Rapid Reaction: Denver Nuggets 112, San Antonio Spurs 106

San Antonio Spurs 106 Final

Recap | Box Score

112 Denver Nuggets
Danilo Gallinari, SF 35 MIN | 9-21 FG | 7-8 FT | 9 REB | 2 AST | 28 PTS | +10

This was by far Gallo’s best game of the year. Efficiency — throw it out the window. Points — I don’t even care. The bottom line with Gallo’s performance was that he hit shots at every crucial corner of the game. Whenever the Nuggets needed a basket, he was there to deliver. Often times this came in the most unlikely of scenarios (i.e., with a hand in his face). If it wasn’t for his clutch shooting tonight, the Nuggets win this game.

Kenneth Faried, SF 29 MIN | 6-11 FG | 7-9 FT | 11 REB | 2 AST | 19 PTS | +3F

Faried was a monster for most of the game. His defense against taller power forwards like Tim Duncan will always be questionable but his heart is not. Anytime you can get a near 20-10 performance from your power forward you are in good shape.

Kosta Koufos, C 31 MIN | 2-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 14 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | +2

Again, this was one of the better performances we’ve seen from Koufos this season. In fact, given the circumstances, I’d say this was his best. Fourteen rebounds and four blocks is unheard of for a guy who’s just establishing himself as a starter in the NBA. His defense on Tim Duncan was flat out studly. I cannot say enough about that aspect of his game this evening.

Ty Lawson, PG 38 MIN | 4-15 FG | 4-4 FT | 1 REB | 5 AST | 12 PTS | -2

Ty wasn’t especially potent but he did a great job of emphasizing the speed at which the Nuggets needed to play. He also had a few great steals that led to easy, momentum-swinging baskets.

Andre Iguodala, SG 37 MIN | 6-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 9 REB | 6 AST | 14 PTS | +9

Another fantastic performance. I think you could argue this was Iguodala’s best of the year given what was at stake. He was a totally different person against the Spurs. He was fierce. He was on the prowl. He wasn’t messing around. He really appeared to be on a mission to show what he could do in George Karl’s fast-pace offense. Let’s just hope he’s finally adapting to the speed at which the Nuggets play.

Corey Brewer, SF 29 MIN | 6-11 FG | 2-5 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 16 PTS | +2

Brewer was a total spark plug, as usual. He did exactly what the Nuggets needed him to do: hit big outside 3-pointers and play lock-down defense.

Timofey Mozgov, C 6 MIN | 0-2 FG | 1-2 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 1 PTS | +4

Mozgov had a short stint but he wasn’t too shabby. Anytime he can log six points in six minutes, it’s a good outing.

JaVale McGee, C 11 MIN | 3-6 FG | 4-10 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 10 PTS | -1

What an interesting night for the talented 7-footer. The Spurs tried to play Hack-A-JaVale late in the game, and although he missed most of his free throws, it was a strategy that didn’t really pay off. McGee didn’t log a lot of minutes but had one of the most efficient performances of anybody on the floor.

Andre Miller, PG 23 MIN | 2-6 FG | 4-4 FT | 5 REB | 7 AST | 8 PTS | +3

We’ve had our quibbles with Miller as of late, but he was solid against the Spurs. He simply has a different style of game. It doesn’t always fit with what the Nuggets are trying to do but when the team is rolling he seems to fit in quite well.

One Thing We Saw

  1. Bright Side of the Road: I went to the game tonight. It was one of the best I’ve been to in a few years. The Nuggets haven’t been the model of consistency this year, nor have they been the model of fortitude — but it’s game like these that make you proud to be a fan. Just look at the grades. All that happened before this game does not matter. Each time you step on to the court you have a chance of putting up a “W.” On Tuesday night, the Nuggets epitomized this mindset. They haven’t played the most favorable schedule to date, but as fans we must give them credit for showing up at home and taking care of business. We all wish they were a better road team — but under George Karl that is just not who they chose to be (unfortunately). It’s frustrating. It’s tough to swallow. But no matter how you slice it, there aren’t many teams out there that beat the Spurs in this type of fashion. For that, we must give credit where it’s due. After playing one of the most difficult schedules to kick of the season in NBA history, the Nuggets sit at a very respectable 14-12. Though it’s been a tough road to travel thus far, the future looks bright. As fans, for our health, that’s what we must focus on.
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  • toluene_hawk

    If Fournier isn’t starting at strech 4 then I just dont know what i will do with myself

  • LotharBot

    In a less than 2 minute stretch late in the third, the Spurs sent JaVale McGee to the line for a total of 10 free throws on intentional fouls.

    Pop definitely isn’t afraid to use unconventional strategies. In this case, it wasn’t particularly effective on the scoreboard (the lead remained at 14 points after all was said and done), but it might have at least let some of his guys rest for longer than expected.

