Reaction: Golden State Warriors 106, Denver Nuggets 105

The Rapid Reaction recap generator is giving me problems… again; therefore, we’re just gonna have to do this one old-fashioned style.

What is there to say? A lot, I guess…

This sucked. This is another “bad” loss. There are different types of losses. Sometimes you lose to superior teams. Sometimes you lose because you’re decimated by injuries. Sometimes you just lose by virtue of having an “off” night. The Nuggets haven’t done too much of that type of losing lately. More often than not, their losses are bad ones, inexcusable ones, illogical ones.

In terms of performances, everyone played decent. Gallo nearly had a 20 and 10 game; Lawson finished with 17, nine and four steals; Iguodala had 22, four, four and three steals. Faried’s numbers were down, but his energy was as good as I’ve ever seen it. His two chase-down blocks were some of the best plays I’ve seen in the NBA all year. That’s pure hustle — nothing else. That’s heart, soul and determination. While his team was in the midst of a complete breakdown, Faried was still pouring his guts out on the floor. Someone on Twitter mentioned he might be the Nuggets only indispensable player. I can’t disagree.

Hamilton was another interesting case. He received action in the first half, which was abruptly eliminated after he made a “rookie” mistake, which I think was just a questionable jump shot. To me, this was one of the most frustrating parts of the night. I can’t stand Karl’s leash with Hamilton. If nothing else, it’s just disturbing. It reminds me of J.R. Smith. What is he even gaining from being choked on the floor? He certainly has no breathing room. Corey Brewer can take countless “bad” shots but because he has a quick release, doesn’t think twice and is on Karl’s good side, he’ll see an infinite amount of minutes and even play down the final stretch with the game hanging in the balance. Hamilton does do things that he shouldn’t. He’s a bit wild sometimes; perhaps overzealous. But he’s got talent. And he can play. I feel if Karl loosened his restriction on him and instead of punishing Hamilton, restored some confidence in him, he might approach the game in a more comfortable fashion. But, that’s just the blogger’s opinion. The point of the story is: The Nuggets were rolling with Hamilton in. There was spacing on the floor and he was knocking down shots. He even had the highest plus-minus on the team before he departed from the game, never to return in the second half. After he left, the Nuggets were never the same.

Truth be told, there was weird stuff happening from the very beginning of this game. The apparition known as Anthony Randolph saw meaningful minutes for the first time all season. He was suddenly just there, out of nowhere… In the second quarter the Nuggets offense was clicking like we have yet to see this year. It was incredible. People were actually knocking down 3-pointers! This was by far the pinnacle of the Nuggets offensive execution this season… Then the Nuggets started doubling people. That was weird. Really weird. Who on the Warriors roster needs doubling? I get it; the Nuggets can’t handle David Lee. But how does that require doubling Jarrett Jack? Even if Lee was hot, you have to let him go off and live with the fact that, if he scores 40, that’s OK, just as long as everyone else doesn’t.

As for the topic of discussion, Karl’s coaching…

Let’s not sugar coat it here — it was bad. I haven’t seen a game go so far south in such a gruesome manner in quite a long time. It was, as they say, like watching a train-wreck. You just got the feeling. You knew. Once the third quarter rolled around and Golden State pulled within about eight, it wasn’t getting any better. You could argue Karl missed some chances to call timeouts that would have stifled Golden State’s hot shooting, but from where I was sitting (couch), it was actually Golden State’s defense that altered the outcome of this game. In the second half Mark Jackson had his guys clamp down on defense and the Nuggets froze. They completely froze, dead in their tracks. The ball movement stopped, there were no screens being set, no communication — it was like watching a group of pickup players who had never played together stand and pray that the guy next to them was better than they were. From a fan’s standpoint, it was devastating.

