A New Year’s statistical snapshot of the Nuggets

We hope you all are enjoying the holidays! As the new year begins and the Denver Nuggets put the most brutal stretch of their 2012-13 schedule behind them, it is a good time to take the team’s temperature and assess where they currently stand. Below the jump is a statistical profile of what the Nuggets have accomplished (or in some cases failed to accomplish) thus far this season.

As an aside before getting to that, it appears that none of the Roundball Mining Company contributors are likely to be available to write up the Rapid Reaction for Denver’s New Year’s Day game, as they attempt to end the 17-game winning streak of the league’s hottest team, the L.A. Clippers. So please feel free to use this thread to comment on the game if a recap does not get posted.

And with that, let us take a look at the current state of the Nuggets. (All statistics from ESPN.com and Basketball-Reference.com).


Record: 17-15 (.531)
13th in league
7th in Western Conference
2nd in Northwest Division

Home record: 9-1 (.900 – 1st in league)
Road record: 8-14 (.367 – 14th in league)

4th in Hollinger power rankings
9th in Stein power rankings

Pace 96.7 (4th)

Offensive efficiency: 104.9 (8th)
Defensive efficiency: 102.5 (14th)
Efficiency differential 2.4 (10th)

eFG% .502 (9th)
TS% .534 (11th)
FG% .466 (5th)
3pt% .331 (28th)
FT% .685 (30th)

8th in own/opponent point differential

Offensive rebound rate 32.3 (2nd)
Defensive rebound rate 71.4 (25th)
Total rebound rate 52.3 (5th)

Assist rate 17.1 (9th, tied with six teams)
Turnover rate 14.0 (13th, tied with five teams)


McGee 22.7
Faried 19.2
Hamilton 16.9

Faried .166
McGee .164
Koufos .164

Points per game
Gallinari 15.9
Iguodala 13.9
Lawson 13.6

Points per 36 min.
McGee 20.0
Hamilton 19.1
Gallinari 17.6

Fournier .597
Koufos .590
McGee .586

Koufos .597
Fournier .596
McGee .596

Brewer .365
Hamilton .362
Gallinari .340

Miller .874
Gallinari .830
Brewer .696

Offensive rebounds per game
Faried 4.1
McGee 2.1
Koufos 2.1

Offensive rebounds per 36 min.
Mozgov 5.4
Faried 5.0
McGee 3.9

Defensive rebounds per game
Faried 6.1
Iguodala 4.7
Gallinari 4.5

Defensive rebounds per 36 min.
Faried 7.5
Koufos 6.8
Hamilton 6.6

Total rebounds per game
Faried 10.1
Koufos 6.4
Iguodala 5.6

Total rebounds per 36 min.
Faried 12.5
Mozgov 10.7
Koufos 10.2

Assists per game
Lawson 6.9
Miller 5.4
Iguodala 4.3

Assists per 36 min.
Miller 7.8
Lawson 7.1
Iguodala 4.5

Steals per game
Lawson 1.6
Iguodala 1.3
Brewer 1.1

Steals per 36 min.
Brewer 1.7
Lawson 1.6
Iguodala 1.4

Blocks per game
McGee 2.1
Koufos 1.7
Faried 0.9

Blocks per 36 min.
McGee 3.9
Koufos 2.8
Randolph 2.5

Most turnovers per game
Iguodala 2.8
Lawson 2.8
Miller 2.3

Most turnovers per 36 minutes
Randolph 4.6
Fournier 4.3
Miller 3.3

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Joel is a long time Denver Nuggets (and Broncos) fan from Colorado who's been living in Japan since the mid-90s, and blogging about the Nuggets since 2008. You can contact and follow him on Twitter: @denbutsu.
  • Ryan

    Imagine what would happen if Jham got 30 min… 16 pt and 7 reb wouldn’t be absurd at all

  • al68

    Less statistics and lets watch the games.

    Who can think McGee is the best player on the team and one of the best in the nba.He only gets worse the team.

  • Scott

    4 blocks if McGee gets 35+. That’s game changing. C’mon GK

    • CJP32

      McGee cannot physically play 35 minutes per game with his asthma and the running style of Denver. The most he has averaged in a season is just under 28 mpg.

      I would expect him to get between 24-28 in 2013 and maybe even replace KK soon. I agree that he deserves more minutes, but they have to be managed properly for him to be effective. Plus he has to prove that he can stay on the court without committing silly fouls and turnovers. He has to learn that when he rebounds the ball, stop, look then pass. Too many times he grabs it then throws an awful outlet

  • CJP32

    Pretty concerning that Brewer is our top 3 point shooter at .365 and he’s our 3rd best FT shooter at .696!!!

    How can a team be so bad at making Free Throws?? Only 2 guys shoot better than 70%??? Thats not GKs fault, that comes down to the individuals not working hard enough. Get in the gym and practise!

    I’m hoping that January is a huge turnaround for this team and that either Ty, Iggy or Gallo step up and take charge leadership wise. There has not been a clear leader so far this year. Emotional wise, Faried and Brewer lead the way, but I really would have thought that the guys getting 10 million a year would have done more in this area. They need to lead by example.

    GK really needs to really figure out who deserves minutes and who doesn’t, surely Masai wants better results in the coming weeks.

  • googergieger

    Apparently Ty isn’t going to play tonight and Miller is going to start? Damn whoever Miller is guarding is going to have a career night.

  • Henry

    Hey, thanks for posting this excellent look at the stats at this point in the season. Invaluable.


    % 3pt
    Brewer 0,365
    Hamilton 0,362
    0,340 Gallinari

    AND IGGY ?