  • Douglas L.

    Ugh… Andre Miller. Fantastic turnover late in the game. Still ahead and should pull off the win, but I’m just so sick of him.

    • Aaron

      Lawson Had 3 Turnovers in The Last 4 Minutes. Our Point Guards BETTER Step it Up Late in Games.

  • CJP32

    Great win over the Spurs, good confidence booster

    Gallo was epic, finally playing like the leader we need him to be – 28 pts but terrible FG%

    Whats up with Ty and his turnovers late in games???

    Iggy with another all around effort – 9, 6 and 14

    Faried with the Manimal Flu game – 11 & 19

    KK was big with 14 rebs and 4 blks

    Corey Brewer – Subway sub of the game – 16 pts and 4 rebs

    Dre with 5, 7 & 8

    McGee with 10 pts, 3 rebs and 3 blks in 11 mins and 4/10 FTs

    A win over Portland would be nice.

  • Aaron

    So, if Gallo, or Ty or someone is actually consistent from the outside, we’re very tough to beat. Gallo was it tonight. The Spurs were on a back to back, so we should take this one for what it’s worth. But, I’m glad we finished. Again, GK made a strategical error by leaving Faried at Center when Duncan was owning him and got them back in the game. But, we stuck with it. Koufus = Duncan stopper.

  • googergieger

    Can’t believe we came away with the win. Ty Lawson almost cost us this one by leaving his assignment wide open for three’s. Miller and Brewer did a few times as well. Gallo definitely deserved game MVP though. He missed a few good looks, but wasn’t afraid to keep taking them, and made the big buckets when we needed them most. Win over the Grizz and Spurs, in two hard fought victories. Hopefully we can beat the Blazers, in that we tend to try to coast when we play teams that we don’t think our as good as us.

    Oh and did anyone else see that at one point and time Karl had Gallo on Duncan and in order to correct this he decided to take McGee out?

  • Aaron

    I can’t believe he did hack-a-javalle. We actually maintained our lead, and it went up to 15. I think they would’ve had more success running us with Mills. Just a bad move by Pop, even though Javalle only hit 4.

  • CJP32

    I wonder if Ty has more turnovers than points with under 2 minutes left in a game or overtime this season. His ball handling and decision making is terrible in clutch situations. GK should keep Dre on the floor (FT% and ball handling) along with Iggy, Gallo, Koufos and Faried.

  • Ban Johnson

    Everybody but Ty was sharp tonight. Let’s blame it on the flu and leave it at that. The late game turnovers are still happening. You can almost feel him tightening up in crunch-time.

    Gallo was a superstar tonight. The only thing holding him back from being a superstar consistently is his personality. He has the talent — quicker than everyone bigger than him and bigger than everyone quicker, and a really smooth, fundamental shot.

    Brewer was huge off the bench. The Nuggets have to find a way to keep him this summer; trade Chandler; whatever it takes.

    The Spurs are so smart. There is little to no precedent for the LONG, sustained excellence they’ve had in the Duncan era; all I can really compare it to is Malone/Stockton, Havlicek, and Nowitzki. Kind of amazing watching them almost will their way to victory tonight on a tough road B2B.

    • newsman35

      agree with you about brewer

      • CJP32

        Right now, Brewer looks good in a Nuggets uniform and Chandler looks good in a suit, leave it at that.

    • mile high

      Agreed! Finally seeing some fair comments regarding Brew and his real value …

  • Ernie

    McGee just isn’t the same player at home. Am sure his asthma has something to do with it. Wonder if others will do the Hack-A-McGee after this 4-10 FT display. I know the lead didn’t come down, but that’s only because the Spurs missed a lot of open shots during that period.

    Good win though. Not great given SA played OKC last night. I just wish they would have AI as the finisher, at least they would get some shots off.

  • mitchell

    huge, huge win for this team.

    i know everyone wanted iggy to score 25 a night, but if he has 14, 9 and 6 on a regular basis this team will be hard to beat. he has such a complete game that when he can put up numbers like those, it makes everyone better.
    when koufos, faried, gallo and iggy (not to mention mcgee and..miller? crazy) are all crashing the glass, its going to mean more transition for denver and less opportunities for the other team.
    also, duncan looked 25 out there… cant let that happen. karl needs to put mozgov in there, or randolph, and just push him around, if only to disrupt his rythem.
    all in all, big win, and if we can finish out this month strong, itll be smooth sailing come january.

  • fluffhead

    Trade Lawson, Mozgov, 1st rounder for D.Williams.

