Rapid Reaction: Minnesota Timberwolves 108, Denver Nuggets 105

Denver Nuggets 105 Final

Recap | Box Score

108 Minnesota Timberwolves
Danilo Gallinari, SF 35 MIN | 9-13 FG | 2-2 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 24 PTS | +7

Gallo quietly had a really good game. He made a lot of shots from deep, but this also happened to be the first game in a while that he made a conscious effort to drive. When he does that, good things happen.

Kenneth Faried, SF 38 MIN | 10-16 FG | 6-10 FT | 14 REB | 1 AST | 26 PTS | +8

Faried was an absolute monster in the first quarter. His energy reminded me of the Golden State game last year when he had one of the most efficient performances in NBA history. But as good as his numbers were, Faried still gave up position to the Wolves’ big men on more than one occasion. If he could get a little more physical his game would instantly go to the next level.

Kosta Koufos, C 22 MIN | 3-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 6 PTS | -5

I wasn’t too impressed with Koufos most of this game. He had five personal fouls in 22 minutes and wasn’t clicking the way he did against the Pistons.

Ty Lawson, PG 37 MIN | 6-15 FG | 4-6 FT | 4 REB | 11 AST | 17 PTS | +4

People are going to jump Lawson for his turnover at the end of the game — but that’s not what lost the Nuggets this contest. Not even close. They were lucky to even pull it within three considering how bad they played in the second half. All the turnovers, missed free throws and sloppy play is what lost the Nuggets this game. What can’t be ignored is how well Lawson played for most of the contest. He had some remarkable passes in the first quarter and has really been evolving as of late. The fact he turned the ball over late is more a product of the Nuggets inept late-game execution and play calling more than anything. If the Nuggets simply decided to go to someone and stuck with it, they wouldn’t have these types of problems. Instead, it’s a different person every night and no cohesion is ever formed.

Andre Iguodala, SG 35 MIN | 1-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 7 AST | 2 PTS | +3

I’ve been getting a lot of tweets during games asking what the deal is with Iguodala. The truth is, I have no idea. I think people’s expectations were probably too high to begin with. I mean, this guy did only averaged 12 points per game last year. Also, he’s clearly struggling with his role. In Philadelphia he played on a slow-paced, defensive-minded team and did a lot of the ball handling. Now he’s being asked to score on one of the fastest teams in the league. That would likely be difficult for anybody to adapt to.

Jordan Hamilton, SF 10 MIN | 2-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | -11

Hamilton can’t do anything in 10 minutes. On a night like this, when the Nuggets area clearly exhausted, I don’t understand why he can’t log at least 20 minutes if not more. The Nuggets have one of the deepest teams in the NBA, yet guys like Hamilton can’t seem to catch a break. He does need to cut down on his turnovers though. He commits entirely way too many offensive fouls and traveling violations.

Corey Brewer, SF 26 MIN | 6-11 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 14 PTS | +3

Pretty standard night for Brewer. He did everything Karl asked. He hit a few big threes, played solid defense and ran the floor well. Unfortunately for the Nuggets, having Brewer consistently be one of the teams top scorers just isn’t a good sign.

Timofey Mozgov, C 1 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -4

He didn’t make any glaring mistakes. Can’t knock him or reward him either way.

JaVale McGee, C 16 MIN | 4-6 FG | 1-5 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 9 PTS | -7

People who follow our blog know I have a slight affinity for JaVale. I probably tend to defend him more than I should. He’s kind of my new J.R. Smith (who is playing excellent in New York out of Karl’s wrath, by the way). But tonight I thought he was horrible. Yes, he had a few monster dunks and blocks — but that’s to be expected. He still didn’t rebound worth a crap and made numerous bad decisions that had me scratching my head. I guess that’s just what you get with JaVale sometimes…

Andre Miller, PG 21 MIN | 1-6 FG | 1-1 FT | 1 REB | 4 AST | 3 PTS | -13

Miller was another guy who bugged the living hell out of me this evening. He was entirely too ball-dominant. Every time he received the rock he put his head down and just started dribbling. It was then, when for the first time, I realized that he and Ty aren’t really a good combo together. Miller is way too much of a dominating figure for Ty. Having Lawson, a 5-11 point guard with a pretty streaky shot, play off the ball just doesn’t seem like a recipe for success — especially not late in the game.

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Kalen was born in Durango, CO, in 1988 and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2013 with a degree in journalism. He's now an itinerant hoping to travel as much as possible before eventually succumbing to the "real world." Aside from writing Kalen likes movies, music, spicy food and the great outdoors. Edward Abbey is his current idol.

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  • raderhater

    Iggy SUCKED again, some superstar we got…1-9 shooting ??

    • lawsonforMVP

      Iggy is horrible on offense. He can’t shoot a three to save his life and also turned the ball over 5 times. You need him on the bench in a situation like tonight when you need offensive power and put in Hamilton. We need Fariad to spend hours in the gym on his free throw shooting as well as half the Nuggets squad.

    • Gavolt

      who ever said he was a superstar? dave berri? well you shouldnt be listening to him in the first place.

      iggy is merely a very good player who will almost certainly not play this poorly for the whole year.

      his calling card is defense, but hes not kevin garnett so he wont completely make up for the fact that the nuggets have a lot of very poor individual defensive players, including 3 of the 4 major interior players and both PGs.

  • Daniel

    Ty, Iggy, Coach Karl … choose one to lay responsibility for the loss on.

    Can we start putting more of the attention on Coach Karl? He literally says, “I don’t draw up plays.” Don’t the Nuggets look they could use some organization on the court? Iguodala played well in a strict system with Philadelphia – couldn’t Karl draw up like five or six plays? One page, front and back?

  • Jason

    George Karl draws up another brilliant play with 30 seconds left and we go home with the win.

    Oh wait.

    The Nuggets are forever mediocre.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Just finished watching the game once again the Nuggets can’t finish games, they had a good come back in the 4th quarter.