Karl rolled with a small-ball lineup down the stretch that was probably his undoing. He had Corey Brewer in too — for defensive purposes, of course. But here’s the problem: Karl thinks Corey Brewer is the remedy for his entire team’s defensive ineptitude. If Karl is the old man from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, then Corey Brewer is his Windex. Anytime something goes wrong, just spray a little Corey Brewer on it. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s the right decision or not — in Karl’s mind it’s the ONLY decision. Corey Brewer has the ability to play some incredible man-to-man defense, but his insertion into the lineup does not instantly change the fact that Karl’s entire defensive scheme is — and has been — a mediocre one. Aside from this, the Nuggets had no interior defensive presence to challenge shots near the rim. Once David Lee got past his first man (which was inevitable), it was then up to the 6-7 Kenneth Faried to challenge shots. For the Warriors, this was like shooting fish in a barrel… with a bazooka… equipped with a scope… and a rocket launcher… You get the point.

Karl’s in-bounds plays were atrocious. That’s all I can say. Somewhere on the free agent market Anthony Cater is cackling in his modest abode. And it’s games like these that sort of remind us just how far the Nuggets really are from challenging for an NBA title. When I was watching the dying moments of the the game I just kept thinking, “Great teams don’t do this. Title contenders don’t do this. Hell, even good teams don’t do this.” If all these thoughts are true, then where do games like this put the Nuggets? It’s a long season and I’m not about to concede that this team has a predetermined destiny to lose, yet again, in the first round of the playoffs; but something has to change. Just like last season when the team went through an ugly stretch in the middle of the year — that told us a lot about who the Nuggets were, inside; what their DNA was like. In the end they finished with a respectable record, but they never really could overcome that drought. They played sub-par basketball for too long. Every team goes through it’s ups and downs, but this team… this team exemplifies polarity.

Thursday, the Nuggets showed some of their true colors. Under George Karl they’re still a fragile squad, just like last year. They have some incredibly concerning flaws. Some of them include: poor free-throw shooting, crafty power forwards, perimeter defense, 3-point shooting, half-court offense and of course, in-bounds plays. There’s still plenty of time to fix these issues but there’s also a thin line to be walked as well. If they wait too long, overcoming their problems may become nearly impossible. After a certain amount of time, their problems could very well turn into their identity.

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    • ncz84

      yes FIRE GK ASAP, I dont want to see AMiller throw tha ball away in crucial game situation.UGHHHH

  • Scott

    The warrior benchrider grabbed it with .7 seconds left!

    • Ty

      My thoughts exactly…. A dude, on the warriors bench, had the ball In his hands with the clock at..7 how the refs came out and called..5 is beyond me, the shot should have counted

  • koshak25


  • SmokinNugs

    Ahhh! A heartbreaker! I can’t believe the refs even gave us that final possession though. I liked the minutes JHam and AR15 got, they looked good out there. Faried wasn’t rebounding as much but 5 blocks? Impacting in other places!

    • Ckwizard

      Are you kidding me you liked the minutes J ham and AR15 got!!! I am a very frustrated fan because those minutes sucked yes absolutely horrible.


      GK is a bigoted basketball coach and did not play them in the second half. Brewer brick brick brick brick and Gallo tired legs Gallo brick brick brick.

      I am pissed that J Ham and AR didn’t get time in the second half. The second it was obvious Gallo and Brewer couldn’t hit the side of a barn J ham should of been in. The team defense wasn’t good anyway.
      Be mad that they got so few minutes because they actually didn’t hurt the team defensively while they played and it should of been rewarded grrrrr.

      • googergieger

        Gallo played great actually. Unless you mean he was exhuasted by the end having to guard players bigger than him again? But he went 3-5 from three, and 6-12 over all. I agree with Hamilton getting more minutes though. We need three point shooting and so far he seems to be our best. Randolph getting more minutes wouldn’t hurt either. Him and McGee are long and Karl just needs to actually coach em. Just tell them when to go for the block, when to jump straight up, and when to just keep their hands up. Also instead of faulting McGee for a lot of his awful shot selection maybe fault the players that give him the ball with no options to pass out to and in a horrible place to be in, in general.

        • ckwizard

          googergieger appreciate the discussions and what you bring to the message board. Gallo is awesome and I appreciate his defense because his effort is great but you are right that his offense is suffering from having to put forth so much effort guarding the bigger players.

          As for McGee I am happy that I saw improvement this game and some better chemistry with Iggy that pass from the high post was quick and a pleasant surprise. Most of my criticism of McGee is defense and his inconstantancy on that end of the floor.