    He wants out of BKLYN so…. give him 5/$75

    I’m a Tar heel fan but i cannot keep ignoring that Lawson has reached his ceiling. He isn’t a leader, has cost us multiple games (0-3 pts THREE times) and no D, turns over ball in the last minute when we have a lead or are trying to close a gap. He is great for 20 a game but his inadequecies are really annoying. For $12 a year, he should have improved. he has regressed. can’t even hit over 70% FT. We need a leader and baller. He is neither…just a glorified gimmick fast PG like Boykins (just a little better)

    • Zack

      Haha that’s a good one.

      First off, I doubt D Will actually wants out of Brooklyn.
      Second, there’s no way the Nets take Lawson, Moz and a future 1st for Deron Williams. D Will is a star player, and it’ll take a lot more than that to get him here.

      If the Nets are stupid enough to do this, this trade should get done in a heartbeat.

      Also, D Will just signed for 5 yr/$98.7 mil. So this trade doesn’t work money wise either. The Nuggets would have to do something like: Lawson, Moz, Chandler and Randolph for D Will. Again, no way he gets traded for that (in my opinion).

      • fluffhead

        lawson needs to get his head out of his ass. nuff said.

        stop going to the ogden and rest of denver blazin’ the herb…he’s a f’ing stoner and it shows on the court a lil’ too much. wake up TY, you are the reason we are inconsistant. ZERO points vs. the HEAT, 3 or less in two other games as a 35+ min, $12million starting PG. ACT like it, son. wtf is your deal…stop being mediocre and try, just try to be a leader of some sort.

      • dynamo.joe

        You are mixing up your tenses. Deron Williams WAS a star player. Then he prima donna’d his way outta Utah and has played like crap ever since.

  • Jason

    I was watching this game with my brother and during Ty’s last possession I was like, “here goes the turnover” and he did just that. I’m just happy it didn’t lead to a loss…


    i repeat this from september !!!!!!!!!!
    % no good ?

    racist … if GALLO WAS USA ……..

    • CJP32

      LOL – racist??? I enjoy your posts and commentary. Most of the time I can understand them to.

    • mantosint

      ehi Gianluca, va bene essere tifoso del Gallo, ma vedi di non farti compatire …

      • GIANLUCA

        SERIUS … WHY nuggets fan if Gallo play 1 game bad … HATE ?
        example of the Gallo Mvp of Nuggets :
        the vote Gallo by RoundBallminingcompany last 14 games ::: A . B. B . A . C . A . B . B . B . C . A . A . A . B
        in the loss Gallo alwais B or A … this is a simple dimostration of Gallo Best Nuggets Player , IN 4° QUARTER he is the best Nuggets scores with 4/5 ppg 4°qt …

        ( for me ROUNDBALL.. is a good blog , i love it , but the iggy , brewer , lawson vote are many times > of the real )

    • Kalen

      Yes, I’m racist… against my own race. Seriously, how can you even suggest that? I’ll take it as a joke — the only way I really can.

      Ty, Iguodala and Miller all have better field goal percentages than Gallo — who, by the way, is about .002 percent away from shooting under .400 on the season. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been fantastic as of late, but I feel like you’re entirely dismissing his awful start to the season all together.

      • GIANLUCA

        in the KARL SISTEM is logic that the % are not good …
        and in many game TY and Andre don’0t want pass the ball at gallo … Brewer many time is 15 points and -20 p/m … is absurd…

        last 4 games : 21.0 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 2.0 apg, 52.7%.

      • GIANLUCA

        the 1° argument is the % ?
        GALLO HAVE THE BEST DEFENSE of nuggets , the best RMB after Faried and McGee … and the best Assist for a smallfoward…

        the % in no good for the Karl Sistem ( u can control in the stats of % of Karl Teams … )

        ps KALEN u are stupid .. .002 % AHHAHAHA
        sorry can you see the STATS and the % STATS in last 15 games of GALLO , IGGY , TY and Brewer ? can you control ?

        • GIANLUCA

          i repeat is racism :
          seee the ESPN HILIGHTS were is Gallo 28-9-2-2-1 ?
          where is 1 action of Gallo ?
          why ? do you see the nuggets game ?
          Gallinari is hate by USA people because he isn’t USA …
          one example is KEVIN LOVE… in ’12 ’13 all night he 2/11 , 3/15 , 3/19 … but he is USA and WHITE ….

          • FanZed

            It is NOT racism. All you have to do is follow the money. For ESPN, viewers = $$$$. Gallo is not a superstar, and he plays in a small market. It’s no surprise that the 4-letter features other more marketable stars. When/if Gallo delivers like last night on a regular basis, he will show up in ESPN highlights.

          • googergieger

            I’m one of the biggest Gallo lovers there is, but tone it down, mang. Also anybody else read this person’s posts in the Mario voice?

          • dynamo.joe

            Wait….I’m cornfused…is Gallo not white?

            • GIANLUCA

              AHAHAH u are ignorant … ignorante !
              the racism isn’t only black or white …
              do u know the racism vs gay ?
              do u know the racism vs italian/argentina people in USA or in Nba giornalist ?
              Why Manu Ginobili isn’t MVP ?
              why he isn’t 6-7 year all-star ?