  • googergieger

    Who do you blame for another heart breaking loss? The refs for giving The Wolves 20 FT’s and Nuggets 9 in the first half to put The Wolves up one point? Kofous and Iguodala for starting the game awful and continuing that awfulness? Karl for putting Kofous and Iguodala back in the game when it looked like we were about to go up twenty? Karl for sticking with Andre Miller and Lawson for about fifteen or twenty minutes despite getting nothing out of that? Deciding to call a time out with three minutes left in the game when Wolves go up ten to finally try and fail to do some coaching? Karl for drawing up an asinine play that didn’t just put the ball in Gallinari’s hand and let him do something? Especially since he is the best at getting to the line and his three point shot was clearly falling today. Lawson for another costly late game turnover? Getting really effin hard to be a Denver fan. I hope at least Karl does one thing for his fans and team and that is to grow a pair and call the officiating and NBA out already. How we can lead the league in points in the paint and constantly get shafted at the line is beyond me.

    But honestly we have a deep team. If some players clearly aren’t bringing it put someone in that is. Seriously this better effin be Karl’s last year or he better start showing he knows what he is doing, otherwise I might have to start watching Denver games drunk. Just to be able to sit through them without having an effin heart attack.

    • Thomas

      Wake up, Masai, and grow some balls. Get rid of that lame arse excuse we have for a coach.

      Some say you are a genious in deal making. If that’s the case, you are really foolish to let it go to waste under the “leadership” of this coach.

      I can’t stand watching it anymore. One more game of Andre Miller taking “control” in the second half and my head will explode.

      Honestly, we’d be better off without a coach. What does he do anyway? They can’t shoot, can’t make a FT, can’t draw a play, can’t play D, can’ defend the 3, can’t create mismatches…

  • 6LeFevre

    5 game road trip felt like the NIT consolation games. I want to say this team is better than its record, but there’s no light to take out of terrible defense and awful shooting.

  • DAN

    Bad coaching, bad effort, bad show.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    The Nuggets need to find some outside shooting via trade. ASAP.

  • Robert

    “A minus” – Tye-mendous tonight keep it going
    “A minus” – Corey-jus effort
    “A minus” – Danilo Gals-will-love-me
    “A plus” – Kenneth I’MFreed looked like himself
    “D” – Timofay Mozgone
    “C Minus” – Andre too many Miller beers
    “B” – InJail (Karl’s) McGee
    “B Plus” – Kostin’ to success
    “C minus” – Andre Iguodammit – this guy sucks. His shooting and ball handling is horrible. How was he ever an all star or Olympian. Impossible. Trade him for Pau.

    • Poz_303

      I think you are being way too kind to Iguodala, if Timmy got a “D” then Iggy gets a “D minus” 1-9 shooting and 5 TOs. Ouch!

      I think Gallo deserves an “A” for this effort. 9-13 (4-5 threes)

    • Robert

      You are correct “D plus”

    • Robert

      You are correct, IGGYsick-or-what deserves a “D plus”

    • John

      These names are almost as bad as our free throw shooting… Please stop.


      GALLINARI is the only play of Nuggets that play basketball ….<

      karl fire karl fire karl fire

      i love nuggets.. but KARL ….

      • toluene_hawk

        I love this crazy italian coming on here screaming about Gallo after every game. Keep it up! Gallo is the best player we have, followed closely by Brewer.

        • ENK

          haha me too

  • Poz_303

    Someone in a previous Instareaction said it was Turnovers that were killing the Nuggets and I was saying it was the defense. I have to say he/she was spot on. Kudos to who it was (sorry cant remember the name)

    Turnovers killed us tonight. Timberwolves got 27 points off our turnovers. They would not have scored 108 points had we not gifted them so many easy baskets from turnovers. And it wasn’t like they stole the ball and had to set up a half court offense, they got the turnover and got a fast break layup/dunk numerous times.

    Faried was the Manimal tonight. Great game (even with the poor free throw shooting). Gallo had an excellent game too.

    Iguodala is in a bigger funk than Gallo ever was.

    Pekovic man handled our bigs.

    • Ckwizard

      just go back and look wink wink nudge nudge!

      In all seriousness the saddest thing i saw in this game besides the bad execution on offense ie the turnovers was that Hamilton is now timid and a little gun shy on offense.

      • Poz_303

        Well, JHam is scared to get yanked back on the bench if he takes a bad shot, so now he hesitates. Best medicine for a pure shooter is hesitation…NOT!

        But I would have much rather seen either JHam or Fournier in for Iggy tonight.

        When Gallo is in a funk you still expect him to hit the next shot, but with Iggy in a funk you pray he doesnt get another shot.

        And I assume it was you, so, kudos, it hit that nail on the head.

        • Ckwizard

          I agree that Fournier should be seeing time at the two if for no other reason then if Ty gets hurt he will be needed Fournier can creat for himself and others not to mention hit shots. Hamilton needs to be in and have the green light to shoot. The problem is he needs to be in for brewer or gallo because Igoudala is actually a good facilitator and Hamilton is a drop off in that regard.

      • googergieger

        The thing is a lot of the time the turn overs are b.s. offensive fouls called or turn overs off off of the other teams turn overs. Granted we need to get better at taking care of the ball, but if we were better in all aspects of our defense, we could live with our level of turn overs. In any case the problem(s) are all on Karl. Including J-Ham’s gun shyness. I mean look at what happened with McGee tonight. Kofous plays more minutes despite playing worse defense tonight and not protecting the rim/paint at all. McGee had one mistake in an outlet pass but played better than Kofous did in his few minutes tonight. Granted both got in foul trouble, but that was more because the refs clearly had some agenda going on in that second quarter. Nine straight fouls called against us. My point is, Karl isn’t any sort of consistent with anything. J-Ham has to pretty much play lock down defense and perfect offense to get minutes, otherwise he’ll get replaced by Andre Miller who leaves people open and/or Corey Brewer who gambles on everything. Though props to Brewer for always giving a 100% effort.

        • Poz_303

          It’s the disparity in turnovers that is killing us. If both teams had 20 turnovers then likely that wouldnt be the deciding factor.

          And we do need to improve our defense but I think it has been improving.

          We actually shot the ball better than the Timberwolves from the floor but our free throws hurt us every night and turnovers kill us.