          • googergieger

            McGee’s problem is he is often lost on offense and defense. Doesn’t know where to go or stand or what to do. You get better with more playing time to gain chemistry with your team mates. I mean Brewer had quite a few mistakes today playing out of control but McGee and Hamilton get yanked for playing out of control as well, and almost immediately. I don’t know, you just wish you could make sense out of what Karl is doing sometimes.

      • SmokinNugs

        I’m more mad that your reply was lame. Gallo played awesome, and the fact that JHam and AR15 got ANY minutes is also awesome. Go cry to George Karl about your problems…..

  • CJ

    So……………back to back terrible finishes with a chance to win. On the bright side, 8-8 through this early slate of road games isn’t too bad. Still sickened by the iso ball Lawson and Iggy play in the fourth, this team really needs one more shooter to open things up (Corey tries but isn’t the answer). But thats nothing new #freehamilton

  • Daniel Y

    George Karl is an absolute worthless excuse for a coach when it comes down to actually executing. He can’t draw up a play to save his life, his rotations are all over the place, and two games in a row now, the Nuggets have blown double digit leads. That falls on the coach. He is a jackass. There is no reason to keep him around. No more excuses for the old sack of crap, he needs to go now.

  • googergieger

    Out of bounds in front of the ref turned fast break points on the other end. Clearly push off by Klay on Ty with no call another basket. Obvious travel by David Lee leading to a Curry three. More than .5 at the end of the game where Ty was tackled. Then when we build another lead the refs let the other team start poking, grabbing, scratching, pushing, and anything else they can get away with to get back into it. This loss is on the refs again. Then the free throw at the end being a heart breaker which was very obviously a make up call. The first quarter was atrocious, and Ty waited too long to get going again. If he doesn’t start improving it is time to start Andre Miller, just to see if that sends the message to Ty. Honestly speaking this loss isn’t on Karl. We should have clearly won the game. Just like we should have won the Utah game where a bit of the blame could have gone to Karl. Specifically the time out when Faried got the steal and fast break wasn’t there situation. However this Nuggets team played great, refs then brought Golden State back into it, and that clear out of bounds and clear push off being called alone would have meant a Denver victory. Seriously someone needs to pressure the league about this bull shit officiating. This is becoming a habit when Denver plays. Bad alone we have this schedule but we constantly have to put up with this? Not going to get any sort of better when we play L.A. tomorrow. Maybe this team needs to start committing some flagrants and Karl needs to start doing some “politicizing” on camera. I.E. call the effin league and refs out. Cause even if Denver starts playing to their potential which for arguably three quarters they did, they aren’t going to be able to over come the clear built in bias against them often.

  • George Karl

    Without pointing out any specifics you can just tell it from the aura of the organization. We have young and moving into a new position, i think its time to ditch the stagnant (George Karl) and old and usher in a new era. Obviously we are not going anywhere with GK. It is as simple as that

  • googergieger

    I wouldn’t mind Stan Van Gundy though. He holds players,refs, league, Stern, and everyone accountable. He did wonders with Dwight. Maybe he can do wonders with McGee? Of course he’d probably need more three point shooters, but I’m sure that is doable.

  • Ckwizard

    One other super annoying thing I have watched every game played twice this year and there is one piece of information that shouldn’t have been missed by the players, coaches, and everyone in the nuggets organization. Iggy has a slow release!!! That means he will not be able to get a good shot of with .2 to.5 seconds left on the clock. Why is he taking a rushed shot.

    I love what Iggy brings to this team but come on know your players. Oh wait who is the coach again.

  • Antwan

    Second game in a row that the Nuggets have had a chance to win and couldn’t even manage to get a shot off. That’s embarrassing.

  • Whimanji

    I thought the first half rotation were great especially with jam who gave us great minutes. But again… Gk goes with his fav players and doesn’t put in the hot hand. Miller should get more minutes down the stretch and also jham should have taken all of brewer minutes in the fourth. Brew couldn’t hit the ocean today. We can’t hold onto leads in the second half on the road that is disappointing. The last two games shows us why gk needs to go. Last play of the game in Utah we didn’t even get a shot up and tonight we threw a pass opposite side to Ty Lawson???!!! Really!!?!?! That’s all on gk. the other part ft misses in the fourth haunt us again. Until we make some changes in the management part of the team we are going to miss the playoffs or get in and lose first round. Please!!!!!!!!! Give us a new voice on the bench!!!!