              • dynamo.joe

                Gianluca says: “one example is KEVIN LOVE… in ’12 ’13 all night he 2/11 , 3/15 , 3/19 … but he is USA and WHITE ….”

                You emphasized the white thing.

                Also, Gay people NOT a race. Italians not a race. Argentinians not a race.

                But I get it, that’s a bit nuanced for a non-native english speaker.

                So, now I will answer your question for you. Manu has never been MVP because he has never been the best player in the league. He Has been Top 5 about 4 or 5 times. But the award isn’t for 2nd through 5th place.

                He probably should have been all-nba 1st team at least 3 times and 2nd team the other 2 times. Instead he was 3rd team, twice. So I agree that he has not gotten the recognition and awards that should have been his. But I doubt this was due to some sort of racism.

                The more likely reason for Manu being snubbed in the all-nba voting is he works in a small market and he comes off the bench.

                Finally, the number 1 reason Manu Ginobili has never been an MVP; Career Scoring of 15 points per game.

      • GK4Prez

        He has been doing well lately. In his last 10 games his fg% is 44%, his 3% is 40%, and close to 90% on his ft’s. 17/5/3


    lAWSON b- ? … IF IS GALLO with the number of TY you vote ::: D+ !!!!

    • mile high

      Race probably had nothing to do with it, but favoritism, I’d agree. Seems like with the Denver media and a lot of fans, McGee and Ty can never do anything too wrong but guys like Brewer and big Al can never get any credit despite of whatever they do.

  • Zorba

    Kalen gives Gallo A+ and he’s a racist. I can’t even imagine what may happen if he gives him a B…


      no .. i speak in general !
      in this case i speak of the TY LAWSON B-
      if was Gallo is D- … do you reed ?

  • Natey

    This game was GREAT. The only thing it was missing was a dash of J Ham!


    if Gallo 10 rmb 10 assist and 10 points. …
    but 3/9 of 2 and 5/14 of 3 point HE IS NO GOOD …


    can control that Gallinari in loses is alwais the best and in win one of the best … beacuse he is important for the another Nuggets when there are a difficult…
    if is easy ( +20 , +25 ) Gallo don’t FG

    he is a MEN .. he is a nuggets MAN

    • Aaron

      Oops. Looks Like Kalen Made a Mistake And Didn’t Give Gallo A+++++++

      Really Man…

    • http://www.yahoo.com prospector

      I love GALLO as well… I love his attitude, and his play of the court… To be he is a cornerstone of our future… he’s 6-10 and can shoot the three… Guy’s like him need to stick around… My other guys are Faried, McGee, JHAM, Brewer, and KK… If any other guy leaves, I won’t cry… Let’s trade our fat and build thru youth.. I also like J. Stone & Evan as well… But I hated the street punk Mello led nuggets, and when Mello got shipped I came back.. I love this new team… & Gallo/Faried are men to build a team around.. Team first guys with great demeanors…

  • CJP32

    Maybe GIANLUCA if you took the time to praise all the players after a win and not just Gallo, more people on this board would agree and respect your opinion.

    But when all of your posts about Gallo is “he is the MVP” or “Gallo is the best” or “Brewer/Miller don’t pass the ball to Gallo”, and then take it a step further by suggesting that people on this board are racist, then you don’t deserve to share your thoughts at all. We are aware that English is not your first language, but maybe you need to think carefully before posting your comments. They may not come out the way you intended, but surely you can understand certain words in the english vocabulary??

    Just be happy that Denver won, the grades of the players shouldn’t cause you stress.

    • ryanvdonk

      no kidding, 8 posts on a worthless topic? make your first post, then maybe a couple replies. also, gallo is a good player with what appears to be lots of potential, but on the other hand he has not shown consistency to produce night in night out and it’s his fourth year in the NBA.

      oh, and word of advice, don’t attack the posters calling the media racist, these tactics dilute your point and make you look childish.

      • googergieger

        He has shown consistency, just not in field goal percentage. However when it comes to attacking, defending, and doing what this teams needs most at just the right time(the rebounding that New York game comes to mind), and heck even just pumping up the crowd when we needed it last night, he has been that guy. Seriously Karl wanted Ty to be the leader of this team, but Gallo is the one stepping up. I think Karl and company need to recognize this and start running more of your offense through him. Have Miller work on his post game with him.

  • Giovanni

    Trade Lawson…
    For the best of him…
    If you are in a system that is anarchic and often you don’t know where you stay in the court how to get better?

    If nuggets draft derrick Rose is the player that is become in Chicago with Thibadeuo?

    gallo is a good player and stop…
    He never become an all star..

  • Giovanni

    He will never become a star..
    Sorry for my grammar..