        • Ckwizard

          How many point per game would the nuggets need to give up to change your perception about the defense? 90 80 or 70 because if they decrease their offensive turnovers in the games they have lost by 7 the they probably save 8 points a game and have a Top Ten defense.

          • Poz_303

            to your point, tonight Nuggets had 19 TOs and Minn scored 108.

            Against Detroit Nuggets had 9 TOs, Detroit score 94.

            Against NYK Nuggets had 16 TOs, NYKs score 112

            Against Indiana Nuggets had 8 TOs, Pacers score 89

          • googergieger


            Also people need to start comparing comparable teams. We gave up x turn overs to a really great team and look at the score board, compared to giving up x turn overs to crappy and/or slow team and look at the score board. I mean considering we score on makes and misses in about five seconds flat, the points off our turn overs are usually a wash with our fast break or what isn’t called a fast break but it basically is.

            I don’t know, I guess the both defense and turn overs are killing us, but it seems we are averaging about five moving screen calls on us a game. So five turn overs there. Let alone the charges called against us. I know we were called on a Barea flop today for an elbow to the face or something.

            Still what I’ve seen from our defense is a defense that doesn’t make teams work for it. And a defense that is made absolutely nonexistent when the other team runs a pick and roll. Fortunately not too many NBA teams do that. *starts crying*

            • Poz_303

              Not saying our D is great, our guards allow opponent guards into the paint too easily which leads to easy baskets.

              Our pick-n-roll D certainly needs much improvement.

              It’s the turnovers that dont stop play that hurt us most.

              I dont think anyone would say the Timberwolves are a fast paced team but they had a +6 point advantage on fast breaks tonight.

              • googergieger

                Well to be fair the latter part of that second quarter took a lot of the Nuggets out of the game. Faried has at least learned to not stop playing even if the whistle is going against you. I mean at one point nine straight fouls were called against Denver. Slowed the game down for us, allowed them to catch up to us, and then surpass us. As far as pace goes. But Karl needs to start calling time outs when it actually matters. He needs to start talking to the refs for his team. Not be afraid to get a technical or a fine from the league. Needs to do something to show his team he gives a damn and the fans he gives a damn. I mean if you aren’t going to appear competent at least appear engaged. I agree turn overs are killing us, but if our defense existed beyond, “hope we get a favorable one on one match up” we could force more turn overs, score easier, and put the pressure on the other team to get careless with the ball. I mean we only started committing turn overs when they got back in the game/took the lead.

            • Poz_303

              Oh, dont get me started on our screens. That is one of my pet peeves. It is a fundamental but I dont care to think about how many times a big comes up to set a pick and the guard takes off before the screen even gets there. The result is an ineffective screen (at best) and a moving screen foul (worst case).

              I know some of those are on purpose to get the big to get a back door dunk but many are not.

    • DAN

      Man Pecovic is just a strong frekin man.

  • BOB

    Iggy sucks. He dribbles deep in the lane at least 5 times a game and gets out of control and turns it over almost every time. He had 5 turnovers tonight and shot 1 for 9. His offense is freaking horrible and defensive looks awful too.

    • Ckwizard

      Igoudala is struggling when handling the ball but he is the Nuggets best defender. He makes mistakes sure but he is sound fundamentally and creates problems for whomever he guards.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Our BIG made pekovic look like an ALLSTAR. This guy will not be on the ballot. What a joke……………

    • Mark from Charlotte

      KK-6 Points
      JM-9 points
      moz-0 points


      • Ryan

        Pekovic had several 20-10 games and still has room to expand his game, as he is only in his 3rd year. Not an All-star yet, but he’s going to be one of the best pure centers in the Western Conference for many years in my opinion…

      • GK4Prez

        Faried played center in the 4th quarter

      • al68

        Why, because he is european?

  • Thugget

    Someday I hope GK plays who’s hot instead of the same old lead losers at the end of games. If Iggy is 1 for 9 with 5 TO then pull him! How hard is that?! It’s been a full year since playing 2 PG has done anything for us, why do we end every game with it? They can’t play together in a half court set. How many times do we have to see it before it’s so obvious that GK stops doing it?! I’m not on the fire GK train yet but I’ll be happy to jump on soon if he doesn’t learn from his (same) mistakes quick.

    • Thomas

      Gk doesn’ learn, don’t waste your time.

  • mitchell

    everyone CHILL OUT.
    we just finished a stretch where we played 17 of 23 games on the road! seriously! how does that even happen? not sure, but that could be a record for most road games to start a season.
    for this team, which is young and still finding its groove, to be just one game under .500 is outstanding. it’s easy to nitpick after every game and demand trades and firings, but lets see what this team can do when they have a few games at home where they can be comfortable and actually have a crowd behind THEM for once.
    obviously turnovers are an issue, as is the poor shooting, but lets see how this teams record looks after some home cooking.
    i think iggy will turn it around, being on the road isnt easy. hopefully he shows up for this game against the grizz, should be a good one. as always GO NUGGS. #blueandyellow

    • Ty

      This is a good point, at the end of the day, will the Lakers end up top four??? Probably, and it’s highly possible so will we…. After 32 games are played, 22? Will have been on the road, maybe 23??Either way that leaves is with 18-19 road games and 30-31 home games…. This is good for us, it will, if nothing else, allow us to get out jitters sorted on the road and bind as a team, so come game 33, we can string together some wins and cracked the top 4!

    • googergieger

      This is more about how we have been winning and how we have been losing. I mean twenty plus games into the season and we have no set rotation, no set plays, and no idea what Karl wants from his players outside of being a “veteran”. I mean this is a much deeper west than anybody thought coming into this season. What originally was believed to be our fourth seed for the taking with a shot at the third, has now become I hope we get the effin sixth seed and a favorable match up.

    • Poz_303

      I’m certainly not calling for anyone to be fired or traded.

      I think the frustration stems from the fact we likely would have had a much better record if we could execute better down the stretch.

      No doubt we have had a brutal schedule and I would reserve judgement till end of January.

