us the game…

  • toluene_hawk

    Faried is going to LBJ Denver after his contract is up. This team just isn’t on his level and he deserves better.

    • Thomas

      Agree. I would jump ship too if I had to endure GK and the prospect of never winning anything while that man is at the helm.

      • Ryan

        What decent player would want to play for GK? Only euros and lazy veterans like Andre Miller seem to enjoy playing for him…

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Don’t worry about Faried… He is a 2nd year player and his defense will improve.. I am old enough to remember Barkley’s first 2 NBA seasons, and he was extremely raw at that time.. What Faried has is HEART.. You can not teach it, you either have it or you don’t. He will find a way to improve.. Winners always do.. We lost cause Iggy got ejected.. Period.. It was the 2nd night of a back to back with a sick Gallo and later an elected IGGY and we still should have won.. I thought KK played his but off in the first half and part of our problems putting teams away is our Hockey 4 & 5 man subsitutions during games… Back in the day, you would always have 3 or 4 starters on the floor at the same time… You would rotate guys in throughout the game… Fact is the starters start for a reason.. They need to be together on the floor the majority of the games.. Focus on blowing teams out in the first 3 qtrs, and then resting in the 4th (like the the old chicago bulls)…. Karl needs to watch old NBA film and learn how to coach again like a man. FYI: Big mistake letting Felton go & keeping freakin Mozzy and Chandler instead… Felton has the eye of the tiger at the point, something TY definitely does not have… And get off Faried, the dude is a future All Star.. Not a punk like Carmello was…

    • nugswin

      Faried has a bright future in the league but isn’t anywhere near the talent that Barkley was. Not even close.

  • gfacekillah8

    was at this game. can’t even express fully what it was like. thought we were going to run away with it after the first half but losing Iguodala was huge. the game turned then. missing the FT is what lost us the game. John Hollinger wrote about this already this season and it is the major difference between last year’s Nuggets and this years team. gotta hit those. Gallo, Faried and Koufos all missed huge ones (although i must admit they had to deal with some of the loudest booing i have ever heard).

    i think the other big issue we have is we have no legitimate post threat on offense. Mcgee and Koufos score mainly on put backs and dunks. Faried is improving but isnt quite there yet. it was completely evident everytime Al Jefferson got the ball with his back to the basket. he just abused us with his post moves. we have noone who can do that. i think it is time we pull off this trade:


    Gives the Lakers the young scoring wings that both know D’antoni’s system and the Nuggets get a legitimate front court presence. we would probably have to throw in a few draft picks or even mozgov but thats no big deal.

    starting line-up would then be:
    Faried – pulls him away from the basket a little but his energy will make up for it. gets him guarding SF which is a much better defensive match up for him

    And then we would have miller, brewer, mcgee, hamilton and mozgov off the bench.

    • http://espn Gary

      I would take this trade anyday, but don’t think the Lakers would bite; Gallo is overrated as a shooter and who knows what Chandler really is. Gasol might be struggling in the D’Antoni system right now and he might not show up every night anyway, but he’s a very talented and experienced post presence who are rare in the league to begin with. We will have to give up a lot more than just those two very average players and don’t think am willing to sell the farm for an aging Pau either.

  • fluffhead

    practice free throws

    fire GK

    injure Andre Miller


    • fluffhead

      and tell TY to stop puffing the MMJ on nights off (as my buddy who owns a venue in denver can attest to). $14million/year. wake up Lawson, jesus

      • Thomas

        That would explain a lot.

  • http://espn Gary

    This game exemplifies the notion I’ve come to beleive since last year: They are who we thought they were. I let my hopes rise up a bit during the off-season based on McGee’s strong playoff performance and Iggy’s arrival, but its more of the same after all.
    – GK is still is no better than an average coach on game night.
    – They still can’t make FT’s aka charity points.
    – Lawson will never be more than good.
    – Miller is an old ball hogging breed going out of fashion.
    – Gallo is overrated as a player and specially as a shooter
    – Still cant defend
    – Can’t win the close one.
    & the worse part..they’ve gotten worse with their fast paced transition style. They are worse than the team last year and nothing says it will change. All this also means they will remain a roller-coaster all year and eventually stumble into the playoffs with the 6-8th seed and get thrashed in the first round. GK would again pat himself on the back for another playoff run, Ujjiri will again exchange some equal value in the market and it will be the same off-season hype all over again….nothing’s changed over here folks….just spinning wheels. They are exactly who they are & it won’t change till that man sits in a suit on the Denver courtside. Definition of insanity…..expecting diff. results with the same jazz.