    And go Nuggets

  • Gavolt

    hard to say mcgee, “had one of the most efficient performances of anybody on the floor” when he had 10 points on about 10.5 shooting possessions. and also turned it over twice in 11 minutes.


    December :
    RUDY GAY ::: FG 40% 3point 20%
    GALLO ::: FG 47% 3point 37%


    look the statics of the small foward in December …

    ps why Lawson play 2 mintes + of Gallo ?
    why Karl ?

  • monimo

    I am Italian and I love Gallo. I think he is the most complete player of the Denver Nuggets. And I love to read this blog. Thank you very much for the fantastic work, Kalen, Charlie, Jeremy, Joel. I admire you’re passion and you’re work (even if I don’t agree with all you’re quotes). Please don’t allow this Gallo supporter to bother you. His world his really very very small. Gallo himself would not like this kind of cheap accusations to the Denver Nuggets supporters.

    Gianluca! Basta, hai rotto i coglioni! Il Gallo ha fatto un partitone e tu non fai altro che litigare. Basta! Continuando così qui finiranno per odiarlo veramente il nostro Gallo. Basta! Zitto!

    • monimo

      P.S. if you want to know what I told to Gianluca you can just go with google translate :)

    • Alberto

      I totally agree. I’m a Gallo fan too but sometimes you must respect some rules and respect the other people. This is not an Italian soccer forum where people don’t talk about soccer but they just quarrel (I hope I’m writing correctly).
      Every day I read this blog, every post is very interesting and I think Gianluca don’t read what is really written, he just think about marks.

      Gianluca, se c’è una cosa che dovremmo imparare dagli americani in questo momento è rispettarsi a vicenda; dovremmo solamente imparare da loro, definirli razzisti è una cosa vergognosa…

      • GIANLUCA

        MANY PEOPLE OF THI TRUEHOPP WANT GALLO ON THE BENCH and wilson chandler STARTER this september !!!

        I REMEMBER


      Gallinari has averaged 21.0 points over his last four games, while shooting 52.7 percent from the floor. He’s also 10 for 22 from 3-point range during the stretch.

      antother stats : Nuggets ppg 4°quarter :
      GALLO 4.3 PPG
      LAWSON 3.6 PPG
      IGGY 3.5 PPG


      a ora odiano gallo grazie a ME ?
      ma li leggi qu i commenti che gli scrivano da 2 anni ad oggi questi ?
      li leggi i voti che danno ? Gallo sempre C D se fa pena ( giustamente ) mentre TY B- al limite…
      lo segui il sito dei Nuggets ? Danilo lo cagano meno di McGee Faried Iggy e Ty…

  • Zorba

    It’s human and natural that everybody on the blog have their opinion or preference about one or more players but there is also a way to express it… Anyway, above all we are supposed to support THE SAME TEAM!


  • Zorba

    It’s human and natural that everybody on the blog have their opinion or preference about one or more players but there is also a way to express it… Anyway, above all we are supposed to support THE SAME TEAM!

  • GK4Prez

    From now on just give Gallo an A+ and make sure that no other player gets higher than an A, problem solved…lol

  • airvaid

    So no one’s firing George Karl now? Every time we lose, there’s a slew of “FIRE GK” comments. The writer also complains of Denver not being a good road team under Karl. When we don’t do well in the playoffs, “He’s just a regular season coach”.

    If he doesn’t play Jordan Hamilton, fire him. Like Hamilton is some superstar. If he plays Hamilton and Hamilton screws up and gets benched, he is killing his confidence.

    Seems like Karl is the ultimate scape goat for the Nuggets fans. Gets no credit in wins and all the blame in losses. “He plays Brewer too much”. Well Brewer is out best weapon off the bench and I would be shocked if he keeps going like this and isn’t in ‘Sixth man of the year’ reckoning.

    This team is winning as much as it can with the talent it has. It’s not Karls fault that the best player on the team is the most inconsistent player too, i.e Lawson. It’s not his fault that he needs to play Koufos for defense and is still waiting on McGee being mature enough to give him a consistent 30 minutes.

    It’s not his fault that he has virtually no backup for Faried. It’d Karls fault that Wilson Chandler has not been available all season?

    Karl has done a superb job of developing a young team and keeping them on the playoffs on the fly. The difference between the 09 team and this team is huge. People expect this team to be challenging the Spurs and the Thunder, but it’s components are not as good as the Spurs and the Thunder. Not yet anyway.

    We all had high expectations when the season started. We expected the McGee and Lawson from the Lakers series for 82 games. But they haven’t been the same. We lost our main perimeter threats in the Iguodala trade.

    People should be more objective and appreciative of the job done by George Karl. Most organizations would have gone into full rebuild after that Melo trade. Karl instead has not only kept the rebuild going but also kept us competitive.