  • Traz

    Please put JHam in so when he start fucking up all these dick riders can flip on him and start sayin put the French kid in… You fucking losers know nothing about basketball the closes you came to playin the game is signing up for fanasty basketball..

    • SmokinNugs

      Wow this is pathetic!

  • rxmart2

    LOL at all the firegeorgekarl comments. He’s not the one blowing these situations late in games, he’s not the one missing shots. I’m pretty sure he didn’t say “hey Ty/Iggy, I want you to try and not get a shot off”. I posted this in the other forum, but the Nuggets ARE FINE. They are running slightly above expectation to win 54 games.

  • googergieger

    We are going to make the play offs. We are one of the teams that are a lock. Don’t over react on that front. As far as firing Karl goes, too little too late now. He’ll get his shot in the play offs and if we lose in the first round/disappoint in the second, he’ll probably be smart enough to retire and save face. Then we can start over. Fortunately we are a young team and if a coach comes in since training camp, we can do wonders next year. I’d be happy with SVG but wouldn’t mind a new face/voice with big ideas and hunger. Lawson needs to start playing aggressive since the get go though. Seriously if he doesn’t get the message see if bringing him off the bench will do it.

    • Steven

      It is not Ty’s fault…If you are playing D against the Nuggets, the ONLY thing you need to worry about is points in the paint. Since we have Brewer hucking up bricks and our only 3pt player is not playing, you back off and clog the lane.

      If you notice, when when JHam is on the floor hitting some shots, it is a ton easier to drive to the basket.

      • googergieger

        You could make a case for that, but considering often times to start the games, it is dribbling, hovering, and then eff all, including sporadic efforts on defense, I think it is safer to say either his confidence, energy, will, or whatever you want to call it, is lacking.

  • Henry

    The management of game situations is an embarrassment. Wow.

  • Jeff

    I have been on the fence about GK. When we win I think this team is rolling and GK has a masterplan and when we lose I think we need a new coach. But this game broke the straw on the camel’s back for me. No well coached team would lose like this. We absolutely need a new coach in Mile High.

    • Jeff

      I will also add I think this is a great team, that has flaws, but I support the roster 100 percent and I don’t think any trades are absolutely necessary. While it’s true GK is not the one missing free throws, I still stand by this team and think they have a ton of potential.

    • Warriors Fan No. 5000

      Yeah dude, fyi it’s “the straw that broke the camel’s back” not “broke the straw on the camel’s back.” Don’t quote metaphors if you haven’t got a clue what they mean.

      Also…haha we got one over you (finally).

      • Jeff

        Yeah I know I messed up that metaphor, in fact I caught it right after I posted that but I didn’t think it was worth fixing. Guess I was wrong! BTW I live in Oakland.

  • Steven

    Where to start….

    The end of this game was the same pitiful performance that they had in Utah. These are TERRIBLE losses. Karl is the problem, and this team will not move to the next level until he is gone.

    Listening to Steve Kerr talk about how Karl wants ANOTHER Andre Miller kills me. For every game Miller plays well, there are 4 that he is just terrible. My god, WHY is he playing so much?

    Why does Karl think Small ball is going to win us games?

    Why is Brewer, who will end up this year shooting 30% as he did last year, STILL get more minutes than Hamilton.

    Why is Hamilton not playing? He is the ONLY true shooter this team has…AI and Gallo are at times hot but my GOD JH is a pure shooter that STRETCHES the floor.

    Karl is being the same type of @#$% that he was with JR. MaGee and JHam need minutes more than Brewer/AM etc.

    We are a HUGE team…make the other team match up with you!

    I hate where we are not. I hate that I pay NBA league pass money to watch this crap.

  • Ty

    People said Phil Jackson would return to a different team to spurn the Lakers… Denver anyone?

