Andre Miller’s clutch time execution versus the Pacers [VIDEO]

With just under three minutes remaining in yesterday’s game against the Pacers, the Nuggets trailed by three. They had just allowed a 7-0 Indiana run which reversed the lead Denver had held earlier in the quarter, and appeared to be on the verge of yet another fourth quarter collapse.

That’s when Andre Miller decided to take over the game.

In just a minute forty-four seconds, he commandeered a 10-point run, scoring eight points with one assist and one very hard-fought rebound. Essentially, he almost single-handedly delivered this victory for the Nuggets. It is important to note, though, that JaVale McGee also deserves a fair amount of credit for setting two screens that set up Miller’s shots, and running the floor for an easy cherry-picked dunk.

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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • prospector

    Now if he could play defense and actually guard 3 point shooters? How about actually running full speed? What we get is one game like this every 12 to 20 games, and the rest strikely mariginal… Man I can’t believe we gave up Felton for Miller… Crazy… What is New York’s record now w/Felton?

    • dynamo.joe

      So, Felton spent an entire year shitting on the fans and his fellow players on the Trailblazers and you are upset because old Andre doesn’t bring it every night?

  • JetLife82

    Miller has actually been more consistent than Ty this season, and even his defense has improved, actually closing out on shooters like he wants the block, and putting the team on his back when everyone else just passes to the next guy. If we’re gonna talk about earning your place in the rotation then Miller should get the start and close out games alongside Ty or Brewer, Iggy, Gallo and Koufos.

  • EWilson

    Felton’s over-rated anyway. He will soon revert to taking too many shots he can’t hit and turning the ball over too much for a PG. What he did with the Nuggets was the result of playing in a 2-PG system. When he went to Portland, he showed the dark side of his game. And I won’t be the least bit surprised when it resurfaces in NY.

  • clive

    i like Andre Miller’s game and sometimes he just takes over at the end like he did here. but if the nuggets want to reach their full potential, we need to have ty playing pg full time. miller’s veteran moves will not work in a playoff series because the opponents will have plenty of time to study them in between games.