    Give the team and GK some time. By mid season we will see a more clear picture of this team with hopefully a recovered Chandler and more developed Hamilton and Fournier.

    • Giovanni

      Yes another first round exit..

      My dream is to see that team with another coach..

    • Joel

      Well, there are some clear problems with Karl

      1. Extreme deference to veterans with a win now philosophy
      2. Trust guys can do no wrong (even though they make plenty of errors)
      3. Non trust guys get yanked at first error
      4. Propensity to go small even with 2+ serviceable/solid 7 footers. Forces Gallo/Faried to play center, which should be very rare.
      5. Switching defense allows easy mismatches that only Iggy and Gallo can defend rather than asking guys to fight through screens.
      6. Andre Miller is a trust guy and frequently plays with Ty, who has trouble taking control in that situation. (I have flipped on him where now I think Miller is good for McGee, but that should be about it)
      7. Because of Miller, Iguodala plays SF when he’s better suited to SG, which actually would give the Nuggets a size advantage.
      8. Few/No set plays, especially out of timeouts. It’s like my highschool team — basically pickup basketball. Good coaches have go to plays that frequently generate layups/dunks.
      9. Propensity to lower expectations instead of drive players to the summit.
      10. Not playing rookies/non-trust guys through their mistakes means that they aren’t prepared for playoff time and the trust guys are worn down. Faried only got playing time last year because Harrington got hurt.

      Most of the Nuggets losses have been close — and many of them felt like the guys on the Nuggets could definitely have won on most losses, so that puts the onus on these issues with the coach.

      • JoelK

        Oh, I should add that I’m not the Joel that writes for RMC

      • airvaid

        Over-reliance on veterans? Except for Miller, tell me who is a veteran on this team? Most of the guys are in their 4th-5th year in the league. Iguodala is probably the only guy you can say is the player at his ceiling. You can’t expect to keep winning while developing 6-7 guys. Karl is concentrating, and rightly so, on Gallo, Ty, Faried and McGee. Faried is the only one of the four who gives consistency. With Ty, Gallo and McGee you never know what you will get any given night.

        Before adding more inconsistent elements like J-Ham and Fournier (I really like both guys), the team needs a constant rotation. A good idea of what can be expected of the 8 guys we are playing with.

        If you really think about it, our “struggles” this season can be traced back to Ty Lawson. Not trying to put him under the bus here, but it is what it is. I am fine with it. I believe the struggle will make him a better player. In fact I am satisfied with this start considering the schedule.

        This constant complaining about Karl just sounds like spoilt kids blaming something or the other. Most coaches will struggle to get this record with the current group and schedule. People think Phil Jackson is lining up for this Denver job? Imagine running the triangle with McGee.

        Complaining about a first round exit? If all you care about is the playoffs then stop crying during the regular season. We will see what happens in the playoffs when we get there.

        Most coaches will struggle to make the playoffs with this team. Just potential does not equate to wins.

        This team hasn’t had a lottery pick since Carmelo. We have been picking up players that are mostly passed on by teams and creating squad out of it.

        Last year this team made the playoffs after losing K-Mart, Chandler and JR.

        Pushed Lakers to 7 without Birdman, Chandler and Rudy. It’s not PS3 just plugging in players on the go and getting results.

        • Ckwizard

          I am of the I don’t like the GK rotations or game management and have posted such before, I would be excited to see a different direction if the nuggets don’t make it out of the first round this year…. I just watch these games and realize how good this team can be, how tough the schedule has been because it hurts the growth of the team from a practice, focus, and over all consistency standpoint. I could see the nuggets going 12 wins and 3 losses in January and climbing to 5th in the standings. The Nuggets will finish in the third or fourth seed and will get home court and will make it out of he first round… GK will be the coach of the nuggets next year. Truth is the Nuggets are better than most of the people on this blog think and GK is not as bad as most of us think. Nuggets are getting better and this is going to be a good year. Go Nuggets

        • gfacekillah8

          Couldn’t agree with this more. Spot on. There is so much arm chair coaching on this site by some of the writers and especially in the comments section. I honestly feel like by February the Nuggets are going to be a juggernaut. They will have a slew of home games under their belt by then and will be much more comfortable in their roles. And a huge reason this will be the case is because of George Karl. Does he do some frustrating things at times? yes of course but so does every coach. This team could very easily be well below .500 right now but we aren’t. we are poised for a good push. Karl deserves credit for that. We just beat arguably the two best teams in the West (one of whom we have beaten twice now). Give the man his due.

    • Kalen

      Just to clarify…

      1) The Nuggets aren’t a good road team under Karl and never have been. That’s a fact. There’s no disputing it. Karl has been very vocal about how going under .500 on road trips is acceptable. They were better last year but seem to have regressed again. That’s not a winning strategy in the NBA, especially come Playoff time. You simply cannot brush road games under the rug.