    • googergieger

      Doubt he could do anything with this team. He can bring personalities and such together, but I don’t think he could do much with a young team that is void of any superstar calls when things aren’t going your way.

      • Ryan

        Agree, Phil only coaches teams with multiple superstars, having to make a young team great is something he avoided. He’s may have done wonders with Melo, but I doubt he has any interest in coaching our current roster.

  • Parker

    Coach Karl has earned the right to at least have this season. You don’t stumble into the playoffs at this level. That being said, I would really like to know what he’s looking for out of the two PG set. If we had a long/athletic PG to play at the 2, that would be one thing. Neither of our current PGs have the skill set or size to play the 2 in the NBA. Maybe there is some genius behind the 2 PG set. I’m not an NBA coach. I don’t know what Karl is looking for. What I see as a fan, is a lineup with two small, defensively mediocre guards and no big man to offset Faried’s lack of height.

    Speaking of Faried… player on the Nuggets? I think so.

    • dynamo.joe

      That long pg you are looking for? His name is Stone.

  • CJP32

    Heres a few things I noticed in the game:

    1st Qtr – Faried on the bench with 2 PFs just 3.5 mins into the game, Gallo sits down with 4.5 mins left in the qtr with 2 PFs. This completely messes with the flow and rotations when this happens. With 5 mins left in the qtr we have Miller, Ty, Brewer, AR and McGee – not exactly a fantastic scoring lineup. However down 17-5, this unit gets us to 30-25 – not bad. Brewer goes 3/8 for 7 pts.

    2nd Qtr – we get great mins from Ty, Gallo, JHam and Andre and take a 60-51 lead. However, JHam makes ‘rookie’ mistakes and doesn’t come back in. David Lee has 19 points in the first half!!!

    3rd Qtr – we still manage to hold a 8 point lead, however Gallo has just 5 points the entire 2nd half.

    4th Qtr – Ty has 3 pts, Gallo has 0 and Faried has 2. Brewers 3 pointer gives us a 89-81 lead with 11 mins left, then we watch Klay, Jack and Curry score 17 points. The defense was horrible. Missed FTs didn’t help. We shouldn’t of been down at any part of the game with the talent we have.

    People here are quick to blame GK, and I don’t think thats entirely fair – our ‘leaders’ in Gallo/Ty vanished in the clutch. McGee was useless in the 4th, so GK had to stay small. Yes Brewer played 28 mins and shot 4/12 but 8 of those shots came in the 1st qtr when Gallo, Faried and Iggy were on the bench – how is that going to help when 3 of our best players are watching??

    I expect a big bounce back game vs LA tomorrow.

    • SmokinNugs

      McGee might have been worthless in the 4th but that’s why we have TWO OTHER 7 footers on the team. No minutes for Moz or K2? Classic GK small ball!

    • Ryan

      If I wouldn’t have watched the game, I would have assumed Gallo got hurt and missed the second half, that’s how invisible he was on offense. When he did shoot, everything was short, looked like tired legs, maybe give him a rest and let JHam play? No, that would have made sense…

  • Josh

    Is it just me, or does Andre Miller fall down at least once a game? Our bigs are really not getting it done. Their on-ball defence is pretty bad… Carl Landry and David Lee were getting around everyone. Brewer, despite some of the hate, has been impressing me on offense. And when is Chandler coming back? He’s a great player but I’m afraid he’ll just mess with the chemistry (lack?) already established.

    • GK4Prez

      The Denver Post said that Chandler is being held out until December.

  • OriginalJakeSauce

    Last game I just said “GK’s head”

    Today, I say “what’s on GK’s head, and why isn’t he fired yet?”

    This dude’s day in Denver is done. Can we please see him off this week, and have him coaching the bobcats before the trade deadline? Nothing like a seasoned coach to turn a crap ball club around and have them in the playoffs for 10 straight years, right? Doesn’t that sound great michael jordan? I don’t care WHO masai brings in, I know he’ll make a good choice, but SVG has been in my eye since he was canned last year. Nate McMillan is my number two choice…. but I don’t care.

    What’s wrong with George?

