Nuggets shopping Mozgov?

Based on converstations with league executives, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports that Timofey Mozgov may be on the trading block:

Of their three centers, the Nuggets are most willing to part with Mozgov, who has proven in his short NBA career and Olympic play that he is a serviceable big man. The Nuggets probably won’t try to re-sign him with two other free agents on the horizon: guard Andre Iguodala and reserve swingman Corey Brewer.

“It’s logical because they have three centers and it’s hard for [coach George] Karl to play them all,” one NBA GM said. “The Nuggets are not a big revenue-generating team and they’re not going to pay the tax.”’s Zach Lowe confirms that “executives agree that Timofey Mozgov, thrust back into the rotation in the last week, is among the most available players in the league.”

Mozgov has played in only 12 of 25 Nuggets game this season, logging a total of 135 minutes compared to 519 for starting center Kosta Koufos and 492 for backup JaVale McGee. If the Nuggets were to trade one of their centers, Timo is clearly the odd man out.

Presumably if the Nuggets do make any moves before the trade deadline, they will target players who can bolster their sub-par 3-point shooting, helping to space the floor and give their slashers and cutters more room to operate.




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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • Scott

    Shannon Brown would fit perfectly in Denver.

    • Scott

      A money 3-point shot, loves to run the break, plays with the athleticism we love, unselfish, and is a good combo guard that could follow Ty or Iggy off the bench.

      • dynamo.joe

        The Shannon Brown shooting 29% from 3 this season or the Shannon Brown who is career 33% shooter from 3 (a full 10% less than an AVERAGE SG)?

        I’m not a huge Mozgov fan, but Shannon Brown isn’t worthy of removing Mozzy’s poop from the cave after the apocalypse.

    • Tyler

      I love that idea. But i do think if JHam gets playing time it will work just as well and then we can shop mozzy for a different player or let him takes his talents elsewhere

  • Kalen

    Denver needs to package him. With so many tradeable assets there’s no point in getting rid of one at a time. They hold more value when combined to form a much bigger trade piece.

  • aaron

    I’m not a fan of this. . .mozzy has been improving. I’ll be excited if we can get a PROVEN three point threat though. . Not sure who’s available

    • Ernie

      Am sure former 3 point champion James Jones is available from Miami, and I know they need size. It works on the trade machine if I add Rashard Lewis, also a 47% 3point shooter this year, because his Miami salary is cheap after being amnestied. Those contracts are both only 2 years. Who says no?

      • Frontrange

        Works basketball wise, but no way the nugs take another two years for those guys.

        • Ernie

          They only cost $1.5M each per year. If you think it works basketball wise then why would the extra year of them vs Mozgov matter?

          • Frontrange

            Cause the nug are adding young upside players not old vets. I don’t think they expect to compete for the chip this year, so why use 3mil of next years cap space on aging/injured vets. Also neither player is likely to move ahead of any of the top ten so iit doesn’t move the needle. They fit better from a needs basis but not enough to warrant losing flexibility next year.

            • Ernie

              OK, so your argument is it really doesn’t make sense basketball wise. Because in a $58M salary cap world $3M and one year just isn’t enough to really fret about.

              I’d probably agree, but I also feel the need for more shooting should it somehow be available.

              • Frontrange

                I want more shooting as well, but much as I like Jones (red a piece about him hitting 97-100 threes in warm-ups a few years ago, 49 in row) . . he isn’t breaking in past Brewer or Hamilton or probably even Evan.

                Lewis is the same thing. Rather have Iggy, Faried, Gallo, Hamilton, so he is he fifth forward for 1 1/2 spots.

  • CJP32

    If Mozzy is getting traded, I would guess 1 or 2 other pieces would be included. To me Brewer makes the most sense to go as he is a FA and it frees up time for JHams development. In saying that though, Denver seem pretty happy with Brewers production and he has said that he wants to stay in Denver.

  • JetLife82

    Mozgov for Duhon!

    • Zack

      No. Just… no. I would much rather see a trade involving multiple Nuggets to get a player like JJ Redick.

      • JetLife82

        Oh another average wing player. Good idea.

  • Alberto

    Mozgov is an amazing player, if you saw the Olimpic games this summer you will understand me. Trade Koufos even because now he has more value and if you trade him Denver will probably get some important players

  • Duane

    The Nuggets have a good 3-point shooter…his name is Jordan Hamilton….George Karl is killing his development

    • Tyler

      why can’t anyone else see this. with time for development he could be our top scorer no joke

  • steve

    simple 1 for 1 would be Mozgov for Morrow.

    Morrow is a great shooter but doesnt do much else. He’d at least space the floor some. He on last year of deal and hawks have plenty of wings and a need for a big.