      2) What has Karl done in Denver to prove he’s anything BUT a regular season coach? The Nuggets have lost in the first round of the Playoffs every year but one under his near decade-long tenure. Over the course of Karl’s career he has had a long history of Playoff failures. In fact, his overall Playoff record is well below .500. For a guy who’s won as many games as he has, that’s not very impressive.

      3) This team is not winning as much as it can with the talent it has. That’s false. While the Nuggets have had a few impressive wins lately (against the Spurs and Grizzlies), they’ve also lost quite a few that they should have won. Don’t let the fact the Nuggets often underperform convince you that this team is lacking talent. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. This has always been a hallmark of Karl’s teams in Denver. It’s as if he convinces the fans that what talent he has really isn’t as much as we think. I would caution you to buy into that mode of thinking.

      4) Crediting George Karl for saving this team from going into the dumps after Melo left is completely erroneous. That would be Masai Ujiri who you need to thank.

      I agree. There is a lot of people who are critical of Karl that frequent this blog. But it’s the same story no matter what Nuggets-related Internet site/chat board you visit. People aren’t dumb. They understand what they see. It’s not like all these fans are disillusioned and simply don’t understand the game of basketball. While I fully agree that Karl should get more credit than he deserves (especially in wins like these), you have to understand that that’s not fans think. They want the best and when they feel they’re being given the short end of the stick they will speak up.

      I am critical of George Karl — because that’s my job here. That’s what I do. I analyze. However, on multiple different occasions I have also said that Karl deserves credits for certain wins. This was the case against the Spurs. I said it in the last paragraph of this recap. I also have not once demanded he be fired or even raised that question. That’s absurd at this point in the season. Now, if the Nuggets fail to advance past the first round of the Playoffs for the eight time in nine years, that will be a different story. But for now, we must be patient and see what job he can do for the team THIS year.

      Thanks for reading,

      — Kalen

      • http://www.yahoo.com prospector

        Karl drives me nuts, in life you are supposed to grow from your mistakes. He is stubborn to a fault and thinks his system is genius… He makes the same mistakes over and over again. He treats young players with distain , and I believe he created the JR Smith problems. Jham go’s off the other night and he is buried again at the bottom of the bench. Nice reward… I know his type of person with that smirk… He thinks he’s the smartest guy in the league. I for one am over it, however I am scared of the unknown.. I admit there are alot of coaches around the league much worse.. And If we fired Karl we may get a stiff that would break our team up… But if we were to make a move to get SVG for instance, I may be more inclined to giving Karl the immediate boot… But speaking for myself, I am getting more & more sick of his tired rotations with each passing day.

    • googergieger

      Well still have no solid rotation. Ty and Dre still play too much together despite that failing more often than working. McGee will get yanked immediately if a goal tend is called(even if that call is wrong) and Karl will stick with Kofous despite him over complicating lay ups/dunks. Despite him being over matched by a crafty or powerful center. Despite him fumbling passes. He’ll stick with Brewer even when Brewer is constantly gambling for steals and putting his team mates in an awkward position. Don’t get me wrong Brewer is playing great for us right now, but that doesn’t change the fact if it was a player like McGee or Hamilton they’d be yanked immediately.

      I mean how many times a game do we see Miller leave a three point shooter wide open? How often did he stick with Lawson despite the bad play? How often did he bench a player like McGee who was instrumental in us gaining a lead or coming back from certain defeat? I mean at one point he actually had Gallo on Duncan last night and to fix this he yanked McGee out and brought Kofous in. As if McGee guarding the man he was told to was the problem. What about Karl and his time outs? How often does he fail to call one to stop a run and make sure Denver scores out of time out? Etc…

      This team is very talented, despite what some talking point worshipers may think. It should have a much better record. Denver beat the Spurs last night and we were celebrating that. No reason to bad mouth Karl for letting a lot of his players get away with leaving three point shooters open. Or for not giving the ball to Gallo when he constantly had several mismatches to take advantage of. Etc…

  • Alberto

    Today’s win came from a tremendous defense done in the third quarter. I think Iguodala, Brewer, Lawson and Gallo are the best defenders of this team and maybe Iggy one of the entire league. If we defend always in this way we’ll be able to reach one of the first 4 position in western conference


      Lawson good defender ? LOL LOL LOL

      • Alberto

        Ma le guardi le partite te?

        • GIANLUCA

          ti stai rendendo ridicolo :) dici seriamente ? hahaha senti Buffa o Tranquillo cosa ti rispondono se glielo chiedi , TY a 10 M è 1 cavolata , basta vedere la nuova generazione di play , tutti meglio di lui ( Holyday , Lillard , Westbrook , Irving chiunque … per non parla re che ad Ovest hai anche Parker , CP3 !!! …Nash ecc )
          CONLEY IS A GOOD DEFENDER… TY LAWSON IS A NO GOOD DEFENDER… you drink many beer ??