    • John

      So what… everyone plays 82 games… with 41 on the road. Flying from Detroit to Min for a back to back is no harder than flying from Detroit to Denver. Sure it can be harder to play in some environments… Utah for example… so very loud. But I am tired of everyone making this excuse…. the schedule is NOT why we are losing these games…

      -Our “Leader” can’t close out a game…
      -No one can shoot a 3, a free throw, or a midrange…
      -Oh, and they’ve missed 6 dunks too…
      -Our BEST player is averaging more turnovers than points it seems(isn’t traveling about the first thing you learn)…
      -Don’t even get me started on the horrendous dribbling skills on this team.
      -Our Coach… doesn’t. In fact it seems that he is actively sabotaging the team… It is like he’s the MOLE.
      -Our offense… well, it doesn’t really exist.
      -Our D… I think porous about covers it. I’ve seem Matadors do a better job of blocking the path to the basket. Ole!

      So yeah… the “schedule” argument doesn’t really hold water for me.

    • steve

      i know playing 17 out of 23 on the road sucks…BUT good teams still win on the road. Heck, GSW is 9-4 on the road while we are 6-11. SA is 11-3, OKC is 6-2, Memphis is 5-3, LAC are 6-3, and in the east 7 out of the top 8 teams have winning records on the road.

      We are just not that good of a team. more than 1/4 of the season is over and we are out of the playoffs as of now. We all know we can’t get out of the 1st rd and we especially won’t if we are a 6th seed playing LAC or Mem on the road. Something needs to change…and it needs to be GK. FIRE HIMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • googergieger

    Oh and seriously, I know I always go on about Gallo but since he is the only guy that isn’t afraid to have the ball or take the shot, or have the defensive assignment, he needs to be made the leader of this team. I mean Faried is still too young, Brewer is a bit too hectic, and everyone else seems to be rather inconsistent. Gallo’s shot may not always hit, but not for lack of trying. I think they should have Andre work with Gallo so he can become a more consistent post threat. He can become a better all around scoring threat like Dirk but he can actually play defense.

    • Ckwizard

      Gallo is the best all around player on this nuggets team. No argument there!

      • miguel

        your wrong, our best all round player is chandler but he cant seem to stay healthy.

        • Ckwizard

          Well in the limited time I have seen Chandler play with the Nuggets he hasn’t been very good. Gallo rebounds, gaurds The 2 3 and 4 well, passes well, and plays good team basket ball. I know next to nothing about chandler except like gallo he struggled in the playoff series two years ago.

          • park hill

            Gallo plays just as soft as any other brother that catches heat from fans (Ty, Iggy, Chandler). He rarely catches the criticism though. It’s also amazing that the heat McGee catches was rarely thrown at Birdman. Yeah, its obvious where I’m going here.

    • Ckwizard

      If the nuggets hit 4 more free throws they win the game. If the nuggets give up two less turnovers that result in Easy points they win. If the nuggets hit 6 of the missed free throws and commit 5 less turnovers they blow them out and dominate the other team. People don’t seem to understand the truth abut turnovers a turnover is a loss of potential scoring from the offensive possession say minus 2 from the Nuggets potential score but the turnover leads to points by the other team. One turnover can have a net impact on the game of 0 but in terms of potential swing it can be 6 for what could have been.

      Stop turning the ball over so much and the nuggets score more and the other team scores less. In games decided by a couple of possessions having such a large number of turnovers kills your chances to win. The only reason the nuggets don’t get blown out of these games is because their defense is actually Decent borderline good.

  • Stephen Hernandez

    George Karl screws his team again late, his inbounds and timeout plays suck he needs to go this is ridiculous George Karl you are the downfall of this team.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Good point Stephen

  • Robert

    I am still pissed at Igotmydolla OR as we now call him by his nickname, IGGY-sick-or-what

    He is listed as a shooting guard (SG) but that is an oxymoron. Similar to freezer-burn, soft-rock, or tight slacks.

    SG is fine but make it an asterick for Shi*ty Guard. He is paid way too much to be this bad. I don’t see the special defense. Heck, go get Reggie Evans if you want defense and save some money. WAY OVER RATED

    • Aaron

      Iggy is Our New J.R. Smith!

      • park hill

        JR, Felton and Melo all look pretty good playing with a coach they respect. We should throw Sheeeeed into that mix too. JR haters don’t know basketball, and just want to hate the first rich black guy who gives them a chance to.

  • googergieger

    I do like this quote from Faried after the game though. On his 26 and 14 game tonight.

    “You say it was a good game, I say it was terrible. We lost.”

    Hope more players on this team get into that mentality. We need to see players start playing angry or with some emotion.

    Though maybe we are looking at this the wrong way. Maybe this team is trying to lose in order to get Karl fired faster? No? Shut up. A man can dream can’t he? A man can dream!

    • Thomas

      Excellent point. That’s our main problem. Our coach doesn’t care much about losing or having 2-3 road trips – in fact, he doesn’t care at all.

      Faried cares and he is pissed.

      Andre Miller doesn’t care and isn’t pissed. Watch him on defense – he walks around, is out of shape, can’t go around screens. He sure as hell can chew gum with the best of them…

      The schedule is a terrible excuse. Elite teams consistently win on the road (>60%). You are just not going to get that killer mentality and focus with GK.

  • Ckwizard

    Can anyone make an argument that the Nuggets have or run a good offensive system?

    • Poz_303


      I think that answers your question

    • rxmart2

      I don’t know, perhaps it the fact that they have had a top 5 offense for the last 10 years and are top 6 schedule adjusted this year? But other than that no Denver doesn’t have a good offense :)

    • slugdugg

      2012 NBA Survey of General Managers

      Which head coach runs the best offense?
      1. George Karl, Denver — 31.0%
      2. Rick Adelman, Minnesota, Gregg Popovich, San Antonio — 27.6%
      4. Scott Brooks, Oklahoma City, Alvin Gentry, Phoenix — 6.9%


      They should have a “Which NBA coach runs the best offensive system in the regular season, but doesnt make any adjustments or draw up plays” GK would win that.

      Then the “Which NBA coach runs a system that is absolutely crap in the post-season when half-court offense and execution is paramount?” GK would win that one too.