  • Ban Johnson

    All these trade ideas for wings are puzzling. Nuggets already have too many wings! They can’t get enough minutes for all of them even with Chandler out.

    If the Nuggets could get a PF who could rebound and shoot 3s, that would make sense. Unfortunately they’ve already spent their wad (foolishly) on Anthony Randolph. A Matt Bonner type of guy would be useful.

    I don’t think 3-point shooting on the wing is that glaring a need. I’d rather have decent threats from there like Ty, Gallo, Iguodala, Brewer, and Hamilton, who can do other things well too, than specialists who will just soak up minutes better taken by more complete players.

    It’s unlikely Mozgov by himself will get you anything all that useful. A draft pick would be fine.

    • steve

      a wad on randolph? 3 year 5.5 mill deal is considered a wad?

      We already have Gallo who can be a stretch 4. he’s 6’9. yes he’s not hitting them like we’d want but he does enough to know you need to guard him. We need a guard to kick out too that is almost automatic from 3. how many times do we see ty or iggy with open 3 and they clunk it? way too many.

  • steve

    I honestly think we should do something like this though…

    Brewer, Mozgov and future 1st rd pick for JJ Redick

    He’s exactly what we need. Don’t get me wrong i love brewers hustle and D but honestly, we should have that in Chandler when he returns. We need floor spacing. JJ is perfect. He’d be first guard off bench.

    Brewer and mozzy are still pieces orlando can play with and of course they’d love the pick for future.

    There is a possibility we lose redick on offseason but same goes with brewer. He may get a solid contract elsewhere now that he’s playing better. we can’t afford to pay him 4-5 mill a year which is what he probably deserves.

    • Ban Johnson

      Miller, Brewer, and McGee have a really nice chemistry going. I wouldn’t want to mess with that. Brewer’s run-outs and Miller’s terrific long-passing work well together. You kind of need Brewer’s athleticism and energy to cover for Miller’s lack of same on both ends.

      +A backcourt of Miller and Redick would have a hard time defending speedy guards, to put it mildly. Redick would make sense only if you could somehow swap Miller for a younger, more athletic backup pg in the bargain.

      • newsman35

        I love the fact that we have a have a McGee, Randolph, Brewer, Hamilton and Dre as a second team, with Chandler and Fournier as additnioal fire power. What amazing depth. Each of these guys could be the 4 – 8 players on just about any other team.

    • Guy

      I don’t really see how J.J. Reddick is much of an upgrade (if any) over Brewer. Neither one is a starter on a championship contender and their production is about the same. The Nuggets need to trade multiple players for one really good or potentialy good (see high lottery pick) player. Until they get a TRUE allstar this team is first round playoff fodder.
      The only team we have any chance at beating in the first round is Memphis for OKC is too talented, we can’t beat the Clippers and Popovich will eat Karl’s lunch in a 7 game series.

  • Will the NC Nugget

    Who we need is afflalo back smh…

    • Jacob

      You hit it right on the nose. We lack a consistency and he would provide that. I think we have too many wings, but if it is Afflalo, lets get him.

      Why don’t we look to package Gallo/Gov/Founier and possibly picks for a drastic upgrade at center and possibly a replacement SF. Gallo does lead the team in scoring, but he only averages 15 on 13 shots a night. Thats not good at all. This would allow us to move Koufus to Mozgovs 3rd C role and slide a new starter in at C. Fournier is garbage and never plays anyways so we can lose him. Also would free up some minutes for Hamilton. Seems to accomplish many things in one deal.

    • ny nugs fan

      man i really wish we could get afflalo back

  • al68

    Mozgov x Brooks+watson+ pick. Timo is russian like nets owner. He want russian player and the team need a backup center.

    2nd. trade miller+ chandler x calderon + ross. Toronto try to buy to chandler last year, and calderon is in the last year.

    denver would have 3 pg, with calderon better outside shot and good future with brooks and ross.

    • GK4Prez

      The 2nd trade isn’t a bad looking trade, but I doubt if the Raptors would include Ross, he was a top 10 pick in this past draft who is just now getting minutes, and he has looked pretty good in those minutes.

  • nugswin

    Also from the Zach Lowe piece linked:

    “• Eric Bledsoe. The Clippers might be thinking too conventionally with Bledsoe, but within that context, the reality is that Chris Paul is always going to limit Bledsoe from getting the time he deserves. Only about 20 percent of Bledsoe’s minutes have come with Paul on the floor, and the Clippers have outscored the opposition by about 6.5 points per 100 possessions in those minutes — even while giving up points at what amounts to a league-worst rate, per’s stats database. (They were fine defensively with those two on the floor last season, though in fewer minutes than they’ve logged already this season.) Those defensive struggles and size issues likely explain Vinny Del Negro’s reluctance to use them together, despite Bledsoe’s super-long arms and general defensive ability.