    • Ryan

      I would say trade coaches with the Bobcats, Dunlap has them playing balls-to-the-wall hard every night. The Bobcats have 7 wins, one fewer than the Nuggets, with 1/8 of the talent. Just goes to show what an energetic, intense coach can do for a young team

  • prospector

    You guys think this sucks… Wait till Chandler gets healthy and we get ZERO JHAM minutes & less Faried and McGee time…………. KARL SUCKS

  • Trevor

    Two straight games without getting a shot up to win the game. Should have gone with the play to Iggy when there was 3 seconds left.

  • Booker Addison

    Masai only needs to make a couple of minor tweaks and we’ll be fine:

    – Fire GK and hire SVG
    – Trade anybody on the roster except for Lawson, AI or Faried for Varejao and a shooter. We need a big man defensive orchestrator/anchor like T Chandler, Noah, Garnett. And we need another shooter, especially when we have to trade Gallo to get the more important Varejao.
    – Bonus points if he unloads Chandler and makes playing Brewer more than 10 minutes a night a fire-able offense.

  • gfacekillah8

    i love all the doomsdayers on this site. you have to look at these games from a long term view. we are currently 8-8 through a tough opening stretch. is that good? no. but is it reason to fire everyone? hell no. we lost two games to likely playoff teams on the road in the closing seconds. those aren’t “bad” losses. they are just tough losses. now if these are still happening in march and april then that is a different story.

    karl has more knowledge about basketball and the nba in his little finger than all the arm chair coaches on this site combined. the guy is talked about as one of the greatest coaches in the game by people who actually know a thing or two (charles barkely, steve kerr, etc…). he understands it is a long season and that his teams can learn from these losses.

    that being said there definitely were things that sucked. Gallo completely disappeared in the second half. he stopped trying to get to the rim and started doing his pull up and fade away jumper game. brewer also did not play well. the closing seconds lob to Ty was unfortunate but those moments dont always work out.

    the biggest issue i have seen over the past two games is the fact that we get these huge leads and then let teams back in. that tells me a lot more about where this team is than messing up last second shots. the nugs take their foot off the peddle when they get up on a team and lose all their urgency. i hope that this gets better because thats what will seperate us from the best teams in the league.

    still lots of time to figure this all out. hope we get the W tonight against the Fakers.

    • Andrew K

      No one here has a season-long perspective. I would hope that this site would attract more intelligent fans, but I have been proven wrong countless amounts of time. If you know about a site that everyone who discusses knows what they are talking about, please feel free to tell me….because this site isn’t it.

    • googergieger

      Sixteen games in, innit? Supposedly you and yours bring insight and those criticizing are jumping the gun, but sixteen games in. On top of which why do you think Gallo stopped attacking? For some asinine reason him guarding David Lee and other bigs seemed a good idea. Also the ball just stopped moving for a good stretch, and Karl decided to let them play through. Once again he let runs pile up without trying to stop them with a time out.

      Also he is called a great coach, more on account of what he went through then actual results. I mean SVG was called a good coach by Shaq that never won anything so it was time to move on, but he called Karl a great coach because umm, why? I like Karl’s philosophy but at the very least he isn’t motivating or inspiring a team to play the full 48 minutes and for all the love our depth gets, he sure seems stubborn to rely on it at times. Again, like someone said, he deserves this year. If another bottom four seeds and first round loss happen, time to move on. Hopefully he’ll do the classy thing and just bow out all on his own.

    • ckwizard

      Season-long perspective. Intelligent fans? It is a message board and it is nice to see that this site is growing and the blog is attracting passionate nuggets fans.

      My season long perspective is based on the history of GK nuggets and the meaning of these last two game on the road with big leads. These losses could and probably will be the difference between a 4th and 5th seed and home court. These kind of games are where the nuggets need to show growth over last year and more pointedly GK need to manage games better. You are right come the end of the yeah GK will have his team playing better that is what he does cause he isn’t a terrible coach. This team has talent and Iggy is putting up all star numbers the last 4 games Gallo is getting close to all star numbers and Faried is an all star when it comes to rebounding and effort. But all playing well at the end of the year gets you is a seven game series with a bad match up and no home court all because you didn’t win games you should of.