      • Ckwizard

        I think that is a good post. GK gets his teams to run and play excellent transition basketball which is a part of offense. The problem with the system is the half court offense and execution of it. Fundamentals like setting picks and ball handling in traffic are weak, leads to turnovers. Inbound plays have hurt the GK nuggets for as long as I have been a fan. The half court execution always suffers when the other team picks up the pressure. That is why the nuggets more often than not lose close games or lose big leads. Bad half court execution leads to easy transition buckets for the other team.

        Why do we lose in the playoffs, the answer in my opinion is bad offensive execution in the half court. What happens when the Nuggets get a big lead, the fourth quarter of every game, and is inherent with playoff basketball… Answer the defensive intensity increases. The nuggets lose more often than not because they are a bad half court team that buckles under pleasure. This is only my armchair opinion.

  • Mark from Charlotte

    14-24 58.3%

    • Ryan

      It’s mind-boggling, isn’t it? Game after game after game, nothing ever changes. FT shooting needs to be a priority for this team, someone needs to hold everyone accountable for this and get everyone to put forth the effort to improve. Supposedly, GK is paid to do things like this, but apparently he doesn’t. Go figure.

    • GK4Prez

      It is inexcusable.

    • al68

      because they miss ft?, there are only two reasons: 1. – lack of practice, 2. -fatigue.
      Being professional such as iprefer to think that is due to fatigue.

  • EMF

    Kalen, I missed the game but really liked your synopsis of the game. Tough to be a fan and a journalist at time. Enjoying the game while trying to be objective-enough to reach some good conclusions about the game isn’t for everybody. My opinion is that we are working though several concurrent minor to mid-level player/team issues, which is tough to watch with the potential that is there with the team. But what is potential if its not brought to fruition. Not that it can’t or won’t, but where is the safe line on whether they do or don’t? I don’t want to bet on that – too inconsistent

  • FstbrkJM

    Well, on the bright side, we only have to wait about 6 1/2 months before we introduce Brian Shaw as our new head coach.

    • steve

      brian shaw? no thank you. with triangle offense you basically take the ball out of Ty Lawson’s hands. We are built to be a fast paced team, we need a coach that can continue that.

  • ryanvdonk

    It was then, when for the first time, I realized that he and Ty aren’t really a good combo together.

    You just figured it out? i’ve been saying this for like 3 or 4 weeks now, it’s awful at the end of games. during the middle of games it can work, because you get weird matchups with bench players and people are more loose with the ball. at the end, teams play more standard lineups, and that leads to andre guarding someone faster than him and ty occasionally at the 2 against someone bigger and stronger.

  • Poz_303

    Kalen, I think you are being a little harsh on McGee. I dont think he had that bad a game. He does make some poor defensive decisions but he had a couple of bad calls against him.

    On another note, who is responsible for the NBA schedule? Nuggets at the end of a 5 game road trip, played last night and meet the Timberwolves coming off a 4 day rest at home.

  • Douglas L.

    I was at the game tonight. A few of my observations, many of which echo what everyone has already said:

    1. Andre Miller is terrible. He may have decent games, but I’ve seen way too many of these sad performances that outweigh any good. He was absolutely dreadful on defense. He provided nothing on offense other than turnovers. He is on the ball way too much, which leads me to my next observation:

    2. Ty Lawson’s growth/development/game is being hindered by Miller. GK (more on him later) played Miller and Lawson together for 20+ minutes. Miller was the one to bring up the ball when the two of them were on the floor. Lawson is obviously most effective when he controls the game. The fact that Lawson got 11 assists despite this is a tribute to how great he played.

    3. I am at a loss with what to do with Faried. He is one of the best players on this team, but he presents a very unique set of problems for any coach. Karl played him at the 5 for a good portion of the game, nearly the entire 4th quarter. He cannot defend an NBA center. His energy advantage is quickly neutralized when put up against much larger players. Karl is forced to play Faried at the 5 when our other bigs are ineffective. When Koufas/McGee/Mozgov and Faried are in the game teams just clog the paint and the offense becomes stagnant. Further complicating things, Faried can’t defend many 4s in the NBA. Love and Nowitzki can shoot the 3, which pulls him out to the perimeter and makes him very vulnerable. Yet, his energy and talent are a huge part of this team. There is no way you can’t play Faried 30+ minutes a game.

    4. The refs tonight, this season, ever since I’ve been a Nuggets fan, are disgusting. The number of touch, ticky-tack fouls tonight was higher than I can count. I routinely found myself staring in disbelief wondering what was being called. Some fouls were in transition before anyone was even set, others were when the Nugget was standing still or not even looking. Iggy was called for one on defense when he was drifting across the lane and somebody tripped over his leg not watching where they were going. It just killed us in the 2nd quarter.

    5. Playing a back-to-back is never easy, and the Nuggets definitely looked sluggish. Aside from Lawson, Faried, and Brewer, the team was weak. I attribute many of the turnovers to the sluggish/sloppy energy.

    6. Lawson should average 15 points and 10 assists every night. Faried should average 10 points and 10 rebounds every night. I think both of those are attainable. I would like to say Gallo should average 15 and 7, McGee 10 and 10, and Iggy 15 points and 5 assists. I just don’t see any consistency or efficiency from those players to have any hope for something like that.

    7. Just to repeat what I’ve said above because I think it’s vital: fewer turnovers and more assists would radically improve this team.

    8. Finally, a note on Coach Karl. I have been frustrated with Karl for the past few years. He mismanages games, refuses to adjust, and just sits there complacent all night. But I have a lot of respect for what he has done. I always believed that he would get the most of the players he was given. I figured players loved to play for him. I would hope that a professional basketball player doesn’t need an in-your-face, rah rah coach to give 100% every night. I trusted Masai to give us the best chance to win with both players and coaches. I understood the calls for Karl to be fired, but wasn’t willing to lend my voice to them. BUT, after tonight’s game, it’s time. The Nuggets need a new coach. I fully believe this team will be lucky to make the playoffs this year. If they do there will be no hope of reaching the 2nd round. At this point we’ve reached the Mike Shanahan zone. Great coaches, but years of underachieving and not properly utilizing the talent on the team has to lead to a change. I think a new voice would help Iguodala, Lawson, and McGee, not to mention actually give our young players a chance to shine (Fournier, Hamilton).