    • Thomas

      Agree on all counts, start to finish.

      Until Masai does something big to fix this boat (GK leaving would pretty much do it), we have no shot and Masai is just an average GM who cares about dollars and sense, not titles.

      Get rid of GK and package Gallo, Miller, Chandler and Moz for a real power forward, a shooter and a back-up PG (for 12 minutes a game).

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    KARL was the coach of #1 seed Seattle w/ Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp when our boys punked him… The only problem I have is that most coaches in the Association stink right now… No Chuck Daily’s to be found… Who would we hire??

    • http://www.chazkemp.com Avarra

      I’ve been thinking about this and I think about it every time someone shouts for GK’s head. Jerry Sloan is available & so is Phil Jackson. Sloan is the more realistic option. There are also the Van Gundy brothers as well, but I’d LOVE to have Sloan coach this team.

      GK truly looks uninterested at times… I don’t know but we need to do something.

  • Gordon

    I’d still hire Nate McMillan. Igoudala is his kinda player, he might finally be able to get Ty to give what he needs to give. Ty, in turn, wouldn’t mind SOMEONE telling him what to do, which Nate has no problem doing (bit of a control freak about offense).

    He also could teach a half-court, and some D, which this team needs. And this team would remind him a lot of the ones he played on. Igoudala is a bit big to be the Glove (though that’s where the lockdown D would come from), but Detlef Schrempf is basically who Gallinari should be, and if anybody was gonna play the role of Shawn Kemp it would be JaVale.

    And the chance to turn Faried into Dennis Rodman would be fun, I would think. He understands Karl, even if he coaches very differently, so he’d know what base the players are starting from. I’d ditch Karl for McMillan and let him be a hardass on Lawson and require (as well as TEACH) some defensive tough-mindedness.

    Since I’m not gonna get that lucky, though, I’ll take a free throw shooting coach and a 3-point shooting coach, por favor. Gotta be some money in the budget for those, right?


    • mike

      Im not sure where the misconception of nate mcmillan as a defensive coach started (he was a good defensive player but that is different) but his teams were ALWAYS middling. Often worse than that. The offenses were often average to above average with a couple of years of stellar play. He also played at a ridiculously slow pace. find another savior folks cause Nate is just a nice average coach who likes to play slow.

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    Why is everyone defending GK and throwing Andre Miller under the bus? This IS the problem with having opposing forces lead the game a close. Ty and Dre can’t coexist under pressure situations. Dre will go Dre, and do whatever it takes, by himself (real similar to Al Harrington last year) to get the bucket. This is a coaching issue, not a player issue. Either Andre or Ty should not have been on the court last night, and it was perfectly exposed with Dre’s errant and unwanted 3 attempt with 5+ on the shot clock, and Ty’s pass to Corey Brewer with zeros on the clock. You don’t play two quarterbacks to close the game, why would you play two point guards?

    Again, and I quote. “GK’s head”

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    Also, I am pulling for Stan Van Gundy or Brian Shaw.

    • Thomas

      I am pulling for any corpse to replace GK. Addition by subtraction.

  • mike

    Just so people are clear about this: This team is currently ranked number 8 in the Hollinger rankings (not the end all be all, but better than ranking by record etc). This is despite Lawson shooting incredibly poorly which is EXTREMELY unlikely to keep up. Gallo shooting EXTREMELY poorly and only starting to go to the rim in the last 5 or so games. Igoudala playing below his likely output for the season as he will probably hit 2s and FT slightly better, His 3s look like he MAY be a legit 37%+ type guy. Iguodala assists are way down and TO way up which is likely more a function of familiarity than anything else.