      The passion of this fan base grows as the positive media attention like “picked to win the west” inflates expectations. But come on why is it wrong to expect more than last year?

  • 9Iggy9

    One of Ty’s best attributes is the drive and dish to an open 3 point shooter. Problem with the 2 guard is andre is always the open guy getting the ball, and resetting the offense with about 5 seconds left. When brewer is actually hitting his 3, than he fits in well. Problem is, jHam would hit the majority of those shots if he had an open 3 after a kick. Gallo is finally hitting open 3s, but that is one big problem. Whenever we play other teams they consistently hit open 3 pointers on us. And sure that has a lot to do with our atrocious help defense, which is way overused, but still an issue.
    I obviously could talk about the same things as above, like game management, play calling at the end, etc, but I think it’s been covered. Lol^

  • Ryan

    Is it just me or does GK have the yips about calling inbounds plays like a pitcher that can’t throw strikes any more? He did everything he possibly could to avoid calling one, telling his team to just run down the court and hastily shoot a 3 with 7 seconds left, down by 3. Really? That’s the best plan? Unfortunately for him, GK HAD to call 2 inbounds plays: a backdoor lob to the shortest player on the court and a desperation 3 when trailing by one. Let’s just say those wouldn’t have been my first ideas. Someone should make a GK inbounds play blooper reel, it would definitely be good for a few laughs.
    Finally, was anyone else not surprised that GK hit his head shutting the trunk of his car? I’m not sure how one does this, but I wasn’t at all surprised that GK found a way…

  • Mark

    Whenever I think we just need a good 3-point shooter to close out a game, I just keep thinking that we friggin’ HAD a good one in JR Smith, but we let him walk because GK didn’t like his attitude. How many bricks & airballs did Gallo and Brewer throw up toward the end of the game? Damn it, that was JR Smith’s friggin’ specialty – putting the dagger in teams that were on the ropes – and he did it a hundred times. But hey, I guess GK and Masai Ujiri agree with my 2nd-grade basketball coach – “What’s important is not whether you win or lose; it’s how you play the game.” Okay, they hated the guy, I guess I can accept that. But didn’t it occur to them to replace him with another 3-point shooter? They just took the guys we already had, and tried to turn them into pure shooters. BREWER IS NOT A PURE SHOOTER!

    • googergieger

      Smith missed more than he made. Hell Gallo went three for five last night, and by the end of the game was exhausted having to guard bigger players. Gallo is a pure shooter. J-Ham is another great shooter, Karl has biased against. Injuries did set Gallo back some though. Hopefully he returns to form soon and Karl stops making him guard people that out weigh him and/or out muscle him.

  • toluene_hawk

    Pick n pop.

  • GK4Prez

    The Nuggets defense gets exposed against teams as games progress. They switch everything, so teams that run the pick and roll run it with the two players that they want to exploit the mismatch with.

    Teams that use motion or a form of the dribble drive, learn how to swing the ball from side to side and make the extra pass after a missed steal attempt from overplaying the passing lanes or a weak double team to try and get the steal, and hit wide open 3’s.

    Miller plays so far off of his man because he knows he can’t hang with a quick guard that can penetrate that he concedes a wide open 3 before the offense even gets set to run an offensive play.

    Just once, I would like to see the Nuggets play a game without switching every pick and roll and play straight up D and allow a big to man the middle like a traditional defense does. It might not work, but it would be nice to find out.

    It would also be nice to see the Nuggets finish a game with the same 5 that start it.

  • ny nugs fan

    when you play the warriors somebody has got to know where klay thompson is at all times; you basically have to put one guy on him and make sure you’re contesting every shot he takes

  • prospector

    JHAM plus/minus rating: + 16 in only 9 minutes and 50 seconds…. And Karl punishes him to the bench for the rest of the game…. Where is our upper management??? Do they watch the games? Karl’s subsitution patterns are pathetic….. It’s one thing to get beat when all your horses have been used up… But when you have freakin Andre Miller on the floor in the classic small ball line-up in the closing minutes… Andre always balls out like the first 10 to 12 games, then he shuts down due to his advanced age… The dude was slow with no ups when he was young, now forget about it.