    Anyway, just had to vent after watching that sad excuse of a game. Go Nuggets!

    • Ryan

      37 FTAs for the T-Wolves… that’s just ridiculous!

  • Trevor

    Iggy is a really poor decision maker, he makes rookie mistakes, leaves his feet before he knows what to do with the ball and tries too hard sometimes and ends up passing up quality shots and when he does shoot its either a contested jumper or a difficult shoot in traffic. I hope we don’t resign him this offseason. I think a healthy Chandler and quality minutes for J-Ham is a much better fit for this this team. At least the Nuggets will start playing a few home games now and hopefully they can turn things around.

  • Whimanji

    How many times do we come out of a timeout and get our butts kicked. Also our end of the game executions are horrid! We look like a street ball team that just keeps dribbling and passing without any structure. It’s time for GK to go,

  • Aaron

    #1 Problem. Karl Looks Hungover Like a 20 Year Old After a Saturday Night Party! Every Single Game.

    #2 Problem. Iggy Looks Like He Does’nt Know How To Play Basketball Anymore, Just Mops Around And Shoots Around 20% On a Regular Basis Now.

    #3 Problem. Lawson is Becoming a Choke Artist, Turns The Ball Over Nonstop in Clutch Situations All The Time This Year.

    Everybody Else is Doing Their Job Correctly Most Of The Time, Speaking of Time. Where The Hell Are Hamilton, Randolph And Maybe Even Fournier? Hamilton Was Suppose To Be Our 6th Man This Year, Sense Chandler Doesn’t Feel Like Proticapating Rite Now, But No Hamilton Gets 10 Minutes Here And There Every Few Games Now. Randolph Was “For Sure A Rotation Player This Year.” (Ujiri) But Of Course That isn’t The Case. Fournier Has Looked Very Very Good in Mini Amount of Minutes Hes Been Able To Get This Year, But Yet Again Hell No Does a Guy Trying To Have Confidense (Goes For All 3 of Them) Get Any Sort of Decent Amount Of Minutes. Guess We’ll Have To See if Any Of Those 3 Players Can Get a Chance And Pull a Kenneth Faried And Get Cosistant Minutes After The All-Star Break.

    Hate To Say it But This Team Might Just Be a Joke This Year. But Who Cares? We Love Our Denver Nuggets! Go Nuggets!

  • Woobly o Balls

    Hold out on a trade until Demarcus Cousins overstays his welcome in Sacramento, which shouldn’t be long and then throw some of our assets at them.

    I’d also like us to trade for Alec Burks. He is apparently on the market and I think he is going to be an absolute stud.

  • Zorba

    You can’t expect the BIG to play with the same energy two matches in two nights. Pecovic had a party after four days rest. Yet, looking at the stats, GK should find the way to give more shots to kk and javale mcgee, with low post screens or pick n roll… I think that with
    a European coach like Obrandovic (he is free by the way) we could see a completely different team…

    • Kw

      If we had an alpha dog BIG who had poured in 20 and 12 boards the night before that’d be true. However, we have four bigs and all are somewhat submissive (The Grecian Formula to a lesser extent). One of them could have stood up on his hind legs during one of the two games.

      We call it a game, not a match. No idea on the euro coach model. I can’t support any kind of experiment at this point. SVG gets my vote for a new hire.

  • Steve

    What? Andre Miller had a bad game? Come on, if you listen to our broadcasters, you would think he was the second coming.

    Miller IS the problem. No D, ball stopper…take your pick. He is killing this team.

    JHam….I can’t wait til he can leave. The dude is so worried that GK will pull him he is not doing what he need to do…spot up and shoot.

    AI…I would rather have the other one….And we are considering signing him again @14 million plus? god help this team

    Karl…Please retire.

    • Joel

      Andre Miller does connect well with McGee and occasionally can light a fire in the game. I think to let him go so easily would be a mistake. However, I don’t understand why it’s so painfully obvious to us that Miller and Lawson should rarely play together, but it’s Karl’s favorite combo.

    • Mark

      I agree that Miller sucks. But I don’t agree that he is THE problem. Karl, McGee, Koufos, and Mozgov all suck too. Jeez, even Lawson and Iguodala suck this year. When the preseason predictions started coming out about the Nuggets going deep into the playoffs, I really started wondering, “What does everyone else seem to know that I don’t?” I actually started getting excited, but now I see that I was dreadfully right. This team will be lucky to make it to the playoffs, and has zero chance of getting out of the first round, regardless of who they play. For that matter, I don’t see the Nuggets ever going deep into the playoffs again with George Karl as coach. Carmelo dragged the Nuggets there on his back a few years ago in spite of George Karl, but those days are OVER. Any GK-lead team will always underachieve.

  • Giovanni

    Oh my god trade and fire…
    the nuggets are a good team…
    Not a great team..
    Karl coaching is caos organizated somethimes fit somethimes not…
    But for a team like nuggets(young and undisciplinated)is not the coach ideal..
    Nuggets are 6 7 seeds…
    But many team in thecwest are improved..

    Ps Nuggets Minnesota beh i’m shocked with the work of Adelmann..
    Go Nugs..

  • Mark from Charlotte

    Good point Douglas L

  • steve

    smh, this team used to be so much fun to watch. Now even when we win i cant stand it. obviously we lost again last night. is 11-12 acceptable to start the season regardless of the road games? i dont think so. we were suppose to be contending for top 4 seed easily. Now we need to fight just to make the playoffs with over 1/4 of games played.


  • al68

    Many you criticize a GK but it is clear, at least to a person living outside the U.S., this team is worse than last year at the beginning of the season.
    No you expected from Iggy and Mcgee, the first is clearly overrated and the second can not play basketball. You can still say that if he had his head would be the best center. If Gasol had Howard’s physique would be the best ever, if not been injured Savonis would be the best center in history for example. The players are what they are and nothing more.
    We have a mediocre team, to enter playoffs and little else.
    For me the main culprit is paying 13.5 million for Nene and then transferred for nothing, tab to Afflalo for several years and it passes. The team has no continuity and change are getting worse.
    Do not understand how anyone criticizes GM hires only players not used to the kind of game that makes GK.
    As I said before we are on 20 wins within 2-3 years.
    Ujiri is very bad.
    I say this from a distance and without passion.