    Bledsoe’s in the top 10 overall in PER, and he’s cut his turnover rate from “horrific” to “acceptable.” Paul’s a free agent in the offseason, but the Clippers obviously want him back, and his cap hold soaks up their cap room — and their ability to pursue free agents above the mid-level exception. A Bledsoe trade feels almost inevitable, though the Clippers don’t need to do it this season, especially if they can’t find anything that would help their title chances. But teams are going to start calling more often, and the Clippers now have some additional pieces to throw around.”

    I certainly hope Masai is on the phone to LA.

    • dynamo.joe

      Do you really believe that a jump from 20% 3FG% last year to 37% 3FG% this year is sustainable?

      The clips really should trade Bledsoe, but only because someone out there (hopefully not the Nugs) is dumb enough to fall for that.

      I think it is only a 10% probability that he has somehow transformed his 3pt shooting over the past summer and will be shooting like this for the rest of his career.

      • nugswin

        You’re missing the boat on Bledsoe. He’s a top 10 pg right now (highest PER on their team), clearly better than Ty (not dissing Ty, Bledsoe is just that good, already). It’s all just a continuation of his steady improvement. If we could land him by trading anybody but Gallo or Iggy, we should jump at the chance.

        • Peter

          I agree with this 100%. As much as I like Ty, Eric Bledsoe is the most overlooked player in the league because he has the best point guard in the NBA blocking him. If we could get our hands on him we would instantly become better.

    • Guy

      I love Bledsoe. Every time I see him he’s one of the best players on the floor. Last year in the playoffs vs. San Antonio he was the Clippers best player but he’ll never truely develope behind CP3. With his defense and transition game I think he’d be a perfect fit for the Nuggets.

      • Jacob

        Yea Bledsoe is a stud. For a while I have said we need him to backup Lawson, but now it looks like Bledsoe may be a real star. His price has risen quite a bit though and I really don’t see what we could work there.

  • Morningcoffee

    Mozgov, Faried and Brewer for Kevin Love! We already have to much talent to go around, but no stabilizing force.

    Starting five of Iggy,Lawson, Gallo, Mcgee and Love with reserves of Koufos, Hamilton, Randolph,Miller and Fournier.

    I think we could really, finally, make a finals run with a group like that. We could work the offense through love, if he’s being doubled, he kicks out to our slashers.

    I would miss Faried like anyone, but it’s the difference between a second round exit and a finals run. I want a title!

    • Ernie

      The trade machine rejects that trade as not enough salary. I’d argue Minny would ask for more anyway.

      Add Chandler and it works. But even still I don’t see anyway Minny agrees to it.

      • nugswin

        Why in the world would the Wolves trade Faried and some mid-level (at best) players for the best PF in the game?

        Continually seeing these “We’ve got enough assets that teams will trade us their best players” kind of posts is sort of funny. Kevin Love is slightly more realistic than the Rose scenarios but since that one is at 0% it’s not saying much.

        The problem we have in looking at guys to realistically bring in is that, for the most part, we don’t really know what GK is thinking and why his rotations are what they are. Why is Hamilton starved for minutes when it would seem that he brings a ton of what we need but just is lacking some experience? Why do Brewer and Miller get tons of minutes, especially at crunch time, when they are both total crapshoots as far as production? It would be a lot easier to dream up worthwhile trade scenarios if we had a better understanding of the current roster and how the coaching staff doles out the minutes.

        • dynamo.joe

          It’s at least conceivable that Minny is already afraid they are going to lose K-love. But I don’t think I’m convinced that Love is better than Faried. Love is a more well rounded player, But that doesn’t mean he is a better player.

          • Jacob

            Yea losing Faried would kill this team. And realisically how would we convince Love to stay here either? I mean I know we have a better situation than Minn, but by how much? Probably not enough to convince him this is the place for him.

        • Charliemyboy

          I think we grade the skills on offense when it is clearly defence that wins championships. So we need to trade for winning matchups with the best, like we did for Iggy.

  • Colby

    Bledsoe would be awesome! That’s by far the best one I’ve seen so far

  • fluffhead

    Bledsoe, Reddick, Calderon fit the best

    JHam needs more minutes.

    Trade Chandler, Mozzy, Miller and future 1st to get one or two of the above

    • Frontrange

      I like the idea of miller finishing with a chip with the clips. . .cb4 and miller off the bench. Lobs to Blake and Jordan. . . I could live with that and Bledsoe would be a great young piece.