  • prospector

    How can Joshy boy watch this crap over and over again without making a move??????? We lose every timeout, and are pathetic at closing out games.. Hell I’d take a line-up of iggy at the point, Jham, gallo, Faried, and KK to close out games.. Jham can rebound, and Gallo can handle the ball… Teams would cover gallo at the three leaving JHAM wide open on the other side….Throw Mcgee out there when he is rolling and we would punk teams….. Teams all know the trick to beating the nuggets is to pack the paint and dare us to shoot the three… Due to our freakin small ball lineup, all the other team needs to do is take it to the hole…. I think we need Brewer/miller to get hang nail injuries to force Karl to use Jham just like he was forced to use faried last year when NENE got hurt…..We need this to happen before Chandler comes back… I can’t believe during the second half of the season you’ll see games where miller, TY, chandler, iggy, and maybe brewer closing out games .. This will drive me insane.. I feel it coming…………. Miller needs to play like 12 minutes a game… Let iggy play the point in a BIG LINEUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karl your teams with better talent choked at Seattle, and your coaching has not changed a bit… MEMO to Karl: YOU DO NOT HAVE THE GLOVE ON DEFENSE!!!!! Change you philosophy!!! Eistein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.. Insanity = GEORE KARL

  • nate dogg

    dear GK

    thx for all the years. You are a true Hall of Fame coach, one of the best ever. But the game has changed, it’s a younger league and moreso a very young Nuggets team. Your favoritism towards Andre Miller and Brewer cloud your coaching skills and rotations. You are no longer at the top of your game and as with age of players, your skills have diminished as well. You are best suited for a veteren team, not our young one with your EGO. Masai..please make a coaching change now…it’s in the best interest of the players, fans, and nuggets nation. A younger more creative coach (Brian Shaw for starters) makes sense.

  • Duane

    George Karl will finish the year. We have a TON of home games coming up….they cry about the Spurs having so many road games but so do the Nuggets.

    I do wish that JHam was getting Brewer’s minutes…that is my one complaint….JHam is more likely to hit the shots Brewer clanks. If Massari is as sick of it as I am, I would think that Brewer would be gone in some sort of trade at some point.

  • Cephus

    I find it comical that this blog and it’s author run the recap grade assigning generator not nearly as well as George Karl runs the Nuggets. At least he gets the whole team to the game locale . Please either hire a writer who can run this gizmo or get another tool that can go the job.

    As for Karl’s performance, he’s trapped by both his own & the team’s expectations. Denver likes to win NOW. Developing the young players & finding out their exact upside and limitations would cost games. Out of all the players that have passed thru here, only J.R. Smith is the one who’s potential wasn’t fully plumbed. Frankly I attribute his turnaround to NYC’s unforgiving media glare. Does GK make mistakes ? Absolutely ! Kalen has made some valid points about. Karl’s prejudices. Yet I see Karl’s strengths being played down or ignored.

    Kalen is fixated on the negative. I think he’s just trying to be sensational so he can write for a bigger market . I wish Kalen luck because I’m tired of his act. This blog needs a new writer far more then the Nuggets need a new coach . Karl is far more accomplished in his profession then Kalen can ever dream of being in his. At least fix the recap generator or get someone who can !

    • Daniel Y

      Maybe before critiquing someones writing style, you should look in the mirror. You don’t put a space after a period. This is a blog. It’s not ESPN.COM. These are opinions. Anyone who has been a Nuggets fan for more than five years, knows that GK’s time has come. Sorry you haven’t come to that realization yet. Kalen’s points are valid and I’m sure he would love for the grade generator to be working, but shit happens. Go troll somewhere else.

  • Charliemyboy

    While I agree that the coaching seemed to be wrong with GK last night, I do acknowledge that the criticisms would not be here but by .05 of one second. Had Iggy received the ball .05 of one second earlier we would have been hearing the accolades of how GK was able to hold on. We have to look at how the games are played within the context. GK still leaves much to be desired from a fan’s perspective, but with two possible wins against Miami, and a win last night and against Utah, he would have been a hero. Having said that, good teams, champions and their coaches figure out how to win.