    • Charliemyboy

      Now that is an interesting perception.

    • park hill

      You must be Russian or Lithuanian. I wouldn’t watch the Nuggs if I was you, not really your style. Is it because of Mozzy? McGee can’t play? Who is the best center ever?

  • http://yahoo.com prospector

    Again I will say when Chandler comes back JHAM is banished to hell….. Less Faried and less Mcgee…. GK is flat out driving me crazy…. I am so sick of A. Miller no defense… I would rather see Iggy chucking up bricks, then A. Miller in the paint on defense…….

    • Mark

      George Karl: “Um, Miller is a veteran! Don’t ‘veteran’ and ‘good basketball player’ mean the same thing?”

  • Chucho320

    The sad thing is that when the Lakers suck, everybody cares. Rome is burning and it’s headlines everywhere. When the Nuggets suck, NOBODY cares. Everybody is just used to the Nuggets sucking. And we do.

    I’m constantly hearing how deep we are on the bench. The only problem is we have nothing BUT bench players. We are loaded with 6th men and have really no starters. If Gallo is our biggest threat, we’re in serious trouble. He’s as inconsistent as they get and you can’t depend on him to close a game. He’s definitely not a finisher. Nobody on the team is. We’re stacked with complimentary players and zero alphas. How is Iggy an All-Star/Olympian? The guy has brought nothing to the Nuggets. My excitement to bring him in was wiped out on our 1st road trip and completely extinguished on this one.

    We need to package up some of these “complimentary” players and bring in legitimate starters. Guys who can make a fricken free throw or put a hand in the face of guys launching 3’s all day long on us. How about a go-to finisher?

    Right now we’re the Colorado Rockies of basketball. As long as people keep packing the Pepsi Center, Ujiri and Kroenke don’t care about the craptactular product on the floor. Nuggets fans deserve better. Remember when we were legitimate Western Conference Finals contenders? Yeah, that was a good day. Right now we’re not even playoff contenders.

    Our next game is on national tv where we always choke, so we’re going to make Memphis look spectacular. It sucks to be a fan of teams that ownership doesn’t give a crap about. Thank goodness for the Broncos.

    • Thomas

      Agree. Nuggets owners are pathetic – they could care less about winning a title.

      With the boring product they sell to us, they deserve to lose money.

      • miguel

        you cant blame the ownership because i love what they have done with this small market team. i like the way they handle the melo trade, and quick they are to fix there mistakes. when they ship nene bad contract out for under performing. then last summer bringing in andre who was suppose to shine in this nuggets offense but hasnt work out well. that ok because we dont have to sign him next season and i know we will make big move come later on the season like we did the past two years. just relax and trust the ownership

  • miguel

    its time to consider making some moves, because this is not work. the nuggets should consider trading for varejao, gasol or al. so we could have a consistent big man that we know is going to show every game. then to solve the guard position check with the bucks if they are willing to trade ellis. another think i would mind seeing is trade a couple of players for picks just like houston did but be smart with it.

  • dynamo.joe

    At least KLove and Pek are good guys. They offered to take the Nugs out clubbing to raise their spirits.


  • googergieger

    There really is nothing wrong with the team. I mean The Lakers are doing worse with a
    very easy schedule. Stan Van Gundy has pretty much shown just how much he meant to Howard’s success. Thibadeau(?) has shown just how important coaching is in general. Look at The Bulls right now and all. Hell even the Bobcats and Magic are over achieving and that is do to coaching. We have a very talented team. They may not have commercials or the NBA propaganda machine singing their praises, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are under achieving something fierce. Iguodala should be our defensive stopper and worry very little about offense. Like Sefalosha or Tony Allen. Switching everything on defense kind of ruins Iguodala’s biggest strength by the by. We should have enough with Gallo and Ty. Who both can create for themselves and create for others. Miller can lead the second unit to points as well. If you put McGee in positions to succeed he can start developing his offensive game more consistently. He has shown he has offense beyond dunking now. J-Ham has shown he has an offensive game as well. The problem right now is clearly the coaching. I mean twenty three games in and no set rotation? The offense is literally give the ball to Ty or Dre. Then Iguodala is given the ball in few places to succeed. Gallo is hardly ever given enough touches and when he does, he tends to get to the rim. Also he has been trying to post up more, which I like. I mean I like the system Spurs use when Parker and Ginobli are out. Parker probes the offense and if nothing is there they give the ball to Ginobli to do something. They could do that with Ty and Gallo for a bit.

    Also people need to get it through their thick skulls. We ain’t getting a big name coming our way any time soon. We can get more solid role players. We could make a run for Gortat and Dudley for his veteran presence and smart play. Though that means he’ll get eighty thousand minutes a game because Karl loves his vets. Of course Dudley plays smart and can defend, so could be worse. Could make a run for Jason Smith who Karl likes, and who can hit an outside jumper while also giving us hard fouls. Could make a run for Varejao as well, but with Karl at the helm, who knows how ineffective he’d become here. I mean everyone was praising Ujiri before the season started for a reason. And that was because he created a contender in spite of not having a celebrity(superstar) on the team. This team has competed in most games we have lost, but those are games we should have already had in the bag around the final five minute mark, but due to Karl’s, wing it attitude, and keep doing the same thing expecting different results(definition of insanity,innit?) we are losing something fierce.

    • miguel

      there is something wrong with this team, the problem is that we cant make free-throw or have some one that could consistently get us great offensively nights. if we cant make free throw of course were going to struggle closing games. i believe this team has kind of reach their peak together. i know we could bring in star players if were willing to throw more money or by trade. beside all that yeah i agree karl has being problem as well, i think his time is coming to end if we some how dont reach the playoffs. if he gets fire the nuggets should consider going after defense mined coach because that what we need.