        • GIANLUCA

          stai delirando , non ti posso dire di guardare la difesa di Lawson da 2 anni ad oggi , ma ti consiglio di guardare le statistiche dei Playmaker contro di lui .
          in real
          GALLO IGGY BREWER the best defender of Nuggets
          Faried and McGEE good in blocks and rmb but NO POSITION MANY TIME !

    • al68

      Lawson is a bad defender, the best defender are Iggy,Gallo,Koufos, in this order.

  • ny nugs fan

    glad to see the nugs finally on a winning streak… i may end my personally imposed boycott from watching them which started the night they fumbled the end of that last warriors game… may tune in for that christmas game


  • al68

    No sabemos jugar los ultimos minutos. La defensa de Faried en el 4º periodo es para no volver a jugar en varios partidos. Lawson es tan malo como parecia en Lituania, ya le conocen y no sabe hacer mas.

    He visto jugar a muchos equipos de USA y europa y no conozco ninguno con una IQ tan baja como la de estos nuggets.

    Aunque discrepo en algunas cosas con GK creo que es el mejor valor que tenemos.

    Tranquilo Gianluca esto es un foro de los Nuggets, no de forofos de Gallinari.


      for USA people Gallo = %
      but in real in last 10-15 match Gallo is the Nuggets MVP and Lawson and Iggy aren’t 10-15 M player ..

  • Charliemyboy

    Any suggestions?

  • fluffhead

    lawson needs to get his head out of his ass. nuff said.

    stop going to the ogden and rest of denver blazin’ the herb…he’s a f’ing stoner and it shows on the court a lil’ too much. wake up TY, you are the reason we are inconsistant. ZERO points vs. the HEAT, 3 or less in two other games as a 35+ min, $12million starting PG. ACT like it, son. wtf is your deal…stop being mediocre and try, just try to be a leader of some sort.

  • Zorba

    GK’s plan seems to be based on what may be the most important advantage of this team: “the young age”!
    What he is trying to obtain, in my opinion, is:
    – Develop quicker transitions from offense to defense and vice-versa in order to impose the pace
    – Train the players to make quick decisions on both ends of the floor
    – limit fouls while staying aggressive on defense
    – limit turnovers which are inevitable in this case…
    I think that this may be the right way to beat more talented (but also older in terms of age) teams.
    However I am afraid that he has to handle better rotation and crucial situations, especially in the last period…

  • Alberto
    • dynamo.joe

      I’ll take Stone over Jimmer any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    • nugswin

      We would trade both Mozgov and Stone for Jimmer? I wouldn’t trade either one of those guys individually for him, much less both of them. I guarantee Mosgov is attracting more interest from GMs around the league than Jimmer could/is. A lot more.

  • Tyler

    A lot of the things you said are wrong… Mozgov didn’t get 6 points he only had one… you even wrote it in the stat column. I thought he played like crap. Bad defense and limited minutes. Also, Faried didn’t get a 20-10 performance… even though you plugged the right numbers into the stat column.

  • jim

    man, we BEAT the spurs, right? that’s good. i think. the SPURS had to hack javale just to have enough energy to make this a game. arguably the best organization/coach of all time had to thug our crappy, underachieving team/coach… and they still lost, with timmy playing over 40 mins.

    i do want to bitch about somthing, though. about NBA gametime coverage. we win the game and the only analysis on that channel is about how great the spurs are and more specifically how wonderful the ageless duncan is. ya think they kinda planned their recap on the spurs winning and had absolutely ditkus to say about the nuggets?

    nothing on gallo, the whole postgame on the losing team and duncan. (he did have an awesome game, tho…)

    we’re surviving this schedule and getting better and still under the radar. cheer up everyone. i’m sure masai will trade machine mozzy for kevin love AND varejo. second round baby!

  • Woobly o Balls



    sorrt y… 1 queston !!! IMPORTANT !
    Why Gallinari B ::: 26′ +19 p/m
    18-4-3 with 6/9 ( 66%) ??????
    Why LAWSON B ::: 38′ -9 p/m …
    12-5-1 with 4/15 (27%) ?????


    for me the Vote to IGGY and TY and Brewer are many times > of the real …
    The Gallo’s vote is many times OK … but in confront to Iggy and Ty …

  • Ernie

    I leave town for one day and GIANLUCA has taken over the comments section!

    I always enjoyed GIANLUCA’s unbridled enthusiasm for Gallo and his never ending quest to have Gallo named MVP of the Nuggets, a crown that does not actually exist. Now he is using the word racism, although it appears to be a shot at ESPN vs anything Kalen did.

    Tone it down GIANLUCA! Stick to basketball!