    • prospector

      If we traded those three (miller, mozzy, chandler) I would be the happest fan in the entire world!!!!!

      • dynamo.joe

        Huzzah for addition by subtraction?!

  • Mark from Charlotte



    Monta Ellis
    2 Years

    S. Dalembert
    1 Year

    Acquiring 2 Players


    Trade Moz, KK, AMiller and Chandler to Milwaukee for Ellis and Dalembert, this works on the NBA trade Machine.

    • Ernie

      It also estimates the Nuggets would win 8 fewer games, and the Bucks would win 3 fewer. I’ve never seen a lose/lose like that before.

    • Guy

      Ick. Adding lots of salary for players that have never helped anybody win. Yuck.

  • dynamo.joe

    I’ll just repost this from yesterday, apparently I’m ahead of my time.

    Corey/Moz for Dunleavy/Pryzbilla. All are on expirings. Nuggets let Pryzbilla go and resign Dunleavy. Dunleavy is still shooting 40% from 3.

    Bucks need a SF and Mozgov is bigger cap space if they let him go or a better candidate for a sign and trade than Pryzbilla.”

  • dynamo.joe

    Oh ya, I’ve said this before too, but get Jeremy Evans. He is obviously undervalued by the Jazz. Get this kid.

    • Ryan

      No point with GK. All he would do is keep JHam and Fournier company on the bench…

  • SmokinNugs

    I wonder if the reason the Nuggets are starting Koufos is because HE is the one they’re shopping. “Look how good he is! Come get some!” I mean where did he come from? We all saw how good Mozzy looked in the Olympics and then no playing time. We all see how much we’ve paid McGee yet Koufos is starting. Makes Koufos look really good to be starting over them does it not? I think we’ve all been kind of underwhelmed with his production and wonder why he’s still starting. His stellar +/- makes him even more tantalizing. Is it possible?

    • Ryan

      That would be silly. Koufos is signed to a very cheap contract for 2 more years and less injury-prone. It’s doubtful the Nuggets could get Mozgov to resign for the same price as Koufos. If Koufos keeps playing the way he has been, he’ll be an absolute bargain for the next 2 years…

  • kwelitysoul

    Mozgov + Chandler for Bargnani

    • GK4Prez

      How about just an expiring for an expiring small trade that helps both teams: Mozgov for Dorell Wright, Wright makes about a million more, so he is a bigger expiring, he can play some D, has some size that would work in GK’s small ball schemes, and he can knock down the 3.

  • Brian

    Moz + Brewer + Faried + Andre Miller + Fournier for Jamaal Crawford + LaMarcus Aldridge.
    Worked on trade machine adding Grant Hill to Portland.

  • Dylan Palm-Trujillo

    Nuggets Are Not Trading Miller

  • Dylan Palm-Trujillo

    plus Denver can give Miami second round pick this works out for both because it gives the heat size with a 7 footer

  • Dylan Palm-Trujillo
  • Rob

    Here is a trade that shows -8 wins for the nuggets. Given George Karls at best questionable rotation of players and the fact that he loves Miller despite well below average stat lines night in night out (also to mention the slow pace and the fact Miller might not be able to touch the net) this trade would work an allow 1 year of contracts from the Hawks and the a reshuffle or free agency pick up in the off season.

    Should we as Nuggets fans in fact be talking about not trading players and what might fit, rather talking about a coach who can have an impact?

    Wow George has the most active wins Yippy!!! How many titles? (0) How many final appearances (1) If you want to talk about stats that’s one for a coach of 28 years.

    People used to say Melo and JR were bad defensively (add Billups to that to) can someone remind me why Detroit won with billups leading the floor? hint (DEFENSE) Melo and JR are now above average defenders, yes JR gambles a lot but I am sure another love of Karls (Brewer) gambles a lot as well.

    Oh do I need to say the glove (Gary Payton) one of the best if not the best defensive point guards in NBA history(I know its a big call) but hey under Karl the Sonics never really lived up to the hype (very good team but had great players that should have succeeded)

    People have said for years now that the nuggets players are bad defensively. Are they really or do we need to look at a coaching staffs defensive philosophy? How can we get questionable the best on ball and perimeter defensive player (iggy) but the team not improve defensively?

    If Karl finishes games with defence then why is miller on the court? Millers idea of defence is “Ill let my guy go by and hope that McGee is there to leave his man to stop my man which then leave his guy free but McGee will save me from looking old and slow”

    My point we don’t need a trade we need a coach who can do more than just win regular season games.
    Jerry Sloan please.