    Wilson Chandler has been unhealthy almost all year and ineffective for the few minutes he has played. No one besides maybe Mcgee is really playing over their head and even he hasn’t done anything that natural growth couldn’t be the realisitic cause. Brewer is hitting 3s a lot better, but sometimes for guys in his age range a bump up to mid 30s 3 pt percentage is legit. Especially because he seems to concentrate on taking the corner 3. The Free throw shooting has been poor compared to career statistics for all 4 of their top free throw earners.

    The defensive effeciency is still a concern, but extreme road heavy schedule may make it more of a slight concern than a major one like last year.

    granted the health has been strong and they will need it to stay that way at PG as they essentially have no 3rd pg. But the team has been pretty strong despite numerous likely regressions (progressions) to the mean that will result in better play. I do think they need to upgrade a post position with faried and one of Mcgee or Koufus sticking around which could have a positive impact on the defense as none of those guys is much beyond average in overall defensive value nor are any even average at post play defense. Everyone went into this season understanding clearly that this team was at least one significant upgrade away from a championship calliber team. It looks likely that this team will eventually be a team that is certainly top 10 in the league and ends up with a 3-6 seed in the West which there are 6 really good team in.

  • Michael

    What do you all think about possibly packaging Gallinari and potentially Chandler for Pau Gasol? It would give us a much needed post scorer and a true go to player in the clutch.

    • Ryan

      Great idea, but why would the Lakers do this? Two middling wing players for a gifted 7 ft power forward with multiple All-star appearances? Ujiri would have to use a jedi mind trick or something to pull that off

    • monimo

      The Lakers would be happy to do that. Gasol is on a two year 40 million contract, old and has health problems. We would give up two young small forwards and Faried would be on the bench. I’m happy you’re not the Nuggets GM!

      • OriginalJakeSauce

        Couldn’t agree more. I like the idea of a trade, but it would please me to see Timo and Chandler with draft pick(s) for a David Lee or better type player. JSmoove would fit.

      • Ryan

        Chandler has more health issues and hasn’t been a productive player in over 2 years. Plus, he just signed a long-term contract. What team would want that? I already predicted that his contract would be a nuisance for the Nuggets if they don’t trade him this year. Gallinari has been marginal, at best, this year and hasn’t shot the ball well from 3 for the last few years. Yes, he would be superior offensively compared to MWP (who isn’t?), but would be much worse defensively. As for the salary, have the Lakers ever cared about the luxury tax? They could have sent Gasol to Orlando in the Howard trade, but chose not to. Obviously, this means they don’t want to trade him, in spite of him being overpriced. I bet Lakers fans are glad you’re not their GM…
        All in all, I would be happy for the Nuggets to make that trade

    • googergieger

      That would slow this team down a lot, and you’d be forced to find other players that compliment Gasol’s half court type of offense. On top of which Gallo is a good play maker, and the one player on this Nuggets squad that looks for contact from the get go. Wilson Chandler has had how many health issues exactly? I mean was playing good until he came back from China and was almost injured immediately. Gasol is playing hurt right now as well, and he’d put us in play off purgatory for three years maybe? Then when he is done what? Lottery team?

  • Mark from Charlotte

    18/32 for 56%…………I agree Gordon

  • ny nugs fan

    i think the nugs have been doing a lot of trade trade trade since melo and the reality is that this team is good enough to go all the way this year

    if anything we learned from the last minute of the jazz game, this team needs time to gel and get on the same page

    the reality is that the nugs shouldn’t have had to call a timeout at the end of that game; they shouldve known what plays to run and whose hands to get the ball into and that was an unfortunate but great moment for them to work the kinks out now

    let’s get back on track tonite against the warrios and let’s beat the lakers tomorrow!!!

    go nugs win it all in 2012-2013!!!

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Just watched the Nuggets vs Warriors game. GK needs to go ASAP…………………

  • Mark from Charlotte

    This coaching staff will disappoint the Nugget fans again. GK needs to understand, he cannot have Miller and Lawson in the game at the same time. AR15 and Jham did a good job in the first half. I don’t understand why GK didn’t play them in the second half. Can someone guard David Lee, they made him look like SUPERMAN tonight.