      • googergieger

        Dre, Gallo, and Lawson have been hitting their free throws consistently the past few games. Gallo despite his shooting woes, and the past games he has looked great on that front, is the one consistent Nugget attacking the rim and either getting good looks for himself and others, or put back opportunities for our bigs. Or he is getting to the line. What star players can we bring in though? Name one realistic option we have that can make significant difference for this team. Anyways, this is the first real year this team has been together. So slow down the reached their peak talk. They have yet to reach their potential and a lot of that has to do with Karl.

        • miguel

          there not alot really but there are players that could help out alot and improve some of our weaknesses. for example we could trade for ellis or even risk it with Eric Gordon if the hornets want to trade him. that will solve some of our shooting troubles. gallo yeah has done all right as recent but we seen this with gallo, he will play great and show signs he could be great player but then he will go on long slumps when we need him the most. do you really think we could beat the top teams with this curtain roster?? we could be looking at another first round exit or not even make the playoffs because there are so many good team in the west.

          • googergieger

            Ellis could be a chemistry killer, on top of which he is an even bigger liability on defense than any of our current guards. Gordon is beyond a risk. I’ve played in more NBA games than he has(not really, but you get my point). This team can easily compete with and beat majority of teams in the NBA. We match up well with anyone and have no roster weakness. Problem is right now it is all just chaos. No one has a designed role. No one has a job. No one really knows what to do on offense or defense, except do your best to score and not let the other team score. Seriously we don’t need a “star” on this team. We need a coach, that is going to put these guys in places where they can succeed, and therefore put the entire team in a place where they can succeed. Then again maybe, Lawson will become that top five guard he has shown glimpses of being and therefore distract everyone from the rest of the problems this team has.

  • park hill

    I’ll say it again, some rotation combination of Mozzy, J-Ham, AR and Fournier must receive close to 20 mins a game.

    Our prime 8 was gassed last night because the above is not being implemented. Why the hell doesn’t AR get a chance to go at his old team? Yeah, he’s tiny but he knows their tendencies.

    Mozzy couldn’t put some length on Pekovic? GK forever confuses me, his willingness to run 8 guys into the ground is becoming legendary. He may have played fast an NC and witnessed guys to that under Doug Moe, but the league is even faster, stronger and longer in duration now. Gone are the days you can lean on 8 to get you deep into the playoffs.


    We Want Van Gundy !!!
    … but MASAI what think abouti the Nuggets ?
    one team of the first 8 in Nba and with a roster > of Spurs and Grizzlies …

    • miguel

      van gundy will be a bad choice with this young team, because he intend to get into people skins, and players seem to dislike him as a coach.

      • googergieger

        Magic played hard for him even after Howard went down with his injury. He is a true coach, he is going to make you better. A lot of players respect that. A lot of players need that. Some players have too big an ego, but plenty of players will respect and listen to someone, they know will make them better. I mean Stan just asks a one hundred percent effort and a commitment to the game plan. Much more he has shown just how important he was to Howard’s success. He could do wonders with McGee. Only problem would be is we don’t have as many three point shooters as he is used to, but that could be remedied.

  • JetLife82

    Sign Cedric Jackson. I’m from NZ and he’s a beast in the NZ/Australia league. Triple double against Jonny Flynn. 38 pts last game. Trade Mozzy for a pick and sign this guy for real.

    • miguel

      just because he is going beast mode over there dont mean its going to translate well in the nba.

  • Charliemyboy

    Just watcing LA and NY. NY passes. Instead of taking a good shot, they take great shots. Carmelo gets chided when he goes too much one on one. They pass and don’t throw it away. They don’t drive recklessly to the interior unless men are in position to shoot 3’s. What does it take?

  • Señor Chang

    This is my least favourite nuggets team since pre-melo. Even when they win its ugly, but not good grit and grind ugly, just ugly.

    Lawson has been terrible apart from 2 games
    Iguodala has been terrible. Turning it over, taking bad shots, defense hasn’t been dominant
    Gallo- so sick of watching him jack up 3s
    Faried- love this guy and his energy. Just wish he’d learn to play defense
    Koufos-great BACKUP CENTER
    McGee- makes mistakes but has so many wow plays. How does he not get the minutes
    Brewer- love him just wish he didn’t try and play like JR Smith on offense at times
    Hamilton- why no minutes???

    We need to make a trade before the deadline. Nobody is untouchable. I’d hope faried is untouchable just because he’s my favourite player and is so young and talented but his contract makes him a huge asset if packaged with gallo.

  • Duane

    Someone said it earlier….17 of 23 on the road is not a good formula for a young team that needs some confidence. We stay close to .500 going into January and then get all kinds of home games you will see this team improve their play and be right back in the playoff picture.

    Patience…it is a marathon not a sprint

    • Thomas

      Making the playoffs is not the point.

      Having a tough road schedule is just a lame excuse. All you need to do is watch their games (how painful) and see that there is little hope of success in the playoffs, once again. That is what GK does to teams.

      • Ryan

        Yep, we see it every year. This year, GK would be “thrilled” to be 17-15 after the first 32. When you continually set the bar low, that’s what you get. If the coach shows no urgency, then the players follow suit. I never hear any other coach say “we’ll be happy to go 3-2 on this road trip” like GK does. We need a coach with balls-to-the-wall intensity, like Mike Dunlap or Tom Thibideau, or even Scott Skiles. A coach that doesn’t accept anything less than solid, professional effort each and every game. As long as GK is here, the expectations will be low and the results will meet those expectations…

        • googergieger

          Stan Van Gundy!


    but the Nuggets fun want playoff with 43-39 and 0-4 in the 1°round ?
    is ridiculos and with Karl is certain , Karl don’t have the respect .. VAN GUNDY or MIKE BROWN for this defensive nuggets

  • googergieger

    We are going to lose again tonight because of fucking Karl. Us even making an effort for a rebound isn’t helping either, but his fucking asinine line ups just gave the Grizzlies a 7-0 run.

    • Ckwizard

      Oh no they over came GK and his bad coaching…. To bad the starters defense is actually good or GK wouldn’t be able to survive his asinine lineups.